The video challenge continues! Today, I wanted to explore an example of how I expand my belief system in order to line up with bigger and more awesome manifestations. It’s a concept called the “New Normal”. But be warned, we’re talking about BIG manifestations here, so come prepared to stretch out of your “old normal”, lol.

And, of course, I always want to hear from you! What’s your new normal, or the new normal you’re aspiring to? What feels real to you now, that didn’t used to? Share below! This is gonna be so much fun!

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  • I’ve got a lot of things in my life right now which are totally normal, which 5-10 years ago would have felt like impossible dreams. Working for myself doing something I love (including all the things you mentioned about having freedom and your own schedule). Being in a loving, super healthy relationship – before this, I didn’t even realise that relationships could be so harmonious!

    One thing I would love for my new normal is to fly business class – this is something I was just thinking about the other day after a long, boring, uncomfortable flight. I’d also like my new normal to be being a home owner/having my dream home 🙂

  • New normal:
    – Travelling and adjusting to live in different countries
    – Having a job with a mission that I ressonate with

    On the way to the new normal:
    – Pin pointed abusive aspects (whether they were intended or not) in previous relationships, faced my inner ghosts and insecurities, as well as repulsiveness for things that I let it happen to me (they were not criminal or anything, it was just I did not realise how little self worth I had during a relationship). Started to attract men that are able to have a conversation in a topic we disagree with, but in a kind and open way, but either the attraction or having more intimacy was not meant to happen.
    – Probably the new normal will be to atract good male friendships and a lovely partner with whom I will be happy, uplifted and relaxed with.

  • My new normal is being in a soulmate relationship… a made-for each-other, healthy, conscious, growing relationship! I’m intentionally walking this path so meeting my lover feels inevitable!!

  • I would love my new normal be travelling the world in business class. We are just back from an amazing trip in Japan. Next big destination is New Zealand, so business class is VERY WELCOME!! Big hug to you Melody!

  • Hi Melody , bit late but better than never
    My new normal is financial security and been able to do what I want to do with the time to do it . I know it is already here but not In physical , I can feel it and it feels completely normal . Compare this to previous normal of concern of tomorrow and next day then I know it has shifted .

    Loving every thing you do Melody
    Will catch up with videos , saddens me when I don’t get to see them on time

  • My new normal that I’m aspiring to is to be completely recovered from chronic pain, and once again travel all over the world on active vacations. Hiking, cycling, walking, laughing and having fun with all the new awesome, interesting friends that I’m making. Yippee!!

  • My new normal (already manifested) is the stream, pond and waterfall I have in my backyard. this was a longtime dream. I just love it out there now. It used to be a weedy patch with a mud hole.

    I need to do some meditating on what the next new normal will be. I’m at an uncomfortable spot where my goals are changing, but I have more ideas of where they’ll go than clarity about where to put my focus. But this whole series of yours has really started my process of figuring it out. Thank you for that.

    • I never realized I wanted that until I saw it on Facebook.

      Great job creating it and sharing it. Lance did a great job building that Bridge too – it’s all beautiful, it has really helped me get out of my Week 3 Menstrual Cycle rut.

  • My New Normal is a big house with an L-shaped couchcouch. I can already feel how cosy and snuggly the corner will be and how nice it will be slouching on it with my boyfriend. And my “Future New Normal” I’d being as happy in a job as Melody is in hers, maybe even as an energy coach myself ^^

  • Great video. It’s funny; I had the same reaction you did when you told the story about the 5 million. It really shocked me, because I’m not remotely near that in real life. I’m glad I have that belief, though. I must be on the right track.
    I write fiction. I’ve been told over and over that it’s too hard to be a successful writer. I’ve also been told self-publishing fiction will go nowhere. It doesn’t feel good to me to work with agents and publishers. So, my new normal is that I’ve decided I can be a success if I self-publish my novels.

  • 5 million is on its way to becoming my new normal. This is some serious validation that it’s on its way. Thanks!

  • Thank you for another great video. My new normal is having a business that puts on events that continually exceeds the expectations of everyone who participates and making an extra $100,000 a year doing it. My new normal is building this business and having a blast running it and growing it into a multi million dollar business. Prior to this revelation, I knew I wanted to do well and have fun doing well but the new normal is the understanding that I can do it in this fashion.

    thank you, keep these awesome videos coming.



  • The other morning I was taking my morning walk and previewing my day. I felt blessed, remembering when I couldn’t imagine anyone paying me $90 for a healing session. That day, I had three clients scheduled. My dream has been to have a thriving healing practice and it’s happening. Yet I do feel suspended between here and the next level, staying open for what wants to happen….<3

  • My normal has shifted A LOT since I left my Mechanical Engineering job and decided to follow my passion. Turns out I’m a spiritual engineer of sorts, and I LOVE working with energy (I’m an energy healer now) and learning ever more about our energy bodies and the science behind spirituality. Because of that, my new normal is being an entrepreneur, having my own business that I can scale to any degree I choose, working from wherever I choose to and whenever I choose to, and loving it all the way! 🙂 My goal now for a new normal is really financial, since this is the area of my life that I still give my power away the most. I can see the possibility of making 6 figures with my current work, but I’m not there yet, and the “I can’t control it, so, how can I make it happen” seems to be my biggest resistance. I’m working on it, clearing old safety issues and not having my needs met chakra issues too. So that’s the new image of me I choose to focus on, living a magnificent life in all areas AND being empowered and living a magnificent financial life too. 🙂

  • Thank you for reminding me of this subconscious English reaction to money. Talking about expecting wealth, luxury, comfort, enjoying life, instead of the general reaction in this country that that is somehow wrong. You have to struggle, suffer, not allowed to enjoy. Maybe it’s the American Dream! I need to spring clean that deep rooted cultural gift, right out the door!

  • Hi Melody!

    I’ve been subscribing to your blog for two and a half years now but this is the first time I’m actually commenting on here. I must say I’m very excited by this video challenge and I think your new energy is irresistible! This vid definitely inspired me to define my “New Normal” and I already know an area of my life I’m applying it to. So, here it comes:

    My New Normal in relationships is that they’re based on enjoyment, equality, mutual respect and compatibility, freedom to express oneself, authenticity, appreciation, positivity…oh, I could go on forever! By “relationships” I mean not only romantic relationships, but also friendships, relationships between colleagues, and practically every kind of relationships one can imagine. My “Old Normal” was that relationships are hard work, that they require sacrifice, obligation, keeping yourself small, having to tolerate violation of personal boundaries, conformity…oh, better I don’t go on about it too much, I don’t want to sabotage my energy. No wonder I always had this limiting belief that relationships just aren’t for me and that I’m basically a selfish and a-social person for not wanting to play according to these horribly restrictive and demoralizing “rules”. But now these rules are about to change, and this time it’s yours truly who will be the architect of them 😉

    Happy Shiny Puppy hugs from Finland, and looking forward to your next vids!

    Lady R

  • Ooh! Another good Q.

    Sometimes I wonder if I subconsciously hold myself in a place, on a couple of subjects, where I like the state of “oh man when I get it, it’s gonna be amaaaaaazing!!!!” so much that I don’t let myself step into that energy, because once you step into the energy enough… it’s normal. You know? You acclimate to that energy and it no longer has that ZING it once did?

    • Yes I am wondering about this too! My new normal is to have an absolutely fantastic relationship and it feels not only doable but also inevitable no more settling! I had a partly amazing precursor 3 years ago and I have released tons of crap (some through short relationships and a lot in my selfrelationship/coaching) and since that man I have added amazing stuff but no new great precursors or the real deal yet… Hmmm I still get really excited when I find new ideas to add and I noticed when I share what I consider as a fact of what traits my man will have they have funny disbelieving look so I guess I have level up but no show yet… Fears of some sort? So how can it feel so normal and still be fears attached?

    • Don’t forget that it can get EVEN BETTER. There’s no limit to the awesomeness, but you’ll only ever see the next step or level. Until you reach that one, you can’t see beyond that. But then… wait for it… BAM. More awesomeness than you could’ve previously imagined.



  • For me, my new normal is freedom and abundance to travel as I wish, for longer stretches! I can feel it and it is becoming a reality – I have already given my notice at my 9-5 job and plan to travel this summer for 6-8 weeks! Yay!!!

  • So I’m recognize my new normal when I’m working on visualizing what I want. I read Deliberate Receiving last month, and have shifted some huge beliefs. Right now my new normal that I can see is being in a loving and reciprocal relationship, having my own home, making money in a different way, and driving a newer car.

    I’ve noticed that when I get to step 3 in the Progression of Manifestations, I no longer have the negative emotions and blocks come up. It’s all excitement and steps and ideas I see myself easily doing, although I’m not physically capable in my current reality. It’s so nice to realize how my old belief system has been shedding and being replaced with one that is more freeing.


  • Hi Melody,
    thank you for sharing with us. For many, many years I dreamed about singing in front of live audiences. Making them feel good and having fun. It was normal to sing in my living room and into recorders. I have always wanted to wear really nice clothes and shoes and have my nails and hair done. Well. my dreams are starting to come true. My new normal is getting songs together for my shows! I have done 2 Patsy Cline Tributes, A Strictly Classic County and 2 Oldies Shows! I will be moving to CA by the end of the year with a man I have been in love with for 14 years! He is my biggest encourager and sings too! He has written, directed and produced 2 live stage plays and the one he is working on now is starring……YEP! ME! I aspire to be even a better singer than I am now and can not wait to get to the Palm trees and beaches. The LORD has brought me up from the darkest pits of abuse, rejection and addiction to my “new normal” of doing what I have always wanted to do. 🙂

  • Melody, it was a real treat seeing you again so soon. “Normal” is a very interesting word. It has always baffled me! My new normal person is a person who makes a genuine attempt to explore a subject with an open mind and someone who smiles (or nods to acknowledge another person’s presence). My new normal lifestyle is being at peace and happy. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!! XOXO

  • I was literally just thinking about this exact same thing while driving to work this morning!! For me it’s relationships. As I was driving and picturing my dream man, I thought to myself – wow, it just feels so normal for my dream guy to be nice and smart and funny and adorable, whereas a few years ago I was lucky if he didn’t grunt at me!

    A private jet is my abundance symbol too. Once you manifest yours, you have to come and visit Australia!! Ours summers aren’t THAT hot – I promise!


    • Hi all! So I was going to say friendships when I stumbled across this thing about relatinships. Here’s my problem and it’s big. I’m 18 and really don’t want anythig to do with people my age. I prefer friends honestly upwards of 50. And the worst part is it’s the same with guys; I’d love to have a man over 50 or maybe 60 or 70 or even 90. I was thinking about it yesterday; when old people get nastalgic I just get this dream of making them somehow feel young again and make them happy. Not really sure what this is all about but I know that other people think my ideas about older men are disgusting and gross. And yes I genuinely do like older people; it’s not about taking advantage of the weak. In fact I envy these people, their wisdom, their serenity, etc.

  • My new Normal is selling a kids financial education E- book to 200,000 kids annually in the next 10 years at $10.00 a book.

  • Hi Melody,

    Happy you’re back! I look forward to your new posts/videos. I can easily see you achieving your $1M goal and totally surpassing it. You mentioned you already see the precursors. I would love for you to elaborate on what precursors you get or how to know when your manifestation is about to come to fruition. Maybe you’re looking for ideas for this 30 day challenge…? 😉 Thank you for all your seeds of insight! It is much appreciated. Cheers!

  • Melody, I’m new to you and I love your messages! You mentioned Bashar…and I’ve followed him for awhile. I would love to hear your views on his messages. Thank you for sharing your incredible life energy with the world. You light many candles with your flame. I also love the distinctions you make, for example, letting defenses down but still having boundaries, wanting without craving. Thank you Melody!


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