My inbox has been getting flooded since Tuesday night with people asking me to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE explain to them WTF just happened. How could Trump win? How is this part of the ascension? People are scared, devastated and imagining the worst. Apparently, Trumpageddon is upon us (dun, dun, dun!)

But… is there another way to look at this? Is it possible to be in a happy shiny state of being when one has just experienced a massive, unexpected and unwanted manifestation? Yep, and yep. If you need some soothing on this election, then today’s video is for you.



Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. And, a lot of people are stunned. Many are devastated. Scared. Twitter and Facebook are awash with messages that hatred and prejudice won. I saw messages from immigrants are terrified of being deported, Muslims who are considering no longer wearing their hijabs, gay people worried that their right to get married will be taken away, women who are declaring this the most sexist time, ever, and many who are preparing themselves for an onslaught of discrimination and even violence.

In other words, people are losing their goddamned minds. Now, of course that’s not everyone. There are those who are coping rather well, those who preach love in this time of turmoil, and those who are holding to reason.

But, if you’re one of the ones freaking out, let’s put things in perspective energetically, shall we?

This is NOT the most prejudice time ever…

First of all, none of what we’re experiencing right now, is new. None of this fear, prejudice, discrimination and powerlessness just appeared. It’s just that we’re finally becoming aware of it; it’s no longer as easy to ignore. It’s really in our faces now. But, let’s be honest, think back just a few decades. Women had it worse. Black people had it worse. Gay people had it worse. Despite what Facebook and Twitter memes claim, things have not gotten worse. They’ve actually gotten significantly better. It’s just that we’re not done. We’re not where we want to be on these issues. But, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t made and won’t continue to make progress. And if your response this is: “Yeah… um… but… TRUMP!”, let me explain something:

No one, and I mean NO ONE has the power to create in your reality. Not your mommy, not your boss, not the government, and not even the President of the United States. But, when you decide that the President is responsible for either saving or destroying the country, when you decide that the outcome of this election is going to affect you in horrible ways, you’re giving your power away. You’re not taking responsibility for your own energy, and you’re trying to outsource your manifestations. That’s not ever going to work.

But this issue, this issue of people handing their power to the government and other external sources, is exactly what this whole election was about.

For too long we’ve been looking to our elected officials and the system to set the direction, to fix things and to lead us. The problem with that is that politicians aren’t meant to lead. They are meant to represent. The system is meant to serve us, instead of the other way around. We have to be the ones to set the direction, we have to be the ones to lead and then the government will follow. And if that statement brings up all kinds of icky emotions and excuses for why we can’t do that, then that’s your powerlessness showing itself.

It’s revolution

Now, I’m not talking about running out into the street and trying to forcibly take down the government. I’m guessing that that doesn’t feel all that joyous to you. I’m talking about utilizing your REAL power, the power that shapes your entire reality, and no longer trying to hand it away to some politician who can then be blamed for not getting it right.

Think about it – we manifested an election between two candidates, and we couldn’t really get excited about either one. Most of this election wasn’t about who would be the best president, it was an argument about who would be the least horrible. Neither Trump nor Hillary could easily be wedged into the role of “savior”, no matter how hard some people seemed to try. A lot of people just ended up voting against the candidate they hated the most.

But this was a good thing. You see, we’re so ready to hand our power away to a savior, someone who will ride in on his or her white horse and just make it all better (even though they really can’t, because they can’t defy our vibration). And then, when that doesn’t happen, we get mad at them. This is a pattern that has played out again and again. Every 4 to 8 years, we decide to hand the reigns to someone else in the hopes that this one’ll finally get it right.

But no politician can save the country, and no politician can destroy the country. No one can create in your reality! So, it was only by manifesting two choices that couldn’t be made into the savior role, that we were challenged to go through the uncomfortable process of taking responsibility for our own individual vibrations.

Waking up is a bitch

So, why is this process so volatile, so chaotic? Why did people have to manifest so much negative emotion around this? Why all the fear? Well, here’s the dirty little secret: the fear was already there. The powerlessness was already there. Tuesday night’s election, this manifestation, only triggered it, revealed it; it showed us it was there. And waking up from that fear, coming out of the fog of denial where we pretend it’s all ok and we do anything we can to avoid experiencing how we truly feel, can be a very painful process. It’s like turning off the morphine drip that you’ve had going all your life and realizing that you’ve had this huge ass tumor growing on your right butt cheek for years. You can’t even sit down anymore, can’t get comfortable and you’re in pain all the time. You didn’t even know you had a tumor, because the morphine kept you in La La Land, but once you woke up from your stupor, it all became apparent. You realize why you’ve been sitting funny, why you’ve been so tired all the time, and why you can’t seem to find pants that fit you.

Of course, now that you’re aware of the tumor, you can do something about it. You can heal it. And make no mistake, no matter how far gone the situation is, it can always be healed. It’s never too late. And if you heal it, you can buy pants again. You can go out dancing in the rain. You can have sex again. You can play in a band, and go bungee jumping and comfortably sit wherever you like. But, when you’ve just woken up, the horror of what you’re feeling can be so great, that you’d rather turn the morphine back on, thank you very much. Who cares about dancing in the rain and amazing sex when your ass tumor just winked at you?

So, you see, waking up is a bitch. The first thing that happens is that people begin to blame themselves. They don’t understand that there’s a difference between blame and responsibility.

And if you need a quick recap on the difference, blame is when you decide that you’re the one who messed it up; responsibility is when you decide to clean up the mess no matter who messed it up, because you prefer not to live in the mess. In blame you say, this is my fault. In responsibility you say, this happened, I acknowledge it’s not what I want, and now let’s do something about it.

So, in blame you’d be ashamed for having missed the ass tumor, and wondering what’s wrong with you that you didn’t know it was there. In responsibility you accept that the tumor is there, you decide that you would prefer it to not be there anymore, and then you do something about it.

And that’s the awakening that’s happening right now. Not everyone is waking up at the same time. But more and more every day. The old energy is dying, it’s fighting for its little troll life, but it’s dying. The old systems are crumbling. And if we want to create new systems, we have to take responsibility for them. WE have to be the ones that dream new solutions into being. We have to be willing to focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want. We have to stop reacting, and asking others to give us something to react to, and become pro-active.

There are proactive, solution-driven individuals who embody the new energy all over the place. You see it in the music industry, for example. The old, fossilized system is trying to maintain control, while musicians follow their inspiration and simply go around them.

The old energy wants to control, the new energy wants to create.

The old energy wants to thwart, the new energy wants to thrive.

The old energy wants to limit, the new energy wants to share.

Think of Elon Musk, the creator or Tesla Motors. He’s not going to let the old, dusty industries slow him down. He’s just coming up with his own solutions. And if you think that it’s easy for him because he’s a billionaire, consider that this is precisely how he became a billionaire. He innovated, created, lined up with solutions, followed his passion, his inspiration, and shared his knowledge (he even gave away all the patents for the Tesla car).

We are creators

We’re creators. We want to create. We NEED to create. We’re built for it. We’re here to dream a new world into being. And to do that we have to stop outsourcing our power. We have to take it back.

It all starts with you. Your energy. Your reality. And it all comes down to what you want and where you’re choosing to put your focus. Do you want to play with the old energy of fear and powerlessness? Do you want to feel persecuted? Do you want to continue to feel like you don’t have a right to be where you are, like you have to apologize for your existence, or prove your worth? Do you want to continue to wait for external powers to fix things for you so you don’t have to risk getting it wrong?

Or, do you want to play with the new, emerging energy? Do you want to be a force for creating new, innovative solutions that bypass the old, dying systems? Do you want to help create a whole new world, while the old one crumbles around us? Do you want to stop fighting the old establishment and just dream a whole new one into being? Do you want to live in passion, joy, and limitlessness?

If you want to play with the new energy, then have the courage to step into it. Trump isn’t the enemy. Hillary isn’t the enemy. Fear is. What do you want the world to be? Can you focus on that? Can you feel that? Can you choose that? Can you make it more important that we create this new world than that the path involves the President that you’ve decided HAS TO be involved? How do you know what that path will look like? Can you choose to trust that the Universe has your back and that even though we may not always understand how a manifestation is going to bring us to awesomeness (which happens a lot, actually) it definitely will? Can you realize that who actually won the election is irrelevant, because no president can defy your vibration? And has it occurred to you that Hillary was just as, if not more mired in the old energy, and that Trump might actually be better at responding to this new energy flow? Even if he doesn’t do so consciously?

Furthermore, has it occurred to you that this might all work out a hell of a lot better than your fear wants you to believe? What if this, THIS unexpected, shocking development is actually the catalyst that wakes up a larger part of the population? What if Tuesday night’s rage, devastation and depression are just the signs that people are finally turning off their morphine drips (because that’s pretty much how it feels!).

What if nothing has gone wrong and everything is going right, and it’s just not happening specifically like we thought it would (which, by the way, it never really does. That’s why it’s not our job to figure out how shit’s going to happen)?

It’s Time

What if this is the start of the revolution, but the revolution isn’t about flooding the streets with bodies, trying to take down the establishment. What if the revolution starts with each one of us, in our hearts, in our minds, in our willingness to take responsibility, to own our shit, to feel our emotions, to change our lives so that we are aligned with our deepest passions (you know, those things you want so much it scares you)? What if it’s already begun and we’re right in the middle of it, and this is the part where everything feels kind of chaotic because the old energy is flailing around, because it’s about to lose its last foothold?

What if this isn’t so much a revolution, but an evolution, and we’re taking another massive step forward on our quest to discovering who we really are, and what it means to be fully human? What if we put our focus completely and totally on the world we’re creating and finally lead the politicians instead of expecting them to lead us? What if we finally step into our power and set the tone, instead of trying to follow someone else’s? What if we finally take responsibility, and we choose to create what we want instead of spending all our energy trying to hunt down someone to blame?

What if we choose to remember just how powerful we really are?

Trump? Trump who?


I’ll see you next week.

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  • Great article! I voted for Trump, but I personallty never thought he would win…as many others I’m sure…but now that he is in we have to give him a chance to make a difference. I believe he will be good for the economy, but we will see….keep up the good work!

  • Im an intelligent person & extremely intuitive/empathic & in no way do I feel Trump is out to cause harm. What’s scarier to me is how easily the Media manipulated & scared people into hate then creating tons of race wars. Be truth seekers & problem solvers it’s a better vibe to be in.

  • Great post! I am also curious to know if Trump winning the election would mean that he had a higher vibration than Hilary. I am a little confused because I understand that other people cannot be responsible for his manifestation of becoming president

  • nice….i don’t believe his term will be as bad as people think it will be. My own intuition, as well as a Tarot reading I performed on the subject, both suggested that things would actually be getting a lot better. So, I’m excited to see what’s coming up.

  • Mark,
    Yes I will take the time to engage with Trump supporters, and I hope that you will also take the time to listen to minorities who feel discouraged, dismayed and anxious in the face of this election.

  • I’m going to disagree. A little while back I asked about spiritual bypassing and I want to return to that because I see a lot of Christians doing the same thing: saying that it’s going to be OK and that we just need to trust the higher power.

    But here’s the thing: we can’t bypass the fear and the anxiety, and we can’t bypass the hatred. We need to recognize it, acknowledge it and confront it.

    Even if Trump is not racist/ misogynist/ xenophobic in your reality, he is in the realities of other people and this affects how they behave. It makes some people emboldened to act on their hatred, and this in turn causes others to be afraid.

    Let us remember that the KKK endorsed Trump and are celebrating his victory. Let us pay attention to the many acts of racialized violence and slurs that have followed his victory. People are, indeed, “losing their goddamn minds” but it is the people who are low vibration and who are committing violence, not the ones who feel afraid in response to that reality.

    Also, I don’t know how I feel about the assertion that “things have been worse”. Just because things were worse in the past doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t desire for them to get better. I think that this is a time to be listening to people, instead of blaming them for their fear.

    • “But here’s the thing: we can’t bypass the fear and the anxiety, and we can’t bypass the hatred. We need to recognize it, acknowledge it and confront it.”

      Which means you WILL receive more fear, anxiety and hatred. It is Law.

      Also, the majority of people committing violence are actually the people who are against Trump, and the violence they are committing is against his supporters. A lot of the “many” acts of racialized violence and slurs have been confirmed as hoaxes.

      The mainstream media has created this fearful reality for you. Do not let them do it anymore. Stop fearing Trump and his supporters. Maybe actually take your advice and start “listening to people”: people who voted for Trump, and learn how it isn’t about racism/misogyny/xenophobia for many of them. Fear begets fear, hate begets hate. Stopping fear and hate begins with YOU, and no-one else.

  • This is a great post, with great comments. It has brought up something in myself. The thought that, ok, our feelings represent our own resistance, but also, how we react to the process others take to realizing their resistance is ours to deal with as well. There is no right way and wrong way in all of this. It is all apart of the process towards feeling better. If we are upset that people just won’t get over it because they create their own reality and why don’t they just realize that – that feeling of anger or frustration is signaling our own resistance. I kept going back and forth, wondering why both sides made me feel kind of icky, and I realized that for me it all came down to wanting to allow everyone to be where they are and to go through it in a way that is best for them. Is it upsetting to see people protest when one knows they create their own reality? Yes it is, but only because I want so badly for them to understand, and to be angry and tell them to get over it is only my own discomfort at viewing the discord between my knowing they are all powerful and their not knowing in this moment. And maybe also a feeling of fear that if I know they might make me feel bad for knowing while they don’t know. And it’s ok that they don’t know, because maybe that is part of their progress. Accepting how others deal with things is a big lesson to me. I notice all throughout my law of attraction journey I have been concerned with “what would they think” and this is just another side of that. I have always had trouble articulating this, so hopefully I have done it some justice <3

    • Oh wow, this is really a great flood of insights, Danielle! I was nodding along throughout.

      I also have been realizing that “what will people think” is my Achilles Heel. It’s definitely not a thing I’m currently able to let go of – so I’m quite threatened and triggered by some people who don’t care what others think, and quite inspired and amazed by others, depending on whether or not I agree with them, haha.

  • People need to get over it already. The sobbing, violence, and teeth gnashing from the left is only drawing more of those angry feelings and “we were duped!” mentality to their reality. Not to mention all of their RESISTANCE to the elected President! And from another LOA perspective, when I started seeing all of the anti-Trump posts in my Facebook feed starting over a year ago, I just KNEW he had a serious shot at running away with this. Don’t forget, what you focus on expands whether it’s wanted or unwanted! Anyone that wanted Hillary (or Gary Johnson or whomever) should have spent more energy focusing on who they WANTED and THEIR attributes instead of putting so much of it on Trump. And it’s pretty absurd to be worrying about doomsday scenarios; the left couldn’t accurately predict the outcome of this election, so how could they possibly predict the future and his presidency?

    And hey, Trump knows how to work the LOA — you’ll never hear the man talk badly about himself. He believes he’s awesome, whether people agree with it or not. And look how far it got him.

    • Trump was actually raised on the LOA (the Power of Positive Thinking, as it was called then), so yeah, he owes much of his success to the way he thinks and talks most of the time. His big weakness that he really needs to work on is his emotional immaturity, where he way too easily lets others intrude on his reality and attracts negative energy to himself by responding negatively. His whole life and career has been an up-down-up-down cycle, and for America’s sake, I hope he learns to stay more consistently on the up.

    • He believes he’s awesome in an EGO way though. Loving yourself truly is something far different. The only reason I say that is that Trump does not display any of the signs of someone who truly loves themself from a level of truly knowing ‘who you REALLY are’.

      With that said, yes, he clearly uses the LOA (whether consciously or not), but just because someone uses the LOA, does not necessarily make them (in the words of Abe) in alignment with who they truly are. Some of the most menacing people in history (not at all to compare Trump to them) used to the LOA to their own success.

      So, while it’s a good idea to see how Trump can use the LOA to his advantage, it’s also important to differentiate ‘knowing how to manifest’ as opposed to actually ‘being in touch with your spiritual heart’.

  • This is bringing up so much stuff for me. When I first heard the news, I was on a trip with my family, and I was able to rally and find comfort in being surrounded by loved ones. But now that I’m home by myself (I live alone and work from home), I’ve been completely paralyzed. I’ve literally been in bed for three days, sleeping on and off, obsessively checking Facebook and have only eaten a handful of licorice, because my appetite is completely gone. I realize that my reaction to Trump has a lot to do with my past emotionally abusive relationships (he’s a poster child for abusive tactics). I feel threatened, vulnerable and like I’m now being forced into a long-term relationship with an abusive man who will be shaping the social landscape and enacting policy that directly affects me and the people I care about.

    I also know that everyone’s reaction is unique. I know that it’s my responsibility to sift through this and shift to a better feeling perspective. If this is the final call to dropping the garbage that has been dogging me for decades, then I’ll owe Trump a gratitude for that. I’m not there yet.

    I’m also really struggling with a very strong moral obligation to speak out and be involved, whether that means speaking my truth on social media or wearing a safety pin to be a safe harbor for vulnerable populations, or joining peaceful protests or volunteering for civil rights protections. So far, though, none of this feels good, but I also feel like I’m a horrible person if I don’t actively speak out agains the hateful rhetoric and the violence that it has already inspired.

    On the flip side of that, I feel like I should be engaging people who don’t agree with me. I feel like I need to hear their perspectives with love and empathy, but I don’t feel strong enough to do that, because many of the people who disagree with me also engage by using abusive tactics, like shouting down, gaslighting, etc. The anger and hate feels so palpable, it sends me into a fight or flight state where I literally can’t engage rationally. So much guilt and shame and self-recrimination is coming up.

    Anyway, I’m processing. I want to get involved, but I guess it’s the old, put on your own oxygen mask before helping others sentiment. I’m not even close to ok right now, and I really have nothing to offer others until I can find my center and get a clear vision of how I might be of service to shaping the world I’d like to live in.

    All that said, I feel hopeful that I can use this as a vehicle for shifting my energy in an incredibly profound way. Just feeling and thinking my way through.

    • I related to what you said so much Lucia. I hope some of the fog has cleared for you now. If you ever want to talk about it and connect with someone who is releasing resistance that has a similar feel to it, I would love that and be very open to it.

      As Melody says ::Hugs::

  • PHEW. What a trip this has been. I wouldn’t have said that I was very nervous or powerless about the election, but after the results I was thrown into two full days of the most intense fear and anxiety I have ever experienced. It was bananas. I felt like I was in an altered state. I’ve never had anything like it.

    (I have a side question for Melody about this: I live in a dense urban neighborhood that is mostly populated by immigrant folks. At one point during the hours of hyperanxiety, I thought “What if this isn’t even my anxiety? What if I’m actually picking up on the fear of the people around me?” and that gave me some meaningful relief that put me on the path toward throwing up my hands and letting go of the fear a bit. So I guess it doesn’t really matter if that’s “real” or not, but I was curious if I was making that up, or if people actually read mass energy, or what.)

    It highlighted for me that I am afraid and powerless about specific things. It was kind of a bringdown, because I was apparently in deep denial about these fears (the apocalypse! nuclear war! economic collapse!) and looking them in the face was really painful – I still have beliefs that there’s nothing I can do about them. Ouch. I’m trying to stay in the place where I’m just feeling that feeling, since I don’t know what else to do. I picked up Melody’s book again and for the umpteenth time realized that I’m lower on the vibrational scale than I thought I was. I realized this time that my beliefs about money and where I am allowed to live and what lifestyle I am allowed to have are only now rising out of the “shame” group and into the “anger” group. (I would have said I was higher, at least in frustration.)

    Does this just go on forever? Do I keep realizing I don’t feel how I claim I feel? Or do you eventually peel off all the layers?

    I’m definitely prepared to believe that this could be a good thing. But I also still feel shaken up. Also I’m noticing that I have a pretty different perspective than many of my friends, who are very into the “it’s because of racism” narrative. So it all feels painful and scary. I’m doing what I can to be present with those emotions.

    Life is such a trip!

    • The “it’s because of racism” narrative is self-defeating and needs to go. Trump supporters being looked down upon, not talked to or listened to, called racist/misogynistic/homophobic/”deplorable”, etc. is EXACTLY why Trump ended up winning. The only way to change what the mass consciousness of this country is attracting is to change this behavior.

  • Thank you for sharing this message Melody. I will admit, I was devastated when I heard about the election results. After going through earlier stages of grieving though, I feel more empowered and determined to being the change I want to see in the world. I’ve decided to become more proactive in doing what I can now to help others and nurture love, acceptance, equality, understanding and harmony.

    This isn’t related to the question, but I was wondering if you or someone could help me with meeting my husband. I really want to meet him and have a beautiful relationship with him. The problem is that I really do not know how I’ll meet him now. I’ve tried online dating, but it didn’t feel like the right choice for me. I feel really anxious because it feels like there’s no way now that I could meet him. I know intellectually that there are numerous ways the Universe can deliver, but I feel really stuck and in need of guidance.

    • I hear you! I have a very similar dynamic with another topic. I intellectually realize that I am putting the action cart before the vibrational horse… but it’s hard to stick with. One thing I’ve recently gotten some relief from is realizing that when I decide to let go of a belief it will probably take me days or weeks to actually complete it! So it isn’t a failure, it’s not me “doing it wrong” if I don’t get it done right away. Maybe in your situation you could try zooming out to just the feeling of meeting this awesome man, and whenever your brain is like “But what should I DO???? to meet him???” remind yourself – well, this is not going to happen today?

      • Thank you for your response Cordy. I’ve been feeling so stressed about meeting him lately, I want it to happen so badly, but it hasn’t yet. I keep reminding myself that I just have to trust and go with the flow. I’m just worried that it will take forever, or I’ll have to settle because I want this so much.

    • “I’ve decided to become more proactive in doing what I can now to help others and nurture love, acceptance, equality, understanding and harmony.”

      Be sure not to forget the white working-class people who voted for Trump this time around. Preaching to them about love, acceptance, equality, understanding and harmony while showing absolutely NONE of those qualities TOWARD them is exactly how the political left lost this election.

  • “Not to let the politicians drive and imstill [] fear into us”.

    The fear is already in everyone who feels an emotional reaction. The politicians are not instilling or driving anything that wasn’t already there. THAT is why it’s such incredibly hard work. Firstly you have to remember that there is no ‘other’ causing my painful emotions. Secondly, since there is no ‘other’, I have to take responsibility for how I feel and pay attention to it. This is such hard work that few will ever attempt it. Spiritual work is not some walk in the park.

    My own issue is that I blame God for creating humans with a genetic makeup which is so incredibly prone to suffering. There’s great hatred in me, but I just have to keep owning it, owning it, owning it. Paying attention to my pain and blaming nothing.

  • Thanks Melody.
    I took away from the post is this:
    Fear is driving this. Not to let the politicians drive and imstill fear into us. Watching the election closely, even here in Australia for that matter, the number one tactic is fear to devide and conquer. If we choose to let them fear them, shame us and guilt is into their way of thinking then they have won. They do not have the power in our realities, not really. I want Trump to go away quickly like the rest of the world does. I choose not to give these fears a voice to control me. I did dream on the night of the election that I was telling the new president off for being a fraud and disappointment. (How embarrassing).
    Melody is right also saying that we are coming about in moving. People are waking up from the sleep and they are starting to find themselves. It’s a bit of a shock when awakening but we are most definitely moving forward.
    Right now, we can choose to be angry (which is ok too) for the next four years or we can say “he might be the president but I am not empowering him.” We will have all moved forward again in our lives again.

  • Thank you so much for this. It makes perfect sense! I love the way you explained what politicians really are. That hit home.

  • I would always LOVE YOU Melody Fletcher ! ! Just like I love EVERYONE!

    I live in my reality, always, never use to, until my years of being a fellow student on deliberately recieving blog.

    I’ve learnt so much and I am still learning.

    It brings me to actual tears sharing this and my message to anyone reading this, is to “live in your reality, it’s so much fun, care not one bit about what others think of you, step into your power, the power we all have and are afraid of stepping into it, it’s glorious, it’s fabulous, it’s warm it’s cold it’s estatic and the list is endless. . .

    I’m not in one bit bothered about anything but my ascension. I get people asking me what I think about anything that goes on in the world and yes there are sad cases and yes it all looks horrible and yes why does it happen, but my reaction is a re-focus on my present and my presence doesn’t have anything to do with all this events because I am living in my own reality, mine not anybody else’s not one. . .

    Live in your reality it’s a lovely place to be when you get there, if you haven’t, enjoy your journey there, enjoy. LOVE YOU

  • Hi Melody:

    Thank you so much for your great perspective on our country’s shifting energy!This is an awesome opportunity for us to practice holding our energy (or talking ourselves back into alignment) when faced with something we initially think is the complete antithesis of what we wanted.



  • Such an awesome awesome video Melody! These have been my thoughts and feelings which you put so well into words. It got me so pumped up and I feel the vibration raising!

  • Hi!
    Thanks for the awesome perspective. I realized last night that the protests and harassment would have happened no mater who won the election.
    I guess the purging (to raise vibrations) this country needs is now at the forefront

  • This is the best post I’ve read on this whole thing, Meloday. I was dying to see how you’d address it and you kicked ass.

    I did 10 Positive Aspects on The Election over on BlissBlog to try to shift toward the side, but you dug right down into what’s happening, and you nailed it.

    Thank you for this. I’m going to do a whole post that consists of nothing but a link to this one. 🙂

  • Many of you are commenting that it’s good that the resistance is coming up and out and yet you have no idea what the resistance is. How are you going to let go of it?

    Melody is not talking about Trump’s presidency running its course and then everyone will live happily ever after. No, that’s not how it works. Releasing resistance is bloody hard work and requires great concentration and courage. She’s asking you “how does Trump being president trigger YOUR OWN resistance?”. It’s nothing to do with Trump. Even if Musk was president, you’d still have the resistance, just no one irritating enough to bring it to the surface.

    • So the correct response to Melody’s post, if you understand correctly is “oh hell, I have so much work to do”, not “this is wonderful!”. There’s nothing soothing or comforting about it. It’s a bloody wake up call, and you’re all hitting the snooze button.

      • Well, there’s no correct way to respond to this article… Which ever way a person responds is going to be correct for them, because even if they misconstrue Melody’s intended message, that reaction will reveal something about themselves to them. Also, releasing resistance is a very individual thing because there is no one right way to do it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be hard work or require concentration (that’s just personally what I’ve seen), and the hardest time I have with it is when I’m fighting it, because resistance doesn’t need me to force it out, it’s already leaving. However, how easy and painless its departure is versus how difficult and uncomfortable it is depends on how I respond to it. I can push against it, and make that process very frustrating and painful, or I can let it leave, and when I am able to do that, it’s not very difficult to deal with.

        So, I still think what’s happening now is a good thing, because it’s an opportunity for people to release the resistance that’s been festering within themselves, but how they go about doing that is really about what they personally feel is best for them. They may choose to focus, to visualize, to hire a coach, to go to a therapist, to meditate, to cry, to protest peacefully, to dance-it’s up to them. The idea that someone has so much work to do may motivate them tremendously or it may make them feel much worse for example, it really depends on the person, because we all respond to things differently, and the same approach does not work for all of us. It’s all about what we feel we need and what we feel works best for us as individuals. What I would consider actual denial, though, is someone saying that “this is wonderful”, not because they actually think so, but because they’re trying to gloss over their true emotions and fear (and thus they’re not allowing their resistance to be released), but if some people think that this is a good thing, I understand that point of view. These problems have been around for a very long time, and they have been overlooked and brushed under the rug, and it’s good that they’re emerging, that our belief in our own powerlessness is being challenged.

  • Melody, thank you for your soothing words. I knew this had LOA all over it, but I got too far into my ego and the outside world to rest easy in it. Then it hit me, this is our “herxheimer” reaction. All the worst is coming to the surface as healing begins. It happened when I quit smoking; I had to actually go on oxygen for a while! Whew, for a minute there I had forgotten that we’re all witnesses and part of a glorious new way of being.
    Oh, and you mentioned Elon Musk; I don’t know anything about him personally, I just feel his brilliance, but the SECOND you mentioned his name I saw the two of you together and it was right. ( no clue what it means, but things happen)

  • Thank you, thank you thank you finally the election makes some freaking sense!! I have a huge smile on my face thanks to you my awareness just expanded. of course it is all unfolding beautifully, time for us to step into our power. love and light to you wonderful Melody, peace out xxxx

  • I just loved watching this!! Realizing our power is so awesome. Things are going better and better and better and that’s so beautiful.

    Also, I adore those squares on your wall, not sure what they are, but they’re mesmerizing 😀

  • When Trump won, I was disappointed and emotional too, but I saw the LOA all over this… And I thought, oh, wait, the LOA IS all over this, yes, because as you said, Trump’s presence is just making people aware of the stuff that’s been there the entire time. A lot of people genuinely did not realize that certain things were still a problem until this election happened.

    A lot of things in American society hadn’t been addressed, just kind of lying around, coming up in occasionally obvious ways at first, and then, the issues continued to show up in repetitive ways, the tension built, but no one can ignore this one. No one can pretend that it doesn’t exist. Whenever we think of who the American president is, we’ll think of Trump. As it happens with all resistance, when you continue to hold onto it or you try to push it away, not allowing it to come up and leave, it manifests in bigger and bigger ways…

    The more I thought this through, the better I felt and more inspired I became. Resistance comes up because it’s on its way out, because it’s finally trying to leave, not because it’s there to stay… A lot of people think the opposite, that his presidency means things will go downhill from here, and racists think it’s a victory for them, and though I think I intuitively knew he would win, I don’t necessarily feel it’s true that it’s all going downhill. Like you mentioned, this is a wake up call, the same kind of wake up call we would get in our own realities if we just had something painful festering that we’ve been trying to ignore. It happens to make us aware, it happens because greater things are trying to come in, not because unwanted things are being “imposed” upon us.

    I’ve been studying and practicing the LOA for about 4-5 years, and one thing that struck me a long time ago was a little message that popped into my mind that said: societal beliefs and LOA don’t mesh because they are opposite concepts with opposite premises. I completely took that and ran with it; I began to observe and understand societal beliefs extensively-it was like coming out of a fog, realizing how so many of them were, well, bullshit, as you say! I saw how the belief system in society was its actual downfall, but the majority of people were not realizing that because we were all so accustomed to the idea that the problem lies outside of ourselves, so I always saw it as, like… Looking for your car keys in someone else’s house, I guess? I wanted the issues with the culture and the belief system to take the forefront, to take priority, to be seen as important issues that deserve attention, to be seen as something other than “just the way it is”, and I really did think that I wouldn’t see that for years and years. I figured I’d be much older, but no, here it is… Because of Trump’s presence and presidency, pretty much everyone is focusing on social issues and societal beliefs, and a lot of people are more motivated to make a change more than they ever did before-wow!

    At first, I couldn’t really take my mind off of the people that were being affected by this, myself included, but I realized that I am not necessarily going to be much of a help to anyone if I lament and dwell on these issues, and forget to continue to embrace how powerful I am, and how powerful everyone else is as well. A lot of people are definitely losing their minds, but I do think this is the beginning of a huge change, and that things will improve, even though things don’t appear to look so great right now on the surface. Now, I’m inspired again.

    Also, thanks Melody, for the reminder that we create our reality regardless of our government, our president or our society. I really wanted to hear that from someone.

  • Ass tumor! Ha, ha, ha, ha – I love the analogy.

    Thank you for this brilliant breakdown of the issue. It is up to each one of us to stop giving away our power!

    May I give a view from across the pond as we have just been through the whole Brexit drama. Besides all the excellent points made above, also consider this: the ‘liberals’ have been and continue to sneer down their noses at the poorly educated, racist, misogynist, hicks who voted leave (in our case) and for Trump (in the US). But that is simply not true. A lot of people sat down and agonized for a long time over their decision. They thought through the implications of growing fascism in Europe, the intransigence of the European lawmakers and they looked at economic issues (to the best of their abilities). They considered the short term for themselves and the long term for their grandchildren. And they voted based on that and a whole host of other considerations. I’m not saying there were no racists among the voters and I am not saying that there weren’t protest votes, because there were. But it is wrong to label everyone that disagrees with you with some kind of negative label. Can I also point out that when you look at the numbers, a large proportion of Hispanics and women voted for Trump.

    There were those who took the vote in the UK to mean that racist attacks were now OK, but they are a tiny, loud minority. This will probably happen in the US too. Don’t let them set the agenda.

    The other thing I wanted to mention was from a blog post Melody did some time ago (can’t find it now) where she talked about the way we refer to and treat white men at the moment. They are basically being portrayed as power-hungry, misogynistic, potential rapists at worst and big babies at best – instead of just people. And maybe we need to stop lumping people into groups like this. There are good people everywhere and their are Dicks everywhere. Being of a minority or special group doesn’t suddenly imbue a person with angelic-ness, just as being a straight, white male (even a right-wing one) doesn’t automatically make someone a bastard. I have seen a lot of commentary around the media and social media that is pretty negative and disempowering about men and, while I totally agree that each person is responsible for their own reality and must decide for themselves to step into their power, this doesn’t help.

    I have felt through all of this that we each need to be the change we want to see. A little love goes a long way! It’s just a pity that Trump that has such an annoying, whiny voice – four years of that, oh dear.

    • The way so-called-liberals think about people and treat people comes back to bite them due to what it attracts…namely, it attracts those same bigoted people and behavior they’re always going on about, but on THEIR side of the political aisle. The LOA does not respond to words without behavior backing them up. For too long, the politically left has TALKED about being against intolerance, all while actually BEHAVING like the biggest intolerant bigots around, and this election result is the chickens coming back to roost.

  • Trump won for one reason and one reason only – the people of America voted him in and all the worry by those worried is not going to change the fact he’s in so what the hell are they worried about, do they not understand their worry is only creating more worry for them and not changing a thing.

    It’s funny when you try to tell people they create their own reality, they look at you like you have 2 heads and then proceed to tell you they had nothing to do with it it was everyone else’s fault.

    • John they are worried because they feel judged and rejected. This whole thing has NOTHING to do with politics and EVERYTHING to do with individual self-esteem.

      The fact of life is that *as egos* we are NOT equal. Some people are rich, good-looking and high status (like Trump who epitomizes this). And some people have none of these things. The people who have nothing want to feel like they are “as good” as those who have everything but meanwhile everything in the media leads them to think they are grossly inferior. It’s not Trump’s fault they feel threatened. He has a preference for white, good looking rich people. He is actually allowed to have preferences you know?

      On the spiritual level, everything and everyone is equal… BUT we don’t yet live on that level. Hillary sells this ideal, and yet every night she goes to bed in a luxury home that probably only a small handful of people in the world could afford… and she likes it this way. She loves the exclusivity and superiority that her wealth buys, otherwise she wouldn’t have spent her senate days organizing speaking events for Bill at 2 mill a pop. She lives the superior lifestyle and preaches equality for all. I find that repulsive.

      Yes, Donald is extremely self-centered narcissist, lacking in compassion and empathy , but he doesn’t hide the fact. He’s not ashamed of who he is. That alone puts him well ahead of Hillary.

        • Nothing much, but we need to realize that we pursue luxury solely for our self-image, our ego. We rationalize that we have a $500 pair of sunglasses because we “just love fashion”. Yeh, but why do we love fashion? Simply because we can differentiate ourselves as “better” when everyone else only has a $200 pair.

          Same goes for luxurious houses, cars, clothing, etc. If everyone in the world has a mansion and Ferrari, then the mansion and Ferrari lose their impact – they no longer differentiate us as “better”. See this is what the ego does. It co-opts every situation for its own ends, and you don’t realize what’s happening.

          If you offered me a Ferrari, of course I’d take it. Why? Because it feeds my self-image. I know that my brain will release a huge dose of dopamine when I drive it down the street and everyone looks at me. Yes, it is possible to enjoy the feel of the leather, the speed, the handling… and guess what? These are a potential trap too, because soon your brain will start craving these luxuries and you become attached. When you’re attached, then you start to do things like…

          Screwing contractors who assist in the building of your precious Trump Tower. Or, charging $2 million to speak at an event, like Hillary did. Greed, in other words. And greed leads to corruption.

          • The popular LoA response to this is: “oh I’m not attached to luxury, I just enjoy it”. Yeh right, like cocaine addicts who just use occasionally and don’t “need” it.

            Both luxury and cocaine work the same way. They release very addictive chemicals into the brain. It’s a bummer isn’t it? All these promises of wealth via LoA, and someone comes and points out the truth. I’m just as bummed as you I promise. But Life is what it is, and spiritual growth is completely at odds with the pursuit of luxury.

  • Preference (ie. judgment) is hidden EVERYWHERE, and no one is aware of it.

    Some more examples:

    A person says “You know I really enjoy a good conversation with intelligent people”. Would such a person not bristle at the prospect of having to chat with someone who is poorly educated? Would such a person not think to himself “OMG what a hick! Go back to your farm!”.

    A person says “I love great fashion, cutting edge designs and quality fabrics”. Would such a person not look down at someone who is happy wearing a Target tracksuit? Because that’s actually bigoted behaviour.

    A person says “It’s so important to be fit and healthy and eat well”. Would such a person not be repulsed at the sight of an obese person stuffing down burgers? Because that’s judgmental; that’s rejection.

    A person says “I love classical music, it’s the most pure form of the art”. Would such a person not be revolted by gangsta rap blaring out of someone’s car? Because that’s racist and bigoted also.

  • Let’s take a typical example of why people might not like Trump and break it down to see what’s really going on.

    Trump says something along the lines of “you can’t be a 10 with a flat chest”. Now obviously this is hurtful to many women, and because it’s hurtful, it’s not something a president should say, BUT…

    Let’s say a man prefers women with big breasts. That preference cannot be made without a simultaneous rejection (relative rejection) of flat-chestedness, can it? It might not be expressed in words, but that rejection is still there. So no preference can be made without rejection of the opposite. If I like sunny days then I automatically reject rainy days. Is it possible to enjoy both rainy and sunny days? Yes, but then no preference has been expressed. We are designed to prefer, not allow. Allowing is better but hard work.

    So what I’m saying is WE ALL EXPRESS PREFERENCES, therefore we’re all judgmental. All the young girls shown sobbing because Donald only approves of super hot women and no one else. Well boo-hoo. You think these girls don’t prefer tall, dark handsome guys with 6 packs? Of course they do! We’re all human, we all have egos. They fail to see their own judgmental attitudes and instead project everything onto Trump. He is at least very aware of his strong preferences. I don’t think he’s aware that preferences are ultimately harmful.

    *Choiceless awareness* will emerge as a popular meditation technique – that’s my prediction.

    • I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking about these “preferences” and comparisons below, but they are just that, YOUR thoughts. You are generalizing individuals. Imaginary individuals at that. I am a real person, and an attractive one since you care about that, and I have never preferred the look of the “guys” you described. You are doing yourself a disservice by thinking the way you do.

  • As a Kiwi I’m not directly involved in American politics but I do see this as a shining example of LoA at work. Trump kept saying WHEN I win the election but Clinton was saying IF I win. It will certainly be very interesting to observe what happens next…

    • Trump was literally raised listening to sermons about the LOA. He knows exactly what he’s doing with the way he thinks, talks and behaves. In his mind, he is indisputably a winner, and he has held to that belief. And thus, despite the many, many people who argued otherwise, he ended up winning.

  • I chose not to follow that crowd but I have to admit their vibes got to me!! But thanks to this and the emotional scale, I’m rising back and taking control of my reality.

  • Melody, your message is incredibly powerful… we, as individuals, are so much more powerful than those who we blame…not one person holds the key to our reality….except us, as Emerson talked about….your words flow and are soooo needed in this time….thank you so much for saying what you say, and how you say it.

  • Great video, Melody. You’re exactly right that no one can either fix everything for us, or ruin everything for us. I see people giving away their power so much, and it’s disappointing.

    This is a great trigger for all those who have fear, as you say. Now it’s here to be dealt with.

    I don’t believe his term will be as bad as people think it will be. My own intuition, as well as a Tarot reading I performed on the subject, both suggested that things would actually be getting a lot better. So, I’m excited to see what’s coming up.

    Also, wonderful delineation of the difference between blame and responsibility. I find that people confuse those two a lot.

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