Ok, so you’ve mastered the art of manifesting a parking space. Whoop-dee-doo, you might say. What about acquiring a skill, a language, an instrument or art? Well, today’s your lucky day. We’re going to dig into how to manifest these longer-term goals in today’s video. You’re freaking welcome.  Also, you know… Happy Shiny New Year my Puppies!!! Yay!


Awesome Mario’s Burning Question

“I’m still looking for a good example for the Law of Attraction. Parking spots, trips to Paris, etc. are not really my topics. I’d love to hear how to use the law of attraction for “BIG”, long-term goals like learning an instrument (guitar, piano), learning an art, a language, and so on. That’s what most people get easily frustrated with.”


First of all Mario, thank you so much for your question!  This is an excellent one and I’m really grateful to get a chance to explore it. I know we talk a lot about how to manifest a parking spot and starting with something small like that.  I did a video a few weeks ago about how to manifest big things as easily as small things and in that video I talk about starting with a parking spot, because there’s no big risk in manifesting something like a parking spot.  If you get it or you don’t get it, who cares? On the big things, we often put so much importance on them that they then don’t manifest so easily.

Are bigger goals just as easy to manifest as small goals?

I totally get you. What about long-term goals like learning a skill, learning a language, building up a business or even a relationship that you want long-term? These manifestations, believe it or not, are actually like any other manifestation; the same rules apply.  It’s just that you cannot always keep your vibration stable and it’s really not easy to remain stable when you are looking at a long-term goal.  You have to keep trusting and you have to keep revisiting that vibration.

For example: You want to build a million dollar business, which can be a long-term goal, although for some people it’s a very short-term goal.  Let’s say you think it’s going to take you three years to build that and you have a vision of a business that is really huge, but you know right now, in this second, you can’t create a business that size.  You want to open a restaurant or a whole chain of restaurants, you can see them all over the world, but you haven’t yet opened your first one and you don’t even know how to cook. But for some reason, opening a restaurant really gets your juices flowing; it gets you super excited.

Trust the path that opens up

Step into the energy of opening your restaurant(s) as often as possible, and watch for the path to unfold, but remember the path may not look the way you think it will look.  This is the thing with all manifestations, especially the big long-term manifestations.  When the path opens up, it will feel good, but it may not logically make any sense to you whatsoever because you will only be able to connect the dots of the steps in that path in hindsight – not while they are happening.

This is where that wonderful word “Trust” comes in again.  As the path opens up, it will feel really good if you are lined up with that energy.  For example, you may be inspired to go to a party and you don’t really like parties, but for some reason you decide to go; you don’t talk yourself out of it, even thought it doesn’t make any logical sense to go. At the party you meet somebody who introduces you to somebody else, and six months later this person introduces you to an amazing new partner, who is a Chef.  That’s not the person you met at the party, but it’s the succession of these events that leads to you having a partner to open a restaurant with.  Or maybe you meet somebody who becomes your business manager, who teaches you how to actually run the business side of the restaurant.

Over time, pieces come together, but they often come together in really unexpected ways that you could never ever have orchestrated. If you keep the faith and you keep hitting that vibration of what you want, the frequency of that feeling, the path will continue to unfold.  Trust that it will and trust that it is unfolding.

Bottom Line

One of my absolute mantras for the last few years has been: “I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen, but I know it’s going to be awesome!”  When I am intuitively called to go someplace, have a conversation with somebody, or go to a class or conference, or move to a new city, and it doesn’t make any logical sense to me, I show up anyway!  I go anyway because I know it’s going to be amazing; and it always is!  I know it’s going to get me a step closer to what I want; it always does!

But, don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way. Enjoy the ride along the way and then you can’t go wrong.

So Mario, I hope I’ve answered your question. If you’d like to share your long-term manifestations, or if you have a question of your own, please leave me a comment below.

This has been this week’s Q&A. See you next week!


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  • Hi Melody,
    I enjoyed your post and your book is awesome! I have been following you for about a year and a half now. When I first tried manifesting, I decided to go big…I manifested my house. This convinced me that the LOA really does work. Since then, I have manifested many smaller things. Now, I am ready to use the LOA in a different way, not necessarily to get things. I want to pay more attention to my intuition and let it guide me. When you say, “I am intuitively called”, how can you tell if you are really being called to do something?


  • Hey Melody,

    Are you back from Pru yet ? One wonderful feeling that came to me about our
    experiences is expressions. How we all express ourselves. Do we want to feel good
    about what we experience,or is it always about what`s going to unfold in our realities.
    Hind sight tell us that if we can not express our- self, we as humans are just a race in
    what is just about to be in violation of what is about what we believe in. Me I believe in
    In fact more than that. I know we are all a part of all there is, yet to further that is
    your moment as being, is corrupted by just being. So what you want now is to be still. As still as you can be without being sorry about it for a moment. Sorry meaning is what you think about what you are just about to do with no sorrow about yesterday or tomorrow. The now is what you want to concentrate on ,but keep in mind. You are here for how long in focus before you become what, snail-nail. need to rest.What happens then ? We do not talk enough about what happens then. Why not !

    For me, there is more happening there then in the psychical that is in your conceptional believing experiences or present state of being ,which is your present conscious state.
    Question. Are you conscious when you sleep or rested ? Or do you psychically leave your body.I mean sleep and non- conscious state. What happens next ? Do we do this
    state to just rejuvenate our present, or so we can wake-up then next day to function as humans again. Want to know more to the story !

  • Thank Melody for another awesome post! I’ve learned so much from you and the shined happy puppy clan and now LOA is finally making sense!
    Every year of my life I would jump on the new year resolution bandwagon, come up with my goals for the year and create a detailed project plan for getting my goals complete. And every year by Feb/March I was fed up. Working through the project plan was arduous work and therefore I had lost excitement for the goal. I would get frustrated, decide I must have picked the wrong goal, abandon the vision, and be discouraged that I failed yet again.
    It has finally clicked that the better approach is to envision my goal, feel the passion and excitement for it and sit with that feeling. I don’t detail out the steps, but instead stay as close to that feeling of excitement, joy, and passion and how I will feel having that end goal manifested. The more I keep in that good feeling place, the faster and more clearly the steps to manifesting my goal seem to appear. And I have fun on the journey and eagerly anticipate the next steps.
    I used this technique last year with wild success and already this year am proving to myself that this is the way!
    Thank you for all the inspiration and guidance.

  • Awesome article! I think that the best way to accomplish big goals is by breaking them down into smaller ones. Take a big item off your list and break it down into as many steps as you need to. Get the ball rolling and the momentum will build!

    These are the mediations I say daily to relieve my stress while I’m working towards my goals:
    I choose to release my stress.

    I choose to take action to solve my problems.

    I believe that I am capable of conquering any obstacle I face.

    I choose to relax and release the tension from my mind and body.

    I am calm and secure.

    The universe is my guide and I follow the path that it has set for me. I am in good hands.

    Get the rest here:

  • Hi again,

    I was wondering what you think about fashion and following trends. Should we wear what we love even if it’s not in style, or dress in this season’s clothing and classics even if we don’t love them? Should we dress to fit in with the stylish crowd or dress how we truly like, even if it’s not fashionable? I know that the answer has to be determined by what feels good, but I feel conflicted over this. I would love to hear your answers!

  • Thank you for making this Melody! I think so many of us can relate to Mario’s question. I’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time, so it’s very helpful to hear your response.

    I feel really unsure of the path to my bigger goals at times. There is a dream I would really love to make a reality, but it seems that I’m not really inspired to take any action towards it except the bare minimum (practicing my craft a bit each day.) However, I have been really inspired to do other things lately, including generating extra income through the internet. I’ve been having so much fun with this and have been very busy with it! I need the money, so I think that’s what’s been inspiring me (in a good way, of course!) Sometimes I feel guilty though because I feel as if I should be spending more time working directly towards my dream. Perhaps anyone else can relate?

    Your video, Melody, is a great reminder that the path to what we want isn’t always linear and can take many detours. Thank you for this reassurance.

  • Ive been struggling with this thing( for years), wherein whenever i try to focus on the ve, i immediately manifest the -ve !
    This post helped ! I have to keep ‘revisiting’ !

  • What sort of things do you think about (please be as specific as you possibly can for me) to get into whatever it is you wish to manifest?

  • Awesome, awesome advice. What we fail to do is relax. I have finally let go of how my dream is to manifest and just trust that I’ll be guided. I think we all probably have to go through the pains of trying to manifest it ourselves but the “a-ha” moment came when I just said “I’m surrendering this dream to the Universe and know that I will be led.” Upon doing that, so much has happened and it has also allowed me to just relax and enjoy the ride!

  • This one is so good. It’s interesting, because I’ve actually been learning a language, and applying these principles to that. I’m working on learning French, and I’ve been surprised at how smoothly it’s been going.

    I agree the most important thing is to step inits o the emotion of it as often as possible. I always think about how wonderful it will be to be able to converse fluently in French, and that gets me excited. 😀

  • Happy 2016, Melody!

    As usual, this post is right on time. About six months ago, a business name came to me from seemingly nowhere. A few days later, what could easily be content for the “About” section of the company’s website poured from me onto the pages of my journal. When I read it, I almost can’t believe I wrote it, but every word feels so incredibly delicious.

    I have no idea what to do with it, or what’s going to happen, but I KNOW it’s going to be amazing! Thank you for that.

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