In the last two videos, I mentioned this concept of “ascension”. What but, exactly, does ascension mean? What are we “ascending” to? Who are we becoming? And, most importantly, how do we make the journey fun? I answer all of these questions and more in today’s video. Enjoy, my Happy Shiny Puppies!



In today’s video, I’d like to explain what I already alluded to and mentioned in the last two videos, which is the concept of ascension.

What is ascension exactly? I know I explained it a little bit in the video from two weeks ago, and today I’d like to do a full video on it, because it has brought up a lot of questions.

What do I mean by ascension?

When I talk about ascension, I’m not taking about it in the biblical sense, where some Angels come down and they rapture everybody, or that the sinners stay on Earth or burn in hellfire – or whatever!  I’m not talking about the believers going up to Heaven where they get to drink Sangria – or something like that! That’s not what I’m talking about!  I’m also not talking about a warning or a threat where if you don’t get on this train you’re going to get left behind, or you’re going to go somewhere bad, or miss out on the party.  That’s not what I’m talking about, either.

A lot of people are talking about “Reality Splitting” and if they don’t jump on this train they’re not going to be able to get back on it; not ever.  That doesn’t resonate with me and those are not the messages or the visions that I’ve been getting.  So let me tell you what I’m talking about and see if it resonates with you.

The type of ascension that I’m talking about is a massive shift in consciousness that humanity and the entire Planet are going through; a collective raising of our vibration – both collective and individual, which means everyone is going to get there eventually.  Not everyone is going to get there at the same time; everybody gets to go at their own pace.  Ultimately, nobody is going to get left behind.  Even if you don’t make it in this life time, if you transition or “die”, then you are doing it in that moment, as well.

Stepping into a different dimension

This massive raising in consciousness (which, by the way, you don’t have to die to experience), is essentially stepping into an entirely different dimension, an entirely different world.  I know I’ve not spoken about dimensions before and I’ve never actually been interested in the language around “3D” and “5D”, but recently this has come into the information that I’ve been receiving. Therefore, I’ve started to educate myself on the different dimensions and I might do a video on it in the future.

For those of you who are interested in that topic, you’ll know what I’m talking about and for those who aren’t, don’t worry about it – here’s what I’m talking about:

It is a completely different reality; it’s a much more positive reality to the one we have access to now.  But you can step into that and begin your journey into that now.  Right now!  There has never been a better time to step into it.

What kind of reality am I talking about?  A reality where there is more love than there is hate.  In fact, love is everything.  It’s not just the predominant emotion; it is the driving force behind everything.  I’m talking about cooperation instead of competition and about honoring and respecting each other.  I’m talking about unity and understanding that ultimately we are all one and knowing if you hurt anybody else you are really only hurting yourself.  It just becomes unthinkable to do anything like that.

I’m talking about a world that most people cannot properly imagine but it is what we are all being pulled to from the inside, it’s what our hearts have been trying to tell us for years.  We have not been ready to embrace this reality before, but now we are.  It’s now easier to do than ever before.

If you are reading this (or you’ve watched the video), then you are ready to hear this message.  No doubt about it!  Is everybody ready to hear this?  No, but those people aren’t reading this or watching the video, or videos like it!  So if you are actively seeking out this information, which I’m guessing you are, then you are ready, and this message is for you.  Make that choice!

Evolution is automatic

What happens if you don’t deliberately and consciously choose the better feeling perspective and you don’t choose love, you don’t choose empowerment and you don’t decide to go ahead and go for what you want, rather than what you think society thinks you should want?  Are you going to be left behind?  No, because this process is automatic!  If evolution wasn’t automatic (I’m talking about spiritual evolution, technological evolution, biological evolution; it’s all rolled into one big ball for me),  and the system wasn’t designed with a failsafe to make sure it’s automatic, the human race would have died out long ago.  Let’s face it; it’s not like we haven’t tried!  If it’s automatic, you don’t need to worry about it.

The only thing that I’d say is that if you understand this stuff intellectually and you start to do it consciously and deliberately, it makes the process a lot easier.  It’s easier to handle, you understand what’s going on and you freak out a lot less, and dare I say it – you can actually enjoy yourself!

What’s the point of being here?

The point of being here right now isn’t just to ascend; it’s not to sit in a little room and do a bunch of personal development work.  That is a tool that we may use to facilitate the process but the point of being here is to have the “Ride of Lifetimes”!  This is the best show going in the Universe right now.  This is the main stage, this is the main event.  This is the “Super Bowl” of spiritual development.

Get on the train if you want to, if it resonates with you and excites you.  If it doesn’t, don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of.  If you want to and your parents, your children or your aunt and uncle don’t want to, that’s ok; nothing is going to happen to them.  They are not suddenly going to have horrible lives.  They may stay in their denial state and their lives will not be as awesome as they could be, but that is their journey and it’s not for you to judge how quickly or how slowly they go through this process.

Bottom Line

Please don’t see this as a doom or gloom message or start thinking that if you don’t do this then something bad will happen; nothing bad is going to happen.  This is not about avoiding more pain, this is about maximizing pleasure, and this is about having a lot more fun.  It’s about amping up the awesome!  And isn’t it about time we made the shift to that?!

Hopefully this video has excited you as much as me and this whole concept excites you as much as me.  If it does or doesn’t, then please leave me a comment below; I really want to hear what you guys have to say!  Leave me a thumbs up or a thumbs down!  Please give me a reaction, otherwise I’m just standing in a room by myself talking to a camera, and I really want to make this a two-way conversation!

This has been this week’s Q&A, until next time, Bye!

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  • Hi Melody
    I listen to your videos weekly and I have read your book twice along with several others on the loa and power of the sub conscious mind, and as much as I find them so interesting and enpowering I don’t understand how to manifest my heart’s desire, I find it all very confusing,
    Since I lost my only son eight years ago I have been trying to find a reason to not give up on life and to have hope for better things, but I am lost and confused.

  • Aha! I just had a look on Youtube and now I get the context for your Ascension focus. Loads of stuff about it on there. It hadn’t penetrated my little corner of the cosmos so I couldn’t quite understand why you were buzzing with such enthusiasm. . . You are part of the flow so to speak. Makes sense now.
    Unlike some of the more esoteric offerings on there, imho 😉 . . . some of that youtube stuff is definitely not being broadcast from Kansas any more, Toto. . . But that’s cool, it’s not aimed at me anyway.
    ps- any chance of a transcript for the vid before last?

  • Thank you so much Melody for your reply to Suzanna, bcz I was beginning to get worried about what has been happening in India since the beginning of February. Infact, I was losing sleep over the whole matter. Thanks again, I think today I will be able to sleep in peace.

  • What a positive message…this new age is about focusing on what we want and being happy! Focusing on the solutions, what we would like to experience, on what we’d like to see the world become.

    Lately there have been a few situations in my life that I’ve been stressing over and unsure how I’ll resolve them. What helps me trust that everything will be fine are your videos and reading stories on the Secret website. If others have let in so many wonderful manifestations and beautiful resolutions, so can I. Just believe and trust you will receive and that life is getting better. ??

  • Interesting video. I heard in the video that you wanted to get comments and such; felt as if I should comment again. Anyway I didn’t get the chance till now because I was overthinking something. I’ve been trying to work on following my personal guidance system a bit more since the last video but I can’t really do that when there is something to be earned for my work. Ah well. Hopefully my guidance system is right when it says to just chill and let things happen.
    I’ve been getting this feeling that something is going to happen soon, if I am not desperate for it. Something that will kind of prove this stuff to me in a way where I can say yeah well this convinced me. But I don’t know. I could be wrong.
    I still am very skeptical but I like the message and may still be processing things. One of the things I have now started doing is thinking of everything in terms of “theories.” Think the sociologist I guess who knows several perspectives and can look at all the things going on from each one. Or maybe a psychologist. They have the behaviorist perspective, the Freudian and Freud’s followers perspective, etc etc etc. I see things from the LOA perspective, the classic perspective, and process each one when making a decision.
    Anyway this might not make that much sense because I may or may not be a bit sleep deprived. Isn’t that great? (insert transitional phrase here [yep definitely hilariously tired because that just sounded too fun not to say],) what you said in the last video did in fact help with the fears I was having. I’m still processing it though. Probably will be for quite some time.

    • Darn. Rats that squeak really loudly. It’s got to be possible to edit comments at some point. I am really grateful you were willing to adress the whole cult thing. Thank you.
      Sending hugs and positive energy to all. And not loudly squeaking rats.

  • Hey,
    It is a good analogy, but gotta love the buts some time. It is like this,
    You have to look at your hands first then realize or focus. This will be
    hard to achieve after the first time. It will not open-up as easy as you
    want. It is like this, the more you are not looking for it, it will appear for
    you. When you are there, you will know that your consciousness is at a
    higher state. There you are able to enjoy (all that there is) period

  • We are freaking out (in a good way).

    1. Melody’s commenting again – that in itself feels comforting and helps understand the subject so much clearer.

    2. Reading so many comments above from others who have been expecting this (we weren’t) and now so many of you are convinced of it happening is really overwhelmingly beautiful. Hearing Master Melody (go ahead and blush) say it’s really about to happen is downright freaky. Woo hoo to some fun times ahead. This is only getting better and better.

    My mind is racing. I’m wondering if this is only happening to me and you (reading this) because we are vibrating at a fairly high level (correction, a level closest to our authentic selves).

    I have read so much on other dimensions but I can’t seem to grasp it. Probably because I’m watching physicists discuss it on youtube… We need Melody’s breakdown on such subjects. Can’t wait for that vid/vlog.

    Summer’s comment has my sister dance around our house and she’s such a bad dancer.

    Thank you everybody!!! I thought I couldn’t get any happier on but today has surpassed many years of pure joy.

    Much love
    Suga & Sweetish
    -w- (that’s our happy shiny puppy symbol)

    ps if I’m so excited why has my jaw suddenly locked up.

  • Finally! My topic! The topic I have been waiting for! Indeed, it is about time! I’ve been asking this question- when is the ascent going to happen? I’ve been wondering about this topic. Of course, in the universe’s eyes, it is already happening, but for us here in planet earth, it is moving ever so slowly, at least for me. I’ve tried to keep it on the down low, because this is such a radical topic, but those who are not with it, that’s their problem, not mine. I’m in the head car of this train, that’s for sure! I also think things like the Zika virus are of the things we are to experience and want to leave behind, right? Same as Ebola? It would be interesting to talk about these topics as well as that of the fifth dimension or higher yuga.

  • This is the part that stand out for me: “It’s about amping up the awesome!” — LOVE this! Absolutely focusing on that this year. I think that as more and more people start shifting to the concept of “amping up the awesome” and focusing on manifesting the good things into their lives, the ripple effects from that are going to make all the difference in shifting the whole world into the awesome as well. 🙂

  • Love this Melody!! I’ve been ready for this for a minute. I’ve been focusing on what “utopia” really means to me, and what that would look like and the universe has been filling in the blanks for me. I feel like all the LOA blogs I’ve been reading have been saying something similar but now that I’ve seen it on DeliberateReceiving I know something real is going down! So exciting, everybody board the crazy train! (or get off the crazy train and come into sane town?)

  • I dunno, Didn’t do it for me. . . I prefer it when you are funny and a bit sarky;-)
    The trouble is, despite what you intend, I’m not sure what you are actually saying in this post, ironically.
    What I do get from it is that you believe humanity as a whole is kind of vibing up, and that we should too, starting NOW. Oh, but it’s OK if we don’t. . . or something. That there’s something in the air or movements in the force, that spiritually aware types are noticing but us non Jedis are oblivious to, so we should vibe up and get with the program, now preferably. . But if we don’t that’s ok too.
    The language is too black and white. Talking of ‘getting on the train’ is like a kind of ultimatum. I don’t actually think you meant it like that but it comes across badly. Nobody wants to miss a train.
    Ascension with a capital ‘A’ makes it a ‘thing’ that we can now worry about whether we are doing or not, or whether we are doing it properly, whether we are there yet, etc etc. Should it be a destination? Not sure how helpful that is. “Happiness is not a destination”. . .
    Also the idea that this ‘better world’ we are moving towards is somehow physically located in a different place, ‘another dimension’ seems contradictory to the idea that you can make a better world here and now. What happened to manifesting our reality and being in the Now?
    I know it is an analogy, but choice of analogy is crucial to avoid misunderstandings i think.
    Jon x
    ps – never mind all this ascension stuff, where’s me flipping Lexus? 😉

    • Hey Jon,

      The reason I mentioned the “getting on the train” analogy, is because many others are using it. My point was that you can’t “miss the train”. It’s NOT an ultimatum. That’s the point I’m making. Think it more as a time of great opportunity, than anything else.

      This new world is not located in a different place. It’s here now, and we can line up with it by simply shifting our energy. We don’t have to go anywhere. Again, that was my point. There’s a reason I made a series of videos around this topic, because it’s so big and can be confusing. I did my best to address all the misconceptions around ascension, which are exactly the questions you raised. I’ll continue to clarify.

      Oh, and the Lexus will come if you raise your vibration. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


      • Thanks Melody, it does seem to be a hugely complex thing to explain in such a way that everyone ‘gets it’. Weaving between the linguistic landmines and all . .
        Huge hugs back 😉

  • Yes, we automatically are evolving from Fear Bodies into Love Bodies… Its journey from deep fear to deep love and we are all experiencing the same… The faster we are able to recognize and realize “Oh, So I am fearful of _________” when the reality is “IT IS NOT SO. Simple” 🙂

    There is no Pain which survived, No Storm which did not end and no nightmare which did not blew off INSTANTLY 🙂

  • Melody and Happy Shineys!

    This is such a wonderful exiting topic! I’ve not heard much about 5th dimension, but even so, the whole Ascension thing has really started to make sense to me. But of course this is my path, and I have my own understanding of the Ascension in personal terms (which is really all any of us can do). To me, to my way of thinking, every time I change a belief, step into some better place inside myself, I am changing dimensions, stepping into a whole new reality, making my own ‘Ascension’ to a new and better place.
    I think Melody has covered this perspective before but didn’t dig back through the archives to verify. But the point for me is, once I started consistently thinking differently, feeling differently, and observing differently, everything around me shifted that slight degree. People seem different and better, and more people around me are thinking like me, which seemed amazing at first because before I felt as if I could only find people like me online. But now they are everywhere, even in my smaller town! My experiences are better, less effects me negatively as easily, and I feel better and better. The more I step into this new reality, the more this reality steps into me. Which allows me to see more things, such as this blog, this video, more people who are thinking the same way, and everything in between, reflecting exactly how I am feeling.
    And this feeling is a raising of self awareness, of vibration, of love about this world, and everything in it! The Ascension from being afraid, to feeling safe and loved more and more. As Melody said, it’s individual, yet there are plenty of people experiencing this. And it has no bearing on anyone else or where they are at in their Ascension. It is completely personal and not something anyone else has to follow or do, unless they are stepping into this dimension too. We each are at our own level, or dimension as I think of it, and will move to whichever dimension supports our beliefs at that time. It is always a progression, a moving forward of self in the perfect way for you.
    And yes I do believe that the general, or mass consciousness, seems to be shifting, which is constantly helping me along, as well as others who are on the edge of that same vibration. But of course, maybe that’s what is happening in a specific dimension, and I have stepped into it, so am experiencing that! Maybe in a few minutes or months, I could step into another dimension that has moved even farther up the Ascension path and is experiencing even more love and harmony in the world!
    Well, there you go. My personal expression of my experience and how I view Ascension and dimensions. Very exciting for me, and yes, so much fun! I truly hope everyone else gets to have as much fun with this whole process, creating their perfect path as they move through their world!


  • Hi Melody,

    I am very excited to know that we are moving to a higher state of consciousness.
    The 5 Th Dimension Energy sounds like a step-up in humanity.
    You definitely get a thumbs-up from me and I personally love your enlightening words,
    totally resonates with me.


  • From what all I’ve read, it seems that this ascension is really just the collective and individual evolution of mankind and the planet. For whatever reasons exactly, things are moving in that direction now. Cosmic energies are in play in helping to bring this about. All life evolves; nothing stays static or stationary. Everything is always moving.

    Unfortunately, there has been and still probably is a lot of mis- and disinformation out there in Internet Land on New Age and some spiritual and metaphysical sites about exactly what ascension is. I’ve read a number of different things about it, from ascension being ET’s coming to take away those who are 51% or higher Service-To-Others (STO) to the 5th dimension or whatever, while all the other humans continue to wallow in their lower consciousness in 3D density for thousands of more years or whatever. And there are some New Agey people who are or have actually gotten stressed out about whether they are at least 51% STO or not and what will happen to them if they are not and get left behind. Sheesh!

    Reminds me of the Christian teaching of the rapture. Oh yeah, I like the cute comic strip panels above of the Gray aliens abducting the Christian church people. I can just imagine those church people’s reactions to their ET abductors… 😛 “So THIS is heaven!?” “Where’s the Lord at!?” “Is my grandmother here? Can I see her!?” “Uh, I don’t see any angels here….where are they?”

    But seriously, it’ll be interesting to see where all this goes… : )

  • Hi Melody!
    Thank you for a great, reassuring video. Some days it feels that the more we (who are learning manifesting) progress, the more viciousness appears in the news (in the US). I don’t understand that, but I appreciate your videos, and the good things in my life, to help me stay positive.
    Is it possible to manifest for the greater good or just ourselves?

    • Hey Suzanna,

      The wolds is purging, kind of like when you do a detox. When you raise your own vibration, everything that doesn’t match that comes up to be released. The same is happening on a global level. All the fears, prejudices, and ugliness are coming up to be released. It’s not pretty, but it’s a GOOD and necessary thing (think of it like taking a spiritual poo. Ha.).

      You are always manifesting for yourself. You are everything. So if you want to see a better world, focus on it in a way that feels good to you, and the world will reflect it back to you. Don’t do it from a perspective of wanting to “save” others, because they don’t need saving (and it’s kind of condescending, if you think about it. They are all powerful creators, too). But the versions of others you are experiencing, is a reflecting of your own energy. Your experience is all about your vibration. So, manifest a happy world because it’s what you want, not because it’s what the world needs. I’ll do a video on this topic in a bit, and will explain it in more detail. But hopefully that helped for now.

      Huge hugs,


      • That’s a big help, thanks! And I look forward to your video on it. My immediate world is pretty awesome (thanks to you, and the Deliberate Receiving book) it’s the bigger scale that worried me. Huge hugs back!

  • I love all your videos. There is no one I know that I can talk to on this level.. I believe that love is every thing and I can no longer allow. Myself to stay or react in anger. I know this intellectually but can’t seem to find the limiting belief that keeps me from feeling joyous. I would appreciate your comment on this. Thank you

    • Hey Shirley,

      Do your best to reach for love. You can always go back and rework a situation in which you reacted differently (and don’t beat up yourself for that!), and, while in a calm, safe space, find the reaction that feels better to you. Keep doing that, and you’ll shift your energy. The belief that is holding you back will make itself apparent, as you do. It has to. When you raise your vibration, everything that doesn’t match that new frequency has to come up to be released. Just don’t work too hard at it and be kind to yourself (extend that love to yourself, too!). Keep practicing, and remember, it’s a progression, not a switch. You will get better and better.

      Huge hugs!


  • That would be so awesome if you did some vids on the topic of dimensions. I’ve heard a lot about the 3D vs. 5D world and I can’t wait to hear your perspective on it. 🙂

    I had a really cool dream a couple of months ago that I took as a nod to this whole ascension thing.

    I was standing in a field and it was full of people (I seemed to be an impartial observer of the whole thing and the people didn’t notice me) and I could see these rays coming down on to the field. You know when you look at the road or pavement and you see little squiggly lines of heat rising from it? Ok, it looked like that except it was coming down onto the field instead of rising up. Some people were dancing in the rays and were happy and excited. Some people seemed to be terrified running around screaming “It’s the end of the world.” And other people didn’t really even seem to notice anything was happening.

    But I think that seems to be my subconscious take on this whole ascension thing. I’m choosing to be the happy people dancing around. I start an internship tomorrow at a career of MY choosing (not what everyone thinks I should be doing) and OMG I’m so excited I think I might explode!!!!

    Welcome to 5D! 😀

  • Melody!! I have been absolutely in love with the last few videos you have done on the topic of Ascension. I have been familiar with the concept since around 2012, when it all started to surface that “the time s now to ascend”. Before it just sounded way too much for me. Nto much in the sense that it just felt too religious or hokey pokey for me to accept. The concept was presented in a way that was a bit too doom and gloom. But you’ve taken the same concept and made it about LOA and how now is the time that we have access to more power within, the rate of manifestation is speeding up and now we easily have access to higher emotions easily. And this resonates with me. I actually have experienced the speed at which everything is happening now and it’s true. We don’t want to be left behind, so to speak. I absolutely Love the messages in your videos and I love hearing your voice. It just resonates with me like you wouldn’t believe. My life is really starting to shift and I am having a much easier time focusing on what I want and not focusing on all the crappy crap that I’m perceiving is crappy. plesse keep this theme going, i feel like it’s speaking to a lot of people, and it’s just what we need to hear riivht now. With much love from Vancouver, ,Canada ????????????????????

  • Thanks, Melody! Your explanation is very clear, insightful and uplifting! I particularly resonate with the idea that “evolution is automatic.” That feels “spot on” to me!

  • Hi Melody (and community),

    I always look forward to Deliberate Receiving dropping into my inbox – and this has to be my most favourite ever! Those words could just as easily have come out of my mouth 🙂 (although never as eloquently as yourself). And I have met along the way other people that also see this momentum happening.

    It takes courage to challenge our thoughts, in order to change our current reality – and it isn’t always easy – BUT SO WORTH IT!

    What’s really interesting is that the more we challenge our negative thoughts and so build our positivity, the more we see for ourselves this change that is excitingly occurring, as we can see more positive things that are happening around the world (as opposed to only seeing the negative), and hence too all the beauty and goodness and love that is out there. This can spur us on.

    And your book even shows people how to do it too! 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    I was just reading books on this rise in dimensions and now you are talking about it! I also felt at the start of the year this will be a spiritual year, I can sense the changes all around, it’s in the air! Finally!!

    Love to hear more about the Stonehenge technology btw
    And recently I am reading about weight issues and that their might be a relation with being too empathic, what do you think about that?

  • I loved this! Melody, I think there are few people who can express these ideas so clearly and sincerely but there are huge numbers of people like me who are thrilled to discover anyone like you! So glad you’ve made every blog, including this one! They’re so well worded & explained, so that each of us, (if the concept resonates, of course) with all our many different ways of understanding things, can learn of your experiences and have a way of understanding things through your perspective & find the answers we seek.
    Thank you! – Is

  • Melody,

    I am so with you! I feel also that this is a critical time in the evolution of humanity and that we are on the cusp of Ascension. I want to hear more about this from you! One thing I get confused about is the 4th dimension vs 5th dimension. I’m used to thinking of the next level up, which I reach at times through spiritual, meditation, or tantric practices, as the 4th dimension. When you do your video on the dimensions (which I hope you do soon), can you please cover 4th vs 5th dimension? Thank you and please keep this up. You are doing such a great service to humanity!!!

  • Beautiful Melody, this message is a lovely heart-warming gift, and the “reality splitting”, “3d” and “5d” sound like very interesting concepts to explore. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!! I’m looking forward to your next vlog!! <3

  • Thanks for your focus on excitement! I guess I’ve been denying myself the right or ability to be excited for so long that it’s hard to hear that thread – it’s good to see someone else modeling it, even if I’m still “???” about finding much excitement myself. I was flipping through your book again and came to a bit about focusing on something that feels exciting, and I was startled to realize that I didn’t actually remember how to do that. Like, just… be excited? About something? Because it’s fun? Wait, but how-???? Hah.

  • Even I get this feeling that something collective is happening and we are on the road of higher evolution… And everyone is going to evolve at their pace gradually and in this century itself…

    • I’ve heard there are going to be three waves (now keep in mind this is MY interpretation of what I’ve been learning on this subject). This is what resonates with me and how I understand this. 🙂

      The first wave was supposed to be in December and January which affected people who have been teaching LOA and self development for a while (Melody, Esther Hicks and many, many others).

      The second wave is supposed to be starting this month through April and will affect those of us who are learning directly from the first wavers. SQUEEEE!!!!! 😀

      The third wave will affect the people around us (of course as we learn and ascend, we will affect those around us). I can’t remember the months for the third wave. I think it’s supposed to be sometime in August or September, but I can’t really remember off hand.

      From what I understand, with each wave it will be easier to recover from setbacks, easier to find the better feeling thought, etc. Not to say that we will never experience anything negative again, but we will recover emotionally and spiritually much easier. When we DO experience the negative it may hit us much harder so that we can overcome it quicker.

      Man, I love this topic. I could go on and on and on and on. 😀

  • Hi Melody
    I really enjoyed reading this. I have read more lately about third vs fifth dimension consciousness and it really is so interesting. 5D is where I want to be for sure.

    The point you make about getting something intellectually and then actually bringing the knowledge into your experience through your choices and actions is one of those things that appear obvious to us, but as for actually putting it into practice, we can struggle. We can trick ourselves into thinking we are living a certain way by sheer awareness of certain information and because we ‘study’ it but when we step back and take a look at our life, we’re not actually applying what we learn in any significant way.

    That intellectual understanding is obviously the first step, but then we just have to take that leap of faith and just start ‘being’ a certain way, trusting our reality will catch up with us, without letting our mind slow us down by trying to ‘figure’ it all out or getting obsessed with processes and tools.

    Brilliant as always.

    • This was an interesting post! I’d like to low more about it, because I haven’t heard of other dimensions being talked about in this way.

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