Over the last few weeks, a lot of you have been asking me to please explain how in the HELL we manifested someone like Donald Trump into our collective realities, and if I please, please, please couldn’t possibly offer a more positive perspective on Trump as well as the whole U.S. presidential election thingy. Well, my puppies, I’d be happy to. Watch today’s video below!

[Quick Note: This is the first video shot in my new video studio (Yay!), and the first one where we’ve added closed captions (Double Yay!)]



Hey there my happy shiny puppies! This is Melody Fletcher, author of Deliberate Receiving: Finally, the Universe makes some freaking sense!, home of all things law of attraction, reality creation and going down the rabbit hole.

Over the last few weeks, a lot of you have been asking me to please explain how in the HELL we manifested someone like Donald Trump into our collective realities, and if I please, please, please couldn’t possibly offer a more positive perspective on Trump as well as the whole U.S. presidential election thingy. Well, my puppies, I’d be happy to.

But first, a wee disclaimer:

Yep, I’m going to be talking about the election and, by necessity, specific candidates. However, this video isn’t meant to be an indorsement of anyone. I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for or what to do. Do what feels right to you. Support who feels right to you. Focus on what feels right to you. Involve yourself as much or as little as you want in this whole process. You can even consciously ignore the whole circus. The only thing that ever matters is what you’re doing with your energy and what kind of reality you’re aligning yourself with.

No one can save or destroy us

So, that leads me to my first point: No candidate has the ability to save the world, or the United States, or a political party. No candidate has the power to create in your reality. On the flip side of that coin, no candidate has the power to screw it all up, either. So, while you can’t brand anyone the “savior”, you also can’t brand anyone, including Trump, what one reader so eloquently called “the anti-Christ”.

The world is evolving and the signs of that are obvious, if you’re only willing to see them. We can’t go back. We cannot go backwards. That’s like saying you could suddenly find yourself being a 5th grader again. Sure, you could go back to your 5th grade classroom, but you’d take all your current knowledge and personality with you. You wouldn’t be the same person you were back then.

Now, as I say this, I can hear so many of you asking: Yeah, but Melody, I agree with you that I can’t go back and lose all my knowledge. I can’t turn into an insane, misogynistic, racist, douchebag. But what about all those OTHER people, OUT THERE?! What about the IDIOTS in the world, you know, the ones that can screw it all up for the rest of us?

*Ahem* So, to you I say: please rewind the video and listen to my first point again: No one has the power to create in your reality. Not even idiots.

Why did this happen?!

So, if this current manifestation isn’t happening to show us that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, or a pushcart, or a hot air balloon fueled by one of Trump’s speeches, then what is it for? Why are we suddenly witnessing thousands of individuals, many of whom are or at least seem otherwise quite rational, intelligent, educated and NOT totally bat-shit crazy, who are supporting misogynistic, racist, prejudiced, violence-supporting, violence-inducing, hateful, fearful, powerless views? Where did all this vitriol SUDDENLY come from?

Well, it didn’t SUDDENLY appear. You see, just because we haven’t been witnessing all this hatred, and let’s remember that hatred and prejudice always and only ever stem from fear, doesn’t mean that no one was feeling it. Living in a “politically correct” world may have allowed us to pretend that we’ve all evolved to the land of fairies and light, but not being allowed to express one’s hatred and actually no longer feeling it, are two completely different things. In fact, the suppression of this rage, derived from massive and chronic powerlessness can and does make it worse. Forbidding the expression of prejudice doesn’t actually fix it. And thinking it does, while ignoring the problem, allows it to fester until it’s a seething, ugly, pressure pit that has no choice but to explode.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we have now. The world’s fear and the anger and vitriol it fuels haven’t gone away. They’ve been there all along. And because the vibration of the world is rising, those toxic emotions have no choice but to come up to the released. If you’ve ever done a detox and experienced the sometimes explosive purging of crap your body no longer needed, and yes, I mean that both figuratively and literally, then you’ll be able to see what’s happening now for what it is: a purging of toxins; a releasing of the crap that can no longer be supported by the whole.

Fear, hatred and prejudice are coming to the surface, where we have no choice but to look at them and deal with them. They can no longer be ignored, no matter how hard we try. Donald Trump is the poster child, the representation of all this toxic waste, and he’s a perfect manifestation (as all manifestations are perfect). He started out as an annoyance, and one that we all kind of brushed off as a joke. But then, like a pimple that turns into a boil, he just got bigger and bigger, until he made us face the fear of our powerlessness. Out popped the thought: “What if he wins? What if all these idiots take over? What if everything just goes tits-up? What if we don’t get what we want?”

Well, boys and girls, this is nothing but a macro reflection of a micro fear: the fear of powerlessness. It’s the same fear that keeps you up at night wondering what will happen if you don’t get that job, or don’t find that man, woman or animatronic love doll who is THE ONE, or don’t have kids before your biological clock shrivels up and stops ticking, or don’t win the lottery, god dammit.

Trump is challenging all of us to stop focusing on the outcome we DON’T want, and use our considerable power to CHOOSE to focus on the outcome we DO want – instead of waiting for some outside force, like a political candidate, to just do it for us. He is, for many of us, an outcome to so bad, so painful, so horrific, that we’re finally willing to do something about it. The Donald is, for a large part of humanity, rock bottom. He’s our cattle prod.

The other side of the coin

Now, while Trump and his followers are reflecting our worst fears of powerlessness back to us (you know, so they can be released!), the other side of that coin – empowerment – is also showing up in abundance. I’d like to direct your attention to a candidate who, in my opinion, embodies the spirit of empowerment, personal responsibility, and authenticity in a way that I’ve never seen before: Bernie Sanders. Again, this isn’t an official endorsement, and I’m not telling you who to agree with or what to do; that’s up to you. I’m simply giving you my perspective. So maybe hear me out, even if you’re not a Bernie fan.

What Bernie Sanders has done is to tap into a revolution. He didn’t start it, but he shone a big spotlight on it and gave it a megaphone. This revolution is one of people getting sick and tired of feeling powerless, sick and tired of giving their power away, and finally being willing to stand up and take it back. It’s important to note that not all Sanders fans embody this energy, and that there are plenty of non-Sanders fans who do. He’s just the one who represents this point of view the strongest, and who was inspired to actually give a call to action from the political podium; the call to action that he, as a politician, and in fact NO politician, can make change happen. We, the people, the crowd, the 99% have to do it.

If Bernie embodies the energy of empowerment, then you can see how much resistance you have to that energy by how you react to it. Notice that I didn’t say that being empowered means you necessarily agree with everything Senator Sanders says, but you certainly won’t want to rip his face off.

For example, many people, when faced with the idea of President Bernie, lament that they would love to vote for him, but they just don’t believe he can win. This is the same belief that has you dreaming of a much bigger and more awesome life, but keeps you stuck in a small one, because you don’t believe that you can succeed.

But focusing on and believing in the outcome you don’t really want, is a CHOICE. And you have the power to choose differently. That is, in fact, your power. It’s the power that creates the entire Universe. It’s why you have free will. You can choose whatever you want. You can even choose that which isn’t represented in your physical reality yet. You can choose to choose what feels better to you. And you can choose not to. The choice is yours, but you have to use it.

We’re winning

I’d like to point out something else interesting that I’ve observed about the two sides of this political coin. If one side (powerlessness) is being represented by Trump, and the empowerment side is being represented by Sanders, we can observe how these two energies affect those around them.

When Trump entered the running, he began to shape the campaign speeches, the focus, the message of all of his fellow candidates. Suddenly, even those who wanted to stay away from mud-slinging, found themselves drawn into it. Only the ugliest sound bites got any press, so everyone started shoveling shit, whether they wanted to or not. Trump’s energy, or rather the energy he represents, perpetuated and brought everyone around him down.

You can see the same phenomenon happening in reverse on the Sanders side. If you listen to Hillary Clinton’s speeches over the course of her campaign, you’ll notice that she’s sounding more and more like Bernie Sanders. She’s adopted many of his talking points and even changed her opinion to match his, sometimes 180 degrees. The energy that Bernie represents has brought everyone around him up.

But, it’s important to note that these two energies aren’t practically “equal”. Theoretically perhaps, yes, but not practically. You see, energy that pulls you down, can’t do so infinitely. There’s a safety mechanism in place (called the cattle prod method of growth). It means that as our vibration falls, it creates more and more pain, until something happens that’s so abhorrent to us, so horrific, so painful, that it hits us like a cattle prod and we have no real choice but to turn around. This doesn’t happen when we’re pulled up. There’s no limit to how empowered we can become. There’s no safety mechanism that inhibits awesomeness.

So, while those who are currently following a candidate who reflects their fear have to, eventually, turn and run towards the light, no one who has woken up falls back asleep. No one turns from empowerment and says: “Screw this, I want to feel powerless again.” So, as more and more people wake up, the number of awakened humans can only ever grow. It can never decrease. And as that happens, the last tendrils of fear energy will scream and shout and fight for their lives, doing their best to get our attention any way they can, before they finally dissolve into the light.

What can YOU do?

What can you do to support this process? Well, I’ll tell you. All you have to do, all you EVER have to do, is focus on the outcome that feels best to you, and choose to believe that it can happen. Work on empowering yourself, on embodying the energy of empowerment in your own life, on a micro level, and it will naturally grow to the macro level in your reality. Discover and dissolve your own judgments and prejudices. Let go of your own fears and the hatred and rage they foster. In other words, raise your vibration and trust that everyone else is being guided through this process, at their own unique pace, just like you are. All is well. And things are getting better, better and better.

And now I want to hear from you. What are you doing to move yourself into the energy of empowerment when it comes to politics? How are you adding to the energy of what you want? Share your own story in the comments (even if you’re not in the U.S. Every country has their Donald Trump, in one form or another), and help empower others who will read your words.

And if you’d like to learn  more about how to move into this energy of empowerment, then make sure to sign up for my mailing list and join the Happy Shiny Puppy Army. If you’re watching this anywhere but my blog, the link will be below in the description. You’ll get access to loads of free resources that will help you understand how you create your reality, what it is that you really want, why you haven’t gotten it so far, and how to finally receive the life you’ve always wanted.

So, for now, I’m Melody Fletcher. Huge hugs to all of you and I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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  • You mean all i have to do, is focus on the outcome that feels best to me, and choose to believe that it can happen. Wauu! Thats sounds nice to me because i am one of the people who get angry as quickly as possible. It has taught me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Universe may just be looking out for you guys by dumping you with Donald Trump if the alternative is Hillary Clinton. Trump may be vile (although scarily I find myself actually agreeing with some of what he says – only some mind you), but Hillary is just another spelling of the world – evil. Done a little reading, my mind baffles how she managed to get so far as the party’s frontrunner, surely the powers that be in her party know of her history?

    Perhaps a buffoon rather than an individual who manipulates, lies and is quite horrible (but then she is a lawyer!!;)) is going to be the better option.

    I am sure I’ll get ‘red arrowed’ for this, but since I am not an American and have little other interest other than to keep a wary and distracted eye on the process, it all seems a lot of nonsense anyway. Politics – full of people who aren’t really very nice anyway, mostly self-serving twits with massive ego’s and like hearing their own voice (Mr Trump to a T – so he may just be a normal politician after all 😉 )! One seems as bad as the other though and your choices are pretty limited.

  • Great video! It’s so timely that I’m watching this on the night before our elections here in the Philippines. And yes, we do have our own political drama leading up to the big day. We do have our version of Trump (or an energy of powerlessness and pulling people downward) and Sanders (an energy of empowerment), of course who the specific candidates are is relative to everybody due to whatever news of a certain candidate you want to believe or not. Everyone has their own choice, and they have their own reasons to be anti-so and so and it’s gotten to the point that relationships have been broken because of the disputes in political views and choice of candidates, which is why I really like your advice to focus on the outcome of what you want for the country.

  • I enjoyed your book and love doing energy work . The blog about how we MANIFESTED TRUMP was just some one pushing her own personnel agenda. To imply that those you resonate with Trump are not as highly spiritually or less than anyone else or that these people are part of a detox process. It saddens me but it makes me remember that we all must remember not to read our own press releases

    Thanks for a great book and some great blogs

  • Can anyone please help??
    I know I have a lot of supressed anger and powerlessness. Throughout the day, while I’m not at home, I get triggered many times, but I know that I need to hold it and wait ’till I get home to release it constructively. THE BIG PROBLEM is that when I get home, I can’t activate the anger release no matter what! I try sitting, reminding myself of powerlessness, but it won’t activate. I punch pillows or whatever fast, to try to stimulate the release, but it just won’t go no matter what! I only feel exhausted, but I can’t get angry.

    I have had a few successful anger releases, so I know how it feels and they work, but I can’t seem to activate them anymore! And reality is triggering my powerlessness and anger more and more, but releasing won’t work…

    I would really appreciate the help, because life is awful like this…

    • what is the problem if it fades on its own? Isn’t this better? If you feel exhausted, more sleep, a well-balanced diet and exercise (when healthy) all help. If you are ill, then it is best to focus on wellness and get completely well before going to gym and being exposed to things that can make you sick again, but this is my experience, you can try it for yourself.

      I think empowerment comes in many different ways and takes many forms. Sometimes, ignoring nasty, ridiculous remarks is the best way to go, so is laughing them off, for example. The Universe does not present these cases to you again, I find.

      Sometimes an anger release right them and there does do the trick. It all disappears, people around you get the picture and viola, your reality changes. If you are afraid of this, then setting boundaries would be another good idea. Perhaps the people around you keep crossing boundaries and this bothers you.

      This is a general response that may be applied to whatever situation you are in. Just thought I’d add some things that have helped me and I can attest to their efficacy.

      • Oh yeah, and I wanted to add something about anger releases. I come from a culture in the Mediterranean where anger releases are completely, totally normal and they are a part of life. I mean, something would be wrong with you if you did not have one, they would say and friends and family encourage this. It is natural to give someone the bird, for example, and you can do it anywhere and ok, you may get looks here and there, but people do not have this problem of feeling the way you describe here, which, as you say in your own words, life is awful like this. It is a form of expression and once done, there is release and you feel better and things may very well get rolling in your favor. I think putting up with too much and then feeling bad about it is no way to live because are you really expressing who you really are in all its glory? I do not think so. Correct me if I am wrong. And remember, if this is done and you are released of your duties somewhere, the Universe provides and something else comes along.

        • Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it. I really do have problem with people crossing my boundaries, but I feel that alot of supressed anger comes from another place, but it’s complicated to explain. it’s just that when I get home, I feel tension (pent up anger) in my abdomen, and it’s unpleasant, but it won’t flow. I don’t know if I got so numbed down by all of that throughout so many years, that I can’t truly release it…

          A big problem is that if I get angry with something/someone, I can’t know whether that’s “natural” and should be released immediately, or I just attracted them because of my vibration and should not display my anger at them.

  • Melody,
    Great video you are right you put a disclaimer up front before starting the video, the only thing I would have done is change the header and made more general. I support Donald Trump, Mr. Trump gives you lots of fluff people need to pay close attention to speech. Why I support Donald he is telling us we have power and energy to make changes in our life, he is opening up eyes and ear what is really going on in USA. Don’t put our heads in the sand and pretend nothing going on. If any one paid attention one speech I think it was in Cincinnati outside hanger, he stated something like I am doing this to tithe back he was bless by the universe now he wants to give back to us. I believe Mr. Trump has heart of gold and wants everyone to be rich in life and control there density and what USA to be leader and strong. We may or may not agree with him , but I respect him to speaking out on things that we have in our mind and heart we chose not to speak out load, if we do , we are called raciest. We are not raciest country we are loving country.
    I have one question that I would like someone to answer and be honest about. This whole big think about illegal immigrants. I like his stand, here is why, My parents came to USA legal paperwork and everything. Now we have all illegal coming in and breaking the law and they knew they are breaking law and are allowed to stay why? If you or I broke the law we would be punished. so what I am hearing its ok to break our laws and no punishment why have laws, why we put people in jail let them all go free? This is honest question I am asking. I have no problem family or individual coming to United legally and be free what they want to do but follow our law.
    When I mediate I ask the universe to guide Trump and give him strength what he believe and let us the people decide.

  • I wanted to comment again to say that there are actually things I am able to genuinely appreciate about the Trump machine:

    *He wants to stay out of other countries’ internal issues (I feel that this is very LOA – the more I get into my own stuff, the more I feel like it’s not appropriate to be constantly horning in on what other people/countries are doing. People are on their own trips. Let them do what they do.)
    *His supporters are tired of feeling silenced and they really respond to Trump’s “tell it like it is” attitude. I don’t personally agree with the specifics of what is being said, BUT I think that refusing to feel silenced is definitely a higher vibration than victimhood.
    *He talks about the importance of getting big money out of politics. I agree with that and appreciate anyone who is willing to talk about it.

    Melody, I would be interested in knowing if you think people who are really high-vibing are ever into politics? Or is that something that just fades out as people realize that their personal power is where it’s all at? I’m also curious about your thoughts on the ultra-rich Panama Papers-type wealth class. I’m pretty pro-rich people at this point and don’t feel threatened by them (and I’m able to appreciate them when I can’t find anything else to appreciate by thinking “It’s really nice that someone buys cars like that so the people who design and build beautiful things can have jobs”) – BUT I definitely still feel grouchy about people who, in my current vibration, seem to me to believe that they can/should not pay taxes, can/should control elections, etc. (I get that this is a not-so-empowered POV that will probably eventually shift.) Thoughts? Is wealth inequality actually a problem, or just a manifestation of people feeling afraid? Example, it’s easy for me to appreciate Elon Musk, much harder for me to appreciate the Saudi princelings who race their cars on my city streets. Does a more powerful-feeling, higher-vibing person look at the rich street racer and find something to appreciate in their rebellion and doing what they want?

    • Hey Cordy,

      I think it’s possible to be high-vibing and be totally into politics. Some people love politics! But a high-vibe person will enjoy politics, not be upset about it. 🙂

      I don’t think you can lump all the rich people into one pot. Some are conscious, some are not. Some have high vibrations, some have low vibrations. Don’t focus so much on the money (it can actually serve as an amplifier of fear…), but rather on how much energy someone is streaming. I like Elon Musk, too! He’s awesome!

      Huge hugs!


  • Your email is very confused. Donald Trump is a great candidate for president!!! Bernie Sanders is a lying pandering commie that is falsely promoting the failed ideology of communism. Bernie Sanders is against the Law of Attraction because his whole candidancy is based on lack and envy of the successful.

    Here Abraham gives Donald Trump as a great example of using the Law of Attraction to become a magnificent deliberate creator.


    Also Trump is the best hope for avoiding WWIII:


  • Awesome Melody, you sure aren’t just talking to a camera, or sending blogs out into an empty void! What a bunch of replies!
    However, I think it’s odd that anyone thinks your Trump explanation is a political plug disguised as LOA. Every blog you have ever made for Deliberate Receiving is LOA based!
    You don’t cloak anything, ever. There’s no agenda other than LOA and lightening up.
    The question about how we manifested Trump, has been answered, as YOU see it. And that’s exactly what I’m hoping to find out, “how does MELODY see it?” Trump and the other candidates really do have good examples of energy that’s part of a much larger picture than I usually think about in relationship to LOA. I don’t want to read about generalities about non specific candidates, when I’m trying to understand LOA.
    Thank goodness what you write DOES include what you think and feel. That’s why I’m reading YOUR blog! I also love to read what you write because you have an amazing ability to write in a way that helps me understand more of the subtle complexities of LOA (which always turn out to be the subtle complexities of my misunderstandings about LOA!) I’ve always enjoyed lots of different books & other media, talked to friends and loved ones about things similar to LOA, “lived and sometimes learned” but I also keep seeking you and getting more insight…and laughing at the cartoons and funny comments and smiles you so often slip into everything! Thank you!

  • I feel like even for LOA believers, politics easily brings up feelings of powerlessness and fear. I have to keep reminding myself of something that you wrote in a blog awhile back: this stuff doesn’t just work for manifesting parking spaces, either we create our own reality or we don’t.

  • What is helping me this election cycle is helping to get new voters registered to vote Getting them to caucus’ and listening to them build excitement for the process – and sharing a few facts about Ted Cruz that people did not know Not only does he want to shut down the IRS, he wants to close public schools and he personally does not believe in women’s rights. He is an extremely fundamentalist conservative and extremely smart and manipulative – I don’t want to leave that kind of legacy for any female children I know and love. People constantly say “I did not know”

    Good video shared – thank you

  • Melody for President !

    I always know when I’m aligned to my highest self, that’s when I feel your energy and it’s so powerful and loving. Your videos remind me why there is so much to be joyful for and to let fear go by the wayside. I could rewatch this over and over again especially when you said we could focus on our things that aren’t in our reality yet. Obviously, I liked this because I love focussing on my Prince who may or may not even be here yet (I visualize him entering into this dimension one pixel at a time just for me). He’s coming very very soon, I can feel it. In the past I’d never state that for fear of disappointment but I just know!

    Anyway back to politics, looking at the Bernie Sanders I can feel the genuine authentic reflection in him that you see. Even though what happens in your country doesn’t really impact on me directly, I wish the best for the American people. They’ve been through a lot and deserve some fun decades now.

    So, if I’ve understood you correctly, Americans are now noticing their reflection in Donald and are deciding to shift away from that fear/anger etc (because of the cattle prod method). I can see that by the other newer macro reflection that they want a more positive focus and that is why the polls are closing in with this Bernie fella. It’s a good thing I dont have to explain what you teach us to others because while I understand it, I find it hard to explain.

    When I’ve paid attention to Hilary over the years I’ve picked up she’s a sociopath, she just doesn’t act like a neurotypical person, her reactions are of that of a manipulator and one who doesn’t experience empathy or feelings for others. The reason she’s mimicking Bernie is because that’s what sociopaths do. They become others temporarily until they have you. Once they have you, they devalue you and that’s why she’s done a complete 180 (if she did a complete 360, she’d be back to where she was). If I lived in America, I’d change my focus onto Bernie for example and leave the rest to the big darling U to figure out.

    When we all went through the Global Financial Crisis back in 2008, my country, Australia, was the first to bounce back. I recall being able to buy from America twice as much as I could in the past. Our dollar had soured!! I told everyone that would happen because we were such a positive bunch, always focussing on “she’ll be right”. It was no surprise to me but to many they thought I was a clairvoyant (which is so funny), but my prediction was true and we barely felt the crisis here compared to all the pain and suffering I heard of overseas.

    I suggest to all of you to switch off your TV’s, literally, wallpaper on your computer Bernie and if you happen to see a picture of that Donald guy, replace his face with a comedy you can recall, eat some chocolate or if you’re on a diet, think of Melody and her apple juice/green balls cleanse. I personally revert to something naughty lol – don’t judge 😉

    • Hi S&S, maybe Hilary mimicks Bernie Sanders because she secretly admires him and wants to be like him. Mimicking is also the sincerest form of flattery. 🙂

  • This was great! Thank you!

    I am sure Trump entered the scene on a bet with one of his cronies while in the sauna or in the hot tub, where he was dared to enter and he took him up on it. Why not? He needs expansion as well and he is learning in this process. I am glad someone is shaking things up. Candidates are like a groups of wet blankets, lifeless, and at least he has a pulse, which I am very entertained by! So, good for him!

    And I do believe Bernie’s plan can be implemented. I just wish people would stop being so afraid of stuff and empower themselves. That is what this world needs desperately.

  • If I had my way, I’d have NO ONE for president in 2016 😛

    But behind the visible façade government we see on TV, there’s still the global elite, the shadow government that really calls the shots for much of what goes on in the world…at least for now ^^

  • It makes me laugh when people who want to raise their vibration and play with their horses also feel the need to attack people they don’t even know.. with statements like “my anger at Trump supporters (how could you possibly be that ignorant??”). This is said because…people are NOT ignorant as long as they believe as you do?

    Nevertheless, the real problem is that the entire political system is a sham. There is not one person running for office that is not “owned” by either the party they belong to or corporate interests. Bernie Sanders has been in Congress since 1988. What has he accomplished? He doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to get his policies through. The economy is bad enough. His policies would only collapse what little we have left. Hillary Clinton is owned by Wall Street and as Secretary of State she left four Americans to be tortured and killed and didn’t even sweat about it. In fact her comment at the hearings was “What difference does it make now?” What a nice, caring person she is. And name one thing she accomplished as SOS? She lives in a mansion in Chappaqua for god’s sake and thinks she understands what the common American is going through? She doesn’t even have the courage of her convictions since she is quickly adopting whatever Bernie says in order to pander to possible voters.

    Say what you want about Trump….but he got the country talking again. People are not afraid to speak up about how they feel and that is a good thing on both sides. For eight years anyone with a different opinion or different idea was afraid to speak up. Free speech was quickly squashed if you didn’t say things according to the script.

    Trump can’t get all of his agenda through either. We have a system that has to be followed and even though it is slow it does have checks and balances that keep any radical, be it Hillary, Bernie or Trump from doing so much damage that we can’t recover. So there is nothing to fear. The government system is not controlled by the president as Obama painfully found out. I might just vote for Trump. Even though I will be branded as ignorant by people who don’t know me and I will probably never be so fortunate as to play with horses and dance my days away….sigh…

  • Thank you so much for this!
    Earlier this year, I had asked you about how this could be a time of ascension and yet have a candidate like Trump, and you succinctly explained it as a collective purging. 🙂
    Since then, I’ve focused (at your suggestion) on my own vibration, and let others figure it out for themselves, and that has been a huge help. I’ve also seen the pent up anger of others explode and then burn out, leaving the other person wondering what to do next. Here’s to hoping it’s moving to a higher vibration.
    I realize now that my anger at Trump supporters (how could you possibly be that ignorant??) was lowering my vibration, and that I really needed to learn to work out why I would get angry, deal with it, and then focus on raising my energy. When I saw I could choose between getting bummed out about what others were doing, or go have awesome quality time with my horses, or go dancing, it was a no brainer decision. Seriously, it’s my free time, why waste it on what doesn’t make me happy?
    Sounds selfish, right? but then I saw that me being happier was contagious to those around me, and I saw first hand how raising your own vibration can help raise that of others.
    Now I can see that others that rant about agendas and disingenuous-ness are manifesting their own fears. It no longer brings me down.
    Thank you!

    • I know what you mean about anger. I have to keep away from the news, because just hearing Trump’s voice is enough to get me upset, lol. As you said, we have to manage our own vibration.

  • I usually don’t follow politics at all but this year Sanders has gotten my attention.

    Being in the south makes this a bit difficult though as I think the majority of the Trump supporters are here. And unfortunately I have been dragged into debates a couple of times by people who don’t like Sanders at all.

    I don’t really care all that much about debating politics. I have my views, you have yours. No one is going to change their mind and it just makes everyone mad, so why bother?

    But for whatever reason, people have asked me who I’m voting for (which I always dread) because when I say Sanders, they flip out like I want to condemn everyone to death by taxes. When I say he is only raising taxes for people who make a certain amount of income (over $150,000 I believe) they said “Well what if you start making that much money.” Then I say “Well I don’t mind paying my fair share to help those in need.” Then they go on and on about people who take advantage of these systems and on and on. Blah blah blah! Then I’m thinking to myself “ARGH! What did I do to manifest this crap?” LOL!

    Interestingly enough, this is the first year EVER I’ve had people ask me on multiple occasions who I’m voting for. I’m sure there’s a reason behind this, whatever that reason is, I wish it would just go away already.

    Either way, I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

  • Broadly speaking I agree with this post, politics aside, although it really wasn’t comfortable reading for me.

    Personally I deign to keep my spiritual and political lives separate where possible, though my political life is huge: I happen to be an economist and media analyst for a right-wing think tank, and the US Republican Party is one of many political parties worldwide that I have had dealings with.

    Given how important politics is to me, I shouldn’t be surprised to have manifested something like this post into my life.

    But here’s the thing: Barring some kind of miracle that will see some someone amazing emerge out of nowhere, I support Donald Trump. Despite one or two silly, off-the-cuff comments, his views are the closest to my own.

    I understand that it’s hip to hate the Donald, and that it’s trendy to “feel the Bern”. I’m also aware of the fact that I’m also guilty of manifesting vitriol and hatred based on fear – for me this comes from (often violent) confrontations with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters, who in my experience have been quite nasty people to deal with.

    I’m guilty of seeing candidates emerge (and in other countries, win elections) who represent my own fears rather than what I want to see achieved.

    So to that extent, I agree with what you’re saying but I’d like to emphasise that the actual candidates don’t matter so much – where someone like you might vilify Trump and venerate Sanders, someone like me sees it and feels it the exact opposite way. What matters is concentrating on what you want over what you don’t want.

    I do want to admit however that I feel very uncomfortable with the implication that someone of my political persuasion is less entitled to hold the opinions I hold while living a spiritual life. I know that’s not what was intended here, but it could be viewed that way.

    • It’s instructive and encouraging to read a reasoned and calm response from someone with right wing views, as anything that puts a rational human face to a political and idealogical ‘opponent’ is a good thing.
      However, you really should refrain from referring to the motives of Trump detractors or Sanders supporters in such terms as ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’. Implying that their views are not the result of deeply held convictions but merely an adopted position to gain temporary kudos. That they are mindlessly following a trend. You may not have intended insult but such terminology is not helpful.
      The bottom line is that we all want a better world, so my best wishes to you from the UK 😉

      • Hey Jon,

        No insult was intended by my use of those phrases, nor did I intend to make such an inference – it’s just how I seem to have interpreted or experienced this phenomenon based on watching how its handled by the mainstream media, etc.

        Best wishes,

    • Hey Alexx,

      You’re absolutely right – the political candidates don’t matter at all. They were simply arbitrary examples, used to explain the energy they represent. And what they represent is unique to every individual. Perhaps, if you switch the names – insert Bernie or Hillary wherever I used Trump, and vice versa, it might resonate more.

      For the record, I don’t vilify Trump. I personally couldn’t care less about politics. But many of my readers struggle with this subject, and so I addressed it, on the level at which the questions were asked. Had I been asked how to feel better about politics in general, I wouldn’t have talked about specific candidates at all. But the questions I got were very specific, and so I began building the bridge there.

      Your views are just as valid as anyone else’s. My question to you, though is: Why do you separate your political and your spiritual sides? Why not merge them? I’m certain that if you look for a way to combine the two comfortably, you’ll find one. 🙂



      • There must be something going on because you happen to be the second person in the last week to ask me why I separate my political life and personal (or spiritual life) so much.

        Probably, it comes from a place of fear. My spirituality is something deeply personal to me, and while my political life is very, very public, I go to great effort to keep my personal life personal, maybe out of fear and maybe due to the fact that despite my public persona I’m actually not a people-person and value privacy.

        I don’t really know. It’s something to think about!

  • Thanks for a great post, Melody! I believe this whole trump thing is all about witnessing our own evolution. And I find it exhilarating, because as you said, we can’t go backwards. I see it this way, from an Abe-assisted point of view: we see what we don’t want, and if we focus on it, it gets bigger if we observe it from fear. If we observe it from love, we can see that its a small orange speed bump of resistance to the greater unfolding of awareness, and its not such a big deal. Our vibrations rise if we don’t get sucked into the fear, and just see it as something we simply don’t want. Whether Sanders gets elected or not, momentum is turning forward. As the collective momentum forward increases, the orange thing loses its power as it disappears from our awareness. These are the best of times because they are the worst of times, and I choose to find joy in being alive during this shift in consciousness.

  • Great post! A couple of things came to mind. Recently I heard an Abraham conversation about “safe spaces”, and Abe said “The safe space is in your head”. I loved that. I’ve noticed a huge conversation around offense, safe spaces, speech control, etc springing up among progressives over the past 2 years that I just haven’t related to or felt interested in being involved with, and I haven’t really understood why not. But more recently I realized – ah, okay, this is just people trying to control circumstances, and while I’m not yet a Shiny Happy Puppy 24/7, I do feel pretty clear that I don’t want to keep playing the game of trying to control others so I can feel okay.

    Another thing that came to me as I read: I used to identify much more strongly with my political “team” and feel that “we” were right and “they” were 100% wrong and dumb. This election cycle I have really noticed in myself that I feel increasingly distant from this type of tribal politics. It has felt SO OBVIOUS to me that Trump’s rise has to do with the terrible fear and powerlessness currently experienced by many Americans that I’ve felt really disengaged from the way many people in “my tribe” talk about them as being dumb or evil or whatever. It just seems to me that many people are having this type of angry response because they’ve felt downtrodden and depressed and anger and blame obviously feels better, and if they could just move through that (and maybe, who knows, hear Bernie’s message that is much more “a rising tide lifts all boats”? a lady can dream!) they could actually feel better than they do at his anger rallies. For a while I felt pretty nervous about Trump, but then I realized that I could instead focus on how the people who go to his rallies probably feel pretty afraid and powerless in their daily lives, and I could have compassion for where they are and what they’re doing to feel better. That brought me quite a bit of relief and now I feel much more certain that Trump will sort of fizzle out.

    But it’s not really any of my business, which I’m trying hard to remember!

    I grew up in socialist Europe (which, BTW, is not actually a bankrupt totalitarian hellscape as so many fear the democratic socialism of a President Sanders would make our own country, but is instead pretty nice and full of reasonably-priced food and bridges that aren’t falling down) and I’ve been noticing recently how American fear and powerlessness and shame manifests itself in so many ways in our culture that don’t exist nearly as much in Europe, where I think the average person is just much, much less afraid. (Gun violence, Trump, etc.) Do you think that America is a sort of metaphysical contrast laboratory? Like the swings between rich and poor are so much bigger here, it really produces a lot of contrast and new desires? Is that why people choose to come here, do you think?

    • Hey Cordy,

      Having just moved to the U.S. from Europe, I have also noticed the pretty stark difference in energy here (but also, the massive similarities…). I think North America, and particularly the U.S. is pretty unique in that such a huge range of vibration is represented, coupled with massively dueling energies of passivity vs. drive to improve anything and everything. There’s huge amounts of empowerment here, and huge amounts of powerlessness. And that makes for an interesting environment. I think it’s easier here to swap from powerlessness to empowerment, and less comfortable (read: painful) to stay in powerlessness than pretty much anywhere I’ve seen. All the elements present here can be found other places, but I think it’s the combination of pretty much all of them that makes this environment so volatile but also so awesome. I like to think that’s why I was drawn back here – it’s a combination that makes for a perfect environment for powerful change…

      And yes, massive contrast produces massive desires. Some of us like riding the big scary awesome roller coasters. 🙂

      Smooshy hugs,


      • Great answer Melody! I agree and feel the same way, having lived on both sides of the Atlantic. Contrast is more extreme in North America and the extremes of empowerment/powerlessness are more pronounced.

  • Awesome video, Melody! First, you are so pretty. Second, Trump makes me laugh so I’m starting to actually like him for that. Look at him, he’s such a petulant child. I even googled his childhood pics, he was pretty cute. I know, I know. Trump, cute? I know, sorry. But yes, a child (especially a child like Trump) shouldn’t become the US president. I’m also a Bernie Sanders fan. 🙂 I don’t mind Hilary either.

    • Trump puts a smile on my face too! So, I appreciate him. I am glad he is putting all these issues out there in the limelight to be discussed and debated! Bernie is good and I do believe what he says can be implemented.

      • Hey A., you put it so nicely. I do think Bernie Sanders will make already great America great again. Plus, hats off to Melody for this post!

  • Awesome blog post Melody! I agree so much about Sanders. And I’ve also been very frightened about Trump, but what you say makes sense, that nothing can happen to us that we’re not a match to.

    I really don’t think he will win. There are way too many people who would never vote for him. At least I hope so. 🙂

  • Personally, I agree with the now deceased comedian George Carlin about our government and our illusionary right to vote. It seems to me that Donald T. got to where he is because of his psychopathic ruthlessness, along with a bit of help from other powers-that-be. That’s what has been manifested so far by Donald and others so far. Same deal with Hillary.

    But regardless of who makes it into the White House, it’s our whole corrupt and irrepairable system of government, economy, and so on that is unsustainable. I feel that going out to vote is like trying to beat a dead horse.

    • IMO that sounds pretty powerless. I think we can choose to see it in a more empowering way than that. There are things we can do as individuals to help sway what happens.

      • The current system doesn’t really give empowerment to the everyday people.

        Remember that like begets like as far as manifestation goes. If I go out and vote for either Hillary or Trump, what is that going to manifest? It’ll amount to more of the same old shit under the same old system and way of thinking and doing things.

        I can and do empower myself; but I’m not going to waste my time and energy on our current corrupt government and political system which is run by successful psychopaths.

        If we can manifest a fair and more just system that benefits ALL the people, I’d be all for that. I won’t say that I know exactly what kind of system that would be; I’m not an expert about such things…but I can imagine though.

        And in order for us to have a better and more beneficial system, the current one has to go. It’s unsustainable, it can’t be fixed. Same with the economy. Why waste time trying to beat or revive a dead horse?

        If we want to manifest better things on a collective scale, then we need a collective scale of awakening and adequately aware and conscious people who are envisioning and working for and manifesting something better. If I see something like that in my lifetime, I’ll be in on it.

        Until then, I’ll do what I can within my sphere of influence.

        • “The current system doesn’t really give empowerment to the everyday people.”

          Empowerment doesn’t need to be given. Empowerment is the way of things. Empowerment is what you have already. It’s all about whether you claim it or not. Things can look disempowering, but if you yourself are a match to empowerment, then you will have empowerment, no matter what the system is. Similarly, if you are only a match to disempowerment, then you will have disempowerment, no matter the system of government or economy.

          • I realize I can be empowered, regardless of the matrix control system in place at this current time. Sorry, but I’ve never really been into politics much; been disenchanted with it for a long time. The whole vibe of politics, to me, is just depressing and doesn’t accomplish anything worthwhile, at least for the most part.

            As I said earlier, like begets like. Politics in our country doesn’t empower me, so I’ll stick to things that do. Yeah, there’s a lot of negativity and shit out there, but there is a Divine plan and reason for it all and I can see the positive in things, too. Just have to have a higher perspective on things and not limit yourself to 3D physicality.

          • I agree with both you guys. Politics is a reflection of disempowerment since it’s the same stuff repeated over and over again. And it is true, one can empower him/herself so that none of this stuff touches one. As the overall vibration rises, these things will start disappearing, but until then, the overall vibe is of lack, fear, deceit, and people running things being afraid of people empowering themselves.

  • “…all you ever have to do is focus on the outcome that feels best to you…”

    Melody, I have learned over time in working with people in pain that, pain is all that they know, and when we have people in pain manifesting things, the thing that they do not “get” is that while they are saying one thing to me in regards to what it is that they want to see happen in life, what they are not aware of is that they tell me so very much more when they think that the only thing I am interested in hearing about is what they want out of life and NOT what they don’t realize that I am also hearing.

    As you and as always so eloquently have shown us all, fear is a dominating thing, and because we collectively are afraid, it seems, we are seeing the fruition of that fearful nature. Lots and lots of us walk around with a pretend sense of bravery when in reality, what a whole lot of us are is fearful of the worst outcomes. What this…Lump called Trump is, at least in my opinion, and knowing well, on your part, who and what I am and why it is that see things in a symbolic manner, the Lump (it is my pet name for the guy) is the manifestation of everything that we think we need to fight against in terms of who we THINK we are (ummm…ridiculously overbearing bafoons…I said it so deal with it), and how appropriate of the Goddess to show us all how it is that the majority of those who are afraid are (ready?…and you know it, girl – you know the answer to the question of “How much does Rox REALLY care about the opinion of other people where she is concerned?…ZERO! Here is that list):

    -We are hateful towards those who we want to believe are not like us.

    -We prefer to stay with the status quo, for no other reason than that we think it still is
    the only way to go

    -We are impressed by ourselves to the point where we don’t care how offensive we are, as
    long as we get to say and do whatever we want without consequence.

    – We feel so insignificant that in order to get anywhere in life, we think we have to make threats, belittle entire populations of people just because we would rather continue to
    wear the cloak of ignorance (just like the Emperor who wore no clothes…think about it),
    we feel as though there is a threat to who we are, when in reality, who we are (okay who
    MOST of us are) is not who the rest of the world population sees. (Bravado is NOT the
    same thing as Bravery) and at that point we become the threat we fear.

    – We are entitled, and this is where the Lump comes in.

    The Lump is the manifestation of everything we do not want to accept that we are. Here in the states, we are a collective, the majority of us, of people who feel like anyone owes us anything, as though it was somehow made this way by that piece of paper written by people who wanted freedom, who produced freedom, even as they kept slaves. The Declaration of Independence was not written with this time in history in mind, at all. Yet, we seem glued to the idea that somehow, one of these guys who we vote into the highest office in the land is somehow going to save us, but how can someone who we have manifested and who is indicative of an entire population’s actual inner life and who appears to have the means to do so going to do that when he, himself, cannot bother to look past the same things that a lot of other people cannot bother with even considering to look past?

    Are we going to remain hateful, and are we going to remain in the fear that manifested the Lump? Are we going to stop the foolishness of hatred and and unwillingness to see past differences, and are we all going to think to have a common and unified cause which can be the goal of actual peace, actual personal sovereignty, actual Love between human brothers and sisters? Are we going to continue to compete with humankind for occupancy in the minds, only, that we are great at bullying others into fearing everything, or, are we going to collectively, say F*CK THIS and learn that we are who, singularly, have the power, NOT to make sure the Lump does NOT get voted into the highest office in the land, but to make sure that through this joker, we see who we really are and more, who we really are NOT !

    I cannot speak for the rest of the voting populace here in this country, but I will state, now, that I am not scared of what everyone thinks will happen should this guy take office. I am not afraid of what will or will not happen, because, even as I like this current Obama guy, his presidency has NOT affected my life for better or worse – I am still responsible for making my life what it is supposed to be by MY design, with the help of the Universe, of course.

    And keeping in line with what the rest of the Americans in this country believe…what’s mine STAYS mine, and in this case, what is mine is the power to create my life from the rubble that my kids’ dad gave to me. That guy had no idea that I could create a masterpiece from the stones of life that he chose to throw at me.

    Enough about that guy…what a great read, chick !! Keep ’em comin’

    You know it…I Love Ya tons !!

  • For the interest of equal time and fairness…..why not do your next video on how in the heck did we manifest candidates Hillary (a gobalist with the same toxic Obamaisk agenda) or Sanders (a socialist who’s free everything will bankrupt this country even quicker like Europe).

    If you really understand law of attraction then you don’t give energy to what you don’t want because that will give it more energy.

    You are free to talk about whomever you choose in the arena of politics…but to cloak your agenda with the law of attraction to sell your ideas is spiritually disingenuous.

    • Scott, I totally agree with you. Melody, I am not here to take sides. I don’t want to engage in political rhetoric. I just want to know how to quell the angst inside regarding politics, and other daily crap. It could have easily been done in an unbiased way, keeping your preferences to yourself.

        • Hi Melody,
          What I did forget to say was that I love coming to visit here, and I appreciate your work. So, huge hugs back at ya’.
          Maybe next time post a WARNING…politics ahead!! The intro to “How the F**k….” did not seem to me an unbiased observation of our political situation. There are plenty of other faces I could think of to put in place of The Donald.

    • Hey Skip,

      All I can do is offer a disclaimer that I’m not talking about so much about the specific individuals, but about the energy they represent. And of course, the energy they represent is a totally unique thing to every individual, so all I can ever do is address the questions I get, on the level of energy at which they were asked. I did my best in this video to paint with a broad brush, while answering the very specific questions I received.

      The danger in getting specific is that it always does leave a lot of people out (if you don’t resonate with the specifics, it can cause you dismiss the underlying message, too). But specifics help me to build a bridge for those mired in resistance – for those who are really worried about this election and can’t find their way to not being worried. You don’t sound worried to me… 🙂

      If I use an analogy using chocolate to represent something delicious, and you just happen to hate chocolate, you can probably let that go and still see the underlying message for what it is. To me, using another arbitrary example – political candidates – is the same. But sometimes, people need me to use one arbitrary example over another. That’s all I was doing here. I hope that makes sense.

      Sending you huge hugs,


    • Seriously Skip?

      How can you say that? Speaking from my Spiritual teaching voice, Melody has not been selling anyone’s political agenda. I have known her for some time now, and in that time, never has she ever tried to convince me one way or another that I ought to vote for one candidate over another. The truth of the matter is that she has used The Lump to make a point – that when we collectively worry, judge, show hatred, etc., we end up manifesting the proof that this is what we are about.

      It is not that we or she or I want the Lump to not win, but that everyone needs to know also the other side of manifestation, the side that no one thinks about, which is the side that other teachers do not outright teach, which is simply to remember to think about what it is that we are all focusing on. Are we focusing on the best person for the job, regardless of who it is, or, are we all focusing on our NOT wanting this person to win? The answer is simple, obviously, because the Lump is running for office, meaning that through his example, we have been shown who we are in terms of our own arrogance.

      She has no agenda. Really

  • hi melody great video and I’m delighted that you have talked about this subject. completely agree with what you say, which has helped me to own the fears that i may have inside me, and look to raise my vibration ever more; although I’m in the UK and so not directly in the US experience, i also don’t spend much of my energy on focusing on the politics as is, i have put energy into focusing on the type of politicians I would love to have as world and local leaders, and they are emerging, slowly but surely, as seems clear in the form of former senator candidate Marianne Williamson, and now Bernie Sanders. I definitely feel more empowered, and truly believe every vote, every vote, ( for whatever we want) counts and makes a difference, so I always vote for what I want in every situation, even if the odds are stacked (supposedly) against me, as otherwise we think our vote is irrelevant, how can ever be, so vote with your hearts America, that is the only way, and what ever the result is you will feel, empowered. Love to you melody and great great job !!! Bernie P x

  • This was perfect, Melody. I feel like we’re living on the battlefield between angels and demons. It’s a crazy time to be on this planet, and sometimes difficult, but I believe it is the most amazing time to be here in all of history.

  • Yeah, it’s been really interesting to see this play out. I went to a democratic caucus and I was really inspired to see people for Clinton and for Sanders upholding a belief and growing it in a positive way that just one person (or rather, their campaign team) started. It made me pretty emotional actually, because it helped me realize that the things I want to do with my life and the ways I want to affect the world are there BECAUSE there are people who want to manifest it and believe in it and stand up for it and grow it. I really can start a positive revolution. Seeing those people face to face made it real for me.

    Also, this election is showing me how powerless people really do feel. There’s the people for Trump who are angry and want justice, and the people afraid of what he’ll do. I see that, and it just makes me want to go do my dreams more and show people you can enjoy life.

    I don’t know how much power the president actually has “doing” things or changing laws or changing the county (that’s up to the other 300 million people), but I think the biggest power they have is in the way they emotionally affect people. Some people say Bernie’s plans could never realistically happen… well, I think even if he becomes president and the things he wants to happen don’t in four years, he’ll have helped changed the way people see things, which is ultimately more valuable.

  • This is great! I’m a Vermonter, and most definitely in Bernie’s corner. His inclusiveness and positive message has always felt right to me (and it’s how we roll in VT for the most part). I will admit to having very little patience or understanding for Trump supporters, but am working on shelving those feelings so I can focus more energy on what I do want. Even so, I just haven’t been able to understand how anyone could listen to Trump speak and support him anyway. I’ve found it somewhat disheartening. Thank you for this timely video, and for answering the very confusing question of “why?”.

  • Hey Melody
    Great stuff here. I tend not to give too much of my time and energy to politics as I don’t buy into the idea of that stuff being able to impact my life and most of the discussion is just low energy overall. But obviously I know you wouldn’t be engaging that way and would have some awesome stuff to share. These sorts of posts where we talk about how we co-create together are super-helpful because I think that is something that is harder for us to understand.

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