A reader asks what I think about psychedelics. Are they beneficial? And if so, how? Watch this week’s video to find out.


Awesome Dude’s Burning Question:

“What’s your view on psychedelics?”


Well awesome Dude, I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I am a big fan of something called Ayahuasca, which is a jungle brew that has a psychedelic aspect to it.  (There’s a link to my video interview with my Shaman, from Peru, if you want to know more). It is not the same as LSD; it has the compound DMT in it, but it’s not like taking DMT. To me, Ayahuasca is a sacred plant teacher and there’s a lot of wisdom and guidance there. You are working with some real powerful energy teachers with Ayahuasca, and it isn’t the same as having a psychedelic experience.

My view on psychedelics

Personally, I don’t take anything that’s artificial or man-made; I prefer to deal with plants. I am not a user of LSD, or anything like that. But it is my understanding, from the fair amount of research I’ve done on this, that you can have a very beneficial experience on something like LSD or MDMA. I’ve done MDMA in a ceremonial setting and I got a great deal of benefit from it, but it was nothing like what you might experience from going to a club and doing Ecstasy. This gets me to my point: I am in favour of psychedelics – they are mind expanding, and you can get great benefit from them. But, I really, really, really think it comes down to the setting. How you’re doing them, what you are doing them for, when you’re doing them and who’s around when you are taking them. For example, I only do something like this in a ceremony where a Shaman is holding the energy for me, so that I don’t have to try and do that myself. I would never, ever, go to a party or a club and do something like this, or do it recreationally. I am certainly notdoing these things recreationally.

For me they have brought great benefit in my life, but they could also cause you lots of negative experiences. As we know, people have had “bad trips” or they’ve had things happen to them that are terrifying. I have to tell you though, I’ve had some ceremonies that have been terrifying as well, but because of the setting I was in and the intention that I set, including my understanding of what was happening, I was actually able to get great benefit from all that fear that was coming up and purging out of my body. If you are doing it in a recreational setting and you may have a bad time, because it opens you up; I can’t imagine being in a club and not having a horrific experience, if you’re on one of these drugs.

Are there any physiological benefits when taking a drug?

There have been a lot of studies (you can find various documentaries about this), showing that when LSD was first discovered, it was tested for physiological purposes and people were given LSD in very specific settings. For example, they would have a blindfold put on them, or they would lie down and close their eyes; the setting was very calming.  A therapist was there to help them through it, to guide them and explain to them what was going on. They knew what was going to happen, they were working on things and they had massive breakthroughs, particularly in the field of schizophrenia with LSD, before it then became a street drug and was shut down.

It was the same with MDMA. When it was first developed it was actually used heavily by psychologists and psychiatrists, with great effect. They were able to work, particularly in the field of sexual trauma, with women who had gone thought this experience, including rape.  These women were able to work through those emotions and trauma much faster, often in just one session with MDMA, which is the main component of Ecstasy (but they are NOT the same).

It really comes down to how you use it, what context you use it in, what the setting is, what your intentions are, and if you are willing to do some work, or if you are using it to try and escape.

It’s all about awareness

Any drug that you use, including alcohol, can be used in a positive way or a negative way. If you have a couple of glasses of wine because you are celebrating and you are happy, you feel great while you are doing that, and if you don’t overdo it (because you have some desperation going on), then you can have a great time with alcohol and pay no price. I do that once or twice a year with champagne (I very rarely drink), and I pay no price for it, plus my body feels great the entire time I’m doing it. If I was to drink when I’m not feeling good and/or I didn’t really feel like drinking, but I was doing it to escape, then it would become a negative experience.

For me it is all about the setting, the intention and what it is you’re trying to do; whatever substance you are taking. That’s true, whether you are talking about LSD, or Ayahuasca, or San Pedro, or Peyote, or… chocolate cake; it’s all the same. It all comes down to how you are using it, why you’re using it and in the end, it all comes down to awareness.

I’ve hopefully answered your question. If you like this content please consider sharing it with somebody who would also find it valuable. This is a subject I care a lot about and I love reading your comments, so if you want to join in the discussion please leave a comment below.

Huge happy shiny puppy hugs to all of you, and see you next time.


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  • A very informative post, this really made me realize that basically every single substance that somehow alters your perception is, first and foremost, a medicine. Of course, the stronger the medicine, the more probable that someone misuses it, but that’s not the medicine’s fault. I think it’s a good thing that the old, organic stuff (like ayahuasca) is getting more publicity now, perhaps that would help others to see, as well, that psychedelics weren’t originally designed to flush one’s life down the toilet…

    I have to say that the first time I read about ayahuasca, I felt tempted to try, since I’ve always been the type to do things all the way or not at all. But after I went through several huge shifts without any type of substances, I realized that I don’t really need it to achieve large changes in my perception… of course, if a chance to try was presented to me, I would probably say yes, but meanwhile, I’m quite happy with my insane dreams. Because we’re all mad here.

    I’m sorry if this is completely unrelated, but reading this article reminded me of something I was wondering some time ago… is it possible to go through a shift while you sleep? After reading your descriptions about a typical ayahuasca ceremony, I realized that it sounds strangely familiar. I’ve always had vivid and clear dreams, but sometimes they just go on turbo-mode, and then I may wake up in the middle of the night, really angry, or sad, I may cry, without any idea where it comes from, then I fall asleep again, the dreams change to less distressing, and in the morning I feel like a completely new person. Sometimes I may be able to decipher what was going on by analyzing the dreams, but mostly there’s so much stuff that I just leave it alone and focus on maintaining the new vibration level. They feel like really large shifts, but I’ve never heard anyone talk about similar experiences… I think this would be something worth investigating, since it’s a very efficient way to release big chunks of resistance 🙂

    • Wow this is strange. I’ve been thinking the same all morning! about shifting a major issue in my sleep, from a dream i had last night. I feel like it’s a major breakthrough for me towards empowerment. I won’t say what it was about but it was an issue that has been with me for many years and i had a major insight on it through a dream.
      I think ayauasca is just a tool like many others to help us release resistance, like for instance i find exercising has helped me recently, i seem to get more insights afterwards, combined with eating healthily.

  • It’s the thought of throwing up that puts me off ayahusca, i really have an aversion to being sick for any reason, and i woudn’t like diarrheaing it out if throwing up didn’t happen.
    I’ve never wanted to take drugs because a few of my friendss from school use to take lsd, and tell me of there terrifying ‘trips’, of snakes coming out the walls and things. I’ve taken cannibis a few times, but know of people who were addicted, and could only enjoy experiences, or going about there day unless they were stoned, ive long moved away from those friends.
    I can’t drink alcohol much it’s effecting me more and more, is it age related, i’m only 45, can only cope with one glass of wine.
    What about essential oils, i’ve heard they can raise your vibration, and therefore get some insights.

  • I remember from the Carlos Castenda era, that “set and setting” was de rigueur. Also, one might check out the book “Zig Zag Zen”.

  • Thanks for this video, Melody. It’s really great to hear a balanced perspective. I’ve spent the last week diving deep into so many areas in my life with your book (Deliberate Receiving for any of you who don’t have it-order it NOW!) I’m recovering from an illness so it’s just about all I’ve done (your sweet book is all marked up and dog-eared and hearted and arrowed and cross referenced!! Well loved & used already). Just going through and doing this work cognitively has been SO intense this week, I can’t imagine what a plant aided quantum leap like that must be… I suppose you’d get your manifestations more quickly, but gosh darn accelerating like that seems VERY uncomfortable!!! Great perspective (as always) on being aware. I’m just sitting with some new awareness revealed in your book and what a difference it makes! Got a lead on a house today (while keeping in mind that it may just be a pre-cursor ????) which was pretty exciting. Now for the job… Thanks for all your happy shiny puppy-ness and incredible ability to explain stuff clearly!

  • I reckon learning how to let go of body armour (muscle tension) is a good near term solution, but I also like the idea of mushrooms. We’re talking about surrender, which is what spirituality is all about, and such drugs switch off that part of the brain which is concerned with keeping self-referencing.

    I’ve heard that heavy use buggers the aura, so it seems like very occasional use (or not at all) is the optimum. And safety – a huge concern. Do you know what you’re taking?


  • Hey Melody
    I really enjoyed your perspective on this and I am in total agreement with everything you said about setting, intention,etc..because it is so so true. I too have read about those substances being used in ‘clinical’ settings and the great results, and I found it so interesting. We are so quick to dismiss the use of these natural substances as ‘unnatural’ or not giving a true experience or whatever, and I just don’t think you can make broad statements like that…not about very much of anything for that matter…not a fan of absolutes. Great stuff!

  • Nice video, Melody! I get excited thinking about it even though I know it’s not a magic fix for anything as you explained in your earlier videos. It just sounds so exciting to me. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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