As we level up and move towards what we want, our resistance tends to come up to be released. Some of this resistance comes in the form of fears. We face them, drag them out of the dark, shine a big-ass light on them and, when we realize (as we always do) that there was really nothing to be afraid of, we let them go.

But what about when the fear is so great that it becomes completely debilitating? What about the grand-daddy of all types of fears – the phobia? How do these develop and can we release them using this kind of energy work? Today’s video is dedicated to answering these questions (hint: yep, we can totally let phobias go). Bam! You’re welcome.


Awesome Megan’s Burning Question:

“Hi Melody, my question is about phobias. I have a rather embarrassing phobia of frogs. They freak me out!! Of course rationally I know they can’t hurt me, but my reaction to them is instant fright (like someone jumping out at you). I know I attract them as a manifestation of my fear, but how do I stop fearing the thing I fear, to stop manifesting them in my house? I have improved over the years – they are a lot smaller now (about the 1/2 the size of a matchbox car), and I can be in the same room as one, as long as it’s not too close and I can keep an eye on it (in case he goes for the throat, you never know!). I know you’ve done blogs on animal communication, would that help?”


Ok, Awesome Megan; thanks for the laugh!  First of all, animal communication, in this case, might help, but not in the way that you think.  It might help you to connect with the frog where you find out he’s not there to murder you in your sleep, or rip your throat out, and he’s not a weird Werewolf or Vampire frog!  I think you’ve been watching a little bit too much CW (the television network that is responsible for bringing you loads of vampire and werewolf related shows…)!

How do phobias develop?

The frog is actually a very helpful being who has come in to help you realise a fear.  He is not there to hurt you, but he is going to mirror back the fear that you are holding onto; the fear that’s inside you.  It’s a really good sign that you are already less afraid of them, but you know what? It’s not about the frog!

When somebody thinks they have a phobia about something, they tend to think it’s as simple as looking for a bad experience that they had with this thing.  For example, if somebody has a fear of snakes and they’ve had a bad experience with one, they think that this is what caused their phobia.  But that is not how that happens.

A phobia develops when there is a great deal of fear, and that particular phobia represents that fear and triggers it in you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a fear of heights, frogs, ducks or a fear that somebody is constantly staring at you.

How can you release your fear?

What you want to look at when you are looking at a phobia is not so much at why you are afraid of frogs, but why are you afraid, period?  You’ve already hinted at that in your question, “It feels like somebody is jumping out at me.”  This is the feeling that you want to step into and if you need to think of a frog in order to trigger that feeling to begin with, fine.  You don’t have to stay on the whole frog thing and plus it might also make you too afraid if you do that.  Step into this feeling, with a trained practitioner or coach if possible, who can hold the energy for you as you do that.  That will ease things for you and make it easier for you to do it, but you can also do this by yourself.

Here is the technique that I outline in my book: You want to really activate the vibration of the fear, which means you actually allow yourself to feel it.  The fear will then start to manifest in a manageable way.  You will start to get thoughts, memories and ideas that match that fear.  They may not make any logical sense, and they probably most definitely will not have anything to do with frogs, but it will feel exactly the same.  You then want to take a look at the manifestation of your thoughts, memories and ideas – go into the memory and start to change them, until you feel better.

For example, it may have been something really as innocuous as you were alone at home with your older brother when you were little, you were already scared because it was dark outside, there was a thunderstorm, and your brother put on a monster mask, and jumped out at you.  The feeling that came up in you was that you were not safe in your own home.  In that case, you might want to go back and beat the crap out of your brother (in your mind), as he jumps out at you, so that you can get that feeling of strength.  In your mind, turn on all the lights on and bitch him out!

Do anything that you need to do to get that little girl to feel safe again.  Then you will be able to achieve the feeling of safety as well.

Bottom Line

This is not necessarily exactly what your memory is going to be, this is just me spit-balling; it’s just an example.  Sit with the feeling, let the memory come up, and then change the memory.  There’s more detail on this in my book, as the book is a technical manual of how reality works, and it outlines this perfectly.

I hope I’ve answered your question to your satisfaction. If you think this content is valuable, please consider sharing it with your friends or social media buddies.

Have you experienced a phobias? Have you released them or other fears? Share your experiences below to help others on a similar journey!

As always, if you have a question of your own, you can do so in the comments below.

Until next time: bye!

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  • Hey there Melody & all you Happy Shiny Puppy Army,
    Rewatching this video brought up the regular situation we have going on with my five year old having nightmares. Any insight on whether I should be walking him through this process or if the nightmares are reflecting something in MY vibration (I can’t imagine that they aren’t…) and should be dealt with in a different way? My life’s work is to empower children and my own little is scared stiff!! I’m baffled. And, I could really use a night’s sleep without a tossing five year old in my bed!

  • Hy Melody,
    These Phobias are an important aspect in our reality as we grow. Like you say on the spectrum scale. We all need to feel & to experience them.
    I think this is a great post & we all should focus on what Melody is showing us.

  • Hey Melody
    I resonated with this post because I have a similar issue with cockroaches. Any other creature can slither or crawl through my space and I’m fine but I see one of those bad boys and I can’t sleep the night through. It has gotten a lot better and I know I used to attribute the fear from developing when I lived in Japan and slept on the floor on a futon. That was the first time I had them in a living space and they were huge and I would just get so scared they would crawl all over me. But I now know it is just triggering something else and hopefully soon they will stop bothering me.

  • Helps to have someone who is Present to do the work with you. I have wasted a lot of time and money on therapist’s who are stuck in their ego (and therefore shouldn’t be therapists anyway), so obviously they can’t help at all.

    Best way to find out if a therapist has any Presence is to insult his intelligence and get angry at him. Watch how he reacts. If he gets all defensive and butt hurt, then dump him and never go back. If he can easily navigate your emotions without getting sucked in and reactive, then you have found someone worth paying for.

  • I used to have several phobias when I was younger but they went away on their own. I never did any inner work or investigating memories from early childhood. I often find our cork always rises on its own when we just go on living life.

  • Hi,

    I know Melody has written about using films and television series to stabilize vibration, but I didn’t quite find my answer in that post. Is it bad to watch scary movies/series? I’m watching a scary series on DVD, and since learning of LOA, am now paranoid that I’m attracting scary things into my reality. But I really enjoy this series, the acting, stories of each of the characters, plot line, etc. Yes I do feel fear watching it, but also sadness, anger, suspense, compassion, even lightness when someone transitions and is now free and joyous in non-physical. I’ve heard Abraham say that they wouldn’t watch these types of shows if they were us, but I find them fascinating even if they are scary.

    Honestly I think it would be boring to only watch light comedy if watching any films or television, which I don’t even do often. Or listening to only “happy” music…that would feel really boring to me. No offense, but sometimes I find constant sensprship of how I feel, sensorship for exposing myself to only good-feeling things can often feel bland and uninspiring. Same with the idea of having a super high vibration and feeling almost always good and happy, no eating meat nor sugar, meditation, spending a lot of time on spirituality, etc. Sure, it’s what all the self-proclaimed high vibrational people do, but it doesn’t feel good to me.

    • It takes time to get to different vibrations (higher or lower) and I’m the same way. I eat sugar and coffee and other spiritual people say it’s horrible and don’t. But that’s their reality not mine. I don’t eat meat anymore because I don’t want it, I don’t crave it and that’s that. I used to eat tons of a&w and loved burgers. Now I don’t even think about them twice and prefer healthier food. But it took time and I never deprived myself if I was craving something “bad” because someone else said I shouldn’t. You are you’re own brand of self and can infuse your life with whatever light you want, that’s why you are here. There’s nothing wrong with watching shows you like because as you even put, it’s so multi-faceted for you. The good news is you are aware and exploring, I say keep doing your thing and create the life that makes you happy – that’s what attracts the best stuff!

      • Hi Kayli,
        Thank you for your encouraging reply 🙂
        I feel like there is no single path for everyone…how can there be when we are all unique? I find as my vibration rises, I desire foods that I had believed were bad or unhealthy, including small amounts of meat, dairy and sugar! I feel nourished by eating them. When I was vegan/on a raw foods diet before, I had so many health issues and was chronically tired and unhappy. I feel so much of it is down to belief and expectation – different things work for different people. I am very thin, as is nearly everyone in my family and have always been in good health (other than the times I messed with my diet!). I feel it’s good for me to enjoy these rich foods when I desire them. I tend not to eat them in large quantities, but a little here and there feels nourishing. I think this has a lot to do with culture, because not everywhere in the world is veganism and the raw foods movement very common, and pushing against the normal diet (which is still often healthy, even if it involves meat, dairy, gluten, etc.) feels very resistant and isolating. I definitely still eat fruits and vegetables very often, and my diet is plant based, but the high vibrational diet that many of the internet spiritual people say we should be eating didn’t suit me very much. I eat “normally” again and am happier for it, and know more now that it’s not about the food, but how we feel about it.

        I find when I watch those shows, I experience huge emotional releases during or after. So many emotions come up, things I haven’t been feeling lately as I’ve been bored and also busy with other things.

        • Go ahead and be grateful you feel great doing all those things be it eating meat or sugar or watching some “negative” shows. Only stop doing things that dont make you feel good. You’re feelings are your guidance system. Someone else’s emotional reactions dont count when it comes to what you do, only yours do. Personally, it makes me feel awful watching scary movies but I know a lot of children with high vibrating energy who live for these type of programs. Nothing bad comes of it, not from what I see anyway.

          There seems to be a theme to Melody’s advice, if you can’t follow her instructions (which is me a lot of the time) just focus on things you love in your life and being happy, it’s pretty simple, hey?

          Your passion and enjoyment seems to be gore and the type of emotions surrounding it, you are in a place right now that you enjoy that “shadowy” aspect of your personality being reflected back to you. Maybe you’re enjoying the contrast, maybe you dont want to hide that part of yourself, maybe it’s a way of releasing that side to you. It doesn’t matter the why’s, you’re enjoying it, keep doing it.

          You may or may not change (I suspect you will because everything gets boring after a while). In the meantime, be happy feeling all those different feelings and so long as you’re happy 51% of the time, the universe will reflect back things that make you feel good.

          Here’s a little warning from my experience, I was once romanticing the feelings of being a victim from an ex, it felt good at the time because I felt alive emotionally and therefore happy but I kept creating the feeling of being victimized and I wondered, like you, if this could affect what was being mirrored back to me. Despite years of doing this, it didn’t create any true negativity (apart from never hearing a sorry from the ex boyfriend despite truly believe he would). I think a way around it was I made sure that despite my love for these weird romantic emotions, I kept myself happy all other times. It seemed to “protect” me from attracting/allowing anything overly negative.

          I rehashed those romantic (read victimized) thoughts every night (I think it just became a habit) and I did that for way too long (I lost a lot of sleep in this romantic fantasy and that sometimes affected my next day and the next and the next) until recently sending him and that feeling on it’s way. When it gets boring, you’ll turn the show/series off. You may take up another hobby interest, the enlightened dont agree with. Are you feeling good in your current and future activities, then keep doing it.

          Eventually you’ll work it out. Maybe we are not supposed to get all the answers from Melody, we are supposed to live some too. No point in being a text book and live by theory. But please keep us posted somehow (the comments section are closed after a little while).

          Here’s a confession which may make you feel a little better and “safer”. I have some real dirty thoughts during masturbation, they are really twisted but apparently quite common for women to fantasize about (but I’d never want them to happens in real life – they are just fantasies). I’ve been thinking about this fantasy for some time. I was told that whatever we visualize during masturbation can create enough energy to make it happen. Well that was a lie because those naughty things have never happened to me. It’s just a means to an end as is your desire to have “negative” emotions occasionally. It makes the contrast of positive emotions so much more fun and exhilarating.

          You are bored of daily positive because we habituate. Dopamine needs more to get going when you’re constantly happy. Maybe that’s another reason, when you move from one feeling to another that are on opposite ends of the negative positive spectrum TM……….. the feeling is more powerful. I believe we may even keep ourselves in a negative place sometimes to get that high from experiencing that quantum shift.

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