Are psychics and astrologers for real? How can you tell if they’re any good? And should you believe them? Today’s question revolves around a reader who would like to go abroad but was told by numerous psychics and astrologers that this was very unlikely to happen… What really happened there and how can she clean up her energy so she can have the life she wants? Watch today’s video to find out!


Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question:

“Hi Melody,

I received you book last week and I am in love it with!! I’m currently reading it for the second time.

Because of your book I finally understand, in detail, how we have resistance to certain issues and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

However… I used to REALLY be into astrology and psychics in the past and I have realized how their predictions of my future have been keeping me from manifesting a lot of the things I’ve wanted, because I thought I couldn’t have them, since they said I couldn’t.

Well, I always wanted to move abroad ever since I was little, and all these different astrologers I used to go to, kept telling me how it was not going to happen, since my horoscope didn’t say so. Or, they’d tell me that the chances were only 10%. My rational mind would never agree but every time I think or visualize going abroad, the images of them saying I can’t go are keeping me stuck.

How can I do some vibration cleaning so I’m not stuck anymore? And can have the life of my dreams? How can I change this limited belief and move on to manifest my dream life?”


Thank you very much Awesome Dudette.  I have written about psychics and the like before, and if we are going to be honest about the definition of psychic, I could call myself a psychic. I don’t, because I don’t want all the baggage that comes with that term. A psychic person is simply somebody who can read energy and astrology is a tool through which you can do that. There are limitations to doing that, but here’s the thing sweetie: You cannot outsource your manifesting! If somebody comes and tells you that they know exactly what your path is going to look like, then they’re deluding themselves.

Nobody can tell you exactly what your path is going to look like

You can’t even see your entire path, and you don’t want to. Nobody wants to play a video game where they know where every secret door is, where every dragon is and they know how to do everything. That is just super, super boring and you don’t want that life. What you can only ever do is see the next piece of your path. All that somebody else who is reading your energy can ever do (this is why you should never look for somebody to predict your future, not even your guides are ever going to predict your future for you), is see how aligned you are with something, i.e. how much resistance you have, how close you are to it, right now in this moment, not how close you are likely to be 10 years from now, or 5 years from now, or even tomorrow. Any change you make in your energy is going to create a new point of attraction, a new progression, and from that point, somebody would have to read your energy again.

When I work with clients and they ask me questions, such as, “Will I do this, or will I go and do that?”  I never accept those questions because I don’t know if they are going to choose to go and do something they want to do (“I don’t know, will you? Are you going to go and have ice cream tomorrow?“); only they can make that choice. However somebody like me who can read energy, can tell you how close you are to manifesting your dreams.

Here is the clue that is going to get you out of the cycle that you are stuck in: You need to own your own vibration and your manifestations. These astrologers and psychics who came into your life and gave you these negative messages, they were nothing more than representations of your resistance. And that’s why it didn’t mesh with what your logical mind wanted, because our resistance is often not logical. If it was, all the smart people would have figured this out long ago, instead of tending to get in their own way more.

How manifestations show you your resistance

Your manifestations showed you what resistance you still have and now your blaming of the psychics and the astrologers is keeping you from realizing what that resistance actually is. It’s a distraction. It’s easier for you to blame it on the astrologers by saying, “If they hadn’t said that to me then I wouldn’t have this resistance.” This keeps you from looking at your resistance and stops you from seeing that they were a manifestation of your resistance, to point out to you that something is going on here.

So, how do you ferret it out? I’ve given you the technique in my book and since you’re read it I will review it here with you. The best technique that I’ve found for doing this that I can teach you through a video is this: You visualize going abroad and then you watch for the “Yea…but’s”. What doesn’t feel good about it? What are the actual obstacles that come up? For example, “I’m scared that I might get hurt; I’m scared that I won’t have enough money; That people may not like me; I might not like them; I might not like the food; I might get lost….” Whatever comes up, that’s your resistance. You follow the emotions; you sit with the emotions that come up. There are various techniques in my book for doing that, for helping to clear that resistance which I have no doubt you’ll have no trouble following now that you know that you’re not trying to get rid of your beliefs in psychics. You’re just trying to get rid of the resistance that they were mirroring back to you.

I hope I’ve answered your question. I think that I have, but if I haven’t, please leave me a comment below on this or on any other topic. If you found this content valuable today please consider sharing it with somebody who would also find it valuable as well. And for anyone who wants to join the discussion, please leave a comment below.

Huge, happy, shiny puppy hugs to all of you, and see you next time.


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  • Can someone please answer this question for me?

    I recently got several psychic readings (over the past few months) about my career situation and they have all said similar things. This made me very excited because I was expecting a job offer the end of Sept/Oct as they said I would. However, it is October 19th and nothing has manifested. I called one of them 2 weeks ago and she said it felt like the offer was going to come ‘any day’ now, it was delayed due to the eclipse/blood moon but feels it should be here any day. And that was two weeks ago…

    So am I delaying the manifestation?? I don’t think I am, as getting those readings were purely fun for me and I was even more excited after the readings than before.

    I don’t know what to do..I feel so much anxiety…

    Please help!

  • I think like in every other professions there are good and bad psychics. I have had several readings with top well known mediums which were all uncannily accurate. I have been told things which came true, and also starting to come true. I also get feelings about things, and intuitive thoughts which seem come true.

  • Hi! I like this topic very much. I was also thinking about this one, and I think I had basically the same opintion, I just didn’t fing the words to express it 😀 But your explaination made things clear, so thank you very much! 🙂

    P.S.: If you’re interested, check out my blog as well, which I have started this year:

  • I remember the time when it finally started to dawn to me that all the “out there” stuff I had been obsessed with as a child was not just my imagination, but actually real. I would see warnings and bad omens everywhere, as that was my vibration at the time. Reading this made me realize that I’ve actually made a lot of progress from all that fear, I really don’t miss being in that place… but it’s funny how gut feelings and premonitions mostly make sense only in hindsight, when you have some context to place them on. If I see a really vivid dream with tons of clues, I only know that something big is coming, and (in the case it’s something bad) the shit has usually already hit the fan when I’m like “heeeey, I get it now…” But I think I wouldn’t have it any other way, since it’s nice to know beforehand that an opportunity to massive growth is on it’s way, and sort of prepare myself, and afterwards analyzing the dream helps me understand what really happened there emotionally.

    Since we’re talking about psychics, is there anyone here who has experience about visions? I had a time (when I was really obsessively focusing in a big goal) when I would be hit by these very vivid images while being wide awake, about being exactly where I was really wanting to go. At times they would get so strong and frequent that I started to have a little trouble with remembering where I actually was. It was like my mind was in two places at the same time. The stopped coming after life got a little busier and I didn’t have as much time to focus anymore, which was a relief in a way because I like my mind in one place, even though I’m still quite far from my goal. But it would be nice to know if anyone has had similar experiences, and any thoughts on where they come from…

  • Hey Melody
    This was a really great answer to her question. Like you said, any change in our energy will change our attraction point. I used to be really into psychics for awhile and while I definitely went to some that were really good on picking up on things that were happening now, and they were really good at reading my energy, I definitely went to some that weren’t so good and were the kind that would tell me about ‘negative’ energies needing to be cleared,etc… I realized that the more I learned about the law of attraction and the more I realized I could control my reality, the weaker my desire to seek out information from psychics…I knew I could create what I wanted and the power was within me.

  • Last night I found a cassette tape (showing my age now) of an astrology reading I had more than 20 years ago. Interestingly, the astrologer did not predict, but rather explained things in a way that contains lots of what I have learnt here from Melody. Makes me wish I had paid more attention back then. She talked about a life theme, but was very clear that it is simply a starting point and not a path you are ever locked into. Very interesting listening to it now.

  • I’ve never visited a psychic for reasons that would make me see my resistance (and I may take it as gospel and unchangeable) but one day a girlfriend told me a psychic saw me in her reading and she was able to recite words I expressed to a male I had fallen in love with (there is no way anyone would know those exact words) so the psychic was 100% correct about sharing the past which made me a part believer.

    The psychic also said that the male saw me as nothing but someone he was trying to conquer sexually (which he never did). That hurt me profoundly as I had fallen in deep love with him and he was my first love. I had no idea. His actions over the years showed love.

    I wonder are psychics only good for telling us the past (which she did perfectly) and can only determine what’s currently happening, not our future?

  • I’ve always had a fascination with astrology. It seems like every time I read anything about Virgo it is spot on. I would read about something bad happening and sure enough, it would happen. But now I realize that I was just allowing that to come into my experience. I’ve been learning to just take what I need and leave the rest.
    As for predicting the future, if time isn’t linear then there really is no future to predict right? There is ONLY what we’re aligned with in the current moment, which is what a real psychic is reading. The very nature of time automatically makes a “future predicting” psychic a charlatan……or at least that’s how I understand it. 🙂

  • I totally agree. While I have zero experience with psychics and astrologers, I have tons of experience receiving negative manifestations from people. Friends, coworkers, family, teachers, strangers, homeless people, etc. There was a time in my life when I thought it necessary to ask anyone and everyone for advice. You name it, I asked them. What I found was that if I was stuck in a negative vibration, every single person I solicited advice from, without exception, was more or a less a douche. No exceptions. On the other hand, when I was in a positive vibration, the opposite was true. I don’t think that’s just a coincidence. It makes sense that astrologers and psychics are no different from anyone else you’d manifest into your life.

  • Oh Melody, my love for you has just grown ten fold. As someone who makes a living as an empath, when I saw the title of this post, I was bracing myself for a “anyone who gives readings is a con artist and shouldn’t be listened to” message.

    Instead, you said, exactly what I so often tell my clients every, single day–recognize your beliefs and the ones that aren’t serving you, take responsibility for them rather than giving your power away and being pissed that your life isn’t what you want it to be.

    I had an epiphany after watching your video.

    Oddly enough, I, too, have gone through periods when I have gotten readings and, after looking back in retrospect, can see how they clearly reflected back my fears and limiting beliefs. There was always a small part of me that didn’t want to buy into those limiting beliefs. So, I would search to find the one psychic or astrologer whose words would act like a grenade and blow up those negative, hurtful thoughts. More often than not, I’d just find people who affirmed them.

    But after watching your video, I realized, those limiting thoughts no longer have to be my dominating vibration. At the moment, I may not be ready to wholeheartedly believe everything will work out in the most awesome way possible, but I can be open to the idea of there being more possibilities than I have previously been willing to see. Focusing on the notion of limitless possibilities feels like removing pieces of wood from a bordered up window.

    Thanks, Melody! I, my clients, and future clients, so appreciate you.

  • Hi Melody,

    As always a great answer! I love getting your emails. I have a very off topic question & I hope its ok – I really like the necklace you are wearing & I was wonder what type of crystals are in it?


  • Hey Melody,

    It feels like I could have asked this question myself! So thank you, Awesome Dudette, for asking.

    To clear resistance, do we have to use a process like the one in your book, or can we just visualize our desired outcome and feel good? Would that be enough to lessen resistance or is it necessary to do more?

    Thanks xx

  • Hi Melody!I am always so excited to receive your posts in my inbox!
    I have one question today,and I would be extremely grateful if you could enlighten me.
    When you say that to “be in alignment”, does it mean being able to line up your feelings and emotions in a good feeling way with what you want, therefore being able to visualize yourself in that wanted outcome easily??
    Thank you always for sharing your light with the world.
    Much love xx

  • Great video, Melody. I study with a psychic/medium mentor who does NOT tell me my future! She is my spiritual mentor. Her goal is to help her clients to see what we are manifesting based on our current energy. She has been asked the same question. Can she tell you your future and her answer is the same as yours. She only reads the client’s immediate energy. That is the way it should be. That is how you know if you’re studying with someone who is valid and only has your best interest at heart. Thanks for a great video!

    • Ha! that Psychic Cat picture is too funny. lol . Agreed

      More funny cat photo’s, please.

      But seriously I do believe Psychic’s exist however, they are just darn good judges of people and understand that although we are all unique, we are very much the same. This way it’s easy to always say something the client resonates with.

      I say it’s more a gift than an ability.

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