Hellooooooo my puppies!!!

First off, for those of you who are all like “Where the hell is the life changing, tell me how the freaking Universe works, content at?” rest assured, we shall return to our regularly scheduled programming on Thursday. But I’ve got shit to tell you and there is just no way I can keep this to myself. Asking me to do so is cruel. And you don’t want to be cruel, do you? Do you?

Some of the changes I’m about to announce have been in the works for a while. Some of them I just decided this past week, while making some time to actually step back and have a good think about things. Some are borne of necessity (I got a little overwhelmed again and have to set a few limits), and some are about taking the business WAY further. So, for those of you who care about the development of Deliberate Receiving and its message and enjoy watching it flourish toward world domination (Happy Shiny Puppies Everywhere!!), you should love this.

For those who don’t, maybe because you just found this blog and haven’t had enough time to develop the pure, unadulterated and sometimes even titillating love for our awesome little community, well, hang in there. You’ll feel the warm gooey smooshiness enveloping you like a baby swaddled in its special blankie soon enough.

Deliberate Receiving Live – NYC Update!

Dear New Yorkers and those living in the area and those willing to travel to NYC just to come and see me (you are all wonderful, wonderful people. And no, I’m not just kissing your collective ass so that you’ll come to my event, seeing as without you it will be much less awesome.) We have set a date and found a venue! Now, I haven’t signed all the paperwork yet, so some details aren’t ready to be disclosed, but I promised to keep you up to date on all the latest news and that’s what I’m doing.

I shall come to the Big Apple on November 9th. Yes, that’s a Sunday (the Universe picked it. So, if you want to complain, direct all your criticism there. I’m just along for the ride…). Instead of some airport Holiday Inn or boring hall or whatever people are using for seminars these days, I decided it would be oh so much cooler to have the whole shebang in a theater in Chelsea. Because that’s apparently where all the cool people hang out.

The event will last from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a break for lunch, cookie breaks and potty breaks. Yes, the cookies and the potties will be separate. I know you were about to ask. If you want to mingle with other attendees, you can do so during the breaks, or from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. (we’re opening registration early for this very purpose.)

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this. With the venue booked (and yes, it was a total manifestation. It just showed up. I had to do nothing), there’s no turning back. This is really happening. Yay!

Oh, and content wise, those attending will be the FIRST to be exposed to the new Deliberate Receiving System (yes, I’ll be coming up with a better name for it than that…), which I’ll tell you about in a second. There will be a structured seminar, as well as a generous Q&A period that will allow you to ask whatever questions you want, to help you apply the information to your own lives. Because if you can’t do that, then you may leave all pumped up at the end of the day, but ultimately not better off. So, applicable it will be (some ass kicking may be involved).

More updates to come soon, but for now, you can save the date!

The new Programs: Finally, some structure!

Ok, so I’ve been blogging for a few years now, happily answering your questions and explaining the core concepts of how to use the Law of Attraction to receive the reality you actually want. I’ve also been coaching my little heart out, gathering hundreds of case studies and refining the tools I teach about. Because, again, if you can’t actually use any of this shit, what good is it?

With the book coming out next year, I’ve been working on putting all that I know (or at least as much as will fit in a book) into some kind of structure. This has always been what’s missing from the blog. Sure, you can read through the almost 500 article length blog posts and gather huge amounts of knowledge, but there’s no step by step methodology there. The posts are not exactly in order, in terms of taking you through the process. Alas, no matter how awesome, a blog can only do so much. So, that’s what the book will do – it will break things down step by step and lead you through the Universe’s innate process from start to finish. And yes, there will be case studies, because, again, applicable.

However, there’s only so much a book can do, as well. I can’t compress EVERYTHING into 70,000 words.  And so, I will also be creating my first signature product (the “system” I wrote about above. Suggestions for much cooler names are welcome). This will be an online course, 6-8 weeks, in which I’ll take a group of people through a life changing process from start to finish. Now we’re talking. I will also be including a forum, a safe place where you can all hang out and meet each other (one of the most prevalent complaints I hear from people is that they wish they knew more people they could talk to about this stuff…)

It’s been clear to me for some time that I have to do something like this. I do my best to offer coaching to all who want it, but it’s become nearly impossible to do so. There are only so many people I can reach this way, and I want to reach more. A whole lot more. So, for those of you who have been frustrated by my constant waiting list, or for those for whom private coaching is just a teensy bit too intense, a solution is coming. Soon. Weeeeeee!

Now, as I’m working out all the details, it’s becoming clear that the Universe has always known this would happen. It seems that a structure, a framework has been assembling itself over the last several years. This realization kind of blew my mind, and I fully expect its impact to be absolutely epic. Finally, the Universe will make some freaking sense, and it shall be offered up in an easy to digest, entertaining, no-BS, you’d better wear your seatbelt for this format. Like being slapped with enlightenment. Ha.

“But Melody,” you may be asking, “will you really be able to allow all this awesomeness to come through you all in the space of six months (less actually)?”

Well yes, but we’re going to make a little change…

The Blogging schedule is changing

Whilst lounging about in the spa last week, I realized why I’d gotten a bit overwhelmed. It’s time to let something go, something I’ve been VERY reluctant to give up. You see, my puppies, I love to write. I love to answer your questions. I love to share as much information with you as humanly possible. And I have A LOT to say. When I started blogging, I posted three times a week. Taking that down to twice a week was difficult for me, but it had to be done. I was simply getting too busy. Now, in order to provide a structure that will help a lot more people than I’m currently able to, I’ll have to take my blogging schedule down to once a week. I shall henceforth only be posting LOA content on Thursdays.

There are, however, a couple of parameters I’ve included to keep myself and hopefully you, happy:

  1. If I want to announce an update, such as this post today, I will do so on another day (probably Monday), so that you will be guaranteed to get a content post once a week. Publishing less content than that just doesn’t feel right to me.
  2. I realize that many of you wait for the announcement of the Pre-recorded coaching calls on Monday. I will announce them on Thursday’s blog post. But, fear not. If you want to know earlier, I have created a special mailing list you can sign up for, which will inform you on SUNDAY (the day the calls actually come out, so that’s even better than before!) which call is ready for your perusal. You can sign up for that list here.

Note: this is a special mailing list for this purpose only. If you want to be notified of blog posts and updates and stuff, you have to sign up for the main list HERE.

I realize that even with these precautions that some of you will miss that extra post. I apologize for that, but this is something I really feel will help me stay sane. I don’t want to just “survive” the second half of this year. I want to enjoy the shit out of it. All my dreams are coming true. I refuse to experience that in a state of overwhelm and frustration. And, I wouldn’t be much of a teacher if I did, would I?

All of this will, however, allow me to dedicate more time to ultimately providing value to more people, which has been my goal all along. And boy, do we have some great shit coming your way (I can’t give it all way today…)

A big smooshy Thank You!

At this point it seems appropriate to thank each and every one of you who reads this blog and participates physically or energetically in this community. None of these changes would be happening if Deliberate Receiving, which started off as a weird and funny little blog, hadn’t grown into a successful business, supported by a team of people (oh yeah, more updates on that soon, too!). I love reading your comments and watching how you help each other. I often tear up when I see the support that you offer each other in the comment section.

This place would be nothing without you, and I can’t thank you all enough. It truly is a co-creation. I’m not just selflessly offering up information and energy here, I get just as much back as I give.

Now, it’s your turn. Let me know what you think. If you think I missed something, let me know. If the new changes bother you, don’t be shy (just be nice). And if you have any suggestions or requests, by all means, share them. Because we’re all in this together and I love hearing from you.

Sending you all the smooshiest of happy shiny puppy hugs!


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  • Congratualtions!!

    It is a great news and I am very happy by this. Though it would a little bit tough to miss your posts but growth is also very necessary. Changes should be done quiet often as it would help you know more about you in deep .

    I am eagerly waiting for the event . It is continually empowering and inspiring to me to peruse your “overhaul/update/new arrange” posts and feel your fervor for what is advancing next! While I have constantly anticipated the twice week by week substance posts. The online course sounds stunning also and will definitely look forward to it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • The forum idea sounds really awesome! It would be really cool if information/posts might be placed in different sectors (for example; love, health, money/work, travel, motivation and inspiration etc.) or perhaps a search feature for these sectors, each offering advice on how to manifest the more prevalent wishes people tend to dream of but don’t know how to bring about.

    The online course sounds amazing as well, I definitely look forward to that! Congratulations on all your successes, Melody! You truly deserve it, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I wish you all the best in your endeavours <3 😀

    Big smooshy puppy hugs xxx <3

  • This got me SO excited!!! More structure was exactly what i was looking for. the book! the system! I’m SO signing up for that!! 😀

  • That’s awesome news Melody! I will be missing the Monday posts though, your blog is one of my favourite things! However, I LOVE the idea of a forum! Count me in :). And where can I sign up for the online course? I was just thinking the other day ‘if Melody would take an apprentice, I would totally apply for the spot’. And now there’s this course coming! Don’t start without me! Giving you all a big smooshy hug back!

  • I’m a bit sad that you’re changing your blogging schedule, but I understand, it’s no fun at all being stressed out and overwhelmed. I am really looking forward to the other things though, like your book and course. I’m not great at coming up with names though, sorry about that lol. It all sounds really exciting and I’m glad to see that your dreams are coming true for you. 😀

  • Omg!!! Melody! You have helped me big time with our 1 hr phone session. I can’t even begin to explain how great it was. You are amazing and I love you so much! Its my dream to meet you in person someday!
    Good luck in your journey. Someday our path will cross for sure!

  • It is always energizing and uplifting to me to read your “update/revision/new plan” posts and feel your excitement for what is coming next! While I have always looked forward to the twice weekly content posts, I certainly understand that you need to make room for the expansion of “you” to reach more people, and keep up with your ever expanding joy and fun! I am particularly excited about the upcoming forum where “we can all hang out and meet each other!” That is such a wonderful idea and I thank you, this community and the universe for manifesting it!

  • Melody you freakin rock! I can’t wait to tell people I knew you BEFORE you got famous. 🙂
    Oh and I like Patricia’s suggestion: LOA the Deliberate Way! All of these changes sound awesome and I’m so excited for you. And……I can’t wait to see you in Atlanta. *hint hint*

    • I have been thinking the same thing recently, Summer, that it will be fun to tell people that I knew Melody before she became famous! Thanks, Patricia, for offering suggestions to name Melody’s new system! I think I like “The Way of Deliberate Receiving” best, but it is entirely possible I will have a different opinion tomorrow, or later today!

  • Per your invitation, here are some name ideas for the evolving system:

    The Deliberate Way
    The Deliberate Receiving Way
    The Way of Deliberate Receiving
    Deliberate LOA
    LOA the Deliberate Receiving Way

    Alright. I think I’ve made that idea clear enough lol 🙂

  • Bravo! Love love love the 6-8 week online group therapy program. Your advice, along with loa support group, sounds amazing. Congratulations on having all your dreams come true. And YES! You deserve to enjoy every moment 🙂

  • I have to agree with Neha.

    The issue is we (just speaking her for myself) can’t always monopolise Mel’s time and it would be awesome to hear what others do. I get really down because I feel I can’t master LOA (or I feel I will never understand it) and I also learnt that huge I manafested a volvo not a honda or whatever lesson when I met the best person in the world who had everything I wanted but it misfired. For example, my favourate topic is unrequited love and feel I need to be hit over the head to get why it happens and not manfest it, so it is awesome to hear others talk about any experience they have with LOA. Another topic is shame which I read in the archive today.

    So forums will be great.

    • Hey Michael,

      The greatest theme that continues to come up in relationship with the Law of Attraction is unconditional.

      You want to begin focusing on unconditional happiness, being happy regardless of your conditions.

      You want to begin focusing on unconditional alignment. Choosing to feel good, choosing to be in alignment, regardless if what you want has come yet or not.

      When you make alignment the prize you’re after, and not the manifestation as a result of alignment the prize, then you’ve got it.

      • Brian you’re awesome, I was just putting something in my dairy about this. Thank you.

        The prize – I have it – did it manafest as I wanted or intended – yes. I was unavailable so that person is. For now. At least what you typed is what I needed to read because I sometimes deeply wonder if I will ever ‘get it’ the LOA stuff. Perhaps in some way I have. Unconditional alignment.

        See this is the type of stuff which will be good on forums, to hear souls from everywhere who have been on the journeys and manfested.

        I feel awesome today thank you Brian for backing me up even though it’s the Internet 🙂

        • Thank you, Brian! I agree with your statement that the key is to make alignment your goal and find ways to be aligned, or feel happy, regardless of the conditions!

          • Yes, I agree with John and thank you Brian for your input and Michael for the topic. Very good daily reminder!

            Also, being in gratitude for the encounter or whatever is great too. Thank the universe always. Masters say to be incessantly grateful and pray always, i.e., keep that connections to source open and flowing.

            I have more questions as well, so I look forward to a forum.

          • A I was so waiting for your reply you were a fantastic help last month.

            And Brian thanks for the backing up.

            A I am working through this with the person concerned and a great counseller. I can’t deny I had been very upset something did not come in the perfect way, but am adjusting my viberations etc and am very happy they came along. This experience has helped me a lot to see I am manfesting and, not claming to be an expert yet, I sorta get it.

            Thanks A look forward to listening to others’ experiences.

        • “I feel awesome today thank you Brian for backing me up even though it’s the Internet.”

          The Internet is simply another manifestational expression of Source from which we are all connected =)

      • Brian,

        I think you also answered the question I have lately on those of practically no means moving mountains, so to speak, and going to top universities and being in great relationships, compared to those who apparently have it all and still need to manifest that nice relationship, let’s say. It is a matter of focus, being happy regardless of where you are, not feeling sorry for yourself and making the most of each situation.

        You may not have observed this; it is my viewpoint from my observations from a circle of friends I have. I have many circles and I observe things about them and I notice things, which you may not, that is okay. A friend recently asked me if I felt sorry for her that she is still single and I responded absolutely not, she has it all and I do not believe being single is a bad things, so, how could I? It seemed illogical to me. Meanwhile, I know someone else whose mom has lived on welfare and in low income housing his whole life who not only has all the girls after him, but is also being courted by universities, urging him to attend. He is a happy shiny puppy through and through.

        It is a matter of how one feels inside and always feeling good, not allowing the outside circumstances to take over, but having a great universe within to allow great things. It will happen one day, but one needs to feel good throughout the journey.

        Again , this is what I have learned, as what you said above clicked with me.

        • Hey A,

          ”moving mountains”

          2:52:20 – 2:58:07 [6 min.]

          ”being in great relationships”

          One of the main components of a great relationship is when you take responsibility for how you feel, and do not make the other person responsible for how you feel (i.e you no longer believe they need to change so that you can feel better).

          ”not allowing the outside circumstances to take over…”

          Yes. And remembering that the circumstances are a reflection of your own point of attraction. Circumstances are just indicators of where your vibration is, that’s all.

          And you get constant feedback of where you are vibrationally and you can change your focus and point of attraction, and your circumstances will begin to reflect that change.

          “but one needs to feel good throughout the journey.”

          It’s all a journey.

          Whenever you reach the destination that appears to be the end, it’s simply the beginning of another journey.

          It’s allowing and realizing the joy is in the journey, since there is only journey.??

          Take out the letters ‘urne’ in ‘journey’, and you find the ‘joy’ in the ‘journey’.

          • Yes, there is “joy” in “journey”, as well as daily of “day” which is part of the word’s etymology; for a second there I thought it was “urine”. Haha!

            I will never truly understand family and their negative attitudes. How are they helping me by pointing out every single negative thing that comes up, when there are way more positives- it is so freaking obvious. They do not even listen to the fact that the universe is slewed towards the positive by 2 degrees, so it all works a out anyway. It it not totally balanced! I heard this in a swami’s sermon, as well as from Bashar. It is a very well known thing, yet it falls on deaf ears. This is what I grapple with today and I know I am giving it too much attention.

            I would like to not have these encounters at all. I do laugh to myself, as we said in another post, so I do think it is laughable, and not my problem, but man, I ask how people can live like that. Yes, they are in bad shape and I cannot help them, as I have tried, so the best thing to do is not give it attention, I would conclude.

            I just felt like writing, and look forward to the forum!!!!!

          • Hey A,

            “How are they helping me by pointing out every single negative thing that comes up…”

            They are giving you contrast, of how you don’t prefer to be and thus helping you become more focused on being positive and loving because of your strong desire.

            “How are they helping me by pointing out every single negative thing that comes up, when there are way more positives- it is so freaking obvious.”

            A question to ask is: Why would you focus on the negative of them focusing on the negative of you?

            I’m sure there are positives about them you can focus on and appreciate.

            “It is a very well known thing, yet it falls on deaf ears.”

            You cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of.

            So, there is no reason to feel negative emotion because someone else is not feeling positive emotion.

            Something you may want to ask yourself is:??

            Why do I allow myself to be out of alignment with Source because of someone else?

          • Exactly. This is the crux of the whole thing. Thank you. It really resonated with me.

          • Brian,

            Thanks so much for the video and for marking the video to the spot to which you were referring. How do you do that, by the way?

            I now have a chance to watch it and it makes so much sense to me! Believe, then see. Accept, do not judge. Act as if it is already here. And the explanations for the prayers is great! I will now go back to it.

          • ”Thanks so much for the video and for marking the video to the spot to which you were referring. How do you do that, by the way?”

            When you’re on a video, under the video it says, “About” and then “Share”. Click “Share”, then check the little box before “Start at:” and the time will fill in with the place you are at in the video. Or, you could type in the time you prefer. Then copy the link and you’re good to go =)

  • Great news Melody. Congratulations!

    What resonated most with me is your “forum” idea. I have really been wanting an LOA forum where I can connect and discuss LOA with other like-minded people. It is so difficult otherwise to meet such people and have an open, non-judgmental discussion with them. So thank you so much for this. I really look forward to it.

    All the best.

    Love and hugs

  • I’m so happy to know you’re coming to NYC!! Already saved the date 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you and everybody else who’s going to be there. Thank you.

  • One more thing and I don’t know if you can change this: when I read a blog in the archives and I go back to the months list, I have to expand each month all over again to find out where I was. So I can’t really remember which month it was I was reading and work my way methodically through the posts. So I am just stabbing here and there and missing a few in between. It was good in the beginning because it was more intuitive but not so great when I am trying to find the things I haven’t read. I don’t know if anyone else finds this an issue?

    • Hey A,

      This is a problem with the plugin I use that generates this archives list. We’re redesigning the blog as we speak and these issues will be fixed. It’s all going to be much more organized, easier to find stuff, and easier to use. 🙂

      Smooshy hugs,


  • Hi Melody! Hope you had a great week away and I’m sure you feel great now! Wow! with the changes! I tell you, something weird is going on in the world. Weird but exciting. I feel as though your website is the thing I have been waiting for for a long time (and a lot of other people too). I’m sure you are an alien (a pretty, smart and funny one…who swears) come from outer space to help the world reach a new level of growth, because your stuff resonates with me like nothing ever has for a long time. I had a huge quantum leap in spiritual growth about 20 years ago and I feel as though I have been treading water ever since but now I am having that same experience again. I have been googling stuff for years and nothing really made much difference to me until now. You know how the world looks different because you have learned alot in a short time and your perspective has changed? I’m having that experience again. I used to read the papers online every morning but now I skip them and go straight to your blog – much more cheerful! I can tell that you truly care about your readers which is why everyone loves you.
    I’m a teensy bit bummed about you going to one post a week but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do and I would do the same if I were you. You have to grow and keep reaching as many people as you can. The forum is a great idea, and I really like that it is a safe place here to post and there is no negativity here. It’s like a nurturing haven of like minded people. And can’t wait for the online course! Yay Melody! You go girl!

  • OMG! I am so happy for you I literally teared up,and no it not that time of the month either. I have to say with only 1 blog post a week I will definitely feel some withdraw symptoms!! But willing to go through it for a book. I can’t wait till November! Already told a bunch of friends to save the date. Road triiiiip!

  • Congrats Melody! It all sounds exciting and wonderful – nothing at all wrong with growth and it’s affirming to see you take Deliberate Receiving in new upward steps. Can’t wait to see your book too – I want to gift a copy to my friends! Now I just have until November to line up a trip with the Universe to the US for the seminar of the year! Can you do a blog post on manifesting airline tickets lol! xxx

  • congrats Mel 🙂 will miss two posts, but, I’ve created it havent I! cant wait to meet u in sunny Queensland!!! hint hint x

    • Agree nay Brisbane will be waiting for Mel – please universe help Mel to put up with the 26 hour flight and come here 🙂 thanks

  • Well, I am happy for you. Congratulations on your awesome manifestations. I am so glad that you are starting a forum. That will be absolutely wonderful. And helpful. The online course system also sounds like such an awesome idea. I had been imagining you doing something like group coaching for a while.
    You say that if something is bothering us about these changes, not to be shy. I know this shouldn’t bother me and I have identified the limiting beliefs that are making it bother me. And I am really trying to release them.
    I am going to university soon and one of my biggest fears is losing the Law of Attraction. Becoming too busy for it, having skeptical professors and peers somehow convince me it is a waste of time, and just feeling a disconnect. One of my limiting beliefs is that LOA users are few and far between.
    It is great that you are freeing yourself from overwhelm by switching to one post per week, although I also felt that feeling of disconnection from the law of attraction that I fear when you mentioned that. I will be completely honest, the week off that youtook also felt like a disconnection. I know that this is just how I am interpreting it and it does not have to be that way. Something weird happens in my head sometimes which makes no sense. Say I have professor McMathy for statistics. Well, that professor becomes a personification of statistics. So my mind has for some weird and odd reason made you a personification of the law of attraction. Don’t know why. This type of nominalization makes no sense logically and I do not know for what purpose my mind does it, and how to fix it.
    It is clear to me that I am beginning to manifest feelings of this disconnection from the law of attraction that I so fear. It looks like I have to do some kind of emergency LOA work. I have been working on releasing the beliefs that cause the disconnection. But it seems I am not there yet, that’s for sure.
    This is so weird. I swear I have a twig jammed in my frontal lobe hahahahahahahahahaha.

    • MovingMeta — I love that image. Melody as The Personification of Law of Attraction. Maybe she can use it as her title on her business cards 🙂 hahahaha

      As far as the disconnect you are feeling or anticipating, look at it in a positive light. Meaning, if in fact you go to University and it is totally devoid of any knowledge or acceptance of LOA, then you are clearly destined to be the ‘lead’ there and share your knowledge (for which then YOU will become the personification of LOA for the entire school – but no pressure.) How exciting to be able to share this wonderful concept with young people who are already in a place where they expect to learn new things. I don’t call that a disconnect, I call that an audience. 🙂 I do think however, that you will find that there are many like you there. Also I think if you look around the internet (Google) you will find that LOA followers are not ‘few and far between’. — Last year I put an ad on craiglslist looking for LOA people in my area that I might connect with. Plus check MeetUp.com for LOA groups, or groups on virtually any topic. Blessings and have fun. And sorry about the twig, but it looks good on you 😀

      • Thanks for the reply. You have made me feel a bit better. If no one believes or excepts the law of attraction in university but yet I do, I probably would find people there who are willing to listen. I guess I have to just be authentic. And maybe I could actually touch people’s lives with it and become the personification of it there. Be the one person who is not stressing their ars off and is still getting good grades. Eventually, some people would be asking me how I am doing that.
        I also have to stop worrying about being too busy to really read and work the law of attraction. That worrying is not serving me one bit.
        I am glad you like the twig. It really makes me unique haha.
        BTW I also have a bead rattling around in my brain. Last I checked it was in my temporal lobe.
        Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is be silly.
        I also realized that one thing wasn’t mentioned in the blog. How much money the course is estimated to cost, and how much the seminar in NYC will be to attend.

  • Hey Melody
    So happy for you and everything sounds so exciting. I have been traveling am coming home to NJ but not until the end of November. Bummed I am going to miss you! Everything you are planning seems so awesome, and I look forward to seeing your products,etc…You have helped me more than any other LOA teacher and you have a very special gift.

  • Of course I will miss the Monday blog – but that is totally overshadowed by how excited I am to get into Deliberate Receiving University. Where is the sign-up page already??

    Good for you for taking care of You and taking time to enjoy this crazy wonderful ride. I know it is exactly what you would tell us to do. So happy for all your successes and the many more to come.

    Loved the Forum idea mentioned by Just call me A.

  • This is such wonderful news; I can’t wait for the book and system that you developing. I will admit that I do look forward to two weekly posts, but I completely understand. A possible suggestion could be an Archive Revival. I have looked through the archives many times but I can’t say that I have read each and every one. With a weekly Archive Revival, you could pick a subject that speaks to you or something that relates to the current topics, this would be helpful to people that are new to reading your blog and a refresher for the rest of us. It would really be cool if you could run a program that would randomly pick from the archives and post it for you – it would be like the universe picked it for us.

  • Mel, what can I say? I knew these changes were coming and the talk would be in a cool part of town. And that date is symbolic for me.

    A forum on here would be great so we can “talk” to each other.

    This was very uplifting! 🙂

  • Can’t wait to see you in November!!
    And a new post once a week will be fine- you gotta do what you gotta do, and each post has more than enough goodness to tide us over for a week 🙂

    • Thank you Jennifer — I was thinking that too and couldn’t find the right way to say it, but you nailed it. Yummy goodness.

      One post a week is MORE than enough goodness to tide us over 🙂

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