What do you do when you’ve been working on a manifestations for a LOOOONG time, and you know, you’re totally Zen about it and everything, and you’re looking forward to it manifesting in perfect timing, and you’re not really complaining or anything, but you’d really rather just that IT MANIFEST ALREADY GODDAMMIT! We all have that one thing that’s really important to us that seems to be taking forever (or at least, longer than we’d like it to) to come in. In today’s video, I explore what to do when you can no longer ignore the impatience.



Awesome Lynne’s Burning Question:

“Melody, I hope you can shed light on my situation. I can manifest things fairly easily, and I am of the ‘Think less about it and it will come’ creators.  However, with the desire I am trying to manifest, i.e., the relationship I want, believe it or not, I will see a movie with a man with the exact attributes I am looking for, treating a woman exactly as I am looking for.  I know my thoughts are out there being heard, and as much as I enjoy the movies and knowing ‘someone’ is responding, I seem to be missing a huge something-something here.  Can you please help?  I appreciate any help you can give me.  I am trying not to let it affect me, but after months of this happening, it is.  (Yes, it is kind of incredible to think is happening, amazing how things work!  But still, would rather have the relationship than a movie, you know?)”

I do know Awesome Lynne! So, here’s the thing: You know that frustration that you’re feeling at the fact that it hasn’t shown up yet: that’s a piece of resistance that you’re not paying attention to!

The gifts that keep on giving

This happens with the big manifestations that we work on for a long time, or it happens with those big pieces of unwanted manifestations that I call “the gifts that keep on giving.” We get to a place where we’re genuinely good about it, and then over time, something starts niggling at us, but we’ve decided “Nope I am good; I have released resistance, I am good on this; this does not bother me anymore because I am done with it! I am ready to manifest it!” And then, something starts getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it starts to nag at us, until we finally say, “Oh My God, WILL YOU MANIFEST ALREADY!!”

There’s a piece of resistance in there, and for you perhaps, the relationship is the issue that’s the gift that keeps on giving, which means it’s a big manifestation that represents all kinds of different pieces of resistance, and it has the ability to get your attention on many, many different levels. It’s the thing that you care so much about that you can keep going with this work; it keeps drawing you towards it. It’s enough of an incentive for you to release more and more and more resistance.

Before you sit there and say, “I wouldn’t need that and that’s unfair!” Let me tell you, if you are really honest with yourself, if this issue was resolved, would you really keep going? Would you really be willing to take a look at the parts of yourself that haven’t yet been integrated? Would you be willing to step into that discomfort over and over again? Or would you just say “F-it?”

I’ve not met a person who, upon honest self-reflection, has been able to say, “Yeah, I totally would.” If that was actually true then the “gift that keeps on giving” issue would resolve itself. We all have that thing, some of us more blatant than others, and for some of us it’s more bothersome than it is for others. It depends on how big of a life you are reaching for, and how much resistance you are clearing.

Step into the feeling of frustration

That frustration that you are feeling is something that you want to take a look at. Go ahead, step into it, and see it for what it is. Don’t run away from it because you think you should be past it at this point. Telling yourself that you’ve already released so much resistance, and god dammit, you’re done with it, you’ve decided you’re done with it, you are just going to manifest this now, you don’t want to release anymore resistance, doesn’t help.

You can release some resistance, you can get to a place where you feel generally good about it (the thing you want) and then as you keep expanding, you’ll hit that next issue, and it will come up as a bit of negative emotion. You don’t want to run away from that (as you haven’t really in the past, you know, otherwise you wouldn’t have come this far…), instead you want to take a look at it and feel that frustration. Also remember that frustration is you pushing; you are trying to MAKE IT HAPPEN. There’s something going on here, and you need to take a look at how it makes you feel for you not to have this thing. How does it feel for you not to have this relationship? What’s coming up? There is another layer for you to address here.

Bottom Line

Sit with the emotion, sit with the feeling, let the messenger that is the feeling bring you its message, and then it will go away. Another piece of the puzzle will resolve itself and another big boulder will come out of your way, and you will go further down the path towards what you want.

I hope that I’ve answered your question and I’ve explained it clearly enough to your satisfaction.

This has been this week’s Q&A. For now, I’m Melody Fletcher, author of Deliberate Receiving. Huge hugs to all of you and see you next week. Bye!

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  • I thought this was really relevant. I borrowed it from a psyblog, you know a science website that uses controlled research. It proves what Melody has told us in the past, i.e when we allow, the solution arrives…

    Ignoring deadlines and steering clear of analytical thinking are two factors linked to “Aha!” moments, new psychological research finds.

    “This means that when a really creative, breakthrough idea is needed, it’s often best to wait for the insight rather than settling for an idea that resulted from analytical thinking.”
    The conclusions come from a series of experiments in which people had to solve puzzles that required flashes of insight.

    The results showed that insightful solutions were more often correct than analytical solutions.

    The link goes on to prove that science believes insight stronger than analytical thinking…that’s because the universe is doing the prompting and the guiding. Love it!

  • Well, not to be the Debby downer here, but why is it that the negative things manifest super fast.. And mind you that I always meditate and notice what I am feeling. My only goal is to feel happy every day. Never mind manifesting something, just feel happy no matter what. So my question, is your destiny decided or can you make your destiny?

    According to the law of attraction, you can. I have been feeling great for the last 6 months just because I want to feel great and happy no matter what. Still feel good but no manifestations.

    • Usually when people notice that negative manifestations manifest faster than positive ones, it’s because they have a lot of negative momentum going on.

      I would ask you, are you really feeling as good as you think you are? Because, it is very common to do what Abraham calls, happy-face stickering. Basically, people will say they are feeling good, but not really be as high up on the emotional guidance scale as they think they are.

      The feelings themselves are manifestations. When you’re not making those be enough, you’re taking negative score and asking why you’re stuff’s not here yet.

      Abraham says we want what we want because we believe we’ll feel better in the having of it. Have that feeling first, and then the things won’t matter. But they will come anyway. But I suspect you’re not letting that feeling be enough right here in the moment.

      It does work, and often very quickly. it’s only through resistance that we can hold that away. So keep looking for relief.

      • I think what irks and confuses people is the idea that you have to feel the feeling of having the ‘thing’ without actually having the ‘thing’, then somehow get into the state that says the important, sought after and dreamt of ‘thing’ doesn’t actually matter at all.
        That sounds like a bizarre and wilful contradiction that requires you to kill your enthusiasm for the ‘thing’ when it turns up. People want to feel ecstatic when the wanted ‘thing’ manifests, not sort of ‘meh’, ‘oh yeah, here’s that ‘thing’ I thought I wanted, but it doesn’t matter now. .’ 😉
        I know that’s not how it works, and that things are not the object of the exercise but someone could interpret it like that maybe? which would be a shame.

        • Hi John,

          I think that’s not the best approach or way of seeing it. I like how Abraham puts it: “Satisfied with what is and eager for more.” That’s really the feeling you’re going for.

          I just manifested something pretty big to me recently. I wanted to start up piano lessons again. I was taking them last year, but since I’m visually impaired, it’s hard to get transportation to and from, and expensive to pay for cabs every time.

          Within about five days, I had manifested the perfect teacher, who was willing to meet with me over Skype, and even charged me a lot less than what I was expecting.

          The feeling I had as I was manifesting this… I’d describe it as “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could get this?” I didn’t need it. I definitely wanted it. But I was okay with letting the Universe do its thing.

          We don’t at all have to be blasé about our desire. I don’t even think that’d be possible. But we do have to back off of it a bit. It’s more of a “It’d be awesome to have this,” more than, “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW.”

      • Hey Brandon, I have to ask you for help again, hopefully you don’t mind.

        I have had some successful constructive anger releases, but lately I just can’t let the anger flow, can’t get it out of me. Things, people and events keep triggering me, and it’s awful. I can actually feel tension and pain in my abdomen (3rd chakra, powerlessness/empowerment). I don’t know if you have ever been in such situation.

        I don’t know what to do. I tried meditating, but my back started hurting, and that pissed me off (the goal of meditation is to relax lol). I tried taking a nap, but something annoying woke me up and pissed me off (again the same thing!). I try to induce the anger release, but it won’t happen.

        Should I just put up with it and endure? I don’t know if that would let the anger somehow disappear, or would that actually repress anger (which is a bad thing). I can’t help but think that’s it’s so unfair that I can’t get the anger and powerlessness out, because it’s killing me and making my life a living hell. I know and can feel that there’s a ton of it inside of me.

        • Hey Z,

          This is actually really good. A ton of your experiences are pointing the way to relief for you.

          I don’t believe it’s necessary to induce an anger release. If it happens, it happens. But I’m more of the type who is mindful of my emotions and just lets them dissipate.

          But, the next time something happens that triggers that reaction again of getting angry, don’t resist it. Let that be there. Sit with the emotion. Have complete acceptance and allowance of that emotion, without trying to get rid of it.

          You want to allow it to be, without getting caught up in it too much. It sort of is like listening to a child. Sometimes you just have to let them vent and say their thing, but you’re not going to get caught up in their drama.

          It’s about having some detachment from the emotion, but having 100% openness for it to come through your awareness.

          That, I find, is the fastest way to let emotions dissipate. Energy naturally wants to move, so when we let it be felt, let it move, without pushing it away, it has done its job and will go away.

          But don’t force anything. Let it all be natural.

          I hope that makes sense. 🙂


          • Brandon, thank you so much for your kind and fast response! I will try to let the emotions be, like you suggested. The analogy with a child venting is really helpful. I’ll remind myself of it when I feel frustration coming up.

      • Thank you Brandon for your response. Actually I did manifest a free coaching call from Melody!!! I didn’t want to mention it because I didn’t think it would happen. So that’s what I don’t understand, I manifested that! And I’m telling you I was over the moon and still am!! I got that by just focusing on my feeling, so I don’t understand why other things don’t manifest. Cause a Melody session was a Huge manifest for me.

        • Hey that’s awesome! 😀 Congratulations!

          I can’t really answer without knowing the specifics of what’s not manifesting for you and how exactly you’re feeling. The best advice I can give is to be honest with how you are feeling, and letting it be okay. I promise that once you really start feeling good about these things, you’ll start seeing evidence of them in your life. It’s how it happens every single time. 🙂

  • Geez I have work to do as this video made me feel hopeless. 🙁
    Money must be “the gift that keeps on giving” for me. Does this mean I’ll be broke and in debt for the rest of my life? That sounds incredibly sucky and not a life I want to live.
    I keep hearing “get into the feeling of not having this thing”. Okay, well we can live without a relationship. How the crap do you live without money when every thing costs money? Getting into the feeling of having no money is absolutely terrifying. It makes me feel like I’ll be homeless. I’m guessing that’s resistance, but how do you get into the feeling of being “okay” without money when you live in a society that requires money to live?
    I just really don’t know how to apply LOA to money. I guess I allow something to “leak through” every now and then (as I do get random unexpected money sometimes and it is happening more and more frequently and the amounts are increasing, so I must be doing something right or wanted), but it would be nice to have a constant, significant stream coming in. Or……maybe I’m just being impatient again? Or I’m still focusing on money too much? Argh!!! Now my brain is going 100 miles a minute. I’m going to find something to distract myself for a while then come back to this…….

    • I’ve heard of the whole “get into the feeling of not having ____” method, emphasis on the word “method”, and it’s probably used to practice non-attachment, but I don’t know if it’s suggesting that you literally won’t get what you want… This technique really seems to be rubbing you the wrong way (I never quite liked it either); it’s helping in the sense that it’s bringing up some of your resistance, but it’s not really making you feel better. The purpose of any method is to help us get to a point of allowing so what we want can manifest, if it’s being hindered by our resistance. Methods aren’t necessarily required to make what you want happen, or at least that’s how I see it, they help you achieve a state of allowing. Maybe you kept hearing about this method because it was the Universe’s way of showing you your resistance toward money? Perhaps not because it’s a great for making you feel better…

      I avoided applying LOA to money for a long, long time, mostly because there were very established mass or societal beliefs there regarding it. It can be a tad difficult, but if you approach it and you gradually shift your vibration, you could reach a point where you are allowing money to flow into your reality more easily (although, if you’re seeing more money, you must be allowing it to show up, but for whatever reason, you may not be allowing it to show up in a constant, significant way?). You’re worried that you’re being impatient, or focusing on money too much, and you might be over-thinking things a bit (I’m an over-thinker too). As Melody has said, this is an emotional journey, not an intellectual one. It’s all about how you feel. You may have gotten into your thoughts and the methods so much that you stopped making how you feel the most important thing.

      From an LOA point of view, money is neutral and the process of manifesting money is the same as it is for all other things. The Universe isn’t biased, it doesn’t think like a human, it’s more like a machine or a mechanism. It’s just that with our learned and practiced ideas about money, we introduce resistance to it or to what it represents to us… Like anything else we desire though, it will manifest if we allow it to (if we feel better, if we stop resisting). For me, it’s about understanding that my resistant ideas about money are subjective, that this is my reality, and that those beliefs about money aren’t “in play”, so to speak, independently of my vibration and my willingness to believe in them (because our reality is determined by our vibration). I can have what I want, I only have to allow it, and it’s really that simple… Now, I’m trying to get to a point where I’m allowing it to be that simple. Calming down, teaching myself different things, beginning to let go of thoughts that don’t feel good, etc. There’s no right or wrong way to allow, there’s no specific technique you have to use, especially if it makes you feel worse. It’s about feeling better gradually, shifting your thoughts gradually and gradually choosing new thoughts, and definitely, definitely, giving yourself the time you need to make those shifts and being considerate toward yourself, especially when your vibration dips. When you understand that you determine your reality, you aren’t afraid… We experience fear when we believe that we aren’t in control. That’s just my 2 cents.

      • And a very good value 2 cents it is. Great comment. A lot to think about there, I mean ‘to overthink about’ 😉

        “I can have what I want, I only have to allow it, and it’s really that simple… Now, I’m trying to get to a point where I’m allowing it to be that simple.”

        Brilliant. And then we get caught up in the ‘doing’ that entails, and then beat ourselves up about getting caught up in the ‘doing’ when we ‘should’ just be ‘being’. Then we beat ourselves up about beating ourselves up etc etc . . . 😉

        Simple isn’t easy, or at least not as easy as we think it should be. The search for ‘understanding’ can be a bit of a red herring too. Like you say, it’s an emotional journey, not an intellectual one. I understand that. . . I mean I FEEL that. . see what I mean? It’s so easy to get into thinking mode instead of feeling.

        It’s a fascinating journey for sure, and I can truthfully say that i am happier and more grounded as a consequence of the self exploration my interest in LOA is helping me carry out.

      • Thank you for your reply April. One of the things that really resonates with me was your comment on it being simple. That really stuck out for me. I think I still have a difficult time believing that it really can be as simple as changing how I feel – at least when it comes to money. I seem to be really good at manifesting other things but I still think I need to be DOING for money instead of just being. I get it intellectually of course. If only this were an intellectual journey. I’d be a manifesting mofo! I decided this would be the year I’d finally take control of my finances and that’s when the unexpected money started showing up. I know I’m headed in the direction I want to go. 🙂

    • Summer, I hope you don’t mind me replying here. Just saw this comment and it spoke to me, since I’ve had big problems with money in the past as well.

      I often tell the story about last September, when money was really really tight for me. Long story, but I basically had $200 to last me the month.

      And I knew I had to apply these law of attraction principles, because there was nothing I could really do myself.

      So I did. I trust. I refused to panic. And, within a very short period of time, things started working out.

      A few things I notice in what you wrote:

      I wouldn’t say find the feeling of not having money. That’s actually the opposite. You want to find the feeling of what it would be like to have greater and greater amounts of it, but also make peace with where you are now. Accept it fully, while looking forward to more. It’s sort of a subtle difference, but important, I think.

      Also, you’re taking negative score. “It’s coming to me more frequently, BUT not as much as I’d like.”

      Focus on the first part of that statement, and not the second. See how it’s coming more and more frequently to you. See how it’s getting a bit easier than it used to be. What would it feel like if perhaps it was even a bit more often? What would it feel like if it were effortless?

      It’s about creative focusing. Telling new and creative stories about your reality. It’s not that money is hard to get, it’s that you’re still learning how to allow it to come to you, but you can totally do that.

      • Brandon, I don’t mind the replies at all. I’ll take all the insights and advice I can get. 🙂

        I was in freak out mode at first, but I’m glad this video triggered me the way it did as it’s showing me more of what I need to work on. You are very right in that when I did receive the unexpected money, there was a part of me that wished it was more. I have a lot of debt that I want to pay off so bad!

        I’ve been keeping track of every instance where I get unexpected money so far this year (even change I find on the ground) and that helps me to remember that I can receive money effortlessly.

        I think I still have one foot (or maybe leg) on the “lack” side. I want to keep reminding myself how abundant the Universe is. I believe there is enough in the world, but I keep hearing “but there’s not enough for ME”. So yeah…..I want to change that.

        Thank you everyone for the replies. 🙂

  • Loved, loved, loved this post, Melody! Spot on for me. Sending heartfelt gratitude for sharing your wisdom.

  • I have been working really hard recently to find that balance between control and surrender- attempting to wrap my head around the idea that surrender IS control. It can be so hard to remember that if what you are doing feels forced and sucky, then it’s likely not going to yield the desired results.

    Thanks for an awesome post, as usual.

  • This post resonated with me because the past few days I have been going through this cycle in ultra-hyper-mode! I’d spend a day or two feeling totally clear and okay with not having my dream, and then suddenly something happened and I felt NOT okay with it and cried a lot, and then I felt all Zen and fine with my dream not coming again, and then this morning when I woke up I felt the resistance again. This post had great timing for me! I’m glad I’m learning a lot and releasing a lot of deep resistance, but I do hope the universe won’t say “Gotcha! I’ll never give you your dream, because you’re learning so much this way!” I know I can be happy even if I never get it, but I still want it someday (soon, ideally!).

  • Yesterday, I had an epiphany. I understood the meaning of Dr. Dyer’s statement – You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are!
    I have decided to let go of all the stuff that I want to manifest and Just focus on who am I BEing. I will have all the stuff according to my Being-ness. 🙂

  • Ooh my what a magnificent timing! I have been trying to manifest another job for almost 2 years now. In the process, this manifestation has given me a certain period of exploring other options, so I am more certain oof what I want now. It has also brought up a shitload of anxiety en worthiness issues, and the worthiness is something I have been working on since. At this moment, my frustration stems from being angry with myself and the universe for still not having been able to manifest another job because I have been trying so hard and doing so well. I have come such a long way, and I honestly have a feeling of ‘dammit I deserve it after all this time and trouble’. And it brings up even more worthiness and self blame issues. Those are not things you can shift in a short period of time, so I kind of get scared like Cordy: am I ever going to release enough to get a dream job? (Or at least one that is closer then my current job that is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 100)? Because I already released so much and have not seen any evidence in my physical reality in that area yet and it pisses me off! And there is also a bit of urgency behind it since I kind of need that other/new job in September.
    Sorry for the rant fellow puppies-in-training!

  • These topics get better and better!

    Awesome Lynne, heed Melody’s words. I can attest to this. That is how it was for me. I would see it in movies, tv shows, all around me. I had relationships and was frustrated.

    There came a time when I just let it all go. I was tired of looking. I completely, fully embraced being single and began to love it with all my heart and soul, stopped worrying, being frustrated and comparing myself to others and then my significant other waltzed into my life. I reminded myself that before it happened, I actually did not want to be in a serious relationship, but to explore dating more. I learned so much about guys that way and now give great advice to those who ask because I just know them so well. So, I am pretty proud of that, since most women I know and meet are clueless. Anyway, the point is to enjoy yourself and move toward your bliss and it will just happen, unless you are inspired in some way to go on a dating site or whatnot. The gist is not to worry or grow frustrated over it.

    This is great because manifestations require an ‘easy does it” attitude, at least that is what I notice.

  • Oh my Melody, the universe must have sent the radar up for this message. This explains so much and what I needed to hear at the moment. Hugs!

  • UGH, this is so me. I seem to LIVE in frustration on certain issues. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not crazy and that things actually are moving forward (albeit at a snail’s pace, lol).

    Thanks again, Melody! 🙂

  • This is quite confusing.

    I had been for the longest time trying to manifest a better love life and eventually a relationship, but doesn’t seem like there’s much else I can do. Every now and again, things go sort of right, but only briefly.

    I used to be quite unhappy, and so I started learning mindfulness, it is extremely helpful, but I may be missing something here. I learned how to observe my feelings, without judgments, without adding anything to them, just feeling them in my body, and I’ve seen them move, and get less and less severe. However, they have not gone away, they sometimes go away, only to come back sooner or later. Like, let’s get personal here, in the past month, I met two guys I liked, the first guy it went great, the second not so much, and after that failed, I realized how the next day, I was obsessing with how I look, getting upset because my hair wouldn’t sit the way I wanted it to, or maybe my teeth weren’t white enough. Whatever.

    SInce I’d started studying mindfulness however, i very quickly realized that none of these were actually the problem. I failed with the guy I liked, but I was adding a horrible self-image to the failure and assuming that I wasn’t good enough so I started trying to change how I look, only to realize that how I look may have had nothing to do with anything. That lessened the disappointing feelings greatly, but still… ok…

    Where do I go from here? How do I know that I’m on my way, that this is working, that everything I want will come?

    HOnestly, sometimes I find myself wondering, does this actually genuinely work for other people, or are they just delusional or trying to sell something? Because if so, why not for me? Or am I just kidding myself?

    I would appreciate any genuine input

  • Hi Melody!

    A question came up as I read this. If our “big issues” are sort of engines driving our motivation to release resistance, do we ever actually relinquish our biggest issues/achieve those dreams? Or are they too useful for us to let go of? E.g., there must be value even in getting to a place where you really want Your Big Dream but have genuinely made peace with it not yet being there – and then still not “getting it” in its manifested version for a very long period of time. That might, I’d guess, be a powerful motivator to learn how to be fulfilled where you are?

    Sometimes I find that I get confused about this and wonder if ultimately we’re all just learning to be Zen and not be attached to anything – but then that seems to be in opposition to the idea of desire being a beneficial force?

    • I am interested in responses to this. That is very similar to my thoughts and question that came up for me as well.

  • Hey Melody
    I really loved reading this. I’m all about encouraging people to feel the feelings. I know that is a giant pain in the ass sometimes. But one lesson that took me a long time to learn was that the manifestation was never the answer to us getting what we truly wanted–healing all our shit is. Diving into what the lack of the thing we want is triggering–that is where all the magic happens. I find this helps us manifest from a ‘cleaner’ space. Manifestations can reflect back so many things to us, and often times, we may get the thing we want but it is usually mirroring back other ‘stuff’ to us that we haven’t dealt with and much to our surprise, getting what we wanted doesn’t feel as good as we thought it would.

    • This comment is gold, thank you so much! I just connected something from my current life with what you wrote, just what I needed 🙂

      • “But one lesson that took me a long time to learn was that the manifestation was never the answer to us getting what we truly wanted–healing all our shit is. ”

        This is a good way of summarising it. Thanks Kelli! 🙂

  • Thanks for this, Melody. I also get frustrated with “bigger” manifestations like a relationship and I’ve been feeling a lot of frustation in general lately, so I’m going to think more about my feelings.

  • So does this mean that we may never get the big manifestations we really want? That feels really discouraging. If we’ll always have something that brings up major resistance, then why even do this work? If we won’t get what we want because we’ll always have more to clear and will never clear enough for the manifestation to finally happen, then whats the point in even working with the law of attraction?

    • IMO that’s a misunderstanding of what Melody was trying to say, though I don’t want to put words in her mouth. 🙂 But see what I responded to Z above. It might make things clearer.

    • To tell you the truth, I’m really doubting LOA. I’ve been doing the work for years and still have none of the things I really want. If this is what life is going to be like, why even stay alive? I’m sick of all this. My life sucks, and there isn’t really anything I can do to change it to feel better. And yes, I’ve tried finding the better feeling thought and appreciating any good I come across. I was at it for several months but nothing changed. I don’t know how much longer I will put myself through the pain of staying in a world with this twisted law. This just feels cruel.

      • I can only guess here, but maybe your case is similar to another one, that Melody answered on the blog before. Just finding better feeling thoughts and appreciating good things isn’t enough if you don’t feel the emotions, and let them out. You need to cry out the sadness/grief, punch out the frustration, resentment and powerlessness (constructive anger release). It’s like a poisonous liquid inside of you (us) that won’t just disintegrate inside of you, you have to actually get it out.

        • Thanks Z. I’ve actually been crying a lot and having frequent anger releases. I’ve even spent time alone just speaking my anger and frustration. Still, all these emotions remain. They keep coming back up and do not ever seem to slow down. I’m currently in a living situation I feel very trapped in. I need to get out of here, ASAP. I don’t know how and have nowhere to go. But I cannot stay here. It’s literally killing me.

      • You say you have worked on finding the better-feeling thought. But the thing is, if you are still seeing life as “sucking”, then you haven’t shifted that particular thing for yourself. As long as you are trying to change life itself, it won’t work.

        You need to find a way to feel better where you are now, without needing it to be different. From what you’ve said, I think that’s the missing piece.

        People try to apply this in order to fix their problems. But LOA doesn’t fix problems, because the Universe doesn’t see problems.

  • I’m just here for the cat meme because I knew this blog post would p!ss me off…in all the best, well-intentioned, happy shiny puppy ways, of course. If I were vibrationally where I try to convince myself I am, then I would have what I want.

    Thanks for another loving dose of the truth, Melody. Time to go sit with my impatience.

    • Yes! Isn’t that just a pisser! (LOL) – such an intense moment when you realize, hold on, if I felt as good as I’m pretending I feel, I would be on the verge of everything I want! I would be getting sweet-ass parking spots all over town!

      Melody’s teaching that “reality” is there to mirror back to you what you’re vibrating in case you’re trying to ignore your emotional indicators is so useful. And such a kick in the pants. :p

  • Love this. I know exactly how this is. It’s that “noticing” it’s not here yet that keeps it away from us.

    The answer’s always the same: allow yourself to feel better, before the thing actually comes. 🙂 And, stop taking score.

    • Hey, Brandon
      I think I understand what you and Melody mean, but I would also like to hear your opinion about this: As we clear resistance, more resistance comes up, and then we clear more, and then more shows up, and so it goes… I don’t know if you know about (math terms) “function approaching an asymptote”. Like this: http://math-faq.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/10_4_1_11.jpg

      No matter how much we move to the right, we are never gonna “touch” the asymptote, the horizontal line. That’s only possible in infinity on the right.

      This reminded me of this story with limiting beliefs. As long as we are in the physical realm, we can keep releasing more and more limiting beliefs, but we can never release all, can we? That can happen only when we leave this physical realm. So, if these 2 things are the same, then we can only completely detach from our desire and get what we want when we “move to the infinity”, or die in this realm.

      I know that these 2 things can’t be the same, but they sound the same. This has been bothering for some time now, and I would love it if you could share your point of view on this. It’s something that’s missing in my understanding.

      • Hey Z,

        I’d be happy to answer. Yes I know about asymptotes: I’m a programmer as well so pretty big into math.

        You are right that we are always approaching infinity.

        But, instead of seeing this as constantly releasing resistance, I would see it as constant evolution, as constant improvement.

        Remember one important fact: you’ve been manifesting since the day you were born.

        Did you have to be perfect in order to manifest the breath you just took? Or eating lunch today?

        But those things are manifestations.

        I see a desire as being on a spectrum. You don’t need to have zero resistance for that desire to start entering your reality.

        If you have a desire for abundance, there is all sorts of room on that spectrum. There is just living simply but having what you need. There is having three mansions and 5 cars and a personal chef. And, there is everything in between.

        But you’re always on the path. You don’t need perfection to start seeing results.

        Really you just need a very small opening, and then to recognize the manifestations that start occurring, getting bigger and bigger.

        Like in this question that Melody answered, the questioner tried manifesting a relationship. Then she started seeing signs of that relationship through movies. Instead of seeing that as evidence of what she wanted coming to her, she used it to feel bad, and so built on her own resistance.

        Most of my manifestations now are very quick. Of course it depends how much resistance there is, but there doesn’t need to be zero resistance for the manifestation to come. If there’s a bit of openness, and then you recognize how the Universe responds to your new vibration, you’ll be well on your way.

        Sorry for the lengthy reply, but I wanted to give a complete answer. I hope it helps.

        • Thank you very much for your lengthy reply, I really appreciate your time and effort! 😀
          I think that I understood the gist of what you wrote, and it makes sense with Melody’s teachings.

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