Who thought the first thought? Where did the Universe come from? What’s it all for, anyway? Have you ever grappled with these existential thoughts? Well, today we can grapple together, as I explore and share my perspective and the answers I’ve received in my meditation and channelling sessions. Prepare to go WAY down the rabbit hole today…


Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question:

“Hi Melody! I was watching some films about how big the universe actually is and that led me to this burning question: We are here to benefit all-that-is, to expand and have fun. That feels great and I love it… But, what is the ‘purpose’ of the universe? Is it here to expand and just feel good, like us? But why then did it came into being? And if it is this intelligent consciousness, was it always here?”


Oh dear Awesome Dudette, you’ve asked the million dollar question!  I’m going to answer it and I’m also not going to answer it.  I apologize for that but I have to tell you, if you ever find the answer to the origin of the Universe, I would love to hear it.  I can only tell you the answers that I have found and that have satisfied me.  When I’ve meditated on this extensively, and asked my guides again and again about this, here are the answers that I got.

Where did the Universe come from?  Who thought the first thought?

The way that it was explained to me, at first, was that I could not (wouldn’t be able to) understand the answer. It’s a little bit like going to a one celled organism and saying “What is your experience?”, and thinking that you’re going to get an interesting answer. It’s also a little bit like trying to have a verbal conversation with a 2 week old baby. They don’t have any experience but because your experience is so much broader than that, you are not going to have any satisfaction. They are not going to be able to explain to you what it is they are going through or how they’re feeling.

This was the explanation that I got, so I’ve never been able to go back all the way to the origin; it’s so far back.  Also, the message I got was that it’s completely irrelevant to our current experience.  That’s why I said I’m answering it but I’m also not really answering it.

What is the purpose of us being here?

For me, the purpose of us being here, the purpose of the Universe, is like God experiencing him or herself. We are this multi-faceted being (which I’ve explained in a different video); we are this one big giant diamond that got split off into all kinds of smaller diamonds that then split off into smaller diamonds, and those smaller diamonds split off into smaller diamonds and so on. They are all multi-facetted and your consciousness right here, right now, is one tiny little diamond with many different facets.  If you bring them all together we are, at the same time, one big giant diamond, but we are also the little tiny particles.  Yet, in our human experience we cannot really hold the perspective of all those little different diamonds, of all of those different facets, but we can reach for the wisdom and the perspective of the few diamonds up; we can have experiences of other diamond’s facets when we meet up with other people.  At the same time we are individual beings and yet, we are all one.  That’s how I see that represented in my meditations.

We are here to experience, we are here to shift perspective and we’re here to have different experiences; each one of us, having different experiences, going through our lives, making choices.  We’re certainly not meant to suffer, but suffering is also an experience that is open for us to have.   We have complete and total free will and we can have whatever experience we want, and yet a simple shift in our perspective changes our experience completely.

This big diamond wanted to experience more, and as you cut a diamond in half you are giving it more sides, more facets, if that makes any sense.  Every time the diamond is split there are more facets and each one of those facets can represent an experience.  So the more you split it again and again, the more experiences you’re able to have.

A different explanation

That’s just one explanation, there’s another explanation that I also really like, and this one comes from Bashar, who is also a powerful teacher. He talks a lot about the law of attraction and the kind of things that I talk about and his explanation goes as such: If you have a tiny little particle that moves at infinite speed, not the speed of light, infinite speed and its whizzing back and forth, it will eventually reach a point of speed where it would seem to be in more than one place at a time. As it’s whizzing back and forth, that one particle could look like a million particles, and yet it really is just that one particle; it’s just moving really quickly. That one particle is able to experience a place with a 360 degree view, another place with a 360 degree view, and another and another and so on.  This is what we are doing; we are able to experience, through our consciousness, through our specific focus, right here right now. In this one little place you can turn around and get a 360 degree view through your life experience. You are experiencing that little bit, and that all gets added together with everybody else’s experience into a broader experience, then another broader perspective and then again, an ever broader perspective.

Finding your own truth

That’s the purpose of why we’re here. Although I’ve probably thoroughly confused you, but that IS the purpose of why we are here.  We are here to experience, to broaden the perspective of “the One, the Whole, the All That Is.” You can call that God, Source, the Universe, Your Higher Self; call it Bob if you want, it doesn’t really matter, but that to me is why we’re here. If that explanation does not resonate with you then go find your own truth because remember, there isn’t just one truth.  There is a truth you can adopt or not adopt depending on how it feels. This one has satisfied me, because it also opens up the door to say you get to choose your experience; you don’t have to have a negative experience; you can have a positive experience. You can move towards that and you can change your life to having more awesome experiences.

I think the world has experienced enough pain, and now we are able to move into the awesome spectrum. I think that this view gives us permission to do that, and it does really work that way when I’ve applied it to my own life and my clients’ lives. This type of explanation does help, but again, if it doesn’t satisfy you, keep searching and if you ever do find a different explanation for the origin of the Universe or who thought that first thought, then please let me know.  I have not been able to get a better explanation than the one I’m giving you here today.

If you found this content valuable today and not too confusing (we went down the rabbit hole again), please consider sharing it with somebody who would also find it valuable. And if you want to join in the discussion, please leave a comment below.

Huge happy shiny puppy hugs to all of you, and see you next time.

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  • Great Thought,
    Here is my personal thoughts, ok,, i think our prime purpose of being here is just for live our life with happy and joy. But happiness is not readymade, its comes from your own action. So, we all are social animals, therefore friendship is very essential. With friendship comes trust, fear and trust go contradition. If there are more fear then can’t develop trust. With fear, how can we develop friendship. However, friendship brings you trust, trust brings you no fear and lonely, no fear and lonely brings you happiness.

  • I always end up thinking about these existential questions. I really like the diamond analogy and would agree with that one – I tend to think every living thing is made of energy and we are all part of the same big ball of energy.

  • I kinda get it but i feel i’m not there yet i guess it would take some time and thinking on my own but the thing that i have a problem with is that if we are all one a big diamond that gets split to smaller diamonds does that mean it’s only me that i exist in this world ? I’m everyone ? There is no others just me ? Are other people just an extension of me ? if that’s so it’s just so damn lonely and deppresing i don’t want to continue living in that case but i don’t feel it’s right i trust my emotions guides if something don’t feel right it isn’t i came to understand that much but it seems i’m missing something i can’t figure it out
    P.s English is not my first language so overlook my mistakes please

    • Hi Nibel,

      To build on Melody’s metaphor, while you are one diamond with many facets, you are not the only diamond. We are all part of all that is. People tend to forget that we are not separate, but part of the whole. In that you are never alone. There are many of you, living and experiencing simultaneously, but everyone is part of the bigger picture. Does that make sense?

      Happy Shiny Puppy Wrangler

  • To be honest – this concept (while it makes total sense to me) really depresses me. This post along with the post on parallel lives leaves me wondering what the purpose truly is. If my “purpose” is to live my best life and raise my vibration to be a match to the things I want… why should that matter if there is another version of me out there doing just that? Does it truly matter if a person decides to kill someone? They aren’t killing someone in other lives… it just all seems arbitrary. So we are all multi-faceted “diamonds” part of a “bigger diamond”… what’s the point? Again, I’m not disagreeing with this concept but I can’t help but admit how it’s made me feel. Perhaps I’m not a match to it – but if not, then am I not “enlightened”? Perhaps I’m just missing something here… Up until this point everything posted on this blog has given me a sense of hope and excitement… any insight/help would be appreciated! 🙂

    • Hi Jak,

      Yes, all of our experiences, good and bad, add to the collective experiences of all that is. However, I don’t believe that is our sole purpose in life! It sounds cliché, but I believe that our higher purpose is love. When something negative happens it serves to show us what we don’t want, which helps us to define what we do want, and then we are able to experience it differently.

      The concept of enlightenment is a beautiful one, but I don’t like getting hung up on somehow attaining enlightenment, “arriving” there, so to speak. We are all energy and strive to reach higher states of vibration. Maybe a better way to look at it is… we are “waking up”. Some people aren’t awake, yet, but they are on their journeys, too. Jak, since you are asking these questions, seeking clarity, you are definitely part of the “awake crowd”.

      Also, see my answer to Nibel, which should clarify what I believe about the diamond metaphor…

      Happy Shiny Puppy Wrangler

  • As I understand it yes God/Source did split ‘most’ of himself off ——— like you stated. So there is still a God/Source —- bigger than ourselves which we and all creations are also one with.
    Some of that ‘intelligent energy’ became planets, suns, stars, plant life, animal life, etc. We are part that became ‘life forms’ versus intelligence that became planets, etc. that reincarnate to experience and create. I am not saying planet, etc. intelligence does not progress also in it’s own sphere.
    Am I right? I believe we will understand this better when we leave our temporary human bodies.

  • Great post!

    My opinion of who thought the first thought is that no one did. Everything is just a whole bunch of thoughts floating around…it is ego that thinks a thought belongs to one person or another.

    Byron Katie says something great about this: She says something to the effect of, “I’m not thinking; I’m being thought.” That’s the greatest explanation I’ve found of it.

    Everything else I agree with completely. We are the small diamonds, but we are also the one big diamond. And there is really no difference, because in reality there are no small diamonds. 🙂

  • What… I believe in you. You will not believe how people see or
    related behavior towards expectations ! I Know you are awaiting
    for me to deliver this one. Me, I am there for you !
    Connected us all ! one-line. means will not fail

  • Do I need to explain. yes OK.

    you do not see me but i myself do not see you but he sees me who, Corey
    sees me but now I indeed see you ! While this is happening, there is this
    amazing thing happening, we see each other. We are connected, why!Because
    I am your Illusionists.
    Why nine.
    I know you know this one. God

    Now I do not mean to frighten you in any manner.
    I only wish to show you who you are!

  • Hi,
    I am not imagining things. Your power is right hear and now !
    Let say Melody is hear, Corey is hear, and I myself Terry is hear.
    How many is hear in the now ? That is what I am saying. You
    can not answer,because you do not know ! Sorry for
    some wrong spelling,as I am trying to only get meaning across.
    If you would imply correct questions, answers are already in place !
    Hope I do not have to tell you. I will bet Melody already knows this
    one. If not then I will have to enlighten.
    If not I will enlighten

  • What I have come to understand is that yes everything has already happened in the here and now and we’re sifting through the fog to get to the version we want. We’re in our own bubbles, Isn’t that cool! And for me personally I am a sculptor and I feel happy knowing that that is what I’ll earn money from , amongst other things, all from reading your book Melody, my life is changing! I’ve got rid of some limiting beliefs, still more to go, and feeling a happy buzzy feeling, along with some not good feelings that I couldn’t do anything about, just had to feel the negative emotion and let it take its course, which was going on for ages, couldn’t work out the belief that caused it and couldn’t be bothered, just had to sit there and feel it, but it’s out now! And had more like it, but now have my buzzy feeling back.
    The kindle version of your book cost only £1.99, and I’ve re-read it about 10 times, have to keep recovering back, so cheap to buy with priceless information.

  • Hi,
    Why ! Point is people do not know. Only there fears know.
    You were born. You became hostage with your own being
    until you resized why you are here, Then

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  • Yay, a rabbit hole post!! I’m so super happy that you’ve done more of the “out there” stuff lately, thank you <3

    And a wonderful, amazing post at that. I may have cried a little. I also remember crying when I read a similar explanation by Abraham some years ago, because it's just so amazingly simple, isn't it? To explore new perspectives, joyfully. To grow and to expand, to be happy. Because hey, who wouldn't want to be happy? Since happiness is something we all seek, everyone in their own way, it makes perfect sense that happiness is our purpose. I remember sort of feeling this "click" when I first read about this approach, it was more like remembering something than reading something new (as with the whole LOA concept as well). So thank you for reminding us, Melody!!

  • Melody, I loooove your rabbit hole posts. A question for you: have you found (in your practice or in life) that there are two types of people – people who can learn “some” LOA type stuff and that will be enough for them to manifest “good enough” lives, and then people who have to go most of the way down the rabbit holes to understanding the fabric of reality?

    Also, I’m loving your book. I’m on my second read, and I understand so much more of it than I did the first time. Today I underlined one of the times you mention that your objecting thoughts (“I can’t have that…” etc) are just representations of your resistance, and so they’re GOOD. Like hi, this is the next thing to remove so the energy can flow freely. It’s amazing to me that I never understood that before, even though you’ve said it many times!

    • Hey there Cordy,

      I think of it like this: There are people who love playing a musical instrument. And they’re happy being able to strum out a few songs around the campfire. And then there are people who want to master it, not because they need to, but because that’s their joy. Neither is wrong and neither is better than the other. It just comes down to what you want and how you want to shape your experience. Some of us really enjoy the nitty gritty, while others are turned off by that. It’s not that everyone HAS TO have a deep understanding of this stuff, but some of us WANT it. 🙂

      And thanks for your lovely comments. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book!

      Huge hugs,


  • I read an interview with Nickola Tesla and he said there we were all made of light. I completely agree with him, no matter I am not a physician. We are a part of Divine Source and realizing that is the purpose of our existence. Therefore we must spread that divine light of love around us.

  • Recently my 6-year-old grandson asked me, “If God made the universe, then who made God?” Maybe I’ll share this video with him. This new generation of children are so very wise and sensitive. When I was 6 all I thought about was what’s for dinner!

  • I got here years too late to ask on the Tapping into Universal Knowledge blog post so I hope it is ok that I ask here.

    In the post you make the point that we shouldn’t care about the answer, but all of the examples and the way it is written sounds like it is all about abstract concepts. I was wondering if this question answer, or something more complex, could be used to find information that has a definite answer? Like the french word for door or the square root of Pi?

    I have heard about studies done on apes and humans where they taught or tested on a certain skill or subject up to 100 or so and then after that amount had performed the task, then it became easier or automatic to others. More specific the apes were taught on one side of the island to wash potatoes, after around 100 of them learned, then apes on the other side of the island just started doing it. A good example of the kind of thing I’m looking for also is that condition where people just start speaking another langauge they have never heard and didn’t understand before. To me these things seem to prove that on some level we can simply access any human knowledge at will. Is that something that might come much later after practice with smaller yes/no type questions?

    Essentially I want to be able, through some process maybe taking months for some things, to “download” a skill or knowledge of a certain subject without prior knowledge of it.

    Thank you for all of your insight

    • Hey Neal,

      yes, it’s totally possible to access specific information and even skills. BUT… it has to be relevant to your current experience, and not ever because you want to prove something. And, in a sense, that’s exactly what happens. You are always given access to the skills and info you need in any given moment to take the next step on your path. You can speed this process up, of course, by being as open as possible (and not getting in the way with assumptions about how long it must take to find information or acquire skills.)

      I hope that answers your question. 🙂



  • Thank you for answering this question, Melody! You are just so awesome 🙂 Personally I agree and am satisfied with your explanation. What makes me feel better is that I trust that once my physical experience ends in this time-space reality, I will fully understand the purpose of the universe. For now, I will not focus on what I cannot understand and just have fun and enjoy the ride!

    Thanks again and lots of smooshy hugs!

  • Hi,

    I’ve never asked my inner guidance, “What is the purpose of the Universe?” However, in my early 20’s, I asked, “What is the purpose of life?” The answer that showed up was, “The purpose of life is to have fun.” This was in the late 90’s and the idea seemed insane to me. I was in full workaholic mode running my own business. I was NOT having fun. I tried to move on but my intuition let me know this was the answer (at least it is the answer for me). Years later, I ran into the Abraham Hick’s work. What opened my mind to checking them out was their point about life is supposed to be fun. If the purpose of life is to have fun, it would seem the the purpose of the Universe is to be the playground we have fun in. I know that’s not very scientific but that’s what worked for me. I eventually walked away from my business that wasn’t any fun. The next business I got into was A LOT of fun. It still came with challenges and often long hours but the fun made that mostly a breeze =)

    • Hi Namaste,

      I completely agree. I never really contemplated the meaning of the Universe (although I thoroughly enjoyed reading Melody’s take on it), but I think like most humans I’ve wondered why I’m here. Not too long ago I came to the same conclusion you did–the purpose of life is…life! It’s to live and to enjoy, not necessarily to complete some quest or make some huge contribution. If contributing to society is important to you I think if you’re happy and enjoying yourself it will naturally happen. I love doing martial arts; I’m happy when I do it. Turns out I love to teach it too, so I know I’m making a difference in the lives of the children I work with. Easy peasy, no thought or hard work involved.
      Enjoy life! There’s no big puzzle to figure out. It’s all good…

  • Can anyone tell me about Bruce Lee. What drove his propelling forces to your
    intellectualizing knowing ! Point is what you have not realizes-ed is the* I *does not
    exist,but, indeed it does ,but, only if you need it to.
    You would not believe the power you have. Me I can not tell you, forces want me to
    only show you. This is me telling you how fast I am moving !

  • Dear Melody,

    You made, or paved our knowing. As everyone has ever told you before.
    First of all you amaze us all with-out of a dough !

    Me I can only give you realism’s in flashes , as I am moving so fast Know-
    body`s grasping what I am saying to them.

    The DIAMOND analogy however is the path, but, to try to get the message
    across is difficult ! Me I am more further that that. Me I see ever thing happening
    at once. What I am trying to say is all that is going to happen has indeed already
    happened. My point is that it will take you ions to realize it !!!!!!!!!!
    You humans need to realize that you have the power. The power is in your NOW !
    Listen to Melody. now, not tomorrow, not yesterday.

    Love you all.

  • This article gave me some good goosebumps! Thanks to you, Melody, you helped making our lives more exciting! I love to learn from you. You’re my favourite LOA teacher. AGAIN, THANKS for doing this, all this! All of your explanations truly resonate with me, and I couldn’t get enough of your articles! I’m completely in love with your book! I’ve read it twice, and I’m gonna read it again!!!!!!

  • I love this Melody. thanks.
    Also, just wanted to say, I’m on page 189 of Deliberate Receiving. I read pages 184-189 twice and wow, I think I just pooped five million mini poops. I will have to revisit those pages and go through the exercise again because just a giant load of crap and memories came up for me when I really stayed still and I didn’t know which memory to stay longer with. But I managed to distribute my time evenly with each one, promising to revisit the ones needing immediate attention. It was like having to five greedy and very ungrateful kids at the same time after getting back from a shitty job. Which one to feed first? 😉 My favorite sentence in the book so far is this: “Our fears seem like huge monsters under the bed, but more often than not, when we pull them out into the light, they’re these cute, harmless, cuddly little stuffed animals going ‘grrrrr’. You’ll wonder how the hell you could’ve ever been so afraid of that.” WOW. I released some shit today and made some shifts(even if very small), for sure. THANK YOU. And it was really like having you hold my hand the entire time. 🙂

  • This reminds me of a debate I watched a while back, where a bunch of scientists, creationists, and anyone interested in this purpose of the universe stuff got together to participate in a timed-debate format. It’s kind of cool to see them all stick it to each other in one go instead of having tons of individual debates all over the place.

    It looks like the only thing they could all agree on was that we might care deeply whether the universe has a purpose because we think it determines whether our lives have a purpose. And those we don’t agree with this relationship don’t care whether or not the universe has a “purpose,” which by the way, would necessarily be unfathomably different from what we’d recognize as purpose.


  • Yay that’s my question! It does really make sense now. I loved your answer so much, especially the: it’s irrelevant to our current experience. Thank you 🙂

  • Absolutely loved it! Also, the why should make you cry, as it is all so much grander and good than some of our experiences here. So, we are helping out, in the grand scheme of things.

  • Well, it is obviously NOT a “coincidence” that 2 days ago this topic flew into my reality via a Bashar YouTube video, which I will share here for those that want to go further down the rabbit hole in under 4 minutes. It is very much along the lines of what Melody has also said but worded differently. Enjoy! xx


    • Al,

      Thank you so much for posting! It was that I was looking for.

      If we want to get closer to Source, what can we do? Feeling better paves the way? This question still remains for me.

  • Hey Mel,

    Different topic here. Hope you don’t mind. How can anyone attract “better feeling thoughts” if better feeling thoughts will necessarily have a different vibtration to the current ones? The law of “Like attracts like” dictates we are always stuck in whatever state we find ourselves in.

    Any thoughts on this diamond?

    • “How can anyone attract ‘better feeling thoughts’ if better feeling thoughts will necessarily have a different vibration to the current ones?”

      You have access to thoughts that are similar to the vibration you have been focused on, but not something far from your current practiced thoughts.

      For example, if you feel depressed, you don’t have access to feeling happy—they are too vibrationally apart from each other. But, you do have access to feeling anger. And, when you reach for thoughts that help you feel angry, you will notice the relief in that. When you feel depressed or powerless, and you reach for thoughts of anger, you will feel better. Then, from anger, you have access to frustration, and then hope, and then feeling happy. You don’t always have access to feeling happy, but you do always have access to thoughts that feel a little better than thoughts you were thinking.

      It’s helpful to take your focus off of the specifics, and go general with your thoughts to help you feel better. General thoughts (focusing on what you want and how you want to feel) are easier to feel better than specific ones.

  • Hey Melody
    I really liked your explanation. And I share your same perspective as to why we are here and our ‘purpose.’ Naturally this work is going to create more and more questions the more we learn. I have made peace with the fact that we may never fully get the answers that will satisfy that good old mind of ours.

    LOA in particular can trigger lots of questions and lots of things that our mind can’t wrap its head around. My belief comes from experience. I know we create our own reality..I have experienced that truth countless times. As for coming up with a thorough explanation as to why any particular experience happens through an LOA perspective…I can’t always do that, and it’s all good. That is why I always stress to people to just focus on their own reality for now, give the principles a try and see what happens. Don’t insist on your mind fully accepting each aspect of the teaching before giving it the good old college try.

  • This is awesome because I have been wondering a lot lately about how if everything is just thought and everything initially exists in thought…..then WHO thought the first thought? I like this explanation Melody and it makes perfect sense and totally resonates with me now that I understand where everything in our own realities originates from. I guess we’re not ready to know the true origin of everything, but maybe we will someday or maybe we only understand once we become non-physical. Oh well either way – it’s all good! 🙂

    • In the Beginning
      Source divided into two
      Negative and Positive = Attraction force
      Attraction force =LOVE

      Inhale polarity Exhale Love
      Inhale Love Exhale Life
      Inhale Life Exhale polarity
      Inhale polarity Exhale Love

      We are LOVE EMBODIED
      “Interns of CO-Creation” Here… learning and experiencing the Basic Trainings of how to cooperatively, collectively, harmoniously, and at the same time Individually be an extended EXPRESSION OF LOVE, CO-CREATING OUR PARADISE In And With Each And Every Moment! TOGETHER,
      YES, Polarity fuels Continuance of the Physical Realm, so the highs and lows will continue to be experienced, yet with experience, they become less noticeable as we learn to take responsibility for our own ENERGY FLOWS of our own Bodies instead of believing that SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF US can really know more about our body then we do …We who are IN the Body form , have given a majority of our POWER over to an External source during our Growth Stage of IGNORANCE ….. (i.e. energy-in-motion, presently tagged emotions) Sooo Strip the labels off of “moods” and Simply resort to FEELING the SENSATIONS within –without…….When Consciousness arrived in the body form,All was in Harmony, polarity wasn’t labeled and tagged with a FEAR foundation. Our Belief Structure (commands to our cells) was innocently, ignorantly
      Put into place…and instead of thinking (“I feel a build-up of energy with-in me, so I will take a moment to ground it…) we installed a program that told us to tell our cells. “This buildup of energy within is called Anger and someone did something to me to make me feel this way,so instead of managing our own energy flow we were lead to believe we were not responsible for it, and instead were mislead to ignorantly lash out on the environment around us instead of learning ENERGY FLOW SELF-MANAGEMENT.

      How many people are aware of the difference in the “feeling/sensation” of their” Potential Energy flow” and their “Kinetic Energy flow”. Do they notice when their potential energy flow is getting backed-up due to forgetting to notice the flow of it, which if noticed , could have been redirected to “Kinetic Energy Flow” instead of an unconsciously directed OUTBURST.
      How about knowledge of your outer energy boundary and your inner energy boundary? Did you realize BOUNDARIES and RESISTANCES are the same? Resistances are the building block of our boundaries, which hold us in the frequencies of the physical realm,helping us hold a body form while during our ignorant stages of development until we learn how to do so ourselves.

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