My dearest puppies,

I’ve run off to the spa for one of my semi-annual overhauls (like taking your car to the shop to have it detailed. This is like detailing for your body and soul). The first six months of this year have been crazy and awesome and super busy. And the next 6 months are looking to be about double that. So, I found myself in need of a recharge.

Now, in the past, I’ve always managed to prewrite enough posts to cover the blog while I was away, so my absence wasn’t even really noticed. Not so this time. When I tried to knock out a blog post while on the plane (normally a quick and easy exercise for me), my brain said “no”. It was done. It was fried. It needed a rest.

And so, my dearest puppies, for the first time ever since I launched this site, I’m taking a week off from the blog. I’m not writing, I’m not coaching and I’m not answering emails (Tina is keeping an eye on things). Sometimes, when you get a bit overwhelmed or exhausted, you have to put even activities that you love on hold for a little while.

Now, I know that many of you depend on your Deliberate Receiving fix to cheer you up or just remind you that you are, indeed, a powerful creator. Fear not, there are almost 500 blog posts in the archives, ready to inspire you, soothe you or kick your ass (with love). You know, whatever you need.

I’ll be back next week, refreshed, renewed, with all the dings buffed out, possibly with a new paint job, and with a whole host of updates on what’s going to unfold in the second half of the year.

Until then, I send you all big smooshy happy shiny puppy hugs!

Live, from the spa,


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  • John, I find that when I am grumpy or angry I will often do something or something happens that makes it worse, just to highlight my non-alignment (in case I missed it). I find that that thing (a stupid accident) usually pushes me over the edge and I have a tanty and throw something or start crying (I especially like throwing things, it feels great, until I have to clean it up). This releases the resistance and I feel better! So your non-alignment usually works itself out if you just go with your emotions. The swearing probably made you feel better, that’s why you can laugh about it today!
    I have also discovered writing letters when I am angry or upset. I did a couple this weekend about things I am not happy about and let it all out. I just wrote it on my computer because i can type faster than I can write then deleted it. I had six pages on one topic! But afterwards I felt so light and I could feel my energy shift. Just getting the words on paper out of my head made all the difference, even though I knew what I was pissed off about.

    • Hi A. Thanks for sharing your technique of writing letters to help shift energy, even if you do not send the letters. I think that is a good idea and will try it sometimes. I did experience some energy shifts this weekend by writing emails about the things that were bothering me on Friday night, and I felt better after doing the emails. I actually sent these emails, but I still felt an energy shift after writing them.

      • Haha! John, I don’t think it matters if you send them or not, except in my case if I had sent these letters certain people would DEFINITELY not be speaking to me… ever again!

        • I like the idea of playing with different methods of shifting my energy and paying attention to what works best for me, which is often not the same thing that works best for another person. And one thing can work for me today, but not so good the next day or week. I have not always paid attention to how I feel or tried to do, think, or feel things to deliberately change my energy, or my feeling about something or someone. I have a tendency to think I “do not have time to shift” my energy and I try to remind myself of the times I have shifted my energy and of the sometimes dramatic results I have seen. Most of the time, the results of energy shifts for me are small things because the energy shifts are relatively small. I am doing my best to take more time and watch for those results after I have done an intentional energy shift.

  • Melody enjoy your week away. Your website has been invaluable help to me in your absence and things are starting to click with me. I listened to one of your coaching calls and that may have helped trigger the click? I feel I have made a breakthrough and things make sense. Thank you!!

    • Hi A.

      I am very glad to read this report! I love Melody’s website, too, and I have spent many hours reading past blog post and listening to her coaching calls. Have a great Saturday!

      • Thanks John! When I say things have clicked however, it doesn’t mean things are great 🙂 It just means I am starting to understand things on a deeper level and realise my resistance to things. I am just realising I have to trust the process and go with the flow (however crappy I might perceive it to be) rather than get angry and upset and fight it. And I have to remember that everything that is happening is happening FOR ME. Can’t wait for Melody to get back though, I am having withdrawals 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend too John.

        • I understand, A. I have many days where I know the process works and I trust the universe (or source, or any name that suits) more than I ever have, and then other days when I do not trust so much. I do think my trust level has gone up significantly and that I am better able to realize when I am out of alignment than I used to be.

          The universe gave me a very obvious sign last night. I was very “out of sorts” about some information I had received that did not please me, and I was sort of stomping around the house. I knew I was not aligned and I knew I would be able to work through my frustration, but it was going to take me some time, probably until the next day. In the meantime, in my non aligned state, I ran right into my dog’s water dish, which was right where it always is on the floor, and, of course, I knew I had pulled that experience right into my reality. That did not keep me from saying some rather loud non aligned words as I cleaned up the spilled water and refilled the dish. I can laugh about it now, but last night, even when I knew quite well that I had created that experience, I was still unable to realign myself in that moment. I am, however, feeling much better about that subject today.

  • Hi Melody

    One more request from me! It’s just that the more I am reading & understanding your blogs, the more questions are cropping up in my mind. I am sure if my questions resonate with you, you will surely answer them 🙂

    So here it is –

    How do I send someone love energetically, whether it is someone I already love or it is someone I do not? You mentioned in your blog post “How to use LOA to vanquish a nasty co-worker” that you were able to work around your issue by energetically sending love to the people who were bothering you.

    I do not quite understand that and would want to know some practical ways in which I can do what you did. Thanks!

    Love and hugs, as always

    PS – I have more questions and blog post requests for you…will keep mailing them one by one 🙂

    • Hey Neha,

      ”I do not quite understand that and would want to know some practical ways in which I can do what you did.”

      View them as the way you want them to be.

      Focus on their positive aspects (even if they only have on thing you feel is positive about them) and make that your dominant focus. You practice your vibration to the point where your dominant vibration is positive and you feel good when you think about that person.

      Focus on what they do well.

      Focus on what you appreciate about them.

      Focus on all the good things they do.

      And keep your thoughts general, and you can be more specific if it feels good. It’s easier to be in alignment when you focus on thinking general positive thoughts about them.

      Even if you feel they do things you don’t prefer, you can appreciate their example as being a teacher to help you learn more about yourself and what you prefer. And they are helping you to become more focused on the positive and what you want than before you met them.

  • Hey Melody
    Enjoy your spa experience….that is awesome you insist on making that time for yourself. it is also great to honor when your brain is just not cooperating and to let it go. As the attraction master, you know that is the smart move!

  • Have a wonderful time at the spa!! Like Lori, I needed a reminder that taking it easy and being gentle with myself is a good thing. Being gentle with myself ultimately results in a more joyous me full of greater passion and a much stronger energy to share with others! And, I, too, love the image!

  • Call #111 was pure awesomesauce and everything I needed at this time. Thank you SO much Melody, the lovely lady on the call, and thank you to myself for manifesting it for my life. 😀

    Have fun “fishing”. Now that’s MY kind of fishing. 🙂

  • Oh, Melody, even this “non-post” is a boon. Right here: “Sometimes, when you get a bit overwhelmed or exhausted, you have to put even activities that you love on hold for a little while.” Wow, did I need to read that right now. Thank you! I hope you come back feeling phenomenally refreshed and renewed.

  • The timing of this call posting is beyond perfect. As is the reminder that we should all take time off to take care of ourselves. Enjoy! xxxo

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