In today’s job market, it can seem tough to find ANY job, let alone one you love. Unless, of course, you use the leverage of the Universe, by taking an energy-based approach. Today’s post will show you how to determine what kind you job you actually want, and give you concrete methods for how to conduct an LOA based job search. Watch the video below to get all the goodness!


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Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question:

“I’m in the process of reading your book, which is great, but I felt inspired to search your blog for career articles/advice. I have been applying to jobs that I believe will be a good fit (although as some of them get filled I realize that I’m actually not all that excited about the job description), and I have yet to get a call for one interview even though I know I’d be great at the job and also have a pretty good resume and cover letter, in my opinion. I’m searching for jobs at colleges and universities, and I only want to look within a certain area because I want to be close to home. I’m using this as a reason for why I can’t find more jobs (even though I shouldn’t). I have read your articles about loving your sucky job, but what about when the job search isn’t going as planned?”


Well Awesome Dudette, the clue is, as usual, in your question. You’re doing too much planning and not enough feeling. Remember this isn’t an intellectual journey; it’s an emotional one. When you say that you are applying for jobs that you think you’d be good for, but that you’re really not that excited about, this is at the crux of the issue. Why aren’t you applying for jobs that you are excited about? Why aren’t you spending some time getting excited before even going on a job search? It’s so much easier to do it that way. Remember that the progression of manifestation is 5 stages. This is something that I talk about in my book, so I’m just going to review it very quickly here.

The 5 stages of manifestation

Stage 1 is Focus, and you don’t really know where you are focusing unless you get some feedback.  For example, when you put a laser point against the wall and you don’t really know where you’re pointing it until you see the little red dot.

Stage 2 is Emotion and that’s your first feedback. This is why we’re always working with emotion and when you generate the emotion you want, that means you’re lining up with the frequency of the manifestation that you want. If the emotion is something other than that, you’re lining up with the frequency of something you don’t want.

Stage 3 is Thoughts, Memories and Ideas (yep, those aremanifestations, too). When a thought pops into your head that feels a certain way, that lets you know that this is what you are lining up with – something that feels like that.

Stage 4 is Synchronicities, which are small, easy to miss and dismiss manifestations that are usually only meaningful to you and nobody else. For example, a song on the radio, or a snippet of a conversation that you’ve overheard. All of these different stages are there to amplify the emotion.

Stage 5 is where you get the big physical manifestations and that’s also where action lives. I always say: if you are trying to change your reality via action, it’s a little bit like trying to get healthy by putting vitamins in your poop. It’s too late in the process; it’s too late in the progression.

How your mind can get in the way

What you want to do first of all is to start to focus on something, anything – it doesn’t have to be job related, that actually gets you excited. Then start to visualize what you want your job environment to feel like, what you want your daily activities to feel like. At this point your mind is going to want to try and fill in the details and figure out what that exactly has to look like, i.e. the job description.  Don’t fall into that trap. You’ll want to focus on generating the emotional state, so don’t let your mind jump in there to try and fill in the gaps. As you then get that procession going, manifestations will come in, but you want to watch out for your expectations because if your expectations are too specific, in other words, “It has to be in THIS industry”, or “It has to have THIS job description”, then you are limiting what you are able to manifest.

Manifestations are going to want to come in that match the progression you’ve started, and you’re not going to recognize them, because they are not going to fit that very specific expectation that you’ve got. Look for things that feel the way you want them to feel and then trust them. Trust those manifestations, because that’s the path opening up. Often times, your mind doesn’t have the capability to actually come up with these exact job descriptions that are amazing for you. You are not going to want to miss them, if they don’t look the way that you might think they should, or you might expect them to look. You want to be open to all possibilities.

This does not mean that you have to be open to jobs that are far away, because if that’s one of the criteria that you want, then that’s ok. You get to have what you want. Envision jobs that are close to home, where there’s not much of a commute, because a job close to home generates a certain feeling in you. Also think about things that get you really excited. If you have to switch to a different topic to get that excitement going, that’s also ok, because it doesn’t matter what you focus on. You do not have to decide, “Hey universe, I need this job description, so I’m going to focus on this job description until I get it.”  Focus on things that feel the way that you want to feel and the universe will surprise you with what it can bring you that feels like that.

Bottom Line

Your job is waiting for you. The reason that you’ve not been successful at getting the job is because you are limiting the possibilities of what kind of jobs you are looking for. You’re falling into the biggest trap when it comes to The Law of Attraction work; you’re trying to make it happen. And you’re not even trying to make something exciting happen… So, what the hell?!

I hope I’ve answered your question! If you like this content please consider sharing it with somebody who would find it valuable as well. And if you have any questions or want to join the discussion, you can do so by leaving a comment below.

Huge happy shiny puppy hugs to all of you, and see you next time.


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  • I used Melody’s advice and it worked for me to get a job, and I wanted to say thank you Melody for all the help you’ve given us happy shiny puppies. 6 months in and I am happy, getting recognised for being good at my job and it’s everything I want and makes me happy to be there at work.
    Thanks Melody!

  • Would just like to share about how I got this job, which is similar to what you said in the video. Like Awesome Dudette, I came up with a list of things I’m looking for in a job, while I was in one of my sucky jobs (income, location, what I’d be doing, etc.), and left it to the universe. I was laid off many times in corporate jobs, but I’m not sad about it since it wasn’t my thing and I didn’t enjoy working in those kinds of jobs in the first place. After a trip to Hong Kong after I got laid off in my last corporate job (I guess I shifted my vibration into a more positive one), I got a call from an employer in an education setting, and one thing led to another, I’ve landed in my current job where I’m happily working. It just took me recently to realize that this job almost fits the bill with my list back then, but it didn’t matter to me that I wasn’t able to reach the “target” income, or the actual job description, but I am genuinely happy.

    I guess this is tied to the other video (about manifesting big things), that the basis of how I manifested this job was really trusting the universe (it didn’t happen instantly, it took a few years to get here), not expecting it to be exactly the same, but in fact, the universe was indeed wiser to give me something better than what I wanted or wrote down at that time.

  • I’m a stay at home mom. I’ve been looking for work the past couple months with no luck. I know what kind of job I want and believe me I’m not picky but I have had no luck. It’s come to the point where I actually lost my house and many personal items just to put food on my table for my kids. What am I doing wrong ?

  • I love the way you explain the LOA on the video and i will definitely distribute your
    video to others. Very helpful content in this video and what was really catchy the rock and made my day
    thanks once again.

  • hi Melody! thank you for your blog and for everything you are doing to help us live our lives in the best possible way. My apologies if my English does not sound perfect cos I still learning. just want to share my experience with LOA and maybe get something I need. I really liked the question related to job search, cos I am on the same boat, searching for job, but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful. to be honest I do not now anymore what should I do. I understand that everything is about Feeling, but my problem is that I just not able to feel in good way. I only expect that only anything in my life should be as bad as possible. For example, last week I had an interview and I have been told to come on Monday, when I arrived, all of sudden they told me that I am not on the list, sorry, we will call you when we need you. it was like a hitting. I went home and cried. And then I realised, that all my life I felt like, I am really nothing. all my life I have been trying to make my life better, but always there were someone else who deserves more then me. all my life I felt like a child who never gets anything, just stand aside watching how every other children gets everything even they are not better then me. all my life I felt like child who wants the same piece of cake, but the adults who share this piece of cake just pretending that they do not see me and they kind of showing some satisfaction not giving, especially to me. I remembered that no one ever stood for me, No one ever told me that I am good, no one ever had been wiling to tell me something good. the only I can remember is that, they looked at me like I am something dirty ,repulsive. well, of course , there were times when I was awarded with some crumbs, but even those were taken of me faster, then I even get a chance to realised that I have got those crumbs. today I realised and felt the same, ashamed, repulsive, dirty. I realised that all of this follows after me, simple because i am orphan and orphans do not deserve anything good, and another thing is that my mother was mentally ill and I am just an apple of the tree. I am just not good enough for anything. there were times when I went to university, got a degree and was planning to make my career as a lawyer, I had great feelings about it, but that dream was taken of me. Now I live in different country and just trying to get some job, any job. I guess I am really nothing, stupid, not good enough. please do not get me wrong I am not complaining, but this is how LOA works for me. even if I really want to attract something I simple just can not cos inside of me something tells me like Do not even think about good, you not deserve, cos you are nothing.

  • Hi Melody,

    I am trying the technique you mentioned. And its worked before. I got job working for a real estate agent. But during that time i was really suffering from depression. AND it was duringba mercury retrograde. Also everytime my mom contacts me something bad happens. I lost my job 2 days after shecontacted me, in May she called and immediately me year contract ended in 7 months. She is very negative and i really have an issue. Im dealing with so much negative people around me. For instance ,
    my landlord decides they are not making major repairs to my building since they are selling it. They left me and my son without AC in 100 degree heat for two weeks, now I stopped rent payments. On top of that I ended in ER because I found mold in my apt and Im allergic. Did I attract all of that happening?

    I dealing with so much i have no clue? HELP,?

  • Hello Melody. I havent read your blog in a year or so…A big change happend in my life. My mom past away and I moved to Turkey. I am now having problems and i am trying my best to do something good. I have two kittens and I am searching for help.
    I remembered your blog, it just came 🙂 And what a coincidence, the picture of this post is a blog 🙂 The universe really works in mysterious ways.

    This is my fundraising page and my story. I hope someone can help. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

  • I’m going to refrain from leaving a huge wordy comment for once, and just say that this is the best explanation of LOA in a nutshell I’ve ever seen. Wonderful, thank you Melody. Your book should be arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday (mail, y u so slow?!!) and now I’m anticipating it even more. I was sort of putting off the ordering part up until I really felt inspired to do it, ’cause I’ve had a feeling that if I get the timing right, reading the book will most likely trigger a big shift. I will report back later 😉

  • Hi Melody! (And Deliberate community members.)

    I have a question I’m hoping someone can clarify. Right now I’m trying to figure out some feelings and beliefs I have about housing (I live in a megacity, my belief is that housing is expensive, etc.) – I would like to move to a situation with a garden and more space, something that feels more comfortable, calm, beautiful, and welcoming.

    If I understand what you’ve written here and in your book correctly, what I want to do is let go of my ideas that say “housing like that is very expensive” or “what I need to be happy is a yard to grow plants”, yes? And instead to just focus on the emotions that imaginary housing generates for me? That is, what I actually want is to FEEL comfortable, calm, peaceful, spacious, part of a friendly community, to experience the presence of beauty that is easy to appreciate, etc, and the imaginary house itself is just how my brain is currently able to conceptualize something that would fill those needs.

    Is that right so far?

    I feel that I can do this part (which feels like a huge shift for me – and I’m so appreciative for your clear teachings on this!) and understand that, okay, the magic little house is just how my brain is thinking “this is the ONLY WAY you can get the feelings of peace, calm, beauty, community, being around living things”.

    I think right now I’m getting hung up on the part right after that where I need to gently tell myself that my belief that “the only way you can get this is a little house, and who can afford that here???” is just a reflection of my vibration. After I do that (point out to myself that my “yeah but” is only a reflection of my resistance) I feel a sort of stall in myself. I think even there I’m trying to be too specific? So then do I want to go back and just refocus on the emotions I want to experience – calm, beauty, comfort, etc.?

    Does anyone have any tips for those of us who, in the “focus on the emotions you want to experience” part, tend to have monkey minds that try to generate specifics? This is a place where I currently stumble. I can tell I’m not quite up to speed with it because it’s almost like there’s a hazy fog over it. (If that makes sense.)

    Thanks so much!

  • This totally worked for me. I have to say a huge thank you Melody for all your great blogs because over the last six months, reading your blogs over and over and mastering LOA, I manifested my job this way.
    I wrote down what a day in the life of my ideal job would be like and read it often, visualising what it would be like. Great pay, great location, great boss and co workers, convenient location. I was temping so my work was changing monthly, it was ideal because there was little resistance around moving and each job was a direct reflection of my vibration. My second last temp job was unreal – I loved every minute, but then I had to leave. The next job sucked at first, and I wondered what was going on. But I worked through the resistance that came up, found things to like about it and by the time I manifested my current permanent job, I was loving it and sad to leave! But I left to go to my ideal job!
    It is even more perfect than what I was visualising – better pay than I expected, better co workers, the office is beautiful and the work is busy and challenging. I can hardly believe I manifested this!! I feel appreciation every day for it. Now I have reached this goal for now, I know I can manifest everything else i want in my life. It’s magic!

  • Hi Melody!

    I loved this post. And I just wanted to say, I just read your book the other day and loved it. The progression of manifestations, which you recap in this post, was just perfect. It really made clear how manifestations come into being.

    I’ve been noticing so much more where that progression takes place. I see “precursors” or increasingly growing manifestations everywhere in my life. I know that if I don’t like where I’m headed, I can set a new direction with my focus. I like noticing what thoughts and memories come up, because I realize it’s a sign of my vibration. We have more control than we could ever realize, I think.

    Thanks for this post, and for your book, too.

  • hi Anonymous. I had to go back to the video to see what you mean as I did not pick up at all even that a comment was made about somebody reading the book. Maybe you feel that way (about how you perceive Melody says “thank you”) because it reflects back to you feelings of being unappreciated, maybe similar to other areas of your life where you feel you deserve better recognition and appreciation and you might feel that what you do goes by unnoticed. (just a thought though)

  • I know this may seem a bit off topic, but I saw it twice and I kind of feel like I should let you know for some reason.
    In the last two videos, you answered questions that people had who liked your book. You responded to this by saying “thank you” but for some reason it doesn’t sound very sincere. Just the voice tone. I compared both videos (last week and this week) and I just get that feeling. I also listened several times to it. I don’t know I just felt like that was odd because you usually sound very sincere about everything but then all of the sudden that and it came to my attention somehow.

    • Hey Anonymous,

      I can assure you that I am super appreciative of everyone who compliments my book (like a proud mamma). I know I use sarcasm a lot, but this is definitely not one of those times. I sincerely appreciate it when people give me positive (or any, really) feedback. But of course, that has no bearing on whether or not I answer someone’s question… Truth me told, I actually thought I was being kind of adorable there, but maybe that’s just me. 😉

      But maybe sit with the feeling that came up as you reacted. I mean, why would I not be sincere about a Thank You? I’m not asking you to analyze me, but to sit with the thoughts and feelings that come up within you. Because you had that reaction for a reason. In other words, you just got triggered, and now you have the opportunity to clear something. Yay!

      Sending you huge smooshy hugs,


      • Hello Melody:
        That is exactly what I was doing when I felt like you should know what I felt from your voice tone in the video. I was sitting with the feeling, and I noticed that it is because I felt like you thought your methods would work for everyone exactly as you say them, and so your “thank you” was like a “no duhh” like if someone said 1 1 is 2 and they had gotten a doctorate degree in math. I dealt with the belief by deciding I will just always do what feels best no matter what has been stated, but I still felt like it was worth mentioning.

        • Dear Melody, and anonymous,

          Melody, you are always adorable :-).

          Anonymous, to help you clarify; as Melody has said, any reaction you are feeling is always to do with a belief about ourselves. That feeling is being mirrored back to you to show you what you need to work with. In this case, you felt it from Melody, but you could just as easily felt it from someone else. Owning all our feelings does take a bit of getting used to.

          Read Melodys book – she’ll put you straight 🙂

  • Hey Melody
    I really enjoyed your explanation of the progression of a manifestation…I think that it is very helpful in illustrating what the LOA really is, and not what people think it is…some sort of magic wand. Though when we are aligned, things can happen pretty magically! I liked how you pointed out that she was going for jobs she thought she was qualified for,etc…but not really liking and how that was the issue. It is hard to manifest what we really want when we aren’t flowing energy towards it….easier said than done sometimes! Great stuff as always

  • So what does this mean in applying for jobs? If I dont know what is the perfect job for me, than what do I search for?
    I have a degree in graphic design, and there is a lot that I can do with that. And I have no idea WHAT I want to design so this post did kind of help me to acknowledge that my search is too narrow.
    If I dont know what Im looking for, how do I find it?

    • Hey Larra,

      I know this can be confusing, and your mind really wants to find an answer that will be the one to satisfy your desire for fulfilling work. But, if you don’t know what job you want, then how can your mind piece together the necessary route to get there?

      I know this is your question, but I just wanted to highlight the logical path to get to your question.

      So, if it’s true that you don’t know what you want (in the concrete, manifested form), this is actually a good thing. That means you are open to discovering what you want. “Discovery” is a lot more fun emotion than “figuring it out” So, you’ll want to back off of focusing on the WHAT (what job is perfect for me) because you’re actually focusing on the HOW (what job will give me the feelings I really want?)

      Backing off means that you focus on the emotions of the job you want. Instead of worrying about figuring out the details of the perfect job, think about what the perfect job feels like to you.

      Can you imagine the feeling of being in the perfect job? If so, think or talk or write about what’s so great about it.

      Now, do you have any real world evidence that matches this feeling? Do you know of anyone who has felt that way in the past? Do you remember feeling this way in the past?

      Doing this respects the progression that Melody describes in her book and in this post. Now, if you feel like applying for jobs still in a way that feels good, do it. But if you don’t feel good about applying for jobs, back off and do this simple feeling exercise again (or better yet, just read the book.)

      Hope this helps,

    • Larra, the easiest way to figure out what it is that you do want is to do a contrast/clarity exercise. On one side write contrast. On the other, clarity. Write down all of the things you do not want in a job or have had experiences in the past that you didn’t like. On the right side, put down what it is that you do want. For example, if you write in the contrast “I don’t want to drive really far to work,” on the clarity you can write “My ideal job is only a few miles from my home.” The more you become clearer of what you do want allows you to manifest your job or whatever else it is you wish to manifest.

  • Melody,

    I love this and I love your book. I’ve been re-reading it and it (not to sound cliched) has put the pieces together for me. I’ve intellectually understood the concept of taking action too quickly in the past, but I’ve never known what to emotionally do with it.

    That’s because it’s easy to co-opt LOA techniques into the same old hamster wheel of uninspired action. Instead, understanding your manifestation progression is huge in order to learn to effectively back off and focus on the essence of what you want the job to bring you.

    It’s actually easier to do this, since it just takes a little time and a pen and paper, as opposed to hours of research on the internet about different job descriptions.

    I’d also like to point out to Awesome Dudette that you likely have some, “Yeah….buts” (from the book) going on that are interfering with her vibration. Perhaps something like, “I want to get a job, but there aren’t any exciting jobs that I can get.” If that’s the case, I would recommend doing some belief shifting exercises until you can feel excited about the idea of a job you really like.

    But people, really, if you haven’t read Melody Fletcher’s book, do it already. It’s the absolute best book on LOA I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot and even written a couple.

  • I have not read or listened to the post yet, but I laughed out loud TWICE at your cat picture! This picture alone made my day!

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