I’m back from my annual pilgrimage to Peru, freshly charged up and blown wide open by a series of plant ceremonies, and I’m ready to start sharing insights! Today’s video is the first of those epiphanies and will set the tone for the whole rest of the year.

I’ve often said that this, right now, is the best and most exciting time to be alive EVER! And, OMG, it so is! We’re going through massive changes as individuals, as a society and as a planet. And it’s all about to speed up. Are you ready? Don’t worry, you won’t need a survival kit for this one, just willingness – willingness to keep choosing awesomeness, to keep choosing your light, to keep choosing to be who you really are. Watch today’s video to get the details, as well as a big boost of energy. You’re freaking welcome. Ha.



Hey my Happy Shiny Puppies! Today I’m coming to you from the beautiful mountains of Idaho, where I just moved to, believe it or not!  I’ve just got back from my annual trip to Peru, where I always go for a month every January and work with an Ayahuascero, meaning I partake in plant medicines, Ayahuasca and San Pedro.  This always blows me wide open; it gives me tons and tons of information, tons and tons of insights, and tons and tons of energy, which I’m bringing to you now in this video!

Today’s video is going to be about the first of those insights that I received in Peru (I always get massive, massive insights there).  So be prepared; this is exactly what we are going to be looking at in the year 2016 and what’s coming at you.  So I hope you’re ready!

It’s time to step it up

I received a ton of messages and they are going to unfold over the coming weeks and months, but the main message that I really want to give you today, it’s sort of the theme of what I received while I was there and what I continue to receive, and that is:

It’s time to shit or get off the pot people! It is time to step all of this up!

So what does that mean? Well it means that I’m really not interested anymore in helping you to get a Lexus, which doesn’t mean that you cannot get a Lexus, or a Mercedes, or the relationship that you want, or the jewelry, or the money.  Of course you can get those things; you can get anything that you want.  But, this is about something even bigger than that.  This is about Ascension!  Now, Ascension is a really big word, but what does it even mean?

A whole new level of energy and consciousness

If you’ve only ever heard of the word Ascension through religious purposes, you might of just taken a big step back and thought, “Oh no, here she goes; she’s gone off the deep end!”  What I mean by Ascension is that humanity is going through a massive shift at the moment; not someday, not preparing to go through the shift – It’s happening now; we are going through it NOW! 

We are stepping up into this whole new energy, this whole new consciousness.  That is what Ascension really means. It’s a whole new level of consciousness that we are stepping up into.  A consciousness where we understand this game on a level that we never ever have before.  We understand just how much control we have; we understand our power.  We understand that it isn’t just about getting a Lexus, or a house, or a piece of jewelry, or the relationship; it’s about everything.  It’s about getting the life that you’ve always dreamed of and way beyond that

It’s about allowing yourself to dream bigger, it’s about knowing, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you can have whatever it is that you desire.  That is what this journey is about. This is what I am here to give you, what I am here to teach you, and I’m here to help you to build a bridge, because it is the energy that we are all stepping into. 

Everything that is happening right now in the world is part of that, even the ugly stuff.  It’s all a purging of the old powerlessness that’s coming up.  What’s happening is that we are all stepping into our power.  Not all at once, but don’t worry, no-one is going to be left behind.  It’s everyone’s choice when and how they want to do that. 

That is really the main message, but how do we do this?  How do we exactly facilitate this shift into a higher level of consciousness, into this level of belief? 

We choose to! We make that choice in every moment!

What does that mean for you in concrete terms?

It means that you choose to believe that you can have what you want.  You choose to focus on the positive outcome in every situation.  So when you brain starts to hammer at you, “What if it doesn’t work, what if it doesn’t work out, what if I don’t get what I want?”  You know what? Scream back, “What if I do?  What if I freaking do?  What if I get exactly everything that I ever dreamed of and beyond?  What if it gets better –  better than I could ever have even imagined?!”

Just ponder that for a moment and see how it feels, see if that doesn’t resonate with you.  Not with your intellect but with your heart.  I’ve got to tell you guys; your heart is so much smarter than your brain could ever be; your heart knows what is going on.  Your brain is like a computer program, (often obsolete), trying to figure things out, but it’s your heart that has the wisdom.  When your heart says YES, YES, this is the way, YES, believe in this, YES, go for it, YES, be joyful, YES, be positive, YES, be optimistic, YES, love everybody, love everything, love your situation, love yourself, (even if your brain wonders if that’s such a good idea, or it wonders if you are just setting yourself up for a fall), listen to your heart.  It will guide you through this Ascension process; and hopefully so will I.

Bottom Line

I hope that you resonate with this message.  This is what’s coming at you guys from Deliberate Receiving in 2016.  We are going to step it up; not just me, but you too!  I am going to challenge you to step further and further into this new reality and into this new earth that is available for you right now. 

Don’t worry about what’s happened in the past, or what happened historically with people who were giving out this message, when you tried it and it didn’t work.  That was then, and this is NOW!  You have access to a completely different level of energy now; there’s a whole different vibration around you now.  We are more supported in this process then we ever have been because guess what?  Now it’s time!  We are in it now!  This is the time to step up! It wasn’t 100 years ago, it wasn’t even 10 years ago; that was preparation.  This is the main deal; this is the spiritual, metaphysical Super Bowl that we are in right now – so step up guys!  It’s time to shit or get off the pot!

If you like this video, please consider sharing it with your tribe, with your peeps, with anybody who you think will benefit from it; anybody who you think needs a metaphysical kick in the ass – with love of course!

As always, if you have a comment that you’d like to share, please do so below. 

Until next time; Bye!

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  • Hi Melody, I bumped on your website recently (or should I say I attracted your website) and I just wanted to say I loved this video, thank you for posting! This really has opened up my eyes to what ascension is and it has been the start of a journey and world that I had no knowledge of. I am so looking forward learning more about all the messages you received and growing so much this year!
    Thank again!!

  • First of all I would like to say you speak the truth when you refer to ancension. I practiced organized religion for many years and at one time was convinced that man’s ability to rise to higher levels only depended upon your level of righteous and outward actions. God would choose who would advance and the rest would be killed. Since I have had an awakening to an ever expanding consciousness and the acknowledgement that we are all one, it is clear that if we allow, God will infact “work” through all of us and we will undoubtedly become aware of our need to extend kindness, do away with ignorance, and begin sharing and evenly administering the wealth and resources of this planet, while creating harmony and balance with the many energies that share this plane of existence.

  • Ha ha, a counsellor told this to me once: “shit or get off the pot”. I love that phrase, I think it is an eye opener. At the end, I myself became a counsellor. Thankfully, I have never said this to anyone but I would if I was just simply very exasperated with a person (as much as my counsellor was with me!)

    I can see this post generated a lot of anxiety, fear and suspicion. I wonder why. Unfortunately, I couldn’t listen to it yet! I prefer transcripts and don’t always have the right type of (alone, quiet) time for videos. Anyway, once I watch it, I will know more I guess. But since so many have been honest and challenged Melody, I want to say something that’s been on my mind for quite some time.

    Melody, don’t take this the wrong way please but I want to put it out there. I know many people in our society struggle with weight issues. To me, if someone is happy with their size, I don’t see a problem. But I know, you have tried to change this in the past. My question is why do you think LOA doesn’t work for you to create the shift that will help you lose weight? This question could relate to any number of things in your life (and maybe there are other things that you would like to happen but they don’t, I just know about the weight issue). I am asking this because I have this ONE big issue in my life that no matter how much LoA or other stuff I do, I struggle with. Although recently I am extremely hopeful and things certainly seem to be moving to the right direction. I wonder if most of us have one big thing that we have a resistance towards and just can’t do it ourselves without outside help. I am definitely ready to step up, there is no question about it. And maybe, stepping up means confronting this biggie. What do you all think?

  • I LOOOOOVE this, Melody!! It just totally made my month. I am so excited to see what you have to share! And I musy say, I’ve been feeling this too. For the past year (especially in the last 6 months) I’ve been feeling an incredible cosmic pull, as it were–to get on my soul’s true path NOW, to use my skills to better others so we can rise together. As the poet said, “Thee lift me and I’ll lift thee, and we’ll ascend together.” It was the push I needed to finally come out of the spiritual closet and start a business as an intuitive counselor. And it’s been amazing, for one reason in particular: For the last part of 2014 and almost all of 2015, I was trying everything I could to manifest a particular path and business. No matter what I did, I was met with frustration and failure at every turn. Finally I let go. I realized that if it was my true path, things would be happening. Obviously God had a different calling for me. When I finally let go and allowed myself to follow the promptings, to allow the universe to show me my path, it unfolded with astounding quickness. Things that took me months to put together have materialized in a matter of days, and things that I could never make happen are being offered to me almost on a silver platter. Now that I finally know how to tune into my spiritual guidance and let God and the Angels and the universe take me by the hand, it’s all happening. And I can’t wait to teach others how to find their own way. Thanks, Melody, for all you’ve done to help me get to this point, and I can’t WAIT to see where you’ll guide me this year!! (Oh, and side note: I love that you’ve moved back to Idaho, because we’re practically neighbors now–I live in Utah in the Salt Lake Valley. Perhaps a future meeting and collaboration is in the works.)

  • Hey Kira,

    There is a lot to learn and I believe Melody has open-up our hearts.
    Some of us are better at this then others will be, but progressively
    we all get there in end.

  • Another question, I’m asking for a friend who is in desperate need of help, has cut himself off from the world in deep depression. I’m worried for him, and even finding myself slipping into the same negative vibe sometimes. What is the best thing to do for someone who is severely depressed and suicidal, and had tried pretty much everything? Exercise and diet, law of attraction, counseling, therapy, antidepressants, non-attachment, feeling emotion, releasing anger, etc. Does there come a time when you should just give up on ever getting better? How do you pull yourself out when you cannot feel or see a way out?

  • Hey Melody,

    Do you think there’s ever a point where dying is the path of least resistance rather than lining up with receiving everything we want in the physical? Where is the tipping point, when someone has too much resistance and won’t let it go, so the easiest way for them to get what they want is death (I hope this makes sense!) I was just thinking of this as watching this video, because surely not everyone aligns with what they want, even if in theory they can. Are there some people who are so resistant and can’t keep up with rising global energy and their own expansion, that death would be the easiest path to relief for them? I’m thinking specifically of those who are gravely ill, in a lot of physical pain, psychological distress, severe depression, experienced a series of extreme losses, and other similar circumstances.


    • The “dying” sensations/thoughts you are presently experiencing are not to be confused with those of the physical body form, they are the sensations of the outdated “stories”previously downloaded into our body form {think of it as a “storage unit for information” during our “ongoing evolution} seeking to be upgraded… thus enter thoughts and feelings of death or dying,

      When talking about being the creators of our life, we talk about our “stories”.
      Stories are a sequence of thoughts that we convince ourselves are real. A story may be about the past, the present or the future. It may be about things we should do, what can be, what they could do, or what they are.

      Stories are untested, non-investigated theories or assumptions that tell us what things mean. The problem is we don’t seem to realize most of our stories are just assumptions.

      I have never experienced a stressful feeling that wasn’t caused by attaching to an untrue thought or story.

      Rather than understand the original cause, we try to change our stressful feelings by looking outside of ourselves. It is easy to get swept away by some overwhelming feeling so it is helpful to remember that any stressful feeling is like a compassionate messenger that says – “you are caught up in your story”.

      Depression, pain, fear, doubt and worry are gifts that say “take a look at what you are thinking right now. You’re living in a story that is not true for you. When we get caught in the dream or the illusion, we try to alter and manipulate the stressful feeling rather than deal with the thought behind it. That’s why I say that any negative emotion is an alarm clock that is designed to wake you up to the fact that there’s a thought that you may want to investigate and get rid of. Inquiry and investigation of any thought that is untrue will always lead you back to happiness and
      who you really are.

      If you put your hand in a fire does anyone have to tell you to move it? Do you have to decide? No! When your hand starts to burn, it moves. You don’t have to direct it. The hand moves itself. In the same way, once you understand through inquiry and investigation of any thought or story that is untrue and realize it is causing you suffering, you will move away from it.

      It is simple logic. Before the thought you were not suffering. With the thought you are suffering. When you recognize the thought isn’t true, you will go back to not suffering and return to happiness.
      Self inquiry is the way to end all suffering and to experience peace, even in a world of apparent chaos. Above all else, self inquiry is about realizing that all the answers you will ever need
      are inside of you and are always available to you if you are willing to give up your story.
      in Love and Light ItisMe

  • Hey Melody,
    I love this, awesome, everybody gotta get-out there feelings. Even though they are some nasty one`s. But , this is how we humans receive data and then move on or grow on. Am
    I aloud to say Happy Valentine`s to all of you !

  • Wow I could really feel your energy in this video!

    How can one get over envy/jealousy? I still feel jealousy when I see others with what I want. I feel reminded that I don’t have it and that they do…it stings. When I see people living the life I dream of, I think of how far away I am and how I’ll never get there. I’m not doing enough towards them and have too many blocks. Is it a bad idea to give up on ever getting what I want? When I resign, I no longer worry about it and peacefully accept that I’m not there and never will be. It feels like relief, even though we’re supposed to line up with what we want and know that we’ll get those things. There’s so many messages about never giving up…but giving up the dream, accepting it will never happen and settling for something else instead feels like relief. It feels a lot better to visualise something I believe will happen than something I don’t truly believe ever will.

    • To me it sounds like you have a lot of resistance and putting to much pressure on yourself.Maybe you should, temporarly let go of everything and just focus on the things that make you feel good right now. There is always time don’t be afraid youll run out. (Excuse my spelling am dutch)

    • Resistance is a Blessing A common misunderstanding about resistance is that it is a phenomenon that gets in the way, something to avoid, something to prevent, etc. The belief that resistance is a bad thing is caused by the fact that the emotion is interpreted as negative and the energy is mostly directed against the change (at least: that is what we think!). Most of us will try to avoid those emotions that get in the way. Unfortunately, whilst we are putting all our efforts in avoiding and fighting resistance, we don’t realize that we are hypnotized by our own panic and fear. The first distinction we need to make is the difference between the intention we have inside of us and the behavior that we demonstrate on the outside. They can be in sync or out of sync. Resistance pops it’s head when the intention you have inside of you is out of sync with your behavior that you demonstrate on the outside…thus the collective energy force trying to flow smoothly through you…. cannot flow and energy builds up….which ironically, once understood can be used by you as a source from which you can consciously come to understand as an energy supply being made available to you..to tap into and swipe clean of the old labels, and see it for one of the CREATIVE Forces of Nature that it truly is, Let’s face it: resistance is e-motion and e-motion contains the energy you need in order to move from the current state to the future state. In organizational change you NEED resistance. The point is that you should not avoid the resistance or prevent this energy from being built up…….. Your challenge will be to channel and redirect the emotional energy in such a way that it helps you achieve the goals of your project. Nothing can ever be changed without the proper amount of energy. So resistance is not the problem but the means to achieve your goals. just offering up a different overall perspective

  • Welcome back Melody!

    Lovely video! It happens to be freezing on the east coast at the moment.

    Interesting you used that phrase, shit or get off the pot. I have heard it before and have argued that, in order to do so, it needs to be ready to come out, this cannot be forced. I think this phrase is misused so much, but I see in what context you are using it. When it comes to this bodily function, you want to go along with the proper functioning of your body, and not force it, because it just won’t happen, and you don’t have to be constipated either, nor do you want to take anything for it, unless you want to. Respecting the body is more important, in this case, for it to take place and a relaxed state is needed, as for all things. you do not want to strain either. That is the problem I have with this misused phrase. Taking a leap sounds much better, at least to me, no one has to agree here and that is perfectly fine. I just think we need to respect our bodies more from all we put them through, which is like abuse in a way, something I was thinking of while listening. We do not want to do that. I know we are resilient, but I think the more respect, the better! 🙂

  • Hi Melody ,
    Interesting you bought up the subject of ayahuasca and Peru. I returned from a 12 day Peruvian ayahuasca retreat at the end of January and found it cleansing, insightful, connective and metaphysically transformative….. Speaking of ascension!!
    Not only have I connected with the mother herself but also with beings of very high vibration who make their presence and insight felt on a daily basis. It would be wonderful to connect with people who have begun the ascension process, connected with the jungle mother and her plant spirits. There is so much ‘sharing’ of her message to do. I’d love to share with you Xx

  • I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but I find the various “this “shit or get off the pot” sounds kinda like a cult” posts here sort of funny. A couple of things I wanted to offer:

    *Abraham Hicks has recently started to say that you are “dragged to what you want through the maze of your beliefs”. I really like this, once I started to engage with it. To me it means, say your issue is that you have, I don’t know, a skin condition, and your belief is that only a doctor can cure that, and they can only cure it using leading-edge science. So then maybe, as you release resistance, eventually you manifest a dermatologist who is doing leading-edge work healing skin conditions with lasers. And you think “Yes, this is the solution to this problem for everyone”. As opposed to, maybe if you had much softer, more general beliefs about your skin condition, you could have healed it/released the condition by, uh, rubbing butter on it? I’ve just been thinking about this a lot and it has made me feel less keen to pick up any new rigid beliefs. Ive had a couple of experiences in my life recently of being pulled to something “through the maze of my beliefs” that have made me think, wow, maybe I don’t want to cling to super-rigid beliefs about what reality is or is about. (I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone. It’s okay if it doesn’t.)

    *Another thing is that I think many of us come to law of attraction stuff because we want the proverbial Lexus Melody mentions in her video. Over time I am guessing some of us figure out how to manifest the Lexus and that’s enough. We just want the stuff, and we figure out how to get it, and that’s all we are looking for in this lifetime. But maybe some of us came to this place because we wanted to figure out reality creation in a deep, complex, 360-degree way. We came because we wanted to play the game of remembering that this is a game. So we don’t “manifest the Lexus”. Instead we eventually figure out that there “is no Lexus”. You can have the Lexus if you want! Nobody is keeping you from the Lexus (which is often how it sounded to me when I started to dig deeper, like I was not allowed to have my dream car) but you and your maze of beliefs. And maybe for some of us it means that we’ve created a maze of beliefs where we don’t really “manifest the Lexus” but instead we manifest going so far down the rabbit hole that eventually we realize – oh, there’s literally no difference between “the Lexus” and “the parking space” or “the Lexus” and “my next breath”.

    I remember when I first started to have this idea, that maybe I didn’t actually want “the Lexus” – I mean, I would have told you that I absolutely DID want the Lexus, but that what I really, truly wanted was to understand how the Lexus moves from being a thought to being something in the driveway – that I felt pretty threatened and upset by it, like that somehow meant that I was not allowed, by some external force, to have what I wanted in even an abstract way. Over time that really shifted for me. Now I feel like, yes, I do like the Lexus, it’s great. But what I want is to feel unrockable. I want to feel powerful and in total control. I don’t want to feel that in a fake affirming something I don’t believe way (hello, ask me about being that person, haha) – I want to really believe it, KNOW it. I catch glimpses of it sometimes but am still working my way toward it. Sometimes I feel okay about still being on the path, sometimes I really strongly resist still being on the path. Sometimes, when I catch a glimpse of something really high-vibing while I meditate, I actually feel great about still being on the path, because I can get a whiff of the inevitability of getting what I want. (Then I get grumpy and I can barely remember having that feeling!)

    Life is so funny, isn’t it? What a trip!

    • Wow Cordy! What a post. I can completly relate to this…feels like my own thoughts. This is exactly what’s going on with me too. Thank you for this write up.
      *I havent yet seen the video.. waiting for trascript.

    • Hi Cordy,

      I just wanted to say that the reason you wanted the Lexus in the first place (in the same way that many others want one) was because you ‘believed’ it would help to make you feel good/powerful/happy etc. and it probably would have, for a while. If you continue to challenge your beliefs and release your resistance (as you are doing), you will move towards feeling good/powerful/happy etc. more and more often, whether you have the car, house, perfect job etc. or not. Hope this helps :-).

      From someone who (in Miranda’s words which made me laugh) is in the ‘real world’ and not a super enlightened yogi breatharian whose life revolves around chakra cleansing and reading auras :-))))).

      • Although one can also be enlightened, a yogi, a breatharian, a chakra cleanser, an aura reader etc. too. They all have their own important place in this world 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    Have read your book and about 80% of your blog in about one week 😀

    I am all in! For focussing on the How not the What. And am curious and extited to receive. Been keeping a journal and also writing down every change in my emotions, dreams but also thoughts and insights. Thank you! Good luck with moving! Take it easy xxx

  • Hey Melody,
    Welcome back ! Love your post ever-so- much . Hey we are not that far-a-way NOW.
    We are in the same energy field NOW ! Wow.
    Being able to see a bigger picture of our own energy or of our *WHOLE* is worth more
    that thing anyone can deliberately receive.

    Open the porthole to your heart. This may be needing to see from out-side of the box !

  • It seems so simple, but I strongly resonated with you saying that if doubts start to creep up, shout back at the doubts, “What is this DOES work out for me? What if I DO get what I want?”. Since birth, we’re trained into weighing the pros and cons and always focusing on what could go wrong so we can be prepared. It feels so good to make that shift and start focusing on what could go right, and even what could go even better than we imagined.

  • It looks like you had a great time making this video, but to be honest, I’m feeling what some others expressed about being uneasy with the “shit or get off the pot statement.” I’ve learned a lot from your blog and videos, but when you say that we have to go “all in” and talk about “ascension”, I’m not sure what to think. Maybe it’s just resistance, but I think we need to question and be skeptical and not always agree with everything anyone says, even if they have a very high vibration or seem like they are very fulfilled.

    I will admit that I began to feel a little uneasy when you announced your move from Barcelona to Idaho. Not to cause offense, but I don’t think it’s crazy to feel a little suspicious with Western America’s history of secret religious and spiritual groups.

    I hope my comment doesn’t sound like an attack. I lost two family members in who gave their lives to cults and eventually died following them. I don’t want to fall into the same pattern they did. For some reason though, I see an increasing number of spiritual teachers I love using more of the same tactics that were used to recruit my cousins. I do not mean to call you or others cult leaders, I just hope your readers don’t completely lose touch with here and now reality to manifest their desires. What you’ve written about following your passion, putting yourself first and relationships has helped me tremendously. I’m just not so sure about jumping in all the way.

    • I was also wondering about a phrase I’ve read in several of your posts. What do you mean when you say we’ll be dragged kicking and screaming to our desires? That if we don’t fully believe, the path to manifestation will feel terrible but we’ll get there anyway? There are many people who go their entire lives without ever getting what they want (physical or emotional manifestations). How does this apply in those cases? If you predominantly don’t believe you can have what you want, but feel good and have a high vibration most of the time, you will get what you want but it will be a painful process? Or is there another meaning?

      • Hey Miranda,

        I left a reply to AnonymouslyAnonymous above which will hopefully clarify things about the words I used. I’m not asking anyone to believe anything blindly (quite the opposite, in fact), and I NEVER ask anyone to just believe what I say. Does it resonate? Then it’s for you. If it doesn’t, then it’s not. And only YOU can determine if it resonates or not. In fact, that’s at the heart of what I teach: YOU are your own best guru. Don’t ever give that power to someone else (which is what religions and cults ask you to do…).

        I saw a documentary about Scientology recently, and I was shocked to see that in the beginning stages, they teach some of the things I do (and many others, as well). They are actually helping people have shifts… for a while. And then they (allegedly) use that momentum and turn it into a completely different direction. They use it to control and diminish. So yeah, I’m aware of how this kind of thing can be used, and I do my best to counter that as much as possible. For me, it’s all about empowering people, so they are never in danger of being sucked into that kind of situation.

        Regarding the growth through pain – it’s unfortunate, but it’s how most of humanity still chooses to grow (it’s not a conscious choice). It’s the default growth mechanism, so that if you don’t see all the signs (and there are many), letting you know that you’re moving away from what you want, you will eventually have to notice – because it will hurt. So, I do my best to let people know that it doesn’t have to be like that. You can make that choice even if there’s no pain or discomfort. You can just choose it and see what happens. Maybe just as an experiment, at first.

        Also, if you have a high vibe, you will be led more and more into the belief that you can have what you want. You go from pessimism to hope and optimism. That belief will be built, but not because someone tells you to do that. It will simply be the better feeling perspective that comes along with, well, the better feeling emotion. An intellectual understanding can really help smooth out the ride, but there are also many people who find their way without that. For those people, what I teach wouldn’t resonate. It would, at best, be kind of boring to them. So again, it’s about discerning if this is helpful to you, or not. And if it is, still evaluate everything I say with fresh eyes.

        I hope this helped to clear up a couple of things.

        Sending you huge hugs,


        • Hey Melody,
          It made me so happy to see your reply, thank you! I wasn’t sure if you would be too busy to respond, so that you did means a lot. I still feel triggered by spiritual things and took a break from all spirituality for a few years because I feared getting sucked in. Like you said though, I feel it does come down to following our intuition, but I still have trouble trusting it for fear of being led astray. I have a strong desire for a better life, but I feel very skeptical and question everything now. Sometimes I feel an intellectual understanding helps, sometimes it can get in the way.
          What I really like about your work is that it is accessible to those of us who still live in the “real world” and are not super enlightened yogi breatharians whose lives revolve around chakra cleansing and reading auras. I’ve found many answers on this blog, things that helped me in numerous areas of my life (putting myself first, grieving, breakup, beginning a new career, and more.) I’m not sure if I will ever be a super manifestor and get ALL the things I want, but it does give me hope to read that others have and that it doesn’t have to be so hard. I think many of us still believe that life is hard and only a few people end up getting the really good stuff. I fear getting my hopes up and then facing disappointment, but I do like to think my faith that life can be better and full of dreams come true is growing.
          Best wishes to you!

  • YES! Love it and I could not agree with you more! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what else you’ll share regarding this theme! Looooooooooooooots of love to you for bringing this out into the open!

  • Welcome back Melody! I realised that you must be busy doing something in the background, as the last two or three posts have felt like you were ‘elsewhere’ somehow. They were perfectly OK, but they didn’t radiate that Melody Fletcher energy (for me anyway) Well, you just made up for it 😉 You’re back OK, all guns blazing. . .
    I’ve been absorbing your book and all the archive blog posts with their fascinating comments and exchanges, for the last three or four months. Making scribbled notes, seeing what resonates with me etc etc. It’s a fascinating journey.
    Like Anon above, I am not quite sure where your shit/pot ultimatum is going, but I’m happy to find out. I don’t see you as a professional guru/egomaniac cult leader who wants us to prepare for the big ‘rapture’, or give you all our money and become brainwashed happy zombies, or any of that stuff. I get a strong sense of your sincerity. Just as I don’t actually want a Lexus, I feel that you don’t want an army of brainless acolytes. I trust your motivation. Rightly or wrongly 😉
    What resonates for me in your vid, ( nice outside setting and very natural vibe btw ) is that I need to gather my notes, come to some conclusions and start doing the ‘work’. Getting the mind out of the way and become attuned to my feelings. Allowing. . .
    As I said before, Welcome back! x

    • Thanks so much Jon! And way to pick up on the energy of me being away… 🙂

      I left a response to Anon above, which will hopefully clarify things a bit. But it also sounds like you understood it perfectly.

      Huge hugs!


  • Hey there Melody,
    This video was quite abstract, and I have a question. Please do not take this the wrong way. I will also reiterate that again later.
    You basically stated that it is now time to either take a crap or get off the pot. I am not going to lie, this kind of reminded me of something a cult leader would say. I am absolutely not trying to state or imply that you are a cult leader. Let me reiterate that, I am not trying to make the assumption that you are attempting to create a cult, I am just trying to figure out what you mean.
    I have recently decided to embrace my skepticism. I am not comfortable getting rid of it, so I have chosen to embrace uncertainty and skepticism rather than release it. I know that whether the Law of Attraction is real or not, this is the method I am going to use. It is the only one that works. So I guess I am asking, what do you mean by your statement? I interpreted it as we have to either go all in or get away from this stuff, and I was kind of, disturbed I guess. You can probably say that this is just some resistance within me, and that makes sense according to your theory, but in my mind and my heart I am not willing to actually release this “resistance.” Reminds me too much of a cult. Did I say I am not saying you are making a cult, I am just reminded of one and I can’t go farther as long as I have that fear?
    Can you please clarify?

    • It means freaking step up! Go for what YOU want. Focus on what YOU want.

      She’s not creating a cult. When I think of a cult, I think of like an angry mob or a crazy army. She’s telling you to wake up and do what YOU WANT.

      You think your resistance is your skepticism. It sounds like your actual resistance is that you think you have to release your skepticism. You don’t have to. Do what you freaking want. Don’t do what you freaking don’t want. That’s all! If you don’t want to release your skepticism, and you like someone else’s message better, then that’s fine! Listen to your fear, and see what it’s telling you and work through that. If your fear isn’t serving you, then you can release it. You’re not going to release anything until you acknowledge that all the emotions you’re feeling are valid.

        • Oh dear. Thank you for the responses. I am very appreciative of the fact that people are willing to respond to me as I seek the truth, once and for all. Because that is all I am trying to do. As a “critical thinker” I naturally have to look at all sides of things intellectually and with thought before any part of me is willing to really believe. I am glad that I am not being told I need to release said skepticism. I have learned that will never work for me.
          Actually it’s interesting that Kaia mentioned it. A cult isn’t necessarily an angry mob or crazy army, well not in my definition. It could be something which has caused issues to many and created lots of controversy such as Scientology.
          Warning, contrast alert. I thought I would mention that the things I linked to are not quite “happy shiny puppy.” But I linked anyway to still make my point, in the name of truth seeking.
          I guess I just feel sometimes like using these techniques are using the same thought stopping and milieu control (and probably others) that other, controversial thingeys, have been known to use. Thought stopping in the form of taking control of the mind. Milieu control in the form of surrounding yourself with positivity. Oh and a lovely side of confirmation bias.
          Again, no accusation, just mentioning the red flags that come up. And seeking the truly true truth.
          Hugs to all, and positive energy of course.

    • Hey AA,

      It sounds to me like you’re already doing what I talked about in this video. It’s not about blindly believing something you don’t. It’s about owning your skepticism (or doubts), and CHOOSING to focus on what makes you feel better anyway, to the best of your ability.

      You SHOULD question everything. This allows you to be open to different perspectives, which just accepting some point of view without dissecting it, doesn’t.

      So, I think your fear (the whole cult thing) is just that you’re wondering if you’re supposed to just believe, blindly. And your reluctance to do so isn’t the issue. Don’t believe blindly. Question. Dissect. Feel your own way through it. And then choose the perspective that feels best to YOU.

      And the whole “shit or get off the pot” statement was simply a challenge to no longer live in complacency, to no longer put up with what you don’t want, to go ahead and choose what you DO want. But it’s a very personal thing. And again, it sounds like you’re already doing just that. 🙂

      I hope that clarifies things a bit.

      Huge hugs,


      • Hello Melody:
        Thank you for your response. I am really grateful that you were willing to clarify things. I will just keep up what I am doing. I will keep looking at both sides and trying to feel my way through this.
        Hopefully you are right and now is the time to wake up.
        Hugs right back at you,

  • Hey Melody,

    Nice video.
    I really liked “What if it works.What if I get what all I want!!”
    Words like this sets us in such a positive mode.
    Its like soothing the vibrations positively gradually.
    When we say words like this “What if i get what i want” our vibrations start to tip in the positive end of the scale…
    Thanks for sharing

  • Okay my heart is racing right now! What awesome energy from this!
    I’ve been going through major ups and downs lately and I just KNEW something was up, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I just allowed and let go as much as possible. I have been seeing synchronocities left and right, things have been falling into place at just the right time. This is going to be a very interesting and exciting year. I’m ready NOW!!! 😀

  • OH. MY. GOODNESS. After watching this video I cannot wait for my coaching call next week. So much energy, I love it!!

    Gorgeous backdrop and am loving the windswept look.

    Ahhhhh this is gonna be so much fun!

  • Oooh bring it on…I’m so ready…so much so that I’ve been feeling a lot of frustration lately, cause I feel ready for a shift to happen. So the other day, I’m feeling this frustration and the thought is going through my head “so when already!!” And I turn on my car radio and the first lyrics I hear are “just a little more time is all we’re asking for, cause a little more time, could open doors”. I just smiled and said thank you to the universe. But…I’m still so ready! 🙂

  • I AM TOTALLY IN! :-). This is without a doubt the next step, and I’m SO chuffed you are going to concentrate purely on this, and ramp it up. Megan’s realisation was spot on. How exciting that the time is now, and more so that we are all part of helping to make it happen, in whatever capacity we are currently…….otherwise, well we wouldn’t have subscribed to Melody’s list in the first place now would we? :-). Melody, I’m sure you already feel very proud of yourself to have earnt the brownie points to have been given this vocation 😉 but I’m going to say, WELL DONE, anyway :-).

  • Melody you’re amazing. I could feel my vibration rising as I watched you. So many things I needed to hear and at the perfect time. Thank you so much. Your work is bringing joy to so many people

  • Awesome Melody! And I love the backdrop, how beautiful:):) This spoke to me for sure, ten years ago was the preparation, now is the time! Thank you and happy house shopping.

  • love love love this Melody! I so resonate with this and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us. Intuitively I know I am moving in this direction. It’s been bringing up a lot of stuff but I can feel my belief in the possibilities starting to outweigh the fears. Exciting stuff! You da bomb! 😀

  • Hi Melody,
    This thought came to me today on my morning walk. Seeing your video later on in the day, was confirmation of the insights that I’m receiving on this incredible journey. Thank You!

  • Yes! You are amazing. (I also love the clouds of – fog? Dust? that pass by you at one point. Soooo dramatic.)

    Two things came to me while watching.

    1) Are you going to do some kind of program where we can subscribe and work on choosing to believe in a structured way? I find your work and book so helpful and then my brain starts driving again and I feel like I fall off the good vibes wagon a bit. (it’s getting better, but thinking is still a trap.)

    2) Today I realized that I often choose to focus on something I don’t like because it’s more exciting/interesting than focusing on, you know, a video of a cat in a box. It’s like you’ve said elsewhere, I think, that when you stop pushing the tank, you don’t know what to do with yourself at first. I notice a habit of boomeranging back into negative thoughts because the neutral-positive focus feels less energetic than the negative focus. You know what I mean? Is this “the void”? Is my work to do anything about that – try to find more cat videos, for instance – or just to be present with my own boredom?

    • Hey Cordy,

      1.) Yes, I’m in the process of putting just such a program together. I just have to buy furniture and dishes first and move into my new place, lol. Stay tuned!

      2.) It’s a bit of the void, yes. But I’d also maybe start focusing on things that excite you a lot more than a cat video. They can be a fun distraction, but maybe thing BIGGER. What makes your heart sing? What makes you dance around the room? This will get more momentum going no the positive side, which will help to stop the boomerang effect.



      • Wow, you are amazing part 2. You know, I don’t know if I know what makes my heart sing, I’m so used to being on the other side of the equation. (I know you’ve written about this before, but I’m only now realizing that that’s where I am.) I guess I’ll have to open myself up to finding some things that really ring my bells?

        Thank you!

        PS, CANNOT WAIT for the program. Really, so excited. Your work is so helpful to me, I really look forward to this. Whoo hoo!

  • Loved the mountains…what a beautiful place to film the video..happy moving..u always seem to find the coolest places to live..hugs ????

  • Hi Melody,
    That was exactly what I have been feeling lately. The last few day I feel like everything has clicked into place within me. I just want to share what I wrote in my journal a few days ago.

    Dear Universe, I do not ask for anything because you provide me with everything I want the second that a desire is born. Now I simply allow. I move through this time and space, from moment to moment, from experience to experience reveling in all that I see. I love the contrast as it gives me the opportunity to desire new things and then I can rest in the allowing of what I desire with comfort and joy of this beautiful world I have created for myself.
    I say yes to life, yes to the contrast, yes to the joy and yes to the journey. I chose to live with love in my heart and joy in all life has to offer. This world is mine and right here and right now I create it. In this moment with this thought, with this emotion.
    I choose love, I choose joy, I choose abundance. All that I am radiates from me right here, right now, in this second. This is all I have. This is all I can “control”. Now! Now! Now! This is all we ever have. I can see the beauty within me reflected in everything around me.
    – the Universe answered me back with – What if I told you that the beauty you see in the world around you, you can only see because it was in you first. That beauty is a reflection of you. Focus on the beauty of the world, on the beauty within yourself and it will grow and that will be all you see.

    Thank you Melody, so much, for all the time and effort you give to everyone here. It is very much appreciated.

    • This is beautiful, I just got chills from reading this because it so perfectly fits with what’s going on in my life currently. In this crazy world it’s good to see people like you exist, it means there is still hope…. I randomly clicked on a link to this website from a video I was watching on YouTube., I instantly saw your comment and felt inclined to read it for some reason. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!
      Namaste, Megan. Good luck on your journey through this life, may all of your hopes and dreams come true 🙂

  • Hi Melody,
    I loved this video and the outdoor setting! Idaho looks beautiful, and you are so radiant with joy.

    I need to work on telling myself that I will get everything I want! I still have trouble trusting, but I notice it’s now easier than it once was. Does stepping up mean forcing ourselves to take action towards what we want, or just focusing on what we want and then seeing what were inspired to do?

    It’s good to know that the global energy is really speeding up and shifting!

  • Thank you for the inspiring, exciting message…
    I hope you have (in the works) a desire to bring a live event of shiny, happy puppies to the West Coast…perhaps Seattle:)

  • I can’t freakin wait! Ive looked forward for this to actually START for most of my life ( and I’m a more mature happy shiny puppy ) I started this jouney when I was 17 . Taken a few detours bit always came back to the path. I think many who have been getting ready for this were probably getying a bit antsy…. It’s not always easy lliving in a world where many are still ” napping”. It’s likeypu want to go arpund to everyone saying ” Wake up! Wake up! The party is about yo start! Put your dancin’ shoes on!
    So THANKYOU for bring a voice giving us some grounding and occasional nudges when WE sometimes start to drift off in a nap!
    Much love and hugs!

  • I watched the video and tried to read your lips, hahaha. I caught some words. IT’S FREAKING AWESOME! TIME IS NOW! NOW! NOW NOW NOW!

    Watching your hair fly in your face was a little distracting as well as was reading your lips because it’s showing off it’s glittery, bahahahha. Can you notify me when the transcript is up so I can actually keep up?

    Love that you’re in my experience because it shows me that I am capable of manifesting a beautiful woman who totalllllllllllly knows her own shit, weeeeee!!!!!!!! Somewhat in the same frequency as you! Proof enough to know that I’M POWERFUL, YO!


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