Awesome Caroline’s Burning Question: “I’ve been reading and loving your blog since January and I can’t begin to tell you how much you and your blog have helped bring on my LOA education and spiritual self.  It’s been amazing.  So amazing in fact that I’ve had a few unusual experiences…!

Last week I was laying on the sofa watching Bill Hicks on YouTube (this seems relevant somehow) and I drifted off into a kind-of sleep.  However I could still hear and was aware of everything that was going on around me and ended up in a state of sleep paralysis.  Then I could feel my whole body kind of buzzing and I could feel a strong pull out of my body. I resisted at first as I thought that maybe this might be death and I wasn’t ready for that (my main reasoning being that I didn’t want my roommate coming in and finding me!), but then something told me that it was okay and just to go with it.  What happened next was just unreal.

I could feel myself getting higher and higher and then I could see my house from above, and then the stars (this sounds even crazier when I write it down!) and then I could see a kind of infinite black with lots of random colors in front of me.  Next thing I was back in the room where it had all started, but I was so giddy about this new form that I was jumping around the room, managing to float and I could still see myself on the sofa. 

When I was back in ‘me’ again, I was still in a state of sleep paralysis and it took longer than usual to bring myself out of it (I used to get sleep paralysis a lot so it doesn’t scare me anymore). 

Afterwards I was just dumbfounded as to what happened and as the days went on my ‘rational’ mind (or my filters?) kept trying to convince me that it was just a dream.  But I really did feel like it was real.

So I guess my question is, what do you think of the idea of out-of-body experiences?  And is there a way to purposefully experience this again? Or am I just going crazy?”

Dear Awesome Caroline,

Nope, you’re not going crazy. Or, at least not in my book. You know, for whatever that’s worth…

“Out of body” experiences are actually more common than you may think. And yes, what happened was real, you didn’t imagine it, and it wasn’t a dream (although, let’s not dismiss the importance of dreams just yet).

But what exactly is an out of body experience, do we have to be scared of them, and can they actually benefit us somehow?

What an “out of body” experience actually is

Right. I want to start off by warning you that my explanation of what “out of body” experiences are may differ greatly from what you may have read by others. As always, go with whatever explanation resonates most with you. All I can offer you is my own truth, what I’ve come to know based on my own experiences.

The first thing you have to understand is that you don’t actually leave the body. Your body is not some kind of vessel that contains your soul, spirit or non-physical self. Your body is a part of you, an extension of you; it is contained within the soul rather than the other way around. We, Who We Really Are, focus part of ourselves into this Time/Space reality and create a physical representation of our energy within it. That’s the body. It’s not an inanimate puppet that you fill up with your consciousness. It IS your consciousness, or at least a part of it, manifested into the physical.

So, when you “leave” the body, you don’t actually exit it, you just shift your focus from the physical part of you to the non-physical part of you. You will experience as much of that non-physical self as you’re able to, but in most cases, people feel much more freedom than they normally do. A lot of people float or fly, can change location at will (you just think it and there you are), act outside the laws of physics, and can even manifest anything they want instantly. These experiences have also been called “lucid dreaming” and “astral travel”. Keep in mind that there are different levels of this experience, some more surreal than others, depending on whatever the individual wants to experience and is ready for. But in essence, it’s all the same thing.

Is it dangerous?

When I was a teenager, I first became interested in astral travel. I read every book I could find on the subject, which wasn’t easy back then (we didn’t yet have the internet. I know… I don’t know how we did it, either…). I had to buy my books from a normal bookstore, which meant heading to the shameful section in the back of the shop, where they kept the books on energy healing, Satanism and, probably porn. All that esoteric stuff didn’t go down too well with the masses back then. But, I persevered and did my best to ferret out whatever information I could.

The books I read all warned me about the dangers of astral travel. Evil entities could take over my body while I was gone, they said. I should take measures to protect my empty and defenseless vessel. They had various measures to do this, from using crystals, to incantations to calling in guides and angels. But the message was clear: the non-physical is full of monsters who can’t wait to come and take over your body. This is the stuff that horror movies are made of.

Then, of course, came the warnings that you could get lost in the astral plane, but that as long as your astral cord was connected to you and your body, you’d always be able to find your way back. Cut the cord, though, and you’d be shit out of luck, floating around in the ethers forever. Buwahahahahahaha.

This, I’m happy to report, was and still is a big load of bullshit. And yes, I know that many people still believe this stuff today. That doesn’t make it any less bullshitty.

Why do people believe this stuff?

But, if there really is no danger, you may be asking, then where did people get this crap in the first place? Well, here’s what you have to remember: people will attract whatever experiences match their vibration. This doesn’t change just because you’re dreaming or in the non-physical. In fact, these states actually make it easier for you to see what’s really going on, the stuff that you’re often ignoring during your “waking” hours.

So, if you have a lot of fear, a lot of beliefs that the world is a hostile, dangerous place, you’re going to have that mirrored back to you in the physical and the non-physical. You may actually see “monsters” and “evil” entities. The line between symbolism and reality is blurred. You can draw all kinds of things to you if you’re a match to it. And while some of these representations of energy can actually be angry, vengeful or intent on doing damage, they cannot even enter your reality unless you allow it. Just like with people. The techniques for combating these types of entities are nothing but permission slips – tools that allow you to take control of your energy. When you send love to a “monster” (which would be a representation of your fear), for example, and it vanishes, you’ve just seen the effects that putting yourself into a state of love, the love vibration, has on your reality. You’ve just experienced your power. You didn’t have to protect yourself from the monster, you just had to make the choice to vibrate at a frequency that didn’t include the monster or anything else unwanted.

When someone with a fear based belief system astral travels, they’re going to have those fears mirrored back to them. They may then feel the need to warn others of the dangers of their experience, but this is no different from when people warn you of the dangers of the physical world. Don’t go to Egypt, you’ll get robbed. Don’t travel to South America, you’ll get kidnapped and you’ll wake up in a bathtub full of ice, without your kidneys. Don’t go outside with your hair wet, you’ll catch your death. Don’t quit your job and start a business, you’ll fail. Blah, blah, blah. All you’re hearing about is how other people have experienced their own fears.

When you understand that you create your reality, that your reality, no matter how you’re experiencing it, is merely a mirror of your vibration, you’ll understand that there really is nothing to be afraid of. If your non-physical reality is showing you something, it’s the same as any other manifestation. If it’s unwanted, you’ve got some vibrational cleaning up to do.

But you cannot be invaded (your body is a part of you, it cannot be taken over by someone else in the astral any more than a physical person can steal your body by slipping into your skin while you sleep), and you cannot lose your way. The sleep paralysis, by the way, is simply your body’s response to your shift in focus. It’s totally normal, quite usual, and is nothing to be afraid of. You may find that it diminishes over time and as you have more experiences. Just accept it as part of the transition of focus.

You can’t get lost

In my post about Time Travel, I wrote about an experience I had that took me outside of time. That same experience was actually about something else though: showing me more of Who I Really Am. I expanded my consciousness out to all that is (or at least further than I’ve ever gone), to the point where my conscious mind could no longer keep up. I became the mountain, I became the air, I became the Earth, I became space. And then I blacked out. I have no doubt that I kept going, though, expanding my focus ever outward. When I “came back” into my body, I had a brief moment of fear, the feeling that I might’ve gotten lost. And then it hit me – the actual, experiential knowing that I could not have gotten lost. Because it was all me. Every single molecule was me. And just as I could choose to focus myself into the mountain or the ant, so could I choose to focus into my body. But because it was all me, I couldn’t lose my way anymore than I can lose track of my big toe.

There was no way to “get lost”. And there was no danger from anything or anyone, because it was all me. It is all me, at least in my reality. In your reality, it’s all you. This is also why you don’t have to be afraid that you’ll die when you “leave”. You’re not going anywhere, you’re just shifting your focus. I know, this all sounds great, and there is a huge difference between knowing something theoretically and having actually experienced it. This is why you’re having your OOB experiences. Because through them, you come to an understanding that reading a blog or a book or watching a Youtube video will never give you.

So, why do we have “out of body” experiences?

These non-physical experiences are a way for you to get more first-hand knowledge of Who You Really Are (like everything else that happens in your reality, by the way). You get a different perspective, a different understanding of what your word really is. When you see the fluidity of your “reality” in the non-physical, for example, you can understand that this same malleability or impermanence applies in your normal, waking state, as well. If you just allow it, that is. You can begin to understand, experientially, that it’s possible to step outside of time, that things are never set in stone (not even stone. Ha.), that the physical body doesn’t work the way we thought it did (it’s an extension of our energy and can change and shift and heal instantly), that we are not powerless subjects of some outside force, but rather powerful creators with nothing to fear.

You can use these experiences of train yourself to see reality in a whole new way, not as a fixed construct that you live within, but as a flexible, fluid matrix, at your disposal.

Manifesting more OOBs

Deliberately manifesting more “out of body” experiences is like manifesting anything else. Set your intention to travel in the astral, explore why you want to do so, make sure your reason feels good, and trust that whatever happens will be leading you down the path to what you truly want. If that includes more astral travel, great. If not, great, too. Just be open to what comes next, without specific expectation of how what you want will come about.

Bottom line

More and more people are going to be having experiences such as astral travel, lucid dreaming, or whatever else you want to call it. As we awaken to Who We Really Are, we will have whatever experiences will help us come into that understanding. For some of us, that means shifting our focus temporarily to outside of our bodies, so we can literally experience ourselves from a new perspective. Others are participating in different perspective-shifting events, such as sensations during meditation, meeting dead relatives in dreams or even during the awake state, increased intuition, animal communication, an increased connection to nature, and a whole host of others.

Your awakening is a very individual thing and whatever you’re experiencing is designed to increase your understanding in a way that you can accept. So, if the whole idea of an OOB scares the crap out of you, don’t worry. That may well not be your way. But, the bottom line is that there’s never anything to be afraid of. The fear based messages had their place, but their time is over now, at least for a huge chunk of the population. Explore your manifestations, whether they be physical or non-physical. Trust that you are being shown the way towards a much deeper understanding of Who You Really Are. Understand that this is all part of your own, personal awakening. I don’t know about you, but I find that so exciting, I could just jump right out of my body. Ha.

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  • Very cool.
    I’ve been consciously projecting for years and I have gone through some of the exact things you have described.

    There are so many opinions and beliefs out there that you will get all types of answers as you already have. I’ll just speak from my experience and I will stay away from my beliefs.

    It is all much simpler than most imagine. When we project we go into the 5th dimension and it is the astral body we use there. Just like here it takes time to get used to how it works and learn how to interact with this dimension. Moving and flying and the such get easier with practice until you can do it with no effort. That being said, our overall state of awareness while there can make a big difference on how easy it is to see and move around.

    In my experience there is nothing dangerous in the astral. Almost all of my negative experiences have been a result of my subconscious mind. Any thought, desire, wish or fear can easily be projected into the astral environment so it is important to be clear and calm.

  • Dear Melody

    I am an avid reader of your blog. I came across your blog barely a month back and I am totally hooked on to it. Before reading your blogs, I have to admit I wasn’t in the happiest place in life as lots of recent events had not turned out as I had “expected” them to. However, I am truly glad that I came across your blog (it was actually after reading The Secret that I did an online search for LOA and got lucky!).

    Thank you so much for all the insightful posts that you keep uploading. Not only do your blogs light up my day and have changed the way I think and approach life, I also feel so much happier and at ease now.

    Lots of love and hugs to you.

  • Another Fantastic post and as happens often with your posts, i have been thinking about this very subject recently. I have recurring dreams of being able to move things with my mind. I love them dreams.

  • WOO HOO!!! A post about OBE’s!!! 🙂

    I was the same. Does anyone remember those Time Life books that came out in, maybe the 90’s? You could call and order them – pre-internet y’all – and there were different volumes. One about UFO’s, ghosts and that kind of stuff. Anyway, I’ve always been into that sort of stuff and I remember one of those books had a section about out of body experiences. I was like 12 or 13 maybe and I remember trying it for the first time when I was that age. It said your head must point north, and all kinds of goofy stuff. I didn’t make it “out” at that time, but I finally induced one in Jan. 2007.

    Now normally I agree 100% with you Melody on pretty much everything, but here’s something tripping me up about OBE’s not being YOU actually leaving your body. What about remote viewing?

    When I induced mine, I knew nothing about them or what you could do while in that state. I just kind of floated around my apartment for a few minutes and I could see myself sitting on the couch with my eyes closed. I could hear a car driving by (with my physically ear) and within the blink of an eye, I shot through the wall outside. The green of the grass and blue of the sky was the brightest and most vibrant I had ever seen. Anyway, I saw a small, white, 4 door sedan drive by. At the time, I lived at the end of a cul-de-sac, so I didn’t live in a high traffic area. When I “snapped” back into my body – and I was able to move again – I rushed outside, and looked around, and sure enough, at the house across the street, I saw that white sedan parked in the driveway. I had never noticed it there before. I don’t think those people lived there – just visiting maybe. Anyway, if we don’t actually leave the body, how did I see that car?

    I have tried, and tried to get “out” again. In 2007, I read an online article on HOW to do it, but it didn’t say anything about what can happen when you’re in that state. I made the horrible mistake of reading books on the subject after my successful attempt, and that’s when I read about how “demons” and “boogeymen” can steal your body – pretty much all of the scary stuff you mention – and I think that has scared me from doing it again. It didn’t stop me from trying though. I have tried so many, MANY times to do it again, but I get scared now, and chicken out.

    This post does make me feel better about it. I have been wanting to experiment. Like have my hubby write or draw a symbol on a piece of paper – and not let me see what it is – and then find out if I can “see” what he wrote while I’m in that state, but I let fear get in the way. But anyway, I’m really curious about remote viewing, and if it is like you said – we don’t actually leave the body – then how is it that some seem to be able to do this?

  • Thanks for sharing great article. You have had an out of body experience or more specifically you have astral projected. In my experience there is nothing dangerous in the astral. Almost all of my negative experiences have been a result of my subconscious mind. Any thought, desire, wish or fear can easily be projected into the astral environment so it is important to be clear and calm.
    Thanks for this…

  • I want to ask something, but I am struggling to put this into words in any sort of coherent way. I had a major aha moment when reading this post. The idea that I am so much bigger and I am projecting myself into this physical representation – well, I sort of ‘knew’ that but I didn’t KNOW it. I think I am finally really seeing this.

    My question is about the most beneficial/helpful/bestest way to visually picture this for myself. Right now I am sort of seeing a big blob of energy with a sort of funnel thing that has the physical me at the end of it. But that still means I am projecting only me, and not my experience of the world. I know it is not something that is easy to visualise, but it really helps me to ‘see’ things in order to understand them better.

    Does anyone have different ways of seeing this?

    • Hi Edelweiss,

      I have experienced that “oneness” Melody was talking about a couple of times, but I was in a deep meditation when I did it – and I had a little “herbal” help. 🙂

      But for me, picturing myself floating out into the universe with nothing around me helped. I would see myself floating around in space, and in front of me was only blackness, and millions of little white specks of stars. I look to the left, right, behind me….all the same thing. I don’t visualize Earth or any other planets – no variation whatsoever to the images around me. When I do that, I almost can’t help but feel like I’m becoming the blackness and emptiness of space. If there is nothing around to differentiate you from the emptiness of space, then who’s to say where the emptiness stops and YOU begin? So if I stay in that state long enough – it didn’t take long though – then I start to feel confused about where I actually am in the physical – that’s how you consciously induce an OBE by the way. 🙂

      It’s hard for me to put that into words, but I hope it helped. 🙂

  • Hi Melody, I agree with you that OOBs are nothing to be afraid of. However, if you believe that an OOB is just ‘shifting focus’ how do you explain when two different people share the same OOB experience? Then it is kind of ‘objective’ not so ‘subjective’. I connected with an old police officer boyfriend who said that a few years before (long long after we had lost contact), he was in a life threatening situation, when time suddenly ‘slowed down’ and he saw my face, giving him time to react and therefore save himself. When he recounted this story I had a visual ‘memory’ of it happening (presumably I was out of my body because I was hundreds of kilometres away at the time) and I was able to give him precise details of the location and what happened after that he corroborated. It was kind of freaky but I swear to God it’s true. I still have trouble getting my head around it.

  • Hi Melody, thank you so much for answering my question on your blog. If I’d had this experience a few years ago I may have peed my pants a little! However knowing what I now know, I found the whole thing to be a really cool experience. This LOA thing really is like going down a rabbit hole, you just never know what awesome thing will happen next 🙂

    • I wanted to say basically this, but you said it so much better, Caroline, so I will just go with ‘me too’!

  • Hi Melody,
    Thank you so much, you have inspired and helped me so much, but I have one question that no one seems to be able to answer. I am nearly 60 and have been practising LOA for a few years now. I find it so hard to manifest even though I try everything and I am a happy calm person, so not sure what is going on. But my question is… I am almost a pensioner and I have very little materially… I have a wonderful family and I am so grateful for that. But how can I manifest more financially when I can’t work anymore than I am now? I have nothing to back me up, I live in social housing and have not a penny in savings. I meditate, have vision boards, thankyou charts, I visulise and do tapping, I love life. But I have gained weight in the last few years, all of a sudden!!! I am so confused because I love practacing LOA… If anyone would have the answers it would be you. How to manage as a pensioner???? PLEASE HELP there are lots of us out there and no is talking about pensioners ….

    • Hello there:
      Just thought I would see if I could answer your question because I have read up on many of the blogs and writing my understandings back helps stabilize my understandings sometimes. Like answering an essay question on a test. Anyway. I cannot read your specific vibration but maybe I can point you to an answer.
      Are you holding on to any expectations of how you will get what you want? Maybe you are trying to micromanage the process. Do you hold any expectations of how material things must come into your life? Or do you just trust the universe and get into the mindset that what you want is on its way, even if you do not know exactly how?
      Or maybe part of you is making your happiness dependent on getting what you want. Do you find yourself asking, “Where is my stuff already?” Or are you just trusting that it will come to you through the path of least resistance and you will get it? Maybe you are putting pressure on certain events to prove to you the existence of the law of attraction. Do not put pressure on them.
      You know how they say, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”
      That might be the same with focussing. If you have nothing nice to focus on about a certain topic, just don’t focus on that topic at all. Move to something else that makes you happy, and come back to that topic later.
      Hope this helps.

    • Hey Gail,

      “I find it so hard to manifest even though I try everything”

      “I meditate, have vision boards, thank you charts, I visualize and do tapping, I love life.”

      All techniques you do don’t actually manifest anything.

      The purpose of any technique is simply for you to feel good, release your resistance and allow what you want to come to you.

      “But how can I manifest more financially when I can’t work anymore than I am now?”

      Here’s a search result of Abraham videos you can look through, and watch the ones that interest you: hicks money without a job

      Also, here’s another good video:

      Abraham Hicks: create money without action?

      “But I have gained weight in the last few years, all of a sudden!!!”

      Just because you have gained weight, why do you choose to give that a negative meaning?

      Can you choose to feel good about yourself, and be in alignment with Source, regardless of your body’s weight?

      “How to manage as a pensioner????”

      What your question is really asking is:

      “How do I manage when I am not feeling good focusing on all of this lack of abundance?”

      When you focus on lack, you are using the Law of Attraction to bring you more of what you are focusing on.

      Remember, the Universe always gives you abundance.

      It’s just that you are receiving an ABUNDANCE of lack, rather than an ABUNDANCE of ABUNDANCE.

      Here are two videos that can help:

      Bashar on Abundance and Trusting What Is

      Bashar – Circumstances Don’t Matter, Only State of Being Matters

  • Damn! I am glad to see you say something about astral projection, Melody! Yay! I was wondering how you felt about that. I completely agree! I’ve been working on trying to get out of body for around a year and a half now….I have over 4 gigs of files in a folder on my PC about astral projection/OBE’s and things related, along with a shitload of techniques. Still haven’t found what works for me yet as far as getting out of body, though I could write a dissertation about OBE’s. I know the deal with sleep paralysis, the vibrational stage of an OBE with all the vibrations, noises and stuff. I even know what to do after I get out of body….just haven’t gotten outta body yet though, hehe. Still working on it though…

    I have a good heads up on what to expect when out of body and the process in doing so. I’m not afraid to go out of body; and like you said, what you are a vibrational match to in the 3D world, you will be when out of body in the other dimensions as well. That’s why it’s good to focus your mind on stuff that makes you feel good, or at least better and not all the negative & scary shit when it comes to going out of body.

    I could say a LOT more here but it would be too long and there is just SO much to the subject of OBE’s; too much to get into here.

    I’ll just finish with this…you go, Melody! Tell ’em wassup with it!! 😛 🙂

    • Hi Jay!

      Man I am loving this discussion. LOL!

      Have you tried the “fake self” technique? That’s the one I used to get out when I did it that one time. Like you, I could write an entire freakin’ report on OBE’s. I’ve been studying, and reading about them for 20 years now. LOL!

      I tried the rope technique and it didn’t work for me. Do you sit or lay down? I was sitting on my couch, and what worked for me was visualizing a “fake me” sitting in the floor in front of me. I got a clear image of the back of my head and everything. Then I started getting confused about where I really was. Was I sitting on the couch still? I kinda started feeling like I was sitting on the floor. I don’t really remember what happened next but after a little bit of time focusing like that, I was out. It was fabulous!!! Talking about this reminded me of how badly I want to do this again. I did try it again a few days ago. But I had just eaten lunch about an hour earlier and my stomach wouldn’t stop rumbling. It was a little distracting. I’m gonna keep trying though. 🙂

    • This is the first time I have read you Melody and I must say thank you for this post.

      My experience is much like that of Kelli however, when I began meditating was when I heard these warnings.

      It’s been a while since I thought of that but when I think back my view of the world was so different. I didn’t even understand the LOA on a intellectual level as I hadn’t yet been exposed to it.

      So for those who do not yet grasp the hint of who we truly are, this is an awesome forum that I would have found infinitely valuable when I chose to walk the path.

      Let me add though that I have found in my experience that although it is all ultimately illusion and what you eat or don’t eat don’t have to matter, some believe they do so for them, it is a must that their diet fits what they believe keeps them at optimal health.

      We choose whether we need a vehicle to get somewhere and if we do not want go out of fear, or want to take it slow getting there, we choose whether we need an obstacle to stop us or slow us down. We do this, however, subconsciously, and in most cases the vehicle and obstacle are one and the same.

      What I am saying here is if you have a vehicle, like food, music, crystals, meditation, herbs, or sunbathing, don’t let it become an obstacle by working it against yourself. For example, don’t believe that it takes a specific diet to be healthy and then never follow that diet. I hope this was helpful to someone.

      Thanks again
      Mario Jones.

  • Great post as usual Melody but do you know everything hahaha?!

    Reality is what we manifest what we thing and focus on right?
    OK, Well to bring this to the extreme what about the people on that Malaysian Jet that was shot down over Ukraine, where all the people manifesting the end of their physical lives what we know as death of the body, through the destruction of an aircraft?
    The 600 or so people including children who were killed in Gaza, were they manifesting this to happen to them?
    So here we have almost 1000 persons manifesting the same thing at the same time which was far from their thoughts I would reckon and it is far removed from the happy shiny puppy world that you talk about.
    There are places on this planet that are dangerous ie Gaza, Ukraine and many other places and if you go there, there is a chance that you will get injured or killed, Fact!
    This is not something I created or manifested in my own world but it is happening in those places and you and I know about it.
    I reckon that we are the lucky ones not to be living in those war torn countries or in the drug infested neighbourhoods like in East LA ie places that are dangerous that I didn’t create or manifest they exist. Sure we can live in a bubble and deny what is happening outside of that bubble and everything is find and dandy.
    I know this post may read harsh and a criticism of Melody but it is more of a question and the further comments are to substantiate. I would love Melody to address these in an open uncomplicated manner.

    Kindest regards

    • Hey I’m no expert but on the plan crash thing, here’s my view. A plan crashed recently. It was worldwide news, everyone talked about it, people obsessed about it, scouring satelitte images and reporting on the news incessantly. Everyone started thinking about. We attracted another with our power global consciousness all focused on it. And so on and so forth.
      Also – there is a chance you might get killed crossing the road. It doesn’t mean you will. My crazy parents have holidayed in some places the government has advised them not to go. They’ve always had a great time and reported a different place to that represented in the media and a friendly welcome from natives.

      • Thank you Rachel for you reply
        However I am not obsessing about the plane crash but the people in the plane before the crash.
        I was also in places I heard was dangerous – that’s not my point either
        Read Melody’s original post and you may see
        Thank you again Rachel for taking the time to reply

        Kindest regards


        • You are welcome, but I think you misunderstand me Dominic. I don’t mean that you as an individual obsessed about the plane. I mean that as a planet, we obsessed about it.
          My second comment about dangerous places was in direction relation to this statement you made. “There are places on this planet that are dangerous ie Gaza, Ukraine and many other places and if you go there, there is a chance that you will get injured or killed, Fact!”

  • Hey Melody
    I loved reading this. I have had many experiences that I suspected were OOB–like John mentioned above, these sensations of flying and just being totally free. Whenever I woke up, these experiences would really stay with me the whole day, and I knew they weren’t just dreams, but ‘something’ else. Your explanation was really interesting and clarified a lot for me.

  • I love this explanation, Melody. I used to have dreams of flying where I would soar to what felt like unbelievable heights. Thinking back on them, I believe these were likely OOB experiences. These dreams felt wonderful and a little scary at the same time because I would fly so high!

  • So awessssoooommmeeee! I have many crazy lucid dreams and I love them. They do feel real. I love those experiences! As always, loved this post. One of my favorites. 🙂 Thank you, Melody!

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