What happens when I get together with some world-class question askers and they want to go deep down the rabbit hole? Oh, and we end up recording the whole thing? Well, not everything goes smoothly, but the end result is awesome. See below to find out more!


I had the supreme pleasure of being interviewed by Tony and Claudia Scimeca, on the Going Home with Tony Show last week. Now, because what I do involves me entering into the channeling state, I tend to do best when someone asks me questions. The better the questions, the better the answers. Tony and I had an amazing, down the rabbit-hole discussion the day before the interview, so I knew this was going to be good…

Then, disaster struck

Just as we began the live radio broadcast, Tony and Claudia lost power (has anyone else noticed that there is an abundance of technical difficulties lately…?)*, and thanks to the lovely Lori Gosselin, I realized that even though no one could hear them, all the listeners could still hear me. Attempting to keep the show going, I ended up monologue-ing into the silent void for close to 45 minutes, which was fun but weird. I mean, I love to talk. I can talk the bard off a tree. But to yap into complete silence, LIVE, not being really sure if anyone can hear you or is even interested is a bit disconcerting. I wonder if this is how SETI feels?  

As soon as the live broadcast was over, Tony’s internet came back up and we recorded the REAL interview, which was again, awesome. Tony and Claudia asked amazing questions, ranging from the basics (“What is LOA?”), to the real down the rabbit hole stuff (“What is time?”)

We also discussed topics such as:

  • Do we choose our parents, and if so, how?
  • How do I handle meeting people that vehemently disagree with me?
  • What to do if someone is bullying you
  • What is PTSD?
  • What is enlightenment?

Like I said, we covered a huge host of topics. The interview is fast paced (we crammed in as much as we could!), super fun (well, obviously), and enlightening (thanks to the awesome questions!). If I ever have my own podcast, I’m definitely going to need a Tony and/or Claudia type person to ask me questions. It seems pretty clear to me that this whole thing happened to help me get some clarity on that. Yay!

Now, without further ado…

Here’s the Podcast:

Going Home with Tony Show – Melody Fletcher

As always, I look forward to your comments!

* Speaking of technical issues, those of you who access the membership site portal may have noticed some glitches this week. I updated the server and some things went fubar awry. Some of you couldn’t access your content for a couple of days and I sincerely apologize for this. It’s all fixed now and should hopefully be better than ever. Thank you all so much for being so kind and understanding while the very nice server people helped me figure out where the bugs were. They are the real heroes in this story. I was the damsel in distress. And the server was my baby whom I’d accidentally chucked down the well. Because, reasons. Again, sorry, and smooshy hugs to all.

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  • This is great. It took me a long time to understand the law of attraction truly and even longer to get positive life changing results. You cannot create or manifest anything with a frustrated mind. I learned this the hard way. I tried to manifest what I want with desperation and too much anticipation. No need to say this didn’t work. Then I (with great effort) shifted my mind to a happy state and started trying manifestations. This started working and I realized state of your mind is important and the feeling of gratitude can enhance your positive changes.

  • Melody thank you for this wonderfull post. I am a believer and I am growing every day.. However some believes are apperently hard to get rid of. I teach my son (7) the law of attraction simple: Think about it, see it, feel it and believe that it will happen. He is way better than me in manifesting. He can manifest what he wants within a day!!! The longest he had to wait for his manifestation was approx 2 weeks!! He was being bullied at school and now he loves it!! Everything comes easy and I see this and want it too.. What is holding me back??? Btw if my spelling isn’t right, forgive me I’m from Holland

    • Hey Bibi,

      I am curious as to how your son handled the bully as my kids are going through a similar experience? What did you say/teach him? Glad it worked out and he is happy! But does he love school or the bully?

      • Hi Karen,

        I let him focus every day on how he wants tommorow to be. He visualize it and he really feels how it will feel. And he believes it and knows that it’s gonna be a great day. I don’t know what happened exactly, but they stopped bullying him out of the blue. I think it’s partly because he’s very confident in his ‘manifesting’ skills

        I hope this helps a little

        • He like’s school especially the part where they can play, as for the bullies, they are 9 already so he doesn’t play with them, they just left him alone. He doesn’t even talk about them anymore.

  • Hey Everyone!
    I am confused about leveling-up….I am not sure I totally get it? I think I am experiencing this on my spiritual journey but can someone tell me how I know for sure…Example..something happened to me where I used to work and I am not exactly proud of what I did…. I said something to someone at work which led me to be fired (it was not nice and a little out of character for me, but it just came out of my mouth like I was possessed or something…because of it I got fired..that night I went out with someone I normally wouldn’t have, who filled me in a job opening which I now have that is way better..did I mention way better? I am pretty sure this is/was leveling up as I was doing a lot of work on myself at the time but I can’t get over I got fired and cursed at someone..Was this necessary? I am thinking it was…any thoughts??

    • Sounds like you are in the zone, my friend! You are lined up. I do not think it matters what was said, the point is that you got out and that sprung forth the rest which is sett history. Thank you for this. I am glad I saw it! This is the way it’s done.

      I imagine your heart did not skip a beat, did it? I mean, ok, you feel bad about what you said, but perhaps you needed to get it off your chest, it brought relief, you were fired from a job that was not so good and it led to something even better, as the Universe always delivers. So, it is best to just be chill and open to things as they unfold.

      I realized tonight that are fears are pretty much mostly smoke and mirrors, especially what others say and limiting beliefs, which are thrown at us. The thought also came to me that most of our misery is self-inflicted. If we ignore and do not buy in what we are told, develop immunity, if you wail, it saves a lot of time to goals and dreams! For examples, so what if someone says something to you? That is their deal, not yours. It should not deter you from going for what you want and it is coming from their perspective, not yours so whatever, keep on moving. I totally understand it now. Not to take things personally.

      In your case, getting fired was a great thing and who really cares what was said, you know?

      • Just Call Me A.

        Thanks for the reply..Nice to know I can look back now and say i was leveling up. I just hope that it does not come back to bite me in the ass..but that leads to the next question..will it ? If it was the universe moving me along, I assume it was for my highest good and it won’t- otherwise it wouldn’t have happened, right? But either way A, I will chill and be more open to things as they unfold! Great Advice!

        • Hmmm, I do not think it will. Nothing ever does. I think this is a limiting belief.
          I do not think you will come across the people involved in the incident again, because you are beyond that now, and, even if you do, they may very well bring it up and you will laugh about it, even if they don’t. But who cares what they do or how they react. Not your problem. Not your reality. That is how I see it. It led you to something better, so no sweat. This is my new motto. You know, I have been hearing about such stuff all my life and they really do not exist. Nothing does, it is all in the mind. There is no boogeyman.

          It will only come and bite you if you let it. If you let it haunt you. But this is your deal. If you laugh about it, it will lead to even better things. A great deal of energy was moved with this explosion, leading you to another, better place, so enjoy it. Be appreciative, be thankful, say “more of this please”.

          This is also a manifestation of mine, so thank you for this question!

          • Thanks A, your are right, my fear is coming from a limiting belief, which I need to put to rest…..and your right too about me being beyond it now..I actually don’t even regret it! On to my next hangup- Melody talks about how we manifest people/situations in our reality that show up so we know what we need to clear..
            Lets say there are times when someone says something to me and I really don’t agree with it or I have a negative response in my mind…Do I have to confront the person or have a conversation with them about what they said or did?? Or can I clear this situation/conversation out of my reality only by changing my vibration? Sometimes I feel I need to stand up for myself more and this is why I keep manifesting this situation, but it it necessary verablly, as I often feel scared or just want to avoid an argument…I would love any feedback, thanks!

          • Both. I know Melody would say release the anger in private and have the conversation in your mind, which works at times. In others, such as noisy neighbors let’s say, you may confront them many times to no avail. In this case, continue to do the energy work, which you should always be doing anyway. When it is quiet, say “more of this please”, be grateful and thankful they are gone, it is quiet. I recite a thank you prayer which resonates with me (you will need to find your own). It works. I did confront my neighbor about her being too loud and she got quiet. The words just popped out of my mouth as well, for I was not actually going to speak, but the Universe did, because I did not feel I was doing the talking! So, sometimes, confrontation is necessary, esp. at home where you want to relax. If not there, where, pray tell? And yes, it is like you are possessed, but in a good way. I felt the positive vibes flowing through and saw the situation unfold before me, “magical”. Well, you know what I mean. Think back to when it happened and you will notice it as well.

            I think we out up with so much, at some point it is enough! As for it coming back to bite, an acquaintance of mine was in school and a prof told her point blank she would not get a job due to the gap in her resume so, unless she was in rehab for drug addiction, she had no hope, as he put it. The nerve. What does he know anyway, he is not out there. She cried and cried. I felt like smacking him for spreading needless misery as some do, but she then did not allow it to get to her, realized it was crap and ended up getting a great job, and taking him off her FB connections. True story.

            So, you see, it is up to us. I found when I stood up for myself more with my family and laughed more about what they tell me, I am better off and bothered less. See what works for you, dear.

          • Hey A,
            I wanted to thank you for replying to my post. I think I manifested that situation I mentioned about work so I could learn that not everything does come back to haunt me, especially when I am being authentic.. Abraham hicks speaks of the idea of not being so responsible. I think I needed to chill and stop worrying so much about everything..I put a lot of pressure on myself to always do the right thing because I was always told, don’t burn your bridges, and its a small world, be careful of what you do……but for what, to feel like crap? Its not always worth it.. The other thing I am managing is boundary issues but mostly at work..I am not how to clear this as it can be different dealing with a boss than say a friend or family member. but I keep noticing it everywhere I cant f’ing take it any more..why is this happening?

          • You need to command respect in order to be respected. It comes from within you. And no, you do not need to be mean, a dictator, rude, or a bitch or anything like that. Those who do that are psychos and do not follow the LOA.

            Just exude respect. I cannot explain it in words; I am trying my best. The guideline is to emit how you want to be treated and that is what you will get. I know it may seem unclear to you now, and you are really frustrated, but I see that life, as always, is working on this with you, so, sooner or later, you will get this. Do not worry so much about it now.

          • I also think we make too much out of what is. I think those who manifest pretty much everything (I know these people) think it is all easy, fine and dandy and so it is. They cannot actually explain how they manifest when questioned, bu the most common answer is “I just did it”. So, to me, this indicates that, in some cases, we overthink, over-worry, overdo, are over the top, and at times over-question or notice, when instead we should be laughing and more in the flow of things, being like “whatever, the best scenario possible will manifest for me one way or another and I will have everything I want and even better”.

  • OMG, Melody, this may be a bit off topic, but totally on because I just heard from a company I wanted to work with and kept sending in my resume, to no avail. It turns out, they contacted me! Reminds me of how you got the book deal, so I had to write in to remind everyone that letting go is actually part of the process!

  • Hi Melody,

    Nice recap and good to hear you on the podcast.

    I like the presentation to folks who are new to the idea of the LOA. Kelli and I have been detaching quite o’ bit from the blog and business bit recently, watching our vibe, embracing and shifting. It’s been a fascinating ride. I.e., sometimes maddening and then sometimes really in the sane direction.

    Great point about the inbalance about the in and out; I focused heavily on writing a bunch of eBooks recently and actually vibed pretty high during the writing sessions. Now it’s time for promoting from a detached space, to keep on letting go the silly mental stories which arise from time to time, to be more aligned with who I am really am.

    I dig the story too about the same activity; we may fulfill similar roles each day but the experience is quite different. I am pulling back from doing and am watching, observing and honoring those feel good activities. And yes, thank you Universe for matching this stage in my development with a trip to Nicaragua 🙂

    Keep up the inspired work.


  • Hi Melody, thank you for another awesome post. I am particularly impressed at how you took on the challenge of those technical difficulties, very cool and admirable! I wanted to share a little point with reference to your post entitled “Can I use LOA to fly around like Superman”, but comments on that one are closed now so I will say it here instead. You made an excellent observation about technology acting as a path of least resistance, and I think Yves Rossy literally personifies that idea in the context of this specific question.

    I’m not sure if you or others in this community are familiar with his work, but he’s definitely worth checking out.


    Please note I am not affiliated with Yves in any way, I’m not spamming here, I’m just a fan and the link is totally on-topic. ^_^

  • Regarding the question above, I wondered did I overreact or not. Because I had the negative thoughts and I was aware. But now I’m confused

  • Sorry this has nothing to do with the topic above. But I would like some guidance! A couple days ago, I got hit by someone physically and last time I remembered, I didn’t consent it. I was just joking around with all of my friends and I thought it was no big deal but something wasn’t right! I admit I was thinking negative thoughts such as in worthless and some outright negative thoughts! However I digress, after some thinking in the morning, i registered it as abuse and I immediately decided to take action. However, my other housemate who is friends with the person who hit me said she thought it was my consent. So I got mad and decided not to stay over my house. However I’m curious, didn’t over react or not?

  • Melody,
    That was great, I love hearing how excited and passionate you are when it comes to teaching others your craft. You mentioned diabetes, what is that a symptom of? Just wondering as I am on the verge of being diabetic and want not to be…any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Melody, I am trying to listen to the podcast all the way from the Canary Islands 🙂 which is good, but somehow I do not seem to be able to see it, is not loading for me, which is bad.

    I am doing it from a computer and I tried uploading the page several times. Do you believe that it might have anything to do with geographic limitations? as in the program not allowing its content to load in certain regions? I hope not, because I am really looking forwards to listening to them.
    Maybe there is something I can try differently?

    • Hey Yaiza,

      No, it’s not a regional issue. I think it’s an internet speed issue. The player was embedded from BlogTalkRadio and seems to sometimes be very slow to respond.
      I’ve replaced the player now, which should help and have also provided a direct link, which you can paste into your explorer and download directly to your PC if you prefer.

      I hope that helps!



      • Melody thank you! I enjoyed it very much, and I realized that I do go through that balancing out -frustration-anger cycle you were commenting on. I am always surprise how after being on edge for a couple of days and not really understanding why, I wake up all of the sudden with a calmness and clarity I did not have before. It makes sense now, and I know that just that its going to make it easier for me whenever it happens again 🙂 thank you!

  • LOVED your book! You’ve become a favorite of mine with what you talk and teach about. I’m applying a lot of what you’ve written to my experience and couldn’t thank you enough for all the blogs posts and your humor! Love it! You’re awesome! Lots of love!

  • I wish I could be good at this, but holy crap, I can’t stay in a happy positive, optimistic, “hey, maybe it could happen! :)” mind state for anything. While I liked the spectrum talk in the book, I really don’t want to actually go from shame to anger–I really can’t afford to be angry and get angry and start yelling STOOOOOOOOOOOP at my work (they won’t anyway), and it’s easier to stay down blaming myself since everyone else is already doing it. It’s a coping strategy that works a lot better than trying to defend myself did, and trying to get another job isn’t working either.

    I pretty much fit the example of “why do you stay there and be abused” except well, I can’t get another job and it’s either deal with the emotional abuse or end up homeless on the street (yes, that would be a possibility). Being picked on and picked at all the time still beats how much worse it could get. “Please set some boundaries” lectures drive me up a wall, though–I’ve been known to scream my damn head off saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and still been run over, and I can’t always escape and leave a situation, and I don’t want to have to escalate to Even Crazier methods (mostly still don’t work, just make things worse) either.

    God, I don’t know, I just get exhausted trying to do something different than I am already doing, which sort of works or at least is the best thing I’ve managed to get going in the situation.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Notice the podcast that I made it clear that you cannot set boundaries from a place of powerlessness. That won’t work and will just lead to you getting squashed even more (your experience thus far). You have to empower yourself FIRST. Re-read the section in the book on having a constructive anger release. You can and should do this at home, alone, NOT at work. Once your energy shifts, you may not even have to have the conversation at work anymore. You do not have to rip anyone’s face off. But you can move up the spectrum. You CAN do this. I believe in you (otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, on my blog…). 🙂

      Sending you huge hugs!

      Your cheerleader,


  • Attention Deficit Disorder – not a disorder it’s a low tolerance for bullshit! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Just listened again it was that good. Melody, You are so! funny.

  • Hey Melody
    So awesome…great topics. I think you would be really good with podcasts, and they are so easy too. I have been doing mine for about four months now. Just hit record and talk…I don’t do any sort of editing or anything fancy, and that suits me fine. I have been getting really good feedback on them.

  • I loved this interview. The part that stuck out for me the most was the part about frustration kicking in. I put in my two week notice at my job this week. I’ve noticed that the clientele I’ve dealt with since 2006 have been exceptionally annoying this week. They’ve always been annoying, but it’s gotten worse the past few days. I’ve finally figured out how to stop freaking out when I get frustrated and realize that it’s all good and this is just the last of unwanted energy pushing its way out of my reality and then that’s when the awesomeness pours in! Life really is like a cool video game and I’ll be leveling up again soon! YAY!!! 😀

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome! Here’s to more such calls and topics, like obesity and diabetes! Let’s keep spreading these great vibes!

    Plus, I love the pic in the beginning of the post. Catwoman happens to be my fave.

  • Really enjoyed this podcast and am really looking forward to the video explaining how I can empower myself to stand up to my bullying bosses!
    Thanks for this Melody.

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