Boy, do I have a treat for you today! I was recently interviewed by Elaine Lindsey for Business Banter Plus TV, and as always (whenever I get interviewed), we had so much fun! I’m so excited to share that interview with you today!

While I shared as many LOA related insights as I could (as per usual), as well as some really deep topics, Elaine also guided the conversation to how I came to do what I do, and even more importantly, why I do it. I’m not sure I’ve shared my story in this way before.

Oh, and for those of you who have been asking to see my new living quarters, you can see a glimpse of my living room in the background. Bonus! Ha.

Unfortunately, as this is not my content, we won’t be publishing a transcript of this video. But we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

Watch the video below to join the conversation!


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  • This is not really related to your post but I have to talk to someone who ‘gets’ LOA. I also need to go back and read your post about not freaking out when things start to happen.
    There’s a bit of back story but basically two years ago when my life sucked big time, I discovered your blog after I started to meditate to cope and was inspired to look for ‘something’ that would get me where I wanted in life. Since then I have read all your posts countless times, absorbed teachings like Abraham-Hicks and meditated, worked on visualising constantly, and releasing resistance almost every day. I practice gratitude, wrote down all my goals in all areas of my life in great detail and read them every day, and I have trained myself to look for the better feeling thought in every situation. Things that seemed bad at the time just led me to something that was better.
    And OMG, how my life has changed. It’s been a complete trip. I went from pretty miserable to floating through most days deliriously happy. I miraculously went from not working to the job of my dreams in record time, exactly as I wrote it down, except better. Just today I got a promotion with lots of praise.
    My marriage has broken down, relatively gently, and there is a dreamy someone waiting in the wings who ticks all my boxes and the feeling seems to be mutual, so I like where this is going. There is a bit of resistance there but I am working on it.
    The not so nice people have gravitated out of my life, and there are lots of great people in it now. There are many more wonderful things that happen. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I almost can’t believe it.
    There are the synchronicities – in fact, there was one today (that inspired me to write this) related to getting me where I want to go that is so amazing, I am freaking out. Someone at work literally just walked up to me and just out of the blue for no particular reason told me a piece of information that really really helped me towards one of my goals but had no idea about. It was like a missing jigsaw piece falling into place at the perfect time. It was so freaky I was literally stunned for several minutes and had to take a walk to recover.
    I haven’t achieved all my goals just yet but it’s fun to work on just feeling good and letting the universe taking me where it will. I know I will get there.
    I just want to say THANK YOU Melody. Your posts and videos have helped me immeasurably. Whenever I am having doubts or questions, i always come back to a post and re read it and it gets me back on track. What you are doing is amazing and I want to tell everyone that if I can do it anyone can. Really you have no idea how horrific the events in my life were before all this, at one point I was suicidal. May god heap many more blessings on you Melody and keep up the great work xxx

    • Wow, just wanted to reply and say I’m so happy for you! I remember some of your comments from a while back and it seemed you had been in a dark place at the time. I’m so happy things are working out. We’re always moving towards better and better and better. 😀 Seriously, congratulations!

    • OMG you made me cry with tears of joy for you. Good on you – may it get better and better. Thank you for sharing and giving everyone else even more evidence this is real.

      If this is Alice, I’m even more excited, thrilled and overjoyed for you. Alice was a woman I just wanted to hug with every comment.

  • Hey Melody/Other people,
    Im pretty traumatized by this series of incidents wherein a subordinate of mine ( who was reporting to me) left my company on bad terms ( my father owns the company actually, and i work there), and then acted like i was the one infringing on her personal space and sent offensive messages and even blocked me on whatsapp when i retaliated. she sent rude messages, and lately its been rude emails to professional pending queries with sentences like ‘ do not email me, you have wasted enough of my time’. i know i logically shouldnt be affected, but i am deeply humiliated, especially as the last rude email was marked to people of the HR department. i dont know what to do or how to overcome this seemingly petty issue ( although its a big issue in my head im getting increasingly obsessed about). help LOA style?? 🙁 :)?

    • I experienced something similar. I still feel it’s traumatic to me 5 years later (it doesn’t help that she’s a neighbour who I have to see daily) so I thought I’d comment to save you going through the same pain I did.

      I handled an abusive angry woman incorrectly by being angry back at her and I’m still dealing with the emotions years later. I was too stubborn to see the messages that lead up to an altercation – it started from fear and then I was cornered and like a caged animal it became anger. I wish I could have heared a message like you’re receiving now.

      Back away from it all. Ask yourself how you are feeling and then find a way to acknowledge it and release it Mopeychild.

      Stop focussing on the entire issue. Easier said than done, I know! but your need to defend yourself and your pride will make the situation worse. I say go general because the issue is too close to stressful for you. Just hand it over to the universe to look after for you. Ask for peace and harmony! In the meantime continue to carry yourself as a good person/gentleman. This battle wont show you anything accept your resentment and anger which you could do personally without having a real life situation in your reality showing you it. Take the less bumpy road. You are not weak rising above others pettiness – deal with the real issue by either doing the work yourself or hiring Melody.

      I would suggest looking up Anger Release on Melody’s blog as it sounds like this situation is making you feel powerless.

      Also ask what it is about you that you’re trying to shed. She has arrived to show you it and help you release it but see the entire situation as a sign to release whatever it is and don’t battle. She will go away with less focus on her.

      • hi S & S,

        firstly, thanks for taking the time out to reply. feels really nice 🙂

        also, this happened a week back. your reply was yesterday, and in the mean time, things smoothened out a little( first in my head, then in the outside world)

        first, i went through agony regarding the humiliation. i tried to rationalize it and stuff, but it did not help me and the mental agony went all. finally, it let myself feel it. i let myself feel the horridness full fledged and felt all the shame it brought on. i actually FELT it for a good one minute. and it surged over me, but then abated by itself. i felt physically weaker and drained. but a little relief in my head.

        each time the shame got too much, i sat down and let myself feel it. and after ‘feeling’ it a few times in the day, i felt much better.

        ofcourse, i still had residual feelings of shame and humiliation and betrayal and shock, but it did not cripple me the way it had a few days back. it did not make me question my self-worth to the point i wanted to kill myself.

        and funnily, just yesterday, there popped into my email inbox a perfectly polite email by the same rude woman about the exact same pending work issue that she had put an end to. this polite email was also marked to all the people of the HR department(like the rude one earlier), and in a way redeemed me in the external world, right after id let myself redeem myself in my internal world in my mind.

        i think i trust the path of inner self work more than ANYTHING else now !

        • Thank you for sharing the good outcome, it gives us all even more evidence (despite having so much of it already lol). I’m glad it only took allowing the shame and humiliation and not resisting it to get the perfect ending.

          I wish I had been as clever as you were. Well done my friend. You should be proud of your inner work.

          • Its not a perfect ending, but it is one that is a LOT less crippling and has more relief involved 🙂 then again, perfection is subjective ! also, allowing myself to feel the shame was SCARY but i did it as a last resort finally( cattle-prod moment?). but now that ive done it once, i urge you to try it too 🙂
            wishing you much love S & S !

  • Hi Melody,
    How could I manifest moving to another country? I have a specific region in mind, but not am open to which country in specific.
    I know I could enroll as a student, become an au-pair, or teach my language, but I actually tried a few of these a few years ago and did not find them very enjoyable or worth all the struggle and hard work, even though I did succeed in living there temporarily.
    As I’ve learned about Law Of Attracyion and being open to all the paths of the universe, I’ve considered marriage to a national of another country, getting another citizenship, and gaining a lot of money as there are special visas and living permits for those who can afford them.
    This is a desire I’ve held for a long time, but I tend to feel a lot of negativity and overwhelm when I go to research how to actually do it. My logical brain is quick to announce all the complicated legal and financial details that come with moving abroad and I feel really discouraged and overwhelmed.
    I don’t know what to do in regards to this desire. I really want to do it soon, but there’s a lot of resistance there.
    How do you reduce resistance when it feels like what you want can only come in a difficult or rare way and probably only after a long time because of laws, money and regulations?

  • Hi Melody, I really appreciate your reference to The Law of Attraction as being just a part of the larger “technology” that is reality. One of the reasons that I follow your blog so closely is your understanding of the notion that LOA is just a tool among many, and that a person’s understanding of reality is unique to him or her. You do boil the larger concepts down to their essences, but if one reads your blog in its entirety, it becomes clear that the complexity of reality is actually boundless. I find this exciting, however. How boring would it be to have it all completely figured out?! Thank you again for the work you do.

  • Hi Melody,

    Awesome Alex here.

    I have a question about helping or healing other people. I recognize that I cannot create in another persons reality, and I can’t take responsibility for someone else’s reality. However, what if someone who is in despair is a part of my reality? My older brother has been going through buckets of despair lately, and sometimes he seems interested in help, but then quickly turns back to substance abuse and shutting down emotionally. My whole family is concerned about him. I’ve been doing anger releases and a whole bunch of energy work, and I find myself more at peace with the situation, yet I feel a bit powerless at not being able to manifest a reality in which he is happy and healthy. This could probably be a whole blog post in and of itself! But if you have any quick words of advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Hello Melody,

    Guess what ! It is my Angel`s birthday today. He turns Five.
    I love your Private Jet Status Analogy.
    Now try too see from the third eye.
    Do you see now…

  • The interview was awesome! I really enjoyed listening to it.

    Btw, I have been wondering… I see people in my life who have had a stressful life, and are most likely gonna leave this physical world like that, i.e. without waking up. I can’t help but wonder what kind of intentions they had set for this life before entering here. I look at them and really feel like they have no enjoyment in life, they’re just living with stress.

    Did they set nice intentions but failed to achieve them? Or did they (for some reason) set intentions to have a tough, stressful life for some reason (either personal, family-related, or global)? I understand that some people choose to be born blind for example, because they want to overcome it and shift the global belief about powerlessness connected to being blind, but what about the kind of people I described above? I can’t see what they could be shifting globally, nor what enjoyment they could possibly be having in their life, since they always look stressed, yell and are frustrated.

    Is it maybe that their frustration with life (even though it will probably not get resolved in this current physical life of theirs) is adding up to the global frustration, and therefore bringing everything gradually to the point of awakening? In other words, did some people just choose to come to the physical to live most of their life in frustration without awakening up, JUST to help the global process of awakening?

    I’d appreciate anyone’s view on this 🙂

    • Hey Z,

      In my opinion, our higher self sees that we ar never off the path, even when it seems like we are totally disconnected with that part of ourselves.

      I think more and more people are waking up to a higher consciousness, but of course still there are many who are not. But to that greater part of ourselves, that is okay. There’s no rush. And every experience adds up to that person eventually waking up. If not in this life, perhaps in the next.

      But also, many people are making lots of progress that we might not see. Perhaps they aren’t making a major shift out of stress/frustration, but they learn to trust a little more, or release some resistance in some area of their life.

      We’re always on the path. We’re always moving towards better and better.

  • Now this message really moves me…
    This is beautiful, love this very much… you are also looking very beautiful in this interview.
    Everything that comes out at every moment flowing with a type of fluctuation perspective
    view,like what Feng Shui teaching evolved from: Negative energy apposing Positive energy becomes the * Positive Pull Of Popularity*
    “Controlled Anger” Beautiful Evolution…

    My shiny puppy happens to be a chippan, mini-pincer cross chiwawa. Black with tan markings. Long & floppy ears. His name is Ace.
    I look at him from time to time and what I am starting to believe is: This is my Protective Guardian Angel energy coming in ,so to speak…

    Do you see…

  • Beautiful Melody, great interview! As always thanks for sharing your light and in this video your home’s light as well! LOVE! XOXO

  • Ohh myy goddd, I had to stop the video in between and type this. you are awesome Melody haha yes I am too, that why we are in each others reality!!!!! The best part of you Melody is you are so biggggg(i can say it better instead of saying ‘big’ but i just love it) to give others people space to be negative, positive, spiritual, practical or whatever they are in the moment.
    I don’t have much problem in ”giving’, but I do feel bad, guilty, hesitant to receive from people, like gifts, financial help etc, even from my parents, I feel if I take something from someone, I feel burden on my shoulder to give them back, if it is financial help, there is more guilt! i know its not true, but I am unable to find better feeling perspectives.

    sooooooo much love to you, when I look at you, I see my future self!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Ruchi, I can relate to how you feel. I feel the same way sometimes about receiving too but after reading so many of Melody’s posts I’m starting to get a little better. And I’ve also had a horrible experience in the past when I tried to give money to someone who I thought was asking for money. (Thing is, he wasn’t!) He just was standing next to a few beggars?(don’t know if this is a good word to use but they were basically asking for money) and I thought he was one too because he was wearing a torn shirt and he was impaired. I know it was terribly arrogant of me to assume he was one but really, it was a mistake. After I gave him the money, he kept cursing me and he simply threw my money on the street. He was so angry! And people around gave me that, “What did you just do?” look and I was just so embarrassed and scared. I just ran away as fast as I could and then got home and cried. I’m happy that it’s now a distant memory and I’m more careful now about giving too. 🙂

      • Hi Rose, there is so much more with “giving” as wwell as “receiving”. Since Melody mentioned here “no strings attached” and “plain joy of goving”, I would see next time if my giving action goes out these two criteria.
        I am still working of receiving aspect, for me I had this fear of being judged was attached “that I am lazy, doesn’t want to do thing of her own, dependent” which I realised recently.
        I think once I learn to give unconditionally without expectations, it will be more easy for me to receive help ans gifts as myind won’t judge me “look ruchi, people are doing so much for you and you can’t give anything in return”
        Since I notice this fear and beliefs, I feel more easy to ask for help and reach out people.

        • Thanks Ruchi, I struggle with giving too, so those are both great Melody reminders for me as well. 🙂 <3 (Actually, with that guy who I thought was a beggar? I didn't want anything in return. Perhaps it was the universe's way of slapping me in the face and telling me to stop being so arrogant. I was 15 at that time and now more that twice that age and still struggle with both giving and receiving.) Also, about receiving, (just came to me after I read your comment, I always find it amazing how thoughts spark more sparks) that when we don't learn to receive, we deprive the other person of the pleasure of giving. Because you're a giver, I wanted to share that with you. 😉 I also can relate to pretty much everything else you said too (about being lazy, dependent and the "look ruchi people are doing so much for you and what are you doing in return.") 😉 On laziness, this has become my mantra: there is no animal on earth that expends more energy than it has to or wants to. We are ALL inherently lazy. So, people calling me lazy are actually jealous they can't get to be their inherent selves. I try to detach. I'm not successful all the time but that's okay, I'm not perfect. Thanks for helping me process my thoughts, Ruchi. I always leave Melody's blog feeling enlightened. Great start to my weekend!

  • Awesome, inspiring, fun, wonderful interview, Melody! My energy is lighter and more fun filled after watching you! Thank you!



  • Fun interview, Melody. I love how you are wise and informed and funny at the same time. Not that there is any contradiction there, but I get the strong feeling that many people equate humour with triviality, and devalue anything funny because of that. As someone who likes to ‘understand’ intellectually (too much of course . . working on that) and who also uses humour as a central part of how I relate to the world, I resonate totally with your approach. Nothing wrong with a bit of gentle sarcasm. Sarcasm is certainly not ‘the lowest form of wit’, whoever said that was just no good at it 🙂
    I would really love to know what your take on humour is, from an LOA or personal perspective. Is viewing the world as something engagingly absurd a form of resistance? I do think the ‘Universe’ has a sense of humour somehow 😉 Anything that nudges us away from and makes us question our ‘certainties’ about the world is a helpful thing imho.

    • Hey Jon,

      I think humor is very much a part of who we really are. During my third Ayahuasca ceremony, years ago, I had this 4 hour conversation with my higher self (or the Universe, or whatever you want to call it), and I was amazed at how witty and funny they were. Never mind double entendres, they were using triple and quadruple (and more!) entendres. Everything had so many layers, the wordplay was phenomenal, and it was all so ridiculous and funny and insightful and mindblowingly deep at the same time. And when I remarked that I was surprised at this, I was told this: “Where did you think your sense of humor came from?! It comes from us! From who you really are!”

      Laughing, lightening up, seeing the silly side, etc. raises our vibration. So I think that whenever we can bring humor into something, it’s a good thing.


  • Great call Melody!! I have a few questions though. Should we just focus on taking actions to getting what we want, as most personal development authors and coaches suggest? As well as actions to get from where we are to where we’d like to be? Or is it better to focus on getting specific about what we want, believing it’s possible and then seeing what we’re drawn to doing?

  • Great interview Melody!

    Your voice sounded different in this one. Is it the recording quality or did you have a cold?

    I like how you say you can take complex things and break them down. I like to do the same thing. I think people overcomplicate things so much. 🙂

    • Hey Brandon,

      I was just coming off of a cold (actually, a massive shift and purge, but muggles would say I had a virus), so my voice was sounding a bit flat. I noticed it too when I was reviewing the recording. I was still totally enthusiastic, but it’s not as easy to hear on this one.



      • oohhh I like that, a ” massive shift and purge” – yep that’s what I’m calling my copper toxicity and estrogen dominance, a purge. Well without these sore boobies, I wouldn’t have known I needed to do some purging, right?

  • Hi Melody! I know you hear this often, but this post is so timely and fortuitous for me! I have started a blog of my own focusing on philosophy and personal development, and I was beginning to feel bit of doubt creeping in. Just as I was taking stock of my reasons for wanting to do this work, your update hit my inbox! You are awesome. Thank you so much for the work that you do!

  • Hey Melody
    Congrats on the interview. I hope you are enjoying being back in the US. I look forward to watching this. I wanted to comment now because I just had to say how funny I thought the image you used is. I liked the first picture particularly because I think that is the image that gets conjured up when people think of my traveling lifestyle.

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