Hey my Happy Shiny Puppies! I’m back! Yes… truly this time. In my last blog post, I did my best to explain that I and the way I relate on my blog were going through some changes. I wasn’t yet sure what the issue was. All I really knew for sure was that I wasn’t feeling inspired anymore. Was it video? Did I need to go back to writing? Did I need to release myself from my weekly schedule, to flow free, run unfettered through the streets, and pop in only when I really felt like it? Well, I tried that. And it certainly helped, because at least I wasn’t trying to produce when I wasn’t inspired to. But it didn’t really bring back the inspiration. I hadn’t yet “popped”, i.e. figured out what the hell the problem was. Well, I’ve popped now. And I’m happy to say that I’m back, and better than ever. And yes, there will be more changes. But before you freak out (“Ack! More Change!”), I think you’re going to really like what I have in store for you. At least I’m really hoping you will.

Because it’s about to get real. Really freaking real, y’all.

In today’s video, I explain what I’ve come to realize and how I’ve been challenged to level up, yet again. I’m going to be even more authentic, more real, more raw, more naked. Emotionally naked, that is. This video is the perfect example of this new me, and it was surprisingly emotional for me to put all this out there. I haven’t been nervous about publishing a video in a long time, but yeah… I kind of am. Good. That means big shit is happening and I’m on the right track again. Finally! Sheesh.

What’s more, since I’ve neglected you, my lovely puppies for so long, I’ve decided to make up for it and challenge myself to make a video every day, for 30 days. Ok, it’s also about helping me to really practice and solidify this new, vulnerable but hopefully awesome AF energy. So, win/win/win. Yay!

Now, you may notice the absence of a transcript. That’s because videos like this don’t really transcribe well. It will read… weird. But, I am uploading proper subtitles for every video, so closed captions will be available. Because I’m not a dick (I haven’t changed that much…). Ha.

Ok, *breathe* *breathe*, here we go.

So? What’s the word? Are you in? How are you going to challenge yourself to show up in a bigger way? Or, you know, just let me know what you think. OMG, I can’t wait!

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  • Your video made me cry! You have taught me so much over the years and taught me the power and joy of LOA and not needing certain conditions to happen in order to be happy. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, and a great deal of that is because of you and your blog and all the lovely smoothly puppies on here. Today, before even watching this, I felt inspired to want more and to feel ok with wanting more while still being able to appreciate where I am and to make it a priority to feel worthy of more (like it’s ok to want financial abundance and and even better relationship), etc…so that is what I am challenging myself to do. 🙂 xoxo

  • Good evening! I’ve been wanting to watch your new videos since I got the first email days, (weeks?!) ago. I finally got a chance and I am so glad I did. You’re an inspiration to me every day and I am totally all in! Thank you so much!

  • Melody. You rock. This is just truth, no roles, ideas or anything mishaping the energy of who you are, or we are. Thank you for allowing the safety of your truth which reveals total power and beauty in vulnerability and being who you are. Big hugs and love to you.

  • I’ve been playing with the symbol of being invited for some time now and here you are, Melody, so beautiful, so radiant and genuinely you. Of course, I’m in.
    So what do I want to do to show up in a bigger way? I’m going to sit with my questions. I’m not going to judge them and I’m certainly not going to run away from them by trying to answer them with my mind. They are here to show me how much I’ve grown and they are here to help me remember even more what my inner voice sounds and feels like.

  • Hi Mel, sometimes it helps to take a couple of steps back in the busyness (is that a real word, oh who cares let’s make it one) of life and take time out to smell the roses as they say, ok you’ve smelt them you had a great big whiff of their perfume so now once again you’re ready to hit the floor running which as you’ve shown in this video you’re doing in a big way however can you do me a really big favor, next time you feel the tears welling up can you give us a warning, you were sitting there getting all teary and I was sitting here getting all teary watching you getting all teary and feeling for you and the emotions you were trying desperately to hold back and to see a 66 year old guy blubbering away by himself watching a video of the presenter blubbering away is not a pretty site to behold, try explaining it to someone who comes in to see what the problem is and telling them it’s ok I just got something in my eye.

    Welcome back Mel.

  • Melody,

    I, too, have been troubled by a lack of my usual inspiration over the last several months. Thanks for this message. In it you feel more real than before. I understand the “connection” you experienced at the conference. In my training (in energy medicine) we learned that every time we give a healing, we get a healing. It’s a blessing to do this work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Melody, good to see you back! i thought about you the other day actually and when I checked my email I saw your first two emails! Gonna check out the other videos and look forawrd to future videos/posts. 🙂

  • First off, I must say, you look fabulous! You’re glowing! I really appreciate your authenticity. And seeing you after such a long break is a real treat.

    I’ve been meditating a lot lately, and it’s funny that you mention showing up in a bigger way. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been holding myself back from expressing my full potential. I’ve been hiding behind excuses, guilt and shame. Behind every almost every failure I look back on, I’ve uncovered the truth. Which has been I never planned to succeed at all. I wanted it that way so I’d never be “known,” I’d never be “found out.” The hard truth is that I haven’t been showing up because I’ve been ashamed of tillotrichomania. This debilitating disorder has kept me in hiding since childhood. Since the first time I experienced outright racism and sebsequent feelings of inferiority, I’ve plucked out my eyelashes as a way to cope with my unwanted feelings. But the short lived relief, brought long droughts of shame. I had to stay out of the spotlight until my lashes grew back. But the cycle would always start up again.

    I’m choosing to show up in a bigger way, by 1.) finally sharing what I’ve learned about myself with all of you wonderful, loving people and 2.) recognizing the pattern and it’s triggers and choosing a different path.

    I accept myself just as I am. I look forward to being trich free!

    I send love and gratitude to you all for your time and attention. Please see me in your minds eye as Free of Trich. Hold me in that light until I reach it. Thank you!

  • The burst of joy i had from seeing ab email with your name on is nothing compared to the joy i had watching this video.
    I believe in you Melody. You changed my life and seeing you this close gives me courage to be who i really am too.

  • I LOVE your video and I love that you share your journey wih us! I love that over the years weve been able to grow along side you and see how your understanding evolve into something greater! Yiu have truely been an inspiration to me and I dont know who I would be without your blog posts and coaching calls <3
    And I think the way Im going to to show up bigger is im going to be more accepting of myself. Im a very loud and happy and excited person! I get so happy and overly excited all the time lol But I get insecure about it! I feel like ppl will think im weird/something wrong with me/ Im on drugs. But I think what ill think of when I start to feel insecure about it is all the awseome ppl iv met along the way who seemed authentically their selves and how much I loved seeing it how good it felt and how inspiring it was.

  • Melody!!! I’m so happy to see you. Thanks for sharing this video and having such a cute smile! You are a rare gem!! XOXO I just talked to Tina today and now after watching your video as well I’m just feeling really good. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • IMO, one of your best ever videos was – “How to discover your limiting beliefs”. It’s the only one I’ve saved. That alone can get you a long way.

    Also, I’d be questioning whether Ayahuasca is a healthy choice.

  • So great to hear from you again! I’m excited to see what the next 30 days hold for you. I’m showing up bigger everyday in my business by being bolder and more honest and I’m loving the results we’ve seen so far. I’m going to keep it up with that for the next 30 days 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    Being yourself is the hardest thing, definitely. I mean it’s easy if you’re happy, but if there’s sadness, society can tend to shame you very heavily for that. Society says “CHEER UP!” which of course is a form of shaming. It’s another way of saying “how dare you express how you really feel!? Change! Now!”.

    Anyway, feel free to be sad or angry or whatever it is you feel at the time. It’s certainly acceptable to be yourself, however, if there’s a lot of sadness then it can feel that we (the readers) are being used. Rather than receiving value from the blog post, we can feel like we’re being drawn on to support you like a therapist. Once again, that’s fine (you’re worth it!), but it has a certain dynamic to it which is slightly draining.

    Most blogs I visit have commenters who fawn over the blogger like crazy. I’d just say be wary of that because such people won’t tend to be real with you. They won’t pull you up and say “wtf??” in the way a true, real life friend would. When everyone says “ohhhh I love you so much!” and yet they haven’t even met you in person, that’s a worry. Who talks like that to a total stranger?

    This is just me, but I come here to get quality, usable content. In particular, I want to see YOU succeeding, because without you succeeding in life, how can I have faith in what you teach? You don’t have to be perfect – ever – but real results with money, health and relationships are paramount.

  • Flipping Heck Melody, I can’t get rid of you. I followed your blog for a year ( Awesome ) then became disillusioned by all the LOA stuff because I couldn’t translate it into my life and unsubscribed from your blog. Then I deleted all the life coaching program I had written. I then thought about the universe not liking voids. I went to my local town centre in Essex England and was literally wandering aimlessly when what seemed to be out of sheer boredom I walked into a book store. I told myself “I don’t buy books anymore so don’t do it MR.” Well Melody bloody Fletcher, 10 minute later i’m walking home with Deliberate Receiving, Finally the universe makes some freakin’ sense, in my freakin’ hand. And to make matters worse, the book is brilliant. I cant stop reading it. I carry it every where with me and read it every day and will continue to read it again and again until I finally freakin’ get this thing nailed. Your special Melody. Don’t freakin’ forget that.

  • Welcome back Sweetie! Yes we all REALLY missed you! Life’s energy always ebbs and flows so it was great that you were able to withdraw for awhile and come back renewed. Enjoy your challenge and we will as well. We’ll all be right there in the front row hanging on every word. As for a challenge for me personally? Uh, I’ll pick one after your 30 days are up haha!

  • Hey Melody, Love to see you back 🙂 , I am so touched by your message and I feel privileged to be part of this with you ..also I can not believe the synchronicity of this all!..sharing and opening up more has been a big theme for me this year ..and I am definitely still moving towards doing more and more of it..and sometimes struggling with it still. I absolutely love the 30 days challenge idea .YES YES I am in 🙂 how exciting I look forwards to all of it . BIg love xxxxx

  • Good stuff, the best way to not get overwhelmed is ‘baby steps’ right? I like your Q&A’s & I’d love to hear more of YOUR stories. We help others by our own examples of up & down, through inspiration. We share. This LOA stuff is great & I look any many ‘teachers’. I like when Esther said it’s better to be an ‘uplifter’ than a ‘teacher’. Sharing is caring. Btw my platform is the ancient Scandinavian SISU – inner strength. We all have it, now it’s finally time for people to pay this positive psychology forward. We fall. We get up. We can keep getting up so let’s march ahead! ??????????????????????????????

  • Thank you Melody for being back and sharing with us again!
    It takes so much courage to be more vulnerable and let your defensive mechanisms down, it is a big big challenge for me too, I’m realizing that right now and probably that’s what makes a real difference and could make us become more humble and therefore able to connect with the world and the people in a much deeper way.
    But you know what? It really scares me…!
    So once again, I think , I will learn a lot from you 🙂
    You know, I was thinking of you yesterday. I got a video course from Deepak Chopra and I really love it! But because of all the things I learned from YOU, your blogposts, your book and the many coaching calls I listened to (and to each of the calls I listened several times) I can understand what HE is talking about, because you translate it into “western culture language” and really break it down to a practical level, where we can apply those things on a daily basis. Without that knowledge the whole LOA stuff can be very abstract and can be misunderstood.
    So I just realized how much I have interiorized all the things I learned from you and what a treasure I received.
    Thank you !!!
    Big hug from Italy !!!

  • Love this video!!!! You’re wonderful Melody and I resonate with your message so much! I was so excited years ago when I found your blog. I’d done the asking and read every book I could find. I would get bits and pieces of the message and in frustration I sat out to find the damn answer and there you were! I stumbled upon your blog regarding an issue I was having at the time. I read the words and shifted a long held belief that’s never showed up again since….with one blog post! It challenged my belief system and required me to question the validity of it. It opened me up to a different perspective with humor and a no BS approach to it! Loveeee it!!! So thanks for what you do and the light you bring. It’s truly unique and appreciated. I look forward to our interactions, because I know I’ll understand so much more and feel better. My life is better because of your light. Big fat humongous hugs with bunches of love!!!

  • Wow, I’ve never wanted to give someone a hug through my monitor before.
    But here goes ( )
    Thanks for the continued inspiration, you are amazing.!

  • I’ve missed your posts, glad you “popped” again! 🙂 And HAPPY to be seeing you daily for the entire month! I know you know the huge love we have for you, but just in case it isn’t 100% certain, we love YOU and we want you to feel happy and share who you are. You’re safe with us too and we love and trust you! No pressure! LOL!

  • Hi!!

    I am so glad to see you back! Welcome bacckk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that I can watch your videos now that the caption works perfectly and beautifully!! Thank you!!

    Looking forward to your 30 days challenge!!

  • My goodness, thank you for this! I had an amazing coaching call with you last year that shone a great big light on my emotional mess. I made some progress and now seem to be going through one of those “dark night of the soul” periods. This cannot have come at a better time…

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