In last week’s video (ok, two weeks ago… I got a bit behind, what with moving and setting up my whole new life. But we’re all good now. Yay!), I introduced the idea that we’re now in the ascension process and challenged you to “shit or get off the pot”, amongst other things. In this week’s video, I wanted to clarify some of the phrases I used, answer some of the most frequently asked questions I received from the last video (including if the LOA is a cult), and offer a deeper explanation of the concepts I introduced. Let’s go further down the rabbit hole, my puppies! And, know that this is just the beginning… Yay!



In today’s video I’d like to answer some of the questions that came up from last week’s video, where I talked about “Stepping Up”, and where I challenged you to engage with this energy that is rolling so fast now and that’s really coming up in 2016.  I’d also like to answer the questions I got around the phrase I used “It’s time to shit or get off the pot.”  It seems to have confused a few people, along with some of the other statements that I made, so I’m hoping that today’s video is going to clarify a couple of things for you.

The real meaning behind the “shit or get off the pot” comment

This comment was not meant to make you think that it’s an ultimatum or a threat of some kind.  If you heard it that way, that means that some of your fears came up that have been perpetuated (possibly for many years), maybe by a religious belief, about ascension.  You might’ve heard it as: “Do this or something bad is going to happen.”  That is not how I meant it at all.  It was meant to be a positive challenge.  If you don’t jump on this train, so to speak, nothing bad is going to happen to you.  It just means you are not going to be living to your full potential, and you are not going to be realizing the true awesomeness of what is possible for you.  Not even close.

It was a positive challenge, a little bit like standing on the edge of a cliff and you’re ready to jump with a bungee cord, you’re hooked up, everything is ready, all the equipment is ready, and in that moment you step back from the cliff and decide not to jump.  Nothing bad is going to happen.  It just means that you’re not going to have the awesome experience of bungee jumping off that cliff.

Please don’t see this as a threat or a warning of any kind; I would never talk to you guys like that – don’t you know that by now?!  Honestly, it was a positive challenge and if you don’t like the phrase, “shit or get off the pot”, use another one.  I use it to emphasize that the time is now; I use it in a positive sense or an excited sense. For example, the rollercoaster is about to take off now! This is now; this is the time!

LOA is not a cult

The other question that I got from last week’s video (it was genuinely asked by several people in the comments section on this blog, You Tube comments section and the emails I received), was about stepping into this belief fully.  Some people heard that the wrong way and thought it sounded a little bit “Cult-ey”.  They asked me if I was asking them to be in a Cult.  They did say they knew that this wasn’t something that I’d do, but it was a fear that came up for some people. They wanted me to talk about that, so I’m very happy to address that.

I am fully aware that there are people out there who are using this type of information and what I teach, at least in the beginning stages, to help people have shifts and then, because they have benefited them so much, they then rope these people into a kind of dependent relationship.  I’m being very careful here on how I word this, because I’m not here to disparage anybody, but that does happen and I’m fully aware of that.  What that entails is that people will ask you to believe blindly in some kind of belief system and it doesn’t matter what that belief is.  I do the exact opposite of that! I will never ask you to believe blindly, nor will I ask you to follow me, or anybody else, or believe in anybody in that way, because that means you are giving your power away.  Again, this is the opposite of what I teach.  My teaching is to take back your power and be “Empowered.”

Question everything!

You don’t have to get rid of your doubts; own your doubts! This isn’t about blindly letting go of your doubts or washing over them and being in denial.  This is about owning your doubts and choosing the better feeling thought consciously – choose the better feeling perspective consciously and deliberately.  It’s about creating more awareness in your life, not less.  This will make you completely unsusceptible to those kinds of entities that want to rope you in to some kind of cultish behavior or where they ask you to blindly believe something.  Don’t blindly believe anything, not from any source.

In fact that is what this work is really all about; it’s what is at the core of this work.  It’s for you to understand that nothing should ever supersede your own guidance system.  No guru, no expert and no authority.  Always, always, always filter everything through your own guidance system, pay attention to it and trust it.  That means if somebody says something that resonances with you, great!  If the next thing out of their mouth doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine too. Disregard it even if it’s me, or somebody else that you have trusted for a long time.  It doesn’t matter, because this is your power and it’s for you, in every moment, to evaluate whatever comes into your reality and to see if this is something that resonates with you or if it’s something that doesn’t resonate with you.  The only person who can be the judge of that for you – is you.

Nobody else can tell you what will resonate with you; that is your responsibility. That is what I teach, and that is what is at the core of all of this teaching – it always comes back down to you.  It is your responsibility, but it’s also your power and it’s an enormous amount of power.  When you start to really take that responsibility, when you really start to choose deliberately and consciously what you subject yourself to, what you let into your reality and what perspective you want to adopt – you can change anything in your life!  You can change anything in your reality and I really do mean anything.  It’s to infinity – that is where the possibilities lay.

Choosing the better feeling perspective

This is not small stuff and that is what I’m asking you to step up into.  Again I’m not asking you to believe blindly, but if you are wondering how this level of belief is built – it’s built by making that choice over and over and over again.  Choose the better feeling perspective.  Because guess what?  The better feeling perspective is always going to be the more empowering perspective.  I have yet to become aware of a human who does not feel better when they become more empowered.  When you are automatically, habitually, and consistently choosing the better feeling perspective that raises your vibration, it allows you to step into this belief more and more and it gives you access to that belief more and more.

This not about forcing yourself to believe something that you don’t already believe.  Work with where you are; work with your belief systems where they are.  It’s about you choosing the perspective that you want to choose!  Not the perspective that I say is better or that somebody else says is better; it’s all about what you want and what feels better to you.

Bottom Line

I hope I’ve clarified this question and the fear that it brings up or the fear that it springs from.  Maybe it’s a fear that you might be enslaved by this, or that you might be duped by something or that you might have one pulled over on you without awareness.  This is the exact opposite of that.  It’s about building awareness and about you choosing what you want and not letting anybody tell you what that is.  It’s about not letting anybody tell you what feels better for you.

Today’s Q&A has come from the questions you guys sent me and as always, if you have a comment that you’d like to share, or you have a question you’d like to ask, please do so below.

Until next time, Bye!

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  • Hello everyone. This video is so perfect that I’m inspired to comment. As Melody said, we all have to find what resonates with each of us individually. We’re all one, but in this earth bound experience we all wear different decorations and have our own unique experiences along our path. It’s good to listen to all the information we can find and put it through our filters. I suggest that if something doesn’t click right away, put it on the back burner and continue. You simply might not be open to that information at the moment. I’m going to share, for what its worth. If it resonates, hold it If not, discard.
    I record certain Oprah shows for viewing on rainy mornings. I’ve seen the endless reruns many times over, and was going through deleting them. I stopped at one because I couldn’t remember it, although I remembered it meant nothing to me. I watched it and one word hit me like a ton of bricks. I hadn’t recognized it before, and now it made all the difference. I simply wasn’t ready to hear it the first 7 times or so.
    Something else that has helped me immensely is asking for clarity. As soon as the request is made, the answer is there. The “problem” is recognizing it. The universe will keep answering, keep answering, keep answering, until I finally stop long enough to absorb it. That has become such an incredibly fun game, and everything now is moving so fast I can barely keep up. Its so delicious as AH likes to say, that I even gave up asking to win the lottery, because the path to receiving everything I want is so much more exciting. Ihope this helps someone.

    • It was a lovely read. I can feel your pure joy and energy and it really lifted my own spirits. Thanks Judy (w – that’s my symbol of a shiny happy puppy – come to think of it, we should all sign off with that to say we belong to this Shiny Happy Puppy “cult” hahahaha sorry had to play on the obvious)

      Miss Melody, we hope your new home brings you so much bliss xx

  • Well i totally got it, and i don’t thought of it as a threat or cult… lol. You tried to awaken us, but to those who are not ready lts to fearfull? hope you are all installed in your new home!!

  • I think LOA is almost the opposite to a cult.

    it’s all about looking at yourself as an individual and how you create your own world.

    a cult is more about giving your power in life and worshipping something higher than yourself.

  • Thanks for your ever helpful posts /videos . I also think Jasmine has asked some wonderful down-the-rabbit-hole questions, and we would really appreciate to hear/read your opinion on them please

  • I am not sure Melody what “better feeling perspective” means???? Does this mean that you have to tell your self when something happened to you it is good even though deep down you know it wasn’t?? I think I need clarification, thanks! The video was great.

    • Maybe someone can answer this better than me, but since no-one has yet, I’ll give it a try.

      It’s all about choosing a better-feeling thought that feels TRUE to you, even if it’s just a little better-feeling. So, if I’m out and about and it starts raining, I can choose to mope about it and be pissed off at the rain for ruining my day, or I can take time to appreciate the fact that I brought an umbrella with me in my bag. I’m not trying to convince myself that I like the rain, but I’m focusing on the thing in that situation that actually feels positive to me. Or maybe, I can allow myself to make a 15-minute stop in a cafe, and focus on how much better a cup of hot tea tastes when it’s cold and miserable outside. The thing is, once you start focusing on the good in the situation (even if it’s a tiny thing), you start flowing the vibration of appreciation, and more things will come into your life to appreciate. But it’s VERY important to only focus on what feels true to you, otherwise it doesn’t work.

      It takes some practice to get the hang of it. I recommend the Focus Wheel process by Abraham Hicks:

    • Search for Abraham Hicks on YouTube…i discovered him just a couple of weeks ago because of melody, and it totally shifted my perspective in a positive way

  • Hey Melody,

    Lovely post, as well as a lovely key you are wearing.
    Just want to say you are awesome at what you do !
    I am inspired by your energy ! Still reading and learning
    your guidance in your new book.Looking forwards to
    learning more and more !


  • OMG! Seriously, Melody, your sense of humour just keeps getting better – ABSOLUTELY ADORE your LOL cats pictures :))))))))
    Thank you for everything you’re being and doing!!!!!!

  • I have to say that when I saw the topic of the post, I was all “yyeeeeaaah!!” It’s so wonderful that you addressed the fear that came up on so many occasions right away, and cleared the misunderstanding, elaborating your point of view. You, ma’am, are a star in public relations! Also I wanted to say that what caught my eye in the comment section of last time’s blog post was someone mentioning that you have seemed to be away… I had felt this way too. So welcome back Melody, I, for one, have missed you and your gentle guidance. Now I feel that your words are where your energy is, so to speak.

    I have certainly felt the effects of “shitting or getting off the pot” after finally walking away from a life with an alcoholic husband one month ago. It was mostly thanks to your book and all the clarity about emotions and handling them I’ve learned from you that finally made me choose my life over his life, and thanks to you I was also able to prepare myself energetically before making the concretic move. My intuition speaks so loudly now that I’ve never felt anything like it before. I know that no matter what happens, I am always safe and guided. It’s thanks to people like you who teach us to listen to ourselves, because all the answers always lie within. I just needed someone to teach me to ask the right questions.

  • Great post!!!
    I have another question though…. in your coaching work do you notice differences in how to communicate/coach/shift energies in people depending on their gender? Or perhaps depeding on the individuals energy as in, more masculine energy or more feminine energy?


    • This is a great question Nadia! I’ve never had coaching with Melody, but have always wondered the same thing! And not only for gender, but also age, culture, and social group.

  • I agree with you 100% !!!!thank you for the beautiful encouragement you have been giving us and the urge to find our own way to manifest what we really want and are!!!!

  • Great clarification Melody. Good to get these things clearly stated and dealt with. You do seem to be unique in that your writings and ‘teachings’ are very much about who you are, but not in a self aggrandising way. It comes across as ‘genuine’, to use an unsatisfactorily slippery concept. This is what bugs me personally, rightly or wrongly, about the Hicks and their presentation I’m afraid. But you are right, it’s whether what is said resonates with you rather than who is saying it or how. Take the good bits and leave the rest.
    Sorry to nag you in the comments on the last post 😉 I need my deliberate receiving fix every week. . .;-)

  • Hi Melody,

    I actually really liked that phrase you used! It really highlights how now is the time to line up with who we really are and all that we want.

    After reading some of your old posts about death, a few questions came to mind.
    If a person is very resistant to what they want (i.e. very conditional about it and insisting on specific manifestations), can they somehow make their death come sooner so they can then get everything they want?
    How would someone know that death is the path of least resistance to their desires?
    Are there certain desires for which death is usually the path of least resistance?
    Let’s say someone really desires something that they and much of society would not accept as possible (i.e. being physically younger again, being born as a different gender, becoming a world champion pro sports star when they’re older than the acceptable age) and they were not willing to accept alternatives that would match the vibrational essence.
    Could it be that death would be the easiest path to what they want?
    My gut is telling me yes, but I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

    One of my closest friends who was like my sister died at an age most would consider too young (she committed suicide). I don’t want to sound like I’m making too many assumptions, but I do know that she had big, big desires and massive resistance to them.
    Looking back, months before she died, I wonder if she had given up on life and resigned to living with unfulfilled dreams. Of course I don’t really have any idea about the truth of her vibration, but I have a feeling that there is a connection. No one saw her death coming, it was a massive shock.

    She tells me now that she is happy and experiencing everything she ever dreamt of, not to feel sorry for or miss her, and that we’ll meet again.
    It’s really comforting to know that she found peace and is truly happy now. We still talk to each other regularly, and it always delights me when she visits as a bird or butterfly!
    While I grieved for a long time, I see her passing as a gift in a way. Her death helped me make peace of dying in general.
    Now I know that there is more to life than what we can perceive with our physical senses, and that life is eternal! I used to fear death so much, because the thought of just rotting in the ground and there being nothing after that felt horrible to me. How you explained it, that we are eternal and come in and out of the physical, feels so much better.

    • Cordy, Lisa, and S&S – I’m so glad to hear of your curiosity about this question too! I thought it may be a little too heavy for this high-vibe blog and was really hesitant about asking. Nearly deleted the draft, but something inside pushed me to post it. Funny how inspiration works. I’m crossing my fingers that Melody writes a response! I’m happy to have been the channel of this question for you!

    • I would like to present you with a Unique Perception…
      l would first like to attempt to establish a common ground of understanding.

      The Universe is Mental: The first aspect of the conscious creation process is also the first of the seven Hermetic Universal Laws. It tells us that the Universe is Mental.

      This means that all things in the physical realm have their origin in the invisible mental realm.

      May I add that since we were not able to “Consciously” be present in the body forms at “those particular times”, our Present Program of Beliefs, was being created unconsciously or as we now label it “Sub-Consciously” also known as the “Natural Selection Process”,

      so once we finally obtained a Body Form that could contain our present “High degree of Conscious Energy”. Within. We were unable at that time able to “Conceptualize” that we were/are High Energy Beings coming into a Pre-programmed Body Form. Thus… We just kept on labeling Energy and Experiences we encountered from the pre-programmed place upon which we found ourselves, in the midst of observing the life death processes going on in the world around us.,

      We continued experiencing and gathering information based on our observations of the world around us…

      We can look back and realize that our “life/death program” was installed during a time, our ability to regulate our inflow /out flow energy flow was not yet intact,,,,neither was the “degree of consciousness” that would enable us to do so. So to say that dying is the easy way out (easiest path] may be a misnomer, which if utilized you will only find yourself back in a “Body Form” right back at the place you left off at in the development of understanding. And since dying erases memory, you ‘ll be experiencing the same over and over and over again gaining nothing to evolve you past the phase you want to escape. A better route would be to utilize your mind and the Internet and Goggle at the same time you read Melody’s Book in order to come up with a better (More Upgraded) perception with which to use to view your surroundings with/through, in place of the Current one handed down to you, this is a Gift you have installed within you, waiting to be activated.

      NOTE: Hydrolysis is a reaction involving the breaking of a bond in a molecule using water
      P.S. Since drinking water is Hydrolysis, (breaks covalent bonds), it a great idea to Drink Water while doing the above, to help break the old bonds while creating new ones to replace them with.


  • Lol:-) “It’s time to shit or get off the pot.” loved it, I love the way you say it like it is no fluff no BS just straight to the point, if only more people could do this instead of thinking they have to say something a certain way for fear of hurting others feelings the World would be a much happier place.

  • Hey Melody
    Great post. I really resonated in particular with the idea of questioning everything. This was something I was thinking a lot about lately due to conversations I have had with people recently who were feeling very limited in their options and what is possible due to some deeply conditioned beliefs about ‘how things are’ etc…

    I didn’t get a chance to watch your video last week and I am definitely going to so I don’t know exactly what was being discussed, but one thing that came to mind for me was the ideas of ‘being one with the Universe’ ‘ ‘we are infinite beings who create our reality,etc..” can still seem a bit ‘off’ to people and I think there is a fear with some that this sort of belief system will make them ‘weird’. And I think that can be something that holds a lot of people back and can certainly bring up a lot of discomfort.

    I am looking forward to watching it…I am sure it is awesome and very inspiring. Hope you are settling into Idaho well.

    • Hi Kelli,
      The ‘being thought of as weird’ thing resonates. I think especially with my generation, who were around in the sixties as adults or children and have come across the more hopeless, drug addled tail end of ‘hippy’ culture. Jossticks, patchouli and half arsed mysticism 😉 It sort of morphed into a lot of dubious ‘new age’ stuff.
      ‘Storm’ by Tim Minchin kind of sums it up, if you know it.
      I think that’s why this blog resonates with me. It’s Hippy BS without the Hippy BS 😉

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