A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a weird predicament. I’d been back from my annual trip to Peru for a few weeks, had finally caught up on my massive inbox and the work that had piled up in my absence, and was all ready to start implementing my awesome plans for this year. There was only one problem: I was feeling kind of blah. My energy was low. I wasn’t feeling bad, per se, I just wasn’t feeling my usual, high energy, let’s conquer the world, bring on the awesomeness, self. It took me a few days of just sitting with that feeling to figure out what was going on, and when I did, it honestly kind of shocked me.

I was bored.

Bored! How the hell could I be bored?! I have a fabulous life! I’m getting everything I’ve ever wanted! I have plans, BIG plans! My book is dropping on July 27th this year. My writing is getting more authentic than ever. My business is booming and we’re looking at some major expansion and automation this year. How, in Dog’s name, I ask you, could I possibly be bored with all of that possibility and forward momentum swirling around my head? Was I being ungrateful for all that the Universe had bestowed upon me? Nope. I practice gratitude and appreciation daily (sometimes hourly). Had I forgotten to celebrate all these awesome manifestations? Nope. I celebrate a lot. And yet, I was freaking bored, and I’ve got to tell you, boredom is not comfortable for me. The absence of absolute, balls to the wall joy was almost painful to me and the whole concept irked me. I could understand being bored if I was stagnant; if I felt stuck. I could understand being bored if I didn’t have any concrete idea or vision or where I was heading, and yet I did! And it was a good feeling vision. In fact, it was a vision I’d been working on for a long time, and it was finally all coming true. And that, my puppies, is precisely what the issue was. Let me explain.

Evolution stops for no one

You see, I’d been working on my vision, to publish a book, to expand my reach and to start speaking, for a while. This was a great vision and one that, not too long ago, made me dance around the room in giddiness. The problem was that I’d evolved. In fact, thanks to my three weeks in Peru and my experiences with plant medicine, I’d just recently leveled up in a BIG way. And that leveling up gave me access to frequencies I couldn’t previously reach. It gave me access to an expanded vision, one that I hadn’t actually gotten in touch with. The fantasies and daydreams that had previously lit my fire were old news – having been defined from a vibrational place that just no longer applied to me. I’d evolved and so my vision had to evolve, as well.

When you’re in High School, you might be really excited about College. You dream about it, plan it out, look for colleges, get accepted, enthusiastically pick out your classes, buy your books, meet your new roomie, scope out the cutest boys, explore the nightlife, make new friends, learn what a hangover really is… etc. But once you’re in college for a while, once you participate in that experience, you get used to your environment. It no longer excites you. Sure, you can appreciate it and celebrate and it look for what you love about it, but the fact is, that no matter how fun something is, repetition and acclimation always eventually lead to stagnation. If you keep eating the same meal over and over, no matter how delicious and yummy it may be, it will begin to taste kind of blah. It might not ever taste bad, but it just won’t give you that same rush you used to get.

We, as humans, are designed to keep on evolving, to keep on creating. We always want MORE. Now, this is not a bad thing, providing we look for more from a place of loving where we are. This drive for more has led to innumerable technological advances. It has raised our standard of living to heights that previous generations couldn’t even imagine. If it wasn’t for this desire for more, we wouldn’t have invented planes, or the internet, or the microwave burrito. We wouldn’t have smart phones, or computers, or edible underwear. Now, while the argument can be made that all of this evolution isn’t necessarily good, I don’t think that any of us want to go back to the middle ages any time soon. After all, would you want to give up your ability to access any piece of information at a moment’s notice, or contact friends and family in an instant, no matter where they are in the world, or go back to a time when people flung their poo out the window (thank you indoor plumbing!)? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Evolution is what drives us forward. It’s inevitable. And, for the most part, it leads to a better and better life (especially when it comes from a place of appreciation for where you already are).

The best vision you have access to

When I set my vision – this grand, wonderful picture of where I wanted to go and how I wanted it to feel, it was the best representation of the energy I wanted to line up with that I had access to. At. The. Time. This is always the case. We never have access to the FINAL outcome, the manifestation that will provide us with unlimited joy for the rest of our lives. We only ever have access to the next step. This is actually a really important point, when it comes to manifesting. For example, if you decide that what the representation of what you want, the picture you have in your head of what your joy will look like, HAS TO come to fruition precisely as you are imagining it, instead of allowing it to be the current best possible representation of what you want to achieve, knowing full well that it can and will get better as you become more and more of a match to what you want, you’ll most likely restrict your ability to manifest what you truly want. You’ll begin to focus more on the HOW than the WHAT. You’ll lose your flexibility to make decisions based on what feels best, even if it doesn’t seem to be leading you towards that picture in your head, rather than trusting that as long as you feel good, you’re moving towards your desires.

So, it’s imperative that we remember that the current vision, no matter how amazing, is only the best possible representation that we have access to right now, if we want to continue to stay open to receiving our manifestations. The flip side of that coin is that even when we are flying high, even when we are receiving like crazy, even when we become manifesting mofos, we still always have to stay open to that vision changing and evolving. We still have to focus more on the feeling than the vision itself.

It’s time for an upgrade

In other words, we have to periodically give our visions and goals an upgrade. In the past, I’ve always done this on a yearly or semi-annual basis during my year-end review, a process I’ve shared with you here. I had done this review in December, and it was only February, so it didn’t even occur to me that I would already have to level up. But, of course, thanks to my aggressive focus on growth, thanks to my near obsession with releasing resistance and constant focus on feeling good, my vision simply wasn’t going to keep for another six months. The fact of the matter is that my vision had become comfortable. It didn’t scare me anymore, not even a little bit. I was a total and complete match to it. It just felt good, with not even a little bit of resistance blocking it. I’d done my job and I’d done it well. I’d lined up with what I wanted. And whenever we get what we want, it doesn’t take too long before we start looking for something even better, bigger, even more exciting.

My litmus test for creating a vision is that it must be so big that it kind of scares me. It has to give me goose bumps. It has to take my breath away. Being in a really great place and wanting even more doesn’t make us ungrateful little bastards, and it isn’t something to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean that something has gone wrong. It simply means that it’s time to level up. If you get really good at playing tennis, you’re not going to want to play against amateurs anymore. You’re going to want to go up against pros. When you start winning against them, you’ll want to play with the best of the best. Anything less than that just isn’t exciting anymore. And that’s totally ok. In fact, anything less than that means that we’re keeping ourselves small, and that, my puppies, just isn’t any fun.

My boredom kind of snuck up on me. It took me a few days to identify it, because there was a part of me that couldn’t for the life of me understand why I might be bored, why I wasn’t as excited as I “should” be, given all the awesomeness in my life. After all, wasn’t it a bit early to already be going for more? Couldn’t I just rest there on my laurels for a bit? Well, no. I’ve never been one to rest, on laurels or anything else. I like the fast lane; I like the rush of excitement that comes from taking new risks, going into unchartered territory. It’s part of what makes the difference between something being comfortable, and something being awesome. And even the biggest awesomeness will turn to comfort eventually (or really quickly, in my case).

OMG, does it get good!

Once I’d had the realization that I was bored and that I had to upgrade my vision, I took a couple of hours and sat down to focus on the feeling I wanted to achieve, but which my vision no longer elicited from me. I began to think BIGGER. Much, MUCH bigger. We’re talking huge, global domination, see it from space kind of bigger. I began to dig into the recesses of that little place inside us, where our deepest and biggest dreams live; you know, the ones that scare us, the ones that we almost dare not dream. I’d connected with that place before, of course, but now it was time to go back. As I had evolved, new dreams, bigger dreams, had been deposited in that space, and it was time to dig them out. And as I did, the boredom instantly dissipated. Energy flowed. I bounced off the walls with joy and giddiness. I was back to being a Happy Shiny Puppy. And manifestations that I hadn’t even been able to previously imagine immediately started to flood in.

I made this shift early last week, just before I left for London to speak at the Hay House Ignite event. Now, I love to speak on stage and I was looking forward to meeting some fellow authors, so I was totally in a place of positive expectation. I was planning on having a great time no matter what, so awesomeness was pretty much a given. But it got so much better.

I arrived on Friday, and immediately broke two nails. I wasn’t going to let that shit go (I wanted to look groomed on stage!), so I asked the concierge at the hotel to recommend a day spa that allowed walk-ins. My high spirits weren’t deflated; I’d been meaning to get a mani-pedi anyway, so this was the perfect excuse. A few minutes later, a lovely Romanian beautician was expertly working away at my digits, when I was approached by a fellow patron. She shyly sidled up to me and asked “Are you Melody Fletcher?” “Yes,” I answered, not having any clue as to what was about to come. Had I dropped my wallet? Was she from the hotel? I really couldn’t have imagined what happened next. You see, she recognized me. You know, for being me, Melody Fletcher, writer, speaker, Bullshit Fairy. This had never happened to me before. I can’t even tell you how absolutely, over the moon, shit myself and don’t even care happy this made me. Oh. My. Gawd. I know that for seriously famous people this kind of thing probably gets old (although I sincerely hope it never does for me), but I was totally blown away. I had never seen myself as someone who would be stopped in a nail salon and recognized. Talk about a much bigger vision!

On Sunday, I stepped onto the Ignite stage with only a vague plan of what I wanted to talk about. I never script anything out, but I do plan out my main talking points. Essentially, I know the gist of what I’m going to be speaking about, without any details. I can’t be funny on command, or plan out jokes or insightful sound bites. I just get into a high flying state and let it happen. I’ve always been comfortable on the stage, so I wasn’t too nervous. I concentrated on feeling good, on aligning myself with a positive outcome, took a few deep breaths and stepped out onto the stage.

From that point on, I wasn’t really cognitively in charge of my mouth or body anymore. I was just in the zone, and apparently, I rocked it. My slot was just before lunch, so people were tired and thirsty and had to pee. But they stayed, they laughed, the cheered, they gasped with “aha” moments and I received a standing ovation before I was even done. Oh man. Again, this was better than anything I could’ve imagined. This was definitely a next-level manifestation. I was flying, higher than anything any drug could’ve provided, and I haven’t come down since. At one point, I had the thought, “And this is just the beginning”, because, the NOW is always just the beginning, and it took my breath away.

Is your vision big enough?

I’ve placed a Post-It that asks “Is your vision big enough?” close to my desk, where I can see it every day. When you get enough momentum going, leveling up isn’t something you just do periodically. It’s something you do constantly. I want to remind myself to check in on my vision on a very regular basis. I won’t be surprised by boredom again.

And now, I want to challenge you. Is your vision big enough? Does it scare you a little? Does it take your breath away? Remember, that you don’t have to be in a bad place to upgrade your vision. Many of you are moving out of the part of the spectrum where you’re motivated by pain, and into the upper half where it’s all about maximizing awesomeness. Have you become complacent and comfortable in a space where everything is pretty good? Have you fallen into the trap of thinking that you shouldn’t be able to ask for MORE? Or has boredom simply snuck up on you? Are you still focusing on yesterday’s vision, or have you taken the time to create today’s? Why not take the time to check in with that place inside yourself, where your grandest dreams live and see if something new has become available? I promise you, it’ll be worth it.

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  • …there’s my perfectly aligned (timed) answer, once again …..
    Gotta say, “Thanks Melody!”
    One day we will also meet in person!
    Where I can really say thanks, for who you are.

  • Hi Melody,

    Firstly, thankyou for your website., came across it after listening to you on the hay house world summit…I think I am on overload with all the reading I have done; but a lot has resonated in a big way. In a number of the our posts you talk about ‘sitting with the feeling’ – what does this involve? Whilst reading I have had a number of resistances come up, and are stuck with how to deal with them….do I’m doing other feeling good things in the mean time,but know they need to be addressed to move I. My new direction.

  • I may be a few weeks late in lining up with this post, but oh boy did I line up with it today! This time six months ago if I had seen myself in my current job, city, set up etc etc I would have peed myself with excitement…much like I almost did when I found out I had the job, where I would be moving to etc. And when I first started it was awesome, for the first few months I had to pinch myself daily to know that it was all ‘real’.

    But recently, I have really struggled to stay excited and motivated at work…and with life in general. I’m unhappy, pretty content actually, just no longer excited. I do genuinely like my job, but I have started to manifest lots of niggly things that are making it a little stressful. Today, being Monday to boot, was a pretty ‘meh’ day and I kind of sat with the feeling for while (whilst perched on the loo, I think that people got worried) and suddenly I started fantasising about all of these exciting scenarios and situations (some work related) that really got me buzzing. On my walk home, I found myself being very excitable…came in, opened up my laptop and typed the word ‘job’ into the search on this site…and this was the second post that came up.

    Even though I read the post when it was published (of course!), it didn’t really do much for me at the time. Today, it could not have spoken more loudly to me. Yes! I’m bored! Yes! I need a new vision, something else to step into! And that’s exactly what I’m going to work on right now. See you on the other side! 😉

    P.S. Very much looking forward to coming to see you at the Mind, Body and Soul event in London next month Melody!xx

  • Yes, we all are the positive pull of polarity ! This planet spins
    at about 1000 mph. at the equator , if we were to hang above it.
    Now, having said that, it makes sense what Melody is saying to me.
    Why is because you use all your senses to create your future events.
    Wait a minute is thought a sense ? Maybe not,but, why do our thinking
    make LOA work ! Or puts us into the next chapter of our tomorrows !

  • It’s interesting how you can want something so much and then once you get it, it’s great but you can quickly become used to it. It can become “ordinary”. After reading this post and similar ones, I understand that it’s because we’re always evolving.

    Also that’s great about your first fan encounter!! Exciting! 🙂

  • This was a really interesting article because I feel like I am in a constant state of wanting more, always. There is so much for me to do on a daily basis that I can’t get bored if I wanted to be, but when you achieve all the major goals that you set out to achieve then life becomes mundane and boring because there is nothing else to work for essentially.

    This is something I will keep in mind once my major goals are accomplished and I am right where I wanted to be. Based on what you said it is the adrenaline rush from exploring the unknown that keeps you excited. You find pleasure in venturing outside of your comfort zone because you have become so accustomed to that for so long. Most people struggle with finding the motivation to begin in the first place.

  • in times
    out times
    Your dreams work the same way.
    Time is your sound of vibrations.
    What will proceed next in your reality
    will manifest on pure emotional thoughts.
    So better be taking notes as to your inner
    For they are like the moons gravitational
    pull with the oceans on this planet,
    in and out *period*

  • This is so. cool. For a while now I’ve been wondering what’s got me stuck with my current goals… until this post helped me realize that what I’ve been calling ‘goals’ are actually just sneaky ways to micromanage the how’s on the way to the BIGGER dreams I don’t talk about. Who woulda thought– instead of not being ready, maybe I’ve been TOO ready and TOO reserved about all this!! Thanks & huge happy shiny puppy hugs to you!!!

  • Awesome post ! To keep from “getting bored” I have kept my aim really high. I know we all receive everything we desire from the Universe. My aim is to possess the Universe itself. You can too ! Just follow Melody. She will take you there. I guarantee it. Never let go of her. Never be discouraged.

  • Happily, the theme of this post is congruent with the astrological ‘theme’ of today’s rare solar eclipse. The ‘astrotwins’ site suggested we sit down today and visualise what we’d like to manifest fuelled by the power of the eclipse (i.e. the ‘sun coming out’ after a period of darkness). And now, Melody has suggested we do the same thing.
    Guess how I’ll be spending Saturday morning?!

  • I knew something was up! And now, there it is, boredom! AHA! I totally felt your energy in this article! Thanks for this article! I needed it! I’ll read this EVERY DAY to remind myself constantly to upgrade my vision and have access to new insights!


  • “but the fact is, that no matter how fun something is, repetition and acclimation always eventually lead to stagnation. If you keep eating the same meal over and over, no matter how delicious and yummy it may be, it will begin to taste kind of blah. It might not ever taste bad, but it just won’t give you that same rush you used to get.”

    I have a question about this and relationships. What is your viewpoint on this? Does this mean staying married to someone for the rest of your life will always eventually become stale? Are you married? If so, how do you and your husband keep things exciting and not stagnant?

  • Thank you for (1) reminding us that it’s OK to be bored and (2) reminding us that it’s OK to upgrade, that we don’t have to have the final vision of manifestation NOW. 10 years ago I attracted a dream job at the company where I still work. Eventually as I “evolved” I outgrew it and attracted something better, and it’s just gotten bigger and better every year. Lately I’ve found myself being a little bored, but it’s not a bad thing. If this were pre-LOA victimhood old me I’d probably get upset and angry at my job, boss, situation, life, whatever, as if they were responsible for my boredom. I stayed in bad relationships for too long because I didn’t think I deserved an upgrade.
    Now I just take boredom as a sign that it might be time to move on, try something new, or other times just rest, chill, and enjoy the boredom! The more I evolve the more I believe in myself and my own worthiness (trust me, that took a lifetime), so naturally my desires are going to change as my vibration rises.

    Hurry up July 27th and get here! I want to read your book so badly!!

  • I absolutely LOVE this post! I completely relate to you. One of the most eye opening moments for me was when I realized that most of my depression stemmed from boredom. After that realization, I also realized I am a very high energy person that constantly needs to be devouring information and taking huge risks. I’d never known that about myself, as I’d always been somewhat depressed. Go figure. 🙂

    I love that you’re reaching higher, re-evaluating, and seeing results. I want to just jump up and down and sheer for you. Great inspiration for today.

  • Love love love this post Melody. I can totally feel your energy and it makes me feel excited too! I have this feeling sometimes although I didn’t quite know what to do with it, but I would instinctively try to go with where it took me. Being bored and levelling up inevitably means leaving things, places, people etc behind which brings up a bit of resistance.
    If you reach for a better feeling and stay in a place of feeling good, does that mean the ‘old’ things, places, people should fall away seamlessly? I’d like to hear others’ thoughts on this.

    • “If you reach for a better feeling and stay in a place of feeling good, does that mean the ‘old’ things, places, people should fall away seamlessly?

      Yes, if they do not match the good feeling vibration you are now offering.

      But, you could have the same people, for example, in your life, you just now have a different, new relationship with them. You rendezvous with good feeling aspects of them that you did not have access to before you shifted your point of attraction. The more you focus on what you want, and the relationships you want to have, the relationships you have will either shift to match your new vibration and/or other people will come to join you on that high flying disc where you are now focused on feeling and being.

  • Thanks for this, Melody! I wonder if the discomfort I’ve been feeling for a few years, and ‘blaming’ on not being a vibrational match with want I desire, is boredom. I’ve been in survival mode, so paying bills on time feels like a victory. “Is your vision big enough” has all sorts of bells going off in my head.

  • Thank you Melody!

    I feel like I’m living and growing with you. Each of your posts feels like such a perfect manifestation for me, so thank you for doing what you do.

  • I needed to read this now, Melody! Thanks so much! I will read it again and sit with it for awhile because I know parts of it will help me right now!

  • It’s like that Gertrude Stein quote, “There is no there, there.” There is always something else, always something more. I’ve been kind of experiencing the opposite energy from boredom.

    For several weeks prior to this, I was in this constant floaty dream-like place, where I absolutely knew that no matter what happened, anything at all, everything was going to be fine. I had never experienced that state before, and it was deeply magical. I had been focusing intently for the last year on releasing every single shred of fear, and becoming incredibly confident.

    Somehow as I was doing this, I did not realize I would actually become a very brave, self-assured, person! At the time, I just didn’t want to be uncomfortable, but now I find myself inexorably called to activism for the things I believe in, not out of fear or anger, but out of an almost overwhelming passion. This feels absolutely exhilarating, but also whip-lash fast, and intense.

    I find as I get close to who I really am, I become more and more like I was when I was a kid. When I was a kid I had many definite, strong opinions, that I expressed completely freely. This was negatively characterized by people without the same confidence, as being “a diva,” “bossy,” “talking too much,” “showing off,” and so on, until I learned hold back and repress my true shiny, gives zero f@%&cks, self.

    It feels really awesome to get this part of me back, but also feels a little, shall we say–overstimulating at the moment:)

  • PREORDERED! Your book is a thing on Amazon right now, WOW! I will forever be one of the first to buy your first book. Huge congratulations.

    This post really spoke to me. I have been just kind of floating along lately, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it feels limited and stuck. I went for a promotion at work, that I did not get (and did not care), but this little nudge from you and U makes me realize maybe that was just too small. I had not really stopped to consider that even though I am not a super ambitious person by nature, maybe small goals and reaching for “just a little better” will still not be enough. Maybe baby steps are not good enough even for a nonambitious type. Now that is a little scary (good, right?).

    Well this certainly gives me a new perspective to work on for the next little while…thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Kimja for letting us know you preordered the book because I did not know it was available for preordering yet. I have now PREORDERED IT, TOO, so we can help get Melody’s numbers up there!

      • *High-Five*

        A forum friend on a health/fitness forum wrote a book, and she shared with us that preorders really do help a lot.

          • It really is exciting to feel the energy of your book and your expanding adventure, Melody! You have created this community of “puppies”, and, of course, since everything is co-creation, we are part of the creative process ourselves! This is so exciting!

          • I checked it out at amazon.ca, and yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, ITS THERE READY FOR PREORDER! I’LL DEFINITELY PRE-ORDER IT ASAP! WAY TO GO MEL!

      • Hell Yeah! Go Team Puppies!

        The Shiny Army is going to blow the roof off Amazon the day Melody actually officially announces pre-orders.

        • Amazon just confirmed they’ll need to use their new airlift service to deliver all the books I ordered. Cleaning out my garage now. Christmas shopping done.

          • Thanks Kimja. 🙂 I just looked it up on Amazon UK and it’s available for pre-order there too. Will pre-order it as soon as I am able to. 🙂 It’s gone on my Pintrest Books To Read board in anticipation!

  • I especially love the blogs you write after a big event. I can seriously feel the energy streaming off of this post. It’s so cool! 😀

    When my hubby and I got married, we did it on a cruise. We were one of three couples to get married, but we were the only ones who did it on the beach – the other two had their ceremony on the ship. For some reason, we stuck out to everyone on that boat. The whole week, people would come up to us and be like “Oh you’re that couple who got married on the beach. We saw you guys. It was beautiful.” And they would comment on how pretty I was and I would blush and say “thank you”. LOL! But it was so cool being recognized and stopped by people. We kept saying we felt like celebrities on that boat. It’s a good feeling and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of that. Anyway, that was so cool that you were recognized. I will tell everyone I know how I knew you before you were famous. 😉

    I feel boredom a lot lately but I’m kind of stagnating right now, so it makes sense that I would be bored. My vision still gives me that nervous/excited feeling, I just haven’t made it manifest yet. Lately, the Universe has been showing me that there is a reason I am where I am right now and – for the first time in a while – I have some appreciation for where I am now……even (gasp) my job! They are offering free training classes on leadership and self-awareness (whaaaat? lol I never thought I would see this at MY job!) and it runs through November, so I guess I will be here for a while. But this is stuff I could take with me – whether I choose to stay here or go somewhere else…….or be my own boss one day. Either way, I am uber excited about it! 🙂

    I was living in the future way too much and now understanding why I am where I am has made it so much easier to appreciate being here. Yet, I’m still very excited about the future. 😀

  • Hey Melody
    This was a great post and it really resonated with me on so many levels. I love what you said about our current vision as essentially being the next step and that we are constantly growing and evolving. Realizing this can make our work with LOA go much more smoothly because we’ll be more accepting of resistance that comes up rather than getting mad and thinking we should be past all of that already. We will continue to want bigger and better things as our trust grows and we realize more and more the power we have in creating our reality.

    I don’t know if I would say I am bored right now, but I have been feeling a bit restless and I have some ideas swirling but not ready to take action yet. I do want to work on things on an energetic level first and see what manifests as a result and where my intuition takes me.

  • Love it! That’s what I needed. I first thought that the boredom was a lack of appreciation for what’s been happening, but that didnt feel right. Once I upped the vision again, the boredom diminished 🙂 Woot woot **world domination dance**

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