The video challenge continues! Welcome to day 3!

Ok, so I was talking to a brilliant young man recently, who asked me the best question, ever. “What’s your favorite thing about what you do?” I love this question! I’m definitely going to start randomly asking people about this in conversation.

I decided to reveal my answer to you in today’s video.

And then, naturally, I want to hear about your favorite thing!

Oh! I forgot to say this in the video, but if you can’t think about your favorite thing about what you do, then how about your favorite thing about who you are?

Holy crap. I realized my answer remains the same. Woop! Woop! I must be doing something right, eh?

Your turn!!!

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  • Hey Melody! Finally I have the time to watch all these videos. So far, I love them, and can I also say, you have good taste in decor 🙂

    My favourite thing about what I do is probably de-moulding my completed pendants – the way I make them is upside-down in silicone moulds, so I don’t get to see what they look like until the next day when the resin is all cured and I take them out to admire them. I also love working with colours, so mixing and blending different pigments is good fun too. Hearing from happy customers is also high up there.

    Another thing, which I have only done once, but hope to do again soon is working at an art fair/market – it was really fun to connect with people face-to-face (right now I only sell online), it was also craaaaazy busy to the point where I struggled to find even a minute to gulp down my lunch, but I liked the mad rush of it!

  • Recently started a new job. I feel, and I think it might already started, it is the fact that I have a chance, either indirectly as well as directly, to have a good social impact. Plus, it also caters to my anal retentive side, which is to be happy by organizing things and keep things right on track.

  • Melody!! Yes! LoL I work part time doing the cleaning for our local laundromat and having this job allows me to do my most favorite-est thing ever: Singing! I crank the music up on my phone and belt it! And a fun bonus is that I get lots of compliments. I’m working on banishing my stage fright, so this is a big step for me. Singing in front of people is tough for me. Anywho! Thank you for shining so brightly! <3

  • I work in the architecture & construction field, and I love being part of the manifesting process… bringing ideas/dreams/plans to life! THeres magic in being able to be a part of it even if up close it doesn’t seem like it is very esoteric! I also love being surrounded by strong, grounded, productive masculine energy at its best! ??

  • Wow, Melody, that question really is big, especially since it’s about what I’m doing now! I’m helping others, in person and, when I can manage it, helping anonymously. There’s rarely anyone else available to help. My feelings about myself and my inability to not pass personal emotional borders is having increasingly more deleterious effects. I’m glad I at east know it’s just LOA due to not letting go of my resistances. There’s no joy in helping now bcuz, even when it really helps in some way, it isn’t making anyone happy. So I no longer have a favorite part of what I’m doing by helping.
    On the other hand, I’m actively working on shifting from being happy only when others are happy, to being happy on my own.
    I have some friends and family who are very supportive of my attempts to change this & have truly inspiring insights and I have your blogs and website. What I’m doing to raise my vibration sometimes works for a while and that gives me confidence. I know I’m headed in the right direction & have many options. That’s good, & feels good. So it’s what I’m doing to raise my. vibration that’s my favorite part of all I’m doing now.

  • My favorite thing about what I do is that I can help someone see their lives differently than before. We all have so much more in common than we have differences to separate us, and we all have the power and ability to reach out to someone else. A common expression in my area is “Each One Teach One”. I get to do this daily and it is scary and hard sometimes and totally amazing.

  • My favorite thing about what I do and who I am is guiding by asking questions. And then I just watch what happens… And it’s always magical!

  • Dearest Melody ,
    My favorite thing is cooking from bottom of my heart and serving with love. I love making surprise dishes ????. Thank you for wonderful videos. Love you.

  • Thanks for sharing your favorite thing about what you do. My favorite thing is connecting, sometimes very deeply, with my “happy shiny puppies,” my clients. They almost always leave my healing space feeling lighter, better, nourished and validated. I’m realizing as I watch your video that I, too, am blessed to be a catalyst for those breakthrough moments. Part of my recent frustration involves a client who has been coming to see me for a long time, and has shifted in small ways, but — ultimately — is too afraid, not ready, or does not want to change. It’s difficult for me to come to terms with this. It seems she just doesn’t want to be a happy shiny puppy. How to handle this is a current dilemma.

  • My favourite thing about what I do is feeling and being moved by music. I get to express how that is for me, and being witnessed by a partner, inspired by a partner, encouraged and adored by a partner is the best feeling ever – I’m a partner dancer.

  • My favorite thing about what I do right now is that I’ve discovered my love of drawing and making fine art. I also love writing and creating stories to share with others. I’ve always been a writer, but have only recently accepted it as a career choice at the start of the year. I used to do art in high school, but stopped once I graduated and got acclimated to the “real world”. It’s been fun rediscovering that part of myself again.

  • My favorite thing about what I do now is that I get to be my authentic and true self with others! It’s so much fun!!

  • Hi Melody,
    (Natural francophone here -please bear with me) Now, what is the one thing that I like the most about what I do? That is a difficult one to answer because there are so much good coming out of it. So let’s see. (telling stories)
    It allows me to be who I want to be. I never loved to have a schedule, I hate it. Being at home to do my stuff allows me to do it when I want to, how I want to, where I want to… with whom I want to.
    It allows me to put my brain in turbo mode when I create a story. who is that? Why is s/he there? What’s up with that horse, and so on and so forth.
    Also, since I like telling story, I don’t only have one medium I’m working with. I am usually a writer. But I also love to draw, to write script, to play some tabletop RPG. Yes, I am often de DM and yes, I have problem not creating a story that lasts less than a year or so. So, seeing my players reacting at a “boom” in the story, telling me how great it was, tellinng me they can hardly wait to come back to play my game… that feeling of doing something good and great, their eyes during the game, their reaction to a natural 20… It just makes my days.
    It brings joy and light in my life. I love so much telling, creating, inventing stories, that my life finally makes some freaking sense since I really started doing it and told people around me: “No, I am NOT getting a “real” job just to please you and have money.” Be ause real jobs have never worked for me. So I want to do this and see where it leeds me and how great the Univers will guide me to get there. And so far so good. And every night I am thinking: “How does it feel to live the life you’ve always wanted, to invent and tell stories? And the feeling is just awesome!
    So this is the one thing that I love so much about what I do. No, it doesn’t pay (yet!), but soon will (I can just feel it inside!) Creating telling stories allows me to be who I am and live the life I’ve always wanted.
    Thank you dear Happy Shine Alpha Melody.

  • Amazing video!

    For me, I like troubleshooting things, figuring out what’s wrong and fixing them.
    I’ve carried it over into my life and have fixed other things, like the water softener and vacuum cleaner. 🙂

  • I love really connecting with nature and other species that share this amazing planet with us. It is a great privilege when a member of another species lets you in, especially if they are wild or in industries that exploit them. To really see them and they connect is an honour. When Mother Nature shows you her magnificent and is generous in waiting till you get inside the front door before she rains, because you asked her to. Especially when your on a long walk and you can see the rain coming your way. It’s humbling and beautiful and touches my heart.

  • Hi melody , another great video thanks

    What is the best thing ? Its got to be exploring LOA and whole package soaking information like a sponge . I love reading your experiences such as the trip to the stones etc .
    Wile doing this I feel so close and connected with truth which kind of puts me in almost some kind of light meditative state of been where I want to be . Hope that makes sense .
    I always try and find time to do this each day.

    Thanks Melody

  • Looooooooove the high energy, my little girl was getting giddy too! 😀 I’m an energy healer and animal communicator and I have LOTS of favorite things about each of those beautiful sessions I do! If I had to choose one, my favorite thing about what I do is that I get to connect with people (of all species!) at such a deep level that we communicate soul to soul. My clients trust and allow me to look deep into them and witness who they truly are, and be a witness to the beauty, love and power that they are holding within, behind the traumas and harder life experiences. And that experience is magical and healing for both of us. It’s a blessing and a very deep acknowledgment of the loving and powerful being we all are. 🙂

  • I’m a greyhound sitter. My favourite thing about what I do is keeping the greyhounds I look after comfortable and happy and knowing that their owners trust me to keep their precious family members safe.

  • I love the creative part of my job, dreaming up new ideas and seeing them through to fruition. The more I do it, the more I love it. I suppose Dr Angelou nailed how I feel, ‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’

  • What an interesting question! It really reorients your perspective. I’ll have to think about it.

    Melody, I have a Q for you: do you have thoughts on reconciling information that seems to contradict LOA teachings but that also feels good and like a relief?

    Example: I just wandered into some information that casts negative emotion as “body memories”, like a pattern formed perhaps very early in life, not really connected to anything conscious or happening now. I find this to be a really relief-giving idea that allows me to lovingly detach from some of my negative emotions (otherwise, if I’m honest, I have a tendency to dig into why I’m feeling them and what they are about, in a way that doesn’t feel that great). But my brain also keeps tutting away and suggesting that this might be cheating. So I’m not fully sure how to relax into that feeling of relief, or – and I think this is the rub – if it’s okay for me to do so! Lord, trusting my intuition is such a challenge.

    I’m enjoy your videos and can’t wait to hear more about your new program!

  • Hmmm, there is so much that I love about what I “do” and at first I thought you were referring to job or work. In that regard, my favorite part is the fact that I decided a few years ago that I wanted to work less and make more money. Poof, it worked! My work/job is pretty easy now and my income has increased a lot from where I was when I made that decision. Thank you Law of Attraction! As for non work related favorite thing I do – riding my bike. Just love it, so freeing and interesting and healthy and fun! The best of everything! Thank you Melody!

  • Hi Melody!!! So good to see you again!!! Your 30 day challenge is very exciting. Thank you for sharing that wonderful question. It really hit the spot! I’ve heard of variations of this question before, like – What do you love doing? What aspects of your job do you enjoy? etc and those are a bit boring coming to think of it. This question is definitely an alluring one to answer. 🙂 My favorite part of what I do right now at my job is creative problem solving and coming up with new ideas (sadly not appreciated so I’ll look for a different job). See you tomorrow! <3

  • My favorite thing about what I do is that it finally gets me out of my comfort zone. Every job I’ve ever had was usually just me zoning out and keying information and doing the same boring thing over and over and over. I’ve had this job for almost a year now and for the first time I actually have responsibilities. I make decisions and most days are different. It’s the first job I’ve ever had that has kept me on my toes. Of course there’s a part of me that kind of wants to go back to the hum-drum, doing the same damn thing everyday, stupid simple job that I’m used to but there’s no challenge in that. There’s no chance for growth from that. I want to expand and grow and keep expanding and growing and this job has been an excellent teacher. It’s not the end goal (the end goal is exiting the 9-5 for good) but I think what I’m learning now will serve me well in the future! 🙂

  • This is a good question, indeed. I don’t know if I can answer this question, but I’m going to anyway because I want to.

    It’s not so much about what I do even though it’s what I do… I love to read. I love to absorb information and then think about it because then I would often get my little insights and books would always give me ideas. And I can bring whatever I know to people and share with them so then we can talk about it. I always have a conversation about LOA with my friend. I love your blog so much I read all the entries a few times and I understand them so much better now that I’m starting to understand things a lot emotionally. Anyway, yeah.. I love to read and I enjoy bringing the clarity even if it’s tiny or big to people and sharing them with them, especially people who know I enjoy reading this blog and other LOA alike books.

    Thanks for being you and for bringing your light! I want to do something like you do, but in completely a different way, with my light, of course!!!!


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