Awesome Carmen’s Burning Question

“I’ve been listening to Abraham-Hicks recordings and been trying to make sense of what they say, but I am more confused now than before. I heard a man talking about a letter he wrote and read it twice a day for 30 days and he got what he wanted. I like your letter better, but feel fear now that if I write what I don’t want, more will come, because he wrote his letter thanking the universe as if he got everything he wanted and never mentioned what he didn’t want. I was told by people who’ve known about Abraham’s teachings longer than me that I was born in a negative energy and that was that, and trying to change those believes is kind of hard. Any thoughts?!”

Oh yes…..I have some thoughts! First, let me answer the second part of your question about being born in a negative energy.  You were not born in a negative energy Awesome Carmen!  You were simply born in a fog.  You might not remember your own awesomeness or your own power, but you were not born into a negative energy. Nobody is.  Listen to how disempowering that is; listen to how that feels, “You’re born under a bad sign and there’s nothing you can do!”  Many people believe that, but I promise you (because I am an Abraham-Hicks fan myself), if somebody has said that, they don’t understand Abraham-Hicks as well as they think they do and they certainly don’t understand the Law of Attraction.  There is no negative energy and you can make your life what you want it to be.  You may have some limiting beliefs that may bring up some negative emotion, but that’s not the same thing as being born in a negative energy.

Let’s talk about this letter

What you are refereeing to on my website is a technique called “A Letter to the Universe.”  Just in case you’ve not read it, I’ll give you a quick recap (BTW, people have had phenomenal success using this letter and it’s the most commented on technique that I’ve ever gotten.  I’ve had so much feedback about it because it’s quick and easy and it totally freaking works)!  What you do is: You start the letter by stating what your current situation is.  For example “I want to find a new apartment.”  You then state what you’re afraid will happen, what you’re most afraid of; what your negative emotion is about.  “I’m afraid that I won’t find a nice apartment at a price I can afford in this current economy, blah, blah, blah…”  The next thing you do is you state what it is you DO want.  You turn it around to what it is you actually want. “I want an apartment that is awesome, which includes these amazing things that make my heart sing, at a price I can easily afford and in an awesome neighbourhood…”  Whatever it is you want, you just build it out.

Giving your fears a voice

Now, you might be asking, what’s the benefit of stating what you don’t want and do you absolutely have to do that? No you don’t, but there is benefit to doing that here – and here’s why: by stating what you don’t want, you are acknowledging where you currently are; you don’t whitewash it.  Then you put it down on paper, you let it out, all the crap you’re afraid of, all the crap you don’t want so that your mind doesn’t have to keep reminding you of it.  You get all the “Yes, buts…” out on a piece of paper.  “Yes, but what about this…Yes, but what about that….”

So now they’re out and you don’t have to worry about them anymore.  You’ve stated them, you’ve heard them, you’ve listened to them, and you’ve given them a voice.  There’s great value in doing that because often we won’t give our minds and our fears a voice – the fears that your mind is holding onto because it wants to protect you from what it is afraid of, from what it’s been taught to be afraid of by your life experiences, by other people and by the vibrations all around you that you were born into.  If you don’t give them a voice, often times your mind (particularly in the Western world where we’re very intellectual), will not let those doubts go.  When you go ahead and state them your mind will go, “Oh ok, I’ve been heard.”  Then it’s often much easier to surpass them.

Once you have them all down, what you do in the third part is you just take each one of those points and turn it into something you want.  “What do I want instead?”  You are negating each and every one of those fears.  This technique tends to be very powerful, very quick and it works in about 15 to 20 minutes.  It can phenomenally shift your vibration on a topic, particularly with something that feels really urgent.

Understanding how a technique works

The technique that you were talking about in the seminar where the man just simply wrote down what he wanted, read it twice a day for 30 days and got what he wanted, that’s all fine too, but the problem is you don’t know what else he was doing as he was activating the frequency of what he wanted.  If he had any resistance to it come up, he would have cleared it.  He was probably doing that process in his mind as those pieces of resistance were coming up.  The “Yes, buts…” were surfacing; I promise you they were, because they always do.

This is the danger when we’re talking about techniques and giving them the power and saying, “I did this technique and this technique works.”  If you don’t understand the underlying principle of the technique and how it works, then when it doesn’t work for you, you have no way of understanding why not.  If you understand why a technique works, what it’s actually doing, you don’t give the power to the technique, you give the power to the process.  Any technique that follows the process will work and any technique that doesn’t follow the process won’t work.  Which technique you use that follows the process for you in this moment is a very individual thing.  It is entirely possible for you to simply focus on what you want; feel good about it, then get what you want and not even notice much of the resistance that comes up, providing you don’t have a lot of resistance.  If you have a fair amount of resistance, which most people do around the things that they really want, simply focusing on what you want only gets the process started but you still have to release the resistance.

The Letter to the Universe that I’ve developed hits those points and validates them, it respects them and it makes them part of the conscious process.  If it doesn’t work for you but writing down what you want and reading that twice a day for 30 days will work better, then do that.  Be my guest, absolutely fine, but hopefully now you understand why one might work, why one might not work and which one to use.  Go ahead and try that and see what comes up, but if you have resistance, writing the letter, thinking about it and reading it twice a day could start to bring up a lot of resistance within in.  It could also keep you stuck; again it depends on where you are.  If, when writing the letter you included a bunch of resistance that you’re not aware of, then you are going to activate it, keeping yourself stuck.  This is why I developed the letter the way that I did because it’s designed to shift your energy and as the instructions say at the end of it, you just let it go.  The letting go process is there so that you don’t keep harping on and on about it every day.

There’s a lot more to this man’s story than just isolating one simple technique and then him getting what he wanted.  You have to understand what was happening underneath.

Hopefully I have answered you question. If you like this content please consider sharing it with somebody who would find it valuable as well. And if you want to join the discussion and talk about manifesting, please leave a comment below.

Huge, happy, shiny puppy hugs to all of you, and see you next time.


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  • I love this topic! There is so much power in simply writing things down and working through them. There are so many techniques out there, but I believe that the simple ones are the most effective. Thanks!

  • Melody, You answered this perfectly. Very clear and also you were respectful to and knowledgeable about Abraham Hicks. I will check out the letter you have provided. By the way, I bought your book and am excited to get into it!

  • I´ve been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time now and I just want to say that I really love your blog and your way to use the words. I´ve learned a lot from you and I´m so happy everytime your newsletter comes.

    Create your best day ever!

    You Rock!!!

  • Just a note about your BOOK! I got it several days ago and have almost finished it (time for reading is scarce, as we are packing to move house).

    You have a positive GIFT for analogies! They are on-target and really help illustrate the issue being covered at that point in the book. Keep listening to your Guides, honey – you all have got it WORKIN’ !

  • Loved this post. Your letter process reminds me of my annual Letter to Santa. It’s become my tradition. I start with gratitude for what is, and move on to what I want in the coming year. It’s my favorite process ever. Nice video, Melody. And I agree, whoever told awesome Carmen that she was born under a negative cloud, does not get what Abraham teaches. At all.

  • Hi Melody!
    As always,thanks so much for your awesome piece.It’s also uncanny,because I was able to manifest several things after I tried out the letter writing technique this week,and I really wanted to thank you!So,this blog post could not have come out at a better time!I really believe that my life has changed for the better after randomly stumbling on to your website.I take the time more to feel gratitude and appreciation for what is around me. In that respect,I feel more empowered and mentally strong.
    Thank you always always for your inspirational posts!
    Have a great day!!

  • Hey Melody
    I loved this post so much because this is a point I really stress to people, and I have mentioned it in several blogs and podcasts. The techniques are tools and don’t have any power in and of themselves. Their value is in helping us shift focus, build positive momentum,etc… We tend to make manifesting a very intellectual thing, and our mind latches onto the actions we are taking and expects that some sort of result will come from them, because we are so action-oriented. But, it doesn’t matter what we are doing really but more what we are ‘being’ I guess you could say.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminder about the “Letter To The Universe”. I hadn’t thought my topic pressing enough, but the tears started falling as I listed my fears and now I feel so much lighter and clear-headed. Plus, my body is incredibly relaxed.

  • Melody

    I’m a bit late to the party here as I just discovered you and your fantastic site through a Hay House e-mail.

    I wanted to say thank you so much for this blog and your writing. I have read several posts today at random (at work…all teary and snotty…so, yeah, thanks) and each one has touched me deeply and made a difference to how I see things. I am not new to spirituality to the LOA but the way you write about it all really speaks to my needs and addresses any difficulties I have with this. [Are you inside my head?lol If so, poor you!].

    Anyway, needless to say I now have your book. A nudge from the Universe…I had a book voucher for £10; almost exactly the price of your book. I’m sure it will serve me well.

    Thank you from the bottom of my (rather sore and bruised) heart for all of your work.


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