So, you know the basics of how to manifest what you want, right? You focus on what you want in a way that feels really good and then basically let it go, trusting it will come in, in perfect timing. But what about if you have a deadline? Can you manifest your burning desires by a specific date? Of course you can! Watch today’s video below to find out how.


Awesome Edelweiss’ Burning Question:

“I was wondering what you do when your desired outcome has a time limit. For example, I would love to take my parents travelling and to do that I need to change my work situation (more leave!) and my financial situation drastically. The thing is, I would like to do this before they are too old to really enjoy it and there aren’t that many years left. Or, I guess the classic example is if someone wants a family before they hit menopause, or while they are young enough to not end up with teenagers in the house when they are ready to retire. I was just wondering, if putting time limits on manifestations is most likely to put a ‘limit’ on them, how do you deal with those things that really do have time limits?”


Well Awesome Edelweiss, thank you very much for your question. This is one that a lot of people struggle with. Of course the best answer to this is to try and do things without deadlines, to just trust completely that everything happens in perfect timing. In a perfect world that would always be the case but in the real world, we really do have deadlines.

What do you do when you have a hard deadline?

First of all, determine that you actually have a hard deadline. So for example, you don’t want to have teenagers in the house when you’re at retirement age. That’s kind of out there and not a hard deadline; it’s not something that has to be done by next Friday. The fear doesn’t come from thinking you’re not going to do it in time; it’s a fear from thinking that you’re not going to do it at all. You’re not going to get what you want, and that’s a different piece of resistance from believing you’re not going to get it done in time. Therein lies the clue.

What does a deadline do for us?

So, you’ve manifested a hard deadline, there’s an agreement with other people to hit it, and it felt good when you first set it. But now that deadline doesn’t feel so good as you get closer to it. The deadline is just an indication of when it’s going to be done, not by when you have to get it done. Remember it’s never about you having to make it happen, it’s about allowing it to happen. For example, when I had my deadline for publishing my book, I recognized that the deadline was the date for when I was going to get the book in. If I had thought about that deadline all the time with thoughts of, “OMG what if I don’t get the book done by then?”, I would have been focusing on the energy of “What if I don’t get the book done? What if I can’t do this?”, instead of assuming I can do this. I relaxed about it, creating a different emotional state. The deadline is simply telling you it will happen by then. Isn’t that convenient?

We always want the Universe to tell us by when something is going to happen and when it does we freak the hell out! Isn’t that nice?! Having a deadline will bring up a lot of our resistance, for example, saying, “I have to get it done by then, and I don’t actually trust that I’m going to get it done by then; I don’t trust that I’m going to get it done. I don’t know how I’m going to get it done; I don’t know what needs to happen to get it done.” None of that is very useful for you actually manifesting what you want.

The challenge with a deadline is to clean up your vibration and to maintain that trust – that high vibrational state, all the way up to the deadline.

Here’s an example from my own life

The shooting of this video was in early September, by the time you guys watch this, it will probably be a few weeks on. I’m shooting the video in Germany and I’ve just left Barcelona where I had a hard deadline because I was giving up my apartment. I cancelled my rental contract, the power, the cable etc., and I wanted an easy out, but I did not want to sell the furniture or move heavy things. I just wanted to take my personal belongings, the things I really cared about, the things I wanted to ship to the United States, but nothing else, and leave. I wanted easy; that was what I was envisioning.

Someone came into my life and said they would take my apartment with everything in it, and I thought “Great! Easy-Peasy!” Then that fell through; so I had to readjust. In the first moment I said, “Oh no, is it going to be hard now? Oh wait a minute, why would I create that…no, no….it’s going to be easy!” So I had to readjust to the state of it being easy. Then someone else came along and said they would take the apartment with everything in it… Yay! And then that fell through!

It kept going like that, I kid you not, until the week I left! I just had to keep holding the vibration that it would be easy. I did create a plan B, not a plan B that was particularly satisfying, but it gave me the security that I had a plan B, which was to have someone come in and pick up all the furniture. That would have been pretty easy, too, but it was a little bit more “hassle-y” than leaving it all there. I thought if that did manifest, well ok, that’s still a relatively easy out. But, I continued to hold onto the vibration of easy, easy, easy, and in the last week, I kid you not, someone did come in and take the apartment with all the appliances and all the furniture, and I actually had that easy out that I’d been envisioning all along.

When I lamented to a friend and said, “Gosh, really? At the last minute?!”, they so helpfully pointed out that I tend to do everything at the last minute, and that it all happened in perfect timing! That’s my own personal pattern: everything happens at the last minute. So I thought, “Touché!”

Bottom Line

The challenge of a deadline is to keep your energy up and keep that trust, which is easier to do when you don’t have the deadline. The benefit of a deadline is that it does tend to bring up our resistance and our fears much more viscerally because now we are putting pressure on ourselves, and that pressure lets us see the negative emotion that’s there more clearly. You then work on releasing that resistance by getting into a better and better feeling state and trusting. Remember, you cannot fake this; you can’t just tell yourself its going to be alright when you’re actually sitting there full of fear. You have to get into a good feeling place; do whatever you need to do to get there. Focus on any other topic if you need to, so that you can feel better, and then trust that it will happen. It will challenge you to do that more when you have a deadline but then, it will manifest every single time.

I hope I’ve answered your question. If you think that this information might help others, please do share it on social media with those people who you think might also benefit from it. And if you’ve had to deal with deadlines (who hasn’t?), or have a question of your own, I whole heartedly invite you to leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for your question! This has been this week’s Q &A, and I’ll see you next time.


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  • Melody, I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and honestly, this topic was just spot on. I can’t convey how superbly you’ve conveyed this message, thank you so much!

  • Deadlines. I wanted to meet a man who fit the list of the traits I wrote down by 31 October 2015. I gave him a mock name of Joe. In the past few weeks I’ve met 3 Joe’s, I feel giddy that it’s that easy to manifest just by releasing an ex from my life and things shifted big time.

    Nothing came of any of them but it’s still early days (do I have to be specific and not say I just want to meet this man but I want to have a relationship with him for a significant period of my life?).

    I can’t believe I am so powerful to have created three guys with the same name. What else is possible? Maybe actually something magical and passionate coming about. I’m deeply attracted to 2 of them. This is not usual for me. Shiny puppies, this stuff is for real!! Yay to manifesting!

  • Hey Melody,
    Love your post.
    So exciting to know how it all fall-in-to-place. Your move was a success.
    I am so excited that you are coming to the U.S.A. Speaking of dead-lines,
    that sounds like is a whole life work of achievements !

  • Hi Melody,

    Awesome moving analogy. Neat how all responded to your feeling. And I do mean All. Learning this lesson more each day. Neat part; seeing my feelings in response/reaction to circumstances. I’m taking more of an attitude of “Everything is extra and I’m complete and all is good no matter what” these days, whether working on deadlines or without them. We co-create our reality, and letting go with a shits and giggles tude in all we do helps out Co-Pilot to do the heavy navigating so we can pull back, chill, act detached, be grateful, and, allow all that sweetness in. Loving your story Melody and hey, all the best with your move.


  • I hope your move is a happy one. You must be a little sad to leave Barcelona. I was just there for a few days to watch U2 and it is a beautiful city, my favourite in Spain (I live in Spain). Good luck with your move back to the States.

  • Hello Melody!

    First off I’d like to say I can’t wait for you to get to the States! I’ve just moved to Atlanta myself so I’m sooooo excited you’re gonna be here soon! And also how amazing and inspiring your posts are! I’ve got a little conundrum and sort of a self imposed deadline…I’ll explain here and I’d really really REALLY love and appreciate your input on this!!

    1. So there is this PhD program I want to apply to, but “officially” when I called up their PhD office they said the next semester starts Aug 2016. And since I’ve just moved here and am living with my parents, which in itself isn’t ideal, but I’m making the best of it. I’ve got all the requirements met that they need and a friend suggested to me to write to the in charge person of the PhD department so I can woo him so to speak.

    2. Woo him why? Well because i DO NOT want to, and CAN NOT wait until next year Aug to leave my parents place and DO something. I mean can you imagine doing…NOTHING for a whole year?! I’m the sort of person who likes to DO stuff, make contributions, work, socialise and just feel like I’m adding something to the world. The thought of sitting on my bum with nothing to do… for a whole year almost is terrifying. And yes I’ve realised that is resistance and am working on realeasing it through various techniques. Your letter writing comes to mind 🙂

    3. So I thought what if i can CONVINCE the main person that I’d be an asset to the program… somehow, to get them to invite me a semester EARLY, i.e for the spring semester in March-April 2016? Again when I called up their office they said that there’s no way that can happen BUT i don’t believe in “Facts” or well I’m trying not to coz they’re all the results of our beliefs, imagination and perception. I mean… we are incredible human beings!! 😀 We can manifest anything like you did with your furniture! And yes the key is to stay in a feel good place.

    4. So right now I’m in the process of getting all my documents sorted…and drafting what I’m going to write to the head of the PhD program in order to convince him that inviting me early will be in his best interests! (mine also of course!)

    5. So I guess what I’m asking is…what you do in this situation? I REALLY REALLY want to start in the spring, not just because I’m afraid of sitting at home for a year with nothing to do (and i have explored all the other alternatives, I can’t work coz of visa restrictions) but also because I’m just…so excited to get started on my PhD journey! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and now it’s soooooo close to me and I just… well I know I can do it. Miracles do happen… so yeah.

    Sorry for the ramble!! 🙂 I hope that makes sense! Waiting for your reply! 😀 Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much!!! 😀

  • This was exactly what I needed to hear! I am waiting on some big answers with a time crunch involved. I feel good about them, but I’ve been wondering what’s taking so long. Now I see something I need to clean up–I’m always running a bit behind, and I frequently compromise on my own deadlines. Time to start taking those lines more seriously myself. I’m so curious to see how things change if I show the same respect I want back.

  • Thank you for answering this burning question! It is SO exciting to have a question answered! And what a wonderful answer. I guess deadline was perhaps the wrong word to use as that is usually what we use to refer to something that has to happen by a definite date. It was more the softer deadline issue. And while I do understand that it is more a question of “will it ever happen” it is still something that has to happen within a time-frame, otherwise it becomes moot.

    I think the softer deadline issues are often harder because they don’t have the concentrated focus and defined end-time that the time-based deadline has. If I have to get something done by the end of the month, I will know pretty quickly whether I soothed and cleaned up my resistance on the issue. If the issue could happen this year or next or never, it is a little harder to keep soothing and keep trusting and keep believing. It is also easier to just say, well, it wasn’t meant to be, instead of actually dealing with the issue.

    Loved the video and the comments!
    Thank you!!

  • The feeling of urgency or need caused by a deadline introduces an extraordinary amount of resistance. It sounds counterintuitive but I’ve found that making peace with what will happen if the deadline isn’t reached, or making peace with a Plan B like you suggested, actually soothes a lot of that resistance.

    • Natalie, I had just reached that same conclusion myself. Having a Plan B does take some of the stress off, even if I’m still affirming that Plan A will work out flawlessly. Anything that reduces negativity around an issue seems to be the way to go.

  • Hey Melody,
    I am left with a question after this video. You said that every time someone said that they would take your apartment, it fell through until the last minute. If that happened to me, I would probably start fearing that I had some unknown resistance and try to sit around and dig for something. But why didn’t you do that? Are you not supposed to dig like that? So if it falls through, are you not supposed to necessarily try to think and think to figure out why that happened?
    I guess what I am asking in positive terms, is, if something like that happened to me and a limiting belief didn’t come up immediately, should I just go and feel better and trust without dealing with limiting beliefs? From the ideo, that’s what it sounded like you did.
    Thanks. 🙂

    • Great question Anonymous! Here’s how I look at it: When stuff fell through, I only freaked out a little bit. I was able to adjust and get back into a better feeling place rather easily. I just had to remind myself to focus that way. If I had freaked out a lot, and hadn’t been able to just refocus, I would’ve gone digging. Hope that helps!



      • I am so glad you asked that question Anonymous. I didn’t really think about that before. But yeah, I would’ve done the same thing and assumed I had some sort of resistance going on and start digging. So basically if we’re able to get into a better feeling place easily when resistance pops up, there is no need to dig. You only dig when you can’t shake it off. Got it! I have a feeling the Universe has been trying to convey this message to me for a while. I seem to be on auto “digging” pilot. I think I’ll stop unless something big pops up. Thanks Anonymous and Melody. 🙂

  • I love the idea of changing the deadline from when you want it to happen to when it will happen. What a useful shift! I’ll definitely start using that. Thanks!

  • Hi Melody,
    “Perfect timing” for this article indeed! I’ve been struggling with manifesting money for my credit cards before the”due date”,and I just want to release this fear and say yes money will come to me so I can pay my bills.
    Thanks again this will definitely help!
    Adriana 🙂

  • Perfectly timed, my dear! We have been house hunting since May, looking for a one-level house of a size, with land on which to keep two horses, to be paid for with cash from the sale of our current home. That would leave us with no mortgage and no boarding fees for the horses. We had a terrible time finding a property close to our city that was still affordable. We couldn’t sell ours until we found one, because we have four dogs, three cats and six hens…. Not many month-to-month rentals will take that on! Found a place in mid Sept, and listed ours two weeks later. Problem being: We have to sell ours before Oct 31, when contract on the new place runs out, or risk a months-long house search again. DEADLINE LOOMETH!! Your message has calmed my fears a bit. I can’t remain calm for long if I think about losing that property, but I can certainly focus on other things to keep the vibe up there. Thanks again!

  • Hey Melody
    This was great advice and I am sure this will be a particularly popular post! I liked everything you said, particularly about it being a fear of not happening at all as opposed to happening by a certain time and being honest with your fears and other ‘negative’ feelings about it so you can actually work through what is there. I think a lot of people who study the LOA get the impression that you shouldn’t do this or shouldn’t even be feeling badly in the first place or you’re doomed. Hope your move went well!

  • I always say that the universe likes to fuck with me and wait till the last minute…but that’s exactly how I live my life…so why would MY universe behave any differently. I always say that I do my best work at the last minute, under pressure…so I should have faith that MY universe behaves the same. It’s not fucking with me…it’s just that in the last minute is when it works best. Thanks for helping me see it differently.

  • I like this. I’m also a last-minute type of person. Sometimes I’ll set a deadline for myself because it’s the best way to get me to do something. But also sometimes it’s stressful, and hard to keep the feeling of ease and flow in mind. So it’s good to see how this can work out. 🙂

  • Magic answer melody to a great question, I love that that a deadline just means something is going to happen and its going to be great, that has certainly been how I focus on things, thanks to you! So excited that you are coming to Scotland and I look forward to welcoming other Deliberate Receivers to The Barefoot Sanctuary that we manifested by doing exactly this. Big hugs Bernie x

  • Love this, Melody. I’ve been working through a realization that I don’t REALLY believe that “I can get everything I want” if I just stay lined up with that feeling of “oh for sure”. It seems so obvious after reading this.

    Have fun with your move! Are you at the other end already?

    • Hey Cordy,

      I’ve moved out of Barcelona, but won’t officially be moving to the US until February. Until then I’ll be bopping around the globe for a bit, back to Europe, the speaking engagements in the UK, then my annual spa holiday, and a month in Peru. Loads to come!! Yay!



  • Melody, this is superb! Thank you so much for clarifying so beautifully that a time limit is actually not a bad thing, that by accelerating our understanding of our own blocks and resistance on an issue it can actually help us in releasing that resistance so much more speedily. Like most people (so I suspect) a deadline or time limit makes me anxious & stressy & I start to doubt my own manifesting abilities (which are usually pretty damn awesome!). This post & video are going to remind me to take a deep breath, stand down & remember: it CAN happen, and if I just relax and allow it, it WILL happen, easily & perfectly for me.

    HUGE thanks as well for saying that “in the real world, we really do have deadlines”. I get very frustrated with well-meaning LOA “experts” telling me that there is no “real world”, that it’s all just what we ourselves manifest. Technically, of course, this is absolutely true & I believe it completely. But my manifesting skills aren’t so well-honed yet that I am able to completely isolate myself from the physical reality of the 3-dimensional, tangible world framework in which I live (& from what I see, neither has anyone else as long as we’re alive). This doesn’t bother me. I don’t waste my time trying to manifest immortality, for instance, because I don’t think we (or the universe) are ready for it yet. I don’t even care if it’s possible. I’m too busy at the moment trying to manifest my across-the-street neighbours with the new stereo into another reality where I don’t have to listen to their damn rap music (or manifesting *myself* ito another reality where they don’t exist, I don’t care which). It will be done. It will be easy. All will be well. 😀

    And congratulations on your easy, uneventful move — may the rest go as smoothly (& as uneventfully!). Selfish cow that I am, I keep thinking that Europe’s loss is North America’s gain.

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