Hello my happy shiny puppies in training! Things at la casa de Deliberate Receiving have been super busy (it feels a bit like Santa’s workshop, pre-Christmas), and I thought I’d better give you an update on what’s been going on, plus an exciting announcement (the first of many to come! Weeee!).


I’ve still been resting a great deal after my Peru trip, in order to allow my body to heal, and that finally seems to be coming to an end (my insides no longer feel like I lost a match to an MMA fighter). I’ve also still been doing a lot of processing of all the insights I received on my trip, and the energy that was shifted and changed, and that has also finally calmed down. (More insights to be shared shortly, already working on the next blog post…)

I’ve spent the last couple of months in “the Void”, which is a kind of foggy, neutral feeling state that often happens after you shift a lot of energy. It feels kind of directionless and, not infrequently a bit boring. And when the Void happens, the best thing we can do is to go with it. So, I’ve been sleeping a lot, resting a lot and watching Netflix a lot (recently discovered American Horror Story. Oh. My. Gawd.). I’ve also been working, of course, but there’s a real limit to how many hours of productivity I have in me at the moment, before it becomes decidedly not fun. I’ve just been running out of juice. Well, that period seems to be coming to an end as well. So yay!

A New Flagship Program

Of course, we (as in Team DR) are also working on the launch of our new flagship program Reality Academy. We ran the Beta test for this program late last year with phenomenal results. We’ve learned a ton and are incorporating all the feedback and results into the new Alpha version to make it even better. I never really like to announce dates too far in advance, as they have a habit of changing, but right now, we’re looking at an early May launch. So stay tuned, more information will be revealed soon.

My Coaching Practice

I’m super excited about my new program, as it will allow me to spread the energy and message of empowerment to a ton more people. However, I’m only one person and I only have 24 hours in my day. So, in order to be able to focus on this new direction, something has to go. With that in mind, I’ve decided to shut down my coaching practice to new clients. My current monthly clients will, of course, still have access to me, but I’ll no longer be able to open up my schedule to anyone new.

I know this comes as a huge disappointment to those of you who have been waiting or just dreaming of one day having a call with me (it always sucks to have an option taken away, even if you weren’t sure when you might exercise it).

But don’t freak out too much. Because there’s good news, too.

First, there will still be a way to access me directly, and for more people (which means, you have a better chance than ever of actually getting on the phone with me) – through the Reality Academy program (details coming soon).

Second, I have an exciting announcement for those of you who really, really, really want some private coaching:

Same tree different apple

Most of you already know her, but for those of you who don’t, let me introduce Tina McDonald.

As my sister, Tina’s had life-long access to my energy and journey (same tree, different apple). She joined the Deliberate Receiving team 4 years ago as my assistant (and quickly became my business manager), which is why many of you will already know and love her. If you’ve contacted us in the last 4 years, chances are pretty stellar that you received a reply from Tina.

A couple of years ago, I encouraged my sister to get into coaching as well. My intuition told me to, and it’s been obvious for a long time that she’s just as intuitive as I am. Under my guidance, she began building her own coaching practice, quietly picking up clients in the background, helping me alleviate my massive waiting list, and coaching clients with phenomenal success.

Tina uses her gifts to connect with her clients’ higher being and translate that energy back to them (just like me…). And because she’s been working with me for so long, she has an intricate and comprehensive understanding of the Law of Attraction, which allows her to empower her clients to quickly change their lives and manifest the reality they want.  In fact, she’s about as close as you can get to coaching directly with me.

I’m so excited to announce that we’re officially adding Tina to the Deliberate Receiving coaching roster, which means that you’ll be able to book a coaching session with her directly. Up until now you kind of had to get lucky and get randomly chosen to have a call with Tina, but DR’s best kept secret is finally out.

If you want to book a session with Tina, you can do so HERE.

Or, if you want to learn more about Energy Coaching in general, you can do so HERE.

I’m anticipating these slots filling up quickly, so if you’ve been waiting and thirsting for a private coaching call, don’t delay.

Please help me welcome Tina McDonald (my awesome sister) to the Deliberate Receiving Coaching Staff. *pops champagne* Yay!

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  • Beautiful Melody, thanks so much for sharing your beloved sister with us all. I’ve coached with her and she was beyond brilliant, kind and amazing. Tina helped me through an extremely difficult period in my life and nobody in the world could’ve done it better than her. I owe both of you BIG TIME. Sending you both lots of love and kisses. Can’t wait to continue coaching with Tina and hopefully someday with you too precious Melody. XOXOXO

  • Loving every bit of the news!! Yay, soon we’ll all make a happy shiny world!!!!!! That sounds soo-soo-sooooo lovely !!!! Many many happy shiny smooshy lovely lovely sweet wishes – to BOTH of you!!! ?????? May lots of people have lots of fun!!!

  • A little update to my original comment…..

    Thanks Lil Chick and Melody for very kind and gentle responses. Melody’s work has gotten me through some very tough stuff this last two years. I sign up to lots of different things online but usually within a few weeks I unsubscribe for various reasons which don’t really matter. However I’ve always found Melody’s voice to be unique and authentic and it reaches me and impacts me on a level I haven’t found elsewhere. So, yes, I’m gutted that it feels like we will have less direct access but the biggest compliment I can pay Melody is to say that I will really miss her but will focus on unruffling my fearful feathers and trust this change will be the start of a new level of connection but in a different way. Your work is excellent and meaningful and of course, you would only go in a direction that feels right. So I wish the best of all things for Melody, Tina and all future people who join the team. And thank you for everything, big, tight puppy hugs x

  • Hey Melody
    Super exciting and I am sure it will be awesome just like everything else you do! People will manifest what they need in whatever way is best, including the right coach if that is something they are looking for. While some people may feel ‘let down’ they should know that there is no one resource that is THE key to improving their lives and if they can’t make use of it, they are screwed. You have to do what is right for you, and this allows you to maximize the people you reach. Good luck!

  • I’ve found that being more authentic in my desires/goals/actions is a great idea. A great idea but impossible to realize without giving up:

    1- the need for approval
    2- self-pity

    And the need for approval is impossible to give up if you’ve never been truly loved. For me the following Bible quote is a stark reminder of how I have lived the wrong way.

    “If I speak in the tonguesa of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing”.

  • Hi Melody, sorry to bother you and I’m sure you haven’t got time for me as no one does, I been trying to reach out, I need putting on the right thought path, I was diagnosed with mental health as 4 years ago, as all I did was try to come out as A Jesus figure through music, as if you hear some off eminems songs it sounded to me like he was looking for a jesus in music, I feel like things are constantly guiding me, it’s cool I thought but everyone making me feel like I’m insain, I know I’m not and I’m very good at mma, I have been very positive lately, and I get some awsome thoughts at night and I share them, but these people are telling me im I’ll again, but it feels like I am at the different end of the spectrum, higher end as to speak, I just need some guidance please help. I feel a shift. i haven’t had a great past, being stabbed, going prison and going to a mental instertution, and just being different, I feel like I have a whole new religion that could work for everyone but I need to right questions asked, my literature is apwaling and I’m sorry, but I think i understand energy not words, I’m ambidextrous and manic so they say. I love you medoldy I love your energy. Also I don’t want money just love and people to see something in me I’m not a bad person and my martial arts journey I feel has got me to know things, from this inside out of this makes sense. Check me on twitter, super_cooperman. I say few things that I don’t truly mean but on the track. Facebook shane cooper ( the very good looking one ) joking it’s only a body I’m using for now until I grab my exo suit and get away to show love somewhere else. Haaha ????

  • Great news for you both. I spoke with Tina just before Xmas and it was an awesome coaching session. Very beneficial and insightful. Thank you Tina.???? And Melody for all that you do. No matter what we think we know there’s always more to uncover. Xx

  • So happy to hear this! Good luck Tina and I am looking forward to your future blog post Melody! Also, if I may comment on Debbies’ response, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to put up a sample call Tina had with someone for a glimpse into her work..

    • That’s an excellent idea Karen. Thanks so much. We’ll work on that, as well as getting testimonials from Tina’s clients up so you guys can get to know her. I’ve been thinking of doing a video with her. so you guys can get to know her better. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • I wish the best for you too. I do. But this doesn’t feel good for me, I’m all for evolution and change and dropping the coaching if you no longer feel it is all good, although I will miss that. I have purchased an individual call as well as buying multiple public calls, and have really relied on them at times because I came to trust YOUR voice. I don’t know Tina’s voice other than an admin role. I kind of feel ‘fobbed off’ like you still want coaching fees but without the personal input. I would have respected this more if Tina had set up her own site with her own blog posts and you redirected coaching that way. No disrespect intended and I know your loyal legion will likely disagree, but this is not feeling right with me but good luck to you both.

    • I have given myself the title of Melody’s Number One Fan, like embarrassingly so, actually bordering on stalking if I could (good thing I’m in Australia and far far away or else I’d have some issues with the police and stuff lol). Jokes aside, for years I literally could only breathe without anxiety if I turned on Melody’s youtube videos and have come to associate her voice with calm. I replied to your comment because I wanted you to know you’re not alone, even her dedicated followers like me agree with your feelings. Feelings aren’t wrong.

      However, after thinking about it for a few moments, I remembered something Melody has taught me, it’s to hang in there when things don’t always look the way you want them to and decide that what is happening in your reality is for YOUR best interest. It has an uncanny way of turning into the most amazing perfect outcome.

      Hang in there Debbie, decide that this is for all our evolution and something amazing will come out of this. Promise it will!

      Tina, I welcomed you years ago and I welcome you again. I’m glad Melody isn’t forcing herself to continue doing something she currently doesn’t feel like doing and I’m glad you have found interest in continuing on the legends work.

      Evolving can be quite scary for some of us so please accept my humblest apologies.

      • ” I remembered something Melody has taught me, it’s to hang in there when things don’t always look the way you want them to and decide that what is happening in your reality is for YOUR best interest. It has an uncanny way of turning into the most amazing perfect outcome.”

        So in other words, when the LOA isn’t working for you, just pretend it is. Good to know.

        • Hey James,

          If you don’t like how something looks, it doesn’t mean that the LOA isn’t working for you. It is. It always is. Your reality is always a reflection of your energy. The point of this work is not to get the LOA to work for you. It’s to become conscious of the energy you’re transmitting, so the LOA mechanism can bring you what you want instead of what you don’t want. Lil Chick’s suggestion to try and see a different and more positive angle can really help to expand one’s perspective. In other words, if you don’t like what you see, consider for a moment that it’s part of a bigger picture that your conclusion may not be accurate. That maybe what you’re seeing is just a small part of a much bigger, prettier picture. If you can use this perspective to actually line up with a better feeling frequency, you change your energy and something better feeling will be mirrored back. It’s like choosing to smile into the mirror for any reason at all. Because when you smile into the mirror, it smiles back.

          And yes, you can pretend. Playing pretend is actually a very valuable skill when it comes to creation – it allows you to create that which isn’t yet present in your physical reality. But you can’t pretend to feel differently than you do. You have to actually achieve a different feeling.

          I hope that clarifies it a bit more. 🙂

          Smooshy hugs,


          • I wish I could believe you, but I’ve tried that mentality and life went further and further down the crapper for me.

            I spent two years getting a Master’s Degree. It was two of the worst years of my life. I thought EXACTLY what Lil Chick was thinking, that this was just something to teach me and was in my best interests and that eventually I would be rewarded for it.

            Almost 10 years later, I have a useless M.A and 16K in Student Loan Debt to show for it.

            Also, I take umbrage with your claim that ” Your reality is always a reflection of your energy.” Bad things tend to happen when I have “positive energy” and vice versa. That’s why I’m so cynical, because for some reason the universe seems to run on opposite day rules with me.

            But I digress. I wish I could believe in the Law of Attraction. But I can’t.

    • Hey Debbie,

      Thanks so much for your honest comment. I’ve been wrangling with the decision to cut down on coaching for quite some time. I still love it, but there’s only so much I can do, and if I want to reach more people, I have to make some changes. This hasn’t been an easy decision for me to make. When I look at other coaches and how they’ve structured their businesses, many have gone the route of bringing on other coaches as they expand. This is the start of that for me.

      The thing is that I am never going to endorse someone I haven’t fully vetted, and whom I trust 100% to serve my clients at the level that I do. Tina has been working with me for years and I’ve seen her grow into a stellar coach. This really doesn’t have anything to do with me wanting the cash and not wanting to do the work. I was always going to cut down on coaching, but I didn’t want to do that until I had an alternative to present to those who really want 1-on-1 coaching. I do plan on bringing in other coaches as we progress, but I vow to only list those I’ve personally vetted and worked with on my site – coaches who know the Melody Fletcher framework, so to speak, who are incredibly intuitive, and who have proven to me that they’re worthy of my awesome clients. But if I list a coach on my site, it means you can trust them to work under MY framework, the framework you’ve come to know and love.

      Of course, I knew that there would be disappointment when I would inevitably have to announce that I wouldn’t be able to take on new clients. But honestly, I’ve had such a long waiting list for so long that I’ve been pretty inaccessible for quite some time now. The changes I’m making will allow me to ultimately be MORE accessible, which feels really good to me.

      I’ll continue to do the free calls, and will publish blog posts/video as I’m inspired, so none of that is going away. I’m not leaving. I’m just expanding the message, my reach and my audience.

      Again, thanks so much for your feedback. I do truly appreciate it. And hopefully I’ve been able to clarify my point of view a bit more.

      Huge hugs,


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