Awesome Stephanie’s Burning Question: “I was wondering if you could do a blog post on the current worldwide state of affairs. With the threat of ISIS and Ebola looming so largely over our heads, the collective vibration must be one of utmost fear. What the hell is going on? Why are we all feeling so threatened? I know for me this reflects on my current feelings of instability. In the past 7 months I’ve lost my cousin, my grandmother, and now my job. The crazy in the world only amplifies my negative emotions. What can we do to fix this mess? Thanks.”

Dear Awesome Stephanie,

We never seem to have a shortage of crises in our world, do we? As soon as we stamp out one threat, another one just seems to pop up. ISIS and the Ebola virus as just the most recent representations of a much larger pattern of energy. They are both mass manifestations of our fear and powerlessness, just like all wars, terrorist groups or epidemics before them. The key to shifting your perspective on such events and finding peace and alignment within them lies in first recognizing that they are, in fact, part of this larger pattern.

Your personal experience

Mass manifestations are no different than personal manifestations. Actually, they are personal manifestations, to the degree that you experience them. Hearing about Ebola and being peripherally afraid of it is different from actually being infected by the virus. Being aware of ISIS is a vastly different experience than getting your head chopped off by one of its members. How you experience any event is entirely YOUR manifestation and really has nothing to do with anyone else. The fact that many other individuals are using the same large manifestation in their own way to mirror their vibration back to them doesn’t change that.

When another driver on the road cuts you off and then adds insult to “injury” by flipping you off, you can blame him for making you angry. If he hadn’t been such an asshole, you wouldn’t have gotten mad, right? Well, that’s one way to look at it, but it’s a very powerless perspective. After all, you can’t control all the assholes in the world. You can try, but you won’t get very far. You can honk at that driver all you want, it’s not going to make him stop the car, get out and apologize to you. It won’t make him see the error of his ways and become a more courteous driver. All it will do is make you more frustrated by proving to you that your belief, that other people have power over how you feel, is true. In this belief system, his actions caused you pain, and since there’s nothing you can do about his actions, there’s nothing you can do about the pain.

Now, you can find other people who have experienced erratic and rude drivers on the road, people who have shared in this kind of manifestation. You can commiserate with each other and attempt to get your power back by passing laws that make it illegal to cut people off in traffic and flip them off. You can then give fines or even prison sentences to those who engage in this kind of behavior. But you know what? You’ll never be able to put all the assholes in jail. As soon as you get rid of one, another one will pop up. This isn’t because the world is filled with horrible drivers or because humanity is, at its core, one giant asshole. Your reality is a mirror of your vibration, plain and simple. And as long as your energy is a match to this kind of experience, there will be no shortage of helpful angels out there, willing to be inspired to reflect that energy back to you. If you feel powerless, there will be those who will seemingly take away your power. The other driver is not the problem. The other driver was simply showing you, via your reaction to his behavior, that you have a belief that isn’t serving you.

It’s your reaction to the other driver that you want to pay attention to. Why does someone cutting you off make you so angry? What does that represent to you? It’s this representation that is your actual manifestation, and it’s always a profoundly personal one.

Mass manifestations – events that a large number of people are aware of, are no different. Even if a billion people see a shooting star dart across the sky, each one of those individuals will experience that shooting star differently. It will be a personal manifestation for each one of them, even though it was seemingly shared. The shooting star will represent something different to every one of those billion people; even if the difference between two people’s experiences is microscopic, it’s still a difference.

Why do we have so many crises?

So, while a larger manifestation that involves millions or even billions of people may be a shared manifestation that mirrors back a similar (to a large or small degree) vibration amongst the populace, it is always first and foremost a personal experience. But, the question remains, why do we need crisis after crisis? Why do these big, volatile, nasty manifestations keep showing up and getting our attention? Because, as a society, we are still very much operating on beliefs of powerlessness. We still think, and our reactions to these events show this very clearly, that we have to control others in order to gain power. We still haven’t figured out, after so many failed attempts, that real power comes from within. And as long as we try to beat the world into compliance, we will continue to manifest those who won’t comply in bigger and bigger ways.

ISIS and other terrorist groups are the perfect representation of this type of energy. You can’t rationally argue with or persuade or compromise with an extremist, no matter what religion they ascribe to. That’s the very definition of extremism – they hold beliefs so far out there, on the very limits of what we can acceptably allow ourselves to believe, and they hold them with total conviction. They will not and cannot be “controlled”. In this way, they mirror back the ultimate powerlessness to us – not only are they stubborn in their beliefs, we can’t even really understand or identify with those beliefs. I’ve never met anyone who thought it was even somewhat acceptable to picket a soldier’s or child’s funeral, for example (Westboro Baptist Church, I’m looking at you…). But these groups don’t just mirror back our own perceived powerlessness, they also give us an opportunity to figure out who we want to be. We look at them and see their behavior, and we declare: “This is not who we are!” But if we are not that, then who are we? To me “not that!” is not a good enough answer. We can do better than that. We have to, we’re being challenged to, and what’s more, we want to.

Epidemics offer the same kind of mirror to us. Our society has been living in greater and greater fear. A virus cannot be argued with, can’t be reasoned with. It will (seemingly) get you no matter who you are. Of course, energetically this isn’t true. You have to be a vibrational match to the illness in order to manifest it. This does not mean that you “asked for it”, or that the illness is some kind of punishment. This is never the case. It always comes down to what the experience represents to the individual and again, this is a profoundly personal thing.

But are we experiencing more and more fear because there are more and more epidemics? That’s what the current thinking would have you believe. Only, that’s ass backwards. We are experiencing more and more epidemics because we are holding on to more and more fear. Again, we are being challenged to face those fears instead of letting them run amok, and being given many opportunities to ask, “Who are we?”, and “Who do we want to be in this situation?”. The Ebola virus, for example, has brought up questions of economic inequality, as well as racial and cultural issues. Why is the response to one American patient so much more pronounced than when hundreds of Africans get sick? Why do we value the life of one more than the other? I’m not judging anyone here or pointing fingers; I’m simply demonstrating the massive and complex questions that are arising out of this issue.

It’s up to you, but just for you

When your nation goes to war, you can’t help but ask yourself if you agree with the war. You can ignore that question, of course, and outsource your opinion to someone else, like the media, your parents or the government. But the questions arise. If you’re willing to dig further, you may find yourself questioning the whole premise of war, if and when it’s ever appropriate, and what solutions you’d like to see instead.

When I read a report about ISIS, I don’t see them as the problem. I see them as a representation of an energy that’s pervasive in this world. I look at the underlying belief systems, both of the terrorists and those they are terrorizing. And then I focus on the world I’d like to see instead, a healed world, a secure world. ISIS is a symptom, not the disease. But as long as we treat it as such, we remain powerless. Is that who and what we want to be?

I’m not proposing specific solutions here. In fact, I can’t. I can’t offer an answer that will fit everyone’s vibration; I can’t manifest your solution for you. I’m not going to say that war is wrong. It’s unfortunate, and I put my focus on a world where it will be obsolete, but I also realize that we still have to shift to that world. I’m not going to say that we shouldn’t protect against the Ebola virus or just ignore it. That response wouldn’t feel good to most people. What I’m proposing is that we put our focus, each and every one of us, on the outcome we want to see rather than on what we’re afraid of, and then let our actions be inspired from there. Right now, all of our societal actions are inspired by fear, which just breeds more fear. Action inspired by solutions may very well still include some military action, for example. But it will be done with a different motivation and it will be far more effective, especially in the long run.

The good news is that you don’t have to get anyone to join you in this focus. You don’t have to wait until all of society “gets it” in order to see your world change. You only have to embody the energy you want to see in your reality for yourself. You only have to be who you really want to be. If you are afraid, your reality will mirror back fear to you. You will become a match to those mass manifestations in whatever way best mirrors back that fear. You will be aware of a lot of the unfairness in the world, the threats, the epidemics. If you are secure, your reality will mirror back security to you. You will match up with solutions, be inspired to take effective action which actually makes a difference instead of just perpetuating the same patterns. You may still be aware of these mass manifestations, but in a very different way. They will no longer make you feel powerless, because you won’t be emanating powerlessness to begin with.

A new perspective

I’m still aware that there’s war in this world. I’m still aware of the injustice, the inequality. But I see the events that are happening now not as a worsening of those issues, or as something new, but as symptoms of progress. We are waking up, and that process requires that we purge our old, outdated beliefs from our systems. We do this as individuals as well as on a larger level. These issues have always been there, we’re just becoming more aware of them than we’ve ever been before. We’re no longer able to ignore them. We’re realizing how fruitless and ineffective much of our effort to eradicate these issues has been up to now. We keep fighting and it just keeps getting worse. Like the woman who can’t seem to find any good men, there comes a time when we have to ask ourselves: “Maybe it’s not them. Maybe it’s me…”

If you want peace in the world, embody peace. If you want a kind world, embody kindness. If you want a secure world, let go of your fear. And if you find it hard to do so, dig down and figure out what beliefs you’re holding on to that make it seem like pain and suffering are the preferable alternative. Start with you. Create your reality on a micro level and it will then change on a macro level. Don’t ask the world to change so you can finally feel better. Feel better and the world will change.

Solutions are available. More are being born every day. But there is no one big solution that will work for everyone. We each need to find our own. We each need to manifest our answers into our own, personal realities. We each need to create peace and health and serenity and equality and fairness and balance and empowerment for ourselves. And when we do, the light we’ve ignited in our own hearts will radiate out and illuminate the world around us. That’s when our mass manifestations will look very, very different. That’s when the world will mirror back to us Who We Really Are.

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  • we are an emotional energy beings.

    When we attach our emotions to something, we feel more human.
    when we detach ourselves from something, we feel more source energy.

    what each one of us attach to is a choice.
    what we detach from is also a choice.

    Attachment is about holding onto things/people/event emotionally.
    Detachment is less about letting things go, but more about not picking things up in the first place.

    I chose to tun off the TV many years ago.

  • I feel like I manifested this article. I came to the blog hoping to find something in the archives that was similar to these events and BAM…there it was! Awesome!

  • I love your approach lady, so subtle and intelligent. A long time ago, I decided it was hypocritical for me to get worked up about the news and other people’s suffering, unless I was actually going to do something about it. My pain accomplishes less than nothing. And if I really care about other people and want them to be happy (and I do), then I have to extend the same courtesy to myself.

    So when I hear something like this that bothers me, I either take a physical action, donate money, sign a petition, etc. or I send everyone involved love, victims and perpetrators both.

    That said I don’t follow the news or watch TV, although I read and research a lot. I figure if I am meant to find out about something I will.

    And as far as not being able to accept people create such horrible realities, there are a few ways I came to turn with this idea.

    1. Unless a person is consciously aware that they are creating, and aware of the thoughts they are creating with, and have the internal wherewithal to change at that time, then it cannot be said they are truly responsibly for their circumstances, anymore than gravity is personally responsible when something falls. For all intents and purposes, it just happened. And it doesn’t matter how or why, until people are made aware of their ability to influence and change their circumstances. Until then, everything might as well be considered random or decided by a giant purple garden gnome in the sky. It doesn’t matter why bad things happen, unless the dynamics are conscious.

    2. I believe physical reality is like a game. The essence of every game is about imposing limits and rules, and figuring out how to operate within their parameters. People who choose to be born into challenging circumstances are playing a highly advanced level of the game to advance the game play as a whole. We can’t really know how unlimited we are while we are here on earth, because that takes away from the fun of discovering piece by piece it for ourselves.

    As someone who was born into really challenging circumstances, I can say with certainty everything can be transformed. I do not want to think of the first chunk of my life as this terrible unacceptable thing, because that locks me in a box. Instead I choose to accept it and to see the value in it. For example, I am far less afraid of bad things happening than average, because I know I will be fine no matter what. I know it because I have experienced it firsthand. I am also more accepting of others and compassionate. A lot of our revulsion towards these type of events is fear of them transpiring to us, instead of actual compassion. I also appreciate everything more, because I have experienced lack. It is all good. Or at least it can be.

    • Sage,

      This is really good. I am wondering if and how you have dealth with difficult family members. Like, those that are so well off who tell you to your face that your life is pathetic and are concerned about you. Yet do nothing to actually help you get out of your situation, even when you remind them. And seeing the actuay lowers one’s vibe.

      Well, not you, but me. How did you deal with the negativity around you?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for what you wrote. Most of it is true, but LOA is not all. There is much more laws in the Universe. Read about Illuminati than you will know from where Ebola comes from, and many more viruses. Even HIV was created by human hand…..

    • Agree with you Sandra. Was gonna post it myself.
      ISIS was created by a group who don’t follow Islam whom had no intention to create an islamic state.
      Ebola was more a controlled release than an accident spill.
      but telling the readers of this blog about the above won’t make them feel any better.
      It only serve to distract them.

  • Beautiful and thought provoking. I work for Texas Health Resources, which owns the hospital where the first US Ebola case was diagnosed. It was amazing to see how both positive and negative collective energy (either from us on the inside or the media and world surrounding us) had an effect on our well-being and productivity. I had one bad day where I was worried about the future of our company and the security of our jobs and it seemed like all kinds of bad luck came my way–forgetting things, traffic issues, not feeling well. I attracted that!
    While I don’t want to hijack this thread into a discussion of what THR did wrong or right I do want to say that I am proud of the love, determination, and faith displayed by fellow employees. I believe maintaining a positive attitude in the face of incredible difficulty helped us come out on the other side a bit scratched up but surviving. Did we collectively raise our group vibration? Maybe. If we had all freaked out and panicked and started throwing blame left and right it could have been much much worse.

  • Thanks for this post Melody, I love it. It reminds me to take responsibility for everything that’s showing up as a problem in my life (even those things that are showing up on a mass scale) because if it’s in my world and I’m having a negative reaction to it, then I’m emitting a vibration that’s participating in its creation. I actually find this really empowering because it reminds me that by cleaning up my own vibration and emitting what I really want, it’s actually helping change the vibration of the whole.

    • Sabina,

      Thanks so much for this comment. This is something I need constant reminder of. 

      There was an ugly and dangerous scene with my partner on Monday night and guess what? It was mirroring back to me my own vibration! 

      OMG is that scary!

      When I told my therapist about the emotional meltdown I had, which was the catalyst for the ugly and dangerous stuff, she told me this:

      My mind = my responsibility 

      Better start scrubbing away at my vibration 🙂

      • You’re welcome Patricia 🙂 I’ve been reading about Ho’oponopono recently which delves into this concept of taking full responsibility for everything that’s showing up in your reality and clearing your own mind and vibration to dissolve problems.

  • Funnily enough, just yesterday (when I was writing up this comment and my battery died on me lol), I was thinking about how I can shift out of that perspective that so many people have simply from living in a society like ours. It’s a ‘program’ made up of a lot of pessimism, fear and powerlessness, and I see many people, especially those new to the LOA, bring this mindset over to manifestation and it definitely becomes a hindrance. It extends to everything. It influences how you see yourself, your circumstances and the world. I knew that I of course no longer wanted to feel uncertain or powerless, and I definitely don’t always, but the thoughts that stem from this are more automatic and happen more often. How I see it is how can I embrace more peace in my life which such beliefs around? I could feel peace, but I imagine that it would be fleeting with these beliefs present. How I really want to feel is generally safe and peaceful, certain that my intentions will come to be, even if they aren’t here yet. Not really being sucked into anyone else’s doubts or concern, but viewing myself as a powerful creator and them as well.

    One more thing though… I’ve felt the same way about gun violence as you’ve mentioned here. So many people are focused on getting the guns off the street, when gun violence is a symptom of a bigger issue like you’ve said. But society tends to view so many things at face value, including it’s problems. Guns are blamed, which is completely understandable, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people who harm others are operating on some pretty heavy stuff. Whenever I hear about these things, I immediately think that the person probably has a mental illness or some severely heavy thoughts and emotions. After all, as a fortune cookie once told me, “The ancestor of every action is a thought”. So in my opinion, that’s what should be addressed so much more often. But I don’t think society (yet) sees the importance and value of the inner world, the internal stuff. Right now it’s so very externally focused, but at the same time, there are so many people who are waking up, asking questions, opening their minds and embarking on these amazing journies. A lot of people think that society is going downhill, and I don’t entirely agree. So as long as people continue to choose their own happiness (because everyone wants to feel good or at least better) things will improve. Things actually have already, as Nathalie has said!

  • This completely resonates with me on a deep level. When I hear about Ebola (which I really as much anymore as I’ve chosen not to make it part of my reality) I don’t feel fear anymore. I think “what’s the worst that could happen…I’ll contract Ebola and die” and if that happens, I’m ok with that because I am not afraid of death anymore. So my ultimate fear is gone, therefor there is no reason to be afraid.
    I love how you’ve said before that the best thing we can do is raise our own vibrations as that is what is ultimately serving us and the world.
    Thanks for touching on this topic, Melody! Your blog has literally changed my life and helped me to “remember” so much. I just can’t get over all of the amazing things that have happened to me just since finding out about Law of Attraction 2 months ago. 🙂 It’s like the switch finally came on.
    Blessings and good vibes,

  • Cordy — it makes such a difference when we stop to remember that, doesn’t it? 🙂 We ARE living in the best possible time so far… and just think how much better it will get as we go along, now that so many people are starting to understand how much their energy and focus affects all of this.

    Edelweiss — I find this is also a wonderful grounding practice when fear and doubt start to overwhelm. When something awful happens, we remind ourselves that millions of people survived the day just fine, babies were born, puppies frolicked and the sun shone somewhere. This is not meant to lessen the suffering of anyone directly involved in these incidents, and does not mean we shouldn’t offer aid, support and assistance where possible, but it does help to put things into perspective — whatever the current problem happens to be, the world is still more good than bad, and *most* people are wonderful, kind, and generous of spirit.

    About the food stuff — I have the same issues. I’ve always avoided diets of any kind, just because of past personal experience with an eating disorder, but it’s all the stuff about what’s good for and what’s bad for you, and it all seems to change with the wind (what was a super-food yesterday is now on the list of stuff that will harm you today — that kind of thing). What I’ve had to do is just stop listening to all of that. I’m learning, instead, to just pay more attention to my own body and what it tells me it wants and needs.

  • I stopped regularly watching the news a while back and it does make a difference. I also come from one of the ‘most violent’ cities in the world (Johannesburg) and I can honestly say that there are millions of people who live every day in that city without horrible things happening to them. What you perceive about a place really does depend on your point of focus – and the media will only ever give you a terribly skewed viewpoint. Ebola is never going to be an issue for most people in the western world, so worrying about it is a bit like walking around worrying about lightning.

    I have noticed how the constant ‘fight against’ everything from drugs to cancer is just manifesting more of it (as Abraham points out) and I do find it challenging not to buy in to the mass consciousness about some of those. My personal bug-bear is food information – you should eat this, you shouldn’t eat that. I am trying to stop listening, but that one is a challenge for me.

    As for the rest, I cannot see the point in worrying about obscure viruses, things falling from the sky or invasions by body snatchers. OK, that last one does send a little shiver down the spine.

    • Interestingly, I just visited the poppy installation at the Tower of London and, despite the huge crowds, there is still a sense of sadness surrounding the place. I wonder if we sometimes respond to the energy of situations, rather than actually being afraid ourselves.

    • Jumping into this part of the conversation re “obscure diseases”. Remember around 2000 it was Avian Flu and then 2003 SARS?
      Before that – decades before – I remember terror in the streets because Hong Kong flu was likely to kill millions. From Wikipedia it seems 2 people in China died of avian flu. Two. In a country of over a billion.
      I also no longer have a TV and so dont catch the contagion of the MSM and its “news”. I flick thru a newspaper it there’s one at a coffee shop.
      Somehow (vibration?) I seem to mostly know what is going on that is really “important”. Myself – I kinda think ebola could be managed if “The West” (that’s basically us, here reading) had our governments send the equivalent in aid that was spent providing no-melt chocolate for the American troops in the 2003 Iraq war. – Priorities!. Also – while the ISIS situation is truly tragic – the anger and hatred they are expressing has been a century in the making – they are now retaliating against the Anglo-American interests that have been appropriating oil and other resources from these regions for a century. Remember, the UK_US alliance did assassinate the Iran President in 1953. They haven’t forgotten, and there have been countless other incidents in the half century since that add fuel to this anger.
      I find knowing the history of these countries and how they have been exploited and abused by the UK-US oil companies and governments helps me find a way to understand – but never excuse – the violence.
      The lesson is – we are reaping what “we” have sowed, even if most of those of us in the West have no idea what atrocities have been perpetrated by oil/govt entities in our “interests” from around the start of the 1900s.

  • Thank you for sharing such a beautiful perspective of the world. It is, after all, all about each of us and how we each see the world that matters. You presented things perfectly.

  • I wonder how your perspective would change of you were actually over there and faced with being killed by ISIS or in the village where Ebola was rife? How would you deal with your fear if it was on your doorstep?

    We can say these ideological things when we’re sitting in Europe in the laps of luxury but how would you change your vibration if you were confronted every day with these problems?

    • Dawn, I have found that my intuition has always told me not to go to Africa and the Middle East. I was actually invited to go to Iran with a boyfriend years and years ago and I just didn’t want to go. Those are just places I just don’t want to visit. So for me, being there is just not going to happen.
      As for actually being born there, you could vibrate your way out of there. I was born into a very low vibrational place and situation and I would say that I have completely raised my vibration out of there.
      As for being sick, Ebola does not frighten me in the least (you have to remember that it is not that widespread and the media sensationalise it so it seems worse than it is. If you didn’t watch the news you wouldn’t even know about it). I never think or talk about being sick, I don’t listen to other people’s stories about being sick (tune out) and guess what – I never get sick. Same goes for my kids – our house is just a healthy place. Because being sick is not in my reality, I constantly find ways of being healthier and when I hear about Ebola, it just doesn’t register as something to be worried about. I can’t worry about anyone’s else’s experience because I can’t control that and worry would lower my vibration.
      If I can do it, anyone else can.

      • Im sorry but this is so wrong.
        Im sure you are totally aware of what you are saying but I don’t think there is enough in these posts to question or challenge these views.
        How can a child living in poverty whose family members are dying from Ebola or in fact some other affliction vibrate there way out out of there??!? Do they even know what the word vibrate means? or have any concept of a higher being or universal consciousness. No- because in most instances they live hand to mouth, surviving each day!

        This concept is so easy to believe and write about in blogs and include in your daily life when we live here in the west and is often used to relieve ourselves of guilt so we don’t have to face the real situation. There is no strength is turning off the TV or placing it all on a vibrational wavelength- theres a lot more strength and courage in facing the situation and acknowledging someone else’s plight and pain.

        • Shazia, everyone has their own level of understanding of LOA and here we all understand and appreciate that. I would never say that what you say is wrong, rather I would respect the place that you are in and offer up my place of understanding which I did above.
          We all choose our life situations that we are born into, and although I sometimes wonder why anyone in their right mind would choose say, the life I was born into, if I take responsibility for that I feel so much better and I can start from a point of power to change what was and what is. A bad start in life can be a blessing and I have a strength and perspective that some people can’t even begin to understand.
          Don’t assume that just because we live ‘in the west’ that everyone’s life is wonderful. I would say that many people in Africa whose life I would have preferred to mine. Do you think that I had any concept of vibration and LOA when I was 5, 10, 25? Did I have internet, books, people to talk to? No way. But I knew at those ages what felt good and right for me and what didn’t and I followed those instincts, that voice inside. All I had to do was think – how can I improve – and somehow the tools appeared before me, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Everyone has that voice. And it has led me to here. I would not have dreamed at 5 that my life could be as good as it is now but it is and I’m still not finished.
          As much as I would like to make everyone in the world’s life wonderful and happy and get them to understand some things, I can’t do that. Believe me I have tried! I was so empathic as a child that not only did I have my own pain, but I felt the pain of everyone else, people I hadn’t even met then as I grew older I attracted more pain. How does that help anyone? I’ve never had anyone tell me, “thanks for feeling crap for me, it really helped”. Tell me, where is the advantage of me sitting around watching the news, feeling bad and guilty (why guilty? what did I do?) and helpless, and then in that place, getting up and taking those bad feelings out on my family or the people I meet during the day? Isn’t it better that I feel good and go out and be loving towards the people I run into during the day?

          • This may sound a bit random for me to say, but A I really like how respectfully you responded to being disagreed with. I like that you acknowledged that everyone has their own understanding of LOA, etc. We won’t all agree and that’s okay, and I’m learning how to be okay with it myself. So I find your response inspiring for that and also what you’ve said in general here.

      • Just out of curiosity, why would you not go to Africa? I can understand the Middle East since there’s some kind of conflict in the majority of the countries there, but would you for example decline if someone invited you to a luxury beach holiday in Mauritius or Zanzibar, a city break in Cape Town or a safari in Kenya? If it’s just a lack of interest in those places, I totally understand – I’ve never had much interest in visiting Australia or the US for example (apart from New York and New Orleans for some reason), even though many of my friends are dying to go there. I’d only go if someone else paid for everything, and even then I’d rather go somewhere else :P. But, as someone who grew up in Africa I find that many people have misconceptions about the (huge!) continent and assume it’s pretty much the same thing everywhere – war and famine – when it’s actually very diverse. Again, no offense intended, I’d just be interested in an elaboration.

        As for bringing yourself out of a negative vibration, I agree. I’ve seen many people in my country do just that. My mum manages a charity for kids who can’t afford schooling, and it’s amazing to see how some of them have come from impoverished backgrounds and are now quite successful, one of them in particular is travelling the world with a theatre company right now, and the one time I met him, he struck me as the sort of person who naturally focuses positively. I do think it’s a lot harder to attract positive situations in that case of course, which makes the people who do even more remarkable.

        • Hi Karin, I guess I just as I have an affinity to Japan and Europe, I guess I have an antipathy to that part of the world. I like my countries civilised – that means equality for men and women (yes I know Japan is not quite there but at least women aren’t expected to cover their heads or stay at home), low crime, air conditioning and no exposure to wild animals. But Mauritius sounds just fine!

          • Hey A,

            Ok, fair enough as I can understand having an affinity for certain places of the world, but I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by many African countries. I just came back from a three-week stay in Lusaka, Zambia (where I previously lived for 18 years). Gender equality isn’t ideal yet but women don’t have to stay at home or cover their heads (it’s a Christian country) – instead, you’ll find them in universities, good jobs, or starting up their own businesses. Most public places like banks, shopping centres and restaurants have air conditioning – I’ve actually been to some stunning, high-class restaurants and hotels of a calibre that I couldn’t easily afford to go to here in London where I live. Wild animals usually stay in the game parks, you’d be very lucky to see any outside of one (at least the big, dangerous ones). I can’t speak for all African countries, but in Zambia and some others that I’ve been to, if you have a bit of money, your life won’t be hugely different from someone living in Europe. There are many poor people of course, and it’s heart-breaking, but I do see improvement every time I go back as more and more people are becoming economically empowered.

            The crime issue is the only one I concede to in this particular case, but as long as you are smart about it and don’t go into dodgy areas, you’re fine, like most places in the world. I feel slightly safer in Zambia than I do in London due to precautions such as better locks on doors, gated and guarded houses, communities and shopping centres, etc.

            I’m not saying that there isn’t a need for massive development, and I’m not trying to convince you to go to Africa, I’m just saying I think the picture you’re imagining (and the picture many others imagine, fuelled by how the media portrays Africa as a whole) is quite different from reality. I’m actually considering going back to live in Zambia in 5-10 years because the standard of life I could have there is so much higher than what I could have anywhere in Europe on the same income, plus the weather is so much better!

            Anyway I went off on a total tangent from the post here (forgive me, I really can’t help it as it’s a topic close to my heart :)), but I do think this ties in to the original topic at least a little bit, in that the media gives us a totally different picture of what’s actually happening in the world. War, disease and famine make for way more interesting news topics than peaceful elections, successful health campaigns and economic growth.

  • As Nathalie pointed out, I too often notice that we are actually living in the safest, most-stable, most-prosperous, all-around-awesome time humanity has yet experienced, and yet many folks seem to choose to instead focus on the blips that pop up. For instance, this is the healthiest era going. Yes, there are various epidemics now and then, but between vaccines, antibiotics, and a bunch of other advances of modern medicine (=mass manifestations, IMO!) this is a great time to be in a physical body.

    I haven’t had a regular TV for years and years, so I don’t see the news. (I recently heard an Abraham conversation where they related a story about a little girl being like “My grandma says that the news is the devil”, which made me laugh.) I do read the news (I have a hangup about being well-informed), but I am trying to slowly wean myself off it, or at least not dwell, at least just use those things I don’t like to springboard my focus.

    I have recently noticed (slash attracted) a lot of media about women being oppressed. At first it was kind of bumming me out, but then I chose to alter my focus, on the same basic stories, to being less “Isn’t it terrible that people treat women like this” to more “Look at these women, refusing to sit down and shut up, look at these young college kids, being angry and loud and demanding change, look at all of these women feeling their oats, feeling their power!”

  • Hey Melody
    This was such a great post, and you so eloquently explain what lies behind all the bad things that happen in the world. I think this is the type of stuff that can trip people up with LOA and cause them to dismiss it. There is that misunderstanding of attraction as being some sort of system of punishment and reward, when it is just a neutral force reflecting back that to which you are a match. The part about everything still being personal, regardless of how many people a particular situation affected, struck me in particularly helpful. Your blog is a great resource for people who want to understand the process of LOA at a level of large groups of people, and the negative things that are happening in the world.

  • Thanks Melody.
    So much of what you say is insightful.
    But.. I just don’t understand the whole vibrational aspect of the LOA.
    I just can’t believe/accept that children dying in africa from ebola were on a vibrational wave with the illness which is why they succumbed to it.. this aspect of these teachings do not sit comfortably with me and i highly doubt that a higher being, creator of the universe and the cosmos could be so childish in his intent.
    IMO of course.

    • It helps me to remember/realize that in the LOA worldview, there is no “people over here”, “God over here, determining what happens”.

      It’s all God. I am God, you are God, people in Africa dying of Ebola are God, we are all aspects of “God” (I think that we say “God” because we can’t really, with our human brains, understand the full reach of what the universal consciousness is), and we are all eternal. It’s only my limited human consciousness that insists that we all just get one life and so death is a terrible tragedy.

      Not to minimize, and of course our human brains DO think of these things as very sad. But maybe there’s a way to think of it that is at least more focused on the solutions than on the visible tragedy – you know?

    • Shazia….

      I agree with your thoughts and have never gotten a clear answer. How does a little child vibrate with half the terrible crap they’re exposed to? Makes no sense. Again…never gotten a clear explanation. Just people kind of side-skirtting it…because I don’t think they know the answer either.

      • Melody has written posts that address these questions. If you scroll through the archives, you’ll find a lot of material on the subject, including posts on how LOA explains the existence of suffering in this world.

  • Melody, thank you for this one. ?

    What sometimes helps to remember is that we are, in fact, living in the safest and least violent time the world has ever seen, despite the media obsession with atrocities and horror. It’s hard sometimes to believe that when that is all the media likes to focus on, but it is true. (And, incidentally, this media tendency to magnify the worst aspects of human nature is why I stopped watching the news ages ago.)

    Focusing on the kind of world we most want this one to become, and giving our energy to that vision, is the only way we will be able to create it. We all have to BE that change that we want to see… it has to start at an individual level… that’s how the light is spread. That’s how changes are made.

    In the meantime, I’ve always found the following quote very helpful in times like these (I live in Ottawa, and we’ve just had our own collective trauma recently, so it’s one I’ve been referring to a lot lately.)

    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster’, I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers; so many caring people in this world.” ~Fred Rogers

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