Well, I’m back from my psychonaut adventures in Peru. The jetlag has me in its grip and I’m still stabilizing my energy a bit (which is why this blog post is a day late), but I’m so excited to finally be sharing this information with you! As part of my ongoing and recently reaffirmed commitment to pure, raw and unfiltered authenticity, I’m no longer just answering the same old questions, but letting you in on the knowledge and insights I’m gaining RIGHT NOW. Today’s post is a perfect example of that.

Last December, just before I ran off on my annual spa holiday, and before heading to Peru, I spent a few days on the Scottish islands of Orkney. Why? Because my intuition told me to go. I have to confess that I’d never heard of Orkney before planning this trip and knew next to nothing about it before I arrived. I prefer to discover places when I’m there, and rarely do much research before I head off. I simply trust that I’ll be guided to go where I need to, and don’t really have much need to see the touristy attractions just for the sake of checking them off some arbitrary list. Either that, or I’m just lazy. Take your pick. Ha.

Orkney is, amongst other things, home to more ancient sites than anywhere in the UK (which is, to be fair, already a veritable wonderland of mystic stuff…), which isn’t to say that we (three of my friends and I) spent all our time running from attraction to attraction. We had been called there for a specific reason, to have some specific experiences, and the land would tell us where to go (there’s that trust again).

When we arrived on the island, via a teensy, weensy little plane, it was hailing. Horizontally. The flight attendant declared “Welcome to Orkney!”, and I’ll be honest, considering that I’m not a friend to cold, wet, gale force wind type of environments, I had myself a little “WTF?!” moment. But, I trusted my intuition, and the thermal underwear I’d wisely packed, but which wouldn’t arrive until two days later, thanks to lost luggage (my luggage got lost 4 trips in a row. Yes, it was a manifestation and yes, I cleared it. We’re all good now). The reason the weather is so horrid on the islands is because there are no trees (thanks to complete deforestation starting a couple of thousand years ago). There’s a clear energy imbalance of some kind there, but I wasn’t there to change that. I was there to learn and attune.

Meeting the stones

There are two main stone circles on Orkney, the Ring of Brodgar, a giant circle with 27 stones (although it’s estimated that there were originally up to 60), and a smaller one, the Stones of Stenness. They are very close together. We visited the larger one first. None of us knew what was going to happen when we got there, what we were there to “do” or experience, but we knew we had to go. So, we braved the howling winds, the biting cold, and the marshy, soggy land to go and say hi to our friends the stones. I had, at this point, had a conversation with a rock before, although it hadn’t been so much a conversation, as me screaming at a giant boulder in utter frustration before finally being able to hear its short but infinitely valuable message. I’d also conversed with mountains, plants and animals. So, the idea of having a bit of a chat with a stone circle didn’t really faze me. Now, I realize that this might be a stretch for some people – after all, most of humanity considers rocks to be, well, dead. But in my experience, they are just as conscious and sentient as the rest of us, and they have amazing energy and wisdom to share. So, I knew I had the ability to tune into that energy. But I still couldn’t have ever anticipated what happened next.

We weren’t allowed to enter the large circle, but we were able to walk around the perimeter and actually approach and even touch each stone. As I put my hand on the first stone, I sent out a gentle greeting, “Hi!” Immediately, I received a super enthusiastic and happy, shiny “Hi!” in return. The stone was actually overjoyed to meet me. I asked permission to have a conversation, which I received, again, with enthusiasm. And then, it was as though a magnet drew my forehead (home of the third eye) to the stone. I stood there, with my face plonked firmly against the rock’s surface, and “plugged in”. I wasn’t consciously aware of what exactly was happening, but I did feel that I was 1.) receiving a massive data download and 2.) being vibrationally attuned. In other words, data was streaming in, but I couldn’t yet decipher what it was. The time for that would come later.

I walked up to, greeted and plugged into each stone in turn, even the stones that were buried or no longer physically present (they are very much still there energetically). There was little conscious conversation, aside from the greetings, but I felt incredibly welcome and embraced. There was a clear sense that they were happy that I and the rest of the group were there. When I asked about this, (“You seem to be really happy to meet me. Is that so? Why?”), they told me that yes, they were ecstatic. You know how you feel when you meet another person that you just click with, someone you’re a vibrational match to on some subject that’s important to you, someone you can even do some energy work with? Well, that’s how they were feeling. “Oooh! Here’s comes one of us!” If you learn to think of everything as consciousness, as being alive and sentient, you’ll begin to understand that everything and everyone can be a match to you (meaning, you’ll have a meaningful experience with them) or not. These rocks and I, we were a match to each other that day. We recognized each other and we couldn’t have been happier about it.

After seeing the larger stone circle, we made our way to the smaller one, the Stones of Stenness. I repeated my process of greeting each stone, and then receiving downloads and attunements from each. That concluded our “work” that day.

Turning on the machine

I’d gotten a strong hit before going on this trip that I was going to be working with a portal on the island. Now, portals are a blog post onto themselves, and honestly, I’m only scratching the surface of learning what they are all about, but from what I’ve experienced so far, a portal is like a gateway between realities (we are shifting realities all the time, without knowing it, but with a portal you can do it more consciously), as well as a way to manipulate, transmute and focus energy. I’d consciously opened a portal on the terrace of my apartment in Barcelona one night, had stepped through it (a friend actually saw me physically flicker when I did) and had received energy and information before stepping back through. The portal I’d “seen” in a meditative vision before heading to Orkney would be in the center of a stone circle. But which one?

When I asked the larger circle, the Ring of Brodgar, if there was a portal at the center of it, they told me “Yes. There’s a portal at the center of all stone circles. But this is not the one you’re looking for.” So, the smaller one it was. About three days after meeting the circles, we went back to the Stones of Stenness, gathered in the center of the circle (you can walk right into this circle), held hands and connected. We had no idea what would happen, and frankly, didn’t need to (trust).

I asked the stones “Will you tell me what to do?” They answered “You already know what to do. You’ve received all the information.” And they were right. In that moment, it all came naturally, like a memory, something I’d done a thousand times before, but a long time ago. It’s like riding a bike – even if you haven’t ridden in a long time, you still basically know how.

The first thing that happened is that I grounded to an immense degree. The strong winds were still buffeting my body, but I was like a tree – unbelievably steady, yet flexible. My entire body, which had been shivering and tensed against the wind, completely relaxed. My breathing became deep and even. I wasn’t cold anymore. I wasn’t uncomfortable. And then I turned on the machine. I heard a loud “THUNK!” noise, like a large, mechanical switch being flipped. Like machinery locking into place. THUNK! A stone activated. THUNK! The next one came to life. Slowly, methodically, each stone became active in turn until the entire circle was alight. After that, the circle began to spin and whir, first slowly and then faster and faster, like a centrifuge. The energy was spinning around us like a hurricane, but we were in the center – in the calm of the eye. It’s at this point that I saw myself holding the energy, something that I’ve done before at this level. When I do this, I see myself and anyone who is working with me inside a tetragonal shape – a First Right Square Prism. It looks like this:


When I hold energy in this way, there’s a beam of light anchoring the bottom pyramid into the earth, and another beam anchoring the top pyramid into space. The entire “structure” feels incredibly solid. Again, it always feels like I’m in the eye of the hurricane. I held us all inside this Prism while the energy raged on around us. What struck me at this point was just how effortless this entire process was for me. I was aware of a tremendous amount of energy being drawn in (one of my friends was having the experience of bringing it in), and yet, it cost me absolutely nothing to hold it. Had I tried this same procedure in the same place a year earlier, it probably would’ve fried my circuits. But by the time I was called there, I was ready. Everything does, indeed, happen in perfect timing.

Once the “machine” was active and stable, I was told that I needn’t do any more. I had done my job. Once everyone in the group confirmed that they were ready, I turned off the machine (the whirring slowed and stopped and the stones turned off) and closed space. At this point, I became conscious of the cold, wet and incredibly windy environment again. I couldn’t have told you how long we’d stood there. It could’ve been five minutes or two hours. All I knew was that something big had just happened.

Biological technology

It wasn’t until I was in Germany a few days later that I really began to process these events fully. I was in meditation, talking to one of my guides, when I began to get a lot more information about stone circle technology.

I asked how a stone circle was built. How were the stones activated or charged or whatever? I was told that they weren’t charged by humans, they already had the right energy and inspired the humans to put them where they belonged in the circle. In other words, people didn’t go out to a quarry and choose some rocks willy nilly; the rocks yelled “Yoooohoooo! I’m over here!” and were then “selected” to be included in the circle.

The stones had told me that just as I have my life purpose, so do they. They incarnate here to do whatever it is they’re going to do and experience whatever it is they chose to. Even though they have a very different relationship to time than we do, they are no less interested in their life experiences than we are in ours. Being part of a circle is one of those experiences. They come in already knowing that this is going to be part of their path, and we humans simply participate in that manifestation of theirs. How cool is that??

I was also told that the smaller circles, like the Stones of Stenness, is like a “personal” version, while the larger circles are the “industrial” models. I’m not yet entirely sure what stone circles can be used for, I’ve only gotten glimpses, as I’ve said (examples of what I’ve glimpsed are instant manifestation, teleportation and time travel, just to name a few), but this is very much at least some of the ancient technology we’ve been looking for. I was told that when we humans think of ancient technology, we’re still thinking in terms of mechanical technology, when what we need to be looking for is biological technology. We cannot take energy and focus out of the equation. We’re not going to find plastic or metal machinery or circuit boards from thousands of years ago. They used stones and the mountains and sound and intention. Their interface wasn’t made of buttons and switches; they used their minds. And this technology still exists (see if your iPod is still around and functional 5.000 years from now… ha.)

While the small stone circle can be used by one person, the larger ones require whole teams. I haven’t yet received the information on exactly how to do that, but here’s the basic breakdown of what I do know: There are three main parts to working with a stone circle. You have to have someone to turn on the machine and hold the energy, you have to bring the energy in, and you have to focus it. When I was in Germany, I was able to “go back” to the smaller circle, having anchored into it while I was there (I now have access to it from wherever I physically am), and perform all three tasks. The larger circles need separate people to perform these tasks. There may be more roles required for work with larger stone circles; since I haven’t yet done work on that level, I have yet to figure that out.

“Turning on” the stone circle opens the portal in the middle of it. How do you control where the portal goes? I don’t know. I’m not sure if it can go anywhere, or if each circle is limited in some way by its “purpose”. Every time I’ve opened a portal, I was very clearly guided on where to go and my intention played a big role. Of course, I also always made sure to be in a very high vibrational state before doing this work and the purpose of “holding the energy” is to stabilize the vibration in that high place. If you’re going to turn on a powerful laser beam, you’ll want it to be stable and you want to make sure it’s pointed in a beneficial direction. I’m certain that stone circles could be used in both a constructive or destructive way, but I’m not sure how happy and cooperative the stones will be if used destructively (I’m guessing the process would then NOT be effortless at all).

The learning continues

All in all, this trip to Orkney wasn’t really about making anything happen, as much as it was about learning and attuning. I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface of this kind of technology and there’s much, MUCH more to come. While in ceremony in Peru, I was already given more insights into portals and how to use them powerfully in conjunction with pure focus. I was able to connect to the stone circle in Orkney and bring in the energy of the Peruvian mountains (who are so freaking powerful and very, very friendly and helpful). I had been absolutely exhausted for almost three weeks, never really able to get through the day without a nap, often sleeping twelve hours each night. Then one night, I activated the circle, brought in the energy, held myself in the center of the tetragonal prism, opened the portal and proceeded to see energy floating to me from all directions. It was as though my vessel had been emptied and was now being filled. I stayed in this delicious state for over an hour, and when I woke up in the morning, I finally felt physically strong and no longer exhausted at all. What’s more, I can still feel the energy being drawn to me in this way all the time. I’m still filling up.

As I said, I’m absolutely no expert in this field; I’m just beginning to learn about stone circles and portals myself. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, but don’t be disappointed if I don’t know the answers just yet. If, however, you’ve had your own experiences in this area, please, PLEASE share them in the comments as well. I’ve shown you mine, now you can show me yours, he, he. I’m really looking forward to joining in the conversation on this!

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  • I remember reading this a while back and freaking out that I had lost my vibrational connection with you and was being left behind the Happy Shiny Puppy group (you kindly reassured me). I read it today and it totally makes sense and infact excites me. I must have caught up!

    This is the technology I’d love to master so if anyone knows more, please chime in.

  • Hi Melody,

    I think this is an amazing ancient technology yet to unfold into our unknown realities.
    Looking forwards to hearing about your trip from Peru.


  • If the topics of the recent reposts are in any way indications of the future blog post topics, I’m peeing myself already <3 <3 I remember loving this when it first came out!

  • This was lovely to read. I too communicate frequently with stones and it’s amazing the data they store. They are very willing to share with us if we are only willing to listen, and this is true both for stones used in construction (such as a building) or those still in their natural form (such as boulders).

    I also love what you said about them incarnating into a life but obviously having a very different relationship to time than we do. I have been shown this also.

    It’s really nice to encounter somebody else who also communicates with the natural world. There’s not many people I can share this with openly.

  • There must have been some special energy the end of 2014 in Scotland cause we loaded the kids and the dog into our car before Christmas spontaneously and drove to Northern Scotland from Spain to spend a quiet Christmas and New Years. We did lots of hikes and I kept finding beautiful white feathers in the middle of nowhere! A beautiful gift.

  • Hello Melody,

    I love reading your posts. Have now for a little over a year. I totally feel ya on the communicating with stones. I’ve had a special relationship with Crystals for years, and also stones that want to just come home with me from time to time. I even recall one my daughter picked up from Lake Okoboji that didn’t want to come home with us, (I forgot to ask the stone that time) and it was giving me shocks. I also have my favorite crystal that has an entity in it, that every time I look at the entity it just sends chills up and down my spine, because the energy is so high. Everything is energy, it is interesting to me when folks still think that it would be impossible for other objects to not have consciousness. I wanted to share an interesting stone for you to visit on a trip back to the US, some day. Everyone knows of Sedona and the different vortex around the area. But just outside of Sedona, about 45 minutes to an hour north east (closer to Flagstaff), there is a crater from a meteorite. http://www.barringercrater.com/ That was my first experience with placing my forehead on to a large stone. I had never held up stones to my third eye before, but felt compelled to do it when visiting this stone, despite the strange looks. This stone was quite different, clearly for many reasons, but as a meteorite, it had a unique journey before coming to earth.. and as I found out, a strange origin. Once I placed my forehead on the rock, I instantly started to feel its story, it was telling me about its journey, how long it felt itself tumbling through cold and dark space, then its hot entry into Earth’s atmosphere, heating up and exploding. What an experience. When I asked it where it came from it told me it was once a planet, after connecting with it for quite some time, I felt a cleansing feeling, among others. (One was a sense of not being home, or sense of loss of home – which it was relating to ME, as I am of the Hadarian soul group) I am not sure why I felt compelled to share this with you, but I do feel if you have not been there yet, it may be time to consider a visit. The American South West is calling you. 😉

    We Hadarians have a unique relationship to “time” and are versed with opening portals. Mostly I’ve opened portals for short time travel and slowing down time in order to savor experiences. I too was not aware of using stone circles in portal use, so I thank you for sharing. As a show of gratitude, I would be pleased to offer you a complimentary Akashic record reading and soul clearing, when you feel ready. Feel free to reach out, I do it privately for friends and family. You and I are definitely kindred spirits. I wonder if you are Hadarian as well (and no I have not checked and NO I don’t take liberty to try and sneak a peak into anyone’s Akashic records without permission… It doesn’t work that way anyway.) If you know of any wonderful Stone Circles in the US, please let me know. I’ve only just looked into it for a day or two, but have not found any that I felt compelled to visit.



  • Hi,

    I like this post.Your stone circle technology is awesome.It .It make us to near of the nature.You explain about this post in well manner.I pass it to all followers.Keep on your work.

    Thank you so much!

  • Since Melody went to Peru, I’m unable to connect with her posts.
    She’s the only person in the word who writes and makes me feel whole again.
    Does that mean I’m not evolving like the rest of you. Will I be left behind. Have I still got something to learn before following the rest of you on this enlightenment journey.
    I’m a little sad and worried something is holding me back and I dont know what it is to fix it or allow it to pass. Is it just a time thing?

    • Hi Princess:

      My advice would be to wait and see. I expect Melody will have more posts in the future that are not focused on her experiences with plant medicines and stone circles. And there are always the weekly coaching calls that usually focus on subjects that are not so much “down the rabbit hole.” Even though the cost to listen to a coaching call is 9.99, that seems to me a very reasonable price. I have purchased a number of the coaching calls and found them very helpful.

      There is also Melody’s upcoming book, which is scheduled to be out sometime this summer (I think) and I expect the subjects covered in her book will be more like what she has written about in many of her blog posts.

      I would not worry that you do not have an interest right now in plant medicines and the energy of stone circles. Everyone learns in her own way and at her own pace and there is no right or wrong to anyone’s path.

      If we try to push ourselves onto a path that does not feel right for us or before we are ready, that is almost always counterproductive.


    • Hey Princess,

      Hang in there. I’m back from Peru, so the series on plant medicines has come to an end for now. As John said, the book covers all the basics, and as the publication nears (end of July this year), I’ll be finding ways to bring this new energy into the old subjects. But I had to do a bit of a refresh. I didn’t feel as though I was allowing the blog to level up right along with me. You are not unevolved if these last posts don’t resonate with you. They are really out there, I get that, and it’s now my challenge to help bridge that gap. So, I appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll let me know if a month or two down the line, the disconnect has lifted (I hope that it will have).

      In the meantime, there are hundreds of posts in the archives to choose from, which will hopefully keep giving you the warm and fuzzy feelings. I’m still here, don’t worry, and I haven’t completely gone off the deep end. I just need the space to also evolve, and sometimes the extremes I reach for won’t resonate with you. My advice is to hang in there and let it level back out. 🙂

      Huge hugs for you! (smooshy ones)


      • I feel somewhat relieved that I’m not losing you guys. This blog is my home. I’ve read every post ever written by you, Melody and I’m always a completely different person and maybe the happiest person in my workplace after reading articles written by you.

        I guess I know better not to have the scarcity mentality or worry about change and know it’s for my best (be it learning and growing) but I was actually behaving very human and worried I was going into a dimension of some kind without like minded people who I appreciate the most, which is all of you!

        I was looking at my external experiences as a way to show me what’s going on in my head and what I’m vibrating and if I was drifting away from you and the John’s of the world which then means I’m not doing too well with my thoughts if you get me?? (I’m not the most articulate woman). I know how hard it is to go back to the place I like with the *exact same person* I want in my life and so I was worried you’d go and I wouldn’t find you again in a very parallel universe/different dimensions kind of way.
        I’m yet to find anyone who’s writing I resonate with like I do with you and I’m probably on every LOA Coach newsletter so that says a lot about how you write such complicated thoughts in the most understandable way. Bless that brain and the way it ticks Melody! You’re welcome lmao!!!

        I look forward to purchasing your book. I’ve never purchased any book in my life but I will definitely purchase yours to pass it onto my young daughters. I can’t wait for it. My eldest daughter wants to know all about dating and finding the right “husband”LOA style ……. she’s only 11 years old lol

        Thanks John and Melody for your comfort and reassurance. I’m happy and calm again.

        • I resonate more with the older posts too. While it was interesting to read about plant medicine, I didn’t resonate with that so much. I did enjoy this post though.

          I’m looking forward to buying Melody’s book too. 🙂

        • Hi Princess
          If it’s any consolation I am not really *into* plant medicines and portals either, although I find it interesting in an intellectual way it’s not something I have time for in my life right now – like you I have kids and I can’t just take off to Peru no matter how much I would like to. I also got a bit lost there with the Peru posts for a while and felt a bit like I was wandering a bit aimlessly in the LOA woods, LOL.
          Just be patient with yourself. Trust me. A year ago I hadn’t even found Melody’s posts and I was yet to really take off on my LOA journey. SOOO much has happened internally in less than a year for me. Just keep at it and in my experience you will get the help you need. I can recommend “The Map” (until Melody’s book comes out that is!) by Boni Lonnsbury – you can get it on Kindle for about $11 and I rely on it so much. Write your intentions as she suggests, I read mine every day and it raises my vibration so much. Also “Frequency” and “Raise Your Vibration” are good.

  • Hey there, my first time commenting. Great post, really interesting. Stone circles come up a lot in a book I read about the Sidhe, cousins to us humans. The book was “Conversations with the Sidhe.” Just passing this on. And thank you too to the commenters who have shared personal stories of portals and communication with trees and rocks. Reading these make me feel happy. : )

  • In fact, thanks to everyone who has replied to this post.It’s nice to have that reassurance for me, that I can be more open about the kind of experiences I have had and hear others x

  • Hey Melody. I haven’t really done alot of blogging before I have a tendency to avoid and think oh thats for others . Maybe I’m having a shift as I feel compelled to reply to you!
    I’ have always had a connection with nature. I think when I was a kid I used to talk to the tree in my garden. Part of me knew something was there and if i was just still in myself and quiet it would communicate on some level.
    I live sort of between Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge. Yep, I know awesome spot. Last year I got up one day and just knew that I had to go to Avebury. I had the most amazing day feeling and connecting and channelling a song, chant or poem with the stones,even as I write this I feel the oneness of it all. After wards I went to a meet up at a spiritual meet up group and found out that over the last 24 hours there had been an intense recharging of all the leylines. This was before I told them I went there for the day. I agree with the timing thing, it was just completely in sync.I’ve had loads of other experiences too, six years ago, I went up to Scotland and went over to the island of lewis where there are the Callanish Stones. I actually spent a day with an artist and made a picture of them which is in my lounge and really holds some energy.I’ve also resonated a great deal with your recent posts, I took the medicine as part of a sacred ceremony a few years back. I’ve never done any conventional drugs (well not in this life, reckon I’ve done all that before) . In that weekend I felt the clear loving presence separately from my mind, and felt compassion for myself and all other beings. It helps me when I feel off track to remember that presence and know thats who we really are. Also just to share looking around while in that state and seeing that we are all the same light… I would dearly love to go to Peru and I also have a think about Chile. For me its do with the connection to the land. Particularly over the last few weeks,I have visualised and connected with the land anyway. Its good to go there but its all there for us anyway through our Spirit and I guess it will happen if and when its right. Thanks for your blog Melody and posts, they help. I would love to meet with you at some point and connect face to face. Thanks for what you do and who you are x

  • Ok, I’m not still entirely sure what to make of the following myself, but here goes… this is my first experience with portals, and I’ve been a bit more cautious around them after this.

    Around three years ago in Greece, when I was recovering from a particularly stressful experience, I went out for a walk one day and just on a whim decided to take a road I had never taken before. I remember stopping just as I was about to walk through between a closed-down restaurant and an abandoned house, there was this surge of something powerful and something in my head whispered me “there’s a portal here…have fun, but be careful.”

    I really have no way of really explaining what followed. I could feel the energy that builds everything in existence, so strongly that I could almost see it, you know, see through the Matrix. There were a lot of closed-down tavernas and tourist shops, and I somehow knew that even though they seemed abandoned, they were exactly the way they were supposed to be, exactly where they were supposed to be. You know, if someone were to demolish one of the buildings, it would damage the fabric of existence somehow. But of course no’ one would, because everything is connected and they were left alone precisely because they weren’t really abandoned at all.

    There were a few people walking on the road (which eventually led to a small beach and a cocktail bar that was, surprisingly enough, in business.) I remember thinking that the people can’t probably see me, I’m too high up. No’ one even looked at me, everyone ignored me completely. There was also a huge hotel that was still closed because it was early spring, and behind the hotel’s tennis and basketball field there was a tree. I don’t know if it was the tree that called me through the portal, remembering it all still makes my head hurt… but there it was, completely out of place, the only tree out there. There was at least a dozen butterflies in and around it, and a huge lizard was resting on the trunk, staring at me. Sometimes I bump into trees that I feel are actually not trees at all. This was one of them.

    Eventually, the total awareness of everything started to take its toll on me, because I really wasn’t ready for that sort of stuff. I’ve been referring to this state as a “spiritual psychosis” ever since, I honestly thought I was losing it. What helped me come down without crashing too hard, was another tree… which is a funny story in itself. It was growing near the place where we lived, but I noticed it only a few days after we had moved to the new rental apartment. Which was weird, because the tree is so huge that if you observe the place on google maps it covers the street and almost three houses. And I don’t just accidentally miss huge trees. Because I have a thing for trees. But I think it showed up when I was ready. Because after it did, I was practically hypnotized with it.

    Every time I touched the trunk I felt a gentle breeze, even though the air was completely still otherwise. The tree helped me down from a place too high for me, at least that’s how it felt like.

    The final note… I’m not trying to say that portals are potentionally “dangerous” in any way. I think that the reason why things got out of hand was due to the fact that I’ve always been terrible at grounding myself.

    • Thanks for describing what these portals are. I was not so sure. Kind of like dejavu or something like that. There are lots of abandoned properties in Greece from the world wars and they have remained there due to the fact their owners perished and they were not able to find the next of kin. so, they remain part of the tapestry indeed, and new works are build right above them and such. Yes, you can still feel the vibe and the soul from when they were abandoned, or at least I could.

      you mentioned this happened after a particularity stressful period. I wonder what it is about bad times that lead us to LOA and spirituality and deeper, higher levels. They say tough times are God’s way of bringing one closer to Him. It is as if they are rights of passage or something, again for lack of a better, more appropriate phrase. Not that you have to go through hell to get here, but a lot of us did. I myself have been attracting all these psychics on the street lately. They can “tell me about my aura” and I keep telling them that “I’m working on it.” I take it as a sign.

      I also wonder of those that discover wreckage from previous civilizations whose vibration was very high can feel anything?

      • Thanks for your reply! I’ve been thinking about the portals a lot after Melody’s post, I find the whole concept extremely interesting. What if portals are the means we use to move from from one reality to another (creating the illusion that time is linear)? But as the thing that happened to me in Greece isn’t something you come across every day (thank God!) it seems there are different kinds of portals… the most hardcore example being the stone circles, where you require some serious focus. My head may be just bursting right now. Too much stuff to even try to put into words 🙂

        Greece is a fascinating country. I have no idea what energies run rampant there, but I’ve spent three summers in Greece and every time I go there, everything I take with me (emotionally) is just…amplified. Both positively and negatively. And every time I leave I’m a lightyear away from the person who stepped off the airplane some months earlier. It seems, though, that I’m not going back next summer, so perhaps Greece taught me all I need to know for the time being..

        I think the reason why most of us come to spirituality after facing fire and brimstone, is that if nothing is really wrong in your life, you have no need to change it, so you never question anything. But if your life just keeps falling apart, eventually you stop believing that it happens just because it does, and start looking for answers. We human beings are unbelievably stubborn when it comes to changing our views and habits, because we were taught that it is safer to live in a familiar hell than face an unknown paradise. I only questioned this after I had faced so many unknown paradises (ok…and hells too… which also turned to paradises, eventually. It’s all a matter of perspective) that I coudn’t deny the proof anymore. There are so many amazing things out there, and if we keep on insisting that it’s safer not to change, we miss out on so much.

        I think you would only feel the energy from high-vibrational artifacts if you’re in a high vibration yourself, otherwise it will be “invisible” to you. Like Melody could communicate with the stones because her vibration is so high.

        P.S. Portals are real. The Cake is not a lie!!!

  • Hi Melody, thanks for starting this series of honest posts……..enjoying all of them….some may go above my head but willing to learn or atleast know intelluctually and be prepared for one day when I may also experience similar vibrations

  • Omg. All I can say right now is wow. The portals are real, they weren’t just my imagination. I’m starting to see how this blog just may be the best thing that has ever happened to me, since post after post you just confirm everything I had a theory about, but sort of dismissed because it just seemed too “out there”, and when I start to dig deeper I often accidentally snap into this “spiritual psychosis” that nearly fries my brain.

    But about the portals – I think I’ve come accross a few, even walked through some of them, since sometimes when I’ve gone for a walk a tiny voice has interrupted my mindless floating saying “psst, there’s a portal here.” I had no idea what they were, just this sort of knowing that somehow the energy flows strangely around here. As I said, I’ve been a bit scared to let my mind go there because I might never find my way back to Kansas again…

    But yeah, I’m still so excited about this post that I’m having trouble writing 🙂 I will have to come back tomorrow and see if I can actually write something coherent about (what I think are) my experiences with portals.

  • Thank you so much for this post.
    And thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences in the comments. I’m actually teary eyed. This is all beyond wonderful.

  • Melody, this was awesome! I’ve always been fascinated by stone circles, but don’t really know all that much about them. As you start to understand more about what you experienced and what the stone circles can do and what they’ve taught you, I would absolutely love to hear about it (more articles, please!) 🙂

  • Awesome post Medlody. I’ve heard of Orkney from The Mists of Avalon, which I think you’d love. It’s fictional story of the training of a priestess in the midst of all the forces at work during the time of legendary King Arthur, with a focus on the sacred feminine being drowned out by the rise of the church. ANYWAY, Orkney is described there as the howling, frozen north. This resonates here in the Northeastern US where we just experienced “bombogenesis” — I’ll include a link to a real interesting interpretation of this weather event. It boils down to a “bottoming out” of old ways of creation (Genesis being the creation story from the Christian Bible.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS1KUIZ3QKc. It may be a puzzle piece you’d appreciate.

  • Hi Melody:

    Love your post! I love rocks too… I have them from all over the world… I am fascinated by them and what they are made of and oh so many things about them… I love learning where they’re from why they show up in our lives.. needless to say I feel this world is made up of more than what others assume it’s made up of… anyway… I saw a show on the planet a week or so ago and there was a Shaman in Egypt who had stories of ancient times passed down to him…. he said the pyramids weren’t meant to be used for burying pharaohs, but were meant for healing people and they were built in ways that created specific sounds that made them heal certain maladies.. something to do with their structure and the pools of water that are at specific points within them. Just thought I’d share some cool knowledge that you need to have about other things in the world!!

  • Hi Melody! I came to LOA years ago from a background of Wicca, nature magic, and shamanism, and I’ve found they mesh just beautifully. What you did in the stone circle is exactly what we do when casting a magic circle. Look, I’ll post a quote from the piece to show you what I mean (my additions in parenthesis): “You have to have someone to turn on the machine” (cast the circle) “and hold the energy,” (to contain the energy,) “you have to bring the energy in” (raise the energy) “and you have to focus” (send) it. There is a direct parallel between the way that magical practitioners have been raising and directing energy for centuries, and the way it’s being understood today. “The Secret” has never been a secret at all. The law of “like attracts like,” and the idea of attuning to the goal so that it can manifest, of matching the vibration to align with it, all these are are exactly the same as what is described in so many books and blogs about LOA. The only place folk magic differs is in the practice of rituals to banish or reduce the unwanted. I’ve been saying for years you can’t do a ritual to get rid of something. Ritual requires focus, and focus brings more of what you focus on. So banishing rites tend to backfire. But aside from that, it’s all the same. I just love when I find these parallels! I had to comment. Couldn’t help myself. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Maggie! As I was reading this comment, I thought “this girl needs to connect with Maggie!”, and it was you all along (didn’t check before reading, ha, ha).

      I’ve had the same experience. All “wisdom” that has resonated with us through the ages, all the stuff that’s really worked, it’s all the same info. It really is. Even religions carry nuggets of it. I adore it when I see it all coming together.

      Maybe one day we’ll stand in the same circle together. 🙂

      Smooshy hugs!


      • I have been to Stonehenge twice. I think the first time I was only 10, it was in the 70s, and back then I think you could walk around and touch the stones, in and out of them and I found them fascinating. Perhaps they are roped off now…
        Anyway all this talk about rocks reminds me of an amazing Australian childrens’ book I read years ago. It’s called the Nargun and the Stars, the Nargun is an Aboriginal stone-spirit that talks to the boy in the story. Aboriginal Dreamtime stories consist of a lot of spirits in nature. It’s a great book as I remember. I might go and find it for my kids to read.

    • I thought of that too – I am also an eclectic Wiccan and when I was reading the post I pictured Druids activating the circles in the same way. The Old Ways are still alive for those who seek! 🙂

      • Yes! I was stunned by the similarities, right? But we know ancient peoples of many walks have been working in sacred circles of many kinds, all the way back to Sumer. It’s all the same. I love that.

        Blessed Be!

  • Love Love Love this post!!! Big smooshy hugs!!!! I have had experience where I actually feel the jump between realities so thank you for mentioning that here (I know I should trust but sometimes I still doubt whether I’m just over thinking /feeling what I experienced). I’ve had great conversations with plants but not stones yet. Love going down the rabbit hole. Thank you so much!

  • I’m not sure if I should put your website or mine. I do not have a website though. However, When I first moved to Michigan, in 1991, I met a man I will call Ra. I felt drawn to this job soon as I saw the ad that said Guardian, just like a magnet. I got the job and first night on my break I went into the commissary to have food and when I looked around the room my eyes came to rest on a round table at which sat about eight employees. One looked my way and I suddenly saw these cone shaped beams of light shoot from his eyes. He waved me over to the table and that was the beginning of a magical journey. One day he took me to a forest with pathways running through it. We sat a chatted a bit and then he wanted to show me something . We came to a small clearing in the forest and as I began to walk by it , I heard this high pitched beautiful music . There was no wind and the day was warm and still and quiet except for the music I heard. I stopped and turned to look behind me and I saw these three spirit pines waving back and forth gently and the music coming from them was breathtaking and awesome. I turned halfway back around to face the clearing and felt a spray of energy coming at me. I told Ra what I was experiencing. I held out my hands palms up and could feel the energy pouring out on me as though a sparkler had been lit and it was bombarding me. I then turned to look behind me toward my left and saw a tree trunk leaning against a live tree filled with leafy branches and it let out a loud, long groan. I was stunned to learn that Ra who I saw call a huge Monarch Butterfly to rest on his hand and sit for five minutes, did not hear or feel all that I was experiencing . I was so grateful to the powers that be and the Universe for giving me those moments. He did tell me that the Chinese seer he went to, told him about the raven haired woman that would be gracing his life in his future which he believed was me. He was apparently the Guardian I was so drawn to like a magnet. I came to realize that this was a karmic debt he wanted to repay to me based on a situation from long ago. Was not sure why I was given such a blessing as the walk in the forest at the time.

  • Stones rocks and especially, shells on the seashore talk to me. But trees, and plants really communicate. I used to live on an island and one day while I was out exploring, I walked passed a tree that was cover by a vine. And as I walked by I got this intense desire to go get my cutters and clear the vine off the tree.
    When I was done I could feel the tree’s sense of relief and it was just singing Thank You, Thank You, Thank you. I din’t hear anything from the vine though. So I alway assumed all was well with everyone. 🙂

  • I create mini-stone circles by listening to my crystals and how they want to be arranged in grids. I also love feeling the energy of the Earth while lying down directly on the grass. I imagine being in the stone circle to be all of that like 100-fold! 🙂 Amazing. Very cool to hear about your experience. Looking forward to hearing more! 🙂

  • Wow, Melody! Thanks for sharing your experience and the information/energy you received. Your experience with the smaller stone circle where you turned on the energy and had it whirling around you at the same time that you held the energy is so amazing it almost seems beyond words!

  • That is really cool! I remember being a kid when I heard about Stonehenge for the first time and I would wonder what they were and who built them and why – think I’ve mentioned that before. I’ve heard people talk about the energy they feel coming from these stone circles. I hope to visit one some day. I have heard about them being some sort of inter-dimensional portal before, but the instant manifestation and time travel I hadn’t.
    I am loving these down the rabbit hole posts. 🙂

  • Haha, loved the joke at the end!

    This is what I am talking about! I had tears in my eyes reading this. Obviously, there is energy there that resonates with me. Please let us know more about the portals. Are they like wormholes? Is the earth way older than what present-day science makes it out to be? I knew there was technology earlier, but humans were at a higher level then. Is this because there was no writing? I still think we are using the brain in such a way as to suppress these energy powers/feelings. Sure there is advancement in present-day, but I still feel there were ages when the mind was used to manifest things, viola style. And that was how life was. My soul may very well have lived in those times.

    It reminds me of the last Indiana Jones movie, which I appreciated, not only as a sci-fi buff, but because there was an energy transfer there, but the scientist could not handle it.

    • “Is this because there was no writing?”

      This is a brilliant observation. For a while now I’ve been thinking that words are really a clumsy way of communicating… but the question is, if we have been able to understand energy and all-that-is in such a high level in the past, why did we go backwards? Or was there just a small group of people who were able to decipher the mysteries of the universe, and writing was created as a sort of a bridge between them and the rest, and then some people got scared because they didn’t understand the stuff and the knowledge was destroyed and forgotten? And now we’re finally moving to that level as collective consciousness, you know sort of like you first do a quantum leap, then you fall back to the earlier level and then you slowly make your way up again. If I think of the stuff that remains from Egyptian and Greek mythologies, for example, there is a lot of fascinating stuff explained through symbolism.

      • Exactly, Heather! Thank you so much for writing this!!!!

        This had been one of my questions early on and still is. I am certain my soul lived during those times. This energy transfer stuff and just knowing stuff really resonates with me. And yes, I am finding out that there are periods of high and low vibration because that is what is done and experienced here. In order to experience the entire gamut of things, there are such periods. This has been explained by various mystics. Writing must have come about in periods of low vibration, I would think, and agriculture as well, because before then, food was abundant and humans just got it, as far as I understand. There was a paradise of sorts in that there was no need of stuff; there was no currency (I think that came about in low vibration as well?) and we were put here to live as the yogis do, according to yet another master, but we are all at different “stages”, it seems. It is tough to put into words, so please do not misquote me or anything, but something like that.

        • This is why I’m crazy about symbolism! You wrote:

          “before then, food was abundant and humans just got it, as far as I understand. There was a paradise of sorts in that there was no need of stuff;”

          I was pretty strongly reminded by Genesis, you know, Adam and Eve, the paradise and stuff. And if you consider it as just a symbolical story, it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? This is just a wild theory, but maybe the “paradise” was the world before contrast. There was no up and down, no hot and cold, no good or bad. But then we decided to grow through contrast, because we concluded that it’s the best way to grow. How can you know light if you don’t know darkness? If you just “are” eternally, you can’t know who you are and where you want to go because there’s nothing to compare to anything. The contrast is symbolized by the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, naturally. And it was Eve who ate the fruit. She chose to eat it; we chose to grow through contrast. There would be a multitude of ways to interpret why it was Eve who ate the apple (but it’s obviously linked with women giving birth; allowing more souls to experience the world of “good and evil”) and the serpent symbolizes our free will.

          I bet the same thing is repeated over and over in all of the texts that describe how the world was born. And you have an excellent point about us having low and high vibrational periods to experience everything. It’s going on all the time starting from the individual experience, expanding to groups, nations, and finally all of humanity. What I’m really finding very fascinating at the moment is that there’s nothing in existence that can be deemed as “high” or “low”… except perspective 🙂 So even though it may be that language and currency were created during low-vibrational frequency, it doesn’t make them low-vibrational. It’s just energy. It’s completely up to us how we choose to see it or use it.

  • Hi Melody,
    Thank you for your courage to shine bright in authenticity and bring your new phase of posts closer to what’s happening for you now. They are so amazingly helpful for me so far! You inspire a great deal of courage in me, and I think of you often as I aspire to shine in my authenticity on the daily level now as well.

    Regarding the stones. I have always felt a deep love for stones but until I walked my Camino I had never really experienced a physical communication with one. What happened for me was I was walking along, I had passed the Cruz de Ferro a day earlier if memory serves me, and as I walked on there were many ice chest sized boulders dotting the ground all over the hillside.

    As the path swirled down the hills and I continued to walk, suddenly I found myself surrounded by blue light, and the field of stones were flowing out this incredible blue water like substance. I did not really have a meditation practice at this point in my life and the whole thing was so natural, and so beautiful, that I was almost all the way down the hillside before it even occurred to me that what I was seeing and feeling was not “see-able”, or physical. I felt no fear, just peace, deep love, almost like a euphoria. It was extremely beautiful. I had a sensation of completeness and oneness.

    By the time I reached the bottom of the stone field it was rather late in the day and like I said I didn’t really have a clue about meditation yet so I carried onward in my walk and made it the next refugio by dark, very very tired, happy, and absolutely certain that the stones had bestowed a deep gift on me that day. If anything I think they gave me friendship, but my memory continues to light me up particularly when I am feeling confused or down. I am certain that stones are some of my great teachers. Now I feel a strong pull towards stones of all kinds and in particular and have communicated with a handful, but as my meditative practice evolves I feel my love and communication to stones only deepens. They are incredible.

    I look forward to learning more of your stone circle discoveries in the future. Lots of love!


  • Hey Melody
    Thanks for sharing this. It was such an interesting thing to read and having been doing energy work with someone the last two months, I have realized how much is going on of which we are not aware…we just need to tune in and connect. This is a perfect example of just following your intuition and letting it take you where it is telling you to go. While I have always done that to some degree, I definitely didn’t trust it as much as I have come to recently.

    I totally related to what you said too about that mix of not wanting to just check sights off arbitrarily and just being plain lazy! That totally describes how I am when traveling!

    I am so looking forward to more of your insights and that deeper stuff..I am certainly headed in that direction and I know whatever you write will help me in that journey!

  • Fantastic post! (And “Orkney” is fun to say) Any tips for tapping into non-human energy like plants, animals, rocks, etc? I’ve read posts where you’ve done this before and am curious about how to align myself vibrationally. Glad you had a good trip.

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