Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question: “Hi Melody! You had mentioned several times that the collective consciousness of our universe is rising, and this is an exciting time to be in right now (yay!). But isn’t that assuming the universe is timed in a linear fashion? (Eg. 2014 is more “awakened” than 2011) Then how does this tie to the fact that time does not exist, and that all of our past lives and future lives are happening at the same time, right here and now? If a past life of me in the 18th century is happening right now, then why would “right now” be any more “enlightened” or “awakened” than any other times in history?”

Hey there Awesome Dudette,

What an excellent question, and perfect timing considering my recent video on Time Travel. Let’s delve right in, shall we? Please beware, though, this is going to be another one of those blog posts. You know, the advanced, make your head spin, go WAAAAAY down the rabbit hole ones. And just remember. You asked for this… Ha.

Time does and doesn’t exist…

As you may remember from the time travel explanation, time doesn’t really exist, except for as a construct of our perception. In other words, we created time as part of this reality structure. The concept of linear time makes it a lot easier for us to perceive our reality. It gives us a frame of reference, if you will. Otherwise, you’d just be floating around having random experiences. But it would make it very hard to create a kind of progression of events or for us to perceive our evolution. If there is no concept of “before” and “after”, how can you then perceive “better than”? For example, if you perceive that you have emotionally grown this year, that you are more open than you were last year, or that you feel a lot better than you did yesterday, you can only do so within the construct of linear time.

It may be easier to say that time does exist, because we perceive it to exist. The only reason that we ever talk about time not existing is because so many people use it in a limiting way, i.e. there’s not enough time (there is), we’re running out of time (we’re not), I’m getting too old (you’re not), she’s too young to have a worthy opinion (she’s not), etc. Time isn’t there to limit us. But it can be incredibly useful as a frame of reference.

So, past lives are really in the past?

As I explained in the Time Travel video, all your lives are happening now, albeit in different realities or dimensions, if you will. Think of it this way: You’re walking down a huge, long hallway lined with doors. Behind each door is a different “time”, a different era. Some are in the past, and some are in the future. You can enter any door you like and live a life there. You can do so in progression, in linear fashion, or you can jump around at will, if you like. Now, imagine you could clone yourself and send a clone through several doors at once, to live these lives in parallel. Then, all of you Dudettes would come back together and meet and compare notes.

Wouldn’t it be useful if you then assembled the stories in a linear fashion, especially if you wanted to join your experiences to that of others? If you wanted to write a book, wouldn’t it make more sense to start at the “beginning” of the story and then move to the end, instead of jumping around wildly? Although some books and movies do use the jumping around style very successfully. Pulp Fiction comes to mind as one that worked well. Our minds do have the capacity to take in information in a non-linear fashion, but we still tend to then organize it into a timeline. Get too far away from linearity and it gets confusing.

So, even though all of your lives are happening in parallel, it’s still really useful to organize them in a linear time line.

Energy rising over time

Now, let’s say that you wanted to create an environment in which you took yourself from a very low vibration to a really high one. In order to fully experience this progression, you’d have to fully immerse yourself in that lower vibration (you can’t fake it). By taking on this lower frequency, you’d lose the clarity that comes with the higher vibration. You’d forget Who You Really Are. You’d forget your power. All of that knowledge resides at a higher frequency. But, you’d only do this with part of yourself, like focusing a bit of yourself into a virtual reality game. The rest of you, the bigger part of you, the real you would stay outside of the game. So, you’d only experience the illusion of forgetting and only on some part of your being. It’s like losing yourself in a good book or movie. You know it’s just a story, but part of you accepts the illusion and experiences emotions based on fictional events. Even though you know that the nice guy in the movie is just being played by an actor, you still cry when he dies. And even though you know that real pirates were smelly, toothless, syphilis infested criminals, you still lust after Johnny Depp.

Now, as you go through these experiences, it would make sense to progress from a lower vibration to a higher one, rising steadily, instead of jumping from low to high and back again. How could you experience the full progression of all possible frequencies if you just jumped about randomly? And wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to see the evolution in order? Doesn’t that make for a better experience? How could you compare what higher feels like if you haven’t yet experienced lower? You couldn’t, at least not in a meaningful way. You could determine if you liked the experience or not, but not in a way that would allow you to determine what you want instead. It would be a stand-alone experience.  Also, remember that if you went from a much higher vibrational experience to a much lower one, you’d forget having had the higher vibrational experience, or at the very least what it felt like. You wouldn’t be able to make a comparison.

If, however, your current experience was only slightly different than the last, if it was of a similar vibration, you’d be able to compare the two and notice your progression in a meaningful way. You’d also be able to reach for and imagine a slightly higher vibrational experience and move into that. And that, boys and girls, is how evolution happens. One experience builds on the next. You can’t have one without the other.

This is why we invented time. We need the linear construct in order to compare experiences of differing vibrations. So, when we talk about the “past”, we’re really talking about lower vibrational realities. The people of a certain time live in a certain vibrational environment and their beliefs and actions reflect that frequency range. Referring to those lower vibe dimensions as having come “before”, although not technically accurate, is convenient. Plus, I’m not sure that the majority of the population is quite ready to accept the concept of timelessness and parallel realities.

Obliterating history

I mean, think about it. Let’s say that someone wants to make a point based on something that happened in the “past”. They begin by saying, “In 1902…” and you cut them off by asking “which 1902?” or rather, more accurately (since we’re being sticklers) “whose 1902?” You then proceed to explain to them that since every person in 1902 will have experienced that era differently, sometimes vastly so, you really can’t make any general statements about that time. Any recorded history will have simply been the perception of whomever recorded it. These accounts can in no way reflect how it actually was for everyone. At this point, if the person is even still talking to you, they’ll at the very least have a very perplexed look on their face (“Wha?!”). And that’s when you’ll launch into a longwinded speech about how time doesn’t really exist. Yeah… that’ll go over well.

But it’s ok that it doesn’t. You don’t need EVERYONE to understand that time doesn’t really exist. You don’t even need to focus on that yourself. Just don’t be limited by it. So, when that person talks about 1902, let them finish their point. Then, focus on whatever point they made. The fact that they consider a historical account to be evidence that supports their point is irrelevant. What’s important for you is why did you attract this person and their story? What did their point make you feel and why? What’s the gift this situation has for you? It’s easy to get caught up in the semantics of all this, but never lose sight of what’s really important – how YOU feel.

So… we’re all in the same reality?

But, I digress. A lot. Let’s bring it back to your question.

Now, you may be wondering how it’s possible for me to refer to “this time” and the “Global Vibration” as if we’re all in the same reality together; as if there’s only one reality now and it has a certain vibration. Of course, that’s not true. We each have our own reality and our own vibration. However, we cannot interact with each other unless there’s some kind of vibrational match. So, basically, we all have to be in the same frequency range (or overlapping and similar frequency ranges) in order to even be having this conversation.

When I refer to the Global Vibration, what I’m really talking about is this shared frequency range that anyone I have access to, and anyone who has access to me are in. If you were in a completely different range, you wouldn’t be aware of me and I wouldn’t be aware of you. People and events at the periphery of your range may enter your awareness, but not come into your reality enough for you to interact with them. For example, I am aware of Jonny Depp, but I don’t have his phone number. Yet.

The reality you’re experiencing has a certain vibrational range, one that you match to a certain degree. You can then shift your own, personal vibration, causing you to match up with a different reality. So, if you focus on something you’re aware of but aren’t experiencing, like some guy in Marketing you’ve never met but whom you’ve heard is a total douchebag, you could then bring a whole lot of douchebaggery into your personal reality. You didn’t need to do that, you could’ve simply recognized that YOUR experience didn’t include this element and then focus on kind and ethical behavior instead, but hey, you have free will. If you want some douchebaggery in your life, the Universe will deliver it to you. You get whatever you focus on. This does not, however, mean that the world is filled with douchebags. Just YOUR world. And it does not mean that 2014 is the year of the douches. Again, it’s YOUR vibration, your experience, your douchey year.

Why is NOW the highest vibrational time ever?

So, now that I’ve clarified that I’m not talking to everyone in the world, I’m only talking to those who can hear me, those who are a match to me, those who share my vibrational range, how can I claim that this is the highest vibrational time ever?

Well, if we’re going to be totally accurate, it’s not. Since there is no “ever” and there is only NOW. Actually, this is simply the highest vibration that we (those of us communicating now) currently have access to. You, in your current awareness (this human you) can only really shift into a higher reality. You could, theoretically, shift into a lower one from where you are, but that would make no sense to you. That would be like deliberately going back to the third grade. Once you have fully achieved a vibration, moving to a lower vibration makes no sense. You can’t give up what you KNOW. You can’t give up what you’ve come to understand. All you can do is to resist the new understanding that life is calling you towards (this is resistance). But you can’t go back. Or, more accurately, you don’t want to and there’s no reason that would compel you to. Also, it would be incredibly painful.

So, this may not technically be the highest vibration that any human at any time could ever achieve. But, in this time, in the linear time space reality that you and I are experiencing, it is the highest vibrational level ever. You know, since what we call the “past” is really just a lower vibrational reality. At this point, I’d like to remind you that you did ask for it. Literally.

This Totally IS an awesome “time” though

If we give up using the concept of linear time, it’ll be very difficult for us to have any of these discussions, because all point of reference will disappear. So, while this little breakdown was fun, it was mostly theoretical. For now (see what I did there?). So, I’m going to continue to declare THIS moment, NOW to be the best time ever, without adding a disclaimer to every statement that time doesn’t really exist, that by “we” I just mean those of us with overlapping realities, and that by “past” I really mean a lower vibrational reality. That would make for some sucky and confusing blog posts. And my funny images can only do so much to keep you interested…

NOW, THIS moment is the best time ever. And NOW, THIS moment is the best time ever. And NOW, THIS moment is the best time ever. Because the vibration keeps rising. We keep shifting and shifting and shifting. It’s easier now than ever to release our resistance. And it’s harder than ever to keep holding on to it. The world is waking up. We’re crossing the threshold and entering a new, conscious reality. The game is changing. The veil is lifting. Can you feel it? Can you feel the excitement (or the pressure, depending on your level of resistance)? This totally is the best time ever. What could be better than, having forgotten that you’re a master creator with infinite power, experiencing the moment that you come back into that awareness? This is what we came here for! This is why we all chose this time. The Best. Time. Ever.

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  • I’ve always understood that time is not linear but your explanation of the hallway with doors was remarkable. I also like how you described parallel universes with our clones. There’s a great youtube video called 10th dimension which is remarkable in it’s explanation on how we move through those parallel universes.

    WARNING – For anyone suffering an existential crisis/depression/anxiety of any kind, please DON’T read the rest of my comment as it will do your head in as it has mine.


    Now here goes the stuff I thought only drug induced people experience – this is the area that creates a lot of sadness in me and you seem to be the only person on my vibrational page so to speak who seems to lift my vibrational energy so high I walk away from reading your blogs with goosebumps down my back.

    I wonder if I’m creating all these universes like a Director in a movie and the actors aren’t real and I’m really just by myself in this universe. What if my husband doesn’t really exist, my daughters don’t and I’ve even created your blog and the comments (I must be one clever cookie). My fear is I’m really all alone just making stuff up in my head or in a dream. Maybe another way of explaining this is sometimes in our dreams we speak a foreign language and in the dream everyone understands us but when you wake up you realize it wasn’t a language at all. What if your blog makes complete sense to me but when I eventually wake up, it wasn’t even English. I try to focus on what makes me feel good and to just to enjoy the journey but this fear of us being alone keeps creeping up particularly when I’m very tired but can’t sleep.

    I need an answer from an outside source (even if I think I’ve created you).

  • Hi Melody,
    i really enjoy reading your posts, especially your recent posts answered my questions/ doubts for my LOA work I had had just right before reading your posts!

    But this one gives me more doubts. Melody, my vibration/ energy level is not my optimum NOW if I look at my life up to this point . I assume there are people like me who are sharing your vibration range… so how to conclude that it is the BEST time?

  • Hey Melody and all,

    This post hit a fear in me, big time (and also a very innocent comment – I know – made here). I know it was not your intention, neither the case, since you also used in your previous posts historical examples, and what co-creation means. But I feel that I have to share this fear: fear of new alternative philosophies (they exist), all focused on the heart and in love, but deep down there is a deeply fascist agenda.

    The same agenda is deeply rooted in denial of important historical pasts that serve as good memory of a much lower vibration, so that entire communities don’t reproduce again the same amount of pain.

    Referring to another post here (I know it was only meant to be a light and playful comment), the wild west to some might have been a walk in the park, to others a nightmare – depending on the bubble they were. But for historical records about the main vibration and the happenings, let’s not forget the issue of the fight for territories and land. People with bigger awareness on what was going on, deserve to have their voice taken into account. Especially when we are talking about cultures with great ancestry and that almost perished due to colonization and land claims and fights.

    I would argue that time does not exist, our biology just manifested linear experiences of time with corporal beginning and corporal end (while there are other species that can have cellular renovations ad eternum – if they don’t get killed in the meantime). And as constantly more aware creators, that may help re shape and become aware of many mysteries in out reality.


  • I will have to read this one again for it to fully sink in, but I get the gist of it. I have to say that I am certainly having the best time of MY life so far right now. And I always wondered about the accounts of history that we hear. We only hear the experience of a select group of people when we hear about history, but there are perhaps millions of perspectives that we will never know anything about.

    I always wondered if in the “wild west” days was it really that violent…oh I’m sorry….IS it really that violent? Are people really going into saloons and just shooting up people while some dude calmly plays the piano? HA! This post kind of reminds me of The Lego Movie where all of these little Lego universes exist simultaneously (there is an “old west” universe in that movie). So according to this post, that IS reality. Cool! 🙂

    I love LOA 2.0! Bring it on! 🙂

  • Nice one Melody! You really did explain that very well. It made a lot of sense. Reading it I got a very strong sense of ‘now’ being the only moment we have. My cup of hot chocolate never tasted so good!

  • Hi melody

    If I had read this blog 12 months ago it would have totally gone over my head, if I had read it 6 months ago I would have maybe understood some of it. I’ve read it today and it makes sense!! Looks like I’m moving forward. Happy happy happy.

    Lorraine xxxx

  • You never cease to amaze me! Definitely one post I will be coming back to multiple times to fully digest. Your LOA wisdom has been one of the biggest contributors to my own advancement–you have really helped me understand it on a level that I never had before I came across your blog. And with greater understanding comes greater faith and less worry. I am getting better at feeling what I know to be true! Love ya!

  • Hi Melody,
    First off I just wanted to say how much I love your stuff.
    So many big aha moments for me.

    I have to admit, I did not undertnd any of this one.
    It kind of made my head hurt, but I’m ok with that.

    I have a question related to the topic though.

    You say this is a time of high vibration, but I feel like there is so much horrible stuff going on in the world. I would think that we are in a low vibration time.

    I’m a little confused.

    Still love ya though .


    • Hey Chriss,
      I think Melody has already answered your question in this post. Try to read it again.
      Happy Reading 🙂

    • Hey Chriss,

      “You say this is a time of high vibration, but I feel like there is so much horrible stuff going on in the world. I would think that we are in a low vibration time.”

      Two things:

      There is such potential for high vibration when there is great potential for low vibration. Lower vibrations are seemingly getting bigger, which then makes choosing higher vibration more of an easier/obvious choice.

      Also, 2012 is what tipped the scale of the mass consciousness from being mostly negative, to now the world is mostly positive.

      Negativity appears to be increasingly because the time of separation is coming to an end, and for all of us to learn as much as we can, negativity is being uprooted in a last ditch effort to get us to grow as much as possible.

      Basically, negativity and lower frequencies can no longer exist to the extent that they have on this planet, and so it’s all coming out for one last chance for really helping raise your vibration to higher and faster frequencies.

      Here’s a video from Bashar on “The Span” of 2010 – 2015.

      • Wow, Brian, thank you for this video. so, the “be happy anyway” theme still applies, now more than ever according to Bashar. If you are surrounded by negative people who do not support your dreams and doubt you will make it, riding the wave would mean simply ignoring them and moving on with your goals and dreams. Some of them will be reflections of your own doubt, nevertheless you must move on instead of letting them get to you and getting depressed about your dream taking too long, for example.

  • I love this! I love your blog (which I’ve only recently found – something that in itself sort of delights me, like – aha, all of this trying to be cheerful is paying off, I have access to different types of teachers now!) and this post is really fun and exciting. Thank you!

    One question remains: does this mean that Johnny Depp is operating at a much higher vibrational level than you are?

    • Hi Cordy!
      I don’t think it necessarily mean that Johnny Depp is operating at a much higher vibrational level than Melody. It could be just opposite as well. Or may be let’s not think of high or low. Think of them as just different frequencies. Because what we call as low or high are just our perception that we choose to employ in this game of ‘experiencing beingness’.

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