Aright, so when I started this video challenge 7 days ago, I promised you guys that I’d share the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, today I’m going to share the ugly. I recently had an uncomfortable manifestation (a beauty procedure gone wrong. I shall say no more here), and I’ve decided to bare all and reveal to you what happened. And, more importantly why. How did I attract such an experience? And why am I, with everything I know, still capable of having negative manifestations? I’ll give a hint – that ability never goes away. These kinds of manifestations are actually really valuable…

And before you worry, I’m totally ok, everything healed up on a matter of a few short days, and there were no long term repercussions. Although, I guess I could, theoretically, have brain damage. I mean… how would I know? (I’m totally kidding. *twitch *twitch)

You can watch the harrowing tale unfold here.

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  • A few years ago I asked why women’s hormones fluctuate so much (scientifically we do, how we are affected by those fluctuations is up to the individual).

    I asked you if we were behind the eight ball when it comes to manifesting positivity (compared to men) if we are born into bodies where good happy hormones nose dive, lift like a rollercoaster and BAM fall again leaving us angry and irritable. I tried so hard to eliminate all negative emotion that had not real reason and was just a response to a shift in hormones (I used hormone apps to determine that). I tried with meditation, removed most stress from my life and taking natural adaptogens but I still found it hard to be positive when my body was doing something else.

    I worked out it’s here for a reason and some things are OK to just allow. By allowing hormones to drop and rise, I found my assertiveness did too. I think it arrived perfectly last night to tell my husband I need emotional connection and to tell my teenager I wont tolerate dishonesty. I can be way too permissive in the first follicular phase of my monthly cycle (the first two months) and I know permissive parents can make children feel neglected. I had that life growing up and I don’t want it for my children (and obviously my children don’t either or they wouldn’t have been born to a mum like me)

    Sometimes these painful events we can’t seem to stop (not necessarily a burning scalp) are there to get us the outcome we wouldn’t have if were were always jolly and chirpy and sometimes they are there to snap you the f*ck out of it! I’ve had my fair share of whispers that grow into screams that turn into massive slaps in the face but I’ve learned to listen and pay attention to the signs. I just hope I’m reading the whispers correctly before the universe screams at me.

    By the way, your hair looks super awesome like you!

  • Ha! How timely was this post, im was just about to do a home bleach on my teeth… so now I if it hurts …stop you dickhead????????????????

  • Aw crap I’m sorry about your scalp. It’s good that it healed completely. Gotta love the high vibration that protects you from that sort of stuff! I’ve had plenty of those situations where I’ve predicted a complete and total disaster….and then nothing happens. It used to. My life used to be full of big, nasty, negative manifestations. And now it’s so wonderful when nothing bad happens no matter how much I expect the shit to hit the fan. LOA has really counterbalanced the Murphy’s law in my life, lol. I have to add, though, that I’d like to start seeing that good stuff coming in, I’ve been stuck in this liminal space for some time now 😀

  • This vid was GREAT! How simple an answer? And so true. I heard another LOA speaker talk about how we usually feel the result before the event itself which creates momentum leading up to it. You probably waited to get your hair done & felt past eager to impatience & maybe even guilty feet-dragging which leads to that thrashing ‘no pain no gain’ thing. We don’t have to thrash! Every step forward can be gentle! That’s why I make/sell natural skincare at my spa. It works but it’s gentle & healthy-

  • i do not put up with ANYTHING I do not want in my life. Including your choice of words. Melody,…sh*# Fu*# hell…come one those words take away your attractiveness. Please UNsubsribe me from your videos. Thank you and I hope this is another manifestation for you. take care. .

  • Hi Melody

    It’s funny, when I first saw this I was thinking how nice your hair looked! Now I know why.

    You know, my life is a bit like yours at the moment, hardly anything bad ever happens to me anymore. It’s fascinating. But when you feel good all the time, when some resistance comes up it sticks out like dog’s balls (good Aussie saying meaning it’s obvious). But I find it kind of fun to try and figure out what my negative manifestations mean, it kind of uses my detective skills to get to the bottom of it, then release it and know that I’ve moved a bit closer to ‘who I really am’.
    I put up with my in laws for years. I let them treat me like crap and I blamed myself can you believe it. I used to get all bent out of shape because i didn’t understand why they didn’t love me. Then one day I gave up and decided I didn’t care any more. It was such a weight off to stop trying and I realised that I was attracting dreadful people like my birth family, trying to get them to love me. I decided after that I was only going to hang with nice people who cared about me and kick everyone else to the curb. And now guess what – I only attract great caring lovely people into my life! SUCH a fn revelation.

  • This has been my favourite video of your 30 day challenge yet Melody! It was just so authentic and hilarious in how you procrastinated in admitting to a negative manifestation – also your hair looks lovely 🙂

    I manifested a similar but larger experience recently that definitely highlighted that I was still willing to put up with sh!t. Three months ago, I was employed for a job that on paper seemed like the dream job. Amazing location, good pay, working outdoors, gaining some brilliant experience for my CV etc etc. However, when I Skype interviewed for the role I just had a feeling that there was something off about the business owner. When I arrived I found out that in over 17 years, she had never retained a member of staff for more than two months. My contract was for three months. And because it was for thee months, I decided that I could ‘put up with it’ no matter what.

    It was difficult, not impossible, but I did not enjoy spending time with her for loads of reasons I won’t go into, but mainly she was a very negative person. If it had been a permanent role, I would have quit, but I guess I decided that although I was worthy of not putting up with crap for the rest of my life, I was also worthy of dealing with it for three months! The experience did give me an amazing opportunity to practice maintaining my high vibration and not letting my boss pull me down to her (very stubborn!) low vibe. And it was quite fun watching it work! Occasionally she would come up to meet me – only every for a few minutes at a time though, otherwise she would just stop talking to me or leave the office.

    I’ve left now, there was some wonderful experiences in those few months, I learned a lot – and I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing that to myself again.

  • Hi Melody, this one resonates and it arrived with perfect timing, as usual. I was out enjoying a nice warm, sunny day yesterday and while sitting on a restaurant patio I began to feel like I was getting burned. But instead of asking to move to a shaded area, I sat there thinking “nah, it’s not that bad.” And today of course, I’m kicking myself. It’s so funny that later that evening I watched this video. Message received!

  • Hi there Melody, a few thoughts from me. Firstly, your hair is gorgeous and I honestly thought you were a natural blonde – did not see that one coming!

    Second, I get what you are saying in the video, but I so wish you hadn’t glossed over the waxing thing. There are many things that we do for a payoff that are not comfortable at the time. Like waxing or the dentist. I don’t like having a filling done and it is horribly uncomfortable for me, but I don’t want to lose my teeth, so I put up with it. If we always walk away from discomfort, we could be heading for an unwanted outcome down the road. It seemed like you were saying to never ever put ourselves in an uncomfortable position, which seems unrealistic.

    And, if for example my job is hugely uncomfortable for me, should I just walk out? Well, that feels like bigger discomfort to me, so I put up with the smaller discomfort in order to avoid the much bigger discomfort of unemployment. Obviously, if I have a choice between happy, joy-joy job and sucky job, then it would be stupid to put up with sucky, but most of the time we don’t have clear choices like those. So we often put up with discomfort because the alternative would be worse.

    Which brings me to the third bit, I have only recently learnt the value in sitting with my inner discomfort rather than constantly pushing it away. If we constantly push against, distract and walk away from our discomfort, we are pretty much in denial and not allowing the discomfort to show us what is underneath.

    Discomfort, in the scalp burning and not saying something sense, is not good, but I am having some difficulty extrapolating that to all discomfort. I hope you will say more on this subject!

    • Hi E,
      My current vibe is that i don’t want to deal with anything uncomfortable anymore.
      Wasn’t happy at my previous job..just left and got a much better one immediately after.
      This works..if we can just allow ourselves to feel anything which makes us stop that unpleasant train of thought..i always pause and ask myself i really have to deal with this now..let me take a break..then my break keeps getting extended..and then voila the thing which was troubling me fades away..this is what i have understood so far..thanks for sharing your insights.

    • I am also interested in what Edelweiss mentions. Really good points, that affect my current life, too.

      Btw also, if I understood correctly, before you got the burn, you usually experienced the itching. Was that itching a precursor, trying to get your attention, too? And does that mean that from now on, you are not gonna put up with itching, either? In other words, either suddenly your hair treatments won’t even cause itching, or you will happen to find another way of getting your hair done, some different method (or hairdresser), that causes no discomfort at all?

      I’m asking because I am wondering, if we are in the same situation, but a smaller discomfort (like itching) is “inevitable”, are we certainly going to find an alternative without any discomfort?

    • All good questions and answers here… I don’t have much to add, but I will say that I didn’t want to go to the dentist to get a filling, so I learned to allow my body to heal itself. I think there are always alternative options… I guess it depends on how open we are to solutions…? Some of them may be strange or unfathomable to us, so we may not always let ourselves experience the easiest outcome possible.

      • I agree April…maybe it’s about relaxing enough/allowing our minds to find relief till a good feeling solution emerges..however you said. Happy Monday!

  • Hi Melody
    Has been many things over the years but one of them is being a ghost or that feeling of being one .
    You know when in a group and say you put your view across and its like no one hears it or chooses to ignore , this would make me feel such a spare part and eventually you just wouldn’t say anything . So you would now be in groups just tagging along , nobody really knows you are there become like a ghost and one day I decided this is happening because I let it , I put up with it and I create it

    Glad your OK Melody

  • Funny 😉 in a laughing with you sort of way of course. I spotted the issue straight off, but being a guy I guess I don’t have the shared experience to distract me. I immediately thought, “No, don’t sit through that, wash it off!”
    Glad it wasn’t worse.

  • Ouch! And LOL for the touche! Something to ponder here too, since I do feel that if I only go for the good, without being willing to put some effort or suck it up a bit sometimes, “things” won’t get done. Food for thought there!

    I had a similar feeling negative manifestation last week that kind of puzzled me too. I was going to a dinner party on Saturday, and all day Friday I kept getting images of my car’s bumper being stolen (it’s not THE safest area where the restaurant was), but I kept dismissing it. Come Saturday I actually was getting images of something happening to me, and that was pissing me off. Now, I’m an energy healer, I work with energy, so I know how this stuff works! Right at the first “negative” image on Saturday, I had 2 options: clear the charge of that image, or not go to the dinner party. This option never hit my awareness until 1h before leaving, on Saturday. Which was fascinating in and of itself!

    So, result? The awareness of that situation made it so that I, while doing a rearing maneuver, hit someone else’s bumper. And broke mine, exactly on the spot I was seeing being taken/stolen. It was a very peaceful event, funny enough, and the owner of the car was right there and a very nice and caring guy, so it all went beautifully. But afterwards, when I tuned in to see if it was in my highest good to (still) go to the dinner, I got a loud NO, so I went home, with a good excuse! 😉 As I talked to my car, to apologize, I received a “I took one for the team” and that just made me smile and be even more appreciative of my lovely Smart car.

    I know that this event avoided worse outcomes and it DID call my attention, big time, to notice what comes up emotionally and intuitively, because the Universe first whispers, then shouts, then throws a brick, and if you don’t take notice even with the freakin’ brick, it’s the piano! LOL! I believe I took a small brick, and next time, I’ll hear the whispers (and shouts) and pay attention to them. 🙂

    • I love this brick is my short prayer to U..I have been a mostly good kid…plz don’t throw a brick at me..i promise to listen 🙂

  • Thank you again for being entirely relevant. I’m at a serious crossroads in my life. I have been through a lot of extremely challenging circumstances for a very long time. Tremendous loss and living in fear. But the whole time I have been on my inner healing, growing journey. To be honest I’m staggered I’m still here. But the changes inside of me are incredible. Never would I have imagined that I was capable of surviving and growing so much, simultaneously. I’m at a point where I really do have to let go of my core issue of suffering. Or I’m in trouble. No pressure !!!!! I think we get addicted to suffering and then have no idea how to stop. The panic in my body is real, a reaction. But there has to be a way. How do you let go of the old chemical, physical reaction that has served as a protection system? How do you finally free yourself of being a prey animal, when you’ve inadvertently programmed yourself because of real dangerous situations? That final stubborn stain that you want to be rid of but your mind and body don’t know how to feel differently!

  • Right now I’m understanding that my extremely high values and standards comes with a lot of guilt and shame so I feel that nothing is ever enough. So, its not my work that is the bad manifestation, or how we treat horses, or dogs, or kids, or what we eat…. It is my understanding of it, and I need to develop a deeper sense of compassion, understanding, acceptance for the world and accepting that we are what we are, and we are doing the best we can from what we have yet learned.

    But it creates such a huge conflict inside of me, “How can I accept all the problems I see?” kind of…..

    Gaaah just writing about it kills me.
    Please anyone reading this comment send me a blessing of letting go the need for perfection. I really really need to relax and have more fun in life and not take responsibility for all the worlds problems <3 <3

    • Best diffusion is ‘stoning’ bringing truth. Ask yourself, what can I do about x? Seriously, can you stop people from being mean?
      Then, personally, to me, not to give advice, but maybe, it sounds like you are struggling with helplessness? So you notice other helplessness?
      So, personally, in my case – when I watch a scary movie, and to overcome the fears, I kinda relive it and decide what I’d do in that situation, it kinda gives me power and lessens the fear. So maybe apply that in your current situation, imagine what you’d do, even if you ‘can’t’ right now, it’ll help.

  • I know I still struggle a lot with suffering. I think I’ve pinpointed the ultimate reason I’m still willing to put up with suffering (less than I once did – but still!) and I think it’s that typically I can’t image refusing to keep going turning out well. eg if I say “This restaurant is too loud and I don’t want to be here” I immediately assume that it will cause some kind of minor disaster – people will be mad at me, I won’t get lunch, I’ll be hungry, cranky AND a social outcast, etc. Or, in lives of my friends, I have often watched a gorgeous person refuse to leave an unsatisfying relationship out of fear that they will be forever alone, say.

    If a person were eager to shift this, would it be good to start with imagining different outcomes until they felt comfortable and then moving to leave uncomfortable situations? That is, if a person who still easily imagines gloomy outcomes to refusing to suffer actually refuses to suffer, DO they wind up “forever alone”? Not sure my question makes sense.

    Your hair is so pretty! I’m surprised you’re not a natural blonde – your hairdresser is a really good colorist! This color looks so natural and fresh on you.

  • Hahahah, well I’m glad your hair is okay, I would’ve been horrified if that happened to me. Something really stood out in this video, you said you don’t really put up with discomfort anymore… that is big. All those messages we get from people about obligation, paying your dues, and *having* to do or put up with something you don’t like just go out the window.

    I recently had a similar experience where I got confused thinking “okay seriously, if I manifested this, it must mean I’m not making any progress with my thinking and beliefs” and it just kinda spiraled from there. Until I realized…nope. It was a job offer that was basically me being lowballed. I rejected it. But then I kinda got annoyed because I thought I believed I was “worth more” than that, so why would they offer me less money than what I discussed with them?

    But now I saw it as a test. I don’t think the universe tests us purposely, but that’s how I interpreted it. In the end, I did turn it down, so it can’t be that I believe my skills are worth that much.

    Happy with my choice. Something FELT off, and I listened to my intuition.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I stumbled upon an article on north node astrology. I’d read it before in the past, but was turned off by the karmic debt portion of it. However, since reading your blog, I’m now able to read it from a higher perspective and get the great information imbedded within this wonderful tool. Anyway, it’s said that Taurus north nodes have a tendacy to hold on to the “crisis may be around the corner” mentality and we are here to let go and live a calm existence. And that life will give opportunities to let that go. I was amazed about how accurate it was showing me me (manifestation) and had to ask myself, why am I choosing to live in that state, now? Especially since, like you, I’m usually coasting these days :). Chill out Amber :-p. Btw, your hair is usually the first thing I notice and it looks shinny and cute!

  • Where did you purchase this fabulous wig… Also, I’m glad you didn’t edit that part out loool.

    I like these stories! I like to know that even you still experience unwanted manifestations from time to time, trying to get your attention so you could live your life even more freely and awesomely. It was also interesting to see how you responded to the manifestation; you didn’t look at anyone else or anywhere else but at yourself and your guides. It kind of inspires me to reach out to my guides more often too. I have a ton of angels hanging around me, but I can’t hear them yet, and I only occasionally let my Higher Self’s guidance in.

    When it comes to putting up with things I don’t want… Well, recently, I’ve had quite a bit of anger come up around a couple of subjects. For one, I felt sick of people implying that money is the determining factor in whether or not I get to experience life as I see fit. A few days ago, I heard yet another comment like this, and I had a different kind of reaction than usual… First, I felt the initial discomfort–that’s typical–but then, I felt this anger bubbling up, and thought, “No, no, no! I’M the one who determines whether or not I get to live the life I want to live”. That’s the first time I’ve found myself claiming my power around the subject instead of cowering in fear over it.

    I have another example: When it came to a certain person I knew, I got tired of feeling like I wasn’t allowed to express the way I felt to them. You see, even though I would try to be mature and civil in communicating with them, they would catch an attitude, give me a difficult time, and be disrespectful anyway. I told them that this is my boundary: If I approach them respectfully and maturely about how I feel, I want the same in return, otherwise I won’t engage.

    I guess I’m getting tired of putting up with allowing people to treat me any kind of way or say any kind of thing to me, and not doing anything about it. When it comes to having certain beliefs that I know I disagree with and don’t resonate with, I’m tired of dwelling on them or fearing them instead of releasing them.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your story!!

  • I had a bleach and tone done to my naturally dark hair once so I totally understand but they can be done without your scalp burning. Your hair looks great by the way. but as you point out we women suffer too much for beauty…

    I have been putting up with suffering of lack in my finances. Not being able to pay my bills borrowing money from Friends.
    clients not paying me. I’ve been putting up with it and I’m done I’m ready for the abundance. Wealth in all its forms. I’m done suffering and putting up with this crap of lack and poverty.

  • Hi Melody, I’m so surprised to learn you’re not a natural blonde but then even orange or blue hair would look so great on you. I’m glad you’ve recovered from that manifestation. I once did a DIY Brazilian waxing and I almost bled to death because I waxed the wrong way or didn’t hold that skin taut in the right direction. What was more painful than that experience though was when this one girl washed my hair and she had really long finger nails and kept pulling my hair. I told her to please be gentle but I don’t think she really got it and I didn’t want to tell her again so I suffered in silence. Later, I noticed there was a scratch mark on my forehead. 🙁 I also get my eyebrows threaded so that hurts as well. Then of course, I’ve had tattoos and piercings. Nothing compares to the crap I’ve taken from my former bosses and current one though. Slowly, I’m fighting like hell to change my life and reclaim my identity and voice. I’m well on my way! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Kisses and hugs. <3 <3 <3

    • DIY takes courage Rose…you are my hero. A poster below mentioned that some results require us to undergo a little this makes me wonder how to get around to avoiding all this pain..esp. that associated with beauty treatments..hoping not to sound like a cowardly chicken here..maybe i will try to visualize it as something easy breezy this time..dunno if it will work 🙂

  • yayy sunday..why is mine over..but i digress. A couple of things i wanted to say:
    1. Melody your hair looks gorgeous and wavy.
    2. I hope it’s not hurting anymore.
    3. I am reconsidering my brazilian appointment now after hearing this.
    4. Am i a bad person for feeling both concerned and laughing while watching this video..please make up your you want us to twitch with laughter or be horrified at what went on.
    5. I feel that i mostly manifest a feeling of relief in some issues like a recent break up after which i cried and then went gah..i can’t do this anymore..the inevitable grief after a break-up doesn’t feel feels like a habit of thought..this has made me question a lot of my habits of thoughts…for example do i really feel bad or have i started liking the feeling of feeling bad??
    6. And lastly..having spirit guides to whom you can go to after something goes cool is that. I need to re-look at your post on spirit guides..i need some peeps to whom i can say what the what dude/ how did this happen!
    Sorry for the long post Melody..please take care
    P.S. is it the sane quiet voice which answers spirit guide?

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