OMG! Tabi and I had so much fun on Tuesday night’s call! Nearly 600 of you (Holy shitballs!) signed up and the feedback so far has been amazing! Not only did we talk about quantum leaps, but we also covered animal communication, connecting with trees, and most importantly, how to integrate all of this growth stuff into the real world.


And now, for today’s blog post. Inspired by Tuesday’s chat where we talked pretty extensively about communicating with animals and trees (cause that’s how we roll…), I thought I’d share a bit more about what interspecies communication is and what sorts of things it can lead to. I find this a truly fascinating field and one that can open up all kinds of avenues of growth. Plus, it’s freaking cool. Seriously, who hasn’t wanted to actually “talk” to their cat or dog and have them answer back? Admit it. You’re SO wishing you could do that. Well, it turns out you can.

What is Interspecies Communication?

You see, when we communicate with one another person, we’re doing so on many more levels than just the verbal one. And sure, we say a lot more with body language, but that’s not what I’m talking about. We all communicate telepathically, whether we realize it or not. And we all receive telepathically, whether we do so consciously or not. If you’ve ever heard someone say pretty, pretty words and knew instantly that they were full of shit, even though their delivery was flawless and seemed genuine, you were picking up on the fact that their words and their vibration (what they were really feeling) didn’t match.

There is an energy transmission that happens when we communicate. Think of it as streaming data at your conversational partner, full of audio and video. Whereas your words are describing a movie, your energy stream actually contains the movie itself. Our brains filter out most of this conversation, at least consciously, because too much data can be totally overwhelming. I’m convinced, however, that this is just because we’re not used to receiving so much information at once, and that with a bit of practice, we could translate someone’s energy into a full, sensory experience. So, when someone tells you a story, you’d actually be there, seeing it, feeling it, living it in 3D. This isn’t just theory for me. I’ve actually experienced this expanded communication, although I had to whittle it down to a silent, black and white movie before I was able to decipher it. When I did, however, I realized just how insufficient and laughable our words, our verbal communication is.

Words can be amazing, don’t get me wrong. I love words. But hearing about an event and actually experiencing it are two completely different things. Words can’t accurately describe the different levels of emotions. For example, when we say “love”, we can mean a whole variety of different states of being. But we use the same word for all of them. The energy transmission that is our actual communication conveys exactly what we mean in utter perfection.

And we’re not the only ones communicating this way. It turns out, everything does. Yep, everything. Animals, plants, even rocks and mountains. There is consciousness in everything. And, if we take the time to remember how, we can tap into all of it.

Why communicate with animals and plants?

Now, aside from the “cool” factor, why would you want to have a conversation with the tree outside your house? What can the cat from across the street possibly have to tell you that’s interesting? Well, you might be surprised. We tend to think of animals as pure instinct and little intellect. They eat and poop and play and just sort of react to the world around them. Surely, they’re not actually capable of real, cognitive thought? Actually, they totally are. Not only do they think about the world, their place in it and yes, us, their perspective is often a whole lot more enlightened than ours (there are exceptions. See below). For those who want to find a more aligned view of the world, our non-human friends can be some of our best teachers.

The thing to remember is that animals and plants teach us a lot about how we feel about ourselves. How we relate to and treat animals, for example, will mirror how we treat each other, and at an even deeper level, ourselves. We disrespect nature because we disrespect humans. We objectify animals to justify cruelty, just as we objectify each other in order to justify genocide. When we connect with nature in a conscious way and allow ourselves to realize that we are all connected, we are all one, and we are all essentially equal (humans are not superior to animals), we automatically open ourselves up to seeing all humans as equally valuable. Healing our animal based prejudices has the power to lead to the healing of our human based prejudices. So yeah, I’d say that communicating with and connecting to animals and plants has a lot of value…

Things I’ve learned from non-humans

In our talk on Tuesday, Tabi told an important (and awesome!) story about what she learned from a cockroach, of all things. And while I’m no master an interspecies communication, it is something I set the intention to learn about six months ago. The Universe has been supporting me in my endeavor ever since. I’m happy to share some of my experiences with you.

Learning respect and asking for permission

One of the first lessons I learned was about how we tend to disrespect each other, especially those who are smaller and cuter than us (furry animals and children), and assume that this is ok as long as it’s coming from a place of affection. I was petting a cat (a special, conscious cat named Nin, who has turned out to be a powerful teacher for me), when I, out of sheer habit, picked her up. While she didn’t hurt me, she made it very clear that this was not ok.

As I set her down, the full force of what I had just done hit me. I, a much bigger and stronger being, had assumed that it was ok to pick up my new friend, simply because she was so cute. I wanted to cuddle. It never occurred to me to ask her permission. In that moment I realized that we tend to do the same to children and babies. We just manhandle them as we please, assuming they like it. But what if they don’t?  What if we are making them uncomfortable? Might this be one of the first ways that we teach children that they are powerless and have no right to object to physical affection (hint: yes)? Those who are larger and stronger can simply overpower you and have every right to… Who, exactly, do we think we are?

Of course, this led to thoughts of how we mistreat the whole planet. Native Tribes ask a tree for permission before cutting it down and making it into a canoe. We can ask the land for permission to build on it. We can ask animals and plants for permission to eat them. And we can ask a child or an animal for permission to pick them up, hug them or manhandle them in any way. Instead of seeing everything, including other people, as property, why not ask for what we want? Of course, this would require us to not only detach from NEEDING the other party to give us what we want, not take their response personally, and line up our energy instead of just trying to force everyone around us to do our bidding. Are you beginning to see how this all ties into massive growth?

Not all animals are enlightened

I had an interesting experience with a dog a few months ago. Eager to practice my animal communication skills, I pretty much “talked” to any creature that came my way. The house where I was staying had three dogs, a mommy dog, a daddy dog and their son. When the son came out in the garden where I was sitting, I decided to try and reach out in my mind. Here was our conversation:

Me: “Hey there!”

Dog: “HELLO!”

Me: “Whatcha doin’?”


Me: “Um, ok. You go ahead and pee then.”

Dog: (Having peed) “OK, BYE!”

Um… yeah. I realized that I’d had this weird idea that all animals are enlightened beings. They’re not. They’re generally more allowing than we are, and much more connected than humans, but some of them are conscious, some of them are not, and some of them are, well, how do I put this delicately, dumb as a doorknob. Go figure.

Just as we’re not going to want to talk to just any human because not everyone’s going to be interesting to us, we’re not going to want to connect with just any animal. Which brings me to my next point:

Not all animals want to talk to us

I was at an animal sanctuary at the beginning of the year. It’s a farm in Austria that rescues less sexy animals, like horses and cows and sheep and pigs, along with dogs and cats and rabbits and lets them live out their days amidst a beautiful landscape. They even have a deer! I figured that with all those animals, I’d have a lot of chances to converse.

Having learned my lesson about permission, I approached each animal and asked if they would talk to me. And I was mostly greeted with stony silence. I’m still a newbie at communicating with our furry friends, so I wondered if I was doing it wrong. Then I met a horse who had trouble setting boundaries. He was beautiful and stood next to the fence. As I gently stroked his forehead (having asked permission), a teenage girl came up and began to pet him. I clearly heard “Too much! Too much!” I immediately backed away and took a few steps to the side. There was another horse, a huge stallion who abruptly told me “No!” when I asked if he wanted to talk. Sheesh. When the girl was gone, I went back to the gentle horse, drawn by my intuition.

I asked him why he hadn’t moved when he became overwhelmed by too many people touching him. His backstory was that he’d been in a staple and had been ridden regularly until it was found out he wouldn’t win races. Then, he’d been totally neglected and had been marked for slaughter when he was rescued. He told me that he was afraid that if he didn’t endure the affection when it became too much, he’d never, ever get any again. I explained to him that he could set boundaries and that there would be plenty of people to give him affection. It was not an all or nothing scenario. When I passed the giant horse as I walked away, I heard him say “Thank you for helping my friend.” As we were leaving, I checked in on my newest “client” one more time and saw him standing several feet away from the fence, just out of the reach of well-meaning but unwelcome hands.

When I later asked my guides, during meditation, why so many of the animals had been mute, they pointed out that I had simply walked up to each enclosure willy nilly, instead of allowing my intuition to point out those animals that wished to talk to me (like the boundary less horse). Well, duh, Melody. I wouldn’t try to go up to each person in the street and ask them to have a conversation, either… animals are no different. They are not all interested in us, what we’re doing (arrogant, much?) or in talking to us. Those who are, though, may well benefit from the interaction just as much as we do (win-win).

Animals are often very cooperative

Back at the house with the three dogs, I had the chance to converse with the mommy dog. She came up to me, sat right down next to me and gave me an expectant look. Another teacher… The first thing I picked up on when I connected with her was unconditional, heart-filling, pure love. It was nearly overwhelming. When I asked permission to talk to her, she indicated that it was already given (she had approached me). Here’s our conversation:

Me: “So, you’re the mommy dog, right?”

Dog: “Yep.”

Me: “Your son and husband aren’t very bright…” (I wasn’t being mean, just making an observation. And this part of the conversation was really funny to me.)

Dog: *Sigh* “Yeah, I know…”

Me: “Are you the matriarch?”

Dog: “Someone’s got to keep the boys in line.”

Me: “Hey, can I ask you a question? When I come to the house, or anyone comes to the house (or goes in and out of the house), why do you guys always bark so much?” (The dog’s barking was something that kind of intrigued me. I hadn’t felt fear or anxiety from them, they just seemed to bark for no reason.)

Dog: “We don’t know what else to do. We’ve never been told otherwise. We think it’s our job.”

Me: “Can I ask you not to bark at people?”

Dog: (Pause) “Well, you can ask us not to bark at you.

Me: “Ah of course. That would be overstepping my boundaries (I had no right to mess with her owner’s manifestation). Ok, can I ask you not to bark at me?”

Dog: “Sure.”

Me: “You’ll tell the boys?”

Dog: “I’ll tell the boys.”

I spent another three days at the house, but after that conversation, not only did the dogs no longer bark at me, they never even barked in my presence. Talk about confirmation…

What I found interesting was just how easily she complied with my polite request. She was so eager to please, so willing to make a change. There was no training, no incentive, no punishment, no controlling, no threatening necessary. Just a polite request. Boy, do we make things harder on ourselves than they need to be.

The other thing that struck me was how much of a personality she had. She had a sense of humor, was clever, and was infinitely loving. There was absolutely no question that I had a fully sentient being in front of me, one who was eager to let me practice on her, eager to help me and eager to please.

Nature is generous

I was sitting a garden, underneath a fruit tree one day. The fruits were way overripe and had begun to go bad. I decided to practice my skills and connected with the tree. It was happy to talk to me and immediately invited me, even urged me, to eat some of its fruit. It told me that it loved sharing its bounty and wanted its fruit to be enjoyed and eaten. There was so much enthusiasm there! When I pointed out that the fruit was overripe and I could no longer eat it, the tree understood. I then felt a little sorry for it. I got this picture of a being who wanted desperately to share its creations, but had been rejected by humans (where the hell do we get this shit?). After all, it wasn’t the fault of the tree that the fruit hadn’t been picked in time. The tree immediately and very gently set me straight. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

While the tree loved it when people ate its fruit, it didn’t need us to. It was going to be happy no matter what. The fruit would fall from the tree and nourish the earth. Nothing could go wrong either way. Again, well, duh Melody. But while I got a reminder in unconditional happiness, what really struck me was the generosity of the tree. Nature wants us to partake of its bounty. It wants us to eat the food, wants to provide for us and is genuinely happy to nourish us. What I DIDN’T feel was any animosity towards humans. In fact, I’ve never felt that from any plant.

And what I also didn’t feel was any sense of scarcity. Only total abundance. Nature is never concerned that there won’t be enough. She gives freely and generously and from a place of perfect balance. She never depletes herself. And everything is always a win-win.

So, I’m thinking we can learn a thing or two hundred from Mother Nature…

Right. So I’ve told you about some of my biggest and most profound experiences with interspecies communication, as well as the lessons I felt each one reflected. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed them. If you want to learn more about how you can talk to our non-human friends, there are a ton of Youtube videos and books available (since I’m learning directly from  non-physical, I don’t currently have any books I can recommend, but will do so if I come across any good ones).

Do you have any experiences with animal communication? I’d love to hear them, so please share in the comments!

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  • Hi Melody,
    Thanks for this beautiful article! Its so amazing..
    You are so awesome.. You are really very generous.. I just came by your blog recently and have absolutely fallen in love with it. It is so informative and so full of positive vibe..
    Your posts are really very easy to understand and very helpful.. They are fun to read and easy to apply in our daily lives..
    I am so grateful to you and I feel most of the people who come across your blog would feel the same.

    Happy Shiny Puppy Hugs!

  • I loved this post and I actually tried this out. I was sitting in the park and there were two dogs walking about 10 metres away from me. I reached out to them mentally and asked them (politely) to come and say hi to me. The first dog ignored me, but the other one turned around and trotted up to me. It didn’t stay, just came to me, gave me a quick sniff and then walked back to its friend. I thought that was pretty cool 🙂 Nowhere near as impressive as your stories, but it’s a good start!

    I don’t have any animals in my life right now, but one of my good friends is getting kittens and another one is going to start dogsitting regularly – I can’t wait to practice more!

    • Well done Karin!! It helps so much when you get some physical confirmation, like the dog actually coming over. Keep on working those communication muscles and you’ll be chatting away in no time, he, he.

      Huge hugs!


  • I’ve not read this post yet but I can assure you once, while completely sober I hasten to add I had a full chat with a local cat that kind of adopted us. I asked it questioned and it mewed its reply and communicated through eye contact and rubbing. No word of a lie!

  • Very recently, I had this amazing, unbelievable experience, not with an animal but with a tree. Specifically, the 2 400 years old Plane tree of Krasi. Now, I met the tree several times two years ago, when me and my husband were previously working here on Crete, and I was always very strongly impacted by the tree’s powerful presence, but this recent encounter was something else.

    A few days ago a local friend of ours came to ask us, completely out of the blue, if we’d like to go and see the tree later that day (we had talked about the tree with him briefly some time ago) we don’t have a car now, so we needed someone to drive us there. A few hours later we departed, and as the village appeared to my line of vision from behind the mountains, I was already about to cry. Not because I was sad, but because the sensation was just so overwhelming.

    There used to be an outside café/restaurant on the small square around the tree, but as we got to the square, we found that the restaurant had been put out of business. It was quiet, the air was so much cooler than down here on the sea level, I could smell autumn. And the tree itself… it felt like I was like standing in the presence of a dying god, at the end of the world. That’s the only way I can come close to describing it. I only understood on the following day that I did not just go to see the tree. The tree called me to it because it wanted to tell me something. And this “something” was this amazing, soothing, calming understanding that all things have their time and place, and once their time has passed you should not grieve over them, but let them go, appreciatively and gratefully. Yes, the tree is slowly dying, I could already feel it two years ago and even stronger this time, but it wasn’t sad. It was happy and at peace. Because it understood things on such deep levels I can only hope to attain one day. Thinking about the encounter still brings tears into my eyes, and I do believe I will remember it for the rest of my life.

    For a long period of time before this, I had been getting premonitions of eventually grasping a small part of this overwhelming, silent understanding, short glimpses of the gentle and endless circling that hides behind every single event that has ever occurred or is about to occur, the rhythmic tide that determines every motion of all-that-is. I feel so privileged and grateful to know that out of every possible manifestation, it was the plane tree of Krasi that brought about the shift closer to grasping this fundamental truth.

  • Thanks for this article, Melody! I am a lot in nature and quite a few spectacular encounters with wild animals, some of the coming so close I could touch them, or a bird even sitting on me! Not even counting domesticated animals, they respond even better to me. What I like to do is establishing a connection from my heart to the animal’s using Quantum Touch Level 2 – this works great! Would be great to be able to “talk” to them, tough!

    Still, I cannot find anything dumb with the dog who just wanted to pee. 😉


  • Hi Melody,

    Thank you for writing this post, it provided a great deal of insight for me. The part about disrespecting animal’s boundaries was a particular “aha” moment for me and one that will definitely change how I interact with my fellow non-human animals.
    One thing I tend to do is revert into cutesy or baby talk with animals. There is one particular conscious cat in my life, and lately, when I’ve slipped into baby talk around him, I’ve had an awareness that I shouldn’t be doing so. Now I realize that this awareness is probably something he has been communicating to me – as in telling me to cut that out!

  • i would love to learn how to do this Melody. I really want to learn how to tue into my dog. he comes to me and ours out his love – i really would love to reach out to him, find out what he is thinking and make his life comfortable in any way that I can. I have tried reaching out my mind but I don’t really know how to do this. Can you explain how?

  • Very timely post Melody,
    My beautiful friend and companion, is at the vet hospital for the next couple of days with chronic kidney failure. I am trying my best to save him if not to at least make his last days as comfortable as possible. If anyone here does healing if you could please send him some, his name is Kit. Thank you in advance.
    He and I have had so many conversations, especially over the last few days, I am so grateful for the time we have spent together and he assures me that when it is time to let go he will let me know x
    I have always communicated with animals, for some reason animals and children always flock to me even little birds will trust me.
    I’m so glad you posted this melody, if people only knew how sentient animals and plants are we would have a lot less uncaring attitude toward them. We may be higher up on the food chain, but not so much on the spiritual.
    In many cultures animals and plants are our brothers and sisters, relatives.
    Mitakuye Oyasin.

  • I went to an energy healer, and upon making the appointment he said he worked with “Dr. White” who I assumed to be an invisible spirit guide. When I arrived he introduced me to Dr. White, who was his dog, a beautiful black lab. During the session I laid on the table and Dr. White entered the room and lay down under the table, directly under the area where my pain was. Afterwards we were having tea and Dr. White came to sit next to me. I reached out to pat his head and said, “What a good dog.” He immediately became offended and left the room, because I had spoken condescendingly to him and he felt he was a true doctor, and I felt like a jerk. The healing did work and my pain was gone.

    • Yep, I found this with Nin, as well. Fully conscious animals don’t like to be treated like animals (baby talk, “good dog”, etc.). They find it incredibly condescending. It gave me a whole different perspective on how to treat all animals… 🙂



  • Hi Melody,

    with this post you’ve brought me to tears (happy ones!). Talking to Nature and animals is my most treasured dream since I was a little girl and watched an animation series “Defenders of the Earth”, I loved Jedda and wanted to talk to animals like she did! 🙂 I took baby steps towards my dream and I’ve followed the path of shamanism, but without the “organized” part of it, more energetic, intuitive and free flowing connection and communication with Nature. I know I can communicate with her and seeing your post and hearing your conversation with Tabi made me even more excited and sure that this is the perfect time to immerse myself in my dream!

    I’d love to hear more from you on this topic! THANK YOU!!!

  • oh, i love this!
    i have a dog and she is my best friend. i can feel her and she feels me. she is the queen of one liners! 😀 for example, when she wants a snack, she looks at me (and smiles) and says “hungry.” nothing more, nothing less. i find that so cute. she is very seensitive and does not like when someone is feeling down, or nervous. she immediatley gets serious ( she has so many facial expressions, it’s almost unbeliavable to me), sits down and looks at that someone, as if she is trying to figure out what their problem really is. i dont know what happens actually, but she changes the energy in the room very quickly (this usually happens at our home) and kind of, lets the person know that it is ok, kisses them and they do feel better. she is not very interested in other dogs, but she loves us humans so much, and every person that meets her loves her back immediatley 🙂 i am so happy that i have her in my life. she is truly my best friend and i love her deeply.

  • I’ve just found the courage to quit my job after your interview the other day, and have been feeling a bit down about leaving it (since I didn’t despise my job like the person that asked the question but just felt the need to move on, though the people there are like family to me so it made me a little sad) and my cat, whom is not usually very affectionate, constantly curled around my legs when I came home and let me pet him (which he never likes me to do). It was a very nice surprise for him to be like that and certainly brought a smile to my face <3

  • Thank you so much, Melody, for this deep article! 🙂
    The only thing I don’t agree with is calling any animal dumb or stupid. As you said, how we relate to animals, mirrors how we relate to other people and ourselves (calling other people and ourselves stupid). And that conversation with the dog peeing, I only see at the end that he was not up for a chat, so he said “ok, bye” 🙂 Just because it didn’t act according to an excpectation, doesn’t make him stupid.
    Mostly, how we relate to animals, is projection. When we see a “clever” dog, we actually recognize the “cleverness” in ourselves 🙂

  • This is interesting. I’ve always thought that these things are sort of bullshit, but lately, I’ve opened up a bit to the idea of communicating through energy. And it totally makes sense that we could to talk to animals this way (If it’s true! Still not 100% convinced). Could you elaborate on speaking with children? I’d guess most people are wrong to think babies can’t understand us. They understand energy better and words less than adults, right? It’s not as if they’re like the dumb dog just because they’re small?

    I’d like to communicate with kids even more than with animals. I’ve always been drawn to kids and learned a lot from them, even though we can’t always understand each other verbally. Can the reason kids start speaking be that they notice that adults mostly communicate in words? If we didn’t need verbal communication to get through to people, we would just stop using language, right? Like when you have a strong connection with someone and don’t really need to talk too much with them even if you’re together for a whole day?

    • Sofie, re: “lately, I’ve opened up a bit to the idea of communicating through energy . . ” That’s another thing I learn from Cesar Millan. He doesn’t use commands (unless you count that noise he uses to get their attention) and when watching his show, I hadn’t even realized he wasn’t using commands until he mentioned it. He pointed out that dogs and wolves, etc. live their entire lives, in packs, in families, hunting and eating and playing, etc, without ever speaking to each other. It’s ALL about the energy. So you too, can communicate with your dog with your energy. — As humans we are so attuned to verbal communication as our primary form of communication that we almost forget there are any other options, and because of that, most do not practice the other forms and hone them 😀

  • “Not all animals want to talk to us” reminds me of something that Cesar Millan said, that was a “duh” moment for me. My dogs and I used to go to the dog park daily and my dog Furby doesn’t really like being around other dogs. When they would approach her she would growl a bit and turn and move away from them. I figured as long as she was moving away from them, she was fine. There was never any issues other than that, but people used to say “Oh, she isn’t socialized.” (Whatever!) But then I heard Cesar say, “It’s ok if your dog doesn’t like EVERY OTHER dog in the world. You wouldn’t take your child to the mall and expect him to be BEST FRIENDS with, and like every OTHER child in the mall, would you? Dogs are no different. There will be people and dogs that your dogs just LOVE and some they just don’t. It doesn’t mean they aren’t socialized.” — I would assume the same thing with conversing with animals. You don’t HAVE to talk to ALL of them 😀

  • I do not have any experiences of telepathic communication with animals. However, my wife who is in Nonphysical has enlisted animals to communicate with me. Within the first month after her transition, I was not in a vibrational place where I could receive any communication from her , but my desire to connect with her was very strong, and I said to her, PLEASE find some way to communicate with me. Within a week of making that plea, she orchestrated the appearance of a group of rabbits and a group of geese in a place and a fashion that was obvious to me it was a message from her. So I can say that the rabbits and geese helped me receive a message from my wife.

        • That’s awesome, John!!!! Love it!

          It was stray cats that confirmed that I am fertile and did not need ivf. Had a family living in the back yard. The female got busy a lot, so we also confirmed that the vibe of our place is high. It got to the point where we could not go out there anymore so they left, but those kittens were the most adorable things and reminded me of good times, the fact that we are here to play and experience and really made me feel connected and happy.

          • Thank you, Just call me A, and thanks for sharing your experience with the family of cats! A great story! Animals and the whole of nature can teach us a lot if we take the time to pay attention.

  • Hello!

    It was interesting and funny to be as “engaged” as possible with both of you and was really happy that you ended up talking about this. Since I was a kid both as a projection from a sense of inadjustment and loneliness, both as an intuition, tried to communicate with everything.

    I got some feedbacks and manifestations. Two that are coming, one is quite sad another is quite cute and both were in periods completely different. As a kid when I was going to sunday school saw an extremely skinny dog. I was appaled by the feelings that came up to me.. I was like 6-7 years old. He seemed generous and kind, and I had a vibe of both vulnerability and incredible sweetness… even though his body seemed to be having a difficult time. I was so sad that nobody would take him home (my parents never wanted pets) or feed him. I told my mother about him, and was really happy when she finally agreed to acompany me to see him. She felt sorry for what was happening to him, but said that either way she was not going to bring him food and neither allowed me to do so, because he would follow us around. I protested, but my mother was sort of a bully back then so I gave up.

    A dog that I recently saw (and I think that maybe I nagged her recently with too much petting and cuddle and my feeling of liking to take care and protect people/beings and the love emanating from that) has been my main manifestations in animal communication. When I first met her, she was 1 year old and adopted by a friend from an abusing setting. She was still transitioning for abundance and showed grateful all the time. I remember when I met her I just was so moved by the great amount of love she had to give, despite the trauma. I guess she picked on something about me too, but was starting to feel that being so cuddled was a big overbearing. So she passed by me without paying attention. I made a little sound. She stopped (still on her back to me), felt her sigh like “Okay, I feel you but leave me now… don’t be sad”, turned around, licked my hand, and went back to her business.

  • I had this little dog a long time ago, and I lived in a duplex that didn’t have a fenced in yard, so I had one of those zip-line tie ups in the backyard. I would put her out there when she wanted to potty, or when she seemed to want to go outside. Well one evening she was outside, and the guy I was dating at the time had come over, and we were playing video games. I had completely forgotten about my poor dog.

    So we were laughing, playing games, having a good ol’ time – we weren’t exactly sober, which might explain why I forgot my dog….oops – when out of no where, I got scared. I mean, I felt terrified. Like any moment something horrible was going to happen, and I was going to die. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, it would NOT go away. I remember thinking “What is this? Where is this coming from?” and then it hit me. “OMG! I left Phoebe outside!” So I went outside, and she had gotten her tie up so twisted around a nearby bush that she couldn’t even move anymore. I rescued the poor baby, and brought her back inside. Everything was fine after that. The feeling totally went away once she was safe, and in the house.

    I’ve been able to communicate with dogs and cats that I’ve had for a long time. Not that thoroughly though. I could pick up on things like “feed me”, “I need to go outside”, “I pooped outside the litter box again, sorry” kind of stuff. LOL! I’d love to learn to have a real conversation with animals though. I’d love to know what some of them have to say. I’ve always liked animals more than most people. 🙂

  • Yes Melody! Yes! Thank you for sharing your awesome and adorable experiences. You should totally make an animation movie(be the director, producer and script writer). Anyway, I have had experiences with a grasshopper, lotus flower, deer and cicadas. My most recent experience was one with the cicadas (atleast that is exactly what it looked like when I did a google search). And OMG I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW I ALMOST JUMPED OUT OF MY SEAT WHEN IT TALKED TO ME. And this also happened after I heard Tabi’s story about the cockroach so I really don’t know if I’m imagining it all or attracted that experience into my reality because I enjoyed the cockroach story so much. Anyway, the first time I spotted it, I said okay, wow, such a big bug and paid it no attention. It was outside on the window net, looking into the living room. Then, I started to do my own painting thing and I heard a voice right behind me, Look at me. This time I thought, omg this has got to be Tabi’s cockroach story influencing me(because it was so awesome and full of wonder) and just laughed out loud (a literal lol). I don’t know what it was. Anyway, I looked at it. Then, I heard it say to me, What you looking at? And this time I really wanted to smack it. I shook my head and just thought to myself, you asked me to look at you and now you’re being rude and Melody, Oh my freaking God, it actually put out a leg/hand/appendage or whatever you call it and WAVED out at me. I swear it did that. Again, now obviously, I am imagining a lot here. Then, guess what it did? It smiled at me. A PROPER SMILE. It was definitely a proper smile. That moment was so magical and so funny. It really really felt like something out of an animation movie talking to me. Hilarious. Then, Melody, it walked a little on the side and watched me from a distance with it’s nosy compound eyes. It was studying me, and then doing a peek-a-boo. Finally, it said, ‘stop looking at me’ rather sternly for some reason so I just got scared and went back to doing my thing. Also, like Tabi, I do a lot of Google searches so I did one to find what kind of bug it was and it most closely resembled a cicada. And when I read more about it’s spiritual interpretation, it was about clarity and rebirth. I didn’t read more on it because I went back to doing what I was doing. But that was sure FUN! Probably one of the funniest experiences of my life. LOL

    • ….which makes me kind of wonder if I was anthropomorphizing it. Maybe I was studying the cicadas and thought it was studying me. Maybe I didn’t want it to look at me and so it went away. But that doesn’t even make sense. Yes and it did go away after few seconds of telling me not to look at it. so even if I was anthropomorphizing it, it went away. Like when you told the dogs not to bark and they didn’t! 🙂 Anyway, it was total fun. And I loved it!

  • Forget talking to animals and plants, I’m still working on manifesting my basic needs. Ever since I started all this LOA stuff my life has gotten worse than I imagined it could have. I wake up every day and it’s like, oh something else that sucks come along, great. So it’s kind of hard to be enlightened and happy and shit, plus do the things that I really want to do in order to be happy when all my time is taken up worrying about how to keep a roof over my childrens’ heads and feed them, not to mention myself, and trying to fight off all those people who seem determined to stop me from doing those things by screwing me in ways I can’t imagine doing to a fellow human being. Plus all of this is not even my fault, apparently just by being in a relationship with someone that you chose a long time ago can cause your life to suck because you are dependent on them. Sorry to be a downer, but I really think the universe would serve me better by helping me out now and then rather than weighing me down with nonsense, then I could raise my consciousness and talk to animals and all that non-essential-to-living-and-breathing stuff but right now I couldn’t give a rats about talking to my dog. I guess that is why I am not connecting with these posts because Melody is kind of UP HERE (gesturing to clouds) with her enlightenment and is at that stage and I am down in the sewage-filled gutter with no effing idea what I am doing. Thank you.

    • A, I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Melody’s blog grew over the years, and she has lots of older blog posts (please see archives) which might resonate more with you.
      also getting your life like you want it takes a LOT of focus. I mean a lot. It is a slow process. I have been working on it for 8 years and only now can focus my thoughts on the way I want my life to be- and only after starting meditation a year ago. Did not even consider doing meditation before as I was not a match to it I guess.
      please do the writing letter to the universe process ,Melody has a blog on it. This is where you get all your frustrations out and then ask for what you want.

    • “A” — Like the other person who replied to you, I am sorry things are so tough for you. I have seriously been there. If you are interested, I would love to speak with you, if you are in the U.S. or email if you are not in the U.S. I know what it is like to be as frustrated and “screwed” as you feel you are right now. It always helped me to know that I wasn’t alone. If would like to connect, you can go to my blog and post anywhere there and tell me its you, it will show me (and only me) your email address and I can email you my phone number, etc. Either way, I send Blessings to you. <3 <3

        • Thanks guys. It’s nice that you are supportive instead of bagging me. Things aren’t THAT bad I guess – there’s always room for things to get worse 😀 I was having a bit of a dummy spit this morning, which I shouldn’t really have done here but it is all so FRUSTRATING. I have read all of the old posts over and over and meditated for months which I guess got me into this mess in the first place. I have read “Why do things go to hell when we start using LOA” so I know that I have EXPECTATIONS. But the whole point was to IMPROVE my life, not make it worse. I was feeling good and now I feel disappointed because this wasn’t how it was supposed to be so I am attracting more disappointment and frustration. Why wasn’t I attracting good things when I was feeling good? And I WAS feeling so good for a long time. It’s so confusing. It’s all very well to say keep feeling good but when you visualise MORE money and LESS problems and get MORE problems and LESS money it gets you down after a while. Then when you are down, you realise you are not attracting what you want so now you are back at square one, but with the extra problems on top. Man, this stuff is harder than it looks.

          • Yes, A, when you are down, you do not attract what you want. You got that. Good. That is a step in the right direction. You can be flying high, also, but not appreciating any of it. By this I mean, you can be at the top and continue to complain, doubt, be negative, etc. That is why, wherever you are, appreciate the heck out of the situation. It really can be worse, believe me. Got a roof over your head? Thank the universe for that, because, hey, others do not. Got an amount of money in the bank? Hey, appreciate that because others do not have anything, not even that. You are standing healthy? Thank the universe for that, because this is the most important thing. I knew insanely wealthy people (RIP) who could not prevent their death, no matter how hard they tried, where they went and what healer they tried.

            I was going to post this in the Abe forum, but here is a good place, too. I just want to post this because of the realization I made in this journey, if it does not help anyone and this comment is passed over, at least I did get it out there. Riding high on the wave is great, but if you do not appreciate it, you are just not living fully, deliberately. This got me in the “mess” I am in, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with my life before. Of course the universe wants to deliver to us the perfect whatever we want, but taking a look at where we are is good and we must appreciate it as a first step to anything. This is what all the successful people have personally told me.

          • A,

            Another example I can give you is my vision. LOA threads talk a lot about this topic, by the way. I am nearsighted and have lots of floaters in one eye. I find them extremely annoying, ask the universe to make them go away, and I keep noticing them as they prevent me from having a clear view. Well, what do you think happened next? All this focusing on them brought about the birth of a big one this week. I got so scared, I went to have it checked out because I thought it was a retinal detachment of sorts. It turns out a new floater formed, very large, and it also makes my sight blurry. I will have to deal with it.

            The point is, not to pay attention to the situation to the point that is gets worse, because it will. It will get bigger and bigger. Abers tell of similar stories and the floaters disappear one day out of the blue. They did not “notice” them anymore. It all depends on the focus.

          • A, I am so glad to see you getting support from this community. I do not have anything to add to what the others have said, except this. I know you will get through this. And I am going to continue to focus on that knowledge and hold that space for you from where I am, from my knowledge that you will get through it. Neither of us needs to know how you will get through it but I know that you will.

            Just call me A, I particularly resonate with your statement that we must appreciate where we are as a first step to anything. Of course, Abe has said this over and over and over and over, but it helps to hear it from someone besides Abe, someone who is here in physical in the same way that I am. It is so easy to forget this. I AM going to do this more and more. I have even bought a notebook and written on it “My Book of Positive Aspects.” Now I need to start writing in it every day. And there is not better place or person to start with than myself an my own life.

            Thank you VERY MUCH for the reminder!

          • The Youtube video- Abraham Hicks ~ I know it’s close, so why isn’t it coming?-Is really good.

            The gratitude app has helped me a lot. It is great, John, that you have that notebook you entitled so appropriately. You will see it things happen, little at first, but hey, aren’t those things on our mind a lot? you will see those things taken care of. I acknowledge all the subtleties and the universe’s communication with me. 🙂

          • You guys are the best, to take the time to write and help me out. You are all very right, I just have to keep reminding myself. I guess I need reminding all the time, when a lot of resistance comes up it’s hard to see beyond it at first, because the situation you are resistant to looms large and you can’t help but focus on it. Plus I think my resistance is coming up faster and bigger now than it used to so I can clear it. Things have settled down a bit (we had to move house and I was quite tired and stressed) and I have gone back to my core vibration which is a bit higher than it was before I started LOA. I definitely have to remember to appreciate the things I have now and focus on the good stuff I have in my life.

          • A, I am very glad to read that you are feeling better! I think it is very clever of you to realize that your core vibration is higher than it used to be!

          • That is great A!

            Another thing I would recommend reading is The Law of Success, by Yogananda. Just like LOA, there is the Law of success. Yes, it is a law and can be achieved through happiness, so being a happy shiny puppy as Melody always reminds us is actually the first step. Burning all the past crap and not looking back is another early step. To be happy is to be in tune with Source. This little book is really great, describing everything in a nutshell. It gives the basics; not many examples.

          • Hi Just Call Me A, I’ve worried about my vision for years. I have health anxiety and this is one of the things I focus on. I’m mildly long sighted, I wasn’t when I started worrying, so maybe I stressed myself out so much that contributed to me needing glasses. I’ve had eye flashes and misty vision but the optician has said my eyes are fine and doesn’t really know the cause, except maybe dry eyes could cause the mistiness. I had my eyes checked at the eye hospital and the doctor told me that people often get flashes and they don’t know the cause. Some of these symptoms have gone now, I think that my eyes have become sensitive because I’m so anxious about it. One type of flash stopped after we changed the light bulb in my house. It could be that it is my mind causing a lot of the symptoms.

            I’m sorry to hear about your floaters. I get floaters, I have worried about them but I try not to focus on them. I tend to focus on other things like flashes and mistiness! 🙁 I hope your vision improves soon. 🙂

          • Thank you, Moonsparkle! I appreciate it! I hope your vision improves soon as well.

            You know, when Source sees through the same eyes, the vision is crystal clear, as Esther pointed out in an Abe story when she had her eyes checked. So, it is very much the resistance. I have misty vision, too, from the eye where the huge floater got released and now must deal with it. There is no danger, per se, but the annoyance, so getting to the point where they are not noticed is the “goal”, but it will just happen on its own when focusing on other things. 🙂 Blessings!

          • Thank you. 🙂

            I’ve heard “what resists persists” and that it’s easier if you don’t resist. It can be hard when you get stuck in a worrying cycle. I do believe it would be easier if I could just relax.

            I don’t think I’ve come across that story about Esther having her eyes checked, will have to look into that. Thanks for mentioning it. 🙂 Blessings to you too!

          • I see that you’re struggling with powerlessness, sorry about that. Often times I see people mesh mass belief with LOA, but that’s a recipe for frustration. Mass belief is that life does things to us, whereas when it comes to LOA, life / the Universe responds to us. It’s like a mirror. In fact, to make a point to myself, when I felt powerless I would imagine myself in front of a mirror saying “Reflection, why WON’T you SMILE!?” So when things go sour for people when they practice the LOA, they see this as a bad thing (totally understandable), rather than an indication that they have some kind of resistance. You said you’ve been meditating and feeling good, and when we shift our vibration, sometimes poop will begin to come up (not literally… okay maybe sometimes literally). Melody herself has even said that things might get worse when you start to meditate, this is why. It’s due to forward momentum. For example, how can we access the vibration of abundance and manifest it if we feel lack? So someone may visualize having a bunch of money, and start losing it, not knowing why. What’s being shown to them is that they have beliefs that prevent abundance from coming into their experience. How do you know? Well it depends on how the situations make you feel, that is the reason why it manifested… The outer world reflects the inner world. This stuff is annoying to hear sometimes, I know.

            But here’s the thing, I also see a lot of people worrying that when they begin to embrace deliberate application of the LOA, that things will get worse (also understandable). IMO, that doesn’t always have to happen. Like I said earlier, the reasons why things may get worse at first is because as we access higher vibrations, any resistance blocking us from achieving our manifestations is triggered and emerges. But… and Melody has mentioned this before, it’ll start off as a whisper. If you have a good level of self-awareness, you will almost immediately notice some kind of resistance when it emerges. I’ve been practicing and studying the LOA for two years, and although I was analytical, philosophical, spiritual (a lot of ‘al’ things..) and into psychology before I knew about the LOA, my self-awareness has improved considerably… I use what I know about psychology to apply it to myself (I literally talk to myself, but do not be alarmed, it’s just thinking out loud, lol) and I acknowledge any emotional guidance from my guidance system… as Melody has spoken of too. I can feel my vibration, so I know when it goes ‘up’ or ‘down’. I can catch resistance before it manifests in larger ways (and I don’t see resistance as so much of a threat anymore, I’m just like, oh, found something that’s blocking out awesome stuff). Yes, I’ve had resistance manifest in larger ways but I’d already known about it and didn’t release it… not a great experience by any means. Anyway, that’s why I think self-awareness is super important and understanding yourself and how you operate is really important. You can catch resistance when it’s a ‘whisper’ rather than being afraid that everything is just going to get worse. Kind of reminds me of what Melody explained about in the article, about whether or not bad things happen to people with a high vibration. Anyway, for a final example, if the person who visualized a bunch of money realized that they felt bad when they did it, that the visualization took a negative turn, and acknowledged the fact that it was all resistance being triggered due to forward momentum, not something getting in their way that they have no control over, they could have worked with it and released it. But they didn’t, so the Universe / the resistance got a louder and they began to lose money.

            But yeah, that’s my two cents and what resonates with me. Otherwise I hope you soon find some peace in all of the madness. 🙂

            Here are the articles I’d mentioned a bit or find helpful as well here:


          • Thanks April. What you say is true. Here’s what happened: I was really happy with my life except for the financial situation, which I tried to improve for years (I am a stay at home mum) by various methods which didn’t help. Not being one to give up when I want something I kept searching until I came to Melody’s blog, which resonated with me. I had already started meditating and visualising and I thought – this is it!! I get it! And I started to feel great. That’s when things started to unravel. Things I thought were great, like my marriage, suddenly weren’t. I got some money from various sources which was great, and I was grateful for but our income source dried up and everything seemed to fall apart. A lot of change in a short time and the uncertainty is a bit hard to come to terms with. Maybe my resistance is to dealing with uncertainty. Also now because of all the problems we have due to less money (and being made to feel bad by spending time on it) I have no time to pursue my hobbies which I was being inspired to do, and made me feel it was worth getting up every day. So I kind of asked for one thing, and got a whole bunch of other stuff which doesn’t feel great, and got the opposite of what I was aiming for in the first place. I actually have no resistance to these situations (I have been in more dire financial situations and survived) but I have resistance to understanding how things have gotten worse when I tried to make them better. I have no choice but to go with the flow and find something positive to focus on and trust that things are working in my favour.

    • Hi A, I understand what you mean. Since I started studying LOA I have felt better but sometimes I still get so down. I’m struggling lately, especially with my depression and anxiety. Glad to hear that you have been feeling better. 🙂

  • Since I was a little girl, I have been a huge animal lover. I feel a much stronger connection to them than people, and would happily surround myself with animals all the live long day. When I see those people who run animal sanctuaries or are best friends with giant grizzly bears, I always think I want to be them! During one of my Ayahuasca ceremonies, I felt the pain and suffering of creatures and it was really intense and uncomfortable, but like you had said in one of your blog posts, it is important I focus my energy on a different reality where we respect animals and this will contribute to making this happen in some way.
    I really loved reading this..thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Kelli,
      I just wanted to say, thanks for posting the link to your blog. It was exactly what I needed to read — and the universe brought it to me (via you). Thank you for writing this and sharing your story. I’m super inspired now to move forward,and your blog post was exactly the motivation I needed to do it. Thank you!!!

      • Hi Amanda
        Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know that. It really means a lot to me and makes me feel so good when I hear what I am writing is helping people. That was obviously the whole point of starting the blog. That lets me know I am on the right path, and motivates me to keep sharing my story and insights.

        Whatever it is you want, I know you can get it…after all if you are reading Melody’s blog, you have the key ingredients to make LOA work in your favor!

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