Well hey there, my happy shiny puppies in training! I’m back! After embarking on my annual pilgrimage to Peru to dance with plant medicines and participate in Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, after getting my mind duly blown (by design) and my energy upgraded and my inside bits wrung out like an old dishtowel, I returned to the “real” world (whatever that means…). And, as usual, I come bearing gifts. Also, as usual, I’m going to share some of those gifts with you today, and will let the rest unfold over the coming weeks and months, as I’m inspired to.

So, if you’re ready, strap in and hold on. This is going to be fun! Ha.


The changes started before I left…

If you read my last “real-time” (meaning: not a repost of an old article) blog post, you’ll have witnessed the process that was already underway. I had stopped resonating with what I’d been doing. I’d realized that making videos and answering questions about basic Law of Attraction stuff was no longer floating my boat. And just as I did last year after I got back from Peru, I came to the conclusion that it was time to go deeper. I just wasn’t sure what that was going to look like. Well, I’m still not sure. I’m just going to go with it, follow my intuition and do what I’m inspired to do. I might not have as much of a schedule anymore, I might post less often or more often, or basically whenever I feel like it. It could be a video one week, and a blog post the next and maybe a Facebook live chat the following week, just to stir things up.

Now, some of you are going to be celebrating this change and going “Wooohoooo! Yes!”, while a few others are going to be a little bit uncomfortable. After all, this is change, and it’s not clearly defined change. My new publishing schedule is: whenever I feel like it. What are you supposed to expect? Shouldn’t you be able to count on me and my work? What about accountability, dammit?

Rules Schmules

Well, my puppies, this is me, stepping into inspired living more fully. You see, over the last few years, I’ve let go of the “rules” more and more. You know, the rules that state what you should do and how you should do it. And man, do we have a lot of those rules (otherwise also known as “judgments”). Here are just a few examples:

  • Your age determines how you are allowed to act (“act your age!”), what clothes you are allowed to wear, how you can do your hair, what jobs you can get (or whether or not you can succeed at a certain job), how smart or knowledgeable you are (young=naïve/ignorant, old=outdated information/possibly senile), how much respect you should garner, and what you’re capable of.
  • Your gender determines all of those things, too. Also, there are only 2 genders and they are clearly defined (many, many rules), so ALL women look and behave (or should) a certain way, and ALL men look and behave (or should) a certain way, and damn you if you don’t conform to that.
  • Your socioeconomic status (how rich or poor you are) determines all of those things.
  • Your religion determines all of those things. Even if you don’t practice it.
  • “Insert other bullshit reason here” determines all of those things.

Basically, we have decided to use totally arbitrary characteristics to limit ourselves to a whole lot of should’s and should not’s. We’ve created “rules” for how to act, how to feel, how to react, how to be. Anything or anyone who doesn’t conform to those rules precisely gets judged and shunned and possibly killed. We have, until recently, had no tolerance for deviation from the rules, even though we can’t even agree on what the rules should be.

Right now, you might be asking, “what the hell does any of this have to do with your posting schedule, Melody?” And you’d be right to, because it doesn’t seem like it’s related (more than by the thinnest of threads), but it is.

You see, I had a realization during one of my plant ceremonies, while in Peru. Ok, I had MANY, MANY, MANY realizations, but this is one, and it was a big one. Keep in mind that what I’m about to write isn’t meant to be shared with people who can’t handle a deviation from the rules. This is for those of you (my puppies) who can handle and welcome a scrapping of the rules. This is for you. It’s not for them.

I’ve been dismantling and releasing the “rules” I was willing to accept in my own life for a number of years. So, for example, I no longer bought into the idea that my age limited or restricted or obligated me in any way to do or be anything. Nor did my gender (I don’t have to prove that I’m a proper or good or acceptable woman. I just am one. A woman is as a woman does.) Nor did the fact that I grew up poor, or Catholic, or German and American. Where I lived didn’t matter. It said nothing about me. How I dressed didn’t matter. It limited me to nothing. Not even the identities I wanted to accept, like being a good person, or being a teacher, or healer limited me or obligated me to anything. I could be whoever and whatever I wanted to be in the moment, every moment. And I was the only one who could decide what anything meant TO ME.

Well, last month, while having my consciousness expanded, I was challenged to not only let those types of “rules” go, but ALL of them – all of the rules we humans have arbitrarily decided to believe. Of course, a bit of fear came up. Fear twists and distorts things, and my mind immediately began to question the wisdom and possible sanity of letting all rules go. Did I have to let go of the laws of physics? Would I be lost in some matrix like state of pure energy or zeroes and ones, unable to function, while my body remained behind, drooling and unresponsive and diaper clad? In short, would I have to let go of physical reality?

The nice thing about doing plant medicines is that when a fear like that comes up, you can just puke (um, I mean “purge”) it out. Which is what I did. Easy peasy. One little upchuck, and the fear was gone. Of course I didn’t have to let go of physical reality, and of course I wouldn’t lose the ability to function. I was, in fact, gaining something. A new perspective; a BIGGER perspective.

Being in the NOW – on steroids

And that’s when I experienced what it was like to exist with NO RULES. No expectations of what I had to or should do in any given situation. Just total lack of judgment. It was like a final veil was lifted (or maybe just the next veil, who knows?), and I realized that ANY thought other than “what do I want?” was just, well, unnecessary. It was just a waste of time (unless you want to think other thoughts). I experienced total freedom.

Over the next couple of days, I hit a whole new level of the “no mind” state. While I’d already achieved a silent mind (instead of all the voices that used to be in there, narrating and judging and reminding me to do stuff, while also panicking about all the stuff that could go wrong), I suddenly found myself sitting, for hours at a time, without a single thought in my head (I later joked that I had finally become a true blond, he, he.) I might as well have been drooling, but I wasn’t. I just sat, quietly, silently, and observed. I didn’t think about what I was observing. I didn’t have it in me. My mind was blank and peaceful and free. I was in a pure state of BEING. Nothing needed to change. Nothing needed to happen. Nothing was wrong in any way. I wasn’t even appreciating. I just WAS. And it was glorious. Like floating in a pool of warm water. Nothing is expected of you; you don’t have to do anything; you can just float and be and STOP doing all of those things you’re usually doing. And I do mean ALL of those things.

Now, of course, I’d experienced this “being in the NOW” before, but never so intensely, or for such long periods of time. In the following ceremony, I discovered that this had been training for the next step – the next epiphany.

3D vs. 5D

You see, sitting in this “NOW” state, with no judgement and no dialogue or narration or ANY kind of reaction to it – sitting in a total state of allowing – opens us up to a broadened perspective. Which means, we see MORE of what is there. And there’s always more.

If you’ll allow me to get a wee bit more woo-woo here, it’s the difference between living in 3D and 5D (the third dimension vs. the fifth dimension). When we’re talking about dimensions, we’re not talking about places or even frequencies, we’re talking about how big the spectrum of awareness is. Can you see only black and white or in color? How many colors can you see? How many tones can you hear?

When you look at a tree, what do you see? Perhaps the bark, the leaves, the birds and squirrels and bugs that make it their home. How many hues of each color do you perceive? Do you feel the tree’s energy and the energy of all its furry and crawly friends? Do you see its energy extending far beyond its physical structure? Do you hear it communicating with other trees (its family), the animals and even you? Are you aware of all of that data, or only what is in 3D? Are you fascinated and humbled and entertained by looking at a tree? If not, you’re missing out on a whole lot of awesome stuff.

When your perspective (i.e. consciousness) expands, you see more, you perceive more. It’s like realizing that there were fairies dancing all around you and you just weren’t ever aware. It’s awesome and fun and mind blowing. And it’s a lot easier to expand than we think it is.

All we have to do is slow down, listen, and BE. If we just spend a little time in that state, more of our reality will reveal itself. The hardest part of that is giving ourselves permission to enter into that state of allowing, and not beating up on ourselves for probably “doing it wrong” (judgement).

It’s all about the moment

Here are a few more insights around this topic:

  • Life is a series of moments. Every NOW is a moment.
  • You can’t capture a moment.
  • If you take a picture of something, or simply remember it, you are not reliving that old moment. You are living a new moment.
  • If you share a moment you previously had alone with others, that’s a whole different moment and a whole different experience.
  • You can’t “ruin” a moment. You can’t get it wrong. There’s always a new moment. Now’s one. Now’s another one. Now’s another one. Oh look! Another one…
  • Even if you assign a lot of meaning to a moment, in the next NOW, you’re living a brand new moment.
  • All your power is in this moment.
  • What are you doing with this moment? What do you want to do? How about this one? And this one?
  • If you’re bored, you’re not paying enough attention. There’s always more to experience, if you really look, really listen, really observe.
  • Just be in this moment. Experience it. Play with it. Don’t judge it. Don’t try to change it. Let it be what it is. A new moment will come along, um, NOW.
  • Don’t water down a moment by thinking about how you’re going to tell others about this moment later.
  • Don’t cheat on this moment by worrying about the future.
  • Don’t poop all over this moment by insisting on dredging up the past in a way that isn’t fun in this moment.
  • No one gets to determine if your moment is “good”. Only you do.
  • Only this moment matters. Nothing else. Nothing else has even manifested yet and what will manifest is determined by this moment. So, only this moment matters.
  • Be aware of this moment. Don’t always distract yourself. It’s ok to distract, but take time regularly to be present and aware. Practice being present for this moment. It will never come again. Honor this moment.

As always, it can be kind of difficult to put some of this stuff into words. The insights are so huge, but the words can really fall flat and sound a bit “well duh, Melody”. So, my intention is that as you read these words, you’re drawn to a deeper level of understanding of them, as I was; that as you read, you’ll step into this moment with greater awareness and feel more of the freedom you can experience when you let go of the “rules”. If you can’t let go of all the rules, don’t worry. Letting go of some, moves you in the right direction. Then you can let go of some more. Ha.

More to come!

That’s it! That’s the first installment of what I’ve brought back for you. Let’s see what comes out next, how it comes out and what fun we’ll have with it. Basically, let’s just all show up and see what happens. I predict that it’s going to be awesome. Yay!

Oh! But if you’re worried about missing any of my content because of my new, “in the moment” schedule, just sign up for my email list and I’ll let you know the moment I post anything. See what I did there? If you’re not getting my newsletter yet, you can sign up here, and join the Happy Shiny Puppy Army. If you’re getting the newsletter already, then get ready for some more surprises and gifts coming your way. Weeeee!

And then, why not take the time to leave me a comment down below. Let me know what you think about today’s blog post, say hi or tell me what you want in this moment (go on. Practice!). Cause I missed you guys, and I’m ready to hand out some happy shiny puppy hugs. Smooshy HSP hugs. Who wants some?

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  • Good post, Melody. I like the idea of forgetting all about rules and restrictions! I’ve never liked the idea thatr people “should” act a certain way or like certain things depending on their race, gender, age etc. I enjoyed the bit about “moments” too.

    This is a good post to come back and read again later, to absorb more information. Look forward to reading/hearing more from you in the future (whatever format you communicate in)! 🙂

  • Hey Melody! Wonderful post!! Being, just being and being free from all those f*$#in rules that make our lives so miserable what a wonderful thing to experience. I have experienced it for a very brief moment in dream state one time and it is certainly the best feeling I have ever experienced. I hope some day to get to experience it in the waking state! You are definitely an inspiration for me, keep up the good work uh hum FUN!!

  • that’s why drugs are illegal. You lost your mind!
    guidance to return:

    stick to capitalism, it feeds us all.
    stick to the 2 genders theory (you know, man woman etc) unless you want to create realities with people who have their subconiscious f..d up and struggle to find their true identity bevause their core has been damaged and they can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. They can’t even find out the difference between what they are and what they think they are because they have to choose their own beliefs and they have neither wisdom nor clarity to do such a task.
    keep in touch with western medicine, it helps a lot , docs are not gods but they do help under certain circumstances.

    I used to love the good old Melody who warned people not to raise their vibration taking quantum leaps. Sometimes I wonder, is it useful? So many people try to experience new things and advance in life without any grounding and we are all going nuts.

    By the way, we are discussing some of the topics you mentioned here in my country (due to our horrible left government) and we are going nuts. Be warned, those topics are not to be taken lightly because people react. Our far right (to put it lightly, they are actually neonazis in disguise) has rised because of this shit, as we don’t have a decent right party to balance the situation. Balance is key. Greetings and love

  • I think that what resonated with me the most is all the points about the “now”.
    It is hard to explain what is “this moment” (especially as a moment is subjective and can be infinitely small), but when you just be, you somehow just get it.

    There is so much comfort in knowing that everything is okay. One moment will follow another, and “You can’t ruin a moment, You can’t get it wrong.” It’s so liberating

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention

  • Another good example is “slut shaming” – common in the media nowadays. A girl does something considered “slutty” in order to manipulate and capture male attention and other girls shame her for this.

    There’s lots of dynamics happening. Is it ok to dress provocatively? Sure why not. All throughout nature, female animals do things to attract sexual interest. Is it ok to do things which are so slutty that it looks desperate? Sure, but it’s a sign of attachment, and that’s not attractive…. so it doesn’t achieve the end result and that’s the real reason why it’s shamed. It’s not the right way to go about correcting someone because it’s hurtful, but once again there’s a valid reason behind it.

    So can that sexual interest be achieved with a style of dress you enjoy (whether revealing or not?). There needs to be a distinction made. Is this really you? Or is it a desperate attempt to get laid? The real you (whatever that looks like) will always be more attractive, but when we don’t believe this… well, life will reflect that back to us.

  • Regarding the breaking of societal norms and rules:

    It’s considered a good thing to do if by breaking the rules you come more into who you are. ie. if the ego is transcended to some degree.

    It’s considered bad if by breaking the rules you’re just feeding your ego.

    example: Rolling Stones. They’re in their 70’s. When they play music nowadays, do they experience stillness and freedom in the midst of the music? Or are they trying to recapture their youth? Do they lose themselves in the moment, or are they trying to grab attention from admiring audiences? Or just trying to grab more money? When they date girls in their 30’s, is there real devotion and love or is it more ego fulfillment? When they dress the way they do, is it a true self-expression, or is it attachment to times past?

    So the breaking of society’s rules can lead you towards or away from your true self. In general, society is pretty good at letting you know when you’re doing it the wrong way through subtle shaming. Shaming isn’t really a good way to handle it, but that’s how it usually appears. It has a good purpose.

  • Hi Melody. Glad you’re back. I enjoyed this post and appreciate the things you offer to us. Thanks for being willing to share.

  • Welcome back Melody 😉
    Thank you for sharing this ..I need to hear this from you , live more from the present ..it is not easy but you do help me , I look forwards to hearing more !
    hugs xx

  • Awesome post Melody. Something I have been re-exploring more lately in my own healing process. The word “Love” comes to mind so much for me when I am in that “place”. It’s this unconditional acceptance of everything and all I really want to do in that place is share this love with everyone because it’s the realization that I AM love and always have been this…..love. It’s almost like, in that place…..all of the pressures in my life no longer exist. Because there is no future. And I can fully immerse myself in the present moment. This is why I have taken up activities lately that I enjoy, until of course, I start dwelling again on “attaining things”.

    I’ve probably been one of the few people to explore the LOA stuff without ever caring about manifesting ANYTHING, other than healing in my body and simply wanting to better understanding the workings of “reality”. I put so much pressure on myself with trying to heal my body and ‘get somewhere” and lately what has resonated more and more with my body (I’m learning to trust my body more and more with the information I come across) is that any and all action has to stem from this place of pure inspiration. But, that really only comes from a place of unconditional love in this present moment.

    This incessant needing and wanting of something to happen absolutely blocks the flow of it happening, because in reality, who we truly are, is never really “serious” about anything. This insight came through to me this week, that life is supposed to be fun and that’s why so often when we are trying to manifest or ‘make something happen” from a complete place of “not needing it to happen”, but from a place of trust, love and inspired action, it will happen. And even if it does not happen…..does that change the utter perfection that we are (which any of us can experience in that present moment when we let go)?

    The notion of looking for our “purpose” out there, now seems so “missing the point” with so many teachings I have explored. The idea that we are here for a “purpose” implies that we are here to accomplish or attain some level of achievement in the ‘future’, but the future is always NOW. Which is why, any and all goals to manifest can only come through complete and utter appreciation of THIS NOW. Sure, anyone can manifest anything through pushing and pushing and pushing and believing that it’s possible, but I’ve explored this state more and more recently and realized (as Bashar says), letting go of the need for the external reality to reflect back to you what you are experiencing, and finding that unconditional love NOW….regardless of the circumstances is the only way to live. But, so much of the LOA community (I see it on youtube and elsewhere), relies on the external manifesting in order to derive their own happiness. You ARE joy already. You ARE perfection. You ARE this love. Realizing you have nothing to lose with this life is the most freeing, liberating thing you can imagine. And anything else you add upon that…..only limits what you truly are.

    Thanks for sharing your post and look forward to reading more from you in the near future.

  • Melody, I love how the Universe always brings to you what you’re ready for. Admittedly I haven’t read many of your posts in several months, but today I was inspired to take the time to read this one. After reading it, I know why…it’s time for me to let go of more rules, be in the moment, and just observe. More shifting is on its way! Woohoo!!! I love it!!! -Lauren

  • How funny. I decided this week that my quote for the week was “Rules are for fools – it makes so much sense that it rhymes!” (courtesy of Regular Show)

    Now I get to use it!!

  • Melody!

    I felt an energetic lift as I continued to read. Something freaky, in an awesome way, is taking place here. I literally felt a buzzing in my chest. A lightness. A floating feeling. You’re on to something!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Love the peace that emanates from that post! And love the new posting “schedule”. I’m being “bombarded” with the “I should be doing this or that, or SOMETHING!!!” thoughts and anxiety has been something that has been coming up quite frequently this week. I’m paying attention and bringing myself to the present, still not releasing all the rules, but doing my best to start shedding the BS ones! 😀

  • Hi Melody! Good for you! I loved this post and your ever-evolving level of wisdom. May we all experience it in ways that show up for us. I so appreciate your awareness of letting go of rules. I am “evolving’ in that way but catch myself far too often automatically “fitting in” in spite of my good intentions. Slowly but surely is my motto. I always get a great deal from your posts so no matter when they come up will be just perfect for me. Thanks again for sharing your insights! ~Kathy

  • PS I don’t understand why more drugs aren’t widely knows as spiritually as Ayahuasca. Seriously like… even if you get past drugs being illegal (which is a whole other conversation), a lot of people I personally know who get high a lot don’t think of it as seeing into their subconscious and having important life realizations. Maybe it’s because they’re easier to get ahold of than Ayahuasca or something.

  • So great to read your words again, Melody!

    I wrote this down: “I realized that ANY thoughts other than ‘what do I want?’ was just well, unnecessary.”

    I felt like I heard that even deeper this time. Now, for the practicing of it. 🙂

    I’m excited to hear more in the coming weeks and months.



  • Hi Melody! This post was great! I’m happy that you are writing when you want to because then I feel you happy energy flowing through.

    I know what you mean about 3D vs 5D. Actually, it’s been a little more subtle for me; the days are about 50% longer because I’m taking in more information throughout the day. It’s pretty crazy.

  • Hii Melody!!! Hearty Welcome backs!!!! Guess what? I had a similar realization recently! And it’s been so powerful that I just want to about it out to the world!!! And just at that time, I got a response to an old mail I’d sent you through Tina! Lovely!! I told her as much as I was able to type sweetly in that mail… And the rest, I’m pouring as posts in my Tumblr blog everyday *facepalm* Okay… My way of understanding things is a bit different from yours…. Not the typical LOA… But yay!! Here’s what-
    Everything. Every single thing we do, is either because we want to feel loved (the dependencies that bind us to do this, do that. If I do this I’ll be happy. If I have this I will be loved. If I look like this, people will accept me… Etc…) or because we are feeling loved (we do it with that passion! Yeahh we wanna do it! And we aren’t afraid if this if that, because we’re doing it because we’re feeling loved and nice! Not because by doing it we get something which will make us happy- because of which it will ALWAYS turn out super hehe!)
    The catch? The twist in the tale……!!!
    You don’t actually need anything/anyone to make you feel loved. You can do that yourself!!! You can feel that feeling! You can always generate pure unadulterated feelings!!! The ones not directed toward yourself/anyone… The pure ones obviously do not have any resistance, and they do magic!!! And this pure lovedness is what we all want anyway…… And so I challenged myself to 21 days of overflow! Before you sleep, after you wake up, (or whenever!) When you inhale, feel all that lovely love inside…… Pure… Undirected…. Just that love…. And when you exhale… Feel yourself full of love, so full that you overflow with it! You now need nothing else to fill your heart… It’s already full of love…… You can now even make the people around you feel loved because you have this fountain of unending love inside you! You can never exhaust if you give now…. And that was a wonderful feeling!
    Update- day 1 went like awesome!!! Amazing the way I spoke to people/they spoke to me… I got so many unexpected surprises !!! And day 2 onwards – pathetic! I began to feel so sad because the people I love, the most important people in my life- don’t know this beautiful thing and are complaining/feeling sad because of what others did to them, etc that I’m feeling so miserable! I feel so sad for them yet cannot muster enough in me to tell them this (I feel so sad, they’re my parents… I feel so sad thinking that I realized this before them… They needed it… They’re so miserable… Why don’t I tell them? How do I tell them? OMG so many thoughts!) Not just them now, the entire population is suffering doing the wrong jobs! When they start feeling that love, they automatically start doing what they love to do – their dream job, their passion!!! When I see my teachers in the college, I feel sad. When I see my classmates getting tensed about placements, I feel sad… OMG! How am I going to start my 21 day overflow challenge like this!? What a pathetic state!!!!
    Hmm… I’m sincerely going to need some emotional support now. I need to speak out to someone who will understand me, and I check my mail – and bam! New post from Melody!! I commented!!!!!!
    Tell me what you think of my overflow challenge. Will it help me?

    I love you!!!!!!
    Loads of love and hugs,
    Med 🙂

    • Hi Med,
      The experience you were writing about is referred somewhere as the “3-day process”. Actually it is the 3-phase process because its phases can take minutes, hours, days or years. On first day comes the new intention (your 21-day challenge) and the bliss it causes to you. On the second day (phase) you are challenged: are you sure you wan to live in a new (higher) frequency realm? Doubts are arising, you get in challenging circumstances and it is up to you whether you want to hold on to your intention, you want to confirm your choice. If yes, then on “day” three is for confirmation, transformation, celebration. People have day one (intention) and day two (challenges) all the time, but less get to day three due to the challenges on day two. So if somebody knows about this can look at the challenges differently and can confirm his/her choices perhaps more easily. If you keep doing your challenge, I think you will see the results and experience a different world around you.

  • Melody, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and it is obvious to me that you have grown even closer to your calling. Your words resonated with me today in a huge way and I’m going to deliberately be more present in the now. Looking forward to your next email….

  • Hey,

    In the temporal realm, life has plenty of rules, and quite a few of them suck! Billions of people on the planet are suffering right now, but it’s part of the grand plan. The rule here is “Life is suffering” as Buddha claimed, and in order for people to wake up, they need to suffer. Karma is real… what a bitch. Yes, you can do something about karma, like get enlightened… if you can, or just start being nice (I need to do that more). If that sounds boring, one can always trip balls on Ayawaska (sic) and get a taste of the ‘big E’ for a few hours or days.

    I like the notion of stripping away as many rules as possible. That way you can discover that many of them are just mental constructs with no basis in reality. Be wary of trying to sidestep karma though. That rule will fuck you up. That one only disappears with enlightenment… so the story goes. Nothing is real apart from this (now).

    Mel – get onto this shit. It’s the new thing.

  • You bring up some good points, but I’m sort of against drugs based on bad experiences my friends had with them. I understand there’s supposed to be a difference between purely recreational use and use in spiritual ceremonies and it does seem like you had some cool insights. I’ll try to be open minded and see where this is going, although I’d be a liar if I didn’t say with respect, I’m a little concerned.

  • New to your site (well, discovered it a few weeks ago). Always leaves me feeling like a happy, shiny puppy! Like Alice, i’m curiouser and curiouser to go deeper, and think you’ll be helping me enormously to get there. Thank you xx

  • Great to have you back. On my birthday too 😉

    “All we have to do is slow down, listen, and BE.”

    ‘All’?? I wish 😉

    Anyway, a question always comes up in my mind when talk of ‘the now’ comes up.
    How can ‘now’ have any kind of physical duration? I don’t see how it can, every ‘now’ isn’t a set moment that lasts 20 nanoseconds or something before being replaced by the next ‘now’ is it? That sounds silly to me. It must be a constant flow, like a river, not like a 24 frames a second cine camera. If there is only ‘now’ then time itself must be a construct of consciousness, (or at least linear time as we ‘understand’ it.)
    Maybe that’s why it is so hard to stay in the now. . .
    I think too much, but cultural concepts of time are interesting. . . 😉

  • We live in a matrix and everything is there. How you use it is the state of mind. To manipulate it with law of attraction is exactly the opposite of being in beingness because wit LOA you are forcing it to happen. In beingness you need to do nothing and it happens, how to be there ? Living with no trauma, being coherent.
    Good luck with your journey. Who looks will find !

  • Hi Melody,
    That’s awesome, this is exactly where I am at, at the moment. What you’re saying is deeply resonating with me and is really validating my current experience. That’s funny but I am realising that we are now actually growing together; I was feeling behind previously but I am now feeling at a similar stage than you… this is weird, but it feels good. I have been experiencing a tremendous personal and spiritual growth in the past 3 years and you are part of what helped me achieve that. And it’s not finished, it seems it will keep expanding. So thank you! And thank you for sharing your new insights!!

  • Yeeeeh you’re back! I also feel fear coming up when you talk about the “no rules”. I am still struggling with my “shoulds” but I am starting to learn how to let those go. I also fear the unscheduled posting, but that’s because I just love your stuff so much and if it was up to me you’d post content every single day lol.
    But hey, I’ll just check what new content us coming up, and I’m still looking forward to the Reality Academy as well!

  • Hi Melody,
    I haven’t even read this post yet, but I just had to comment and say that I am just blown away by your approach to LOA, and to the synchronicities that have occurred in the short time I’ve been browsing.

    First, I ran across your name mentioned in an article on another site, which I did NOT click through on, then lo and behold, I ended up on your site anyway, and then I read an article where you addressed the EXACT thing I was talking to someone about, mere hours ago! And after THAT, another article discussed a while back with ANOTHER friend of mine!!

    I’ve been doing some serious looking into LOA lately, so I know I was led here for a reason, feeling EXCITED!

    Loving your blog!

  • Hi Melody, Welcome back, I see you had another blast in Peru. Because you sound right wound-up. I also like the attitude of the NOW. Not thinking of anything in particular,but just going with the flow. Something like watching water flow down a stream just bubbling down ,might see the odd minnow swimming around. What the hell who give a shit anyway, just letting go and opening up to a dream and then you start to realize hey it is only a dream…

    This is awesome to see in this mode. Love it

  • I love this post. I love that you’re back!

    One question that came up as I read it, and that comes up each time either I read things of this nature, ponder things of this nature or … am… things of this nature.

    If all there is is this moment, and this one, and this one – how do we create relationships? I mean more romantic, monogamous, long term partnerships when I think along these lines, but it really could imply any sort of relationship.

    I can’t wrap my head around how to… be… with this moment AND be with someone else, planning a future together.

    It sounds silly. I trust y’all hear what I’m puttin’ down. 🙂

    • I think yours is a very valid question and has certainly got me thinking. If I’m hearing you properly, it seems that the crux of your issue is ‘ the how’ in planning a future together. And that is always the itchy part of living a life in LOA or 5th Dimension or any spiritual journey for that matter. As has been taught ” we set the intention, gear up the vibe in the moment, and leave the hows to unfold”. I would imagine that if you are both holding the same level of vibration, that the hows will show up and probably moment by moment, without any effort. Maybe as natural as breathing. It’s could be an exciting journey of exploration and adventure going forward.
      Thinking about it – I actually have a real life example I could tell. I mentioned in an earlier reply that I have been part of an online community of folk endeavouring to support each other while moving into this journey of living from a place of Being rather than from Doing. The community was started officially three years ago, unofficially four years ago by two gals, business partners. The one gal discovered this thing called ‘Living in Flow’ and introduced her partner to it. Together they began exploring what it meant in real life/ every day terms. Then they decided to make it a more inclusive adventure, bringing others on board. They also made it part of their training and teaching business. Three years down the line, the community is still strong and vibrant, but the one partner, lets call her Dee, found that she was not much one for building online community. That mentoring & coaching community on a consistent basis, didn’t light her fire as much as it did for Tee, who was completely and utterly cut out for this type of community building work. A natural evolution happened between them. Dee dedicated her full energies back to that which juiced her- public speaking, teaching and presentations.( empowered by all that she had discovered while on the Flow Experience). While Tee took up full responsibility of the Flow community side of the business. Tee had grown into that space and it was time for her to step fully into the role. It was such an easy and natural transition in their business life & partnership. None of it had been planned or remotely considered three years ago – it just happened. Hope that this story helps you as much as did me. Cheers

  • Hey Melody
    Welcome back to the ‘real’ world 😉 I really resonated with this. When you embark on a journey of personal growth or whatever you want to call it, and especially when you study something like reality creation and the LOA, you make the realization, sometimes a very uncomfortable one, that you must question everything you know, and constantly keep doing that–not a one and done deal where all of a sudden you accept a whole new reality without question. This journey is really not about just getting ‘stuff’ it is changing who you are on the deepest levels. And I totally get how this relates to something as simple as a posting schedule–lots of rules for blogging, running a business, how to make money,etc… You are things you MUST do to succeed, keep your ‘audience’,etc… Approaching life and business from this angle can be more challenging because even though you are embracing the easier way of doing things, rooting out the conditioning and constantly coming up against it as you go against the grain in all sorts of ways can be really uncomfortable.

    • Hey Kelli
      I really like the input your gave, because that is an ongoing situation for me. I have been part of an online community / tribe of people called the Flow Experience for over three years now. It started out as the Flow Experiment, but went onto become Flow Experience. And for three years we have become more and more aware of ditching the ‘ shoulds, have to, must do,’ the conditioning of the past which is far more deeply engraved into our beings than we begin to imagine. Operating from a place of Being rather than Doing. My discovery is that … getting into this new paradigm of living is about peeling away the layers, and allowing it to take its time. After all – these rules are mostly driven by fear, particularly FOMO. Trusting is far easier said than done. Yet, would I desire it any differently – Nah I don’t think so.

      • Hi Rose
        I like what you said about layers…that is what it really is. It would be great if we could just adopt these perspectives and beliefs in one shot but at first, it is some sort of acceptance at an intellectual level, an intuitive resonance and from there it just kind of seeps deeper and deeper, provided we keep allowing ourselves to embrace these ideas. I wouldn’t have it any other way either!

      • This is beautiful…..thanks for sharing this. It’s been difficult for me to trust my body, but I’m getting more and more in tuned with it and the word “flow” just keeps popping up in my experience. What you mention is something I am just at the very beginning starting to explore. Almost like the Universe knows where I need to go. This doesn’t imply “taking no action”. Of course you take action, but it’s only action that comes from a place of complete and utter trust in the moment.

        The layers are just beliefs we’ve taken on over time. I recently read “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch and the perspective offered there is very in line with my own. We are all going back to this wonderful place of utter and complete oneness with God after each life and then (if we choose) re-emerge into the exploration of incarnation. Ultimately, meaning, life is supposed to flow. Peace and ease are our nature. Yes, we have so many beliefs that contradict this, because of the fear from our survival mechanisms which want to control and micromanage life out of fear of “not getting to where we need to get to”. I’m starting to assimilate into the notion that we are not supposed to get “anywhere”. But, life is simply a creative process in US being US. Anita Moorjani has talked about this many times.

        The idea behind it, is incredibly simple (although we, as humans love complicate things), but the practice of it is where the sinking of the teeth into it comes in, is where the challenge is.

  • So glad you are back!!!! Awesome post! I feel like I “should” write something insightful and earthshattering but I’m going to trust your “No Rules” and say that I had no idea that you weren’t a natural blonde! I also love your description about the tree and how we can go deeper.
    Huge hugs!!!

  • Welcome back Melody!

    I shouldn’t be surprised at this anymore but something you wrote in this post is exactly what has been running through my head recently.

    I’m a photographer and the reason I got into it was to because I’ve always been obsessed with capturing that special moment in time, to get to know someone and try to show that in a photograph. Lately I’ve been feeling that it just doesn’t resonate as much with my anymore and I figured out its because as great as my photos are, they’re just physical things that you can either look at later or print for your walls. It’s a 2D image that doesn’t capture the essence of people in it the way I’ve come to know them. And that’s been frustrating me. I get to have amazing connections with all the fantastic souls that come into my studio but showing someone else a photo doesn’t convey when I felt or what I experienced. And I’ve been feeling that being so focused on capturing that essence has really made me miss out experiencing the moment fully. Photos are great but being fully present is something that I think is even better. Because you don’t pull out photographs when you’re talking about someone who is important to you. You talk about theor physical features for sure, but you describe the way their eyes light up when they’re excited or the way they bit their lip when they’re thinking. Things that can’t always be captured in a still photo but are only observed by being present.

    This post really resonated with me. Looking forward to more like this (whenever you’re inspired to write them)


  • Welcome back Melly Mel!! Was looking forward to this post (as I do every year) 🙂

    Sounds like someone may not even need plant medicines soon haha

    This post reaffirmed & magnified a LOT of what I’ve been thinking about & experiencing so thank you!

    For me, this sentence stood out the most…”the insights are so huge, but the words can really fall flat” .. anyone who reads this blog actively has probably seen some variation of the insights in this post elsewhere on the blog, but it’s not about the words or even the truth of them. It’s about what they mean to us NOW and as always, you keep reflecting back just the right stuff 😉

    Big hugs,

  • Cool stuff. I like all of this.

    I notice that I resist what you’re saying (I mean, I recognize it as truth – I mean more that there is a piece of fear triggered in myself) because I hear it as “you don’t get to control your life anymore. you just get what you get. something else is in control of the ride, you’re just experiencing it.”

    And I notice that the reason I resist that is specifically because there are all of these things I want to do, particularly there are all of these career and creative things I want to do/make/achieve. And I really resist the thought of letting that go (even if it would ultimately mean that I experienced them – I think I can’t imagine fully how letting things go to this extent would result in things I want.) I will sit with it more. Thanks for the report from the matrix! :p

  • Welcome back Melody! This is an awesome post.

    You make a lot of great points. And I agree with a lot of it.

    I do want to discuss one point that I disagree about, respectfully. 🙂

    I know what you mean about rules. I’m the same way. Societally-enforced rules are not very helpful.

    But all rules by themselves aren’t unhelpful or ineffective, I don’t think. Some rules are built into our existence as human beings. For instance, we have to eat and drink in order to survive. That’s a rule, and I for one like that rule.

    There are rules for the LOA. You can’t create what you want as long as you are focused negatively on what you don’t want. That’s a rule, and it works really well.

    I think that to throw out all rules is to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    In my own business, I’ve experimented a lot with what works the best for me. I try to find a balance between what I enjoy, and what needs to happen in order to increase traffic and engagement on my site. I post pretty frequently, because Google gives more attention to blogs that post frequently. That’s a “rule”, you could say, because it’s how Google works. I post on social media a lot because it’s another way people can find me, and that works well for me, too.

    Certain things I do will increase traffic and engagement, and other things I do may decrease it, or result in no change. I try to maximize the things I can do that maximize traffic/engagement, while still making sure I enjoy the process.

    But one could say that’s a rule. It’s certainly a restriction. But I think it’s a good/necessary one.

    So I think some rules are good. We can choose to follow those rules to get certain results. If we don’t follow those rules, then we probably won’t get those results, or at least not as easily.

    It’s like brushing your teeth. It’s a rule, in that if you choose not to do it, you’re probably not going to like the results. I prefer to have the results that brushing my teeth brings, so I follow that “rule”.

    I get your meaning but I think it’s a balance, personally. 🙂

    • Hi Brandon,

      I would just like to comment on the idea that people need to eat and drink. As we are ascending, we need food and drink less and less.

      Currently we have 2 breatharians that are publicly known that do NOT eat or drink AT ALL. One of them is Victor Truviano (about 9 years living exclusively on prana) and Prahad Jani (70 years on prana).

      Other breatharians sometimes drink or eat once a month for pleasure and taste, not for energy. I also attended a breatharian workshop and am in transition to more freedom where you are not dependant on food anymore, but pure prana is nourishing you.

      So we are freeing ourselves more and more, and really challenging even the very basic rules that our minds created and I think this is the purpose of Melody’s post. To go explore ALL that is possible in this hologram 😀

      • I appreciate your comment. However, to be honest, I don’t believe that breatharianism is possible. Many of them have been debunked.

        But it is really beside the point. My point is only that rules are a part of the fabric of our universe. I’m not saying that no rules are ever bent or broken, but we live in a world of certain rules.

        I think it requires a balance. I see a lot of people hyper-focusing on expansion and freedom, but ignoring the other end of that spectrum—structure and order. They are both required.

    • Hi Brandon,

      I liked reading your reply.
      I just did some writing about Melody’s post and your response, because I found strong currents in both that I agree with.

      I think there can be a distinction made between rules and deliberate habits. Rules are confines that we work within because of an idea that “this is the right way to do this” or “this is the best way to do this.” Yes they may get results, but they are coming from an outside source and might not resonate with us on a deeper level.

      I think part of what Melody is saying is that we get to look deeper, and that we can make the choice to do what resonates with us, even if we’ve been told differently. It makes me think of many brilliant minds and innovators who have changed the game by not playing by the rules, but rather, doing things their own way.

      On another hand, if doing something in a scheduled manner resonates, then I see that more as a deliberate choice than as a rule. I like to meditate every morning. I like doing this because it makes me feel good, and gets me in touch with a sense of presence that I can tap back into throughout the day. There are times when I go several days without doing it, and I notice that in these times I’m much more prone to going into a mental drama.

      All that being said, I think it’s important to have an open perspective. To really throw everything out on the table, to be willing to abandon it all. By doing so I believe we’re more clear about what realllly resonates, and what we’re doing just because we think it’s what we should be doing.

      But then again, maybe I’ll think differently tomorrow 🙂

      Much love!

    • Hi Brandon

      Interesting points made. For me however ‘rules’ are things that society places on an individual. Eating and drinking and other such necessary things relating to me are not rules but more a state of choice and being in balance or imbalance. I don’t impose a rule on myself to eat or drink but do so because i am responding to my body’s needs and if i am in harmony with my body also eating and drinking healthily however much or little that is! If we are talking about rules others place on us however as to how we eat or drink well that is another thing 🙂

    • I would say that a “rule” reminds me more of things that have been enforced by others, things we have to do and we can only do them that way. The LOA, for example, does not demand that we don’t think negatively. We are totally free to do so, therefore I wouldn’t necessarily call it a rule. Brushing your teeth is also something that you can choose not to do (mind you, I brush my teeth everyday though, lol). Rules make me think of confinement and restrictions, that you’re not free to make a choice and you must do something a certain way, which is what I suppose Melody was getting at.

    • Hi Brandon, you make a good point. I find rules and restrictions frustrating sometimes but some rules do help us. Without them we’d probably have a more chaotic society. Like parking and road restrictions can be annoying but they’re there to prevent accidents. I’ve heard that in some countries driving and being on the roads is scary!

      Stuff I object to is things like, “Girls/women don’t like or can’t play video games”. Some of us do and can! lol. I like to see people challenging assumptions like that.

      • Hi Moonsparkle,

        Thanks for your comment. I agree, some man-made rules or norms are silly. Ideally we should challenge the ones that don’t serve a purpose. 🙂

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