Awesome Natalie’s Burning Question: “Dear Magical Melody (someone else called you that on a post a few years ago and I really like it haha), I understand that we get what we focus upon. But I’m just now realizing this applies only to frequencies, not to actual subjects? For example, if I focus on a specific subject, I’ll get the frequency that matches the frequency I associate with that subject. This may well be said subject since this is the path of least resistance for that frequency to manifest. Or it will be something else as long as the frequencies match. I was wondering if you could clarify this for me and others. So many LOA teachers say “thoughts become things” and leave it at that, which is what used to confuse me.”

Dear Awesome Natalie,

What an excellent question! And you’re totally right. This is one of the, if not THE most confusing aspects of the Law of Attraction. Does like really attract like? Do you really just get what you focus on? I mean, if that were so, and you stared at an apple, wouldn’t that apple start to grow? Or wouldn’t you suddenly end up with a whole basket full? Maybe apples could just start raining from the sky… But that doesn’t happen, does it?

We, in the LOA teaching world, like to talk about “frequencies”, as in “You get more of the frequency of what you’re focusing on.” But what the hell does that mean? Physicists can measure the frequency of all objects, that’s true, but if they focus on something intently, does that frequency increase somehow? If you stare at a head of lettuce while it’s hooked up to a machine, will there be a spike in the readings of the lettuce’s “energy”? Will it get more intense, or “bigger” in some way? Well, no, not exactly. While focusing on the lettuce with love or hate will cause changes in its vibrational signature (scientists have recorded this!), it won’t “grow” and become bigger. It will not spontaneously multiply, nor will someone just mysteriously show up with more lettuce (not usually, anyway). Yes, like attracts like, but before that statement actually makes sense, you have to understand what “like” we’re really talking about.

Let me introduce you to a new term

When I and many other teachers (not all, but the ones that really make sense) are talking about “frequency”, we’re not actually referring to the physical frequency of an object. We’re talking about its representational frequency. What does that mean? Well, you may have heard quantum physics talking about the role of the observer – that the very act of watching an experiment play out can change the outcome of said experiment. From my point of view, quantum physicists have only just begun to scratch the surface of the importance of the observer, because the observer doesn’t just influence the outcome, he or she determines it. It’s just that we don’t determine the outcome of our reality (or an experiment) by shouting “I decree that it must be so!” It’s a touch more complex than that.

When you focus on something, anything, it represents something to you. If it doesn’t, like, not at all, it won’t even get your attention (and therefore won’t be part of your reality). Some objects or ideas represent something very important to you, while others barely matter. But it all means something to you. What that is, is an intensely personal experience, and no object or idea represents the exact same thing to any two people. Your perspective, how you see things, or what stuff represents to you, is uniquely yours.

So, let’s say that you’re focusing on a beautiful painting. As you do so, the frequency of what that paining represents to you, its representation frequency, will be activated. What determines the representational frequency of something? Your beliefs, your experiences, and also, if you’re doing this deliberately, your choice. As you activate this frequency, more representations of it will come into your reality – first thoughts and ideas, then physical manifestations. These representative manifestations may or may not look like or even similar to the original idea or object you were focusing on. But they will represent the same frequency to you and will therefore feel the same – they will elicit the same emotional response from you as the original point of your focus. So, while you may end up actually owning that painting, you may also very well not. But you will manifest something that feels exactly like that painting does to you. Why can’t you just get the damn painting? Keep reading…

Changing frequencies

As I said, you can deliberately choose and therefore change the frequency of an object or idea, although in practice (as opposed to theory), it’s often easier to just focus on something else; something that already represents a different frequency to you. But, it is possible and sometimes necessary.

Let’s say that you’re in a situation that you can’t immediately change, like a horrible job you hate. Simply quitting right this second isn’t a good feeling choice – you’re broke and you haven’t yet manifested a new option. So, you’re going to want to find a way to feel better about the job, or change its representational frequency, while you’re still working there. How do you do that?

You simply change your perspective; you change the way you’re looking at it. For example, you could begin to see this crappy job as temporary, instead of feeling like you’re permanently trapped there, like a summer job that’s there to serve a purpose, but definitely has a finite duration. You could imagine that it’s your last week there, which will free you up even further. Have you ever quit a horrible job? Have you given some notice, say two weeks, only to find that you totally stopped hating the people, place and work during those last two weeks? Suddenly it just wasn’t that bad. You were able to laugh off events that drove you borderline homicidal just a week earlier. Why? Because you had a different perspective; you stopped feeling trapped; you knew that you were getting out of there. The job didn’t change. YOU did and how you looked at it did, and therefore, its representational frequency did, as well.

Using this concept to manifest faster and more easily

Ok, so why is this even important to know? You may be thinking, “Ok, I get it. When I focus on something, I get something that feels like what I’m focusing on. I kind of already knew that. Why make this distinction?” Because, a lack of understanding of the concept of representational frequency can cause us to slow down or even block our manifestations. Here’s how:

Let’s say that you want a new, awesome car. You’ve been told about vision boards, and so you make one. You find pictures of your dream car, you cut them out and paste them to a poster board. You make sure that these pictures evoke a great feeling from you. And then you sit back and wait for the car, the thing you’ve focused on, to arrive. You’ve decided that you want that car, and only that car will do. And so you sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait and then you write me an email asking me where your damn car is, because after all, you’ve focused on it and you’ve been feeling good, so WTF LOA?

Here’s where it went wrong: you don’t want the car. You think you want the car, but you don’t. You want what it represents. As you focus on the car’s representational frequency and allow yourself to feel it (don’t resist it in any way, so it feels good), more manifestations that represent that same frequency will come in. Sometimes, ok often, these manifestations don’t look like the thing you focused on. You may manifest a different car, a car that you didn’t and couldn’t have known was actually even MORE awesome than the one you were focusing on. And if you are not open to that happening, because you’ve determined that only the car you’ve been picturing will do, you will not get your manifestation. I can hear pennies dropping all over…

It’s like you’re ordering in a restaurant, and you’ve told the waiter that you want something sweet and chocolatey, and then you demand that he bring you the meatloaf (because it looks chocolatey). He keeps trying to give you the chocolate fondant, but you’re having none of it. You stamp your feet and demand the meatloaf, but since he knows that what you really want is the fondant, he’s not going to give you the meatloaf. Of course, it’s entirely possible that your continuous disappointment at not getting what you want will actually line you up with the meatloaf (which feels disappointing, because it isn’t what you really want), at which point the waiter will bring it to you. You might feel a moment of triumph, until you take a bite.

This concept of representational frequency is the whole reason why you should never get too married to any particular manifestation, and focus as much as possible on the feeling of it. You may think you’ve found the perfect representation of what you really want, but honestly, given the infinite number of options possible, and your (by design) limited perspective, that’s really highly unlikely. You’ve, at best, found A representation, but it’s almost never going to be the perfect one.

Your imagination is just the start

What I’m saying is this: whatever you can imagine, that’s just the starting point. You can do so much better, or at least, the Universe can. You see, your imagination, what you can envision, is tied directly to your vibrational range, where your vibration is currently at. You can’t really see much beyond your horizon. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing beyond that horizon, you just can’t yet perceive it. You have no way of visualizing it, or of manifesting representations that go beyond your current ability to imagine. But they are there, and as you keep raising your vibration, as you continue to become more and more of a match to Who You Really Are, those manifestations that you can’t even conceive of right now will start to become accessible.

Allowing the best possible representation of your focus to materialize is an integral part of manifestation. Think about it: the only reason you wouldn’t allow this is because you’re afraid that if you don’t get in there and determine what the stuff you want has to look like, the Universe won’t get it right, or that it won’t happen at all. This fear is a form of resistance and it slows everything down. If you, however, focus on what an idea or object represents to you, how it feels, and what it is that you really want, and if you can trust that the best possible representation you can currently allow will come in, everything you’ve ever wanted will start flooding into your experience in exciting and yes, surprising ways.

The second reason that this concept is so important is because it so clearly demonstrates why you can’t get the same results as someone else by focusing on what they focused on. You can’t copy what someone did or said or how many hours they worked or what methods they used. If you want to copy someone else’s results, you’ll want to mimic how they felt – find the representational frequency of what they manifested and become a match to that. A luxury car will not mean the same thing to someone else as it does to you. This principle works both ways. You can’t look at someone’s negative manifestation and determine what it means to them either (unless you just ask them how it feels). This is why statements such as “he’s poor because he focuses on poverty” don’t hold up and why blaming others or yourself for what you focused on doesn’t help. A better statement would be “he’s poor because he’s been taught to focus in a way that makes him feel the way poverty feels to him, and he keeps perpetuating that feeling without realizing it.” As a teacher, you wouldn’t be able to help this person change their vibration without first figuring out (and helping them figure out!) how what they’re focusing on feels and, and finding something that genuinely feels better. In other words, simply focusing on “being rich” might actually underscore the same feeling you’re trying to change.

Bottom line

I know, I know; this entire blog post has basically been telling you to focus on how you feel, which is a message you’ve probably heard thousands of times. But in my experience, knowing WHY something is important goes a long way towards actually implementing it – taking it from theory to practice. After all, the reason we teachers keep reminding you to pay attention to how you feel is not only because it’s important, but because so many people keep forgetting to do it. The concept of representational frequency will hopefully help to keep you on track so you can focus on what’s truly important to you and become a manifesting machine. So, you’re totally welcome. Ha.

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  • I wish only for a fairy tale, but I got you.
    So happy because this means all your
    pinches to hurt me, only means you
    are okay in my book and I do not
    have to say how much everyone loves you.
    Manifestation is indeed a great medafore.
    Pls. Correct my spelling.

  • Or what if I say, I like to grow on your butt, but,
    Do you want to know what I am thinking…
    Good looking people that I love so much…
    I want to read your book so much…
    You are so special to every one. You hear…

  • Thank you Melody for this awesomely clear explanation! I have been an avid follower of Abraham-Hicks for a few years now. And have heard endlessly about feeling the vibrational frequency of the thing I desire. But never really understood what that meant. And didn’t even know that I didn’t really understand, until I read your blog today. WOW!! It’s so clear to me now! My appreciation for you is overwhelming! As an aside, yesterday I wrote in my journal some simple things I want to manifest… al la Pam Grout. One of the things I wrote was “a message for me from the Universe”. I have no doubt that this is the message I was waiting for. 🙂 I’m going to hang on to this feeling so that I can manifest more joyously fun things just like this!

  • Hey,
    This is for Brian, Simplicity means knowledge,it is not only at our finger tips, it is beyond
    our dreams…

    You are welcome…

  • Wow Brian,
    That is a good comment, I also will look into Referencing the Emotional Guidance.
    *Ask and it is given *
    Some of us needs guidance in any way we can receive!


  • What if you can’t focus on anything but your pain? Like severe
    Somatic anxiety, for example. I WANT to feel healthy and at peace, but all I can
    seem to focus on is how crappy it feels. What should I do then?

    • Focus on relief. Focus on soothing yourself. Focus on thoughts that feel a little better.

      Referencing the Emotional Guidance Scale (pg. 114 in “Ask and It Is Given”), how you have been feeling is on the lower end of the spectrum, and how you want to feel is on the higher end, just out of your vibrational range. You don’t have access to feeling healthy and at peace (since it’s too much of a vibrational gap from your current practiced thoughts), but you do have access to feeling relief, and thinking thoughts that feel a little better than the thoughts you were previously thinking.

      As you make finding relief with your thoughts your goal, you will continue to move in the direction where you will start to feel healthier and more at peace. You want to make emotional baby steps your goal. Feeling a little better is your goal. Not huge leaps from how you have been feeling, just baby steps of relief and feeling a little better.

  • I liked Sage’s comment about ‘belief and detachment’ being the key to positive or as Melody says ‘Awesome Manifestations’. That’s what Lord Krishna says in the Bhagvad Gita in Sanskrit, “Karmanye Vadhikarasye Ma Faleshu Kadachanam” meaning “Focus on your actions. Whatever you do should feel good to you. And then relinquish all fear of bad outcomes, rest in peace with me, don’t worry about the outcome.”

    So in short, have belief in your actions, and be detached about the outcomes.

    PS: Brian I too agree with LaPetite Princess, you seriously write like Melody.Ha!(HA!As Melody would say). Reading you just made my day today. And Melody your writing isawesome as always!!!

  • Going back to a question posed by Summer, I have some similar confusion regarding my use of feeling good about a person I probably have no business feeling good about. Recently I have been trying to carve out some quiet time for myself, either through yoga or simply sitting with a cup of coffee and appreciating the landscape outside, allowing my mind to wander with the intention of simply settling in with good feelings. Often my thoughts find their way to an ex-boyfriend who has become a friend. When I think of him, he makes me happy. We dated over 10 years ago, and have become friends again in the past 2 years (long-distance, we do not see each other, only communicate via phone). When he comes to mind, we playfully banter, have thoughtful discussions, open up to each other (yes, we do this in real life as well). He makes me smile. He makes me feel safe, interesting, intelligent, fun-loving. All of this mental play makes me feel good and usually after I allow myself to go there, I feel happy. The conflict is that I’m married to someone else, as is he. I’ll admit I do sometimes fall into a confused space where I think he and I should be together again but for the most part I’m in space where thoughts of him simply make me happy. He has become one of those go-to mental spaces that I use when I want to shift my vibration and get back into a place where I feel appreciative of where my life is right now. So are these feel-good mental sessions problematic? Am I creating confusing messages for the universe? For myself? Or does the end justify the means?

    • Hi openarms,

      I’ve had similar thoughts about exes who later became (distant) friends. I have no romantic interest whatsoever in them anymore, so it actually clears me to appreciate what I learned from them. It’s only when I am totallly over someone that I can look back in hindsight with a clearer picture of who they really were. When I think of them there’s also the underlying thought that I do not want anything to do with them anymore, so the Universe is getting a clear message that it may be nice to have some of the good feelings they represented but I do not want the actual person back in my life.

      I don’t think there’s a problem as long as you’re honest with yourself in your intention. Do you really want to get back together or do you just want to have the feelings that getting back together represents? What feelings do you have when you have happy thoughts about your ex? Maybe there were good qualities in that relationship that you’d like to see in your marriage.

    • Openarms, I am doing exactly this at the moment, as I mentioned above (there seems to be a lot of this going around!). At first I was a bit hung up on the whole ‘infidelity’ idea but then I thought, if I can’t enjoy myself in my imagination, where can I do it? You are just focusing on a feeling that you want, the universe is going to work on giving you a representation of that feeling, not the actual person you are thinking of. (otherwise I would have been married to Simon Le Bon when I was 14 lol!) There’s nothing to say your marriage won’t improve the way you want it to, or it may make way for something better. I suggest reading one of Melody’s old posts “Dear LOA Is it ok to leave my husband?” (or something like that).

  • Hello everyone and wow what a lot of insight from you all! Thank you! I am confused though about manifesting when it comes to other people. Can we “control” other people (unconsciously of course!)? Like if we imagine our boyfriend cheating and we get so paranoid we focus on that scenario too much without realizing it, would he go out and actually cheat? Similarly, can our own vibrations about a situation with another person push them away and make them ignore and avoid us (pretty sure I know the answer to this one but would appreciate thoughts)?

    • Hi Denise,

      I’ll let other more well-versed LOA folks chime in, and here’s my take just based on my experience: It’s not so much “controlling” another person, but your statement about “our own vibrations about a situation” are close. Fear, doubt, paranoia–it’s all resistance–can align to attract exactly what we are fearing. Until I really did some work on myself this happened to me a lot with relationships for many years. I angrily told myself that guys just acted interested for a while then after about a month they’d disappear…guess what happened? I don’t think I was controlling them–I think my own fear and feelings of unworthiness caused me to behave in a way that pushed them away (needy, demanding, paranoid).

      One time I was dating a guy and I let myself be intimidated by his good looks and charming personality, going back to feelings of unworthiness–he was “better,” and I couldn’t live up to those standards. (In reality, this guy never set any standards for me. He was a very nice caring person. This was all in my head). I was afraid he was going to leave me just like it happened before with someone else so I blew up over something that wasn’t a big deal. Of course I regretted it but he didn’t want to talk to me after that. I attracted that entire situation–I attracted him because he represented qualities I wanted in a partner, but then I turned on myself and told myself that I didn’t deserve him and was therefore going to lose him, which leads to abandonment, which leads to unhappiness because I hadn’t yet realized that happiness comes from within, not from the validation from another person. See how it all snowballs?

      My current relationship is a LOT healthier. 🙂

      It may be worth doing some reflecting and asking yourself why you are afraid of your boyfriend cheating or ignoring you? What are the feelings behind it? What are the positive feelings you want in a relationship? How can you feel those positive feelings NOW regardless of whether he’s in the picture or not.
      Best of luck!

  • Very good indeed… I love the concept of “representational frequency'”!

    Definitely before even trying to manifest anything in our lives, we have to
    understand WHY we want it! I can relate to this from my own personal
    experience, using the teachings of Napoleon Hill in his great book Think & Grow Rich.

    I wrote on a piece of paper all the details of my goal in the present tense, and used
    to read and FEEL that consistently and very often, for maybe half an year… I couldn’t
    see any results in the beginning but I was persistent enough to learn that every seed
    must be nourished and watered for a specific amount of time, until it comes out of the ground full with doubt and worry.

    This simple, and yet, not very easy thing to do, constantly kept reminding me how I feel about my goal, and WHY I want it to manifest so badly.

    And definitely, when we know WHY we truly desire something, “stepping into action” becomes a natural thing to do…

    Amazing post!
    Lukovski Zdravko

  • I recently had this huge wake-up call about desiring and attracting, after feeling very, very stuck for a long time. During a long conversation with myself I asked “why do I want the things I want?” and I realized that I only wanted all of that because the culture I grew up in taught me to want them. You know, everyone wants more money, everyone wants to be successful, everyone woman wants to feel pretty and sexy, everyone wants to have someone to love etc.

    Turns out I don’t. And the moment I realized this, I felt so free I nearly cried.

    So the growing discord I was feeling as my vibration was rising wasn’t resistance, it was me wanting to be true to myself, me knowing that this isn’t what I want. What followed was a Void from Hell – I practically slept for three days straight, and walked between the bed and the fridge in slow-motion. I’m now coming out of the Void as I write this, and the next task is to figure out what I really want. This is where the practice of going after general feelings comes in handy – it’s like going into a hair salon and telling the stylist that “I want it to look good”. The only thing I know so far is that what I enjoy the most is the state of complete and utter detachment. You know, enjoy being in the world, but not of it. I always thought that the role of observer I’ve often taken in life doesn’t feel good because I’m keeping myself from becoming attached out of fear and limitations, but it turns out that it didn’t feel good because I was taught that I SHOULD be attached, SHOULD be involved, SHOULD do this and that if I’m constantly stopping and smelling the roses, I will miss out on life, because running after things to make you happy is the way to go. I don’t want money. I don’t want success. I don’t want attention or admiration or compliments. I don’t need any of that to be happy…

    Because I am happy.

    • Heather,

      What an amazing and beautiful experience, and it’s one that can only come from self-awareness. The sad thing is many people (not anyone who frequents this blog, I’m talking about LOA Muggles) aren’t self-aware at all so they just keep blindly chasing external things for happiness when all they have to do is look inward, click their proveribal ruby slippers and realize that they’re already home.
      Enjoy your happiness. 🙂

      • P.S. I think I’ve had little glimpses of your revelation. I start asking myself why I want certain things and a little voice says, “Ah, who gives a crap? Isn’t it nice to just sit around and enjoy bliss? You already have it all.” I like that little voice.

        • It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? Btw, funny you should mention the ruby slippers, because I’ve privately called this state of being the “Dorothy vibration” 😉 I’ve found that reaching this level of detachment creates a completely new sense of freedom in understanding how things work. When you are able to see through the illusion of the material, or living “inside out” instead of trying to fill yourself from outside in, it gets so much more fun! You don’t want to raise your vibration to get a manifestation, you want to do it because it makes you feel better, and the manifestations that follow are just a sign that you succeeded. Why would you want to define what those manifestations are, and lose the joy of discovering them once you’ve reached a new state of balance? There is a reason why presents are wrapped in gift papers 🙂

          Now if I could just figure out how to stabilize it….

          • Ha ha, “Dorothy vibration.”

            Okay, between you and Melody my mind is completely blown. I think I need to go home from work now.

  • Hey,

    Copy cat reflections, that is me, why, because, that is my thinking at this time,in this
    moment. Yes,In our now moment.
    Pls, re: Thanks many…

  • Hi everyone, can anybody clarify for me : this situation is stuck for a while, i would like to manifest the perfect job and the perfect mate for me , i feel good every day, i enjoy my life but i know it have to be more. What do i have to focus on? I know exactly what kind of companion i want'(which i am laike to) but not such for the job…anyone can help? Thank you

  • Thanks Melody for this wonderful post, it’s a powerful reminder! However, sometimes I feel like I keep getting stuff in my reality that don’t eventually materialize. I am an actress and I’ve had quite a few awesome castings that came into my reality in the past year, that I didn’t end up getting or were so close to getting. So in this case you could say that something better is coming , but where do you draw the line? I mean, do I just keep telling myself ‘something better is coming’ for years and years to come? I’m at a point where I’d rather have the meatloaf than not having anything at all!

    It’s also not a resistance/limiting beliefs thing for me because I dont have much resistance and have actually released quite alot in the past few months. And most of the time I do feel quite good!

    So I guess my question is, what if I WANT to have something, anything (even if its not what I really want) than nothing at all? What if I WANT to work a gig that may not end up being fun or what I thought it would be like for 2 months, versus doing NOTHING for those 2 months at all? At least then I will KNOW that this thing I thought I wanted, wasn’t actually what I wanted, and will ease up for next time….I just feel like sometimes life feels so stagnant and things aren’t happening as fast as Id like even though I am doing everything ‘right’!!

    • ”I mean, do I just keep telling myself ‘something better is coming’ for years and years to come?”

      If you keep saying, “Something better is coming” with an awareness that “Right now, nothing is coming,” then the Universe is responding to your current thoughts on the lack of something coming, so you continue to receive more of the lack of something is coming.?

      ”I am an actress and I’ve had quite a few awesome castings that came into my reality in the past year, that I didn’t end up getting or were so close to getting.”

      ”It’s also not a resistance/limiting beliefs thing for me because I don’t have much resistance and have actually released quite a lot in the past few months.”?

      Most people have beliefs based on what is; based on what they observe. So, you have observed you have gotten close to, but not fully manifested, a casting you want. That’s a belief. You could argue, “No, it’s reality. It really happened. It keeps happening. I continue to receive the lack of what I want because that’s what I’m observing. Me observing the lack of what I want has no effect on my vibration.”

      But that’s exactly what’s happening. Something better isn’t coming… something better is here. Now. You just aren’t fully up to speed with your desire. Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, you still aren’t fully in alignment with what you want.?

      You want your beliefs to be unconditional–i.e. not allow what is, the conditions, to be the basis of your beliefs. So, if you do not get a gig or casting, it’s okay. You can focus on feeling good that you have gotten a gig. You already have a gig. The Universe already has at least 20 – 30 different jobs that you want lined up for you, but you have to believe you already have access to them.?

      “Most people allow reality to train your expectation. But when you discover that you can use your imagination to train your expectation, now, you can be the creator of anything that you desire.”?

      — Abraham

      Begin allowing your imagination to train your expectation, rather than observing what is and allowing that to train your expectation. You already have the jobs. They’re yours. Now, it’s about aligning your beliefs to where you feel you already have the jobs that are here for you and you do what you love.

      ”What if I WANT to work a gig that may not end up being fun or what I thought it would be like for 2 months, versus doing NOTHING for those 2 months at all?”?

      If those are the only two options in your current belief system, then the former one would be the better-feeling one.?

      ”I just feel like sometimes life feels so stagnant and things aren’t happening as fast as Id like even though I am doing everything ‘right’!!”?

      When you make feeling good your dominant intent, you don’t notice or feel life is stagnant, because you’re focused on and feel inspired thoughts, ideas and to take action on activities that excite you and that feel good.?

      The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. And, you can feel better now, without needing the physical manifestation. And, the only reason you visualize or focus on what you want is not to make it happen, but to help you feel better.

      When you’re doing everything “right,” you’re focusing on feeling good, and finding relief through thinking better-feeling thoughts, regardless of the conditions. You want to focus on unconditionally feeling good. Unconditional alignment.

      As an actress, you know how to be unconditional more than anyone. Actors embody a role, regardless if that role, or person, actually existed or exists. The point is, right here and right now, you are focused on how they think, feel and act, regardless of your personal life. You are the character. In the moment of acting, you are unconditionally focused on being that character.

      If you spent half the time being the character, half the time being yourself on stage, you would not give a very convincing or good performance, because your energy would be split in two different directions and the audience could tell.?

      Think of the Universe as the audience. Not in a judgmental way, but in a noticing way, that they can tell, they can feel, how you really feel. If you are half focused on what you want, half focused on giving your attention to what is, then your energy is split and the Universe cannot tell what you really want since you are not unconditionally in alignment with the “character,” or person, you want to be.

      If you want to be a person who acts, ACT LIKE IT.?

      FEEL like it. THINK like it. BE it. You can do it, I know you can.?

      • wow thank you so much Brian!!! You just reflected back to me everything I know in my heart already but its so refreshing to have someone else say those things to you in moments of doubt/fear…

        Every point is spot on…thank you thank you thank you for your help!!!

        • I was having the same problem for awhile, where I was getting really close to a major career breakthrough I wanted, and getting rejected with glowing feedback at the last possible moment over and over again.

          What helped me was to make a list of all the big positive manifestations in my life, and write down how I was thinking and feeling beforehand, then look for the patterns.

          The most major factor almost all my manifestations shared was belief in myself and my ability to accomplish it, which surprised me, because I was following the whole just feel good and it will happen school, whereas feeling good was like the fourth factor on my list, close to the bottom. For me, belief is far more important. I don’t even have to feel good, although it makes the manifestation better and bigger and nearly magical in their outcomes. It’s an amplifier.

          The second most major factor was detachment, which also really surprised me. It was almost as important as belief.

          So I switched up my manifestation technique to fostering more self-belief, and not thinking about my goal too much, and it manifested two months later (after 18 years of desiring and working for it). And I manifested a lot of other goodies that month as well (this was January of this year actually).

          Now, I am not saying do what I did, but maybe it would help to look at what you have already excelled at brilliantly and figure out how you did it.

          • Thank you Sage…these are very good advice!!!! i think you’re right about not feeling good all the time and still manifest…i mean, so many successful people are not exactly in the vortex 24/7 lol and they were able to manifest their dreams!

          • Hi Sage!

            This is really good and thank you very much for sharing. Indeed, belief and detachment are the most important of all. “whatever” has become a major word in my vocabulary, and with it I manifested some stuff others told me were just not possible. No, you do not have to feel good all the time, but it does help, as you state so well. I’d say appreciation would be third on the list and then feeling good, but you are right, it is more of an amplifier.

  • Thanks Melody! This post really resonated with me, and I have a better understanding. Thank you for simplifying these confusing (for me) concepts!

  • Hey,

    I can not believe it is you, I am so grateful for all I receive. For we are indeed a part of all that is. In fact we and everything around us are us including our universe we think we exist in. Which you is indeed you.How many you,s do you think there are of you. Many…

    Dear Melody,
    You made my day when I received your Deliberate Receiving ! blog !
    We need many more people like you to help us grow to greatness !

  • Melody,

    Welcome back! Great post, and I love the explanation of “frequency.” This is reminiscent of the post you wrote about demanding Brussels sprouts when what you really want is chocolate. (I am one of those weirdos who loves Brussels sprouts almost as much as I love chocolate) Since I read that, and today’s post hammers it in, I try to ask myself what I REALLY want behind my desire. What feeling, state of being, am I trying to manifest? Thanks again for a great post.

  • This is cool (I have been really liking your posts lately by the way).

    My process du jour is to summon intense feeling states I want more of (like confidence or oneness) during my hour long daily yoga practice. It seems to work better for me than anything else. There is less attachment, less control, and then the subsequent manifestations are a surprise, which is way more fun.

    Although usually I know when something awesome is about to manifest, I am just unsure how or what is will be precisely.

  • I think this goes to show that information can make sense in different ways for different people. The teachers I have enjoyed and have made the biggest impact for me (Prentice Mulford being but one of them with Thoughts Are Things) didn’t really speak on things about ‘frequency’ but fantastic for those who do and who those who resonate with their speak. I’m just not one of them. Formulas and precise stories and ideas worked better on my brain. If people had wanted me to constantly examine my feelings in the beginning of this, I probably would never have gotten past it initially.

    Still I found the overall message here important when discussing what something represents. What it really means to you. One thing that I learned from a respected teacher that I like seeing reflected here is that no one has all the answers for YOU, indeed what works for someone isn’t your auto-work solution. Part of this path is knowing and unlocking yourself.

    Also, loved the point about our perspective being limited and this is why hard defining can be bad or even detrimental. It’s a shamanic principle I came to know when understanding we can’t know everything. How could we? So we have to trust the Universe, Infinite Intelligence, or whatever you choose to call it to bring us what we want. So I can appreciate that.

    I enjoy reading your perspective.

  • Hello Melody:
    You have certainly talked a lot in the past about emotions truly being what aligns you to what you want. And it does make sense. But then what is going on when our thoughts literally do manifest? There are times where, I focus on something, let it go, and it does in fact manifest. For instance, will focus on a topic for a moment, or think I want something for a moment, just let it go and forget about it, and boom it does show up. I didn’t spend long in the feeling trying to get what I wanted, I didn’t even do any deliberate work. Just focussed on the thing, and then had it show up, literally exactly as I thought of it. Not as I felt it but as I thought about it. What is going on there?

    • ”There are times where, I focus on something, let it go, and it does in fact manifest. For instance, will focus on a topic for a moment, or think I want something for a moment, just let it go and forget about it, and boom it does show up.”?

      You have no resistance on those subjects and you allow them to manifest.?

      It’s the same thing with the story Abraham tells about Esther and blue glass, butterflies and feathers. When those three topics were activated in her vibration for a brief time, they were quickly realized by her within a few hours because Esther had no resistance towards rendezvousing with those things.?

      “I didn’t spend long in the feeling trying to get what I wanted, I didn’t even do any deliberate work.”?

      You only do the deliberate work when you have resistance towards allowing what you want. And the work is releasing your resistance.? Since you had no resistance towards receiving these experiences, they were able to easily come into your life experience.

    • Hey Moving Meta,

      What you focus on isn’t always the best representation of the frequency of what you want… But sometimes it is. So, when you’re focusing on a frequency with no resistance, what pops into your head (you think it’s a thought which you chose, but the thought must match your vibration) is actually a representation of that pure vibration and it manifests. Notice how you didn’t long for it, it was easy and simple. In those cases, you were already aligned, and the manifestation simply progressed from thought to something physical. This post was more about the times when we’re not aligned, and nothing manifests because we’ve split our energy between what we really want, and what we think we need. I hope that answered your question. 🙂


    • I focused on receiving one or more red roses for Valentines for two decades and never received anything. I wanted it so badly by 15 years I cried when everyone received a valentines present but me. Once I was finally over him and the idea of having any romance in my life, he did the most romantic thing any girl could ask for and by that stage it was too late. Does anyone else feel like LOA a cruel joke sometimes?

      • I focused on receiving one or more red roses for Valentines for two decades and never received anything. I wanted it so badly by 15 years I cried when everyone received a valentines present but me.”

        This is a perfect example of Law of Attraction.

        You had a desire, wanting romance from this person you cared about, but you were more focused on the lack or absence of your desire than the vibrational presence of it (indicated by the negative emotion you felt). And so, the Universe kept yielding to you the vibration you were offering. Since your thoughts were on the lack of romance, you kept receiving a lack of romance. What manifested and the vibration you were offering were a perfect match.

        “Once I was finally over him and the idea of having any romance in my life, he did the most romantic thing any girl could ask for…”

        Another way of putting that is, “Once I finally released all resistance towards my desire, I finally allowed the Universe to bring me what I wanted.”

        When you let go, you let go of your resistance you offered on the subject of romance. So, when you finally gave up, you gave up the resistance, and then you were in a state of allowing the romance you wanted to come.

      • Le Petite, I as a rule no longer comment on this blog, but I had to comment on this.

        Yes I always feel like LOA is a cruel joke and has a cricket bat above my head to slap me when I get close to what I want.

        Now, the remedy for me, just me, is to just continue to read this blog and the comments on here, I can still hold the belief LOA is a heartless b***h but that’s ok for me, I do not expect anyone else to change.

        But I enjoy reading your comments and this one, ok here is the thing, and remember this is just my view, I am not stating your experience, but this aligns with mine.

        I have an issue with unrequited love. I am about to turn 50 and I have had it since I was a child, worked on the issues but nothing changed.

        I met someone at work (we won’t go into the ethics or it will be boring) and I manfested the same type. The only difference is this time I went “stuff you” (an Aussie expression) you are the one, the twin flame blah blah, but frankly if you do not love me back tough.

        I put in the no contact rule, which is harder to do with co-workers than anyone else, which has worked.

        The problem is that person now tries to get my attention with their dating stories, the ‘hot’ ones they met on the weekend etc and I am like whatever, yawn, concentrating on other things. They do not like it.

        To me that is what happened to you. You just went I am sick of this I am changing vibration and yes of course he reacted because you REMOVED the drama and tension of wanting him, which, and this won’t be popular, you were not to blame for. Now, I can’t say he was not a nice person or the one (yes we should not say that term it offends all LOA followers), but regardless you did not want the drama and sadness so you left that and he reacted by going WTF oh hell she was the person I loved and guess what you shifted to a better way and they reacted but now you are on a different track.

        My point: I cannot agree it is not ok to want a person (even if they are married but just put aside the morals for a moment and no I don’t do that), a white car not a black one, a pet crocodile etc etc whatever, but you sit around in sadness and depression because it is not there. So you go, hmmm well I want to go for a walk today so you forget about it. Now I am not saying the partner/car/croc turns up when you get home (but they have for others) but the path to them manafesting opens up.

        Simply Princess, you did not want the drama of the man treating you bad, you left it behind and he got wind of what he did – he has to live with the regret while you move on to someone better. That is the beauty of LOA – you don’t need revenge because who you leave behind gets a aha moment it was you, but you don’t match to them and they get all annoyed and sad – priceless karma in my view.

  • Holy ****!!! This blog article may explain just why I haven’t seen my most important wishes come true, despite the few years of trying. I mean, I know it’s all about feel, but according to what your wrote here, Melody, I may have inadvertently been creating resistance by visualizing too limited a picture. I give what you said a whirl and see how it goes. Thank you so much for writing!

  • I may be totally dense, but how can you then ‘deliberately receive’ if the best you can do is generally desire something vaguely like the thing you want and then wait for the universe to bring you what it has decided you (a) want or (b) what you are currently a vibrational match to?

    Firstly, I understand that the universe can see more than I can, but why does that mean I can’t decide that I want something? If I want a particular car I should be able to manifest that otherwise it is not me manifesting, it is the universe deciding what I am allowed to have.

    And if the universe is always bringing you stuff that you didn’t actually ask for, but rather what it ‘knows’ you really want, then how can you tell if you are lining up with what you want. If I ask for a blue Honda and I get a white Landrover, that may be fine and show me that my vibration is a-OK, or it may be that my vibration is not quite where I want it to be so I am not receiving what I asked for. But it is impossible to figure out which it is if you are constantly not getting what you ask for.

    • Hey Edelweiss,

      It’s not that you can’t specifically want something, it’s that you need to focus on how it feels MORE than the thing you think you want. When you focus MORE on feeling good, what you really want comes, and it won’t be a car that feels worse than you one you focused on, it will be even BETTER. You can tell if you’re lining up with what you really want by how you feel. If you’re not getting what you asked for, it’s time to back off and ask yourself how it is you want to feel, then focus on anything that ALREADY feels that way (since focusing on what you think represents that obviously isn’t getting you there).

      I hope that helps. 🙂

      Huge hugs,

      • If you loved something about a previous male companion and want that in a future male companion, is there a risk by focusing on that previous happiness/relationship going to bring back a past love (whom you dont want back)?

        • Oh now THIS is a good question. I have this question too.

          I have an ex-boyfriend who was perfect for me in every way except for one major problem that I couldn’t get passed (and it was a significant flaw that I shouldn’t have put up with for as long as I did) but everything else was perfect.

          I’m not all that happy in my current marriage and one day this particular ex boyfriend popped into my head and I remembered all the cool stuff we had in common. So a few months ago, I started focusing on him and all the awesome deep conversations we used to have (oh how I miss deep, intellectual conversations). I don’t want to date him again, I just kind of “used him” in my head to hopefully manifest a better relationship with my current hubby. Well about a week after I started doing that, guess who found me on facebook out of the blue and started messaging me? I had not spoken to him ONCE since 2007. WTH Universe???

          It was nice to catch up with him and he apologized for how things ended, but like I said, I don’t want him back and plus he has a girlfriend and a son now anyway. We messaged back and forth a couple of times to catch up, but I haven’t heard anything else from him in about a month or so. But now I’m afraid to continue using him in that way. I WAS feeling better, but when that happened it freaked me out. That was NOT what I wanted to happen and I’m still not happy in my marriage.

          I am trying not to take any action right now. I know you are not supposed to take action while you are not in a good place, but you can only avoid someone you live with for so long. It’s hard to get into a good feeling place about relationships when the person causing you discontent is in your face all the time. Am I going to have to come up with something else? Maybe I should choose a celebrity instead of an ex-boyfriend? If it works that way, I’m going to start thinking about The Rock! I would LOVE for him to contact me out of the blue! 😉

          • It can be done but, I have to work with ‘the one’ and it is slowly getting easier to ignore them and keep it professional. Thanks for sharing that.

          • OMG Summer I am in a similar situation to you right now. Here’s how I see your situation. It’s all good! Rather than dwell on how unhappy you are with your husband, you started to fantasise about someone with the qualities that you want/are missing. You must have gotten that feeling pretty well because he contacted you! A big sign! Take note of it and celebrate it – it’s like a clue that you are on the right path of manifestation. I’m getting lots of these, thick and fast, things that make me go “yeah – that’s what I want!”. Even though nothing came of it, at least you got ‘closure’ – he apologised and you kind of resolved any issues you had around him – including that it’s not ‘him’ in particular that you want. In a way you are a little closer to getting what you want. What I am doing is conjuring that *feeling that I want* several times a day, quite effectively I must say because it feels really real. I am using a particular memory to help but I tell myself it’s not *him* in particular, but I’m just using him to get that feeling. Meantime I am trying to focus on the good things in my current marriage, and trying to minimise and ignore the behaviour that bugs me (that can be really hard when you have to live with someone I know). I am focusing on lots of other things like work and hobbies and things that make me happy. As a result I can feel my general vibration rising and I’m surprised at some of the other great things that can manifest. This is making me feel good about life in general and the whole marriage issue thing is not so bad and I know it will all resolve one way or another at some point but I am not focusing on it so that I don’t get impatient and frustrated. Hope this help your situation :o)

          • Thank you A. I didn’t even think of it that way. Geez! No wonder my bigger manifestations aren’t showing up. I keep letting silly stuff like that trip me up. But that’s how learning processes go I guess.

            The funny thing is that when I freaked out, I stopped using my ex and just did what you said. I tried to focus the majority of my attention on other things. In the last couple of days, I have been noticing that my hubby and I are talking more again and he has been sticking to his word and doing things he said he would do. This has been very recent, so we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I should start daydreaming about the ex again. Although, I do like the idea of daydreaming about The Rock much better. 😀

      • Thank you for the reply! And welcome back. Hope you had a fabulous time.

        I do understand this, but in real life we mostly have a messy blended vibration. Short of going to live in an ashram, we generally don’t manage (speaking strictly for me) to keep one single clear focus and vibration going all the time. So what shows up is usually some sort of blended outcome. It kind of then becomes difficult to see how you can be deliberate about your life and receive what you want.

        And if you are not getting what you focused on – even if it is better – then you can never really learn how that deliberate process works. In the example Esther Hicks uses of the blue glass, her manifestation was way better than her thoughts, but it was still blue glass. Not red glass, because the universe ‘knew’ it would be even more cool.

        And (again, maybe just me) I find it very difficult to get into the feeling place of something without actually visualising something. How does that new car feel to me? Well, it is difficult to conjure that feeling without focusing on the specifics of the car and it is very difficult to not feel disappointed when the thing that shows up is not the thing you were focusing on.

        I totally understand about shifting your focus in something like the job example where you are deliberately changing how you feel about a current situation. Where I get stuck is the car example because that kind of feels like the universe deciding for me what I should have. It would be different if it nudged us in a different direction – for example, the dealer says why not test drive this other car, you may find that you like it even more, and then you realise that this is actually what you want. Or the waiter bringing you a sliver of meatloaf to try so that you can make a better decision. Why does the universe have to substitute the thing it believes will be better for you? Why not bring you the tools you need to move your desire to a different thing?

        • “And if you are not getting what you focused on – even if it is better – then you can never really learn how that deliberate process works.”?

          You receive the vibrational essence of what you are wanting, and that may or may not include the specifics you consciously focused on.?

          For example, if you focus on wanting a pasta dish for dinner… what’s the vibration at the heart of that desire? I.e. Why do you want a pasta dish? You want it because it tastes good, it’s delicious, it feels good, you enjoy the textures, the experience, the fun and joy of eating a delicious dish.

          Now, you may attract a pasta dish, or another dish that matches the vibration and feeling you wanted. So, if you are eating an amazing meal that matches your vibrational offering, it does not really matter whether you are eating pasta or another dish that is equally satisfying and fulfilling, because you have received a vibrational match to the vibrational essence of what you were wanting.?

          And, when you enjoy the dish you have, and your focus is not on the lack of the pasta dish, then you allow yourself to receive the pasta dish. The Universe has found the path of least resistance to get you the best dish now, and the specific dish you want that could be made by an inspired chef at another restaurant a week from now, but you would not have access to that inspired thought and action to go to that restaurant and rendezvous with that chef if you are focused on the lack of receiving the specifics you wanted.?

          Also, Bashar says, “It’s not this or that. It’s this AND that.” You can have both.

          ”Why not bring you the tools you need to move your desire to a different thing?”??

          It does. You are always receiving contrast (based on the thoughts you think) to help you become more clear of what you want.

    • Happy Friday everyone, If I may comment on your wanting a blue car and another kind manifests, has to do with how strong you feel about what exactly matches the image of your true self you have pictured for yourself to exists in this world. For example if you do not like to wear a certain style or color and you go shopping and you see the exact style and color you really want is there and as soon as you see it you go wow and you may even instantly experience you wearing it and showing it off and what a nice place you would go have dinner with it and on and on, so you feel great just by looking at it, why because your inner signal is telling you that’s what makes you the you that you really really really are and want to look like, feel like and act like,
      Now a minute later you see there is a color you don’t like and the style is not you but is on sale for 80% off! so you just try to convince yourself, that you wear a different shoe with it or you just are saving money and why not? Boom you buy what is not you! so you just settled for not being who you truly are but the point is that the other car or other anything rather the exact one that you really shooting for to manifest does not walk to your door step unless you are letting it, even if a person gave you the white car, you could be grateful and sell it and go buy a the blue one that you want, doesn’t need to be new, but you have shown that you know exactly
      who you truly are and will not change your faith and destiny by choosing a totally wrong out fit for that image of you. And we all experience situations that want to make ourselves says its okay but that only forces us to feel nothing like our self! so we learn to keep the unique image of ourselves in mind as soon as we wake up and choose and refuse all that does not fit that image and act like we have reached to living our true identity and then as Dear Melody explained, all other coincidences cross path to give us what we decided exactly to manifest.
      You should be very happy if you are getting frusterated by not jumping up and down to get something white not your desire theblue!. That only shows how strong your amazing inner picture of yourself is, and if you don’t believe you are that and deserve to live that, then how do you want universe to see that and manifests for it. May all your DREAMS COME TRUE BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY REAL THING…..Have a wonderful day and always remember, universe is the one that puts your dream in you, just believe it and it appears….

  • WOW Melody…this came at a perfect time for me, I mean it was meant for me. I have been focusing on a new house for some time and I was wondering what was holding it up. Reading this blog hit me! I was expecting the exact house that I was visualizing not the “feelings” about it, and understanding not to become “attached” to the results.
    Thank you again for explaining it and making it so easy to understand.
    Now that I understand this perhaps my new house will appear sooner.

  • OMG Melody thank you for answering my question! I feel so special haha! I agree, it’s such a misunderstood concept even among people who have been aware of LOA for years! Even Abraham didn’t really explain it clearly, they just say “thoughts become things” as so many others do, and don’t explain about representational frequencies.
    After combing through many of your blog posts, I found the one “How Much Focus Do You Need to Give a Manifestation Before it Arrives?” -that one helped me sooooo much I had an epiphany and realized it really isn’t about the object, it’s about the frequency associated with that object.

  • I’ll be honest here. It seems that I manifested things a helluva lot easier and quicker when I didn’t know anything about LOA. All I knew was faith and just believe with all your heart. Bam- things came to me easier.

    Now that I no longer adhere to organized religious concepts, and have adopted New Thought/Age/LOA. Ill be damned if it appears nothing is working for me. Highly frustrating. After two years of disappointment after disappointment, it makes me feel like saying eff it. But Self wont let me. Just wanted to get my feelings out there, cause this shit aint easy.

    Thanks though. Always look forward to hearing your thoughts. Question- do we need our chakras or do they need to be removed?

    • ”Ill be damned if it appears nothing is working for me.”??

      The only reason anything comes to you or not is based on your resistance and allowing. Before you knew about this information, you didn’t think about manifesting as much, and so you most likely offered less resistance and what you want came much easier. Now that you are focused on manifesting, you’re awareness of the absence or lack of what you want is much more prominent, and so resistance is introduced and what you want is disallowed from coming.??

      ”After two years of disappointment after disappointment, it makes me feel like saying eff it.”

      ??If you did say, ”eff it,” would that feel better? Would you feel a sense of relief? Because if it would help you to feel better, and release resistance, then it would be of benefit for you.??

      Your disappointment is most likely coming from you wanting conditions to change so that you can feel good or better. The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. And, you can feel better now. So, whenever you do processes or visualizations, you want to keep in mind that you do them with the intention of feeling better and finding relief, not to get your stuff and not to make anything happen. Because when you focus on doing something to make it happen, you have an awareness that it hasn’t happened yet, and you introduce resistance.

      When you do a process with the intention of finding relief, feeling good or feeling better, then you are in alignment and allowing what you want. When you need the thing to come into your life so that you can observe it and feel better, then you are making your emotions dependent on the conditions being a certain way in order for you to feel good, and that is conditional alignment.

      You want your alignment to be unconditional, and you can do that by focusing on feeling good and thinking thoughts that feel a little better now, without needing the conditions to change. And then when you find relief, and focus on thoughts that feel good to think about, the conditions will change to reflect the emotional change you’ve already made within yourself.

      • Hello everyone, I hope my answer could be of help to you.
        when things were showing up for with faith and prayers, you were not influenced by outer circumstances, by that I simply mean, You knew who you want to be! or better put it, You had a perfect image of Your true self with you that was not effected by any negativity, such as a person could have said something and that made you feel less worthy or good, and then day by day unwanted things start to pile up and then you lost your faith because you forgot all of it is happening to you not because God wants you to suffer, but because by making you sad, and forcing you to find a way to be happy again, is just teaching you, all you need to remember who and how amazing you were before you believe nothing is ever going to go right! that means You think what will be making you feel like real you, what that real you is? is it a powerful millionaire with jets, or whatever you want that you be that when you imagine you having it made to that point you would feel the luckiest being on earth, then just remember, your soul was violated and you now realize that as long as you see the picture of you , you deserve, then that’s all about feeling the joy and start focusing how to get it back with what you have or don’t have. obstacles exists when you take off your focus from the goal, which is your real image lives in the universe, how could you not jump and go for a walk and enjoy the flowers, and a good espresso and feel you are that and ACT LIKE IT, THEN THE UNIVERSE SMILES BACK AT WHO IS WALKING, AND MAKES THE PLACE FOR THAT ATTITUDE JUST AS SOON, OR SENDS YOU A LONGER FEELING SORRY SELF TIME, SINCE YOU OBVIOUSLY THINK YOU ARE POWERLESS….have a wonderful image of yourself, take care.

        • I appreciate your input. I must feel good and allow joy to permeate my being and not concentrate on lack or negativity. Thank you.

      • Brian, you write like Melody which is the greatest compliment anyone can get from me lol. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight into manifesting. May I ask you, what do you use to climb that emotional feeling-better-ladder and is it OK to visualize when we are really low on that ladder because the past has indicated it’s the worst thing to do and I ended up manifesting the exact opposite of my good thoughts (or do you think it just a co-incidence?)

        • ”Brian, you write like Melody which is the greatest compliment anyone can get from me lol.”?

          Thank you, that is a beautiful compliment.?

          ?”What do you use to climb that emotional feeling-better-ladder…”?

          ?I don’t do it step by step, which you can do if that is helpful for you, for me it is not my preference. I just focus on what I want, and how I want to feel. And, you know more clearly what you do want when you know what you don’t want.

          So, let’s say I notice I feel frustrated. I tell myself, “I know what I don’t want, so what do I want? I want to feel good. I want to feel ease. I want to feel relaxed. I want to soothe myself. I want to be in alignment.”

          I don’t try to jump high on the list to excitement, passion and joy. And, I don’t focus on specifics of anything (at least initially), because when you introduce specifics and you’re not ready for them, you’re not up to speed, you won’t be able to regain your vibrational footing of feeling better and your Vortex will just spit you out. So, I always start general with my thoughts. And, I focus, generally, on how I want to feel. And focus on those general good feelings, and milk that.

          After that, I usually increase my positive momentum to where I can focus on some and more specifics of things that feel good to think about, and that helps me to feel even better. But, I take my time if I need to. Focusing on feeling good and my alignment is more important than focusing on specifics of what I want (if the specifics do not feel good to think about).

          But, the most important thing is to be general and identify what you want and how you want to feel, soothe yourself, find relief and think thoughts that feel better than how you were feeling.??
          ”… and is it OK to visualize when we are really low on that ladder because the past has indicated it’s the worst thing to do and I ended up manifesting the exact opposite of my good thoughts?”?

          ??You can visualize whenever you want, as long as it helps you feel good or feel better. If you do not feel an emotional improvement, then visualizing in those moments does not serve you or your point of attraction.

          When you have previously visualized, you most likely focused on specifics that you were not ready for, i.e. did not believe were possible, so instead of helping you to feel good, the specifics just increased the negative momentum making it easier for you to focus on the negative than the positive. That’s why, especially when you are on the lower end of the Emotional Guidance Scale, Go General. General thoughts have less momentum than specifics, so it is easier for you to slow down negative momentum, begin positive momentum, and focus on feeling good.

          Saying good thoughts, and feeling better and feeling relief, can be two different things. It’s more important you focus on feeling better, than on thinking good thoughts.

          ??For example, if you feel powerless, and you say, “I am empowered,” you most likely do not believe that, you do not feel better, and so your vibration has not shifted. From feeling powerless or depressed, you don’t have access to feeling empowered–it’s too much of a vibrational gap. But, you do have access to anger. And, anger is higher up on the scale. So, when you reach for thoughts that help you feel angry, even though they are not positive thoughts, you will notice that you do feel better than how you previously felt.

          And that better feeling shows you’re moving up the scale in the direction you want, and you will then have access to emotions that are higher up on the scale that you previously did not have access to when you felt lower on the scale. Focus more on good feelings and feeling better, rather than saying positive words without feeling soothing or relief.

      • Brian thanks for your comment. It makes a lot sense. You are right on point with why things manifested much easier for me when I didnt know about LOA. I will approach it from a different angle. I must learn to release control. Appreciate you taking the time to help.

    • Hmmmm… – I have the same problem and sometimes I just want to say “eff it” as well. I have seen success in lots of small things, but I just can’t seem to make myself not care on the bigger things. I don’t know how to not care.

      I agree that it seems like this has actually gotten harder since discovering and fully understanding LOA. I want to say “eff it” sometimes, but doing that feels crazy. To me it’s like saying “Christmas was so much more magical when I believed in Santa Claus, so I’m going to go back to believing in him again.” While saying “eff it” and giving up feels pretty damn good, I can’t unlearn what I have learned. I KNOW now that my thoughts create my reality. At this point, there’s no going back. At least, not for me anyway.

      • You need to release your need to control the outcome and just enjoy yourself. Focus on something that makes you happy but has no relation to whatever it is your trying to manifest. That’s all I’m saying because if I say more, you’ll keep repeating the happy thoughts only to get what you want.

        Learn to trust your messages, now go find something amazingly fun to do and forget about what you must have right now. Easier said than done, I know, but just make a game of it for now. Go have fun, be playful and decide you dont need to control anything, someone or something’s watching over you, something will make sure you’re OK. It will all come at the right time. Just be patient and have as much fun while you “wait”.

        • You are so right about my needing to relinquish control of how my desires will manifest. I understand that I must allow energy to flow through which avenue It chooses. I am now changing my approach. I truly feel lighter in my heart area. Thanks for your input.

      • I like you analogy about xmas. I agree- I could never unlearn and would not want to unlearn what I know about myself. I am in this for the long run… I dont only want what my Personal Legend can offer me. I want to live out of my Personal Legend (THE ALChemist by Paulo.Coelho). Nothing can come close to a touch from your Soul Self. Thanks for your help.

      • I went through a stage like this too Summer, and for me it was that I was trying to do what worked for other people, instead of what worked for me. A giraffe is going to go about finding dinner in a much different way than a lion. If a lion tries to elongate its neck to eat leaves, it’s going to have a problem:)

        What helped me was to make a list of all my big positive manifestation, and figure out what they had in common. To me the to major factors were belief and detachment. But for you they might be determination, or just feeling really good, or some other state unique to you.

        What helps me to detach, is just not to think about the subject. Whenever it comes into my mind, I say that’s going to happen when the time is right, and then I think about something else. I still work on my vibration and my beliefs. I just trust it will happen when and if it is right to for me.

        It is no coincidence, I manifested my wonderful husband right after I decided to be celibate for the next few months. I used to do this instinctively before I got into loa, and I manifested a lot.

        • Thanks for the replies Sage and Le Petit Princess. I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff lately about letting go of control. I have been setting intentions to help me do that and I’ve been feeling slightly better about the situation(s). I feel like this is the biggest jump from my current reality that I’ve ever taken, so I guess that’s why it’s so hard. What I want is so different from where I am right now. I know that if I keep going and am persistent, I’ll eventually get what I want. I’m just impatient and I try to control HOW my reality is going to change. I just have to keep at it until it is my default to think positively about it.

        • sage,
          after you decided to go celibate, you said you met your husband. did you just go about doing this as usual, or did you have a thought, idea (manifestation) to do something different and that’s how you met your husband?

  • Hey Melody
    This post was so awesome. I loved how you used the term ‘representational.’ I write a lot about LOA on my blog as well, and I know I sound like a broken record always bringing up the importance of how you feel, you want a feeling so get into that space and you will get all sorts of things that match it, etc…

    Like you said, understanding more why it is important to do certain things to move the attraction process along makes it a lot easier to actually do them. It is so easy to dismiss the emotion part and just zero in on the particular manifestations, getting all attached to them, which totally moves us away from those all important feelings.

  • Thank you, Melody! I like the term “representational frequency.” That term so clearly captures the concept that the frequency represented by a particular thing or object is uniquely personal.

  • Miss Melody,

    I get everything you’re saying in this blog, it makes complete sense to accept what’s given if it’s good and fits into what you’ve envisioned, what you’ve focused on, but I have one related question:

    When does it become settling for less than what I wanted to create, rather than accepting an equally good (but different) creation? I’ve been job hunting for a while and have had no good result yet. A couple of good jobs I focused on got filled – and I let them go since they were obviously not “mine” – and there’s been no response for a bunch I’ve randomly applied to. Now I’ve been offered an interview for one that I can do (it’s baby steps in my skill set), one that’s close to home, but it’s at 33% less pay than my last job. It’s a job, but it’s a clear step down, not up. My inclination is to pass it by and wait for that good job I’m focusing on to come, but how do I know this isn’t it and I just don’t recognize it?

    • ”… and there’s been no response for a bunch I’ve randomly applied to.”

      When you do not receive a response, are you observing what is and then offering a belief, or expectation, based on what is? So, if you do not receive a response, and then you observe what is and think, “I am not receiving a response,” then even when the Universe wants to give you a response, you are disallowing a response to be realized by you because of your belief, based on what you are observing, that you are receiving the lack of a response.

      You want to begin shifting your focus off of what is, and focus on what you want.
      Focus on the feelings you will have when you receive a response. Let’s say you received a response from a good job that matches what you want, today. How does that feel? When you think about that, what good feelings do you feel? Freedom? Excitement? Relief? You feel like the Universe has your back. You feel valued. You feel worthy. You feel deserving.

      ”My inclination is to pass it by and wait for that good job I’m focusing on to come, but how do I know this isn’t it and I just don’t recognize it?”??

      By how it feels. If it feels good, it’s your Higher Self/Inner Being saying this is a vibrational match to what you want.

      If you feel it is a partial match, then it will be a partial match to what you want.

      • Sometimes we get messages in life that are great but leave the decision up to you (as stated by the obviously lovely Brian above who took time to respond to you) and sometimes we get direct messages too which you will get from the lovely me.

        My direct message to you is absolutely take the job that’s not quite exactly what you want. I find taking baby steps a more secure way of getting something and it staying. Perhaps this job you are offered now that isn’t quite up to par might be exactly what the universe believes you need so that you get your ideal job later and can actually keep it. Have you noticed when we feel unworthy of something we lose it? Taking baby steps allows us to learn we are worthy of all our manifestations no matter how big they are. So the baby step in this situation is you taking the less than perfect manifestation for your best interest IN THE LONG RUN.

        (Melody sorry about the email address you may see with this message, I was in a bad place but a much better place now)

      • I am so amazed by the way you explain everything Brian!! Thank you for helping us 🙂

        I too am in the same situation of looking for the job that I want and I was wondering if you could share your thoughts. However, I do get responses but not necessarily the job I want.

        What would you reckon could be the process when it comes to job hunting? Constantly sending out CV’s or thinking/feeling about how the new job would be like? What’s the key to instant manifestation?
        Sometimes I feel like a job pops up when I stop bothering about it. I guess thats when I have no resistance. But I currently need one asap (one which I want and am happy with)

        Hope you can help x

        • However, I do get responses but not necessarily the job I want.”

          How does that thought feel? If it does not feel good, you want to change it in a way that feels better. You want to begin telling a new, better-feeling story.

          For example, “I have not gotten the job that I want yet, but I am getting responses. And It feels good to know that I am getting responses.”

          You see how that was the same sentence, just flipped to focus on the positive, and to give you a positive feeling, rather than to focus on the negative, and give you a negative feeling?

          Here’s an example of your New Story:

          “I believe in the Laws of the Universe. And I believe in the Law of Attraction. And, what I give my attention to is what the Universe reflects back to me. So, I appreciate I am getting responses, and I know the Universe will reflect back to me the job that I want and am in the process of receiving.

          It feels good to think about my job is on it’s way, and it will show up when I am ready. I do not want it to show up before I am ready. For example, if I was getting dressed for a party at my place, and people started showing up before I was ready, it would not feel comfortable and I might feel rushed to get ready. I want the party to start when I am dressed and ready. I want my job to show up when I am ready to receive it (and I know when I am ready by my alignment and how I feel), so that I can fully enjoy and appreciate the ease and fun of what I get to do.”

          “What’s the key to instant manifestation?”

          Not needing instant manifestation in order to feel good.

          When you talk about instant manifestation, you are referring to the physical manifestation. The only reason you want the physical manifestation is because you want the emotional manifestation that you believe comes along with it. But, you can have and feel the emotional manifestation now, without needing the physical manifestation. So, what you really want is not the instant physical manifestation, you want the instant emotional manifestation, and all emotions can be instantly manifested.

          You do not have access to your physical manifestation this red-hot minute, but you do have access to the emotional manifestation, which is the only reason you want the physical manifestation in the first place.

          When you focus on why you want your job, you will begin manifesting the emotions you want to feel. The first is about easing your financial point of attraction, and the second is focusing on your appreciation for a job.

          “I want a job because I want to feel ease. I want to feel financially stable. I want to feel financially free. I want to feel free. I like the idea of feeling freedom, and ease. I like the idea of feeling secure. I like the idea of feeling ease. I like the idea of feeling abundance and ease.

          I like going to work and feeling productive. I like working with intelligent people. I like working together with others focused on a collective goal. I like feeling accomplished. I like feeling accomplished at what I do. I like the feeling of being a part of something bigger. I like coming home at the end of the day and feel the joy of accomplishment and productivity.”

          When you have the emotions you want to feel, then you will feel you already have your job. You will be focused on what feels good, which releases your resistance and gets you into a state of allowing what you want to come. And when you feel you already have your job, there is no awareness or feeling of lack of job, because you are already feeling and enjoying it’s vibrational presence. And, when you feel you already have it, it will come as a reflection of you being in alignment with what you feel you already have, and the physical manifestation will match the emotional manifestation and vibration you have focused on thinking about and feeling.

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