Hello from beautiful South Africa! I’m currently living the dream in the Madikwe Private game resort, where I’m getting up close and personal with Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras and more. Holy shit people, it’s like my bucket list decided to just clear itself. And the best part is, I didn’t have to make any of it happen. I didn’t arrange any of it or even pay for it. Hell, I never even visualized it.

This is just another peak experience in a succession of many in my life. Why does awesome shit like this keep happening to me? Well, I’ve discovered how to put myself into a state of receptivity, one which allows for absolutely awesomeness to manifest in my reality over and over again. And in today’s video, I’ll share with you just how I do that.

Quick note: This is my first video on the road, and I tried something new (I shot this with my phone…). Please forgive the shakiness of the camera. I really like the idea of being able to do on-location videos without having to lug around a lot of equipment, and being able to take you guys with me on my adventures. I’ll get better at the technical stuff as I go.



Hello my Happy Shiny Puppies in training, I am coming to you from the road today! I am in the land of absolute luxury in the Madikwe Private Reserve in South Africa. It’s a game reserve in South Africa and it is an absolute 5 star experience!

I want to talk to you today about how this came to be, about how I managed to manifest something so amazing into my life, and how this entire year has been just an absolute mind blowing experience, one after the other after the other. I also want to talk about something I’ve discovered about how to shift your energy into a space where these kinds of experiences aren’t just something that happen once in a lifetime, but happen again and again and again.

Fixing your reality

Most people, when they start focusing on creating their own reality or they seek out The Law of Attraction and the kind of work that I do, they always start by focusing on creating something specific in their life. For example, they want to create money, or they want a better job, or they want to have a great relationship. It’s usually all about fixing something. They want to create money so they can pay off their bills and can then go and create amazing experiences like this in their lives. They want a better job, because they hate their job. They want an amazing relationship because they hate their relationship, or because they’re tired of being single and lonely. That’s all fine and good, and if that’s where you are, that’s where you start. You start by noticing what you don’t want and then noticing what you want instead, and you go for that by lining up with the feeling of what you want, lining up with the feeling of having already accomplished that and then having those things come in; but that’s not the end of it.  A lot of people think that this is the goal. “Let me just fix my life, let me just get rid of all the pain and then I’ll be done!” But that’s just half of the equation. There’s this whole other side to it; there’s this whole other part of the spectrum (if you’ve read my book you’ll know about the spectrum).

There’s a whole other part to this that most people completely miss and that is: Once you’ve got rid of the big pain points in your life – you now have enough food, you now have shelter, or you no longer feel like every day is hell, you’re starting to ride that awesomeness wave – you’ll want to take your focus off the specifics. Take your focus off the idea of fixing something and off the idea of creating something, because it’s the opposite of what you don’t want. Your life doesn’t have to be completely empty of things that you don’t want in order for to do this, by the way; you can actually start to do this at anytime. It’s just that most people have a hard time doing it if there are still things that are really painful in their lives. It doesn’t mean you can’t do this; it just means it can be difficult for you. If you could give yourself permission to do this, life would open up faster for you. Either way, work with where you and what works for you.

Take the specifics out of what you want

What I have discovered is that when I take my focus off any kind of specifics (which I’ve been doing for quite some time now), and I just open myself up to desires that aren’t about fixing anything, my energy opens up all the more and amazing experiences start to come in. Experiences I could never have orchestrated. For example, I might want to create the concept of freedom in my life, which doesn’t mean I’m not currently free. I can have lots of freedom in my life, I can experience a great deal of freedom in my life and yet I still want to take that further. It looks something like this:

Instead of creating freedom from a place of feeling trapped, I can create freedom on a level of being free in every moment, to float through life, to be fully present to completely and totally express myself in the most creative way possible – with no limitations. It’s not about fixing something, in terms of bringing freedom to a situation that doesn’t have any; it’s about taking freedom to a whole different level.

Going on Safari in South Africa has been on my bucket list for years and years, possibly decades and yet it isn’t something that I sat down with any time recently or thought about with any specifics or even something I thought I could make happen. It was always something that I was happy to let happen, one day. I didn’t think about this specifically, but I have been focusing on feeling good, focusing on what kind of experiences I would like to have and what that feels like; but only in very general terms – ultra general terms. I was focusing on what adventures feel like, what awesomeness feels like, and being as present as I could each and every day, and in that state of receptivity (receiving), more and more awesomeness has been coming in.

This has been the year that I have crossed more items off my bucket list than at any other time! I did a Ted Talk earlier this year which I will share with you as soon as it’s finished editing I promise!  I’m not in charge of that; I do keep checking on it but it’s not quite done yet. That was an absolute bucket list item, and that just came to me. I didn’t have to work for that or orchestrate it; it just came together. Going on Safari in South Africa, where I am right now, was thrown together for me. I didn’t have to do anything to organize it and it’s an absolute 5 Star experience! I was flown here on a private jet; again, another bucket list item was to fly in a private plane. The entire trip has been an absolute dream, including the 30+ hour journey to get here (if you can believe that!). It’s been an absolute dream the entire way; 5 Star service all the way. And I didn’t even have to pay for it!! I didn’t have to make it happen; it just fell in my lap. It was all done for me; it just found me.

Deliberately create the reality that you truly want

My life seems to be turning into a series of these kinds of awesome experiences, one after the other, after the other. I’m not telling you this to brag, or to say how great my life is; I’m telling you this because my life hasn’t always been like this. This is something that you can orchestrate too. I’m not special in anyway; I don’t have a talent that you don’t have. It’s something that you can orchestrate, but it’s something that you orchestrate incrementally. It’s something that you have to do deliberately, if you aren’t one of these amazingly talented people where it comes naturally to you. It is something that you can do, and here is one of the ways in which you do it: You open up your energy and you focus on awesomeness, and then let it come to you. Again, work with where you are. If, right now, your life feels more comfortable and safer for you to still be in “fix it” mode, that’s ok. But if you’ve started to already get some momentum going and things are going pretty well (it doesn’t mean you don’t have something unwanted in your life, but maybe you’re just not in ultra pain anymore), then try opening up to the very general feelings of what you want. For example, adventure, or things being really, really easy, or clarity or awesomeness. Find a way to generate those feelings within you and then be as present as you can at all times. You will be amazed at what will come into your life when you do this. It’s just like walking through an awesome, awesome dream, being aware of what’s happening and being able to appreciate every second of every day.

Bottom Line

Hopefully with this video I have been able to inspire you to give it a try and I have opened you up to the idea that what you want, can not only come to you, but what can come can far surpass what you thought you wanted.  Hopefully you will also be able to recognize that you actually wanted it without having had to define it. Which is the most awesome place to be you guys, oh my god!

I just have to say, this hotel is the bomb! We flew in on a private plane, and then we were brought here in Safari trucks, the type of trucks I’ve only ever seen in the movies. When we got here all the staff from the house, who are amazing people, stood at the front and sang for us (they sang really well), and welcomed us with drinks! This place is absolutely amazing and the food is gourmet! We went out this morning and saw a lion, super up-close (I will share more about that in another video). We got to see Zebras, Giraffes, Eagles, Impalas, Elephants, – all kind of animals. We are getting really up close to these animals. They are not afraid of the trucks so we can get close enough to take some amazing pictures and to really feel their energy. It is unbelievablebeing here, soaking up this origin energy and talking to these amazing people from South Africa. They are so open-hearted and so full of love. I would not blame them one bit if they were full of hatred and kicked us all out of the country, but they are so open and full of love and just so full of healing. It is so unbelievably healing for me to be here.

I will see if I can do another video, as I don’t want to make this one too long, on the experiences I’m having with the wildlife and the energy that I’m feeling here. I also had an experience with an African Shaman that I’d love to tell you guys about, so maybe in the next video; foreshadow, foreshadow!

Until then, I am here in the Madikwe Private Animal Reserve in South Africa, and I cannot wait to get your comments on this!

I love you guys! Thank you for bringing your light to the world. Bye!

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  • Hi Melody,

    Thank you so much for this post! It is such a great read! I was wondering if you could also write a followup post with more details? Maybe something similar to your post on manifesting or tuning into a higher vibration for the New Year. I found it super helpful and would be interested to get a better sense of how to allow for more peak experiences.

    Your blog has helped me so much in many areas in my life. Thank you for your work and I hope your trip continues to be super!!

  • Helol Melody,
    Iam so very happy for you. This trip sounds like it made you feel very happy and satisfied. Good for you. Thanks for sharing!
    Is what you are trying to say is we don’t have to know what we want specifically? That would be a relief, I used to think I could end up with a bunch of crap in my life if I did not focus on what I wanted or have a goal…Truth is I don’t have many I just want to feel good and be happy.I guess that is good enough and the rest will take care of itself?? Thanks!

  • Just wow. Your gratitude is so contagious that it actually made me cry. And also realize why I’ve been feeling stuck for so long. You’ve mentioned the switch from pain minimization to joy maximization many times before, but I think it never quite hit me before, because back then I was still trying to “fix” my life. I’ve been wondering recently how come I’m still feeling sort of empty and generally blah even though I’ve manifested pretty much everything I originally set out to manifest – financial security, a move back to my home country, a house in the woods, my own car (I’m still very omgwtf about that one) personal freedom (=divorce) I lost around 40 pounds of weight, healed from bipolar disorder (no meds in 5 years!) … I have everything. So why am I not happy? I though it’s because I still haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life, or that even though I’m pretty well covered, I could have a bit more money coming in, but none of the answers I came up with really felt right.

    And it’s because I’m currently standing on the border between this sucks and this rules, and I’m a little scared to step on the other side because I’ve never been there before. What if it’s just an illusion? What if everything I’ve accomplished turns out to be just self-manipulation orchestrated by my twisted mind? What if I actually just turned into a sociopath because I don’t feel that much pain anymore? What if I never left that asylum and I’m just imagining all this?

    I’ve been trying to soothe this feeling by going as general as I can, even dropping all the “I am free, I am powerful” etc. affirmations I used to do a lot when there the shit hit the fan, just going with a simple “I am”. I’m highly skilled in self-doubt, so I’ve second-guessed myself several times already, but seeing you there, so happy, so in love with life, so grateful that you are glowing, gave me so much reassurance and determination that I can’t really put it into words. It seems this restlessness comes from me trying to make the shift to the other side, not from going crazy again, as I sometimes think when I can’t sleep. The reason why saying “I’m feeling ok” no longer feels like getting out of prison is not because I’m not actually feeling ok, just in denial, but because I’m done feeling ok. To think that ten years ago I still wanted to kill myself because I couldn’t handle the pain, and now I’m done with feeling “just ok”.

    I think I have to go take a shower or something, my mind is still so blown from all this that I can’t even think properly.

  • The video is awesome, I loved it! Though, I have to note that you’ve undergone numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies, whereas most of us haven’t undergone even one of them. If we’d like to have a gorgeous life like you, wouldn’t we need to undergo those ceremonies like you? I thought it was a notable difference worth mentioning.

  • Hi Melody,

    Thank you so much for this post and sharing your wonderful experiences with us. I have recently found this to be very true for me. I used to be very specific about what i wanted to manifest and when i let that go and allowed whatever felt good to come in instead… I started to find what made me really happy. For me, it was things that i would have never guessed would have made me so happy b/c they were incredibly simple and ordinary. Have a great trip :).

  • Hi Melody,

    Wow! Awesome-ness! Love the Rough and Ready cell phone vid (don’t worry that’s a good thing).

    I got featured on Entrepreneur and Fox News last week after not doing much work at all. Landed on Entrepreneur, and the article got picked up by Fox News. Earlier this year I landed on Richard Branson’s blog, Forbes and Neil Patel Dot Com while living in a remote Costa Rican jungle, going online 1-2 hours a week, being almost totally detached from work.

    Love the message here. Move from specifics, from trying to fix, toward open-ness to what freaking is. Focus on the idea of being grateful, of celebrating Now, of laughing with the Universe for where you are now….then…..listen. Listen, and follow Guidance. And the stuff that pops up will amaze you….like going on safari 😉

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy safari Melody!


  • Hi Melody,
    Should you ever give up your dream if you really suck at it, despite how much time and practice you put in? That’s how I feel with singing. I’m never good enough, there is too much that is wrong about my voice that I am never able to correct, despite many, many hours of consistent practice and lessons with different voice teachers. I feel like I’ll never be good enough to sing for others or share any of my songs. I hate myself and my voice. Why can’t I do anything right? Why do we have dreams that we can never achieve?

  • Yay amazing!!!! YAY!!!!!

    I look forward to hearing more!

    Can you put me in the right direction to what you mean by “living in the moment”? Is there a blog post on it? I think lots of people mean lots of different things when they say that, so I’d love to know your take. Yay!

  • Wow what a great video. I really enjoyed the ‘live action’ blog style! Just goes to show, all you really need is an iPhone to vlog!
    This is a really new topic that is great to hear about. We get so intent on focusing on something that we forget to just feel great and great things will come to us! Definitely on my homework list this week!
    One question springs to mind – are you there with anyone? Do you have a boyfriend/husband? You are such a great inspiring chick and yeah yeah I know you don’t need a man to be happy, but it’s nice 🙂 Anyway you don’t have to answer that, just curious!

  • Wow, Melody, what a wonderful experience and how inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing all of your insights with us. I love the “live, on location” video, please do more of these! Your energy, your excitement and your passion shine through so visibly on this video because you are recording it right in the middle of the experience. 🙂

  • Thank YOU for bringing your light into the world & for sharing your awesome knowledge with us!! You’ve inspired me once again & my day is off to a great start because of it. Enjoy your amazing adventure!! Love & light, Lisa 🙂

  • So fantastic, Melody! I love your message here. I’m 13 days into a sell-everything-and-travel-Europe trip (hit Barcelona and thought of you! now in Rome) and this message is perfect timing for expanding my energy further and connecting with the feelings of freedom, adventure, ease, just as you mentioned.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

    Hugs! Katie

  • I felt every word in this video. I connected and literally felt my energy lifted into a healing space, instantaneously.
    Miraculous energy there!

  • OMG!!! Sending you sooooooooooooo much love for the inspiration that I got from that video and your experience! THANK YOU and I’ll be following that happy advice! Enjoy your trip to the fullest, as you will! 🙂

  • OMG that sounds AMAAAAAZING!! How absolutely fabulous! You are positively glowing. Such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us from South Africa! I’d say “enjoy the rest of your trip” but that seems to be a given. 🙂 So awesome!!

  • I am so happy to see you in this energy Melody! It’s hard to wait for more updates of your experiences. Thank you so much for sharing the fabulous energies!

  • I like how you noted that the people had nice singing voices–imagine if, when you arrived, they were all screaming and singing off-key, lol, it still would’ve been a great gesture though 8) Also, yes, mission accomplished… I was very inspired by this, and teary-eyed, even. Lately, a lot of things are beginning to make even more sense to me, and I’m just seeing and recognizing all of these subjective “rules” I made up about manifestation that’s made it way, WAY more complicated than it even is (and it’s not very complicated at all, as you’ve described here, it’s about allowing)… I’d always be clenching up my vibrational ass cheeks and now I definitely see why. Also, your articles are making a lot more sense to me as well recently, and they’re confirming a lot of the newer realizations I’ve made. Anyways, thank you! I hope you’re having a great time, and I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures and the cool stuff you manifest!

  • This video came as a confirmation about what I am doing lately. In past I wanted to manifest things but couldn’t so now I am choosing to focus on feelings they represent. I still wan those may be during this time my desires have noted up another level. I want to feel free, abundant, excited, fun, joy, adventerous , connected, loved.

  • Already commented on Youtube but then I read all the comments and I have to agree with all the commenters here – you’re seriously glowing with happiness and it’s awesome.

  • Wonderful post, Melody.

    I know exactly what you mean about using the LOA to try to fix things. It simply does not work in that way.

    For me it’s all about fun. It’s about creating what I want to see in my life.

  • Melody,

    I’m so happy for you! Seeing you this happy and joyful brought tears to my eyes! Enjoy your adventure! 🙂

    Best wishes,

  • Hey Melody
    How awesome for you…that is one trip I want to take most. Have an amazing time! In my own life, I have found going more general and just trying to get into a higher vibe overall seems to lend itself to easier manifesting. I know we sometimes can’t help but focus on specifics and if we have a lot of resistance, we do sometimes need to look at those things more closely. But overall, that higher vibe lets in all the things we tend to want without always zeroing in on them specifically or putting so much ‘effort’ into that particular ‘aspect’ of our vibration. I think the Universe has a pretty good idea of what us humans want in general and is ready to hook us up!

  • I absolutely loved this and bookmarked it. I felt a whole lotta love in your message and, while you’re always very clear, consistent, and easy to understand in your videos and posts, this video really, really spoke to me.

    When you described your current adventure, I felt it was happening to me. Here’s to another awesome day unfolding!!

  • Wow Melody you are positively radiant. It jumps off the phone screen!
    Thank you for your post.
    What resonates for me is to lose the specifics. Just be. I am looking forward to putting this into practice.
    You do have a brilliant and special talent of helping others. Forever grateful for your talent!

  • OMG!!! I am SO very inspired by you Melody Fletcher. Truly awesome listening to you. I loved everything you had to say. Would really love to know a little more on how this trip came into being for you!!! Enjoy your time in South Africa with the animals and all your human companions. Say hi to Kat for me. Thank you. Looking forward to your next instalment. Here’s to AWESOMENESS!!! Xx ??

  • Love the energy of this!! You should do on location videos more often, the one when you first got to Idaho was amazing too! There’s just an extra oomph in these kinds of videos that is just so inspiring.

  • I was thinking about South Africa today, lately, in fact. I attract what I think about all the time, but….in small ways, working on doing what you’ve described.

  • PS Those question marks at the end of my message above were actually emojis that somehow didn’t make it through the ether – please picture a hugely happy smiley face and a thumbs up!

  • Awesome video Melody, exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. I’m actually going to watch it again. Very excited for you and am looking forward to more Africa videos. Blessings

  • Awww!!!! Welcome Melody! I am South African! Proud to have you here and to see you enjoying it all. Hope you will have a seminar here as well one day. Put Cape Town on the bucket list as well ;-))))) Again a spot-on post for me, and there is such a new “aura” to you, a calmness and deepness, it seems as if you are on a totally new level. Yessss I am inspired.

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