So, you’ve made your list of stuff you want to manifest. But now you’re unsure as to which one you’re supposed to focus on first. Is it possible to work on more than one manifestation at once? Watch today’s video to get the answer to this often asked question.


Awesome Carolyn’s Burning Question

“Hi Marvelous Melody. I’m on the second read of your Deliberate Receiving book, and found myself making a list of all the wonderful things I’d like to manifest, such as financial security, a dream home, a great job, as well as things like being healthier, more spiritually connected, greater confidence and “not giving a fuck” (not caring or concerning myself sooo much with what people think).

Anyway, I ended up with 19 things on my list, and I’m sure I’ll add more as I pick up more Desire Coins (see, I have read your book!) 🙂 So my question is: How do you deal with having lots of things you want to manifest? Can you focus on all of them at once? I guess some are connected and will follow on from one another, such as a great job leading to abundance, leading to dream home for example… Or is it better to focus on one at a time, or a few at a time? I’m guessing the feeling is going to be the same for several of them, so could be focused on at the same time? What’s your advice on this please? Thank you!”


Well Awesome Carolyn, thank you so much for asking this question, because it’s one I get all the time, and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to answer it here.

Here’s the thing that you really have to remember: It doesn’t really matter what you focus on!  In the book I explain about the concept of representational frequency, which I’ll go over briefly here.

Does what you focus on grow?

When you focus on something, it doesn’t really matter what it is you’re focused on, what matters is what that thing represents to you.  The metaphor that I use in the book is this:  If you were to stare at an apple, and going with the concept of: “You get more of what you focus on”, then that apple should just grow, right?  Its frequency should just keep getting larger, but that’s not what happens. 100 apples don’t generally spontaneously drop out of the sky just because you keep staring at that apple!

Here’s what happens: As you keep looking at the apple, it will activate a certain frequency unique to you, within you.  Whatever that apple means to you, what it represents to you, which could be a myriad of different things (it’s a very unique thing to you), gets activated.  That then starts the progression of manifestation, meaning the progression gets bigger and bigger, and then bigger and bigger manifestations start to come in.  First, you have an emotional feeling, followed by thoughts, memories and ideas, synchronicities show up, and finally large physical manifestations and inspired action comes into your reality.

As you are making your list of the things that you want to manifest, what you’re doing here is making a list of things that represent awesomeness to you (I’m just going to put it out there like that, very general).  So, why do you want these things?  Well, it’s because they make you feel a certain way.  Can you generate that feeling within you by focusing on that one thing or is it easier to generate that feeling within you by focusing on something else instead?  If focusing on something matches a certain feeling and you can achieve that feeling (you activate that frequency), then it must come in. It’s not that you visualize a house and by doing that you’re telling the Universe that you want a house, and the Universe brings you a house; it’s that you activate the “frequency” and then everything that matches that frequency (that feeling) has to come in.  In other words, the Universe already knows what you want; it’s up to you to receive it, not to create it.  Why the hell do you think it’s called “Deliberate Receiving”!

Is one manifestation responsible for another one happening?

Here’s the other thing that I read in your question that I want to point out, which is really important: Never create a chain of manifestations; never make one manifestation responsible for the bringing about of another.  For example, you believe you have to get a job so that you can get a house, you have to get a job so that you can have abundance, or you have to lose 10lbs before you can have a relationship, or you have to have a relationship before you can be happy… If you create this sort of chain, all that’s happening is you are adding a whole bunch of resistance, thereby limiting the avenues by which your manifestations can come.  Guess what! You don’t necessarily have to get a job in order to get abundance, you don’t necessarily have to get a job to get a house, and you don’t necessarily have to have a huge bank account before you can get a house. You need to see all these things as independent manifestations.  One manifestation is not responsible for the bringing about of another.

Which one should you focus on?

Whatever feels the best to you!  The better you feel, the faster those manifestations are going to start coming in. The only reason for making that entire list is because as you go through it you can use the items to see if there’s any resistance within them.  For example, you might focus on a house and think, “OMG, I can totally see the house that I want, it feels so good, it makes me jump up and down, and I feel my heart opening, I’m breathing bigger and I feel so joyful, I almost want to jump out of my skin, I’m so happy when I think of that house!”  But when you start thinking about a job, you don’t feel as happy about the job as you do about the house; you have resistance around the job.  If you can stay off the subject of the job completely and focus on just the house, great!  If the job keeps coming into your mind – “Got to get a job, I really need to get a job – I need to get the job so that I can get the house…”, that is a piece of resistance that you then want to work on releasing.

An easy way to do that (I explain this progression in much deeper steps in the book), but the one I’m going to remind you of here is to simply visualize yourself having the house, without necessarily having the job.  Keep practicing getting into a really good feeling about the house so the prerequisite gets taken out.  You then negate the thing that you think has to happen so that you can get what you want; the thing that you think has to happen so that you can feel the way you want to feel.

Allowing your manifestations to come to you

A list of 19 things is great; you can work through them and see if there’s any resistance in any of them. But, ultimately your manifestations will come about and your resistance will be brought up by you simply focusing on whatever topic (even if it isn’t on this list of 19), that makes you feel the best!  Go play with a puppy; go have a great time, go on vacation and lie on the beach (you can do your best manifesting there), and do not worry about it; do not make yourself responsible for making it happen – allowing things to happen is our only job.  Allowing things to happen does not feel frustrating, it doesn’t feel hard, it’s not hard work, there’s no pressure involved.

You are probably making this too hard and you are over thinking it a little bit here by asking yourself which one do you need to focus on.  Remember that it always comes down to the way you feel.  It’s your emotions that let you know first and foremost which frequency you are lining up with. The path and the goal have to feel the same. You are not going to get to a happy life on a difficult, horrible path.

Bottom Line

You know that you are on your way, you know that you are building the progression of manifestation that you really want (I know I’m using a lot of terms here, that if you haven’t read the book, might be a little cloudy at this point), and you are bringing about the manifestations that feel a certain way, when you are feeling that way.

I hope I’ve answered your question, and I haven’t confused you anymore!  If there’s still something that’s unclear, or you have any more questions, or maybe you’d like to enter the discussion, please leave a comment below.

Huge happy shiny puppy hugs to all of you, and see you next time.


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  • Hey Melody,

    Great share..

    Neville Goddard suggested a great way to manifest multiple things at a time..

    One can, just before going to sleep, imagine and feel that something marvellous is happening in their life.Drift into sleep feeling the wish fulfilled.

  • Melody,

    What a wonderful post. The warning not to “create a chain reaction of manifestations” really resonated with me. It’s easy to start creating a lot of IF/THEN statements–things like in order to write full-time then I have to leave my current job or work from home. If I want the time and freedom to do what I want on my own timeline then I have win the lottery so I’m independently wealthy, etc. When I start thinking that way I become stuck in place and unable to manifest anything. What your statement means to me is that manifestations can be mutually exclusive when they occur…AND they CAN lead to other great manifestations as long as I’m not putting all my eggs in one manifestation basket.

    I already do a lot of writing on top of my full-time job. I have a lot of autonomy and opportunities to work off-site even though much of my time is in the office. I also have a lot of vacation time and money to travel. I have these things and can appreciate them RIGHT NOW.

  • If you have read the book. Good. Now when you read it again, it`s not the same,why, because you have changed ? We have changed. Why, we grew. knowledge. Expansion !
    You can read all you want ! But every time things will change for you because, time changes for eg. so do you at every moment, so when I say do not let your thoughts go for a moment, this means pay attention to them !

  • Has all ready happened ! Sorry to have to tell you this but it happened! NOW,
    So what are you going to do about it ? I know.. I will tell you what your going to do !

  • Hey Jon,

    It goes like this, all you really have to do is imagine yourself in the world you know, per say you also need to do certain things to achieve your golds. Aiming is a good thing, because you can really go off in any direction with-out * realization* it simply happens.

  • Melody, or anyone who might be able to help –
    I have a dilemma I’d like help finding clarity with. I’m in a long-term relationship with someone I plan on marrying. We have been together for almost ten years, and went through a really rough time a few years ago. I mostly blame myself because I was so unhappy and trying really hard to get this LOA thing to work for me, but I kept getting stuck in anger and making things worse.
    Now I am five months pregnant and found out a few weeks ago that he has been cheating on me, probably for more than a year. I get so sick every time I think of it. I know I create my own reality and that this happened to show me a belief I have been holding. I currently don’t work and have no clue at all what I’d like to do for work, but part of me feels like I should just do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, just to get on equal footing and to be able to have something to fall back on. He is a good provider – I don’t feel like I’d have to worry about having a place to live or someone to take care of me and my child if I stayed, but being with him makes me so angry at times. Sometimes I feel ok – like I love him and want to work it out, and we have a nice life together otherwise.. If I were on any other forum I’d feel like a crazy person for saying that. My real question is about the job situation.. I’ve tried and tried to figure out energetically what I want to do, but nothing seems to gain any traction and I’m starting to feel like I should just take action and do something and figure it out later.. Any words of advice on how to gain more clarity in this situation? Deep down I know I’m such an awesome person and I deserve more, I just can’t seem to get it all straight… Thanks so much in advance.

  • Hey Melody, I read your blog post about why some artists become famous after death. I was wondering if it’s possible to manifest this? I’m a musician and have a strong desire for my work to reach huge masses of people. However, I don’t want to be a celebrity. Can I manifest the fame (purely for my work, not for me as a person) after death?

    Also how do you feel better about feeling unacknowledged? Like me and my life are worthless and why the hell am I still alive? I don’t feel acknowledged for anything I do or who I am from much anyone, which isn’t bad in itself, but it really hurts when people close to me don’t. My mother constantly praises and admires celebrities: their talents, beauty, personalities, etc. She doesn’t acknowledge mine though, and that stings. I very rarely receive compliments from anyone. I do compliment and acknowledge myself for things, but it would be nice to get some external recognition too. I know it’s my issue and responsibility and that I shouldn’t let what others say dictate how I feel, but it still really hurts. How do I shift this?

  • Hi Melody,

    Loved this video. You are such a natural with the camera, it feels like we’re having a face-to-face conversation!



  • Hi Melody,

    I loved this video and am certain that people can relate.

    There’s a question I have about something I saw on your Facebook. You said that there is no destiny, but what if believing in destiny gives you a lot of relief? What if it makes you feel good, because you know you will get everything you want. You don’t have to worry about making anything happen, because all of it will in perfect timing. You can just focus on following your joy and taking whatever inspired actions call you. When thought of like this, the idea of destiny takes so much pressure off!

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and next week’s post already.

  • *like a duck to water*
    a lost electron meaning
    in my mind is not enough
    not to worry about lost
    matter. Yes we are talking
    about electrons ! More to

  • Hey Melody,

    Yes I agree with you about helping each other to
    become greater. One thing about the mathematical
    equation is yes we all get to move on the positive
    scale. Which then we will progressively evolve.

    I agree with you Cordy, I think every one should
    have deliberately receiving as an educational tool !

  • Hey Melody
    What an awesome answer to this question. I sometimes think the way the LOA is explained can give people the idea that the actual focusing on the thing we want a lot is necessary and it really isn’t. Of course if we don’t have a lot of experience thinking about it in a positive way, practicing that would help. Focusing positively on specifics I think can appease our mind to some degree because it thinks we are ‘doing’ something and it’s action-oriented self likes that. Your explanation of representational frequency will be a missing link for a lot of people and they’ll be like…OH..that is how it works!

  • Nice post Melody, I bought your book and have read it through, and am constantly rereading sections of it over again. It has kind of sunk in, though i think that buying a hardback version and hitting myself over the head with it might help me get it into. my. thick. skull. . . 😉
    I like your seemingly flippant style, which is never actually flippant because the intelligence underneath comes through strongly.
    So, here is my question. My strongest desire is to live a fulfilled creative life in a beautiful place, i.e. a lovely house in the country. I am an artist, so the creatively fulfilled bit is perhaps more in my control than the house bit. Perhaps.
    Anyway, I have thought a lot about what that life and place would feel like emotionally, so that I can concentrate on the feeling I want, and narrowed it down to things like, peace, contentment, empowerment, ease, and affirmation. But then I realise that these things are all part of a bigger thing called happiness, and that happiness is a small step away from Joy.
    So should I basically let go of the desire for the thing itself, meaning the creatively fulfilled life in the beautiful place and just concentrate on feeling joy, however that can be invoked? Logically, it then wouldn’t matter if the lifestyle thing didn’t happen as whatever did manifest would be in line with Joy and therefore undeniably ‘what I want’. The lifestyle change may or may not be included. Maybe that’s where Trust comes in. . .
    I’m not sure I’m capable of completely letting go of the actuality of what i want like this, but it would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on it. Thanks x

  • Melody, sometimes it’s hard to feel good about visualizing anything. Anything imagined gets a ‘meh’ response. That must mean a hidden resistance. How do I undercover the resistance please? Is the resistance always self-worth? I think you’ve written about this before but I couldn’t find the link.

    • Hey CJ,

      Visualization is really just a tool, one of many. So if visualizing isn’t doing it for you, then don’t do that! In your life right now, look at what is there, what opportunities you see, what has manifested. What gives you the most joy or relief (depending on where you are) right now? It’s all about the “right now”. So, what feels best in this moment? What can you focus on that feels better? Start small and STAY WITH IT for more than 5 seconds and let the momentum build. After a while, you’ll get to the dancing around the room stage. But if that’s not there right now, let yourself progress there.

      I hope that helps.



  • Wow, Melanie You’re response was very powerful. I got a lot more clarity on this subject and more positive emotions flowing.
    I wanted to add that I bought and read your book also…and one of the most interesting parts is where you talk about Stage 5 and precursors. The concept of precursors has made me much more relaxed, open, and aware of what is manifesting around me. They could be the “one” or maybe not and now I can tell 🙂

    Thank you for your awesomeness Melanie!

  • Hi Melody! I felt an impulse to buy this call (and I’m learning to trust my impulses). GREAT call, I highly recommend for any readers who are having a hard time admitting just how big their dreams are.

    I have a question that has come up for me around this. I understand that metaphysically, there’s no scarcity. But say your big dream is to be a movie star, and you’re trying to talk yourself into believing that it’s possible. Not everyone can have that same job, right? Don’t we need the supporting actors, the extras, etc? Even if somehow there was room for everyone who wanted to be to be a movie star, wouldn’t that mean that we couldn’t really make movies anymore, because there would be so many stars and nobody to play “Distract Attorney #2”? Or would the whole entertainment industry shift if everyone who wanted to be a star allowed it? It’s a hangup for me that pops up when I think about this. I’m not sure what the block is. Still shortage, maybe? Still believing that we deprive others when we succeed? Would love an answer, if this question makes any sense. :p

    • Hello my darling Cordy,

      this all becomes much easier to grasp when you understand that it’s YOUR reality. So, the bit player in your reality, might just be the megastar in their own. There are infinite realities and infinite versions of each of us. Your job is to focus on the one you want to be right now. We can each shift into a new reality in an instant, one where we embody who we are and what we truly want. In fact, we shift realities all the time, we’re just not aware of it, because the new one is so uncannily similar to the old one. Subscribe the the Multi-verse theory and this stuff begins to make a lot more sense. 🙂



      • Melody, you blew my mind with this. Last night I kept repeating “it’s MY reality” to myself and seeing flashes of comprehension that made it all fit together in a brand-new way. This morning I woke up SUPER GRUMPY and feeling spikes of rage (which even now I tend to feel guilty about and suppress, even though I “know better”)… I feel like this shifted something for me. Thank you!

        Everyone, buy Melody’s book! I bought a copy for myself and one for my mom, it’s just the best, so good, so practical.

      • I love what you said here Melody. I’ve put a lot of thought into our ability to shift reality by our thoughts, such as with the multiverse theory, and I find it makes the most sense. There are infinite realities with a slightly different version of who we are, and we’re free to step into any one of them when we choose. Just blows the mind to think about the possibilities of such a thing!

  • Hey melody,
    Can I sing a song for you ? Yes got it …
    It goes like this, you are my sun shine my only sun shine
    you keep me happy when times are tough, so pls. don,t
    stop being my sun shine…
    Want to thank you so much for your Deliberate Receiving.
    Happy shinny puppies to all of you !


  • I agree so much with this. I think it can’t be overstated how important it is to just focus on whatever makes you feel good. Our power is in our ability to direct our focus.

  • I’ve been wondering about this for the longest time! Thank you so much for this clear answer, Melody! Focusing consistently on just one thing that we love can bring in a myriad of manifestations that we didn’t even know we wanted!

  • Awesome answer! You have a wonderful ability to clear away the confusion, revealing the simple truth. Love that! Many, many thanks!

  • Melody, this is a brilliant video!
    This is the first video
    that makes manifestation really clear!
    I had to watch loads of other ones to work out what you said in one take!
    Thank you so much

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