At the end of every year, I perform a little ritual, where I review the year that has just passed, and prepare the energy for the year to come. While I don’t generally set traditional goals, such as “lose 10 pounds” or “stop smoking”, in other words, I don’t set ACTION goals, I take stock of where my energy was a year ago, where it is now, and in what direction I want to point it going forward. This is not a chore (if it feels like that, you’re doing it wrong). In fact, the process is actually super fun and leaves me pumped up and full of enthusiasm for the year to come. But it’s also challenging. As you’ll see, this process requires honesty, which can sometimes show us surprising and somewhat uncomfortable things.

I broke down the whole technique in my end of 2012 post, so if you’re not sure how to do this process, you can find it fully explained there. I gave you a big old glimpse into my own goals in the end of 2013 post. Now, it’s time to review 2014 and rev up for 2015, which will, once again, be the BEST FREAKING YEAR EVER! Naturally.

Are you ready? Well then hang on to your socks, because they may get blown off.

I have a confession to make

I’ve decided that I have to come up with a new measurement of time. Because 2014 wasn’t just one year; it was more like ten. So much has happened, not just physically, but energetically, I’m not even close to the same person I was twelve months ago. But as I sat down to write this post a week ago, I found myself feeling rather blah about it. I went through my past blog posts and began to recount all the stuff that had happened, logistically speaking. There was the book contract, the LIVE! event in NYC, and so forth. And all of that was awesome, of course. But as I sat there looking at the post I’d written, a post that dealt only with these “accomplishments” and milestones, I felt dissatisfied. Something was missing. Somehow, this list, no matter how amazing, just didn’t seem to come close to representing what had actually happened.

So, I sat with it for a bit, felt the feeling of dissatisfaction, and had myself an epiphany. I had to admit something to myself, something I’m now going to admit to you. And it’s not entirely comfortable to do so (which is good, as you’ll see in a minute.) I’ve gotten a bit lazy. I know, I know, that sounds ludicrous coming from a person who is generally moving at light speed. Those who are close to me will have the urge to slap me right now and tell me that no, I have not gotten lazy, in fact, I need to slow the f%&k down. I’m not talking about action. I’m talking about authenticity. I’ve kept this blog at pretty much the same energetic level for the last few months. While I’ve been leaping forward like a kangaroo on steroids, I haven’t really been reflecting that here. I’ve been holding back. And I’d like to apologize for that, both to you and to myself. Because holding back is safe. Holding back is comfortable. But, holding back is also freaking boring. And that’s what felt off about the blog post I wrote a week ago and which I couldn’t upload. It was boring. It read like a resume of the last year. And that’s just not good enough.

My blog posts should scare me a little bit. They should reflect where I am RIGHT NOW, at least to some degree. That’s what keeps me passionate and excited. That’s what makes me churn out 3000 word blog posts in the time it takes most writers to pick a topic. That’s what keeps things at the awesome level. This isn’t a place to feel comfortable. It’s a place to face your crap, to leap forward, to have epiphanies and to get a hit of energy that you might not otherwise allow. And in order to fulfill that intention for you, I have to be a little bit braver in my writing that I have been. I have to be more authentic.

Why I got lazy

But why did I slip into my comfort zone? How could I let this happen? Well, some of it had to do with the fact that I took on a little too much. I’ve always been a workaholic, and while I’ve cleared A LOT of that, a bit of that remaining energy manifested and slapped me in the face. I got a bit overwhelmed (I wrote a book in a month, while scheduling my first live event and also coaching full time. Something had to give…). But I held back, in large part, due to the fact that I was trying to cater to too large a crowd. I didn’t want to alienate new readers – those who were just beginning to get interested in this subject matter. I didn’t want to confuse them. And so, I kept explaining things on the same level, even apologizing for and putting a disclaimer at the top of any blog post that ventured a little further down the rabbit whole. Good gawd.

Of course, my emotional feedback system let me know that it was time to level up, and now that I’ve realized what I’ve been doing, things will change. I have nearly 500 “basic level” blog posts that people can read in the archives. And of course, those who are drawn to this blog, come here for a reason. And it certainly isn’t to see me do the same old song and dance. So yeah, things are about to get a bit weirder, a bit more “woo-woo”. The explanations will still be broken down technically. There will still be poop jokes. But I’m about to bring you to where I am, not to where I’ve been. For most of you, this will be a leap. In fact, I really hope it is. But isn’t that what you come here for?

So, with that in mind, I’m sitting here today, on the first day of this fabulous, squeaky clean year, rewriting this blog post into something much more reflective of my NOW energy. I’m going to review my last year and give you glimpses of the intentions I’ve set for the next 12 months (or 10 vibrational years…); and I’m going to do it at a level that scares me just a little bit. You’re welcome.

What changed since last year

If you go back and look at my 2014 goals, you may notice that a few things have changed. That’s totally normal and to be expected. As we line up our energy with what we want, it’s important to remember that the specifics of any goal are merely a representation of that frequency, and won’t necessarily come about exactly as expected. The trick is to remain flexible and focus on the feeling of what we want, and not get married to the thing.

But even though not everything turned out exactly as I predicted detail-wise, by all accounts, 2014 has been an epic year. EPIC, I tell you.

First, let’s look at what changed:

I didn’t move to Ibiza. Yep, I announced last year that I had visited the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza, and had fallen in love with it. I had the strong feeling that I would move there. Well, that never happened. It turns out, it was never about moving there, but about giving me, for the first time in my life, the feeling of being at home somewhere. This was huge for me. I grew up on two continents, and up until moving into my current apartment, I’ve never lived in any one location for more than 2 years (I’ve been in my current apartment for 6 years). I’ve never really felt like I belonged anywhere, not to any country, or city or nationality or any community. And I’ve gotten to the point where I’m totally ok with that, which is why this new feeling was able to come in. I associated it with the location I was in at the time – Ibiza, but as I sat with it more, it became more and more apparent that the place had little to do with it (well, duh.) I had simply attained this feeling, this frequency.

So, while I still totally dig the island and have visited several times since, we’re just friends now. I’ve realized that my community is wherever I am, and I’m actively working on building that energy up. The latest “hit” I’ve gotten is the rather surprising (for me) urge to move back to the US. I’m not really ready to give away a lot of details yet, as it’s all still very fluid (ideas pop in, feel good and then change), but that’s where I’m at generally. At some point, I’ll just get the hit to move some place, as which point I’ll announce my plans. You’ll know when I know, basically.

I’ll continue to travel and will actually be increasing my globetrotting in the next coming years, although right now I can only see ahead for about six months.

I didn’t get all skinny and shit. I also announced that I’d had a major insight into the whole weight thingy. Well, I did. In fact, I’ve had several more shifts since then. It’s the gift that truly keeps on giving and I can honestly say, I’m ok with that. I’ve never felt as good about myself as I do right now. I know this will come as a disappointment to some of you – after all, if I can’t lose the weight, how can you, right? Well, it doesn’t work that way. My weight doesn’t represent the same thing as anyone else’s and neither does yours. My latest insight showed me that I use my weight as an energy buffer; it helps me to stabilize when I’m running tremendous amounts of energy through my body. So, I started to do more grounding and stabilizing work, which brought even more insights into what the physical body actually is and how it truly works. If having a few extra curves helps me have these kinds of epiphanies, I’m totally down with that. I’ve also realized that this manifestation is leading me towards a much, MUCH bigger insight – one that’s about how to manifest ANYTHING, and most likely instantly (this is very new and I don’t fully understand it yet, but I know that’s what it’s about NOW). Seen from this perspective, my weight is actually a positive manifestation. Two of my life themes are to understand the physical body fully, as well as the power we have when we’re fully human, and my weight is helping me to do that in a way that no other manifestation could even come close to.

The website redesign is STILL underway. This is totally my fault and I’d like to publicly thank my awesome designer Mike for being so understanding and patient. So much has changed in the last year which will be reflected in the new site. On the advice of my publisher, we’re actually doing a complete and total rebranding (yep, I’m a brand now…), as well as a total reorganization of all the content (so you can finally find shit around here!). Luckily, I attracted an awesome new content manager, Lorraine (whom I will introduce you to next year!), who has been hard at work getting everything ready for the new site launch.

2014 Milestones of Awesomeness

Of course, this year was also filled with some of the biggest highlights of my entire life (so far…)!

Da book deal! As I outlined in this post, I was signed by Hay House this year and my book will be published in 2015. Now, while this was and is super exciting, it kind of threw a wrench in the works, scheduling wise, which I didn’t realize until I was totally overwhelmed. I already had so much planned for the year and writing a whole book is no small thing. In short, I’ve never written a book before and my idea that it would be like writing a series of blog posts was totally mistaken. It’s more like having a freaking baby with labor pains and all. I ended up writing the whole thing in a month, while coaching full time, a process and speed that pretty much kicked my ass. Writing this book has changed me. It was an energy shifting process for me, something I naively didn’t expect. But honestly guys, I thought it would be good, but it’s so much better than anything I could’ve dreamed.

Because of the overwhelm, I finally had one of the biggest breakthroughs (and subsequent purges) of my life. As I lay in a London hotel room, too sick to do anything but crawl to the bathroom, call room service for tea (I know, poor me!) and remembering why the hell I never watch TV (OMG, it’s gotten worse!), I finally realized why I’m always so freaking busy. I created that busy-ness, I created the shortage of time, I was totally unrealistic about timelines, and wasn’t comfortable unless my plate was full. And then *poof*, just like that, it all vanished. I realized that I wasn’t done with the book. I wanted to take one more pass at it, but in a relaxed state, instead of the hurried schedule I’d been keeping. So, I did something that just a few days earlier seemed totally unacceptable to me: Imoved the publication date. The new tentative publication date is now the end of July 2015, which will be perfect.

I also stopped feeling guilty about holding other people up (the guilt was much less than it had ever been, but it was still there). My trust level in perfect timing is now stronger than ever. And wow, is that freeing. As a result of this release, time has expanded for me. It has slowed down. I’m no longer rushed. I’m playing with this and will report what I discover (but the guest post from two weeks ago could not have come at a better time. Ha.)

Our LIVE event in NYC! OMG people, this was so freaking awesome!!! I once again want to thank everyone who came and everyone who was there in spirit. Planning and executing my first live event while writing my first book and coaching full time was nothing short of insane (although I did not realize this at the time…). But, with the help of my awesome team, we managed to pull it off. And all I can say is, I am doing more live events in the future. I struggle to find the words to describe how much I loved standing on that stage, streaming energy for a room full of Happy Shiny Puppies. That is so happening again. And again. And again. And yes, we taped it, and yes we’ll make that recording available early this year (I just need to review 6 hours of edited footage).

I’ve also been able to talk to many of my clients who were there since the event. Many of them had huge breakthroughs just by being exposed to that energy (like, quantum leaps!), something I hadn’t fully anticipated (not to that scale…) and which is making me even more excited about the possibilities of what we can accomplish when we get in the same room together. So yeah, we are doing that shit again.

Connecting with Nature. One of my main, overarching goals for 2014 was to foster a deeper connection with nature. Well, that totally happened. I started the year off by gaining interesting insights from the mountains in Peru (yep, they talk, and they actually have a lot of wisdom to offer and yes, I know I didn’t write about that which is totally my bad, and that will change), then learned animal communication from some very wise cats and dogs on Ibiza (and a couple of not so wise dogs), talked to a fruit tree and gave a little coaching to a rescued horse. You can read about my Dr. Doolittle adventures in this post.

I’m actually heading to the mountains of Peru again in just a few days, to spend three more weeks working with a shaman and the plant teachers Ayahuasca and San Pedro, as well as the land itself. Only this time, I’m doing things a little differently. I’m going to take my video camera and will be interviewing my shaman, Javier, about his work, which I will then share with all of you. I also plan on sharing my plant medicine experiences with you, to whatever degree I can (understand that not everything that is experienced can be translated verbally, not at the level at which I’m working; but I’ll do my best…). For those of you who want to go WAY down the rabbit hole with me, you definitely have something to look forward to.

While I’m away, my coaching practice will be shut down. January is just for me and during this time, I go completely off the grid. This is my time to do deep inner work. I did the same last year and it was a phenomenal way to start the year. But again, instead of keeping it all to myself, this time I’m going to be sharing my cookies. Because doing so not only benefits you, but me as well (it’s always a win-win).

Other Highlights. Along with the really huge milestones, 2014 was also packed with smaller, but no less awesome highlights. For example, I promoted my sister and Kickass Assistant Tina McDonald to Deliberate Receiving’s Business Manager. She was able to join me in NYC for the live event (which she managed beautifully), and I was able to provide her with her very first experience flying First Class (which was highlight for her and me). We finally attracted an awesome artist who redesigned the Bullshit fairy, who will be featured much more prominently in 2015. I had a personal shopping and styling session in London, which turns out isn’t just for rich people and is much more affordable than people think. My entire wardrobe and look were overhauled and I’m now ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille! I also had a celebrity grade photo shoot, along with professional make up and styling, which is an experience that I think everyone should have at least once. Seriously, they will make you look so freaking good. Here’s a little proof (the dress is from the shopping trip with the stylist, and it’s also what I wore on stage in NYC). Oh, the magic of makeup and lighting and posing and filters, amiright?

Deeper down the Rabbit Hole in 2015

I spent the days just before Christmas on the beautiful but f&%#king cold islands of Orkney, Scotland (two words: HORIZONTAL HAIL). I and two of my friends were “called” there (our intuition told us to go, and even though we didn’t know why, we hopped on a plane and showed up because that’s how we roll). We spent the winter solstice there and worked with some of the most ancient stone circles known to man (they predate Stonehenge.) I knew that something really big was going to happen, but I had no idea what. It turns out, I was given an introductory course in stone circle technology by the stones themselves, and the insights have been flowing in ever since. I can’t wait to write these up in a blog post (I will tell you what I’ve discovered so far, even though I still have MUCH to learn), but will not do so until I’m back in February. I want to be present for the conversations that will inevitably ensue.

As always, I took my annual pilgrimage to the spa, as I do every year for Christmas and New. This is my time to be pampered and primped and buffed and polished until I look much closer to the picture above than I normally do. Basically, I eat and sleep and relax until I’m just a smooshy blob of happy. I call this my “MeMeMeMeMe” time. Everyone should have some of that (not MY “MeMeMeMeMe” time, of course. Get your own). Along with the pampering and eating, I also always receive tons of insights and release a lot of crap. One of those insights is responsible for my leveling up, starting with this post. That’s reason enough to get your ass to the spa immediately, don’t you think?

More public speaking in 2015

After the awesome event in NYC, I’ve set the intention to do more public speaking, and some of that has already begun to manifest. I’ve been booked in to speak at Hay House’s Ignite event in London in March, as well as the Mind Body Spirit Conference in May (also in London). I’ll also be participating in Hay House’s 2015 World Summit in May (this is online). Details will be posted ASAP.

Of course, it won’t end there. Although I don’t have any further concrete plans right now, I’m certain more opportunities will find me in perfect timing. And I can’t wait! Bring it on Universe!

The Deliberate Receiving Course

And last, the online course I announced earlier this year will come to fruition in 2015. My waiting list for 1 on 1 coaching has reached ridiculous proportions, and it’s time to scale the business so I can help a lot more people. The answer is an online course, based on the upcoming book. The idea is to offer those who have read the book and would like to take it further a way to do that, with instruction, group coaching and an online community of like-minded peers. I don’t have an exact date for this launch yet, as it’s another huge project and I want to make sure I enjoy every moment of its creation without getting overwhelmed. But details will be posted ASAP (I’ll probably be able to communicate the dates around March).

Many of you have also asked if I’ll ever do any coach or facilitator training, and that is an idea I’ve been playing with. While that will have to wait until the online course is fully live and functional (it’s more of a long term plan), I do love the idea of having an army of Happy Shiny Puppy Coaches to help meet the demand of those who really want some personal help. Stay tuned and watch this space.

Personal goals

Honestly, at this point, I’m not really setting any personal goals, per se. I’m focusing more on feeling really good and just trusting what unfolds. I’m following my intuition wherever it takes me, no longer needing to control any part of how I get to where I want to go. It’s an awesome feeling.

On a grander scale, I’m focusing on world peace (yes, seriously, and I’ve actually been getting more and more glimpsed of just how that could come about), on equality for all, on tolerance, on love. I see the world purging all its darkness and ugliness out, like a big Earth-Detox, with more and more people shifting towards compassion, understanding and light. I see more and more people understanding that we are all one, that animals and nature are not disposable resources for us to use and abuse, that fellow human beings are never worth less, expendable or to be feared. I see so much evidence of the shift that is taking place; a shift towards full empowerment; a shift towards Who We Really Are. Yes, 2014 was epic. But 2015 is going to kick 2014’s ass. Mark my words, puppies.

Why not do your own year-end review and start setting up the awesome energy for next year now? Why not challenge yourself to reach that next level of authenticity? And, if you’re so inclined (especially if it scares you a little), why not share some of that review here in the comments?

The time for playing small, for keeping it safe, for staying in our comfort zone even for a minute, is over. It’s time to play a much, much bigger game. And if I can do it, so can you. Remember, we’re all in this together.

And on that note, I wish you all such a freaking Happy New Year!

With all my love and light and smooshy happy shiny puppy hugs,


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  • Thank you so much for all your sharing, from knowledge to more personal experience . I can totally relate to the “lazy” concept and I am fashinated by the energetic work experiences you want to share, I look forwards to knowing more about them. Above all and as always, thanks for constantly reminding us of our own power . I am so grateful for and keen about what is on schedule. However, I will ultimately remind myself to trust how things unfold for me and that what I need will always easily find me .
    Certainly relax and trust will be my personal goal for 2015 too,
    The same wish to you all xx

  • Thank you so much for this energetic post. Apparently, 2015 will be a special year for all of us! Here’s wishing everybody a smashing year – our exciting journey has begun!

    And Melody – you look lovely on the pic.

  • You look so beautiful, Melody! I can’t wait to jump into 2015 with you and all the other Happy Shiny Puppies.
    And if you are serious about coach/facilitator training…I.AM.SO.THERE.

  • This post was amazing! Such strong, positive energy flowing. I was already excited for the year to come, but I feel that excitement x10! Thank you Melody! Btw…your picture is HOT 🙂

  • And she’s back…!! Pheweee.

    I’m not surprised there has been a rush of responses to this post, it’s a GOOD ‘un. Thank you so much for your honesty about the vibe-plateau of the more recent posts — if it’s okay to say it, I had noticed the change and had stopped reading the emails with any real interest. It felt like a kind of plastered-on-smile android had locked Melody in a cupboard and hijacked the blog. So, this blog is super welcome and appreciated. Thank you very much for your passionate interest in vibration/manifestation and for your passionate interest in interpreting it for the rest of us. Your work helps the rest of us to live better and that’s a beautiful thing.

    I’m also not surprised that Orkney was so powerful for your group. I was there a decade ago and it still ranks as one of the most incredible places i’ve ever been (though we were there in a heatwave and naked sea-swimming with the seals, no horizontal hail!). It has incredible vibes, we all felt it, even the sheep were smiling. There’s nowhere like it. I’m not that far from Orkney as i type this evening, on a far north east Scotland new year holiday (in part to recalibrate my energy for the year ahead). Do come sometime, folks, it is a spectacularly vibey part of the world 🙂

    We are all a bit prone to the ‘busy disease’ these days, and 2014 was busier than i could ever have imagined (and i was already a do-aholic). So i resonate with the aim to manifest a more easeful version of productivity. A softer approach to ‘duties’, and to allow the right things to find me instead of doing that PLUS trying to conjure up lots of other stuff.

    Samuel’s goals particularly resonated too – thanks Samuel. Not identical issues i’m sure but similar territory and a similar softer, kinder, more appreciative route to evolution 🙂

    Good luck to you all for the year ahead!!

  • Thank you for this post, it is perfectly timed for me as I take inventory of my this past year, MAJOR shifts. I felt your shift just by reading your blog over the past two years and you are an inspiration. I am in ascension and just found out I’m an indigo adult transitioning into a crystal/rainbow and I have never felt closer to who I am or happier. By the way, you look gorgeous, and I have a theory about weight gain, which in your case,I seriously I aim to maintain the kind of look you have, but all that matteers is how we perceive the change. But I was reading an article on ascension, we let go of lower frequencies rapidly and we look younger! I’ve noticed in the past year as Im releasing old beliefs my cheeks are so much fuller and am experiencing the baby face, so just a theory that might apply to you as well. I feel a deep shift going on int he planet so many people are moving up in vibration and releasing old stuff and it’s amazing, but a lot of people do not want to admit this. Anywho, happy new year to all!

  • Holy lord…i had to stop reading the post to commment.
    You look gorgeous…i am honking the horn!
    Goes back to the post…giggling and taking notes.

  • Hi,
    Thanks so much for the excellent, and motivating, New Year’s post. I got a strong resonance when I read about the facilitator training. Can’t wait.

  • wow melody Thanks for sharing about the “lazyness” and no u were not lazy you were just wacthing what ure feeding all your puppies all at once and that was the result you got. first of all i must say,i love you and i thank u sooo much for each word you write each joke you share and each and every bit of enlightenment iv received thru you the past two years ive been a member of your blog.Thank you soo much. i am so ready to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole its not even funny,i feel like a soldier ready for war!!!woooohooo “Lets do this” a million shinny puppy hugs to you all!

  • Yes Melody, so awesome!! Definitely looking forward to you taking it up a gear with the blog posts, I really enjoyed some of the more ‘out there’ posts in the past few months…especially the one about communicating with other living, non human beings – that was something that really challenged my current perception of the universe.

    Thanks to you and your blog, I’ve had some unreal experiences this year. At the beginning of last year, I’m 100% sure I had a (very short) conversation with my beloved and transitioned granny. I have reached depths of meditation I never thought possible (only once or twice out of quite a lot of trying, still have some stuff to work on!), I had my first OOB experience (which you posted on the blog when I asked about it, thank you!), and then subsequently had another. All brand new stuff for me! Oh and back in the place I call my own reality, I landed an absolutely amazing job! It’s been an awesome year and I can’t wait what you show us to help us make 2015 the year to win them all!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Melody and everyone…and happy new year!!

  • Happy New Year Melody! 🙂 I’m interested in Wicca and paganism, so I’m looking forward to hearing about stone circle technology. I’m also looking forward to reading your book. July might sound far away but in my experience things can seem so far away but then the time you were waiting for comes and it seems strange that you ever thought you’d have to wait a long time! lol. July sounds like a good date. 🙂

    P.S. I love your pic!

  • Thanks Melody for that awesome real post.
    Your part on world peace had me bawling. I could have written it but I don’t have the guts, yet. I too feel this, I just haven’t been bold enough to admit it, explore it and fully commit to the contribution of the shift. I want to do it and feel I HAVE to do it but I’m scared as shit of it, not knowing why. So maybe that’s why this is where I should go this year.
    Thanks, you kickstarted my year. You are inspirational.

  • I am totally loving how you look!!
    Thank you soooo much for everything this year.
    All my life I have been in a mad rush, cause I take on too much. For the first time, I am in a place, I actually have the time and space to work on myself. Have moved some really big limiting beliefs this year. HUGE HUGE HUGE!
    Thank you for being part of the journey.
    Sometimes I get a little frustrated at how slowly life seems to be moving for me right now, but then I come back to your site and realign myself with what I want.
    I know that I am moving closer each day to what I want.
    Am sooo looking forward to your next blog posts. Am curious about what is to happen with your energy work.

    Lots of Love

  • Thank you SO much for this post Melody!!! I teared up reading it! For the past few months I felt like I lost my connection with you and your posts; I kept going back to the achived postings. You don’t understand how much I (we, the puppies) appreciate your honesty and authenticity! Yes we have been waiting to go down the rabbit hole with you and we are all going to scream and laugh and go wheeeeeeeee and enjoy the ride 😉 smooshy hugs!

    By the way your honest post helped me post this with my real name. Also you look Hot in your photo!! Nice curves!! No that’s not why I posted this message with my real name…or maybe it did have something to do with it lol.

  • Is there any chance your shaman would be willing to do a guest post or a video interview?! Please do post as much as possible about your trip to Peru, as well as your spa retreat! I know it’s hard to put into words, but I’ve been dying to know what kind of things you’ve been releasing during your time off.

    Love the photo and new wardrobe!

  • Hey Melody
    I just got an amazing energy while simply reading this post, and I can’t wait to see what comes to fruition for your business–I am all about a class for coaches and becoming part of that army! I loved what you said about not focusing on specific goals but rather on your energy. That really resonated with me because I realize that is the intention I have set for myself as well, and so far so good. I also like what you said about issues representing different things to different really is so important not to think too much about other people and what is going on with them as far as what they have manifested,etc…because it is ultimately irrelevant.

    Much love to you!

  • happy happy 2015 Melody!!! It will certainly be for you and for us, your very lucky readers!!! Excitement level –> through the roof!!! And you look AMAZING!! Always, you don’t really need much styling… You’re gorgeous inside and out!! Disfruta mucho mi lindo Peruuu!! Te esperamos al regreso, besos!!!!

  • This is really good news Melody! I was really excited when I read this post. I have read just about everything in your archives – twice or more – and grew in leaps and bounds last year, a lot of it due to your blog. Then towards the end of the year you seemed to be a bit ‘absent’ to be honest, and I didn’t feel as though you cared any more (even though I knew on a conscious level you were just busy doing other things). I was disappointed but actually went on to discover other blogs and books that helped me along my journey but glad to see you are back again. I really love your ‘down the rabbit hole’ blogs so I am really happy to get more of those.
    Last year after I discovered your blog and started to work on deliberate receiving, I have had some epiphanies myself, and discovered raw eating and now have completely converted to a raw diet. I feel this is so perfect for me and it has raised my vibration so much. I feel so great every day, which is going to bring some fantastic things in this year. I have even become interested in gardening so I can grow my own organic vegetables, which is something I had a real resistance to my whole life, I used to pride myself on my black thumb!! Also I’ve let go of some toxic people who I kept around for misguided reasons and it feels so liberating to not feel as though I ‘need’ them anymore.
    Anyway Melody, you look fantastic by the way in your photo. I think you look great and you should be happy with yourself too, then you can get on with all the other things you want to do in life. I like to look and feel good but in the end the body is just a vehicle to get us through this life, we won’t have it forever so I don’t like to put more time into it than I have to or want to.
    All the Best to you Melody and Happy creating in 2015!! xxx

  • May I be the first to make a crack at the joke? 😉

    Size doesn’t matter, honey~

    Men and women have been saying it for so many years, and girl, you are looking fabulous, and no energy that tells you different should even be able to come near~

    I’ve personally been through a lot of changes this year as well, and until reading this blog post, I was at a standstill of dissatisfaction. But today, as the first day of 2015, I will make certain that that feelin’s gonna change; I am grateful, blessed and confident and totally looking forward to the unexpected that is to come in the next 12 months, and nothing’s gonna stop me powering through any obstacle~

    Also (Just to put it out there), I’d love to meet some more LoA followers this year, so anyone near London feel free to chat if you’re on the lookout for a new friend for your social circle 🙂

    Thank you once again for helping to heighten my frequency, Melody! Wishing you a wonderful first day to this fan-freaking-tastic new year!

  • Hello Melody:
    This was a good post; I am very glad to hear about you going further down the rabbit hole. I have felt something off about your posts for a while, and I guess maybe this is what that was about. But I have one question. You speak a lot about getting out of our comfort zone; letting ourselves be uncomfortable. But I thought this was all about feeling good, feeling more comfortable not less comfortable. I thought it was about getting rid of those negative and uncomfortable emotions. Can you or someone else who understands it please clarify? I really want to understand this here.
    Also, I have always felt there had to be some way to manifest instantly. Or close to it. I would love to see a post about that ome time 🙂
    Thanks and have a great new year.

    • Hey there
      It is about feeling good as much as we can, but to get to that place, we sometimes may have to wade through some muddy waters. We have a lot of ‘stuff’ that is keeping us from fully tapping into who we really are. Also, to really do the big, bold awesome stuff that we probably never thought was possible before understanding LOA more, that usually will take us into some uncomfortable territory as we grow into a different person and shed our limiting beliefs and what have you…there are usually a few layers.

      One important thing to remember about LOA is it is not about just trying to feel happy while totally ignoring the negative. When we have deeply rooted beliefs and feelings, we usually have to pay them some attention to really shift our point of view and belief system.

      This was a short answer, but I hope that clarified it a bit for you!

  • Hi Melody! I didn’t finish reading this yet, it’s a lot to take in, but I couldn’t resist telling you how much I can relate to what you wrote about your experience with your body. Having you say that you feel (and look, I might add) great, without having changed a thing physically, didn’t discourage me at all. It did the exact opposite. Nearing the end of last year, my insecurities began to get my attention in a way I couldn’t quite ignore. One worry I had was still finding fault with my face, even if I’d felt more comfortable and loving toward myself. I know, it’s a silly thing to worry about, because everything is neutral and yeah, yeah, you get the idea. 🙂 But having you express how good you feel now, and that you feel better than you’ve ever felt, reassures me. Also, what you said about the body and manifestation and such, omg, that’s something I explored a lot last year too. The process I experience with my body is so much like the process of manifestation, it’s very interesting. One could learn a lot about LOA from that alone. I don’t know if that’s what you meant, but I wanted to share anyway. Oh, and I also feel the same way about my life theme. I’ve had some kind of interest and affinity with the human body since I was young (not in a perverted way I meant, lol), and I’ve learned so much about it, beyond what we’re taught traditionally. Now I’m learning how to trust that. I’m really excited to see you delve into those subjects, and into the subject of LOA in general.

    My comment is pretty unorganized, but I just want to take the time to thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge here. I’ve changed a lot in a year (i.e. further embraced Who I Really Am), and you definitely had a hand in that! I learned so much about personal power, emotions, and LOA from you. Thank you, thank yoi. Many of those changes have been interal, and I’ve began to understand the significance of that. Our vibration is the basis of our entire experience, and of course any ‘work’ you do there is extremely valuable. I also think 2015 is going to be an awesome year… I felt more certain of that than I ever have before. Okay, back to reading. 🙂

  • I’m still catching my breath from reading this. So all I can say right now is that when I read the subheader “Deeper down the Rabbit Hole”, I cried. That is how ready I am, just that you know 😉 And I may have cried a little more when I saw your photo. That’s how amazing you look. I’m gonna go finish crying now…

  • Thanks so much for the great, and motivating, New Year’s post. I got a strong resonance when I read about the facilitator training. Can’t wait. 🙂

  • Screw skinny, you look absolutely fabulous! Radiant! As for 2015, I’ve decided that I’m gonna get rid of toxic people in my life, the people that always say “No, that’s not for you, it’s meant for OTHER people (to be happy, successful, w/e)”. I’m gonna rock, take my true friends with me on the trip and as for the rest… screw ’em! Happy New Year, Melody!

  • I am so incredibly excited for your posts to get more down the rabbit hole! And for your curse to come out and to be apart of the happy shiny puppy army and for your book to come out and for you having an awesome year ^_^!!! Also I just wanted to say I think you look really incredible.

  • Wow! Melody I am so excited for the coming year… I can’t wait to see what you put out there, and I definitely want to hear about your experiences with the stone circles! And bring on the woo-woo, I say, that’s where all the fun stuff happens! 😉

    Big hugs and much love to you as you start this next chapter. Go forth and shine! You inspire more than I think even you realize sometimes. <3

  • I’ve just realised that this is probably the first comment I’ve left since stumbling across this site, so let me begin by saying how much I love it, the wisdom you share and -especially- the WAY you share it.

    I’ve always had a similar ritual around this time of year but looking back on 2014… I’m not going to mince words. It was a nightmare. I was blindsided by everything that happened too.

    As far as I could tell my vibration was really high, I was feeling really good and visualising every day… and yet somehow I attracted every worst case scenario I could think of and several which I couldn’t think of but happened anyway.

    So now I’m looking at 2015 with an air of scepticism and distrust which I’m not sure is healthy…

  • Oh my gosh Melody, you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo. It feels nice to say that (I often want to compliment random people but ik I’d get a weird reaction).

    My honest review for the year was that it was nothing spectacular…or maybe I didn’t appreciate enough of the wonderful things, in which case more gratitude is on my goal list. I think for a long while I’ve been struggling with what I want and it’s clearer now. I want to be able to live my life by intuition and by doing what feels good. Sometimes I get the urge to just go on a retreat for a week or so and just focus on myself but I guess I’m stuck on the how and the impossibility of the idea. I’m 19 and only recently graduated and got my first permanent job so just getting up and going seems near impossible but reading your intuitive adventures really raises my vibrations so please share more often now.

    My biggest manifestations I’d say is getting a job a month after graduation and my current boyfriend who is just perfect. He checks all criteria on my list. Mainly I feel like my life is filled with should-do’s and must-do’s and I find myself asking how a lot. So my theme for this year is “better feeling” choosing better feeling thoughts and actions.

  • I LOVE this post, Melody!!! You show me that what I WANT to do can indeed be DONE. I am so glad to hear you state that you will be leading us puppies deeper down the rabbit hole. I am pumped and ready to go! Thank you SO MUCH! I just LOVE YOU!!!

    I resonate with so much of your goals and themes. My only dream is inspired by Louise Hay: work towards a world where it is safe for us to love one another, much like your vision of world peace. This year I decided to quit my posh corporate job to pursue that dream full time. My last day will be Jan 16, 2015, and I can’t wait to launch myself off the cliff and start soaring.

    I have no expectations and no specific goals other than be inspired, have fun, and be ready to serve. Since setting this intention, surprising miracles have been dropping into my life one after another, gently yet speedily guiding me down the path towards my dream.

    I only began this journey 5 months ago, but it has felt like a full year! Like you, I am also drawn to Nature, and KNOW that world peace will come through Nature. I eagerly await your blogs on this subject and look forward to following in your footsteps, except customized for my own unique self by my intuition and my spirit guides. Connecting to Nature will be my central theme in 2015, and I just know it is going to be AWESOME!!!

    You have been such a shining light in my life, and I am so thrilled that more of the world will now get to see your light. Can’t wait to start passing out your book to those who need and are ready for them!

    Sending you much love and gratitude! You TOTALLY ROCK!!!

  • This post is fantastic. What I have been saying to myself or rather what has been coming to me that I was hesitant to say to anyone is that I’m tired of pretending that I’m NOT God! Heck we all are because that’s all there is! Animals, plants mountains etc. So why should I pretend that I’m not? So there, I said it that’s what my true authentic self wants to say and express. Thank you Melody and since everything is already done and is PERFECTION ITSELF, I KNOW we all will experience the Joy that we already are!

  • Ms. Thing, I am so proud of you and I speak of you almost daily! And can we talk about that PHOTOSHOOT?! Girl, that’s glossy, in-color proof that beauty can be packaged in all kinds of sizes! I’ve been meaning to correspond with you for quite some time. When we had our coaching call several months ago, you said, “I can see your life being totally different by the first of the year.” Melody, it is incredible how I have changed within. And in an input=output universe, when my outer world changes in response to my inner shifts, people are going to think that my beautiful life is magic!

    I reviewed my past by skimming through a journal I’ve kept since 2010 that I’ve recently continued. Instead of writing daily, I write when I’m inspired, so this journal contains the highlights of my experience. While looking through it, I saw myself complaining and suffering for nearly five years because of the same two attachments.

    After an originally much longer list of resolutions, I simplified it to two things:

    1) Enjoy being single
    2) Feel good physically

    To address point number one, my relationship status was always something I felt anxiety about. I wanted someone to save me from the demons I hadn’t even become aware of, let alone addressed. I see now that the conversion from unhappiness to happiness CAN happen with the swoop of a matin wand, but I, IIIIIIIIIIII, must be holding that magic wand! Otherwise, that magic won’t be a spell—more like a temporary enchantment or a curse, Ms. Thing! I’m releasing my grasping, groping attaching to romance. And instead of TOLERATING my singlehood, I’m APPRECIATING it!

    Point two involves me doing nearly any and everything to get my body’s shape closer to what I consider ideal. I’ve done some desperate and harmful things for a six-pack only to still not have one. And to be honest, I’m glad that I wasn’t rewarded for abusing myself both physically and emotionally in pursuit of a smaller waist size. My new priority is to establish a bew relationship with my body in which I eat and move in ways that feel good, regardless of what’s popular and what others say I “should” do. Hell, I’ve tried the strict, disciplined, unforgiving path in many variations. To be real, I tried everything but truly being kind to myself. That’s changing now.

    Thank you for influencing me Melody and I look forward to be inspired to write you about my experience since our coaching call!

  • The energy I felt from this post almost left me speechless for a minute. 🙂

    First off, you look STUNNING Melody! You are absolutely beautiful from head to toe and I don’t think you need to change a thing. I’ve done a few photo shoots like this before – where they do your hair and makeup and stuff – OMG! They ARE a lot of fun! I love feeling like a celebrity! 🙂

    All of this is so exciting! This past holiday was extremely emotional for me – lots of super duper awesome highs and some close to devastating lows. 🙁

    But I understand what happened now and I understand the lesson I was supposed to learn (a HUGE lesson in letting go and not trying to “micromanage” my reality). I think we are all being prepared. For what I don’t know, but it’s gonna be awesome! I see more and more of this earthly purge you talk about Melody. I see more and more evidence that we (not just humans) are going through a massive shift. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I totally get what you’re talking about.

    I cannot WAIT to hear about stone circle technology. I have been fascinated by Stone Henge since I was a kid and I’ve always wanted to go there. I can’t wait to hear the insights you gained from that! I have been excited about 2015 ever since 2013. LOL! I felt like I would spend 2014 preparing myself (which I did) and I had a feeling even back then that 2015 was going to be filled with so much awesomeness I could barely stand it. 🙂

    I was a bit bummed for the last couple of days, but this post brought me right back up to where I was this time last week. So thank you so much for sharing your truly authentic post Melody! I’m excited all over again and NOW I can finally do my energetic line up for 2015. I can’t wait to venture further on down the rabbit hole with you and everyone here!

    Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

    • Hey Summer
      Just wanted to send you some love….I know from your comments on my blog as well that you have been going through some stuff, but it seems like it is just some purging to make way for something awesome!

      • Awwww….thank you Kelli. I do feel a lot better now and you’re right. It was all purging…..literally – lots of physical purging. I already wrote a post about the good stuff (I didn’t know what was about to hit me at that time) that happened over the holiday, but I’m putting together another one this weekend about what I learned from the “unwanted” stuff that followed shortly after.
        Despite what happened, I’m still really excited for 2015. I think this is going to be a really good year for many people! 🙂

  • Excellent post as usual, Melody! Happy New Year!
    Love exploring the awesomeness of your
    experiences and how you inspire me to move
    ahead in my world. Have a wonderful time
    replenishing your soul. Hugs from A Happy Shiny Puppy!!!

  • Happy New Year Melody 🙂 Thank you for tirelessly raising your own vibe so that we know how to raise ours. It is a continuous effort but you articulate such complicated concepts so clearly – you are massively positively impacting on the lives of others and you are effecting change in one of the most profound of ways that I can think of.

    I was lucky enough to see you in London in 2014 (remember that awesome day in Piccadilly yay) and I will see you in 2015 – ain’t nuh’ing gonna keep me away dudette. Laters 🙂 x

  • Happy New Year! What a freakingly awesome post! Feels really great to have read that! And thank you for explaining all the details, becasue I had felt your “laziness” as you put it. I kind of miss that days when you were fully present on the blog; I am so ready to go deeper down the rabbit hole though and fully ready to listen to what your shaman has to say and read more about your experiences in the “woo-woo” or other-wordly realm, so to speak for lack of a better term at present, which will change in the future, I think. This part deserves further looking into for sure. It may be scary, but that is where I am led, so I am open to all of it. I just hope you always continue coaching because that is really important and awesome. Here’s to more epiphanies!

  • Thank you for stepping things up, for us and yourself, Melody. 2015 is definitely going to be our best year yet! I can feel it so intensely, and have been saying that for a few weeks now.

    And Sonja already said it, but it’s worth mentioning again that you look STUNNING in that photo! If there were levels to happy puppy shininess, you’d be at astronomical.

  • YES YES! Yes, I freaking LOVE the energy here! Wooohooooo! I can’t WAIT to go further down the rabbit hole, read and hear about Peru and WOHOOOO!
    And screw skinny I have to say, you look absolutely stunning. That dress is just amazing on your curves. If I was into women I would totally be drooling by now. Jeez there’s so much awesome here I think I need to lay down a bit. And I totally want to do a review. And I’ll freaking come back here and share some of it, because it feels a little scary, but exciting, to do that!
    Thanks Melody, from the bottom of my Happy Shiny Puppy Heart!
    (Also PS. This feels a little scary too, so therefor I’m gonna say it. That thing about an army of Happy Shiny Puppy Coaches is just awesome, and I would totally love to become a part of that and start coaching people one day. There, I said it! Phew. DS)

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