When you’re in a relationship that’s less than awesome, how do you know if you’re “working on stuff” or “putting up with stuff”? Is there a way to know when to cut your losses and just walk away? Is it supposed to be all bliss, or is it ok to have some arguments? And how do you know if you’re setting a boundary or beating a dead horse?

All these questions and more are answered in today’s video. Weee! Are you having as much fun as I am?

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  • I realized my relationship was dead and rotting when I started formulating plans to kill my children and myself so that we could escape him. I recognized that such planning was not normal, so I went to the doctor and got some help. Once I realized that I could never change him (and I wasn’t responsible for his behavior and addictions and health, etc.), and that he had no desire to change, the relationship ended quickly. I went to the doctor in January, told him I wanted a divorce in February, he moved out in March, we filed for divorce in April, and the judge approved it in May. And we had four kids involved. I was familiar enough with LoA at that time to realize that I had power over my own reality, but I was still stumbling along. My entire exposure at that time to LoA was The Secret movie. I knew LoA existed, and I knew it worked, but I hadn’t been able to really find the user manual yet at that time. A friend recommended that I make a list of all the things I wanted in a partner, so I did. I started dating a man who met all but one of all the things on the list in July (an issue I still struggle with in myself to this day), and we are still happily married to this day. Shifts can happen fast, but they aren’t easy. I call 2010 my year of hell. But it was so worth it. I am now much more confident in who I am, and haven’t encountered depression in several years. My only regret has been that I put up with the bad relationship for 9 years after I realized it was bad, but I kept believing him when he said he would change. But really, I can’t even regret those 9 years because I learned and grew a lot during that time. And 3 of our 4 children were born in that time period, and they are such a joy to me.

  • I think great long-term relationships are composed of inspired high vibrational resilience… That is what I search.

  • Dear Melody,

    Loved your video and agree with all of your points. However, as someone that had dealt with abandonment from people that I was devoted to, who either wanted to be saved, or ended up puting me at first in a pedestal, only ending up with me (unawaringly) letting them treat me as a doormat, in order to get pleasure, love and affection out of it, I have to share an insight, after a major release from this I had…

    We are here in this world to be happy… But people are not things that only serve to bring up sensations to others, either of pleasure and happiness, or in the case of dysfunctional relationships, a kick similar to being on drugs. In a previous post you mentioned a balanced relationship is made with people that commit to grow together (or something like that). I think there is something in between these two topics that we could explore, and I think it deserves a video. Developing this video, and a mish mash of inspired action either in walking away, or staying, or on how to better find connections.

    I’m in a bit of a stream of consciousness, and finding good romantic relationships and experiences is something I’ve been struggling with throughout my life, and only more recently I was able to get much more clearing and a-ha moments…

  • A little more than a year ago I walked away from a marriage that lasted for 8 years. Even though it took me 5 minutes to tell him I’m leaving and call a friend to pick me up, the process of liberating myself from him, or rather from all the rot from my childhood that was binding me to him, took years. I fell in love with him because he felt safe at a time when my life was a complete and total mess. This sense of safety later turned into extreme jealousy and possessiveness, but I put up with it for years. I was never strong enough to keep any boundaries with him, and maybe deep down I knew that the day I would it would be over for us. I thought I could heal his childhood traumas and his drinking problem. He thought neither of these existed. In a sense, it was him who ended up healing me in the end; by forcing me to see over and over again how I allowed myself to be treated.

    The reason why I snapped out of my carefully crafted denial was falling love with another man. You might think this is the usual story, but it’s not, really. I had been married for five years, we were living in Spain, I met a man who I thought was everything I had ever wanted in every way, and after I finally allowed myself to feel that, the process of my denial shattering started. Nothing physical ever happened between me and that man, not a word was spoken about it, but I allowed myself to feel all the feelings this man made me feel. I felt guilty feeling them. I don’t know how long I had forced myself not to even feel things I knew my husband wasn’t comfortable with me feeling. I still don’t know how much of this prison was created by him and what was all in my head.

    We moved away from Spain, planning to return home for good. Our daughter was one and a half and I was getting tired moving around with a small child. I resigned to the idea I’d never see this man again. After we had settled down after being away for several years, the discontent I was feeling with my life slowly started to settle in. Life had always been so busy I had managed to distract myself from the fact that the marriage felt like a prison. I felt trapped. I tried to talk about this with my husband. He called me crazy. He didn’t like me going out of the apartment on my own, and he never wanted anyone to look after our daughter so I could rest a bit. I was suffocating. I thought if I’d clear out my vibration he’d level up with me and come around and then we could be happy. I tried for our daughter, because I didn’t want to put her through a divorce. Almost two years after we had left Spain, the man I had fallen in love with sent me an email. I started to exchange messages with him, and he became the only thing in addition to my daughter that helped me to get up from bed in the morning. Mostly I just wanted to die. I started to fantasize about leaving, I kept telling myself “if someone as wonderful as him once enjoyed my company so much, there must be something in me worth loving”. This was my mantra, that helped me to finally walk away. It started out as a normal argument, but instead of me letting him walk all over me again I walked out. My husband kept the apartment and furniture, because he thought he could blackmail me into staying because he knew I didn’t have any money or a place to go. Luckily I had become pretty good in manifesting, and everything concerning accomodation and furniture practically took care of itself in no time at all. I felt so amazing when I stood on the porch of my house for the first time. Sure, it was empty and at that point I had no idea how to furnish is (you should see the place now!) but I had probably never felt so free in my entire life. Later, as my mind started to process everything I had gone through with him, I spent a good chunk of my newly found freedom vomiting in the toilet or trembling in a corner. The amount of stuff I had to purge surprised me a bit. In case anyone reading this is going through something similar, what helped me make the final decision was giving it all to the Universe. I focused on the way I had felt all those years ago in Spain, with the man I had fallen in love with, because that was the way I wanted to feel. I thought that if there is any chance for my husband to ever be able to make me feel that way, me focusing on that feeling will bring him around. When I left him, all the doubts and guilt were gone because I knew he would never be able to make me feel that way. It’s classic LOA, if you think about it; focus on the feeling and trust that the outcome will give you what you want. It worked better I had ever anticipated, because I used the feeling just to help me make the decision whether to stay with my husband or leave him. But after I left, I finally spoke openly about my feelings with the man from all those years ago, and he left everything and moved in with me six months later. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I still can’t quite believe he’s there, laying next to me. I never thought that I could ever be so happy. I actually have a normal relationship, without all the drama and manpulation and lying. But I feel that it was necessary for me to go through that marriage. It made me grow in ways I never would have otherwise. By treating me the way he did, my ex-husband made me strong. And it was always entirely up to me to walk away, the door was always open. The prison was in my head. I used to be scared of controlling and pushy people. Now I know that no’one or nothing can ever control me against my will.

    • Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful and empowering story with us, Heather. This is epic. Congratulations on stepping into your power enough to walk away. You’re just textbook!!! And I know it wasn’t an easy journey, but in hindsight, you can see that the steps were actually simple. Reach for that higher frequency (better feeling), allow that feeling to take hold, and then don’t run away from the shitstorm. 🙂

      You’re such a champ.

      Big, HUGE smooshy hugs,


      • Thank you for your kind words, Melody! The process is very simple, but the thing with extreme emotions is that when the shit storm hits, you’re just basically blindly trying to crawl forward and hope you’ll come out of the other side 😀 I’ve found immense value in dissecting and analyzing the process after it’s over, so the next time is always easier. Your relationship blog posts were a huge help to me when I was wavering between staying put and pushing forward. So thank you amazing you <3

  • What about other relationships? My sister is quite toxic & I have walked away to some extent but the family connection is always there. I feel conflicted by not having anything to do with her but when I am she is angry & I come away feeling shitty. I can’t complete leave as other family members tell me what’s going on. I know if she was a friend I would have run away screaming along time ago

  • Melody,
    Just watched this video and loved it. The work we did together on the phone two weeks ago made this feel really relevant. Those items we talked about that were triggering me are no longer a problem. It was a fascinating process you walked me through in dealing with that.
    The best part of all this to me is the fact that I am excited about the guy I’m dating. I also have no idea what the future will bring, and I’m okay with that. He doesn’t see things the same way I do (not a student of LOA). But he meets me where I am in enough ways that we are having a blast. I do what I want to do and if he can meet me there, he comes along for the ride (whatever that ride is at the moment) and if not, I see him on the other side.

    What you said about feeling good no matter who is (or isn’t) along for the ride was excellent advice. I’ve heard it before, but this time I’m really implementing it! One of my problems in the past was thinking I couldn’t be happy unless other people did what I wanted them to do. I’m really working on letting that false belief go.

    And perhaps he and I will evolve together over time or perhaps not. I don’t know. As you said, if we knew everything that was going to happen, how boring it would all be!

    But I know right now that I am having a hell of a fun time and I’m gonna keep going! 🙂


  • I love this video! Mostly because I think it applies to so many areas. I am sitting in a bad job situation and I am hearing what you are saying here in that context. Just still not sure how to walk away from a situation when your livelihood depends on it. Although, of course, the same goes for many people wanting to leave a relationship. Money does seem to muddy the water!

  • Hi Melody

    First time ever I have spoke about this to anyone
    I did break up briefly as I didn’t get it anymore ( I don’t mean in the bedroom ) , I kind of lost it somewhere along the way but my wife an I had it tough , mabye that was it ?? I don’t know but breaking up hit hard and three months gave me the time to become focused again and it was just me that lost the way . This is when I started my journey of discovery about the universe and myself.
    We are good now , and I found this place so life is great.


  • Thank you for bringing up this very important topic, Melody! I think it definitely deserves repeating, as like you said, one of the most persistent misconceptions about LOA is that you should find a way to feel good about things you consider bad. Like you should be able to accept the shitty bits with grace and gratitude. Btw, your shit sandwich metaphor was hilarious. It really illustrated the issue perfectly 😀

    Now to your question: yes, unfortunately I have been in a very toxic relationship, in which my boundaries were constantly violated despite me telling him “I don’t want you do that to me. It makes me scared/hurt/anxious” several times. Looking back, I should’ve walked away way before I did it, or better yet, should’ve never started dating him to begin with. My gut feeling was telling me all the time he is not good for me, even though he professed his “undying love” for me. Now with the help of your blog, I’ve managed to realize I was feeling very unworthy at that time, and ashamed of the fact I was still a virgin at 20 and had little experience in the field of relationships. I felt I owed him love and that I should be grateful for the fact someone in fact fancied me. Oh the horror, I can’t believe there was a time I was stuck in that low a vibration!

    So thank you for this vid once more. It really struck a chord in me, even though the relationship ended almost 10 years ago. I also feel it might be time for a good forceful anger release. In the constructive Melody style, of course 😉

    Keep on rockin’!

    Lady R

  • Hello my ray of sunshine common sense and grounding rid
    I’m glad to see this video I think it’s so important
    I was in a terrible relationship for most of my adult life
    Even after I physically removed myself for safety I continued
    to limit my life. My sense was he loved me the best he could and he
    needed me for everything or he would end up locked up or worse. He died
    unexpectedly and after a while I started a life I have since met another
    imperfect being and we are sharing a life that is beneficial to both our beings and
    enjoying being in a real relationship that fosters who we are Is it perfect, well yeah mostly it is So what I’m trying to say is puppy sisters and brothers please listen to what the mama is saying If you are not happy no matter what you are thinking this ain’t it I know people fear loneliness but I was lonely in my last relationship Aftebr it was done I was not with anyone and my life became so great every day I didn’t die from lack of love and I became so happy to be alive I think that is what gave me the courage to look again and to not settle as soon as I knew whomever I met might be crazy for me but they weren’t the one to genie and foster who I really am.
    Find someone you are comfortable with being you who adores that person and that’s the most be
    Thanks happy lady It’s gonna be an awesome planet when we all realize that Happy is where we all belong

  • Thanks for sharing your story Summer.
    ‘I’ve psychoanalyzed us both to death!’…this resonated with me as there were not enough books which i could read to understand what was going on in my relationship. Reading them added further layers to my understanding of myself and human behavior. I read from Robert Hare to any NYT bestseller which promised new insights..i guess books covering an entire spectrum of relationships. Still i was nowhere in terms of seeing a change in what i was attracting till i grasped this:
    It is an emotional journey and emotions are manifestations so i set the intent of how i want to feel and attract similar manifestations
    When i took an emotional journey..whenever the chance of a reconciliation arose..the relationship felt different..my experience was different..in cases where it felt the same…i backed off as it meant that something of my past vibration was active which was recreating the same experience and would continue to do so till i paid attention to what my emotions were trying to tell me..generally the message was the same and quite simple..not worth my time so i said no and moved forward.
    I read this somewhere and remember it whenever i feel doubt in letting go…uncertain happiness is better than certain misery.
    I don’t know how much this applies to your situation..i hope you gain more clarity and ease..apologies for the long reply.

    • This was so awesome what you said… Thanks so much… U don’t know… You helped me a lot with you these lines..! Thanks a lot for sharing what you learnt.

  • Ugh! I am currently in this situation. What doesn’t make sense was that I divorced my hubby, moved out back in October of last year and then something came over me last month and I missed him and I decided to reconcile with him. A month later, I realized I made a huge mistake. And I still put up with it. It’s not like he is a bad guy. It’s not that at all. When we decided to reconcile, he told me that he had time to think while we were apart.

    He said that when he first met me, he felt like I had my shit together and I would help him get his shit together and he finally realized that wasn’t fair to me and blah blah blah. So I thought “Oh good! He’s finally realizing this. He’s admitting this and will do something about it”. By the way, we had this EXACT conversation many times while we were married and nothing got better. I guess I was just blindly hoping something was different this time.

    He is really good at telling you what you want to hear, pulling you back in and then not following through with what he says. It sucks……I’m not too sure he’s even aware he does this. He is a super nice guy and I don’t want to hurt him, but I’m miserable in this relationship. At least we don’t live together anymore, so that makes it easier. I recently googled some stuff like “Are you dating a “man-child”?” He fits the descriptions to the tee. Everything is my responsibility. Everything depends on me. Plans for the weekend? Oh we don’t do anything fun or unique unless I come up with it. He doesn’t really initiate anything. It is always me. I feel like I adopted an adult child. I feel like his mother! 🙁

    I’m very aware that this relationship needs to end but it’s so difficult because my son (from another relationship) looooooooooves him, so I can’t just completely cut him from my life because my son still wants to see him. And he IS a nice guy (just insanely irresponsible) and I hate to hurt him. But I know I continue to hurt myself every day I let this drag on. I have been focusing on the type of man I would want in my life and I cannot, no matter how hard I try, envision him being that man. It is just not possible as he is right now, therefore what I want now must not be part of who he is. Or it’s just a part of him that refuses to access and he unconsciously chooses to remain stagnant? I don’t know. I’ve psychoanalyzed us both to death! lol

    When we first started dating he was so fun. He had me rolling on the floor laughing most of the time. But I realize now, I need more than just fun. There needs to be an element of responsibility in there too. I need someone who is an equal partner, not another child I have to clean behind and make sure he pays his bills on time and all that crap.

    We have a trip coming up next month. Everything has already been reserved and paid for and I can’t back out (don’t really want to either). Maybe after this trip I’ll end things. I have to. I don’t think I can do this much longer.

    I don’t mean to be a downer, this just struck a chord and I needed to vent. Other than this and trying to find a new place to live (which THAT is about to be resolved) life is pretty gravy.

    Thank you to whoever read all of this! 🙂

  • Hi Melody, I’ve been reading a lot about boundaries lately. What seems to stand out to me over and over again is a sense that people that talk a lot about boundaries sound aggressive and like to run away a lot. It feels like a form of self righteousness to me. “If things aren’t feeling great and going the way I want them then I’ll just run away”. I’m trying to be open minded to the concept but that is the feeling between the lines. It’s like you’re self protecting to your own detriment. Not sure how else to descible it. But it doesn’t really feel healthy or peaceful.

    • Hey D,

      the problem is that the word “boundaries” can mean many different things. I’ve defined it several times on my blog – the way I use it. For me, it’s not about running away. It’s a form of honoring the self, self-love, if you will. And yes, if someone doesn’t respect your boundaries, you have to be willing to walk away, but it often doesn’t have to come to that. The trick is in discovering your boundaries (which is a way of discovering what you want and don’t want), then communicating those boundaries in a way that’s comfortable for you and honors you and who you are (which means that you don’t have to be a raving bitch about it. You can kindly state your boundaries). It’s really about honesty and authenticity. Maybe I’ll do another video on this…

      Smooshy hugs,


  • I’ve only had, so far, 3 “official” relationships, and the first two were while I was not yet aware of many of my “do it all for them even if I don’t prefer it” pattern. These were 3 and 10 year relationships and they both ended up the same way. My body said “NO”, so I started to feel resentful about them touching me and didn’t want them around, so, as much as it pained me to make the decision (my 2nd relationship was a very good friendship), I knew that wasn’t what I wanted for myself, so I mustered the courage and released the relationships.

    The 3rd relationship was harder, in a sense, because we live far away from each other, and the love is there, certainly, but there is no compatibility for a life together on a physical level, so we both agreed that we weren’t “it” for each other. But we kept the loving friendship, and that has made it hard at times to keep that boundary of “we’re not in a romantic relationship” because there is love and connection, just not a romantic relationship. So, it’s been challenging, at times, and we had to “break up” quite a few times because of it, but we’re moving in the right direction and turning that love, as best we can, into pure support and a deep friendship. That distinction is allowing each of us to open the space for a new romantic relationship to come. 🙂

  • Great video. Yes I’ve been in this type of relationship for 6 years and still live with him although we are technically broken up. We both know that we need to be apart and are mostly on good terms. Where we ran into difficulty in the past was through enmeshment and codependency which led us to a place of financial ruin. I have learned and grown a lot through this and because of my choices my financial situation is shit for a lot of reasons, two being 1) I put everything in my name to help him go through a BK when my finances were good, 2) due to my own beliefs along with resentment towards him years ago, I am now in the position where I have nothing and am choosing BK myself due to many years of thinking about it and plenty of worry and stress that has recently become a health issue with my gallbladder, the seat of anger, worry, and dissappointment. Hmmm Anyway, we both realized we stayed together because of the finances in order to get out of that situation and over the past year and a half I had been “depending” on him to carry his weight when I was working. Now, he is somewhat working in the construction/handyman business which is not consistent but he is helping with the bills, however, neither of us can afford to move out of the bedroom we still live in. I just made the decision to do the BK after 5 years of thinking about it and started working with Uber to start over and get my life back together. You hit the nail on the head with this video. I am a transformational coach and energy practitioner and I get this stuff and what I find interesting is that I understand logically what you said and need to go through this in order to understand what it feels like and that it is part of my journey in this life. I will be 53 this year, so I although this is the first time I actually was able to watch one of your videos, Melody, I picked a good one. Women especially, we tend to pay attention to what will make others happy to the detriment of our souls. Then we dig in so deep that we don’t know how to get out. It is so ok to leave a relationship that isn’t serving you. Thank you for the reminder Melody! Again, great video.

  • Thank you again, for reminding me it is not only romantic relationships to sometimes walk away from but old unwanted patterns from your family too. Not matter your age. The unloving to yourself thoughts, that you were taught about you before you were old enough to walk away.

  • Smooshy hugs Melody 🙂
    This topic is near to my heart so commenting just once..why do you have to make such interesting, high energy videos 😉
    I have only had one call 3 years ago with you where you asked me to walk away from an abusive relationship which i was trying to fix by focusing on the positive aspects. I cried quietly during the call as your energy was so high and you were treating me with so much respect..something i wasn’t used to at that time. Still..i followed your advice and cut contact. There was also another man in my life so it was easier to distract myself and walk away. I still hadn’t got it got it you know..you had asked me to look for kindness in people and i kept looking for Ivy League educated pedigree..i know i am a buffoon.
    This man also didn’t turn out to be very respectful to me but fortunately the relationship was short-lived as i was making some great friends and my energy was rising which made it difficult for him to be in my reality so he left. I let him go but inwardly i still hadn’t quite grasped the concept of walking away and so i felt sad.
    The understanding slowly started dawning on me..not consciously at first..of the benefits of honoring myself and setting boundaries. I started setting it at work..changed jobs..but the more boundaries i tried to set…the more a situation would perpetuate as i was still taking the action journey and unable to take the vibrational as i obsessively focused on unwanted things..trying to wrestle them to ground. You see boundaries don’t mean anything if you keep putting up with pain thinking there would be a bigger payout.
    The one good thing i did was to never give up..i kept reading on this stuff..thinking there has to be a way to stop suffering. The answer had been there all along..i had been underestimating its power. So, i decided to walk away from anything which felt icky..slowly my reality started shifting..i no longer attract abusive guys..just the sensitive ones…the relationships are short lived as i am still figuring stuff out.
    I just wanted to say here that you were the only person whose writings allowed me to feel that i had the power to walk away. And then later i came across an Abe video where they say that being in a bad relationship is like going to a restaurant you don’t like..you can focus on good things and get semi decent food but your options are limited..so why not change the restaurant 🙂
    Thanks for being there Melody..there must be something awesome in me to attract an awesome teacher like you..have a great weekend!

    • Thank you for sharing your story! I am currently holding on to someone I should let go of and your story has helped realize that as long as I keep doing my vibration stuff all will work out in time. You have me hope because it feels like I’ll never let go. But I’ll just be patient and compassionate with myself and grow! Thank you! And yes you’re awesome and attracting wonderful people and experiences!

      • Awesome people like you Mara..we are here rooting for you!
        I hope my words reach you..a day will come when this pain will feel alien to you..something you carry but don’t need to..your need to find relief and feel calm will outweigh everything else and then you will see everything from a detached eye and will let go..till then feel easy and congratulate yourself on how much you have grown..enjoy the journey to rediscovering you 🙂

  • Hello Melody,
    I have just recently decided to finally end a nearly 5 years mariage with my wife. We dicided a few months back to go in different apparment to think about our relationship. We keept on talking to one another, kept in touch… but somehow, I started seeing what was bothering me about the relationship. Because of the time appart, I manage to take some time to myself and that is when I (YES!!!!!!!!) stuble in on your YouTube channel. I listened to what you were saying and notice that my wife was rarely doing what she said whe was going to do. I noticed that it was never a big deal for her. Noticed that she changed the plans at the last minute without saying it and when I was noticing it she just said: “Well, it’s like that.” And I also noticed the number of time per DAYS she could apologise to me because of her actions.
    And yes, it was a difficult decision to take because I love my wife so much… But I was always going against my own personality, I was letting her go over my boundaries and forgiving her, I was doing things for her, always, always, always… But when she said the last time that she was going to phone the very same night so we could end a discussion about our relationship and didn’t, that is whe I noticed that she would never, ever, ever change. By the way, that day was 2, may 2017 (11 days ago) and she still hasn’t giving me any sign of wanting to continue this conversation.
    So, I had to walk away, with a heavy, heavy. heavy heart.
    But knowing that she was very close of being everything that I wanted, that can only mean that the next one will be even better. So, with the feeling of a great relationship, I feel how I want to feel in the next one. And it’s going to be great.
    So, thank you shinny puppy mommy,

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story Pascal. It takes great courage to walk away from a relationship that ticks a lot of the boxes already. But you deserve to have all that you want. And so does your ex-wife. Because if she is not a total match to you, then you aren’t a total match to her either. And even if she doesn’t see it right now, you are doing her a favor too, by setting her free. You can still love her. You can still see the good and amazing in her. In fact, it might even be easier to do that if you’re not with her. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose her to be your partner. Your partner is someone who runs through life beside you, who is excited by it as much as you are, and in general, by the same things (the details can vary but the core should be the same). It should not feel like you’re always trying to drag them along with you – like you’re trying to turn them into what you want, but which they are not. That’s not fair to you or them. So, it sounds like you’ve made the right decision, albeit a difficult one. Just know that you’ve got friends and support here, in the Happy Shiny Puppy Army. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Hey Melody!

    I’m loving these videos! But I gotta confess something… this one feels like it’s been done before. I hope I don’t sound like a bratty teenager for even saying that because I appreciate you giving us your time and like I said I am really enjoying the series. I guess I just want to hear stuff that you haven’t really covered before, so more down the rabbit hole videos.

    • Hey Catherine,

      Yup, it’s been done before. But the question keeps coming up, so sometimes I have to cover stuff again and again. Like boundaries… I also have to realize that not everyone reads everything I’ve ever done, lol. But no worries, there are 30 days, so there will be tons of new stuff and a little bit of old stuff… 🙂

      Smooshy hugs,


      • What?? There are people out there who know you have a whole blog, YouTube channel and book and haven’t read it word for word?! Lol

        Smooshy hugs straight back xx

      • I absolutely love your videos and transcripts on relationships (infact I’ve pulled out a few quotes over the years and put them around my house – you get to visit Australia to sign them). Relationships and LOA seem to have a deeper meaning for us then the material aspects we manifest.

        The reason I dont leave my husband isn’t because of fear of not getting better but because my children love the stability and fun we all have living together. I feel they deserve better than mummy just wanting her desire for lust and love when the current home life is peaceful, fun and stable. It has just always lacked desire, emotional connection and mental connection. My husband is a great man but not a man I can desire and respect as my husband.

        If I keep focusing on his good qualities and what I want, I may get to keep my wonderful home life and still have the life time experience I’m excited will arrive soon so I continue to set an intention for a situation that will suit my husband, my children, myself and he or she that will turn up. I just have to be patient. The perfect situation will unfold within devine timing.

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