Awesome Rheanna’s Burning Question: “Is really ANYTHING possible with the LOA? Even REALLY big things like eye color change, changing your skin color, longer hair, changing the appearance of your um, unmentionables, losing weight, etc.? I’m new to this and I’ve been told the LOA can work for absolutely anything, but I’m having trouble believing you can change your physical reality and “manifest” things like a new car, money, becoming an Oscar winning actress or changing your appearance just by changing your attitude. Sorry if I sound rude, I just really want to be educated!”

Dear Awesome Rheanna,

You don’t sound rude at all. A lot of people wonder this when they first hear about the Law of Attraction. And they should! After all, if someone came up to you and told you they had some magic beans to sell you, you’d probably be skeptical, too.

The main problem here is that there’s so much misinformation about the Law of Attraction. You can find tons of books and blogs that tell you that you can have anything you want, which is true, but then they don’t qualify that statement. Or, even worse, they tell you to think positively, and then when your life doesn’t come together magically, they make it sound like you just didn’t focus positively enough, as if your life is punishing you for your bad, bad thoughts. There’s a lot more to it than just thinking positively (although that’s always a good start).

There’s a huge difference between the theory of LOA and the practice of it. What does that mean? Well, while everything is possible, not everything is probable for you. In order to fully understand this, we’ll have to delve into your past. No, not your childhood; I’m talking about the time before you were even born.

Your starting point

You see, you came here with some intentions, to start the game at a specific spot and go from there. You choose the vibrational environment (the beliefs) that you want to start off with, which determines where you’re born, who your parents are, and what cultural beliefs you take on. One skin color will give you a different experience over another, just as a specific gender, sexual orientation, height, weight and even hair and eye color will.

Being born into a poor family will offer up a different set of experiences than being born into a rich family. Being born black in the South of the U.S. will offer up a different set of experiences than being white in Europe, or black in Africa, or Indian in Canada, or Japanese in Brazil. Being born blind will set up a different set of options than being born with perfect eyesight. Every detail of your life has been perfectly orchestrated to support your life theme, which YOU (the big, non-physical YOU) chose.

Keep in mind that this intention, this vibrational setup was merely the starting point. Your life was not completely planned out. You are not locked into a destiny. It really is just that – a starting point. Without this starting point, you wouldn’t be able to play the game. Your reality would just be nothingness. Without some kind of anchor, you wouldn’t know what to create.

Have you ever had someone ask you where you want to go to dinner, and replied “I don’t care”, only to have them make a suggestion that then didn’t sound good to you? If you truly didn’t care, you wouldn’t have said no to any suggestion. The truth is, it’s not that you didn’t care; it’s that you didn’t know what you wanted to eat. It’s only through the suggestion from someone else that you figured out something you didn’t want, which brought you closer to figuring out what you did want. Without that first suggestion, you’d have a very hard time choosing a restaurant. Now imagine that you’re vising a foreign country where you’ve never been, and you know nothing about the food, much less the local eateries. How hard would it be to choose a restaurant, then?

But, what if someone handed you a bunch of menus? Would you have an easier time choosing? Of course you would. You’d have something to focus on, something to react to, and something to have an opinion about. You might choose from among what’s on offer, or you might see a menu for Chinese food and realize that what really sounds good right now is Thai food. Seeing a menu of something you didn’t want helped you to figure out what you wanted instead.

Our starting point is like those menus – something to focus on that you can react to, have an opinion about and use to figure out what it is that you really want.

Your life theme

This starting point can also be described as your “life theme”. If you were born into poverty, one of your themes might be to explore abundance. By getting to know one side of the abundance issue (the lack of it) and then moving into the other side (the presence of abundance) you can experience the abundance theme fully and completely.

Notice that I didn’t say that “poverty” was your life theme. Life themes are never about the absence or presence of something. They are about the whole topic, and in order to experience any topic fully, one must live both sides of the equation, sometimes even going back and forth. People who are exploring a body theme (connection to the body, confidence in the body, etc.) might gain and lose weight several times throughout their life time as they work through the limiting beliefs they picked up as part of their starting point.

Now, again, I want to make it absolutely clear that your life theme doesn’t lock you into any kind of plan. And it certainly doesn’t lock you into suffering. But it does, by necessity, limit your options at bit, at least early on in life. You have the ability, through your choices, to move as far away from that starting point as you like, but you must do so incrementally.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say that you are born with some beliefs of unworthiness, and wanted to explore those specifically through the physical body. This manifests as a tendency to gain weight, and you spend your childhood as a fat kid, which, along with totally sucking eggs (let’s just be honest), is the perfect experience to illustrate those beliefs. You spend a good portion of your life exploring worthiness issues, every nook and cranny of them. Of course, the speed with which you do that is entirely up to you, as is whether or not you’re suffering.

Now, let’s say that you learn to do some inner work, learn Deliberate Receiving (just, you know, for example), and start to release your resistance around worthiness. You’re still exploring worthiness, but you move out of the resistant stage and into an allowing stage. Instead of fighting the idea of worthiness, you embrace it, and begin to experience the other side of the coin. Instead of feeling unworthy, you begin to feel worthy. And everything in your reality, including your physical body, begins to mirror that back to you. Your exploration of the theme then continues as you go deeper and deeper into worthiness (the positive side of it).

As you move from unworthiness to worthiness, you are still experiencing the entire journey, you’re just not fighting it anymore (which is what resistance is). You’re not suffering anymore. But you do not give up the theme, unless and until you’re “done” with it. It is possible to have more than one life theme, and it is possible to switch life themes during one lifetime, but it’s never because you’re sick of it. It’s always because you’ve completely explored it and have had all the fun you can with it.

What’s possible vs. what’s probable

Ok, so you have your life theme. How does that affect what you’re able to manifest? Well, it limits, to a degree, what you’ll have access to. But, the good news is that you’ll never be hampered by this limitation. You see, your life, from the very moment you’re born, causes you to want stuff. You see something you don’t want and you want something instead. Whatever it is you’re inspired to want can absolutely manifest. The stuff you can’t manifest in this lifetime will never even show up on your radar – you won’t even have a thought about it.

You do, however, have to remember that when we’re talking about manifesting what you want, we’re referring to what you truly want, not what you think you want. So, if you want to feel abundant, you may think that manifesting a car will get you that, but if you were to focus on the car, you’d actually be trying to manifest the HOW – what you think will bring you what you really want, which is abundance. It’s not that you CAN’T manifest a car, it’s that you don’t necessarily truly want to, even though you think you do.

This is the part that usually confuses people. They say, “Um, no. You said I can have anything I want. I want to date Brad Pitt. Where the hell is he?!” But here’s the thing: It’s not that it’s not possible that you’ll meet Mr. Pitt, it’s just that it might not be probable. Anything you can think of is possible. Yes, anything. But not everything is probable – meaning likely to manifest as a match to your vibration.

Think of it this way: You say you want to date Brad Pitt. But, you don’t really know anything about Brad Pitt, except for what you’ve read in magazines and seen on TV. You don’t actually know what the experience of dating Brad Pitt would be like. You want a certain experience, and you’ve determined, without any real means of doing so, that dating hunky, old Brad will give you that experience. If you become a match to the experience you want, you will get it. This may involve Brad (if dating him will actually be everything you want it to be), or it may not.

When you continue to insist that no, you want to date Brad Pitt, it’s a bit like a child who’s asked his mom for chocolate candies pointing to a box labeled “Brussel Sprouts” at the grocery store and insisting that is what he wants. His mom tries to explain to him that Brussel Sprouts do not taste like chocolate and that they would be better off going to the candy isle, but the boy, absolutely determined to get what he thinks he wants instead of what he actually wants, throws himself on the floor and throws a tantrum. If the mom then gives in and buys him the Brussel Sprouts, he will, of course, complain about how this is NOT what he wanted.

We are so determined that we know what we want; we’re often like that little boy, insisting that we want the Brussel Sprouts (or the lottery win, or Brad Pitt, or to be taller/shorter/whatever), while the Universe is trying to gently let us know that no, that’s not what we really want and we’d be better off opening ourselves up to more options. If you’ve asked for chocolate, and Brad Pitt does not taste like chocolate (I like to imagine that he does), he cannot manifest.

Changing the big stuff

The really big stuff in your life, the stuff that bothers you the most, things like money, weight, skin color, or the appearance of your naughty bits, will always be a part of your life theme and as such, you may not WANT to change it. Let’s take something like skin color, something that most people will not believe can really be changed. If you want to have lighter skin, ask yourself why. The theme of your life will probably not be to “surpass” being black (a wish that comes from judging darker skin color to be somehow “worse” than having lighter skin), for example, but to explore being black from every angle. You may know what it’s like to feel black and powerless, but do you know what it’s like to feel black and powerful? Do you know what it’s like to feel black and equal, unoppressed, proud of it or completely secure? If you are short, you may know what it’s like to feel short and dismissed, or ignored. But do you know what it’s like to feel short and centered, fully in your power and commanding the attention of a whole room easily?

You see, the experience of being fully in your power will be quite different when you channel that empowerment through the experience of being black, or a woman, or short, or tall, or poor, or rich. And if a circumstance in your life needs to change in order to better reflect that empowerment, including the circumstance that originally reflected that life theme to you, it will. But if not, or if the circumstance is still helpful in exploring that theme, it will stick around. What will change is how you feel about it.

This can make it sound like what I’m saying is that LOA simply teaches you to be happy with your circumstances. But that wouldn’t be true. It goes much, much further than that. You see, when someone asks you to just be happy with your circumstances, they are asking you to give up on what you want. So what, if you’re poor? Just be happy anyway. But working with LOA is NEVER about giving up on what you truly want. In fact, it’s about receiving what you want, no matter what it is (as long it’s what you truly want). But, in order to get that, you have to be willing to give up on what you think you want. In other words, you don’t have to give up on the chocolate and just be happy to be in the store. You can have the chocolate, but you’ll have to be willing to stop throwing a tantrum about the Brussel Sprouts.

And, let me just remind you of a little LOA 101: you do not feel bad because of your height or weight or skin color or financial status. You feel bad because you’ve decided that there’s something wrong with you, and you’re just using your hatred of these circumstances to justify that feeling. When you feel better, your circumstances will change in order to reflect that feeling back to you, if they need to.

Bottom line

So, can you become an Oscar Winning actress? Yes. Will you? That depends on if this is something that really excites you, if it matches what you really want, AND of course, on whether or not you become a match to that. Can you change your skin color? Again, yes, if this is what you truly want (it generally isn’t. It’s usually what people want in order to get what they really want), and you become a match to that. Remember Michael Jackson? He changed his skin color. It did not give him what he wanted. There are also a lot of lottery winners out there who only got what they thought they wanted. And not everyone who dates a celebrity is blissfully happy.

Remember, if you really want a circumstance to change, you’ve probably only explored one side of that theme so far. Isn’t it time to begin exploring the other side? Can you even imagine what that would look like? Have you ever even tried?

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  • Michael Jackson did NOT want to be white. He had vitiligo — a disease that changed his skin color. He had to wear makeup to cover up the blotchiness. When it got to be too much, Benoquin cream was used as an *approved treatment* to help even out his skin.
    Watch the 1993 interview with Oprah. He was very proud of being black. He was self-conscious about how he looked but how can you not be with something like that. The diagnosis in his autopsy was Vitiligo! Please don’t spread this kind of stuff. Look at the model Winnie Harlow. She has vitiligo. Lee Thomas covered up that he had it for 10 years. No one would ask for this but at least if someone has it, they should be believed. The rate of color loss with vitiligo can also not be predicted. Michael also had lupus which sped everything up. It doesn’t matter if someone tries to hide it, they can share it with the public when they are ready to. Think about how the disease really affects the soul too.

  • I knew I’d revisit this post many times, and here I am again. Thank you, Melody, for all you do. I’ve been really inspired ever since I stumbled across your blog, and obviously your many readers are too. Sometimes when I’m feeling sad (and admittedly sorry for myself) it’s good to remember that I am ultimately in charge of my destiny rather than a victim. I just have to be honest about what I really want and why I really want it.

    Is it weird that I sometimes crave Brussels Sprouts more than chocolate? 🙂

  • This is so huge it can be pretty tough getting your head around it all, but little by little it sinks in and makes sense. I loved the post and the starting point is certainly the best place to, well, start from! Sure we should be happy with (and grateful for) what we have but also remain dissatisfied because dissatisfaction is the creative state that will push us forward to better things (Bob Proctor said that somewhere). This was just what I needed to remind me what I’m aiming at and how I was going to achieve it… thanks Melody for a really thought inspiring, stirring post!

  • This post was just what I needed to read today. Thank you so much Melody for putting this all into great perspective for me. What I read was very interesting and has caused a major shift within me. So grateful for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you Melody!!! Lots of love & success toots 🙂

  • Hey Melody!

    Since we’re discussing our starting points … I was wondering… how is energy aside from brain waves involved in the law of attraction? If I am happy, that’s a state of my brain waves (my thoughts) and I attract more of that vibration; or if I see a certain image, that’s a state of my brain waves and circumstances will adjust themselves so that I see that image again (I attract the same vibration of my brain waves). But how are those actual circumstances and things around us (sounds, inanimate objects, and even our bodies aside from the brain waves themselves) involved in attraction? Do all particles with the same frequency of vibration just cluster together – no, that must be wrong, right? I think I am missing something in the science behind this because I don’t know much about science.

    What this has to do with starting points is that I would like to know how the energy that was me before it transformed into the physical atoms (protons, neutrons, electrons – ultimately energy) that make up my body decided to become a person in the first place. And did it control its vibrations like I control mine? Did it attract my starting point or is the ability to manipulate the world through attraction a process reserved to brain waves of animals with brains?

  • Lol Iv actually had luck with resizing my unmentionables. Usually id visualize which ever part a lot bigger then it was for the entire day. After a while within the day it would be larger.

    On another side point iv always kind of got the idea that if we just gave up on the desire of having large ass or tits that we would get them.

    • Hey Alex,

      “if we just gave up on the desire of having large ass or tits that we would get them.”

      You don’t give up the desire, you give up your resistance when thinking about your desire.

  • Alright, I think I understand this now. 🙂 The brussel Pitts and the Brad sprouts part confused me the most here, but I think I get it. I recently saw a success story about a girl who wanted an apartment, and she tried to get one of her friends to be her roommate so they can share the rent fees. It wasn’t quite working out for her, because none of her friends were offering. So sooner or later she felt inspired to look for an apartment for herself, and she found one. Her mom offered to give her rent money that’ll last her until she’s able to get a full-time job. She said she realized that she always wanted to live on her own, but she didn’t think she deserved it or thought she wouldn’t be able to afford it. I think that the Universe was actually trying to send her what she truly wanted, based on how she really wanted to feel, hence why it wasn’t working out when she tried to find a roomate (the situation also felt badly to her and she cried, so was it also a manifestation of resistance)? Not in the sense that the Universe is like, hey I know whats best for you! Because it’s a mirror, a reflection of our vibrtaion. But because our IB knows all of our likes, dislikes, wants and unwanteds. The girl wanted a roommate because she thought that was the only way to have what she wanted, instead of considering what she truly did desire.

  • I love Deliberate Receiving and have tried so hard to wrap my head around LOA but I still have trouble with the same thing every time. I get stuck at the Brussels sprouts/chocolate part. I really would like a new car. I would really like more money so I wasn’t always killing myself trying to make ends meet. I would really like to meet that person who is the perfect compliment to myself. I really want these things but according to LOA I am being a bratty kid because I’m technically telling the Universe “how” I want to be happy. I keep reading that the Universe knows what it is that I really want even though this is apparently unbeknownst to me. It sounds to me like if this is the case how do we ever actually manifest specifics if, when doing so, we are asking for something we only think is what we want. I mean, if the Universe knows what we really truly want and anything we focus on isn’t actually what we want…then why do it at all? Does this make sense? I’m not sure I’m explaining my confusion that well. So, do I just go on trying to be happy with every little mundane thing in order to keep my vibrational level up in hopes that “ka-ching” I might line up with a trip to Paris and the money to do so and a terrific partner to go with? I don’t know…it’s just a grey area I can’t seem to sort through on my own. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Cynthia,

      “I keep reading that the Universe knows what it is that I really want even though this is apparently unbeknownst to me.”

      The Universe does, and it also responds to your thoughts. So, if you are more focused on the lack of a new car, money and partner, then the Universe responds to your current point of attraction and you keep receiving what you are focused on (more lack of what you want).

      “It sounds to me like if this is the case how do we ever actually manifest specifics if, when doing so, we are asking for something we only think is what we want.”

      You are always manifesting specifics to help you gain clarity, by sifting through the contrast on what you prefer and what you do not prefer. And then when you are more clear of what you do want, you focus on that and find a way to soothe yourself, find relief and feel good when focusing the vibrational presence (instead of lack or absence) of what you are wanting.

      “do I just go on trying to be happy with every little mundane thing in order to keep my vibrational level up…”

      You can’t be happy focusing on “mundane” things, because that’s focusing on aspects of your life through the lens of lack. You don’t have to appreciate things you do not enjoy, but you do want to begin shifting your attention to the things that you do enjoy, and you do genuinely feel good when you focus on and think about them.

    • Hey I wanted the trip to Paris and the partner first on here 🙂

      As per Brian and others all I can say is keep practicing and reading LOA it will make sense.

  • Melody,

    First of all you and your website are amazing! LOA has never been clearer, especially in this latest post. The concept of moving from unworthiness to worthiness really struck me. Funny, I just wrote about getting over the feeling of unworthiness on my own blog:
    I think the feeling of unworthiness is really what held me back from my desires for a long time. It wasn’t that I couldn’t have what I wanted–it’s that I didn’t think I was good enough for it. Once in a while my vibration drops and my doubts start to churn up, but I’ve gotten a lot better at recognizing and controlling the situation.
    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for your hilarious, mind-blowing, incredible writing.

  • I am more confused after reading that wall of text.
    Sure I understand what Melody was writing, but I am none the wiser.

    Why is there so much confusion around LOA?

    is it because it was never good enough to be simple in the first place?

    • It’s not so much about it being good enough, but I agree it is complicated. Yes, shaking off the belief it is all about perfect cars/partners/health/riches is hard.

      Probable to me is pointless; why bother wanting a person or job or thing if it’s just a stepping stone or to show you what you don’t want. Then do we stand before we are going to come out of mum or whatever and sign a contract for fatal cancer cos we had to have that our experience? Then these posts reek of now now dear the universe knows best and that is you lie alone on Saturday night while the one you want is with another or you are eating beans while others dine in 5 star hotels. Then it gets thrown in your face it’s your responsibility?

      The only way around this, and it is a choice, is keep practicing and reading LOA. For all my being down I’ve seen evidence it does work. I don’t think many certainly me get it.

      Keep going the confusion club is huge but out of the fog an answer will manifest. .

      • Sometimes we are on a track and think we want something else, for open reason or another. The universe gives it to us, but it is not the right thing for us. We are like, “WTF, are you kidding me? This is not what I thought it would be.” Thus, this scenario adds more clarity to what really is wanted. That is why experiences teach. That is why you need to go through them. If you do not, you play it really safe, I think, and do not expand, you know? Only life teaches and takes you to where you need to be. This may not makes sense written here on the page, but think back upon your life and see how many things actually do make sense.

        Another example is you think you want someone and get with that person and it is a nightmare. The universe can show you what is not really for you. you are then more clear about what it is you do want and can focus on that. Yet another example is, you want to live in a certain place and get there, and it is just not right for you. Well, in this case, you go back to your city only to appreciate it more, see what it has to offer becasue you never really did, etc. This way, you make more friends, appreciate what is has to offer and enjoy it there more. See where I am getting at? One thing had to happen to add to the tapestry in order for you to get to the place you need to be. Sometimes changes scenarios does this- it adds more clarity, which is one of the names of the game.

        • You know, I just thought of something. This way, it seems lie is full of problems and it is no wonder the feelings we have come about. Those of doubt, fear, insecurity, not getting anywhere, etc. Well, for this the best thing to do is focus on what it wanted and ignore the rest. From what I gather, the things ignored will eventually go away and you will be on the road to what you want, smooth sailing ahead. Getting to this state takes practice and what this blog is based on.

          • “The universe can show you what is not really for you. you are then more clear about what it is you do want and can focus on that.

            Tried that does not work, I only get the same thing and I’m 49 with diabetes and still don’t have someone, gotten my PhD or been to Paris. That’s what I want but they are not listening. And yes I understand that if I had gone with the person I wanted it would have likely been a mess but I am hurting so much. Having said that, there are tons of things to be happy about too. Let’s just say i’m in between things 🙂

            The typos – don’t worry A, I always appreciate your comments. I just need to hang in there, but I don’t accept that the universe gives people what they don’t want. I don’t believe those with ebola or those shot down on the Malaysia Airlines jet wanted those experiences. Until I see firm evidence I remain skeptical.

            But, as I have typed in the past, I can only keep slogging away until LOA manafests and I get it. When that will be no idea, but I have seen it in action, so to me it is not hogwash. That is just my view, but people will question it and to me that’s not resistance.

            Always a pleasure to read your thoughts A.
            Michael Australia

          • This is the example I had in mind- Let us say you were accepted to a ScD program but you opted to go for your PhD instead in another program. Along the way, you realize that there would have been a lot less heartbreak with the first option, the one the U granted you in the first place. The chosen route caused you to learn many different things, perhaps dodge a bad situation commuting to the first program, even see what is really right for you, becasue the U knows this already, but maybe one was too young to see it before. I know this sounds like BS and may mean nothing to someone, but to another it is not. This falls under the category of missed opportunities and how we need to be aware of them and how the universe makes us aware of them. I still do not get, though, how more are coming. Where are they? I know the world is full of them and people even make their own, but I still need to get this principle. Sometimes, the more naive you are the better. In others, you need to be experienced and savvy. Maybe a mix of both is best?

            Those other disasters you mention have their place in the grand scheme of things, as Melody had mentioned in a previous post and other teachers point out. They are ways in which spectators can desire better things and get better outcomes and shift vibrations to cause change. This is a way in how things evolve. Of course, I am being general here, but this is the gist.

          • Also Michael, you mentioned your age. First of all, when you outlive everyone and live past 100, it all won’t matter. Second, it is just a number. It is not how you look or feel or be. I know people in their 20s who look like crap and those in their 40s who look dynamite. It is all up to the person. I was just reading about a grandmother who was at the top of her class in nursing school. No, it is not BS and stop dismissing this stuff; you are here for a reason. Besides, I am also writing this for me, as it turns me on and gets me going! 🙂

          • I am not saying that you are dismissing this stuff. You most certainly are not. Just do not take what-is-ness to heart or at face value. Things change all the time, no matter how difficult a place you are in at the moment.

          • A fantastic as always I had an odd day of manifestation today but once again you contributed to my understanding and not been harsh. Thank you.

            I’m still skeptical about the word right as in what’s right for me. Surely I have a say in that? Anyway what you wrote is awesome and helps me understand things further is thanks.

            Michael Australia

          • I am glad, Michael. I am trying to figure some stuff out myself and this interaction helps me tons. Who knows best for us? I would day the Inner Being. It knows what you really want. It knows who you really are. Experiences can clarify to us what we really want, since what is not wanted will just not work out or feel good for that matter. Do we pay the price for not listening to our IB? Yes, I think we do, becasue why then do we feel bad when it happens? But, is that more “us” than our IB? Teachers say that bad feelings are caused by our IB not agreeing with us in the stance we take. Even when we screw up, becasue there is really no such thing as a screw up. Logically, though, I would say there is, but the point is we are not supposed to dwell on it and get back on the horse. Beating up on ourselves it like one of the worst thing to do spiritually.

            OK, this helps and is a good reminder. Leading a life of detachment is the key. Yes, I want certain things, but I won’t go bonkers over them. And this is what creates the flow.

            Reminders are constantly necessary becasue society does not go by these principles day to day. Living in your own bubble is not that bad then.

          • I do agree the inner being knows what is best. I like that.

            But for example, I listened to my inner being about quitting my studies in 2007. That was a mistake that has cost me and my path is now littered with LOA hitting me with a club over the head. Am I listening? Well perhaps in others’ view I am not, but I cannot figure out the way.

            For example, at the moment i have a relative in care as he is on his way out. He got cancer and he also got assulted earlier this year by a neighbour. Now you could go ok he’s in his 70’s etc time to go don’t be sad. But I have experienced so much loss of things this year, not just through the big D but relationships etc. Then I get on these sites and you have to do happy dancing and pretend everything is ok or you will be a victim – smack bad don’t be a victim, stop making excuses, get over it and stop whining. We tend to punish each other and ourselves.

            Things are not going right. Things are not going to go in the direction of some magical day where all these ‘plans’ will manafest into glory. I did not sign any contract before I was born for this s**t. Yes others are suffering, yes it’s selfish to be sad while people are rotting with ebola.

            However, and I will say this again, that does not mean I think LOA is going ok you are to suffer. But I am. Is it a choice? Well it’s a bit difficult to look at a situation and be all smiles and oh I’m so grateful you are rotting with cancer my future is so bright and happy. No does not happen that way.

            A, I think your point about paying the price is probably the most insightful thing I have read, so you are on the right track. I don’t think we really have to pay a price, but it takes time to develop a mindset of listening. I paid a price for leaving my study and although looking after my mother in 2007 to 2008, as horrible as the end was, was probably ‘the best’ it cost me. But I had to listen to myself and that was the best course, but it cost me years of being unwell. I listened made the decision and now deeply regret leaving, but my university basically said your mother is sick I don’t care shutup or leave. I had to put her first.

            The universe whatever can do its job of showing us what we all don’t want but if it shows over and over tragedy and sadness and people go ‘oh you are not doing LOA right’ then I question why bother doing this work if you just keep manafesting sad stuff? Having said that I am not going to stop reading these postings as I live in hope one day it will make sense.

            Thank you again for your views A they help a lot as I am in space of confusion ATM and it is like a life raft what you say (and others too). _ Michael

          • Michael,

            No one knows regret more than I do! I consulted Swamis over this topic and was told, even if you screwed up, keep going. They agreed about the screw up, but said I am only human after all and that is what we do, make mistakes. We are not Source.

            You can always go back to school. It is my understanding that so few go on to higher education in Australia that they should be glad to have you. But then again, a female rapper recently that the school system is not something she agreed with while living there. If I struck a chord on this topic, please do not take it out on me. Instead, think about how you can solve the problem by relaxing and not obsessing anout it, because that’s the best way for a solution to come. Anyway, I just wanted to add that nothing is stopping you from doing it now. There are no other road blocks stopping you, unless I do not know about them.

            What LOA and the like do is soothe the heavy as an anvil, aching heart. That is why I needed it and I found it. It is true, we can’t keep crying, we must move on. It is very logical, you see.

          • OK, OK, we are source, but Source does not make mistakes. It just is and expands, through us, though. Can we just be? I am wondering is this yet another key, because I am learning along the way.

            If we just are, then we would not make mistakes. We would not go through life beating ourselves up over any of them. I know a few people like this and they are fine. They give the “oh well” response and move on.

          • Umm no I was not taking anything out on you, that is not the spirit of this blog nor wanted behaviours. My negativity is not for absorption by anyone who chooses to read my posts.

            Yes there are blocks to going back to university just like there are blocks to trying to get my body to what it was before diabetes. Source must make mistakes as I am unhappy as. But LOA insists I focus on good things and that is what I am doing.

            I won’t answer your threads in the future if that makes this comments section better, but again I have to say reading yours and others has helped me, sure I have doubts and resistance but they will fall. Move on and oh well is ok for others but not me. Time now to step up LOA work my hope is good things will come soon and only by practice will this come.

            We all need to go easy on anyone on here who is new to this or doubting it is just part of the process to resist.

          • sorry, Michael. that reaction of mine was from the Abe forum, where they are very strict about the responses one posts. The moderators, that is. Usually, not always.

            I appreciate your responses and I hope I help in some way. Helping another clarifies things for me as well. It is synergistic. Not many reply to my inquiries anyway, as a matter of fact, very few do, so I deeply appreciate it becasue that is how I learn.

            I only respond when I am inspired to do so. Please do what you feel is best for you at the time. 🙂

          • Hi Michael,

            Just wondering if you are able to accept your trials as experiences to learn and grow strong from rather than punishment, which it seems like you may view them as now. When our vibrations are not clear (muddied with worry, regret ect) our point of attraction is also going to be muddied. Viewing trails as opportunities to grow in a peaceful manner really helped me during a dark time I have only recently came out of (lost seven loved ones in two years, two best friends included 🙁 ). The shadow effect from Deepac really gave me some valuable insights. Often it is not our circumstances but how we view them that causes our pain.

          • Michael,
            Just in the tone of your letter it is clear you are vibrating at a discordant place. You will bring to you what you are. When you radiate happy confidence you will attract like circumstances. Instead of slogging away at this hold off until you feel it as a process you can really light up about and celebrate. Also, take your focus away from your troubles and do your best to celebrate the great health, wonderful relationships and awesome circumstances you do have (a roof over your head, the ability to type, access to a computer).

            And trust me, I know it is not easy to pull yourself up when you feel so weighed down with burdens, but do it anyway. It’s worth it.

  • I’ve written a similar comment on another post, but was curious if anyone has found clarity in a similar situation. I keep feeling like the arrival of many wonderful manifestations is really close, like success is right around the corner, and that when I do breakthrough, I will be busier than ever! (In a good way, of course! 🙂 ) But I still feel so afraid about taking action on what I want and feel really stuck in life in general. I don’t know which way to go. I don’t know whether to be “realistic” or do something that’s really scary but keep being nudged to do.

    Sometimes I come across articles online about delaying action, waiting for something to happen or inspiration, procrastinating, holding back, staying stuck, laziness, etc..and then I feel so guilty and there’s a sinking feeling in my stomach. I feel like I’ve been waiting so long…but this feels endless and sometimes like it will never end! And then I feel terrible for keeping myself in this “waiting” cycle and delaying action and not being courageous or bolder or taking responsibility/being more proactive. I keep doing things that feel good, distract myself, journal when I need to, etc…but the issues keep coming back up, I keep feeling indecisive and insecure, unsure of what to do, still feeling paralysed and unsure of the next step to take.

    I overanalyse things a lot, spend a lot of time in my head…basically do many of the things that personal development writers say not to do. :p Though I hesitate taking action towards something I really want, I feel like soon I will…soon I will get over this resistance at last and do it.

    On the other hand, I am manifesting lots of evidence of others succeeding and following their passion, including people who grew up in the same area as me. I’m also manifesting evidence that supports new beliefs, largely from social media and reading biographies and interviews of artists who I admire. Often, I find myself watching many videos and audios of people sharing stories about how they’re living their dreams, how they got there, trusting the Universe and divine timing, miracles and huge breakthroughs occurring, etc. Even in a television series I was watching, there was lots of evidence of these things!! 😉 And I’ve begun to post here and connect with people with a similar mindset who have been very helpful, and I’m grateful for all of that help.

    • The manifestation of stumbling onto this articles, I think, is simply mirroring the resistance you’re carrying. Alignment IS action, raising your vibration IS an action. When you own how you feel, and decide how you truly want to feel and live your life, you ARE taking responsibility. You are completely free to define things like action, success, productivity, etc as you wish. You can either take on definitions that make you feel guilty and give you a sinking feeling (which, as I said, an indicator of resistance and also an indicator that your inner being doesn’t share the same perspective), or hold onto ones that do. If you feel like you’re very close to manifesting your desires, then keep allowing that feeling to be present. It’s a big sign that you ARE going to manifest what you want. As you continue to move into alignment, and allow these awesome feelings and knowing that success is around the corner, you WILL be urged to take other actions soon enough. When you spend too much time worrying about which actions to take, you slow the process down some because you’re trying to control the how. You’re trying to do the Universe’s job. Do you remember the blog Melody wrote about how she’d manifested her book deal? She intuitively felt like she didn’t need to do anything, and she understood that just because she wasn’t taking any physical action yet, didn’t mean that nothing was happening. Then, in time, she began to receive cues to take certain actions. I remember she was uncomfortable too in the beginning when she felt like there wasn’t anything she had to do yet pertaining to the book, so you’re not alone. But now she’s going at that book like it’s a bar of chocolate! She’s inspired and a lot of things are unfolding for her. 😀

      I would say continue to acknowledge and celebrate all of the great feelings you’re getting. All of the help and advice you’ve been getting. Maybe take a moment to get into how it would feel to finally know what course of action to take. How would you feel? Like, ‘yes! I finally know what steps to take, it’s all coming to me now just like all of those great feelings did.’, and enjoy that feeling for awhile. Try to take yourself out of the cycle of over thinking and worrying. You’re on the right track. Start trusting yourself and the feelings you’re having.

      Also, if you haven’t seen it already, here’s that blog post I mentioned:

      And a couple more that might be helpful to you: and


      • Try to take yourself out of the cycle of over thinking and worrying.

        April that day will be wonderful 🙂 it is not there for me yet, but thanks for your comments.

  • I love your analogies Melody, they really make these concepts so much more attainable!
    I like to think of it like this: If I want something to manifest in my reality, it will do so provided that: 1) The thing I want to manifest is actually a match to my underlying desire (i.e. we’re not in a brussell sprouts/chocolate situation), and 2) I actually believe that I can have that thing (or rather, I don’t have a limiting belief saying that I can’t have that thing I want – ex. the belief that Brad Pitt is totally out of my league, I’d never be able to meet him and oh yeah, he’s already married to one of the most gorgeous women in the world).

    • Hey Sabeen,

      “the belief that Brad Pitt is totally out of my league”

      You are a human. Brad Pitt is human. You poop. He poops. Yes, shocker I know, he is not above pooping.

      So, now you know you’re both in the same league (everyone is in the same league).
      You’re both human, you both live on Earth, you both breathe the same air, you both soak up the same sun, you both eat food, you both have an Emotional Guidance System, you both are connected to Source, you both ARE Source, you both are beautiful, worthy and equal, infinitely powerful beings.

      Your empowering belief has just been activated =)

      • Thanks Brian, that’s awesome! I don’t really have the belief that Brad Pitt is outta my league though, was just using that as an example of why someone might not be able to manifest Brad Pitt specifically even if he was a perfect match to their desire 🙂

  • It just keeps getting better and better. Great post! It just goes to show that the most important relationship is that with yourself and inner being, really. Nothing else matters. It is true, what spiritualists say.

    On the Abe forum there was discussion on making marks deemed permanent disappear from skin by not focusing on them, improving eyesight and knowing you are not dumb, even when labeled learning disabled. It is all a matter of alignment, feeling good basically and ignoring your periphery. And yes, celebrities, as I think stardust mentioned above, did go through a lot, but those experiences made them stronger people and made them focus even more on what was wanted.

  • Now I know I attracted this post 🙂 I was just on a forum about how to change your physical appearance using the law of attraction ( it was an abraham hicks forum 🙂 ) and then I read this post. Wow! I just can’t stop laughing!!

  • Great post, I can totally relate. What I had forgotten along the way was that every single “obstacle,” whether it be too much weight, poverty, or whatever each individual one of us is experiencing, is something we put in our own path. If we can remember that everything is working FOR us instead of against us, its easier to see limiting beliefs. Everything was there to show us the way; its all lighting our path. Even though I’m not rolling in money, I realized how awesomely abundant existing is, and it wasn’t even about lack of money to begin with. Same with my weight, its not even about the poundage; it was put there by me, for me to look deeper. Those things have served their purpose for me and they’re no longer needed, and I expect my physical world to reflect the changes I’ve made for myself — if that’s even needed anymore. I don’t care! It feels sooooo good to just trust that the universe knows I want to squeal with delight like a 7-year old instead of stressing about having to lay down on the bed to zip my jeans.

  • I don’t care what you say, I still want to win the lottery. I’ll take my chances with it being the vibrational equivalent of brussel sprouts v chocolate!

  • Hi everyone, I’m new to LOA and I’m 17. I had some trouble following things post, could someone help me understand? Also, what exactly is aligning with what you want and being a vibrational match? I’ve been trying to manifest small things with no sucess. What’s going on?

    • Hey Jeanine,

      “What exactly is aligning with what you want and being a vibrational match?”

      You know when you are in alignment and a vibrational match to what you want when you feel good when you think about what you want and are in a state of allowing it to come into your life. When you think about what you want and you do not feel good, it means you are offering resistance, are out of alignment with your desire and not a vibrational match.

      When you focus on what you want (and why you want it), you feel positive emotion, and are in alignment.

      When you focus on the lack or absence of what you want, you feel negative emotion, and are out of alignment.

      It is easier to feel good when you are general with your thoughts. When you focus on specifics when you’re not ready, they do not feel good to think about and you just end up introducing resistance (resistance prevents what you want from coming).

      So, what are some things you have been wanting to manifest?

      • Hey Brian,

        I started using the LOA a few months ago and I’ve heard about manifesting small things to strengthen faith in LOA. I’ve tried manifesting seeing a blue bird or recieving an email I’ve been waiting for, but to no avail. My main goal at the moment is to manifest a car and a job so I can be independent from my mother and to have more freedom, but again since I’m new at this stuff I have NO idea what I’m doing or how to achieve that and sometimes since I see people that say LOA doesn’t work for big things like that or that the LOA doesnt work for them, my excitement kinda goes away. What can I do?

          • Hi Sabeen,

            Well, what a friend of mine told me to do was to visualize it and then just let it go, like forget about it. So I do that, and then about a month later I’ll remember it and be like “hey…where is it?” So I mainly just kinda think about how it would be nice to see it and then try to forget about it. Sometimes I have an issue with trusting that it’ll happen or I have a fear I won’t see it and then I’ll be disappointed. I hope that makes sense!

        • “I started using the LOA a few months ago and I’ve heard about manifesting small things to strengthen faith in LOA.”

          Yes, and that’s a great way to go about it.

          And I understand what you mean by small things, but you may want to change that to “things I have less resistance on or things I have more ease and allowing on.” Because, from the perspective of Source and the Universe, there are no big or small things, there are just things. Everything is made up of the same, equal energy.

          Abraham Hicks has said, “It is as easy to create a castle as a button.”

          “I see people that say LOA doesn’t work for big things…”

          The Law of Attraction attracts more that is like it onto itself. It attracts two things that have the same energy, or vibration. So when two things are a vibrational match, they will be attracted together, like a magnet.

          When you want something, and are focused on the lack/absence of it, you are a vibrational match to the lack of what you want, and so you will continue to manifest the lack or absence of what you want.

          When you want something, and are focused on the vibrational presence of it, you are a vibrational match to the presence of what you want, and you will manifest what you want.

          The Universe supports whatever you believe to be true.

          If someone believes it does not work for big things, then the Law of Attraction will support that belief and show them that they cannot manifest big things.

          If someone believes it does work for whatever they want (and they allow what they want to come), then the Law of Attraction will support that belief and show them that they can manifest whatever they want.

          “the LOA doesnt work for them…”

          If a person believes the Law of Attraction does not work for them, the Law of Attraction will unconditionally support that belief and give them examples to further show them that Law of Attraction does not work for them.

          “I’ve tried manifesting seeing a blue bird or receiving an email I’ve been waiting for…”

          When you focus on what you want and why you want it, you feel good, and get into alignment. So, let me ask you a couple questions.

          Why do you want to see a blue bird? What would seeing the blue bird mean to you?

          And, how do you believe you will feel when you see it? What positive thoughts and emotions will you think and feel when you see it?

          Why do you want to receive the e-mail? What would receiving the e-mail mean to you?

          And, how do you believe you will feel when you see the e-mail in your Inbox? What positive thoughts and good feelings will you think and feel when you see it?

          • Hi Brian!

            Well the main reason I’d like to see a blue bird is because they’re rare to see where I live and I think it’s a nice way to strengthen my faith is to see something I normally wouldn’t. When I think about how I feel when I see it, I imagine myself being overjoyed and very excited . I would feel the same way about the email, very happy and relieved and excited. I also feel the same way when I think about having and driving my own car, despite the money situation my family is in and having my own job and having my own money. I would feel a sense of freedom, joy and peace.

    • Hi Jeanine,
      Welcome to Deliberate Blog 🙂 There’s a lot of free information on this site, and if you subscribe, you get a free e-book explaining all the basics (

      There are also many audios and videos that Melody made which are also helpful, especially if you are someone who learns best through hearing. ( &

      The audios and videos give good explanations of applying LOA to specific situations, but can be applied quite broadly. Personally, I like these formats better than text…they make everything easier to process for me. 😉

      Best wishes to you!

  • That Brussel Sprouts analogy is THE clearest one I’ve ever come across on the internet to describe attachment to what I think I want in order to get to a range of feelings. Unless you have a better analogy, do include this one in your upcoming book! I really think many people will “get it” faster.

    • Thanks Gooby. There are so many metaphors and analogies already in the book (you know me…) but I was kind of thinking the same thing as I wrote this. Let me see if I can squeeze just one more in there… 🙂

  • Hey Melody,

    Loved your explanation of a difficult question, a question that I find many people use as an excuse not to believe in the LOA.

    Many people begin life in poverty only to rise to great heights, such as Abraham Lincoln who it is said educated himself with some law books he found while clearing out a shed!

    Also hundreds of people everyday overcome difficulties to achieve goals that no one ever could have imagined was possible for them. In my link I share a video of Arthur a war veteran who refused to believe the Doctors when they told him he wouldn’t walk again unaided. Arthur went on not only to walk, but to run again, and his physical transformation is unbelievable, but true!!

    As for changing skin or eye color, you are right, often this stems from someone being unhappy within themselves and they believe that by changing something about their appearance that this will deliver the happiness or confidence they desire. However, in order to bring that kind of inner joy or peace into your life you have start loving yourself for who you are, focusing on your gifts and qualities as this is what will ultimately deliver what you truly want.

    Sometimes it’s better to tell the story of your life as you want it to be, get your imagination involved, and really begin to feel as you would when your are the strong and confident person that you want to become. This helps to change your point of attraction and the universe will respond in kind.

    Thanks again for the great post,

    Roma Catherine

  • “and Brad Pitt does not taste like chocolate (I like to imagine that he does)”
    LOL!! – you have such a way with words Melody. I wonder what Angelina would think of all this discussion about her new husband, being dated in random women’s fantasties and tasting like chocolate :oD
    Ok back to reading the article…..

  • Hello Melody and Readers,

    What a wonderful thing that if we didn’t have the capability to manifest something, we wouldn’t have the idea. 😉 It’s interesting to read about life themes and exploring them, because it seems very obvious all around us. I’ve been reading many biographies about people I admire, and the abundance one seems to be a major theme for many. For instance, many stars in music and successful entrepreneurs had lived in poverty for some time or struggled while growing up. Many celebrities were bullied or ostracised while young, and many supermodels were born into modest circumstances far from the capitals of the fashion world.

    Self-trust seems to be a big theme too for many people. Just now I came across an essay from singer/electronic producer Grimes ( I admire her career and creative presentation. 🙂 In the essay, two topics she writes about are ignoring others’ judgements on her creative decisions, and how through gaining confidence in herself, she attracted more trustworthy people in her life. Acting the role of who she wants to be – someone confident in her own power. It’s always fun to find examples of LOA in everyday life 😉

  • First off, the picture is funny. I remember when I’d gotten into the animal communication stuff after watching the interview you did with Tabi, and as I tried to ‘speak’ to my cat, I thought, oh my gosh. I’ve twerked in front of her before. Lol. Anyway, this post is interesting although it confuses me a bit, so I’ll have to read it through a couple more times. But I am familiar with some things mentioned, like the understanding of how you feel being due to a decision you’ve made, and not an actual physical trait. I like to say: my body isn’t making me feel a certain way, I’m feeling a certain way about my body. The same can be said for other circumstances too. When I changed the way I felt about myself, I began to get more attention (that I actually wanted), without changing my style, or trying to be or look any different than how I prefer. It’s been fun seeing things change with my vibration, inspiring too. Now I’m in the process of using what I learned from that experience in other areas of my life.

    I think one of my more prominent ‘life themes’ is about self-love, trust, power, body stuff… I’ve experienced self-esteem issues for a long time, but now I’m exploring them more so than suffering through them. As for my body, I’ve experienced the weight gain, loss then gain thing again, yeah. Because of it, I stumbled upon a ton of information about the body, that opened me up to understanding what it is truly capable of! I’m not surprised, since I’d been intrigued by and fascinated with the human body ever since I was little. But also, this information has triggered self-trust issues, because what I’ve experienced wouldn’t be considered normal, so I’m learning how to trust that what I know works for me (instead of worrying that I’m wrong because other people disagree, and Kelli actually gave me some good advice about that. Thanks Kelli! She’s right there so I may as well thank her, lol). Anyway, I’m rambling. All in all, thanks for writing this up for us Melody. I look forward to your blogs every Thursday. 😀

    • Hey midway between March and May,

      “my body isn’t making me feel a certain way, I’m feeling a certain way about my body.”

      And to add to that, your body is sending you unconditional love. And you want to allow yourself to receive your body’s love for you.

      “When I changed the way I felt about myself, I began to get more attention (that I actually wanted), without changing my style, or trying to be or look any different than how I prefer. It’s been fun seeing things change with my vibration, inspiring too.”

      People respond to your vibrational “body”, not your physical one.

      • Hi Brian, thanks for further explaining that. I like to hear different explanations of a concept because they help me get a better feel and understanding of them, so I’m going to save what you’ve said. And it took quite awhile, but my body and I are better ‘friends’ than we’ve ever been. I now understand how truly amazing the body is, so that knowing alone makes it difficult to dislike my body or to reject it’s love. Actually, it seems to function best when I’m calmer, at ease, happy, etc, you know, high vibrations. I used to worry a lot about my body, like what I ate and such. But my body has, in a way, ensured me that I don’t have to worry by showing me what it’s capable of (well, when I allowed it to show me). In fact, the stress from the worry only seemed to make things worse, and my health actually improved when I stopped stressing out. It was very cool. Anyway, thanks again. 🙂 I think I’ve seen you on Powerful Intentions too. Just as helpful here as you are there, eh?

        • ”the stress from the worry only seemed to make things worse, and my health actually improved when I stopped stressing out.”?

          Stress is when you do not trust in your body’s ability to know what it is doing.?

          When you relax, and thus trust in your body, you are no longer micromanaging it and you allow it to do it’s job that it’s great at and more than happy to do.?

          • Oh yeah. I’ve read up on Mystics and how they decrease all their stress hormones and overall stress in general. That is, they are far beyond that and that’s how they lead a life in flow and healthy- no stress.

          • That’s so true Brian, I’ve been in the process of learning to trust my body for quite a long time, and it’s becoming easier. And A, that’s interesting! Thanks for sharing. I think I’m going to read up on that too.

      • Hi Brian, thanks so much for sharing! This makes so much sense to me and helps me realize that I can change the way I think and feel about myself. I have noticed too, without having lost any weight that I feel better about myself and can look at myself without cringing. I’m happy with that!

        • Hey Ashley,

          It can also help to focus on parts of your body you do enjoy, and give more attention to parts of your body you’ve probably never even acknowledged before.

          For example, “I love you elbows. You are the sexiest elbows I’ve ever seen.”

          “My nails are hot! Damn. I’m Catwoman up in here.”

          “My kneecaps are so beautiful. Soft, and round and protect knees.”

          “My duodenum is remarkable. It does so much for me, and even though I can’t see it, I know it’s beautiful and sexy too. I got a sexy duodenum!”

  • Hey Melody
    Wow…loved this post so much. I think you tackled an issue that can make people majorly skeptical of this process. Like you said, there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding LOA and this type of post is an amazing resource for straightening some of it out. The possible vs probable thing provides so much clarity. Awesome as always!

    The explanation about our life themes and everything just being a starting point and not the end all be all of our experience was great too–I think that helps people reconcile their beliefs about LOA and having some sort of life plan. They are not mutually exclusive concepts but work with one another.

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