Who are you really? What exactly is your purpose? Why are you here? Is it pre-destined? Is it about helping others? Do you have an obligation or at least a responsibility to find your purpose? And how do you go about finding it? Is it possible to miss your purpose, to get to the end of your life, never having realized it? And, if you don’t find your purpose by the time you die, have you wasted your life?

These are some pretty heavy questions and honestly, one of the biggest issues that most people struggle with. Especially now. Many of us feel a calling, a pulling, like there’s MORE to be discovered. We’re here to do something big, but we often don’t know what it is. And that’s frustrating as hell. Well, thanks to my latest spiritual journey, I’ve gotten some new and gigantic insights into this subject that I think you’re going to really like.

You’re not a human DOING

No doubt, you’ve heard someone say “You’re not a human DOING, you’re a human BEING”, when you’re getting too focused on action. And, you may have rolled your eyes at this statement. I don’t blame you. It can sound kind of trite. After all, action can be totally delicious, and not taking action can make us feel stagnant and bored.

But… this statement, annoying as it is, just so happens to be true on multiple levels. And this topic, the one of purpose, is one of those levels.

When people search for their purpose, often desperately, they’re usually looking for something to DO. They may think that their purpose is to teach, or to uplift, or to come up with solutions to certain problems, or even to save the world. We often try to spell the word “purpose” with the letters j-o-b. I’ve explained before that it’s more akin to our j-o-y, but I’m going to take the whole concept further today.

You see, it’s not about the action at all. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get to take all the action you want, but what you DO is not your purpose. It is, at best, the expression of your purpose. Or the expression of your joy. Teaching is an expression of energy, so is helping, cleaning, cooking, painting, sculpting, doing the books, changing diapers, managing a corporate merger, or coming up with environmental solutions. And these actions are all fine and good. I don’t want to crap all over anything that you enjoy doing, but they still aren’t your purpose.

Your purpose isn’t to teach; even though you may be a natural and joyful teacher. It’s not to help; even though you may feel drawn to help. It’s not even to create; even though you are a powerful creator and there’s nothing as delicious as allowing yourself to enjoy your creating/creations.

So… what is our purpose then, eh?

Your purpose is to be who you are. To be WHAT you are. To just BE here. You’re fulfilling your purpose to a large degree just by showing up – just by having been born.

You are, first and foremost a transceiver of energy. You receive energy and you transmit it. Whatever energy you transmit determines what shows up in your reality (like a mirror), where you experience it. This experience is how you receive. This is Law of Attraction 101.

Your unique perspective and experience, which causes you to continuously transmit your unique energy, is, at the core, what your purpose is. So, for example, you may change the energy of the room just by walking into it, even if you never say a word. You contribute in your own way just by being there (or even just by sitting at home). This often resonates with people and I’ve been teaching this concept for a long time, but it’s also often not 100% satisfying. And now I’ve found out why.

There’s more…

Yes, your purpose is just to be here. So, you can’t NOT be living your purpose. You can let yourself off the hook. You don’t have to feel guilty about any life choices you’ve made because you might not have been in line with your purpose, or because you “wasted time”, or because others suffered due to your dilly-dallying. All of that is Bullshit.

But… it turns out that there is another part to this equation, beyond the relief of knowing that you really can’t get it wrong. Now, before I tell you what it is, let me reiterate, because I can’t stress this strongly enough, that this is never an obligation or even a responsibility. It’s still not a job. But it’s also not something you can escape. It’s who you are. It’s what you are. And it’s been calling you all your life.

This process has, among other things, also been called “fully stepping into your power”, or “self-realization”. And it’s different for everyone. It also never ends. Just when you think you’ve got it (you’ve had a huge realization and briefly feel complete), you realize there’s more to discover.

The way I see it, it’s like we’ve chosen to come into this “game” as a certain video game character, to play a certain role. We chose this role because we knew that we’d enjoy it, that it would be awesome, and often, because we knew it would allow us to push the boundaries. We choose our roles the same way we do in a game – not out of obligation, but because it’s WHAT WE WANT. Because it is OUR game – for each and every one of us – our role is important in our game (your role is important in your game, my role is important in my game). Because why the f**k would you choose a minor role in your own damn game? You wouldn’t. No one would.

We are, each of us, the hero in our own story. And the role might not come with a cape and tights (then again, it might, because why not?), but it does come with abilities. Many of your abilities you’ve already discovered – these are the things you’re naturally good at. This is the stuff that comes easily to you. These are your gifts. These are your superpowers. How cool is that?

And, as you step further into your power, more abilities will unfold (what? You thought you were done? Not unless you insist that you are…).

Hollywood knows…

Why do you think that we’re so drawn to superhero movies and TV shows? Or supernatural stories? Or stories of one kid realizing she’s “special” in some way and has a destiny to fulfill? More and more we’re being called to step into our power, to step up into the role we’ve chosen in our game. These shows and movies are tapping into that calling. We recognize the underlying message. They also keep reminding us that there’s more to the world than we’ve been led to believe. We love shows about the supernatural, the existence of magic, a world where animals speak and we have superpowers and there are doorways between worlds. And we LOVE being in on the secret.

Now, I’m not saying that these TV shows and movies are a perfect representation. Most of us don’t actually want to be hunting vampires or zombies in “real life” (let’s be honest, the fantasy of that is much more appealing than the reality would be. I mean, constantly being in fear for your life, monsters who actually kill your friends and eat them, and having to put a stake through someone’s heart or chop their zombie head off is fun on the screen but would be terrifying and traumatizing to actually live through). And, while many of these stories have softened the dualistic, black and white definition of good and bad (not all monsters are bad, for example. And even the bad ones often aren’t totally bad…), all of these shows insist on still having some kind of villain, nemesis or evil force that must be battled.

Of course, there is no real force of darkness. There’s only ever the absence of light. And so, our “superhero” roles look a little different than they do on screen. What we battle are our fears, our own, internal limitations. Those are our monsters.

And when we step into our power, it’s less about flying off into the sunset, cape a-flapping, with the knowledge of having saved the word from the baddies, and more of a conscious realization that we’re in a game, of how the game works, and then playing deliberately at a much bigger level. This is where anything you imagine becomes possible. Not just money and houses and a harem of gorgeous, wash-board-stomach baring hotties. Instant manifestation, spontaneous healing, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, time manipulation, downloading knowledge instantly (think Neo in the Matrix), are all not just possible, but attainable. And so much more.

“I’m in! How do we get there?”

At this point, you may be quite excited. You might also be a bit scared. After all, if everyone becomes capable of anything, wouldn’t that be chaos? Wouldn’t we just all kill each other? Well, let me ask you this: Don’t we already have the ability to all kill each other? And are we?

What’s more, in order to step into your power, you have to let go of your fear – the fear that might cause you to want to bash your neighbors head in, in the first place. By the time you get to this level of the game, your rage is pretty much gone. So, don’t worry, we’re not handing Hitler a nuclear weapon.

You step into your power by listening to your inner voice, your inner most desires, validating them, and then having the courage to step into that reality. You become who you are more and more. You pay attention to what calls you and you go with it. You follow your joy. You release the fears that hold you back. You continuously level up. So… yeah, pretty much what you’ve been doing all along (see? You’re already doing it!). I’m just peeling back the next layer.

Now, while your journey to discovering your power is uniquely yours, and there’s no one map I can publish that will apply to a bunch of people at once, I can give you some tips on how to make this process of discovery easier and often more fun.

  • First of all, validate your intuition, your gut. Pay attention to what you’re drawn to, the underlying ideas, and give yourself permission to believe that if the idea of being special in some way, that you’re here to do great things feels so damn good, there must be truth in that for you. Anything that feels really good to you contains your truthy. And, incidentally, you are special and incredibly important, in your reality.
  • This does not mean that you have to be famous if you don’t want to, that you have to work with lots of people (or any people) if you don’t want to, or that you have to do help others. This is not an obligation or a responsibility. You’re discovering who you are, not trying to fit into some pre-determined identity.
  • When something gets your attention, PAY ATTENTION. Check it out. Google it. Research it a bit. Find out more. It’s a breadcrumb which will lead you to another breadcrumb and so on. Those crumbs will lead you to a massive and awesome discovery.
  • When an idea pops into your head that feels good, even if it isn’t “realistic”, just go with it. For example, you might have the thought that perhaps you were meant to be in a certain place at a certain time to have a specific conversation. And it feels orchestrated but you haven’t yet figured out WHY. Go with it. You were meant to be there. Don’t dismiss it because it doesn’t yet all make sense; because you can’t yet see the whole picture. Or, you might have the thought “maybe magic is real” and that feels great to you. Go with that. What if it is? Ponder that idea. This is how you open up your perception. This shit truly is real.
  • Remind yourself that there’s so much more to perceive, if you just allow yourself to (one of the first steps to doing that is to accept the idea that there is, indeed, more). There’s more to see, to hear, to taste, to feel and even to smell (and yup, that one can get gross…). There’s a magical world just outside of the periphery that can become visible if we’re open to it.
  • You don’t have to tell anyone about your expanded perception, and certainly not those who don’t understand. But you do have to accept it within yourself. Just like the superhero who keeps his identity a secret. Or the person whose tumor has spontaneously disappeared who decides not to challenge her doctor’s strong belief that that’s not possible.
  • The more you step into your power, the more supported you’ll feel. There will be more “coincidences” – things showing up at just the right time. Money, or lack thereof, will never be a hindrance to anything again. People will come to help you at just the right time, with information, to trigger you and help you release fears, with validating conversations. Of course, this has always been true, but there’ll be a lot more positive support now.
  • You’ll be challenged to think bigger on the regular. While there’s no suffering when you’re in your power, stagnation pretty much feels like the worst thing ever; so does boredom. And small dreams are like eating rice cakes – unsatisfying and bland. One of your most frequent questions becomes “How do I take this further?”, or “How can we make this even more awesome?”

Bottom Line

We are, each of us, here to be the hero in our own story. We are not here to be the hero to anyone else. Although we can choose to play that game with willing participants, we have to remember not to turn that into an obligation or it will start feeling icky pretty fast. Our purpose is to be who we really are, to fully step into our power, to follow the breadcrumbs and trust fully that they’re leading us to the new adventure. No adventure is too big or too small; it all comes down to whether or not it feels good to us. No subject is off limits or more valuable than another; if it floats our boat, it’s valid.

And it’s time to really embody this, to go down the rabbit hole and choose to believe that the physical world with all its limitations is not all there is. Not nearly. It’s time to believe in magic, in allowing the impossible to become possible, the invisible to become visible, the closet door to Narnia to swing wide open. It’s time to believe in what your heart of hearts has been whispering to you all your life. What are you waiting for?

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  • Very inspiring. I can see how in the spiritual realm it’s tougher to be a human doing! Very good post, lots of useful info. Keep up the great work!

  • WTF Melody. You’ve once again read my mind. I was just thinking about this not so long ago, specifically the superhero thing since it seems that superhero movies and TV shows are everywhere nowadays…a bit like science fiction was everywhere in the seventies, and then the first home computers came out and we’re basically living in the word that was just a fantasy not so long ago. But personally, the things I’ve seen and experienced, and posts like this make me feel that maybe I’m not crazy after all (I succeeded clearing the resistance about this by thinking that if I’m imagining all the premonitions, visions, synchronities and other weird occurences, then I’ll rather be crazy that live in the real world, this is much more fun!) lately I’ve been focusing on time, or rather trying to chance my perspective about it, and it no longer feels linear. Past seems like a story made up in my mind and future is just sort these endless possibilities floating in the now, just waiting to be realized. There’s nothing but the now, really. Plus that I’m actually living in the house that’s been haunting my dreams for as long as I remember. I’ve had recurring dreams about a house my whole life and the house actually exists and I ended up moving in it. The vibes, man.

    P.S. While you were reading my mind, Melody, whatever you saw in there, I can explain. Even the fanfiction, I swear.

    P.P.S at the risk of sounding like a creepy stalker, I think it’s funny how we both moved back to our old hometowns from Spain around the same time 😀

  • Nice validation and nicely put. I’ve been going through this stuff, but my faith can be weak and sometimes I think I’m just crazy. It was cool to have these concepts voiced in a post. Thank you!

  • Melody, PLEASE tell us how to trigger a constructive anger release when it won’t flow no matter what. My body is suffering a lot, and I can’t trigger it to flow. If we can’t trigger it, then it’s useless. It’s a serious issue!

  • Incredibly uplifting post!
    Always good to be reminded of that.

    everything you said resonated so much since only in the past year or so have allowed myself to accept things that I cynically regarded as not true or hoax, and ever since I “took the red pill” I feel like my life has been increasingly more satisfying and exciting.

    I think that once we understand that everyone is playing a game with universal rules, but each has its own game, where he is the star character, it elevates our own game to a whole different level.
    We can’t get it wrong (like you beautifully put it), but we can totally differ in how much fun we draw from playing.

    One question I’m struggling with, and I hope you could somehow make it a bit clearer, is if we all choose our game how do we explain the personal stories of poverty-stricken people (which were born into poverty) or children that are suffering from some sort of abuse? What is the role that they have taken up for themselves?

    (sorry to be a downer, but it’s really something I’m trying to wrap my mind around)

  • Instant manifestation: easy but terrifying, used to experience earthquakes as a sign and not an option until that changes
    spontaneous healing: likes scars-not, but easy healing yes, usually half time if treatment seems legit
    telepathy: every freking moment, brings insecurities, you have to decide fast and real time what to do next, if some thoughts are ok to reveal, have to decide for others, it is disturbing, have to numb and think that no thought passes through walls
    teleportation, seems impossible
    telekinesis, perhaps for others, not an option in mind, no clear benefit even if it could happen
    time manipulation, did once by accident counting time for machine use, terrible and terrifying, others cannot syncronize or perceive the difference, think you try to scam
    downloading knowledge instantly, all the time even not being aware

    what’s the point in all of that? real struggle to remain emotionally and mentally sane.
    And what about searching and finding contradicting information, even when you have stated your intention to find the truth or at least what really works. And what about when really bad feelings come out and you have to use logic to restrain yourself not to harm others who have unconsiously let themselves engage in your plan? Perhaps we are not supposed to pretend to be Gods but cocreators with God, learning things, being humble and always looking for wisdom and solid guidance.

  • What we’re born to do knocks on our door often. The questions is, will you answer? Example: I have bad anxiety. It’s not something I’m embarrassed to admit, not anymore. I used to view my anxiety entirely as a negative. Something that weighs me down continuously, that creates dread in my life constantly. Now, not so much. I view anxiety as a double-edged sword. It can create dread, yes. But it also tends to be the source for my most intense emotions of love and empathy, of contemplation and reflection, and especially for my creativity.

    So now when anxiety knocks, I answer. I speak to it.

    “Hello, Anxiety,” I say. “I know you’re there. What is it you’re trying to tell me?”

    And then it speaks.

  • Thanks, Melody, for validating a lot of what I’ve been exploring lately. Sounds similar to what a lot of teachers, like yourself, Eckhart Tolle and Michael Brown-The Presence Process, have been telling us for years. I think I’m just now opening up and beginning to get it.

  • Beautifully stated, Melody! I have read it twice and will probably read it again. You are such an inspiration!



  • This is perfect for a Life Vision focus that I am supporting in my (Em)Powered Love Program! Sharing it! 🙂 And I’m not waiting for anything to change, I KNOW that magic is real, that we are streams of Consciousness living in a sea of other streams of Consciousness and ALL is possible! That’s magic to me. 🙂

  • Dear Melody,

    Lovely post. I love to see all the feed-back. I think I am hooked on your blog. The harder you try,the further away you find yourself getting. Sometimes you just have to be whoever you are, not thinking, not worrying, just being…

    You are wonderful Melody,
    Love this post !

  • I love the way this post goes down the rabbit hole. Sign me up for a trip to Narnia! There is so much going on in existence that we don’t see because we’ve limited our perceptions.

    So many LOA people say that anything is possible, but then back off immediately if something appears “too wild.” They’ll say you can make a million dollars, but you can’t have a diamond as big as a basketball. You can make your cancer go into spontaneous remission, but you can’t grow a third arm if you want one. You can have a moment of telepathy with a friend, but you can’t be like Professor X of the X-men. You can travel to Bali, but not Narnia. But why limit yourself so unnecessarily? If anything is possible, these things are possible, too. Everything radically new seems “too wild” to be realistic at first. And radically new things do happen in history.

    Thank you for your insights, Melody! I loved this post.

  • Thanks Melody!
    I have to confess that I heard this similar statement from a local psychic a few years ago, and I was NOT receptive to it at all, because why would my life’s purpose be to be in a miserable divorce experience? But now I’ve progressed and I totally get it. Now I can confidently tell myself that an answer will show up when I need it. And when I do get stuck, I have a conversation with myself that usually involves me saying “Okay, if it were Melody, what would she say?” Or, if not you, then maybe someone else I hold in high regard. Anyway, I’m rambling, so to conclude, your blog was my answer that showed up right when I needed it. Thank you!

  • How so sweet! You know when we be ourselves, all that happy-joyful ourselves, we naturally start doing lovely, amazing things that feel so so good and nice! Maybe that’s why people have begun to say that your purpose is to “DO” something.. but have missed out that to “DO” what you are, first you have to “BE” what you are! .. Isn’t it? How lovely! I wish everyone would live this way…. to live in joy, abundance and celebration…. *hearts*

  • If our purpose is merely to be here, then logically speaking there must be a reason for us to be here, as opposed to someone else. I don’t feel like, assuming this is a teleological-based universe (Which I don’t believe it is), that the universe just wants us to pop into existence. There must be a point beyond just showing up that the Universe wants us to accomplish. As you yourself point out, “our role is important in our game.” So really, our purpose is a lot more than just “to be here.” We need to do something.

    Which brings up another point. Are you arguing that this universe is solipsistic? That you are the only real character and everything else is just an illusion? Because that’s the only way I can see this work. Otherwise we essentially end up being NPCs in every other game and we really aren’t the major characters in anything apart from people we are intimate with and ourselves. Which is probably your point but I just want to establish that.

  • Hi again. I’m choosing to put this as a separate comment be/c it’s unrelated to what I wrote before here. I’m looking for some clarity on what I wrote in other posts. Melody, you always say that if something feels really good, you’re on the right track. Is it possible for something to feel awesome, like finding out how old someone is, and still come from a low vibration? Let me tell you, when I find out someone’s age it doesn’t feel low at all, ti feels super high and awesome and makes me feel giddy and like everything’s right with the world. So how do I reconcile that with the whole age doesn’t matter, it’s not who we really are thing when to me it feels like age makes me know who you are? If our good feelings are always right for us, how can it be good and bad at the same time? I know, Melody, you said for me it’s a way to mitigate fear, which is true to an extent. Is it possible that age doesn’t matter is true for you, but age is who you really are is true for me? Maybe we can discuss this in Reality Academy! And anyone is welcome to answer too. Thanks so much!

  • I love this post overall but ayyy, instant healing, telekinesis, telepathy, etc? That’s my kind of party! Also, I hope you’ll write about physical change (as in changing our facial features and such, purely out of preference, not insecurity) more in the future too.

    Okay, now for why I love this post though: it reminded me to let the journey happen instead of trying to force it to… Follow your intuition because it knows the way there, right? My intuition suggested that I do one thing, and I insisted on doing another–getting into the subject of money–even though it didn’t feel good to do so… But this article made me realize that it’s okay to calm down and let the journey happen; I’ll get what I want. It’s like, when we feel intuitively called to do something and it doesn’t seem (the keyword is seem…) to line up with our desires, we freak out and we assume what we want isn’t happening. For example, I feel called to further connect to and establish who I really am. Money isn’t mentioned in that at all, but if everything happens to lead us to what we truly want, then of course that most likely has something to do with a lot of my desires, not just the one to feel more confident.

    I look forward to reading more… Your articles are like cake for my eyeballs and my mind. Sorry for the odd way I put that lol

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU, Melody! You always show up the right time with the information I need to here. You are blessed beyond measure! I’m so grateful for you and your blog!

  • I was meditating earlier, and lately I’ve shed a lot of fears, and it’s like, the more fears I shed, the more comfortable I’m getting listening to my feelings.

    “and a harem of gorgeous, wash-board-stomach baring hotties.” Like I had told you, these are what I really want right now. Lately, thanks to a lot of self-awareness, I’ve been able to come to terms with feelings of inferiority complex, and also anxieties brought on by years of bullying, and I’m at peace right now, and as I’ve tried to focus on the feelings I want to have in my life, it felt great, but later I remembered how lately, I’ve been getting like next to 0 hits on Grindr, and even then, there’ve been very few guys that I found attractive. And as much as I wanted to just ‘believe’ that somehow now things would be different, I felt I couldn’t, and I felt afraid to.

    And I felt the same fear as I read this post. When I see all these ideas – we could be downloading information, or telekinetic or whatever else, if we just believed it. It makes me feel like – what if I go and believe all of this, and then it turns out It’s not true? Will I go crazy?

    Obv. – the answer is no, but I’d love some feedback if possible.

  • Hi Melody

    Thank you for this post, it resonates at a deep level and especially your words, “Your unique perspective and experience, which causes you to continuously transmit your unique energy, is, at the core, what your purpose is”. I have been feeling this a lot lately. I can sense how people are perceiving me and that my energy is causing a curiosity within them. I’m learning more and more to step into my power and am seeing the “magic” show up as a result of this.

  • I love this post. I am IN love with post. This post is EVERYTHING. I have been working on feeling true joy everyday at least for 5 min to attract whatever the universe “knows” will bring me this joy and more. I am currently in Medical School and I’ve been going down in my grades, so much so that I am now repeating a semester. Needless to say I have been trying to shift everything that comes up to try and change what I’ve been attracting. During this time I have been struggling with motivation to study and really doubting my purpose, whether it is time to change directions. So I’ve been sitting with my joy, which I get by imagining graduation day. My joy is so great that I grin automatically from ear to ear and cry. My LOA studies have taught me that it’s about the feeling and so I try not to focus too much on the visualization but rather on letting the universe bring forward whatever will bring me this feeling.
    I know I have manifested this particular post. After reading it I sat quietly began my visualization and I brought up so many memories that coincided with this joy. I remembered the day I was accepted to a medical school abroad, that was accredited by the US which would allow me to nurture my love of travel and get to work back in the US in the future. That is the single happiest moment of my life. I remember vividly I was explaining to my mom how my life was perfect and how lucky I had been to get everything I wanted. And that was the first time I cried of happiness. I had never understood that concept. I have since I was a little kid felt that I had to do something great, something incredible. I felt I would discover something new. But as I grew and created limiting beliefs I thought those moments were rare and only for geniuses. Miracles that were for the chosen few. Your post today showed me I CAN be the super hero I wanted to be since day 1, and reaffirmed that I am on the right track. In my vision after this post I saw myself graduating, becoming a doctor, welcoming new beings onto this earth with complete love and sending them that loving energy from the second they are born. This beautiful scene has brought tears of joy for over an hour. I feel so many beliefs were shifted in this short moment. Whether it’s this exact vision that comes to pass or not, I have the confidence that the universe will bring me this joy and much more. I look forward to continuing my work on shifting my beliefs to continue aligning for all the beautiful things that are on the way. Thank you Miss Melody, you are a shining star.

    Sending all my love,

  • Wow wow wow
    This post was amazingg! Just by reading your words i got tingles of power.
    I wish i could be “like you” (i know its not possible)
    Connecting to this kind of knowladge and be a spiritual teacher as well.
    Do you have any tips on taking that path in my own unique way?
    Thank you Melody you are more then just inspiring
    Love you!

  • Hey melody!
    Great post i love when you go further down the rabbit hole!
    I know this maybe isn’t to do with the main theme of this post but you mentioned things like instant manifestation, telekinesis etc. I just wanted to ask you if you think its possible for us to get to a state where ‘miracles’ such as these are possible? Even extremely fast physical healing’s etc. I am fascinated by these concepts and would love to be able to do such things.
    Last year i actually tested this a wee bit to see how much power i had and decided to use my physical body to try it out. I wrote down on a piece of paper to God/Universe i want to be this certain weight in 3 days (which meant i would loose 10 pounds in 3 days) while eating whatever i want (and i really did – junk food and all lol) and i focused those 3 days on getting myself to a space of fully believing that i was going to be that weight on that day (i just started to see it like an order i had placed which is being delivered in 3 days) and on the 3rd day i was that weight! i had lost the 10 pounds! (maybe not as amazing as some of the other magical things you mentioned but for me it felt like miracle as i have struggled to loose weight my whole life)
    It took a lot of focus mind you and i have to admit after it happened and when i seen that such a big desire had come true at exactly the time i desired and exactly as i wanted i actually freaked out a bit which is weird i guess but i think i shocked myself so much that i was able to do that, that i actually panicked a bit and was like ‘theres no way it could be that easy’ and things like that. Ever since i have not really tried it again as i thought well maybe im better getting to the root cause of my weight and learning to try and just love my body as it is instead of trying to manifest weight loss so fast but i did really enjoy the thrill of such an expierience, it really showed me the power we all have when we believe.
    I know you always say to focus on the emotion mainly and let whatever matches that emotion flow in in its own time but by focusing intensly on that outcome and having so much faith it will happen is that still ok/beneficial to do for ones self?
    PS.. do you think putting a specific date on when you want your manifestation is ok? like its possible to create such a large desire by when you want? i know i did it in that expierience but i see how every one talks about perfect timing and all so i didnt know if it was ‘right’ for me to desire it or manifest it by a certain date, like maybe its wrong to work on ‘my time’ instead of the ‘universe’s time’.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful post!

    • I just wanted to ask you if you think its possible for us to get to a state where ‘miracles’ such as these are possible? Even extremely fast physical healing’s

      yes, they are possible. Perhaps you feel you have to take permission to use your powers or you deep down wait until you feel everything is perfect so it comes naturally.
      Be warned though, it’s not always a satisfying experience.
      If you raise too much your vibration people might be afraid.
      You may have to take decisions as who can really help you stay grounded so you won’t lose your identity or hurt youreself if you lose your concentration, it’s crucial to have respect for law of nature in case you get out of your plan and need the attention of other people, you may have to decide who you would like to take notice, who might benefit, if you like others to benefit from your action or if you really don’t feel like to see them prosper (it sounds awfull, but it happens if you use the energy of other people), what comes next etc
      I for example had to make some rules and adopt beliefs as “earth remains calm, buildings stay safe, , others won’t notice, people stay healthy and alive, to ensure benefits were more than destruction” And you may also have to encounter some fears.
      If you push it, it sucks, big time. Sorry for the long post. Tony out

  • Hi Melody
    Great energy in these words. I like what you said in the beginning about something sounding trite but no less important. That can easily happen with personal development ‘wisdom.’ We hear things so much it just loses its meaning and we struggle and struggle to find some ‘new’ information that maybe we haven’t yet. That usually isn’t the issue, but that we haven’t yet allowed the ‘basics’ to sink in deeply enough yet. While the journey may not be ‘easy’ because of our conditioning we must root out,etc…the keys to happiness are quite simple. I think following our joy really is the most important thing, not feeling any sort of obligation or responsibility. When we do this, we will naturally draw those most resonant to our approaches and outlook and we can’t help but help others, and this will be the best way possible.

  • I loveeeeeeeeeeeee seeing and hearing about so many like minded people! Thank you! 🙂 Thank you, Melody!
    BIG hug,
    Julie 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    This makes perfect sense and helps me to just be in the moment allowing my inspiration to take me to the next place. I felt relaxed as I was reading this post and it aligns well with your previous post to being in the moment. I’m having an ah-ha moment! I love the tips provided and it helps me to see how much more I have to look forward to on my journey! Yay!


  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    You always bring us great gifts after your vacations.
    Truly know how much you are Loved for the
    Goddess that you are and the Magic you bless
    our lives with.

  • You nailed it. Love u lots for everything that you are. Thank you very very much for taking tons of load off from my naive mind. ‘To be’ OR ‘not to be ‘ kills all the time. Thank you for saving me.

  • Very beautifully said. Glad to see you’re posting again Melody.

    I look at life as an infinite opportunity for us to express and define ourselves in each role. It’s all a play and we are each playing different roles. How do I choose to BE me in this life through life? How do I choose to BE me in THAT life? We are masters of limitation. I love that expression. I think it was Bashar who coined that.

    The irony is that, the more we try to define our purpose (and I’m only speaking from my experience recently), the more I actually limit…..the UNconditional nature of what I truly am. It’s all so simple. What drives me in my life? What brings me joy? Do I believe it’s possible? Our minds can find a plethora of reasons to believe something is not possible, until we test the boundaries. That’s how most of the materialistic world lives. When you really consider that EVERY possibility is already just that…..a possibility…..how could EVER be off track? There is no “on track” or “off track’ in the larger perspective. But, while we are here, it’s simply…..”who do I choose to be in this life”? Love or fear?

    “Home with God” from Neale Donald Walsch has a wonderful excerpt:

    “”Life is the experience of The Singularity, knowing Itself as Itself through the experiences of Its Individuations. There is but a Single Agenda, and it is served through the distinctly different but remarkably co-joined experiences of every one of us.
    That Single Agenda is for Divinity to be expressed and experienced in all Its splendor, and to recreate and define Itself anew in every single golden moment of Now. HOW It expresses Itself, HOW It experiences Itself, HOW It defines Itself, is up to you. That is the decision you are making every day. That is the choice you are demonstrating every moment. You are doing so individually and collectively. Every act is an act of self-definition.

    Of this truth, and many others, will you be reminded when you merge with the Core of your Being. It is here that you will be rejuvenated, reunited, and reintegrated, should you have forgotten the original agenda, should you have lost your memory and your sense of Who You Really Are. And if you have not, but rather, have a full awareness of all of this and a full experience of it, it is at the Core of your Being where you will be replenished.

    The great misunderstanding of all those who have forgotten the Ultimate Truth, the great illusion of all those who live in temporary amnesia, is that there is somewhere they have to “go”, somewhere they have to journey, in order to “get to heaven,” or “unite with God,” and experience eternal bliss.

    There is nowhere you have to go, nothing you have to do, and nothing you have to be except exactly what you are being right now, in order to experience the bliss of the Divine. You ARE the bliss of the Divine, and you simply do not know it.

    Your journey is not an endless SEARCH for God, it is an endless EXPERIENCE of God.
    Understood in this way, the reason for the continuous journey becomes apparent. The journey is a process. It is the way that you know God—indeed, that you know yourself AS that which is Divine. This journey is therefore your greatest joy.

    Here is the central error of most human theology: you think that one day you are going to meet God. You imagine that you are one day going to get back Home. You are not going to get back Home.

    You never left Home”

    Isn’t it beautiful when you realize it’s all a beautiful expression of love? We get to choose any way we would like to express and define ourselves.

    With love to you

  • Hi, Melody! I am also very excited about the new program and can’t wait for it to open up. Unfortunately I’m not quite at the high vibing place. I have to take the SAT tomorrow to get a specific score to avoid remedial math classes in college. I’m so nervous.

    • Breathe Amy and ask yourself this question (ponder it for 2 minutes, no less than that!): What if you actually do really well on the test? Allow yourself to see that possibility to the best of your ability. It should get easier after about 30 seconds.

      After all, when you’re nervous, it’s only because you’re wondering what will happen if you don’t feel well…

      That’s all it is. Choose to ponder what feels better. 🙂

      Smooshy hugs,


      • Thanks so much for your inspiration, Melody. It’s so easy to understand this stuff intellectually but very hard to actually do. I hope you know that you’ve really made a difference in my life, reading your blog for over 3 years now, and that you’re a household name in my home. Of course now I’m beating myself up for a mistake I know I made, but I know that doesn’t help things. An

  • Thanks so much for this, Melody! 🙂

    You just answered a question I recently sent out into the void, haha! How awesome is that? How awesome are YOU?! 🙂

    – Happy-Shiny-Puppy Marsha

  • Wow! Very intense stuff.

    I audibly gasped while reading because I’ve been having weird almost-crazy feeling feelings of “Wait, is this actually just a video game? Do I actually CHOOSE things, or is it easier if I just relax into the plot of the game?” recently. It feels easier to just relax into whatever is happening, but it’s a new and uncomfortable thought, too. It feels like … a sort of disconnect from reality. Like I’ve been thinking, over and over, that my own thoughts and emotions aren’t necessarily “real” and that I shouldn’t necessarily take them seriously. It feels quite good to think that, it feels freeing and safe. But it also feels like WHAAAA AM I LOSING IT????? (Ahem.)

    I’m definitely not at the level you’re talking about here. I think I’m hanging out circa The Void, mostly, with some stuff down in lower vibrations and some stuff up in modest contentment. So maybe this is the way I’m currently able to understand these ideas, in a fairly passive way?

    I wanted to ask (I can’t wait for the new program to start so I have a dedicated zone to ask things, I hope!) – recently, after having this “maybe my thoughts and emotions aren’t actually real” realization, I’ve had a couple of things where I’ll experience an emotion seemingly out of nowhere.

    eg this afternoon, I would have said that I was fine, although kinda tired, but emotionally neutral-positive, not thinking about much of anything, when BOOM, I was suddenly hit by a fairly intense wave of dread that led to my brain scavenging around for what could have caused that feeling, and then thoughts of old shame bullshit and off into a fear spiral I went. I went to my old/unhelpful tactics of trying to talk myself into feeling better, then I tried to just sit with the emotion. That did seem to help a bit. But then I had the thought again of “But none of this is real, maaaaaaan” and that gave instant lightening up relief.

    I guess I’m wondering if I’m off on the wrong foot here! Trusting my instincts is definitely a baby steps thing for me. It’s hard for me to believe that something easier and less painful can be the right choice. (Yes! THAT IS MESSED UP, I agree.)

    • My lovely Cordy,

      you are not losing it, lol. And you’re not on the wrong foot! You’re doing great!
      When an emotion hits you, don’t worry about where it came from. Just allow it, breathe into it, surrender to it (you can even joyfully surrender to fear). I call this “Observe and experience”. The less you engage with it by trying to figure it out and the more you can just allow it, the more easily it will just do what it knows to do – shift out. This is the easiest and fastest way to shift energy, and yes, it really can be that easy. And your intuition is guiding right to this. Yay!

      So, keep on listening. You’re not crazy. Just go with it. Down the rabbit hole. I’m waiting for you. 😉

      Smooshy hugs,


      • Melody, do you still recommend constructive anger release, or should one >not engage< with anger, but just be mindful of it?

        • Hey Z,

          Yes, I still recommend constructive anger releases. It’s a way to give yourself permission to feel the emotion and let it go. By not engaging with it, I mean that you don’t have to get to the root of it. You don’t have to know where it came from or why you have it. Just accept that you do and go with it.

          For example, you might have gotten pissed off at your boss. Now, you kind of now that this isn’t really about your boss. But you can just use your anger at your boss to release it, without necessarily ever going back to your childhood.

          I think this might make another great blog post – an update on anger releases. 🙂

          Smooshy hugs,


          • I think an update on anger releases would be cool. I would especially be grateful if you could also include the information on how to start the anger to flow. We don’t always happen to be at a “safe place” to release anger at, when we get triggered, and when we finally get to a “safe place”, the anger won’t flow anymore. It’s like when you (general “you”) really need to use the bathroom, and then finally you manage to get there, but nothing happens. A sort of constipation is present, and you can’t get it to flow no matter what, even though you’re at the “safe place”.

          • Yes, I would love to see an update on anger releases..I have tried in the past and it never works. I had a day set up a couple times when I knew my husband wasn’t home and my kids were in school, but when the time came I just wasn’t feeling it..Maybe that was a good thing?

      • Thank you, Melody! I love the idea of “observe and experience”. I’d love a blog post on this topic if you’re ever up for it. I’m particularly curious (YOU KNOW HOW YOUR READERS ARE WITH THE BRAINS) about how and why this works. Is it that these are sort of old pieces of resistance?

        • I’ve noted it down Cordy. I can do a blog post on this. But just so you know, it’s also one of the key concepts of Reality Academy – because when you really get this, it’s the fastest and easiest way to shift energy that I’ve ever come across. *shamelessly foreshadowing* lol.



        • Here’s a reminder Cordy (I see you in the comments on that post)


          I’m stuck in the void with you hun. Been here for years. Not sure how to climb out but I felt like you understood me from your comment. Thank You!

          I started using an Ayurvedic herb called Ashwagandha which seems like an amazing herb so far. I feel lighter in the past few days than I have in years. I acknowledge I must be getting better to have found a solution.

  • Really awesome post! Our purpose is no small subject.

    I think it’s more than just being who we are, though. The way I see it, there are two purposes:

    Your broad purpose, which is just to always grow and evolve
    Your specific purpose, which changes from lifetime-to-lifetime

    I think that when we came into this particular incarnation, we chose a very specific purpose, sometimes even a specific path of getting there.

    sometimes we accomplish that vision, and other times we don’t. But, we’re always on the path of growth and evolution either way, so the broader purpose is always accomplished, even if the more specific one is not. 🙂

    But I agree we all need to follow our own intuition, as it is the intuition that’ll lead to our true purpose in life.

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