Awesome Heinrich’s Burning Question: “Why do bad manifestations happen within seconds while the good stuff seems delayed? Take today for example. I realized something that sent my blood pressure racing. Now I am so pissed that I decide to embrace my pissedness. Within less than a minute, an irate customer calls me, now I am really mad. Then my sibling sends me the most arrogant message, now I am fuming like a volcano. Then my partner sends me messages which concern finances, all of this in less than 10 minutes… Yes, I have now %$&*#* exploded. Now, on days when I am feeling really happy and giving out tons of smoochy love puppy kisses, feeling so confident that I could run for president within a second, one odd %^*&^$ good thing happens. Why can’t good events follow in the same sequence as bad events? Why can’t one good thing happen after the other within minutes when I am feeling like a freakin’ ray of sunshine and smiling so broad that I could possibly develop arthritis in my jaws?”

Dear Awesome Heinrich,

The short answer is: Positive events can manifest just as quickly and voluminously as negative ones.

And yes, I can hear your follow up question now: “So, why the %$&*#* don’t they?”

Here’s why the %$&*#* they don’t:

You see, we, as in we humans living today, have this stupid, hair brained, not even remotely useful belief that anything that isn’t known, that hasn’t been specifically defined, is almost certainly going to be bad. If you can’t see into the darkness, there’s definitely a monster lurking in there. If someone walks up to you in the street, they’re probably begging for money, or are about to rob you. If you go to a party where you know no one, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a horrible time. If you go on a blind date, you imagine the worst case scenario, you know, just in case. If someone brings a dish to your pot luck and you don’t know what it is, or it looks different from what you expected, you automatically assume it’s going to taste like ass. Strangers are dangerous. Change is scary. The unknown is a bad thing.

In short, we are, not by nature but by training, a negatively focused people. We expect things to go badly, especially if we’re not sure what’s going to happen.

How manifesting is like gravity. Sort of.

Now, if you’ve been studying the Law of Attraction at all, you’ll know that what you focus on, you get more of. So it stands to reason that if you are generally negatively focused, as in, your automatic, knee-jerk reaction is generally one of dread, you’re going to be adding to the energy of the unwanted. As you keep adding to it, that energy speeds up. This is what sciencey people would call momentum. The energy increases in volume and velocity. In other words, it gets bigger and faster and more and more of a force to be reckoned with.

Think of the energy that you’re focusing on as a planet. The more you focus on it, the bigger the planet grows and as you add to its mass, its gravitational force increases. More gravitational pull means that it’s easier to get sucked in by the planet by merely getting into the vicinity of it, and the harder it is to tear free once you’re caught in its orbit.

So, if there are two planets, one we’ll call Planet Fear (representing what you don’t want) and one we’ll call Planet Awesome (representing what you do want), our propensity as humans to focus negatively (again, not by nature, but by training) will have grown Planet Fear to the size of, well, let’s say Jupiter. In case you don’t remember anything about astronomy, Jupiter is pretty freaking huge. It has a gravitational pull 2.5 times that of the Earth.

Planet Awesome, having been a bit neglected, focus wise, is currently the size of Pluto (which I will always maintain is a planet, goddammit!), whose gravitational pull is 8% of Earth’s. It’s a bit on the teensy side. With such a weak force of gravity, you have to get up really close to it to be pulled in, and it’s easy to be pulled out of orbit by say, Planet Fear, which just happens to be passing by to deliver a swift kick to the nads before flipping you off and then snickering loudly as it spins away. Planet Fear is kind of an asshole. Go figure.

Grow the right planet

So, there you are with two planets to choose from. One’s got a lot of mass and speed going, the other, not so much. When you focus on one of the planets, the energy it represents starts to manifest. The speed at which those manifestations come in is directly related to the momentum that energy has behind it. In other words, manifestations from Planet Fear come easily and quickly, while manifestations from Planet Awesome come more tentatively and timidly.

This is not, however, how it has to be. You can deliberately choose to focus on Planet Awesome and grow it, while letting Planet Fear wither away. If you don’t keep giving it your attention, you see, it will begin to shrink and slow down. The problem is that most people only ever focus on Planet Awesome when they want something (kind of like believing in God but only praying when you’re hung over…). The rest of the time, they’re running on auto-pilot. And if the automatic programs that are running are fear based (and they usually are), Planet Fear is going to be growing by default while Planet Awesome impotently wobbles along on its teensy weensy axis.

The solution – or how to manifest the good stuff fast

Fortunately for you, I have the solution to this dilemma. Ready? Here it is: Practice focusing positively even when you’re not actively trying to manifest something. This will add momentum to Planet Awesome while taking it away from Planet Fear. Being a Happy Shiny Puppy every once in a while isn’t really going to do that. You have to change the automatic programs, the ones that are running all day, every day. And the only way to do that is to be just a bit deliberate for a little while, until the habit of positive focus is established.

The good news is that once your Planet Awesome has gathered some increased momentum, it will begin to suck you in easily just like Planet Fear used to do. In other words, once you’re over the initial hump, it’ll get easier and easier to add momentum to the energy of what you want.

Of course, focusing positively will also make you feel a lot better, but apparently, for many people, that’s not worth the effort on its own. *sarcastic eye twitch*

Once your Planet Awesome has loads of momentum behind it, you’ll not only feel really good most of the time – it’ll be really easy for you to feel amazing and much harder to fall into a funk – you’ll be bombarded by a cascade of positive manifestations. You’ll have days where everything just seems to go right, it’s just one awesome thing after another, and you’ll barely be able to catch your breath between joyous moments. That’s when life gets really fun.

How to get there

If you want to grow the momentum of your own, personal Planet Awesome, here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. Expect things to go well. This might seem like kind of a “duh” thing to say, but it’s one of the most powerful changes you can make. When you’re facing the unknown, say to yourself “I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I know it’s going to be awesome.” This is my personal mantra and it totally works as long as you actually have a positive expectation. You may well find yourself having negative knee-jerk reactions to the unknown and unexpected for a while, but keep practicing and that’ll turn around. Remember, it’s all about building momentum.
  2. Dedicate about twenty minutes a day to deliberately focusing positively. You can meditate, or visualize your life the way you want it to be, or just play with your dog or cat. Do something that makes you happy, but do it deliberately and notice the good emotions.
  3. Notice and celebrate even small manifestations. It’s so easy to dismiss small manifestations as meaningless and not worthy of appreciation. But celebrating the small stuff is one of the fastest ways to build positive momentum. If you see a beautiful flower by the side of the road, celebrate that you noticed it and that it’s there. If someone smiles at you, celebrate that. If you find a dollar in the street, do a happy dance. If your boss is less nasty today, that’s worth appreciating. Noticing even small positive changes and events and consciously rejoicing in them will begin to shift the balance from negative to positive. Think about it: there are a lot more small events in our lives than big ones. If you react negatively to all those small events, that’s A LOT of momentum. Train yourself to celebrate anything and everything, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your manifestations start to become full of awesome.

Bottom line

It really is as easy to manifest positive stuff into your life as it is to manifest the negative. But what shows up in your reality is always determined by your vibration, which is shaped by your focus. If you’re not currently being bombarded by awesomeness, if you seem to have an easier time manifesting unwanted crap, then you’ve got to redress the balance. You have to build more positive momentum. You may think you’re predominantly positive, but if your manifestations say otherwise, you’ve got some more work to do. Give your Planet Awesome some love and you’ll become a Happy Shiny Puppy manifesting superstar in no time.

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  • I totally agree that what you focus on you manifest, and attitude ie. no expectations will help you remain present (that’s where magic happens). However, I feel there is a clear pattern on this earth of creating individuals and or groups to use there free will to trample on others who are not necessarily “attracting” it with there beliefs and or vibrations. Did everyone on mh17 attract that missile to them? Do all the Palestinians vibrate so low that they are attracting a military invasion? Worse of all is children, so close to source so in the moment, who get abducted, kidnapped, and trafficked!! Are these children’s sovereignty not being manipulated by some outside force other than there own? LOA works but we can’t ignore that others use it for darker purposes. Can we as humanity ever look itself in the mirror and see our shadows for what they are? How does a negative ball as massive as Jupiter hurtling with such force stop itself when it doesn’t even want to?

  • Thìs is awesome! I found your blog in a LOA forum 2 days ago. Everything is so insperational and even the stuff from 2012 still is very relevent to me. Thanx soo much ?

  • Another great post!! Thanks for the reminders, there is always something to be thankful of and there is always something positive to take notice of. 🙂

  • Wonderful post with some great ideas. I love the planet analogy, I can really see this in my mind. Thank you. And I LOVE this line: “It’s a bit on the teensy side. With such a weak force of gravity, you have to get up really close to it to be pulled in, and it’s easy to be pulled out of orbit by say, Planet Fear, which just happens to be passing by to deliver a swift kick to the nads before flipping you off and then snickering loudly as it spins away. Planet Fear is kind of an asshole. Go figure.” It made me laugh out loud, which I am taking as a wonderful manifestation for me.

  • A couple of days ago, I was wondering the same thing. It seemed like as soon as I got the least bit upset, more and more unwanted crap would pile on and the downward spiral started. And I spent the rest of the day pulling myself back up out of the muck.

    But while reading this post, I was thinking about it, and I noticed that there were “good” things happening before and after that. They were small things, but I wasn’t paying attention to those. So I think I just figured out that missing puzzle piece.

    Thank you so much Melody for this post, and thank you Awesome Heinrich for asking this question. 🙂

  • Hiya Melody, have come across LOA only recently – after having browsed the Internet for more information on this subject, I gladly found your website and simply got hooked! So, although still being pretty new to the “magic” of the law and the stuff which is involved, I have been using it on a daily basis. Still feeling a bit like riding on a bumpy road on some days, yesterday I suddenly developed very negative feelings towards whatever I want to manifest, will never happen for umpteen reasons… felt as if my body/brain was trying to ward off the good things – and I am neither a pessimist nor a depressive person! I took me at least half day to get back to some reasonably “normal” thoughts…..and today I found your newsletter in my mailbox with this topic – spot on to my yesterday’s paranoid fears! Admittedly, one of my wishes is a bit unusual but not the least materialistic or so – difficult but not impossible to achieve! Thanks for your latest inputs – looks as if you can sense the vibes of your dear readers/followers/happy shiny puppies 😀
    Again, thanks for your note, am feeling much better now knowing I am not completely insane…..

    Many hugs from Germany xxx

  • I think I have a perfect example: awesome manifestation (that I celebrated and that made me laugh).
    I participated in kind of internal competition at work that allow me to skip one step in my career and go directly 2 steps up, which of course is related to the salary increase. I did not pass first stage (it was before LoA…;)) but I appealed and currently awaiting the results of the complaint. To make it more plausible for myself I prepared “pretended” payslip with my new grade and salary that corresponds to this grade. I made it as June 2014 payslip (it was in April and I hoped that the complaint thingy will get resolved till then). I feel pretty good about money. I know I have enough and that I don’t have to worry. I am provided for and I can pretty much buy whatever I please. On the other hand, about the career stuff…I guess I have some limiting beliefs (kind of: everything is staged, “normal” people will never win etc).
    So, what happened: this month I got the salary that corresponded almost exactly to the amount I put on the fake payslip. I was baffled, because in my workplace the salaries are fixed and there are no “unexpected” payments. Then I realised that they paid us the “holiday” allowance, that was ALWAYS paid in July. So in short: I attracted the money I planned for but not the career advancement I wished. Guess I have some work to do…But I loved the irony of this manifestation! It was a perfect way of Universe saying: “better release your crap or you won’t get what you really want!”.

  • Love this site and everything on it.

    As soon as I started reading I cracked up laughing, but I also learnt. Perfect combination.

  • Excellent Melody! Posts like these are why I hop around like a clown, laughing and smiling throughout the day. I’m learning how to *predominantly* send out a positive vibe. Thanks!

  • Melody says: 3. Notice and celebrate even small manifestations.
    This is a real game-changer, I believe as there are so many really cool things happening all the time, but I know I used to only notice the “ass” tasting ones.
    Here’s a real,real small one from this morning. Even though I have been sleeping long and well and eating lots of greens and avoiding sugar, this morning I woke up feeling devoid of all energy. I decided I wanted a nice cooked breakfast – that I did not cook. I tasted the poached eggs and the spinach. So late brunch early lunch time I go to a cafe. Breakfast ends at 11am it says using big black bold CAPITAL letters on the menu. It is nearly noon. I smile at the waitress and acknowledge I am way too late for the breakfast, but I’d love it anyway. I also say I will order something else, but I’d love the poached eggs (with spinach, mushrooms ). She goes off to ask the kitchen. Now when I walked in I saw the dude in the open galley kitchen and smiled. He was not wearing a “let me make your dream breakfast” kind of expression. Anyway, the waitress comes back and explains in a strict voice (that I assume was her channeling the kitchen dude) that breakfast ends at 11am. Period. …. BUT – I can have the poach eggs anyway. I am grateful and smile at the kitchen dude who completely ignores me. Does not matter. I get my eggs. A VERY SMALL manifestation – right!. But that is the point isn’t it. Bored tired kitchen dude still made me my eggs even though I suspect his natural inclination is to say NO – the RULES are NO breakfast after 11am. So thank you universe. Also I think I manifested so perfectly because I tasted those eggs at about 9am – I visualised and then asked and then let it go. When I placed my actual order to the waitress – not the universe – I happily said I was prepared to order something that was available after 11am – being open to all possibilities, I got my eggs, easy!

    • Yup, these ‘small’ manifestations and positive experiences are the things that can tip the scale, so to speak. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve noticed that all is well in my life. Everything is going so smoothly that I have now reached the point where I’m surprised when something does not turn out the way I envisioned it. I’ve also noticed that little accidents like flat tires or something don’t affect me anymore. It only makes me wonder whether my vibration was off or if this experience will bring me something else, teach me valuable lesson, meet someone new etc. The thing I do struggle with (still) are the long-term manifestations, the big ones. I imagine these things as ‘bigger/more complex’ desires and therefore less easy to manifest. Even though I understand that in LOA world there is no such thing as a complex or an easy manifestation, I still make this distinction (note to me: stop it!). Therefore the things that I really really want usually take more time, while the trivial stuff is manifested almost instantly and without any effort. In any case, I recognize that I am great at receiving things deliberately. But I need to let go of the idea of big and little manifestations. The other day I was watching an Abe video on youtube and they said something like: when the thing that you want has not manifested yet, you’re simply not ready for it. If you were ready it already would be a manifested reality. I found a really helpful technique from another LOA teacher to tackle this problem (sorry I’ve watched so many World Cup matches lately I can only speak in Football terms). Let’s say you are looking for a job, but no luck so far. What you can ask yourself is: Why wouldn’t I want a job/this particular job I’ve applied for? The funny thing is that most of the time you’ll be able to answer this question with several answers or reasons why you DON’T want the job. The next thing you do is try to come up with solutions to these problems and poof, your resistance is gone (at least that’s what that LOA dude said). Personally I have never looked at it this way, but I’m definitely going to try it.
      Anyhow, way to go with the ‘celebrating the little things’. It’s a good reminder because I can see clearly now that I was already taking these little things for granted!
      And Melody, as always, thanks for a great blogpost. Perhaps you can cheer up La Selección with your happy shiny puppy spirit 😉

  • I can certainly tell from this post the importance of focussing positively. It’s certainly not easy in the beginning, and there are some things I am experimenting with to attempt to help myself with that.
    One thing I do is tell my unconscious mind (I have read a lot about the power of the unconscious) to dedicate a part of itself to signaling me whenever I am focussing negatively. And it seems to work. I figure if the unconscious mind can regulate so many things such as our breathing and heartbeat, and do many other tasks such as getting us to the location we want when we are in a daze, then it certainly can signal us when we are focussing negatively. So I tell my unconscious mind to do that. Then, depending on how negative it is, I will sometimes force myself to focus more positively and find what feels better, and if it’s really bad, I will give myself maybe ten seconds or a minute to worry before changing my focus. I have just recently really started experimenting with this, and I am hoping that with some consistency, it will work it’s magic.
    Another thing I am experimenting with is listening to people talk with conviction about the law of attraction, and then, this might sound odd, but repeating after them with the same conviction. I figure, if I change how convicted I sound, eventually the amount of conviction I have will shift a bit.

    • Hey I LOVE this – I am going to do this too – especially the unconscious mind telling me when I am thinking negative. I know I was trained very very very very well to think negative thoughts. One of my mother’s favourite expressions was “you cant win” – meaning whatever option was chosen would prove to be the wrong one. I now know why that always worked out so well for her – every option WAS the “wrong one”…! So yeah, hey, unconscious mind – while you’re there, breathing, digesting, growing toenails – how about tracking my negative thoughts and give me an appropriate elbow in the ribs? Yeah – I like that!. Actually I need – for just a short while – a subconscious working like an irritating four year old. I was with a friend and her delightful small child recently. You know the stage where they watch EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO and mimic it and repeat it endlessly like a fractal- ALL FREAKING DAY! Yeah, I got very self-conscious. What if I had a subconscious that noticed my negative thoughts just like that “delightful” four-year old mimic, and threw them in my face all day? Yeah. Just for a short while that could be really useful. Thanks. (I repeat – for a short while).

  • Great post! Within the last year I have learned how easily it is for me to manifest the things I want. However, just as you said I can also manifest the things that I don’t want. Each day I wake and keep a positive attitude. I know that positive attracts positive.

  • I choose to go to work on Planet Pluto where we have naked Friday instead of Casual Friday.
    On the day, staff would arrive half an hour early before opening time.
    All staff, including myself, would strip naked, grab a drink and enter our semi forrest sun room where its nice and warm. There’s plenty of sunbathing chairs for everyone (with a cute little shade to cover the face of course). Some of us choose to mingle while bathing in the morning sun.
    Everyone get to go home half an hour early on Friday.

  • Hi Melody.. What an informative newsletter.. just loved it.
    Why do I have to be in my 60s?? I want it all again with the opportunity to learn your way and to enjoy life more abundantly.????
    Have fun.. and hugs to you

    • Hey Brian

      It’s never too late to shine! My father met his perfect partner in his late sixties. I have never seen him happier. He is more active and positive focused than ever. He is now 75 and having the time of his life!

    • Brian…
      Age is totally made up to mark time. I am 41. I “woke up” at 37 years old. Have been applying everything I’ve learned ever since. I physically look and feel better than I ever have. Its unbelievable. I truly believe our beliefs play a huge part in our physicality. We are truly a living manifestation of how we feel inside. Anyway, you are about to embark on the best years of your life! Your life experiences brought you right here to where you are. Its so perfect.

      • I love hearing that, Chris. (As a person who’s “waking up” at 38 and working through some things about old beliefs about time and aging and scarcity.)

  • Hey Melody
    Great tips here. I especially like the one about celebrating the small manifestations. My fiance and I work really hard to do that. When something happens to our liking, even something like going to the store to get something, and we snag the last thing, I feel glad that the item was still there for me to buy it. I feel aligned…we find ourselves saying ”thank you Universe” quite a bit, and I do think it has made a difference because obviously we are feeling good when this stuff happens and we all know the feeling good is the key ingredient.

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