As you may have heard, there’s something really big happening in Europe right now. The United Kingdom has cast a vote that will have them exiting the European Union in the next 2 years, and people are losing their goddamned minds! The Prime Minister has resigned, the stock markets have crashed, the pound is losing all kinds of value, and a lot of people think that this is the start of the end (*smirk*). It means that hatred and intolerance, particularly around the immigration issue, have won and the evil, nefarious Right Wing is taking over. Since we can draw some parallels between what is happening in the UK and what is happening in the US, does this mean that hate and intolerance are winning? Or could this all be part of a bigger picture? Could this even be part of the ascension process?  Watch today’s video to find out!



Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question:

“I’m based in the UK and we’ve seen some change this past week, from voting to leave the European Union Parliament, our Prime Minister resigning, the leader of the opposition about to ousted, a leadership race for the next Prime Minister, a racist high jacking the leave campaign and people from both sides of the EU referendum saying some truly horrible and inaccurate things about others. I’ve seen the worst of some people this week. I felt that a lot of people are trying to push their views on others, and many are in a state of panic and despair that they are refusing to move on from. Change happens, so I’ve let go and will ride it out with nothing but love and positivity. But I got to thinking about the spiritual changes that I began to go through late last year; I linked these to ascension. Could the changes across Europe be part of this process?”

Well awesome Dudette, thank you so much for your wonderful and timely question, and yes of course, this is part of the ascension process – as everything is!  Again, we can draw some parallels between what is happening in the UK and what is happening in the US. There are a lot of upheavals on both sides of the pond, and of course all over the world, and this is all part of that process.

If you are watching this and you are not entirely sure what the hell I’m talking about when I say ascension, you can watch the ascension video series here, or read all my ascension based blog posts here. They’ll give you good, basic understanding of what’s happening. In a nutshell, we are all raising our vibration; we are ascending. This does not mean we’re about to be picked off by aliens, or Gods, or anything like that. We are going to stay here on earth in the physical, but we are essentially moving into a whole new age, where the paradigm of how we show up in this world and how we deal with each other is changing; and it’s changing by about 180 degrees; it’s just flipping. The polarity is flipping, and so we’re going to move from a place where we deal with each other in competition or contention, and move to a place of co-operation. We are moving from fear to love.

The purging process that happens with change

This is a really BIG change, and a change this big is going to come with some upheaval. It’s also going to come with a purging process. I’ve talked about this purging process in a former ascension video, where when you raise your vibration, all the stuff that doesn’t match that – all your fears and limitations – are going to come up to the surface to be released. This works on a micro and macro level. On a micro level, it happens in your own life. When you have some resistance that you are not aware of, or which you’ve been ignoring (you’ve not wanted to deal with it because it’s been too scary or too ugly), it will start to manifest in bigger and bigger ways and get your attention. The same thing happens on a macro level within a country, within a society, within a culture and on the entire planet.  What you see right now happening on the planet, and particularly this thing in the UK, is a huge representation and a perfect example of a kind of purging up of the fears and limitations.

Everybody has a right to their perspective

What has been happening in the UK, and what has been happening in the United States for a long, long time is that we have been pushing the people who we consider to be “Right-Wing” off to the sides, because we don’t like what they’re saying. When you just stamp people as idiots and call them racists, or prejudice, or uneducated, and say you’re not going to listen to them, they don’t just go away. That shit doesn’t just dissipate into thin air; it festers and gets worse. What we haven’t been doing, is listening, so people have been complaining and saying “Hey we have needs too! We have rights and thoughts too!” Because we don’t agree with those thoughts, we think they’re ugly and hateful and we’ve decided that we’re not going to listen to them. Of course the Right-Wing has been doing the same thing; the Left-Wing, the Conservatives and the Liberals are all doing it to each other, and you can definitely make that argument for either side. So insert whatever terms you want for either side, it’s still going to be accurate, because neither side has been listening to the other.

But, I’m addressing this from the point of view of this question, and the point of view of a lot of people in the UK right now, who are so afraid that the “Right-Wing” people who are racist, people who are afraid, people who are prejudiced, have taken over and have won. That’s not what is happening.  What is happening, is that something that has been getting ignored for a long, long time, has come up in a way that cannot be ignored anymore. Now you have to listen, and now you have to take it seriously; now you have to deal with it.

The way to deal with this kind of fear – and that is what it is, it’s fear, and it’s powerlessness that has festered for generations – is not by pushing it away, chastising it or judging it. You have to listen to it. You don’t have to agree with it, but you have to listen to it, because everybody has a right to their perspective.  When you look at this from an energy point of view, whatever your reaction is to what is going on in the world, that’s a part of you that still needs to be healed. If it bothers you that these people are out there saying these things, it means there’s a part of you, inside you, personally YOU, that is not being heard, and there’s an aspect in you that’s not been integrated. When you bring all of yourself to the table, all aspects of you to the same table, you have to give every aspect of you a voice. You cannot shut any part of yourself out just because you don’t like what that part is saying, because that part sounds ignorant, that part sounds shameful, or you’re feeling guilty about the thoughts you’re having. You have to bring it all to the table and air out the dirty laundry, so that you can come to agreement within yourself.

Why it is important to come into agreement with yourself

When I use the word agreement, I use it very, very specifically, because for me, the word agreement is not that you are agreeing to do something for somebody else or agreeing to do something for yourself; that’s permission. When I use the word agreement, I’m talking about “being on board with”, meaning all aspects of you have to be on board with it, all aspects of you have to be honored by the decisions that you make. They have to be honored by the perspectives that you adopt, which means you cannot really fully adopt a point of view and operate from that perspective until you have come to agreement with all aspects of you.

Right now, in the world, there are a lot of aspects who have not been heard, particularly because we don’t like what they are saying. That same thing happens within ourselves; we don’t like what certain aspects of us are saying and so we quash them, and push them away. They then fester and they get bigger and manifest in a way where we cannot ignore them anymore.

That is all that is happening here – this stuff is coming up in a way that we cannot ignore anymore; we have to deal with it. In my opinion (the way that I see it, and you may want to take it on too if it resonates with you… or not), when you are facing this type of fear, you have to listen, you have to give it a voice. When you tell somebody that they don’t get to have an opinion, that they don’t get to speak, and that they are wrong, that makes them come at you even harder. But when you ask somebody to tell you why they feel the way they do and you approach them with no judgment, and compassion, it is amazing how you get a completely different reaction. I have seen this again and again in my own life and in my clients’ lives, when you approach people this way and you fully and truthfully come at them from a place of no judgment, and full compassion, they open up and they become authentic, and you are able to find agreement; meaning, they are honored by the end perspective and you are honored by the end perspective.

Bottom Line

This is not compromise, this is not capitulation; this is listening, opening up and coming to full agreement with the other. Everyone is on board, fully onboard, their needs are met, and their fears are addressed. I think it’s time we start listening to each other; I think it’s time that we start to come into agreement with each other, and we no longer squash each other – from all corners of the globe. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. Or… one could say that we are being forced into it; potato-potahto! Ha.

This has been this week’s Q&A. I’m Melody Fletcher. Until next week, Bye!

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  • I’m a EU immigrant (Swedish) who has lived in the UK for 11 years now, and I was disappointed by Brexit. I’m sure there are many problems with the EU and how it’s run. I tend not to get into politics so much since I get too swept up by it and it negatively affects my vibration, so I honestly don’t know all that much about the finer details of how the EU works. Some very intelligent people whose views I agree with have criticised the EU though, so I am sure it’s not all sunshine and roses, but I do love the idea of a unified Europe.

    What disappointed me was the narrative of “making Britain great again”. I really want to believe that the world is moving towards unification, I have this (perhaps naive) Utopian ideal of a unified world without borders, where we don’t identify so much as a certain nationality, but look after each other as human beings. There was so much emphasis on Britain vs the EU, where instead I’d like to see people asking how they can make Europe great, and how they can contribute to making the EU a more democratic union which is beneficial to everyone.

    I suppose I feel strongly about this because I grew up between two countries (Sweden and Zambia), and now I have a third adoptive country (the UK), and I don’t really understand the mentality of “my country vs the world”. I’m hoping that these are just the death throes of a dying mentality, and that Brexit will (somehow) purge all the shit out, and leave us striving towards a future where we regard ourselves as citizens of the world first an foremost. Maybe we just really need an alien invasion so that we can all unify 😛

    • I agree with you, Karin. I was born abroad (in Swaziland) and also lived in Lesotho and Fiji, also my dad was Cameroonian and he met my mum when he was over here in the 70s, so I really didn’t like the “anti immigrants” message.

      I liked being part of the EU but hopefully it will all work out for the best. That’s what I’ll try to focus on anyway, as Melody teaches us to! 🙂

  • I think that this was a reasonably balanced take on the issue. I’m a card-carrying member of UKIP, so for me the Brexit result was quite literally the happiest day of my life so far. In fact I suspect if I ever get married, it would pale in comparison to the feeling of Brexit.

    But from a political science perspective the result and the motivations behind it are very similar to the spiritual dimension suggested here – it was the result of people being ignored and feeling marginalised. This is something happening all over the western world right now – the Trump/Sanders phenomenon in the US and the recent Australian election are also examples.

    I could never understand the perspective of the Remain side, just as I’m sure they can’t understand my own perspective. And clearly my perspective is similar but different; I experienced intolerance and abuse but it came not from a bunch of ‘racist’ right-wingers, but instead from left-wingers who were attempting to call people like me stupid, racist and not entitled to my own view (and told my view was “misinformed” or “wrong” straight afterwards, and that there should be a second referendum).

  • Hi A & C,

    Just listening to your comment. Here is what helps…
    Put on some nice listening music to grab in those deeper
    vibes coming-in… see…you have to come up to a higher
    vibration swing of feeling. Always feel good and then it will
    Hope that helps…Do you see…

  • Something else I forgot to add in my earlier post is (sorry that this isn’t related to the post) how do you get over writer’s block? I’m in the process of writing songs and though I get lyrics and melodies that come to me throughout the day, I feel really blocked when i go to sit down and actually put songs together. I schedule blocks of time for songwriting, but during these periods I often feel blocked, and what I write doesn’t end up being very good. It also feels very forced. I feel like I should be doing something and not just visualizing the songs I want to create.

    • I would love this answered, as well. I can feel my block lifting, but for months I get chunks of material that come to me during the day when I’m not in a place to write them down (driving, showering, falling asleep at night). I’m MOSTLY relaxed about this now, but curious if there’s anything I can do to help myself step into the energy of writing when I sit down to do so?

  • Thanks Melody. I got suckered in for a while and then meditated on it and got that before something new and better can be created things have to dissipate. Cooperation and communication haven’t gone they are an inherent part of our beingness. And I feel like a citizen of the world anyhow. It’s just the pus coming out of a spot before it heals (ugh sorry about that metaphor). And yes everyone has a valid opinion whether we agree or not the healing is in being heard and recognised and in fact listening.Even good old D Trump played his part in shifting my vibe to a better place by coming on national lunchtime UK television news the day after making one comment and then spending 15 minutes talking about his golf course in Scotland and how we should all come visit! No offence to anyone just moved me from anxiety and seriousness to disbelief, then eventually laughter. So thanks for that. Peace everyone. Nothing can separate we are all one remember xxx

  • Hey Melody,

    Just a idea… what if nobody goes to vote. What will they do. Override everybody.
    I think not. Somehow they sucker us into it ! Do you see…

  • Great commentary Melody!
    I was not surprised about the vote. America voted and fought for the right to determine their own legislation many years ago and we celebrate it every July 4th. OK it’s not exactly the same- but there are similarities. It is hard for people with the grit that the Brits have to just go along with someone else making decisions that affect their lives somewhere outside their country- I know it’s for the good of the common union but still it’s un-nerving and feels like their rights are being stripped away slowly. The EU was a common goal-it’s just things got confusing for the common working man and the vote represents a will to have a voice. The UK will do fine. It’s the second largest economy in the EU and a fabulous country. I always worry when the argument is “NO! don’t change things- there will be uncertainty.” In the end you are quite right the vote really represents a need to be heard and address concerns that have been glossed over. Funny thing is with all the news and hub-bub very little is being said about how the EU is actually going to address the concerns and more about how terrible the vote is and how people want to reverse it. Politicians are going to have be a little more upfront …. just saying…

  • Hey Melody,

    I think this is a very good topic because of epic relating emotions.
    What is the difference between Right-Wing and or Left- Wing ?
    Honestly it rings a bell. You what to know why…When Government
    comes into the big picture, they totally become blind to the big
    picture.Mostly I should not be saying this…But I will bet it is all about
    a dollar in there pocket, or a dollar in our pocket. Who will get the
    benefit of the doubt…
    This is about where we stand ! Hey everybody needs money !
    And Yes You, And, or WE, Are All Responsible…For Voting These
    People In…

  • I’m an EU citizen has been working in the UK for 2yrs now and to be honest I didn’t like it. It’s my personal perspective but I constantly felt undervalued there and just to be accepted because they had to, because it’s EU.

    I understand that they felt not being heard and being overwhelmed by other people coming to the UK but many came to work hard and many others to take advantage of the benefit system. These are two different kind of immigrants, very different, and it looks like they put everybody on the same box. And again, it’s just me, but I think we have to move forward and I see more opportunity in a united Europe. UK is not a huge empire it used to be anymore, it’s one country out of many others in Europe and I think those countries together can achieve and provide more than any country individually.
    And about not being heard, I think many EU citizens working in the UK felt not being heard either.

    I have a feeling this decision is going to bring up lots of emotions, ugly and good as well, and also going to give a lot more clarity to the country, the nation, the EU and I would say to the world and more importantly to all the people living there.
    It sure gave me a lots of clarity in terms of what I value in my life the most.

  • So interesting. Melody, I’m hoping you can clarify: I’ve noticed for a while in myself that I feel pretty neutral about far-right people I once would have felt outraged by. It’s really easy for me to see – oh, they feel afraid, they feel downtrodden, they want to feel heard and valued and important and safe.

    BUT. I haven’t released an aspect of this. The thing I’m seeing now is that it sometimes really bothers me when other people – people i used to feel that I politically really agreed with (now I am beginning to see these as false divisions, I guess) – get very outraged at those same people and want me to join in calling them idiots. Another place I have this is that I find it hard to listen to and support the perspective of people who are going through a period of being politically really angry at certain structures in our culture or whatever. I’m at least in a place where I know they have a right to feel angry – but I… don’t really want to listen to it. I find it really difficult at this point when people basically turn to me and say “And you agree with me, RIGHT?”

    I don’t know quite how to move through this, at least without retreating and pretending that I’ve never heard of the word politics. (Which is sounding pretty good.) I guess this is a mirror of old patterns I haven’t shed fully – I used to be very willing to listen to people and be compassionate or at least pretend to be compassionate, I used to let people yell at me and absorb all of the tension in a space. And since I’ve been feeling feistier myself, and much less willing to be emotionally responsible for the experiences other people are having, I’m still struggling with understanding how I can listen and allow people to express without the second part I no longer am willing to do – taking on their stuff as my fault or my responsibility.

  • My husband and I voted remain. We were devastated by the results, literally sobbing. Two weeks down we are so down it feels like the whole country is being ripped apart. From an outsiders view it looks like a ‘leave’ win but it wasn’t. The country is made up of four separate areas. England and Wales voted to leave the E.U. and Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay.

    We should be building bridges not walls.

  • This is a great article Melody. Ascension is the right term!

    For many years I was an advocate of the European Union, I shared platforms with Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s), I even wrote documents historically chronicling the achievements and presenting the current opportunities for persons and businesses alike, and then one day (literally) it all changed.

    The day it changed for me I read that Jean Claude Juncker (President Euro Commission) nearly vetoed a democratic Presidential vote in Austria (had it not gone his way), dismissed the Dutch referendum as irrelevant and then described the British as deserters. I trotted off to the local pub/bar that evening with this playing on my mind and my friend said: “have you actually read the Lisbon Treaty or the so called ‘Five Presidents’ roadmap 2015-25?” I hadn’t to be honest.

    I read the “Five Presidents” document, which is ‘in a nutshell’ Communism bloc dictatorship wrapped up in a fluffy, colourful bundle of positive metaphors. I have never jumped ship so quick in my life! ..naturally I was lambasted as a right-wing fascist xenophobe, deluded etc!

    I had my ascension when I read “The Five Presidents”; I challenge those who haven’t to do so, then be a little more learned in debate.

    “There are none so blind as those who will not see”, trust me I was one of them, but don’t take my word for it, read it:

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • Listening IS key. Villainizing an entire group of people for wanting to leave the EU as racist and right wing is really close minded and seems to be the perspective being showcased by mainstream media… From what I’ve seen there are a lot of nuanced perspectives from people regarding Brexit, namely corruption of politicians. I can certainly empathize with that — where I am in California with its reputation of left-leaning Democratic Party constituents, a fair number of politicians are all basically bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies and other corporations. Clinton is the poster child for this corruption as far as I’m concerned and I have started leaning more right over the last few years, not because I’m a stupid racist, but because I believe in freedom and personal sovereignty, and I dot think the government should have the right to do things like coerce medical Procedures on people.

    If you want to know why someone supports a position, you should ask the most mindful and intelligent of them. Don’t just ask their “enemy” who is sure to mischaracterize them for their own agenda. I’ve been surprised and really humbled to hear the perspectives of people who I once wrote off as ignorant and stupid on a variety of subjects — anti gay marriage, climate change- deniers, anti-immigration people, flat earthers. Even though I still don’t agree with them, their perspective is certainly a lot more nuanced than what is characterized by the dominant culture. A few minority groups have made me change/open my mind — 9/11 truthers, vaccine safety advocates, anti fluoride people — so I’ve made a real effort to listen to different perspectives.

  • This is a great post that really resonates with me. I work as an acupuncturist and I’ve been seeing this purge happening on a much smaller scale with so many of my patients lately. So many people are having their demons come up (much to their dismay!) so that they are forced to deal with them, heal and move on with their lives with much more grace. I feel pretty honored to be a part of the healing process for my patients and it’s amazing to see them actually deal with their baggage. I’m confident that the more people do this on a small scale, the more it will contribute to the overall ascension of the planet.

  • Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for and no religion too. Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.. I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one.

    The second verse of John Lennon’s “IMAGINE”

  • Listening to views that are often fear based is fine as long as we are centred in ourselves and our own feelings about a subject that are from a place of love. If we are not coming from this stable place we are very likely to begin to lose the connection with what our own true inner guidance is telling us and we end up being in conflict swinging from a perspective we know is love based to being knocked off centre by the fear invokinh arguments of another whom we are honouring by listening to. Quite often if someone does have very strong views about a subject they will attempt to convince us of their arguments by triggering sometimes very deep fears inside of us. So listening to what may be very strong controversial views needs to be done only when we are centred in our own more love focused perspective. The german people during the second world war are a good example of how listening to extreme ideals can go wrong. They listened to a certain group of people who had a significant platform to be heard and many people who were good people but not centred in their own truth changed their opinion to one based on massive fear towards a certain group of people with incredibly tragic results.

    • “Listening to views that are often fear based is fine as long as we are centred in ourselves and our own feelings about a subject that are from a place of love. If we are not coming from this stable place we are very likely to begin to lose the connection with what our own true inner guidance is telling us ”
      — Very true, at least for me. Thanks for this reminder!

  • Hi there — a great read, both Melody’s talk and the thoughtful comments below. Interesting for me that in my inbox today there was this and another excellent commentary on Brexit that says the same thing in a different way — but totally the same thing. Here’s the link: It’s long, but here’s a section from it that totally ties in to what Melody says:
    “If the Prime Minister asked my opinion (I’m still waiting for the phone call), I’d say to declare a national month of listening, in which the immigrants, the angry rural pensioners, the bureaucrats, the financial industry workers, listen to each other in small forums, and in which media publications print unslanted stories of the people they have demonized. The goal of that month would not be to figure out what to do. It would be to understand each other better. The goal of the storytelling would not be to make a point. It would be to be heard and to be known. To hear another’s story is to expand oneself. It is an act of intimacy, of connection, and it subverts the ideology that holds us separate. When we take in new stories, we change and grow.”

    • I love Charles Eisenstein’s work! I find this listening idea really challenging. I can tell that I believe that I am always the person who gently listens and supports, not the person who is allowed to rage out until she is calm, while being heard and supported. So much work to do.

  • When I read the post summary I said to myself “this better be good”. It started good but then stopped right in the middle (for me) as if you just got bored, had to get ready for a night out and couldn’t be bothered to finish your thoughts. You have explained the increasing fear based decisions, racism and separation in the world as once again ‘resistance’ coming up. This doesn’t fit in with the title of the post or answer the question. How does ascension happen from here? By ‘agreement’ you say but this is unlikely to happen even if we listen to each other with compassion for years. Only action changes the macro and the micro and I personally believe that this is not ascension but a crossroads between ascension and descension (think parallel universes). Only through love inspired action, humanism, courage and unity can ee ascend. These times are a bit like the 60s, they need love power! They need those who choose love, unity and compassion for the whole of humanity to get active and take some ACTION, you included Melody. I hope you reconsider your position at some point. With love.

  • Good video/post, Melody. I voted to remain and so I was disappointed with the result. I don’t want us to become cut off from other countries and also I’m mixed race and was born abroad (I didn’t move to the UK permanently until I was 4) so I would never be against immigrants coming here, which was a big part of the Leave campaign. But I know that not everyone who voted leave is a racist, even if part of their decision was made because they’re worried about the level of immigrants coming in.

    I also agree with what you’re saying about people being heard. For a while now I’ve seen comments on the internet where people say they feel marginalised because everything is about the “minorities”. While I don’t believe that everything is in favour of non white/not fully white people (there is still a lot of inequality), I do understand that everybody deserves to have a voice and these people are feeling angry because they’re being dismissed as racists.

  • Good morning melody (it’s morning in england)

    This was a fantastic perspective on things, and it got even better when you linked it in with us as individuals. It reminded me of the whole mirror reflection and we have to deal with stuff. It goes to show that nothing no matter how big is connected directly to our lives & us.

    Bless you have a great week.

  • Melody, thank you so much for dealing with this issue. I live in the UK – I am an immigrant – but not from the EU. This Brexit thing has been fascinating and sometimes difficult and often surprising.

    I will come out of the closet and say that I voted out. I haven’t actually shared this anywhere else because the Remain camp has (certainly among my acquaintances and on social media) taken the ‘high ground’ in this and have been calling people like me stupid, ignorant and racist. I have not felt the need to defend and argue about this, although I have been tempted a few times!

    I am not actually ignorant or a racist. I voted leave for many reasons. I see a move toward federalism in Europe that concerns me. I also see the powers that be in Europe moving further and further away from the desires of the people and listening less and less. There is a lot of influence from big business and very little accountability. At least if Trump wins an election, you can vote him out again, unlike Juncker.

    I also voted out because I do believe that immigration is a good thing – equitable immigration. The Home Office here closed the routes through which young, talented African and Asian and American people could come to the UK because they are dealing with a mass influx from Europe (at least, that is one of the reasons). I believe that everyone should have an equal chance to apply and be considered, whatever your country of origin or your race or your gender. And the reality of the movement of people within the EU is that more people are moving to a small number of countries, so it is not an equitable movement of resources.

    I also feel that trade deals should be made with more countries around the world. The EU blocks many of these deals, but think how much it could help poor African farmers if we buy their goods because we now have the freedom to do so. Again, not saying it will solve the world’s problems, but I don’t think Europe is doing very well in this area.

    The other side of the coin is that those now running for the leaderships of the main parties are not necessarily the best choices and think that things are not actually going to change in the way that they could if the process were just allowed to take its course. It is a bit like wanting and needing to purge, but not completing that process and just sticking the lid on it again. I think we are in for a lot more of this upheaval as the resistance shows up in bigger and bigger ways.

    Yes there is racism in the UK and yes the right wing and the racists have jumped on the Brexit band-wagon and are using it as an excuse to be dicks, but honestly, the 17.5 million people who voted to leave are not all stupid, racist, misinformed or any of the other things we are being called. Some of us actually did think this through. And some of us think that change will actually be positive in the long run, even if the purging process is not very nice.

    • Hi there

      Thank you so much for this awesome comment and explanation. This is why the majority of people here in the UK voted leave and this point of view has now been given a chance to be heard.

      Who knows what will happen but focus on the good and let it show up in your reality.

      Lorraine x

      • Good on you for focusing on freedom… leaving is a good macro response to much bigger issues in your country.

        It sounds like what we have been taught in previous blog posts which is when the situation is overwhelming to leave and then do the work.

        Go general but remember to focus on love and compassion

    • Really good comment. Thanks for explaining your perspective!

      I have found that it’s pretty easy for me to see the Brexit as ultimately a good thing if I can focus on it as people seeking freedom. It’s pretty easy (for me) to support people who want their freedom, even if I don’t necessarily understand the fine details of it.

  • Hi Melody, thanks for your take on the Brexit situation. I also thought it is part of the ascension process but from another angle of the Brits taking back their own power rather than being governed by undemocratic, dictatorial bankers. It will be very interesting to see where this situation leads as it is generating a lot of fear at present.

  • I’m a leave voter. Not because I am right wing but because I don’t like the structure of the EU, the level of corruption within it and where I can see it would have led the UK if we didn’t vote to get out. It is run by the Elite with the purpose of gradually taking the rights away of the general public because they arrogantly think we aren’t able to think for ourselves. It makes us easier to control.

    Already there is talk of an EU army meaning no individual country would have it’s own defence and to fund this they would then take over our tax system so each country was dictated to by Brussels on what tax the people would pay. On top of that Brussels would also take over criminal law legislation. The EU is nothing more than a dictatorship. There is also a lot more to it which I won’t go into.

    A lot of leave voters voted for the same reason. Not because they are racist, prejudiced or uneducated but unfortunatley that’s how we’ve been labelled. And that is also the spin of the media (who are owned by the elite) and one video I saw also implied that the British hated Europe which is completely untrue. We just don’t want to any more of our power away to people who don’t have our best interests in mind.

    At the end of the day collective consciousness created this situation. Many people have been asking for change and the universe delivered. And I’ve heard many spiritual teachers say that often in order to grow you have to go back to the foundations and rebuild from a stronger place. That is what we are doing now.

  • As always, Melody, your explanations are succinct and user-friendly. Thank you to the writer for the question and thank you for your clear reply.

  • I’ve been wondering a lot about this topic too! When I learned that Brexit received the majority vote, I was quite surprised to be honest, and so were my British friends. Lately I’ve been trying to see things from both sides instead of making judgments about one being wrong or inappropriate. It makes a lot of sense that as many of us are integrating the various aspects of ourselves on personal levels, that the same is happening on a much larger collective scale!

  • Hey Melody
    The first word that came to mind when I first read the question was ‘purge’ so it was interesting that was the first thing you started talking about. I agree that it is important to ‘hear out’ what everyone is thinking. Like you said, it might not be the prettiest perspectives, but there is value in everything that happens, everything that we experience, every train of thought and point of view. We can’t transform things when we automatically try to shut any sort of energy or perspective down because it is ‘wrong’ ‘bad’ or we simply don’t agree or like it.

    It is interesting times for sure, and for people such as ourselves who see the ‘bigger picture’ it is fascinating to dissect it from an energetic angle. Great post. You really have a knack for talking about these larger issues in terms of energy.

  • I’m right wing now. And it’s because, ironically, I believe in freedom. And there are people actively working at taking our freedoms away. I don’t get that liberals overlook the manner in which certain minorities treat their women, homosexuals, animals, or anyone different to them. I am right wing because I choose freedom.

  • This Brexit ordeal has mostly gone by unnoticed for me. I definitely have friends from the UK, and they seem to fall on both sides of this issue, but I don’t know enough about it to really have come to an informed opinion on it.

    But I definitely know what you mean. It’s definitely a huge thing here in the US now, with Trump the presumptive Republican nominee. I don’t understand the right-wing mentality, so it can be hard to hear it out.

    Hopefully this global resistance comes up and is released. I suppose the best thing we can do is to focus on the kind of world we want to create.

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