There’s something you may not know about me. I like to take my time. Sometimes, I REALLY take my time. I set an intention and then… I seemingly do nothing. What’s going on? Am I just lazy? Or is there more happening than meets the eye? Here’s a hint: yes. Yes, more is happening. I wait until I’m inspired to take action.

But… what does that mean, exactly? What does inspired action feel like? You may be surprised to hear that it’s not necessarily 100% roses and puppy kisses. Not all action is inspired by a high vibration. So, how do you know when you should act, and when you should leave it be?

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  • new mantra now is aim…aiiim..aiiiim..have a picnic..dream about Fassbender..take a 🙂

  • Hi Melody

    Thanks for another great and very useful video , I will definitely learn from this. Maybe I will listen to some of these posts again to refresh myself , will they be staying around for long ? If not , don’t worry I just love it all and always find clarity here.
    My problem is I get stage fright , so if my inspired action was to go into a crowded room like a bar ,that would be fear to me so would probably opt for roller coaster which I hate but know it will be over in a minute just close my eyes

    Loving it all

  • Really brilliant video today. I had an incident that happened to me nearly twenty years ago which is related to this. I’d love to hear any insights anyone has.

    I was walking with my friend and in the middle of a sentence when it felt as if I walked into a brick wall it didn’t hurt but I completely stopped my vision went black there was a pause and my head was literally yanked to the side, my vision cleared and I was looking right at a handsome, laughing man. Obviously I’ve spent the last twenty years wishing I went after him! But at the time my instinct was sort of cloudy. He didn’t see me and he was walking away and my friend was looking at me like I was mad and it seemed rude to abandon her. I felt like the universe was showing me him and this wasn’t the right time but I’d meet him soon properly. I felt really good and excited about it as if I’d made the right decision but I never saw him again. WTF? What/ who was controlling me? Loa says we should have loads of opportunities but seems like that was a one off for my soul mate. Any ideas?!

  • This is something I still have a hard time with. Or better, I still give myself a hard time over. Working for myself means that I’m responsible (in my mind!) to go out there and spread my message, make offers and bring clients in. Otherwise, there’s no money and no business. And this scares the heck out of me.

    I KNOW (rationally) that it is my frequency that aligns things for me, and I’ve had ample proof of this with people contacting me “out of the blue”, inspiration coming and what I did act on bringing great results, but the fear of not doing anything and being lazy, which equals no money, is ever present in my mind. And it keeps me in a state of low anxiety that is always prompting a “I should be doing something”, even when I’m in rest periods.

    I’d love to hear more about this if you can, how to actually trust the process and change those fear voices inside. I did get a gold nugget when you said “what is your action inspired by?”. That can be something I use to feel into my motives, and, if it’s fear, stopping everything and focusing on feeling and integrating it. Thank you! 🙂

  • Thank you! The message in this video is great. I agree with “a Melody a day keeps the BS away!” And I know I’ll smile over that thought many times now. Getting all the prep work done, then cooking a dish, goes so well with your message. I love reading though the comments and seeing our many reactions and I get a lot out of them too. You were more serious in this video but your happy shiny puppiness always shines through. This will stick with me! Great subject and well said, as usual. So many ways I take the joy out of things with “should” and not even realize I’m doing it! This is already helping me to see through to the “shoulds” that sneak in. It helps me not only differentiate between things I push myself to do that don’t feel right, but also to enjoy where I’m at right now and look forward to going where I want to go without the pressure I was putting on it. Thank you!

  • I agree with “every action is inspired” and thus we’d better choose actions inspired by emotions we prefer to feel. Emotions are “aim”, actions are “fire”. And I know that emotions can be trained 🙂

  • AhhhHHHhh, this sounds like what I tried to start being more comfortable with doing lately. I don’t like the difficult way, which, in actuality, can end up getting you where you want to be more slowly than the easy way. I feel very drawn to ease, nonresistance and allowing things to flow and unfold in the best way possible. However, I kept acting and thinking in a way that totally contradicted that, and doing so made me so incredibly tense and stressed out. I got sick of it and I’m trying to do more of what you mentioned in this video.

    I looooveveve how you said that you *are* doing something, but people just can’t see it. I’m often worried about what others are thinking about me and what I “do”, and how they can’t actually see it until it shows in the physical, like a flower sprouting from the soil… Though I know that only bothers me because I worry that nothing is happening either.

  • I am loving this 30 day challenge!

    Okay, now the rubber is really hitting the resistance road. This is my thing. There are some things where I am okay with waiting for things to line up, waiting to get my energy in alignment. Then there are other issues where it doesn’t feel good or even okay to wait, where I easily drop into feeling that waiting to take action is the same as it never, ever, ever happening.

    Example, right now there’s something I want to buy. It’s well within my means, I really want it, it represents something really nice to me. And yet – I’m not ready. I can feel that I’m not ready. I don’t know why, and at first that was frustrating. Yesterday I acknowledged to myself that for whatever reason, I’m just not there yet. Okay. I will wait. Because I know that I COULD just hit “buy now”, that feels like 70% okay. There’s some frustration and confusion, but it definitely feels possible, just not ripe. But with other things, like with making my art – I actually had a call with you in part about this, Melody – I want to be doing it so much that waiting feels sad, like I’ll never get it, or like I’ll miss my window or something. I don’t have the same certainty that I COULD “buy now”, I guess.

    So is the solution here to really focus on soothing that fear? I for one would love a follow-up video on this topic. I feel like this is a big next step for me, learning to genuinely relax into the flow.

    PS, as you were talking, I got an image of a chef preparing to make a stir-fry. Chopping all of the veggies, putting them in their separate little bowls. So that when you’re all ready, the cooking itself takes 7 minutes. But if you weren’t looking at it right, you might say “But when will the cooking begin?”

      • Yeah… Just being honest, I can say those words and pay lip service to them, but genuinely knowing that to be true is currently not in my vibrational window. So that doesn’t soothe that for me!

        • Understandable. It’s still difficult for me to accept that as well, but I do like the reminder from time to time, and thanks, Solace, I am working on it!

          • Me too April..but your comment is valuable as it helps put things in perspective..also it made me smile and nod my head in agreement:)

        • I am sometimes in the same boat too Cordy but have come to realize that my frenetic thinking about a due to my unceasing observation of what is. In your case it seems like confusion on whether to buy something or not..confusing thoughts lead to more confusing thoughts and before you know are standing on the gates of confusion land where nothing gets done.
          This is what has helped me..hope it can help clarify this for you further..constantly thinking the same thoughts has started feeling tiresome to i keep looking for thoughts which offer relief (i also keep telling myself consciously..i want to feel good)..then i do anything which helps me distract my mind..a good movie, satire..once i distract mind slowly becomes calmer and then i am able to attract better feeling thoughts about anything which is unclear..i also don’t judge myself about whether i have made enough progress on the said one day i may be unsure 50% of the time and the next day 40%..slowly the balance tips over to where i have as much clarity as i need to feel good..then i fire 🙂

    • Love your question and I second the request for a follow-up. I particularly wonder about those times when you have done the energy work and you have aimed and aimed and aimed for years and you are still nowhere near shooting. Do you then just go for it and hope for the best or keep aiming and having more picnics? Or accept that this is just not your thing?

      • Maybe we can shoot if it feels good…but overthinking about shooting may introduce we may start doubting the outcome or our ability to achieve it..if it feels good just enough to tip the balance towards hope/exhilaration/excitement..i will personally go for it and then focus on fine-tuning it along the way after making my choice..just my two cents 🙂

      • “you have aimed and aimed and aimed for years and you are still nowhere near shooting. Do you then just go for it and hope for the best or keep aiming and having more picnics? Or accept that this is just not your thing?”

        Yes! That’s it, exactly.

  • Melody! Wow, another great video and it’s keeping me on track as well. A Melody a Day Keeps the BS Away! Thank you so very very much. I <3 you. XOXO

  • Yep, that clarified it. It’s the difference between doing something you don’t want vs doing something you DO want. The former doesn’t have to be about fear necessarily (although can be a big part of it), but rather lots of resistance…. your body knows whatever it is that you’re forcing yourself to do is not something you care for or like. This is when you have to realllly talk yourself into it and it still doesn’t feel ‘right’ in the end. It’s a lot of work and it’s draining.

    The other side, when you DO want something, well… the ‘want’ is much stronger than the nervousness you feel, and all you need is a *little* push. It can also be the case that you can turn that nervousness into more positive energy once you’ve begun taking action. This is usually where I reach the state of flow and lose track of time when I take action. I’m fully immersed in what it is that I’m doing and I’m doing it incredibly well. Focus is razor sharp and I’m not ‘drained’ in the end–it’s more like “whew, I’d like to do that again”. But when I force myself and I know I don’t really WANT to do that thing, taking action is more “gosh, when will this end,” restlessness, and lots of looking at the clock.

  • Thanks so much for clearing that up! I’ve been focusing on the general essence of what I want, and then taking action when an intriguing idea pops into my head. Most times that action looks like research about a certain topic, but still because I want to, not because I’m trying to push myself to fix something. This way feels more freeing to me.

    Also, I’m really loving this short daily videos. I know it may seem like a tiny bit of a challenge, but thanks so much for your inspiring words of wisdom.

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