Awesome Lo’s Burning Question: “Sometimes I wonder about the line between intuition and manifesting due to LOA. Here’s a cheesy example, but I think it best illustrates my question: I had been talking to a gentleman in hopes to start a closer relationship. After a while of our conversations dwindling, I got a gut feeling that he had met someone else. I kept seeing in my mind his Facebook status as saying “Mr. Gentleman is now in a relationship.” Sure enough about a month later I found out that he had indeed met someone and I found out via a Facebook newsfeed that “Mr. Gentleman is now in a relationship.” So I had that original gut feeling, but I also kept visualizing the Facebook notification. Similar instances happen in all areas of my life (e.g. thinking about getting jumped in the parking garage and then it actually happening). My question is really, does intuition and LOA intertwine? How so? Is there a way to tell the difference between if I’m attracting something due to LOA or if it’s my intuition trying to get my attention?”

Hey there Awesome Lo,

Thanks so much for this brilliant question. This is something that just about everyone who deliberately works with their energy (and therefore their reality) bumps up against sooner or later.

Here’s the deal: EVERYTHING is due to LOA. The Law of Attraction is the mechanism by which what you focus on grows. It’s the machine that causes a vibration which you’ve activated through your focus to draw more energy which feels the same to it. Basically, the Law of Attraction is responsible for ALL of your manifestations, whether you like them or not.

But, how does intuition figure into all of this?

What is Intuition, anyway?

Your intuition, in a nutshell, is your awareness of your vibration, or your awareness of the energy of what you are manifesting. You can use your intuition in several ways.

First, your intuition will tell you if are focusing on something you want or don’t want. In this case, your intuition will come to you in the form of emotional feedback. If you are experiencing a positive emotion, you know that you are lining up with wanted manifestations. If you are experiencing negative emotions, you know that you are lining up with unwanted manifestations. So, if you are focusing on Mr. Gentleman, and it feels good, good feeling experiences will come to you. Keep in mind that these experiences may or may not involve Mr. Gentleman. He has come into your reality as a representation, a symbol, something to focus on, but not necessarily the delivery boy for further manifestations. If you are focusing on Mr. Gentleman and it feels bad in any way, bad feeling experiences are on the way (again, they may or may not involve Mr. Gentleman).

The emotional feedback is the first opportunity you get to change your vibration, if you so choose. So, if something feels bad, back off and figure out what it is that you’re focusing on that feels bad. You don’t have to let something manifest before you can make a change. Although, you often will.

The second opportunity you get to make a change will be your thoughts, memories and ideas. If you ignore your emotional feedback, you will get some images in your mind that let you know what’s about to manifest. These images can be literal translations of what’s about to manifest (like seeing yourself get mugged when you are actually about to be), or symbolic representations (like seeing yourself get mugged, when your business partner is about to screw you over). In either case, these images can also be described as “intuition”. What you actually “see” in your mind depends largely on how your particular brain translates energy, on what kinds of representations are most likely to help you get the message, and how close you are to the physical manifestation.

Listen to your intuition!

No matter if your intuitive feedback is purely emotional, or if you’re already seeing images in your mind, the key to manifesting what you want is to LISTEN TO THE FREAKING FEEDBACK! I’m sorry, I don’t mean to shout, but honestly, I can’t stress this enough. This is what Deliberate Receiving is all about – paying attention to the feedback you’re getting and adjusting accordingly.

In your case, you were getting a bad feeling about Mr. Gentleman, as well as some images of what was about to happen. And then, it happened. Did you do anything wrong? Nope. There is no right or wrong. There is only what you prefer and what you don’t prefer. As you’ll see, the experience, at any stage of the manifestation, can help you to figure out what you’re doing with your vibration. That brings us to the next logical question: could you have prevented this outcome (him meeting someone else and dropping you) if you had managed your vibration differently? Maybe, maybe not. You see, it’s not about Mr. Gentleman. It never was. He’s just a representation, a symbol, a tool if you will (pun fully intended).

You see, it’s not about forcing Mr. Gentleman to be your one and only. You can’t do that. You can’t manifest in someone else’s reality, ever. What is it about? Your experience. What you want is to be in a loving, wonderful, adventurous, passionate, kick ass relationship. If you line up with that and Mr. Gentleman is not capable of representing that to you, he will gravitate out. How do you know if he is or not? I know that many of you aren’t going to want to hear this, but it’s totally irrelevant.

What is relevant is that you line up with what you want, and then let whomever matches that vibration come in. So, how do you know if you’re lining up with what you want? Well, that’s where your intuition comes in. How do you feel?

Your intuitive insight that he was about to meet someone else, showed you something. It made you feel a certain way. This was your message. The actual event felt exactly the same, only in an amplified way. I’m betting the idea of him getting his flirt on with some other woman didn’t exactly feel good. But how, exactly, did it feel? What bothered you about the idea, precisely? Most people will never dissect this. They just take it for granted that feeling bad about certain things is the only appropriate response and they never dig any further. You’re not going to be like most people, though, are you?

So, dig into the feeling and sit with it. See what comes up for you. Let the Law of Attraction bring you more insights that feel this way, more information which will let you know what it is that you’re focusing on that doesn’t feel good. This will have NOTHING to do with Mr. Gentleman. It’s always and only about you.

For example, you may discover that you feel angry with Mr. Gentleman. You want to rip his head off. This surprises you because even though you liked him, your anger seems to be totally out of proportion to how invested you actually were in this relationship. You sit with the anger and a memory surfaces, one that feels exactly the same as what just happened to you. You remember a time when you were a teenager and your best friend dropped you for another bestie. You were devastated at the time. You just didn’t understand why. You wondered what was wrong with you that she no longer wanted to be your friend. Had you done something wrong? Why would she choose someone else over you?

You continue to sit with this feeling and the memory, and as you do, another memory surfaces. This time, you were five years old when your dad left you and your mom for another woman. Again, you were devastated. You came to the conclusion that if you had only been “better” somehow, he would’ve stayed. Now you’re getting the whole picture. You’re not really mad at Mr. Gentleman. You’re still dealing with an old decision you made about yourself, that you are not good enough, and that this is mirrored back to you (proven to you) by others choosing someone over you. So, when someone chooses another over you, it’s “proof” that you’re not good enough. Of course, this belief will manifest this proof over and over again.

But, is that true? Are you really not good enough? Was it truly your fault that your dad left, or that your best friend abandoned you? Of course not! A five year old has no sway over whether her parents break up or not. And if your friend was so willing to drop you, perhaps she wasn’t that great of a friend to begin with. We tend to romanticize our past, and give people and relationships all kinds of qualities that weren’t there. I can’t tell you how often I’ve coached someone who insisted that their relationship was “perfect” right up to the moment that their partner left them out of the blue, only to discover that there were tons of bad feeling signs leading up to the event that they’d simply glossed over. If your dad left you when you were five and you never heard from him again, he wasn’t a good dad. If your bestie dropped you for seemingly no reason, she wasn’t a great friend. If this sounds like I’m blaming them, I am. Here’s why:

When you are stuck in self-blame, the way out of that is to direct the blame outward, at someone else. This is a temporary measure, meant to move you out of your emotional state. This is also where anger comes in, which I’ve written about pretty extensively. Thinking that it was their fault will feel better than thinking it’s your fault. This will allow you to release your anger, and move on. Then, you don’t have to blame anyone anymore. You can get to the stage where it becomes apparent that Mr. Gentleman is not really what you wanted. You may not always know exactly why not, but you can trust that if he didn’t stick around, he didn’t fit the bill.

Moving on

Once you’ve had a bad feeling experience, whether it be a physical manifestation or an intuitive hit, and you work with the energy (the emotion) allowing yourself to shift it, your vibration will change and you’ll begin to manifest something else. You’ll be able to focus on what you really want (the awesome relationship) in a way that feels good, without insisting that it come through any particular person. You’ll be able to trust that you will get what you want, and that whatever manifests is part of the process that will get you there. Please remember that you can’t fake this. You can’t just state that you trust your manifestations and feedback. You actually have to do it. You have to actually feel that way. This is why you have to engage with the emotional feedback you’re getting, with your intuition – it will tell you if you’re faking it or not. Saying pretty words while feeling bad won’t get you there.

So, to answer your question: “Is there a way to tell the difference between if I’m attracting something due to LOA or if it’s my intuition trying to get my attention?” There is no difference. They’re one and the same. Your intuition is trying to get your attention to let you know that you’re in the process of attracting something (good or bad). Don’t you just freaking love clarity? You’re welcome.

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  • hi melody, you have a really interesting side and i am glad i found it. Your article about energy Coaching i have never heard before and i will connect you to that as soon as possible. Intution for me is to hear on your inner voice. This is what i tell in most cases to my Clients. Have a nice day. call you soon. 🙂

  • OMG, Mel…holy batsh*t bat-chick….check it out…haha…you are going to LOVE this !

    So, okay, if you can recall when we first started being in contact with each other a few years ago, you would also recall that I’d said that I “deserved a divorce” and that it was not a bad thing on my end….OK…so fast forward to now, and again, if you recall, I did mention that, if I could have it my way, he would succumb to his ailments and I would not have to do the thing that scares me the most, because of the fact that we share kids, and now that he cannot work, I am the breadwinner, and anyone who has divorced in the state of California KNOWS what that is all about.

    ANYhow, so, since that writing, things have changed a whole lot. The one thing that has changed the most, though, is that I now have, I see, perhaps a choice – one being the possibility that he is sick enough to die, and the other being the divorce. Well, what started the whole ailment, which began about a week ago, was that he’d been running his mouth SO MUCH that I FINALLY just swallowed my domestically abused fear and FINALLY, after as much time since the last time I wrote to you about this one thing, I contacted an attorney – after three years, I found one who is particularly awesome with handling cases for DV survivors, so that we can divorce and not feel like we are the target of a sniper all the time. So, I sit here and I am writing to this attorney, thinking only that I need this all to end, regardless of how sick he really is, and that if I have to, I will find a nursing home and, on the other side of that, if I have to, I will make sure to it that he gets disability (finally) and I will supplement with my income from my being a Professional Weirdo haha….

    No lie, girlfriend…that very night, this person to whom I refer to as being “the baby daddy” (Hey, what do you want? I live in Pomona…’twould be the very ghetto at its ghettoland finest) begins having new pains, in his side, right where the kidneys are, and, I have mentioned it has been almost a week, right? Yep – this genius is only NOW thinking about going to the ER here…but wants to wait til tonight…you know..just in case it goes away or something like that….you know..just like when he thought having his heart attack was just a really bad case of the flu….

    So, heck yeah I am proof that everything you have written here and anywhere else is the absolute truth. It is something that I use in my teaching other people about Spirit, and, of course, is what I use, in tandem with my own blog, when I teach other survivors of Domestic Violence how to heal themselves using hula as medicine…which is something else that I totally know I mentioned to you in one of my many rambling emails…

    Pretty basically, Snarky Puppy Chick…you RULE and I would like to nominate you for president of these United States…because then practicing the LOA would be written into law haha…just kidding….

    I am sure I will have more to tell you another time…Aloha Kakou !! ROX

  • I can relate completely to having a bad day, and allowing the shift in energy determine the rest of your day. I will wake up sometimes feeling in a very odd funk. I know that I have a choice at the point to continue to allow my day to feel “odd” or I can shake it off, and change my view about it. I live in an apartment, and I swear sometimes I feel what my neighbors are going through. Perhaps I am too empathetic at times. I take that into account as well. I really don’t have a good reason to feel off; so I rationalize that it must be others’ energies.

  • I just read a quote from J Lo who said “Whatever you put out there comes back to you” so might was well send out great thoughts, feelings and vibes and see what happens….

  • Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your great reply. 🙂 For now I’m just going with the flow, heading downstream…not pushing against things anymore, just enjoying the goodness and pleasures in my life right now, knowing that even better things await. But not scrambling to make things happen. 😉

  • I feel like there is a certain pressure (I notice it in certain cultures more than others…) to constantly push oneself for greater joy, bigger success, being the best, being a workaholic, etc. over “settling” and just being happy with simple pleasures, enjoying the journey, fun in the moment, flowing with life, playing, relaxing, etc. Like one has to focus completely on a goal and be really ambitious and cut-throat…that play can wait because you need to be working the hardest and focused and that these are apparently traits of all “successful” people in the eyes of many… :/

    • Hey Stardust,

      I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I’m torn between feeling content with a simple life and knowing that I have burning desire for more. Where it gets tricky is that sometimes I feel like I “should” be pushing for more or to get something faster.

      Here’s what I’ve found. In the words of Abraham-Hicks feeling like I’m enjoying simple pleasure and then also feeling like I need to “do” “more” creates a wobble. What I’m doing by feeling these two things is actually activating two different vibrations and then causing myself to activate a confusing vibration and then attract more of that. So, I keep getting more of those nice, warm, fluffy, flowing, and simple experiences, and I keep getting this feeling of yearning for more and wanting to expand, but not actually knowing if I’m even ready to take the next steps of that expansion.

      If this resonates with you what I’ve learned is this: Anything I feel like I “should” do is not a pure thought and therefore when I think it and feel that way I will manifest resistance along with the desire – like getting an opportunity to move to a new exciting city but being incredibly sad to leave people behind. So, instead what I would do is focus on the things that you can appreciate without resistance – those playing and relaxing aspects of your life – with the kind of determination you think you need to have to physically manifest things.

      What this will do is a few things: 1. You will become more aware of the power of the universe to do most of the efforting for you. 2. You will understand more and more how powerful and successful you can be by “simply” playing and flowing and relaxing. 3. You will discover that the point of being alive is to both appreciate where you are now and get excited about where your are expanding to.

      Added to that, you will make the link that playing and flowing and relaxing is how you can exist most of the time; it’s not an either/or. There is no such thing as I can have this OR I can have that. What you think about how others become successful is simply your chronically manifested resistance – not “the way it is.” And you will learn that success is something that comes as a natural progression of your focusing on what you thought were simple, enjoyable experiences.

      Hope this helps,

  • Hello Everyone,
    How do you know if you’re settling? If you are in a situation and you’re happy, content, peaceful, warm (ex: living in a certain city) but you have a desire that you would have a better chance achieving in another city…would it be better to take the risk and go to the other city? You’ve never been there before, and you feel like you should push yourself go but don’t really want to, you are happy where you are…but it makes no logical sense to stay there. And you feel like you’re running out of time, being happy and enjoying simpler pleasures rather than pursuing a bigger more ambitious and grand dream. Potential for more excitement and reward, but your heart feels really warm and happy where you are and you really want to stay there.
    I’m in this situation right now and currently my intuition feels all cloudy! So many thoughts in my head.

    Also should you change your personality to that of a “successful” person if you want to be successful or should you just be yourself and follow your proper joy? Even if all the success books say to do this or that, be like this, only spend time with these people, etc.

    And action…if there’s a big dream you achieve but don’t really feel inspired to take “logical” steps towards it, feel like your’e running out of time, should you push yourself more and go more out of your comfort zone/be more ambitious, a go-getter, make things happen etc…or just continue doing things that feel good? That are easy and just flow and come naturally? I feel like there’s conflicting message between philosophies of going with joy, flowing, moving through life through following one’s whims, heart, and achieving big success, reaching goals, being disciplined and forcing yourself to grow and expand. One feels so much lighter, easier, warm, playful, and happy…but it seems too simple and easy. The other says we have to push ourselves to reach big success and take more logical calculated steps, act now and not waste time, work really hard, have laser-like focus on our goal, etc.

    Thank you for your answers! ;o)

    • Hey stardust,

      “…would it be better to take the risk and go to the other city?”

      How does that feel?

      If it feels good, then follow that. If it does not feel good, then don’t go until or unless it does feel good.

      “Also should you change your personality to that of a ‘successful’ person if you want to be successful or should you just be yourself and follow your proper joy?”

      Which feels better? Which feels good when you think about it?

      “… forcing yourself to grow and expand.”

      When you follow your highest excitement and do what feels good, there is no need to force yourself to grow and expand, because growing and expanding is the natural result of feeling good and doing what you enjoy.

      “One feels so much lighter, easier, warm, playful, and happy…but it seems too simple and easy.”

      Would you prefer it be more difficult? Does it feel better to think it is more complicated than it actually is?

  • “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

  • this post clarifies what listening to intuition really means, like fear it is not really an invitation to run away , but to look at the how I am attracting the feeling in the first place. It does make sense that the feeling is really what we basically look for . Without a feeling of preference/dislike you could not even call what you want a desire and what you do not want a problem. The difficult part is to change the emotional feedback in order to stop attracting the message itself. As MovingMeta pointed out it is hard not to fall into self balme once you realize ,despite how much annoying Others or circumstances can be, they are mere messengers of your focus and believes .. If once you identify your belief and despite all the attempts you still find it difficult to emotionally shift Just stop and do something different . I find it very helpful to dedicate myself to something I really like or totally unrelated . It indeed helps feel lighter about the subject and more open to clarity. And do allow yourself to get mad and take it out …Not because it is somebody else’s faul if you had a bad experience , but just for that fact that if you were able to attract precisely them or elicit a certain behaviour it is because they were able to pull that crap ..just for that they are totally worth your anger

  • Hi Melody,

    Perfect explanation of how intuition works. I love it and what’s more it’s that you are right on.

    This post made me think of an experience I’ve had years ago.

    I was getting ready to leave the house for work. At the time my mom and aunt were visiting me in the US for their usual 3 months out of the year. When I left that morning I had the intuition that one of my cats had skipped out, but I knew that she had not (at the time) so I tried to shake that feeling out – all day – but to no avail.

    That evening, when I got home, my mom and aunt where still out with friends, and I quickly notice that the very kitty that I had a strong intuition about that morning, was actually not in the house. After calling, screaming and crying for like 20 minutes I found her outside. We realized that she had gone out when my mom an aunt left the house about an hour after I did that morning.

    I know that that day, if I had gone back in and warned my mom of my intuition and told her to make double sure that kitty wasn’t going to try to make it outside while she wasn’t looking, that would have stopped the whole thing. But I didn’t and my cat did ended getting out that day, just like I felt it.

    So, I totally agree with you, intuition is a warning of where we are at that moment and we can use it to figure out what needs to be changed.

  • I’m confused…how do you know the difference between an image coming to mind and her maybe just thinking that the guy might end up dating someone else, as in just having a negative thought/paranoia?

    • Marjorie, personally I look at the feeling or emotion that accompanies the thought. If the emotion is neutral or not unpleasant I know somethings up. If I can feel the fear or anxiety or butterflies, I know it’s my fear/paranoia and I try and figure out where that comes from.

  • Thank you thank you thank you for this post. It cleared so many things up for me. However, one thing still makes me wonder… ever since I learned to listen to my intuition, every time it flashes something in front of my mind’s eye or points my attention towards something, it’s always positive. And yeah, I know it’s a very good thing and I really have nothing to complain about 🙂 But sometimes the mental images I get are so strong and frequent (I keep seeing myself at home, wherever that will be… since that’s my Holy Grail at the moment) that I honestly start to question if I’m still moving around Europe or am I just delusional, and I’m really at home, imagining this crazy trip that has lasted for three years. One time I was just lazying around on the sofa, four apartments ago, watching my daughter play with her toys, and suddenly the room just sort of melted away around her and for a split second I saw the apartment I’m pretty much imagining when I’m visualizing.

    So… are the positive mental images and flashes “just” an indication that I’m doing the right thing? Because it’s easy to understand the logic behind the negative (you might want to pay attention to this before it gets bigger) but I can’t shake off the thought that the positive ones do have some “bigger” reason behind them as well, especially when they try to get my attention to the point where I start to question my reality. I might add that normally, just when my mind is about to shatter from the feeling of being in two places at the same time, they just stop. And I’m like “Well that was a turn-off”. I mean, the energy is just so big that I’m practically waiting for it to rain money so I can buy an apartment or a house. I hope someone made some sense of what I’m trying to explain 🙂 So yeah, in a nutshell… when I start getting these, should I just keep rollin’ or do I see them for some more specific reason?

  • Hey Melody,

    First time commenter, long(ish) time reader. I really enjoy the no-nonsense approach you bring to these posts. Many people who write about the law of attraction keep droning on in a guru-like way. Your approach is refreshing.

    I particularly enjoyed how, in this post, as soon as you started getting specific with the example of sitting with the emotion and waiting for memories, I started doing the same with my current manifestations! It was crazy because, as I was reading the words you wrote, my brain was simultaneously doing the quantum math of my own emotional resistance. And you gave me the best gift an LOA blog could give – a little releasing of resistance.

    I appreciate that you brought up the idea of being “unnecessarily” angry at a situation and recognizing that that’s ok. So much of the time I want to be doing the “right” thing that when I get angry, wonder “What’s wrong with me?” I mean, after all, I was just 5 minutes late to work. Why the emotional deluge?

    I had a similar situation with a Ms. Lady who I didn’t even want to date. I have a Ms. Lady already – I just wanted this other Ms. Lady to choose me over Mr. Coworker. Logically, it makes no sense. I mean, what does her “choosing me” over him even mean in a non romantic sense? Yet, it makes perfect emotional sense.

    I think that – as you say – manifested symbols or representations – of our stuck or stale emotions come along and aid us in the process of releasing those emotions. Knowing that it’s not about that person or that thing allows me to have the permission to feel any way I need to about that person or thing so I can let my emotions go. Stupid road construction, making me late for work! How dare that Ms. Coworker not spend more time with me than him!? So, then I can let that emotion flow upwards. By not giving myself permission to feel the way I feel about something, I don’t give myself permission to feel the relief! So what if it seems silly to blame something or someone for something they couldn’t even logically do? It’s simply a step for me in the process of releasing.

    And knowing that manifestations too are simply steps in the process of releasing emotions takes the sting out of them quite a bit.

    • Hey Chris,

      “So much of the time I want to be doing the ‘right’ thing that when I get angry, wonder ‘What’s wrong with me?’ I mean, after all, I was just 5 minutes late to work. Why the emotional deluge?”

      Emotions are your Guidance System. As a general guide:

      When you feel negative emotion, you are thinking a thought that Source doesn’t think and are focused on the lack or absence of what you want.

      When you feel positive emotion, you are thinking a thought that Source does think and are focused on what you want.

      “Stupid road construction, making me late for work!”

      And it’s okay to get upset. And also, you feel negative emotion because you are focused on the lack of you getting to work on time. But, when you shift your focus to what a beautiful day it is, focus on your breathing and things you appreciate, and soothing yourself by reminding yourself, you can’t control traffic or road conditions but you can control your response to traffic and road conditions, you will begin to find relief and feel better.

      • Hey Brian,

        Thanks for responding to my comments. I like your deconstructive approach and it’s really nice to be reminded of just how simple the process is – even though we tend to complicate the hell out of it 🙂

    • Thank you Chris for pointing out how subtle it can be about the feeling of someone “choosing” someone else over you. It Has shown me it doesn’t need to manifest into something HUGE like a lover blatantly passing you over for another person, to get your attention – that you can notice how you feel about this on a small scale and fine tune it from there which would be more of a gentle experience. It really does highlight to me things don’t have to manifest into something huge if you pay attention.

      Thanks again 🙂

      • Your welcome, Jann. It’s funny how we have emotional narratives that can play out over any number of different situations. I like what you said that it’s nice that we can fine tune the emotions that we experience in response to a smaller manifestation. All we have to do is pay attention. I really like that you bring up the idea of being gentle, as that’s something that resonates with me. I find that if you’re more gentle with yourself and your manifesting approach, the universe responds kindly in kind.

        • Thanks Chris, your reply has made me ponder about being kind and gentle 🙂 I know when I have big manifestations that are bad feeling I am pretty reactive and take a go hard or go home approach on them in hopes of clearing it up quickly. Lots of reactive action. I am starting to practice getting myself back to a neutral position and figuring out what do I want instead and trying to approach it gently and kindly. This hasn’t been easy for me because it’s a very different approach to what I am used to doing but baby steps I guess 🙂

          I like that! I really do need to focus on manifesting gently and kindly – something I really need to ponder over.

          Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  • Why do I get this intuition that LOA is about the universe saying ok you want the feeling but I’ll select the partner/job/pet cat for you – then you are not happy because it is not the exact one you wanted? When I read these posts I just get more and more confused it’s like you have to be a good little human and just accept LOA beating you over the head. Today a family member passed away from cancer. I and he attracted that, so therefore LOA is giving me things I don’t want and I am supposed to dance in the fields of flowers in total rapture and joy?????? Ummm no.

    I still don’t see why you can’t put out you want a certain someone or something? There seems to be this obession in new age land that you leave it to fate or you become the new Glenn Close bunny boiler. I accept not one person can you make you happy, but, to just go ok LOA do your thing, then you are 80 and alone and you get on a blog and get told oh it’s your fault it didn’t come.

    And as for the feeling with the Facebook guy, how do you know that person didn’t think that and it happened anyway. To just gravate out and he’s happy and the other person isn’t then you get told oh just move on and dance and sing and be happy it will come – guess what he’s in the other’s arms happy and you are alone and you can’t call yourself a victim or LOA will get ya!

    Oh geez I have so much work to do I feel like giving up on LOA.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant but perhaps its time to move on from LOA. Then again I’ll hold onto anything to get some answers.

    • Michael, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting out that you want a certain something or someone. The only catch is that, with people especially, they have a lot of their own complex vibrations going on as well, so if they are not a vibrational match to you, they can’t stay in your experience. But does that matter, since whoever is a vibrational match to you will be attracted into your experience instead? I think the point is that as long as you are vibrating the way that you want to be, you can pretty much trust that the things that you get matched to will be what you want. That doesn’t mean that you can’t identify specific things that you want, though.

    • Michael please don’t give up on trying to understand LOA. It takes a while to get it, but once you do it all makes sense.
      Your reality reflects your current vibration whether you realise it or not. This is not blame, just a neutral statement.
      If something bad happens, just allow whatever feelings come up and work through them. There is always something to learn from even unpleasant events in your life. On some level you have chosen those events in your life for a reason that you may not consciously understand yet. It’s all about your perspective. When someone dies I try to think of it as a temporary separation, and they are happier wherever they are and not missing me, so why should I be sad for long? Obviously that is more challenging in some cases than others but that’s what I am aiming for. There are probably a hundred better perspectives than that.
      If you want something, you don’t have to accept whatever the universe dishes out – you always have the option to say ‘no’. Your job is to line up with whatever you want (focus on the good feelings, ignore the bad ones) and then say no until you get what you want, then say yes thank you. So you do have total choice from the options that the universe presents to you.
      I have been listening to a lot of Bashar (thanks to whomever on here put me on to him!) lately and he really puts it clearly. “Follow your excitement” is a good mantra. Also he puts forth the idea that you have to create the feelings in yourself and EVENTUALLY your reality will reflect that, but not immediately. The way you know things are starting to change is if your feelings/reactions have changed but the reality is the same. Then the manifestation is sure to follow.

    • Michael,

      Believe me, I’ve been exactly where you are now. And I don’t know if this will work for you, but hey, you never know unless you try, right? 🙂

      See, the work is supposed to be fun. And when it stops being fun, it might be advisable to take a break, because at that point you’re pushing too hard. Think of it as a LOA holiday, if you will. I’m guessing you’ve been reading about the technicalities to the point where your head is about to burst from all the information, so try not to think about it too much, relax, do something else, and give your brain a chance to digest everything. Continue only when you really feel like it, when it feels like fun.

    • I completely understand your decision to give up, because what you’ve explained here is based on misconceptions about the LOA, or at least this isn’t exactly the way Melody and some others have taught it, or how I’ve learned it. These kinds of things would make anyone want to give up, if practicing the LOA meant ignoring how you feel and pretending to be happy, but in my experience, it doesn’t. To me, the concept of LOA is ‘like attracts like’. The Universe is like a mirror, reflecting your vibration back to you. The Universe isn’t like some (douchey) person, who purposely withholds your desires and makes happiness unattainable for you. The LOA doesn’t ‘say’ to forget how you truly feel and pretend to be happy. Someone else said that, based on misconception. As I said, besides the premise of LOA being ‘like attracts like’, everything else you hear about it is going to be someone’s own take, own perspective, etc. So I’d say what could truly be given up on are these ideas of the LOA that clearly don’t resonate with you at all, for ones that do instead.

      When we experience something we don’t like, it isn’t our ‘fault’, it’s our responsibility. There’s a difference. When you fault someone, you’re usually scolding them for their behavior, you’re blaming them for something. Taking responsibility for yourself and your life means that the power is in your hands. If you manifested an unpleasant experience for yourself, with that same power you can manifest something you truly want. I understand that this concept sounds a bit odd, and a lot of people immediately think that it has to do with blame. I just don’t agree. This concept is so freeing, to realize that only you can make or break yourself; that your power isn’t in the hands of someone else. That no one else is the source of your happiness, you are. That’s why I’m so much more able these days to own my shit, lol, whereas in the past, I would constantly give my power away.

      I’ve learned to honor and accept my feelings. I don’t always, I’m just making that clear. Like so many of us here, I’m still learning, growing, understanding. But what works for me is to embrace how I feel. If I feel upset, depressed or powerless, I allow it. The LOA is considered an emotional journey for a reason. It’s all about how you feel, and pretending to be happy and run in a field when you feel like crap, isn’t honoring how you feel. It’s denial. When that person who’d been left for someone else realizes what belief lined them up with that experience, they can begin to release it and line up with a better experience. Let’s say they believed that they weren’t good enough, and realizing this, they can finally release it so it’s no longer muddying up their vibe, no longer manifesting these situations. Now not only are they embracing how innately awesome they are, but the mens are lining uppp. Lol, sorry. But no, I don’t think Melody says to sit around and pretend to be happy, hoping someone else comes along. And that’s why I find it so freeing. When you take responsibility for a belief that brought a bad experience into your life, understanding that when you let that go, you can create a new experience. That you won’t be alone forever, and it doesn’t matter anymore what Mr. Dude does or doesn’t do, because he doesn’t create your reality. You do.

      The LOA doesn’t give us what we don’t want (like a person), it responds to our vibration. It doesn’t actually ‘say’ anything in the sense that it tells you to be in denial and ignore how you feel. Do we get angry at our reflection for not smiling back at us, or do we understand that we must smile first (as Melody says, this is simple… just not always easy)? I think this misconception causes so much pain, because by believing that the LOA is doing all of this ‘to’ us can make anyone feel completely powerless, and powerlessness is one of the worst feelings I’ve personally ever felt. So in that sense, I understand why you want to give up. But give up on powerlessness, give up on these ideas that don’t resonate with you. When something isn’t working for you, you sit down, assess things and decide to approach things differently, because it’s supposed to be fun (although I understand that it isn’t always). I’ve had to do this quite a few times until I found my preferred and comfortable approach to all of this. Find your strengths and work with them, if you want to.

      As a side note, and excuse me for rambling, but I think one reason why people tend to approach LOA this way, seeing the Universe and LOA as entities that ‘do’ things to us, is due to the fact that that’s exactly how society views life. Something cruel, that does things to us. But LOA and societal beliefs don’t really mesh, and they’re two pretty much opposite concepts. I’ve seen people, myself included, struggle a lot by approaching it this way. I personally like to analyze societal beliefs, using them to help me understand where particular pieces of resistance are coming from, as I apply what I know of LOA of course.

      Okay, let me stop talking… this is just my 2 cents but now it’s like 50 cents to a dollar with how much I go on. Just to let you know, I’m not trying to convince you of anything. Also a good rant does a mind well, I know it does mine. 🙂 The LOA is such a complex, yet simple concept that definitely brings you on a journey. Either way, I hope you find your way to your dreams Michael, how ever you choose to.

  • Wow, this is spooky.

    Not only can I relate to the question, but I actually went through an experienced my teenage best friend dumping me for another friend and my father did leave my mother and I for another woman. Both experiences were devastating and have defined my entire adult life. After reading this post, I come away from it both better understanding how these events have influenced what I have manifested, but also now know exactly how to stop them from being so emotionally dominating.

    Massive thanks and a huge hug to you, Melody.

    • “went through an experience with”… This is what what happens when you try to leave an eloquent comment in the middle of the night…

  • Hi Melody:
    So I have known this for a while; there is no difference between the intuition and the law of attraction. They are one in the same; intuition gets your attention to what you are manifesting.
    But I get myself into this little problem; I look at the feedback I got and I feel like it’s a big time bomb. So I know that my manifestation is ticking closer and closer, and soon it will explode. And when you are near a time bomb and you are afraid of it going off, well, you can’t really move because you don’t know where to go or what to do. And that’s what happens to me.
    I see myself getting an assignment (school related so I can’t just hand it off or anything.) I see it being difficult. And then I get scared and I don’t know what step to take next. Part of me says to just know that the universe will make everything easy and simple, but part of me wonders, is that the right “screw” to turn to stop the time-bomb of a manifestation in it’s tracks?
    I was wondering if you would be willing to address this time-bomb issue; what do I do when I know something is coming, and I then become afraid because I know I have to stop it?
    As for temporarily blaming others, I can a bit, but there is not much anger because I don’t feel I was really wronged. I just manifested myself into situations; no one really did anything to hurt me. I can blame the fate for a few seconds but mehh, that loses its satisfaction quite quickly. I know the universe is just a machine. A function. input/output. I don’t feel like getting mad at my computer for giving me political views opposing to mine; it’s all me and I need to change what I put into the search engine if I don’t want to read that. Just as I don’t feel like getting mad at the universe for giving me something I don’t want.

    • ”So I know that my manifestation is ticking closer and closer, and soon it will explode. And when you are near a time bomb and you are afraid of it going off, well, you can’t really move because you don’t know where to go or what to do.”?

      You have the power to stop the manifestation, or even if the manifestation does show up, you can focus on what you want and manifest something else you prefer, and the manifestation that does show up does not have to be experienced in a negative way. Every experience is neutral, and you get to decide if you want to give an experience a negative or a positive meaning.

      “And then I get scared and I don’t know what step to take next.”

      You don’t have to do the whole project at once, just the next step. Focus on doing one step at a time, and the project will get done.

      “… is that the right “screw” to turn to stop the time-bomb of a manifestation in it’s tracks?”

      Your emotions are your guide.

      When you feel negative emotion, you are attracting what you don’t want.

      When you feel positive emotion, you are attracting what you do want.

      So the thing that brings you a more pleasing manifestation is by soothing yourself, finding relief with where you are and reaching for a good feeling thought and a more pleasing emotion.

  • Hey Melody
    I loved this so much. I have always been a pretty intuitive person, and seeing it as basically being in tune with your vibration was such an interesting insight and made so much sense the minute I read it. It was totally like..ahhh, so that’s what’s happening! And looking back on it, I have had intuitive feelings about both good and bad things. Before I got in touch with LOA though, this is not something I would have thought about. Sitting with the feelings and letting memories come up is brilliant advice and whenever I do that the insights are always so profound. Like you said at one point I remember–everything that pops in is relevant to now since it is a match for your current state.

    Loved this post so much!

  • Thank you for answering! This question has been plaguing me for a while and previous searches never gave me the direct and concise answer I was looking for.

    Thankfully, I’m not (too) hung up on Mr. Gentleman (although at one point I was most DEFINITELY was-and that girl snorted aloud at the tool pun hehe) but the whole situation involving him was the catalyst of me pursuing the answer to this question. I knew I was having some sort of disconnect with trying to figure out intuition vs LOA and lighting my Patchouli candles and opening my third eye was just not yielding the results I sought to find. 🙂

    Thank you so much for setting the record straight!

  • Aha Melody! This was so spot on perfect timing for me right down to the second! I was just writing an email to a friend telling her how I had an issue that I didn’t know how to approach but I was going to trust my intuition because I was getting images popping up in my head out of nowhere and completely unrelated to anything that I was thinking ( like the Facebook one in the question) that I feel is kind of guiding me in the right direction but there was a tiny bit of doubt because I am,after all, following my intuition against the advice anyone would give me. Then your blog post notification popped up and your post reinforced exactly what I was thinking. To me that was the universe sending me a huge flashing neon sign to say “you are right!! keep going!!”. So thank you!

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