It’s time! It’s time! It’s time! After months and months of focusing and doing nothing (ha!), I finally managed to attract the right artist and the perfect vision of the new Bullshit Fairy. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, or who would like to read the account of the entire manifestation, you can do so here, as part of this blog post.

I’m as proud as a momma puppy to reveal the new and totally improved Bullshit Fairy:

Bullshit Fairy FAQ

What does the Bullshit Fairy do? Her main job/passion is to point out the ridiculous Bullshit beliefs that we’ve all been indoctrinated with; you know, the rules about life that we’ve been taught but which totally don’t work. Mostly she’ll be blurting out sarcastic yet poignant pieces of wisdom. Also, she may slap a few people. With love. She’ll slap them with love.

Where can the Bullshit Fairy be found? Right now, she’ll be on this blog and on Facebook and Twitter. Later, you’ll probably find her on a mug, a T-shirt or calendar. Personally, I’d love to see her on Youtube. Maybe one day we’ll have Bullshit Fairy undies. But only if you play your cards right, puppies. One fan already suggested a Bullshit Fairy Halloween Costume. I’ll leave that up to you (send pics if you do it, though!).

What does the Bullshit Fairy’s Wisdom cost? It’s free! But not cheap. Cop a feel at your own risk (she’s pretty feisty with that wand…)

Where does the Bullshit Fairy live? In her luxury tree house in Fairy Land (think glamping). Her neighbors include the Tooth fairy, Tinkerbell, and the New Year’s baby, who, incidentally is no longer allowed near the fairy dust (not since the 80’s…).

What does the Bullshit Fairy eat? Lies. For breakfast.

Why does the Bullshit Fairy look suspiciously like you? Because, like Iron Man, I don’t care if you know my secret identity.

Why does the Bullshit Fairy have boobies? Aren’t you worried about the children? We here at Deliberate Receiving believe that pretending that women and female fairies don’t have boobies will actually fuck your kids up for life. You know, seeing as they actually do have boobies, and all. So, we actually made the fairy extra curvy for the benefit of the children, should any of them ever accidentally get a peek at her.You’re welcome, kids.

Does the Bullshit Fairy have to curse? Fuck yes, she does.

Is that the new DR logo at the bottom of the image? Why yes, yes it is!

And there you have it. You have now met the new Bullshit Fairy. If you have any other questions for her, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

And now, we must do the happy dance!

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  • I want to be one of the first to wear this fairy on a tight hugging lycra shirt. My Visa card number is………

    “Does the Bullshit Fairy have to curse? Fuck yes, she does” OMG, that’s effin awesome

  • This is great 🙂

    This is off topic but I just wanted to comment here because I’d been trawling the archives to feel better about something and happened on a comment you made to someone 3 years ago; comments are closed on that post but it’s changed my perspective completely so I really want to repost it to say thanks and in case anyone else needed to read it and missed it!

    You said – “I get the sense that when you go to evaluate your anger, you’re doing it a little bit from a “why is this happening to me” place, as if the Universe was trying to teach you a lesson or trying to forcibly shove you in another direction. The Universe doesn’t do that, nor can it. The Universe doesn’t send you messages to stop doing something. You either resonate with something or you don’t. You can be pulled towards something (like when you get an impulse to walk into a new place), but you won’t be pushed AWAY from anything.”

    This was the biggest *lightbulb* moment I’ve had in ages and I thought I was getting to understand this whole thing pretty well! Obviously still brand new haha. I’ve been experiencing a bit of a stream of annoying crap recently and only just come to the realisation that everything that’s happened makes me feel out of control and powerless (the usual). I’ve also been looking at some of this crap that’s come up as ‘signs’ that I should react in a certain way, that I should leave someone or I should cut people out of my life or even that I should simply cheer the f up (which may be the case but doesn’t feel like helpful advice at the time). It was only your comment there that’s fiiinally drilled it in that that way of thinking is just another way of handing over control to something else (as if the universe is giving me signs, telling me what to do, taking away my control over my life again.) I cannot believe how many times I have read this blog, over and over the same message, and I was still not getting that the only signs I am ever being given are feelings which direct me to my bad thoughts which I then can turn into good thoughts and let the world sort itself out – I knew it but was refusing to really believe it.

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble and for stating what you have stated a million times, but really felt the need to get this out, repost and just say thanks so that it’s out there again 🙂

  • like a fruit tree with too many branches stuck in the middle. It doesn’t allow sunlight in. It is stagnant and suffers.
    like a man who let fear and false belief cover his heart, blocking out other people, blocking out love. He is stuck and suffers.

    Like an experienced scout, Bullshit fairy can spot these stuck points with ease.
    Melody helps the stuck souls identify the unwanted false beliefs. She would help them remove the false beliefs themselves – to let sunlight and love in.
    Once that happens, things will flow and life flourishes again.


  • Love, love, love her!!! Yippee – I may have to share her with my boss, Congrats and keep on keeping on

  • Perfect!! Feminine, pretty with a kick-ass, take-no-crap attitude…. LOVE!!!!
    PS: Would TOTALLY buy the undies… ?

  • That is how I always imagined the fairy godmother! hahaha! Wise and sexy like that. My kind of fairy.

    Great! Love it! Love the idea of expanding to merchandise, even undies, mugs, you name it. Awesome!

  • Love, Love, LOVE the new BS Fairy. The raised eyebrow is just the perfect indication that her bullshit monitor is always on and ready to call things what they really are.

    Thanks again Melody for all that you do to try to remind us of who we really are, and what we are all capable of. Not just with philosophies and hypothetical scenarios, but with practical application of these laws in everyday life. With your help, we all have a better shot at becoming shiny, happy puppies 🙂

    BS fairy is beautiful, and so are you.

  • Woooooooooooooow!!!
    BOTH thumbs up! The BS fairy totally rocks!
    As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.
    So congratulations for aligning to the perfect picture of the fabulous BS fairy.
    Love her and love you even mooooooooooore 🙂
    Thank you for your fun, your ideas, your creativity, your energy and… your “craziness”!

  • That is one bad-ass grown-up fairy, Melody — I love her! And count me in for a tee-shirt. It’ll go with my Bass-Ass M*F*er tee, only I’ll be able to wear this one in public. Oh, and a coffee mug, too. I’ll put it beside my “Writer like a m*f*er” mug.

    [Man, I swear a lot. Probably one reason I love this blog so much.]

  • Man, I feel like crying now. I think it’s because the level of AWESOMENESS contained in this post and everything! How I loveee Melody!! Hugs!

  • Love the new Bullshit Fairy. She rocks. And I’m glad she’s a she and not a he. Can’t wait to be slapped upside the head by her wand… 😉

  • OMG. She’s here! I’ve just been waiting for this. I love her. She’s perfect! I would like to EMPHATICALLY put in my vote now for the Bullshit Fairy undies. I would completely wear them. You MUST do this. And please be sure to hav sizes for us bigger girls too, not just the skinny ones!!!!

  • Unlike you and the Bullshit Fairy, I love my secret identity…. *giggle*….

    This is totally freaking AWESOME, boobies and all!

    You rock! I love you! And your happy, shiny puppies!

    I share your posts on Facebook all the time!

    By the way…. I think your swearing is totally appropriate and those who don’t like it can kiss the Bullshit Fairy’s ass.

    Love you! and THANKS!

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