Hey puppies! If you’ve enjoyed my series (the last few videos) on ascension, this amazingly excited time of acceleration we’re in RIGHT NOW, then boy do I have a treat for you today.

My friends, Alexis Joy and Dr. Sharon Ufberg have, once again, kicked off their incredible, FREE transformational interview series — Wisdom Wednesdays! I participated in this series last year, and the feedback was sensational, so I decided to do it again.

Alexis and I spent an hour on the phone, during which I was able to reiterate the basics of LOA and then tie them into the bigger insights coming from this ascension process in a practical, real world way. That’s right, I spent an hour actually reviewing how to APPLY these insights to the manifesting process. And if you’ve ever heard any of my recordings, you know how fast I speak. That means this is one, info and value packed hour.

You really don’t want to miss this.

All you have to do in order to gain access to this interview (and much more!) is register below. You’ll gain instant access to not only my recording, but those of other teachers, as well! Alexis and Dr. Sharon always assemble an amazing group of people and I’m honored to be a part of this incredible line up.

Click here to register.  And yep, it’s FREE. You’re welcome.

What can you expect from the series?

•    How to make a comprehensive plan for what you want in your life, with step-by-step action steps to get there.

•    How to get “unstuck” from depression and anxiety and move into happiness, freedom, and peace

•    The quick, simple way to move from divorce, trauma, death, an accident, or job loss to regaining your strength, confidence, and power

•    The best technique to attract love into your life and the methods to fix a troubled relationship

•    The biggest mistake you might be making and why it’s blocking you from getting what you most want

•    The most common way people keep success and happiness away, and how you can avoid it

•    Tricks to retrain your brain to break out of bad habits and help you create the life you want!

•    How you can use astrology to your advantage

•    The simple steps to take to stop self-hate and self-sabotage and feel supported and inspired

•    Easy neuromovements to break free from pain and limitation

•    The secret ingredients to boost your self-healing capacity

•    How the words you use can change your brain – and change your life

•    And so much more!

Don’t miss this interview series with my friends and personal growth masters Alexis & Dr. Sharon (they are mother and daughter, by the way!). They interview the top experts and I’m totally stoked to be one of them.

Here’s what people have said that listened in to their summits:

“This interview series literally changed my life. I was in such a rut and then came across the link to register and figured “it’s free, why not?” Little did I know that this would get me out of my funk almost overnight. I listened to just a few interviews and things started to change almost immediately. I think I almost forgot that I could get what I want! Well now I working on getting exactly what I want – and getting so much more than I ever dreamed possible – because of your inspiration. Thank you, Alexis and Sharon, for basically saving my life!”

–       Michelle, CA

“I work from home and often feel pretty isolated and had been feeling pretty discouraged. But I decided I would listen to this series when I’m folding laundry, running errands, or need a pick me up. WOW. I feel more inspired and energized and empowered now! One of the meditations gave me insight that really turned my relationship with my husband around completely. If I hadn’t been listening, I would never have gotten to this happy place with him. This was just fantastic.

–       Brenda, IN

It’s time to get what you want and deserve!

Click here to sign up for their FREE interview series – it’s happening now!

Here’s to the future of your dreams.

Huge hugs,


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  • OMG I have had it with these talks and all these “desperate women” trying to use L.O.A. to attract the ideal guys, yet all they seem to talk about is how they want guys who ‘have a job’… Wow.

    I have chosen to NOT have a job. I quit, and I’m done with it, but good to know I’m on some desperate women’s “Don’t-go-anywhere-near-him” list, because I choose not to be employed.

    And before someone assumes that I have been scorned, I actually haven’t, I’m gay, and in my experience none of the guys I’ve dated have given a crap. Some have even envied my decision. And not having a job doesn’t make me stupid, I’m extremely good with computers and I have a master’s degree in accounting.

    Besides, Melody haven’t you spoken about your decision to not have a job? Is it only okay when a woman makes this decision by any chance? Or are only people who have put in an ‘x’ number of years working at a job they hate that are actually entitled to make that choice?

    • Hey C.S.,

      I only use that example because so many people have that belief. But, in my example, notice that I was talking about someone who has no ambition, no drive, isn’t happy and isn’t doing anything about that. Honestly, if you’re actively working on getting happier, would you want to date someone like that?

      Of course, there’s nothing wrong with not having a job. I don’t have a job. I shall never have a job again, lol. And it’s fine for men, women, puppies, kittens, artificial intelligence and whatever else you can think of. Don’t ever let anyone define you by any criteria other than who you are. And who you are is magnificent.

      So the real point is this: Once you realize your magnificence, you’ll pretty much only want to hang out with those who also realize theirs. But of course, you’ll only attract those kinds of people. And people like that don’t judge others. Period.

      And that’s the explanation for you. The explanation I gave on the call was for those who aren’t yet quite ready to admit how awesome they are. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • I need an advice. I am thinking if I should try to manifest a trip to Peru and Ayahuasca ceremony (although I am not particulary drawn to it). I really resonate with things that you tell us, and I have even released a lot of limiting beliefs, and I feel better now. However still, almost every day one of so many limiting beliefs still inside of me trips me up and I crash down. I can get back up faster now, but the whole process still demotivates me and drains my low-to-begin-with energy. I really want to have energy for life and enjoy it right now! But if things continue at this pace, I feel that by the time I manage to get to the point where I can breath freely, I’ll already be a grandpa. Life is not supposed to be filled with every day draining my energy and me having to release so many beliefs, right? (releasing a belief takes time and can exhaust me)
    What do I do?

  • Loved this quote from the podcast. It has really resonated with me, “how what you want FEELS to you is EXACTLY how it will manifest.”

  • Awesome interview Melody! I liked how the interviewer seemed tired or down at first and by the end was all happy and hopeful! Am forwarding this to a co-worker and will offer to borrow her your book.
    Also thanks so much for increasing the vibrations of the people around you at your new digs. (Just being you!(awesome!) I’ve got relatives there and they are two among a sea I’m afraid. You nailed it with the guns and beliefs they have – made me smile. Thanks again.

  • Hey Melody,
    I will have to listen to this! I love playing your recordings in the background while I cook or do chores. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    How would you go about manifesting money for something you really desire? In my case it’s something that would lead to something I have always wanted (trying to be general!) I have no idea how I would be able to manifest the necessary amount needed in a decent amount of time. Do I just focus on the end result of having what I want, seeing everything done and having turned out beautifully? Do I need to focus on this daily or just when it feels good?

    Thank you for your help! 🙂

    • I also wanted to ask, is there something wrong if I disagree with Melody sometimes? I love this blog, but some of the advice (which probably feels hugely relieving for many people) just doesn’t resonate with me. In fact, there are some that really felt limiting to me. And I get the feeling from some of her past posts, that there are things she doesn’t believe are possible to physically manifest that I do (mostly relating to the physical body.) I ask because Melody’s vibration must be a lot higher than mine, she is older and has more life experience. So her perspective must be more enlightened and truthful, right? Or maybe neither of us is wrong, but we have different vibrations, experiences, and belief systems. I doubt myself a lot…how can I be “right” about something, at least for myself, when more enlightened people say it can’t be, isn’t currently possible, isn’t how things work, etc. In some cases shouldn’t I be listening to them and not myself, even if it feels limiting?

  • Good interview Melody. You do talk quickly, but enthusiastically 😉
    I think the interviewer might have been a bit overawed, not sure she knew what hit her, it must be a bit like being run down by a happy shiny truck 😉 I mean that in a totally supportive and non critical way you understand.
    The interview was like a checklist for readers of this blog and your book. I was checking it all off in my head, and I think I’ve got it all lined up intellectually, I ‘just’ need to get my mind out of the way, get my emotional awareness up to a higher level and do the work.
    I love your ‘give em enough rope’ approach to people with strongly held views you happen to disagree with. They kind of choke on their own logical fallacies.
    “nnyeah?” 😉

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