There’s this idea that’s been floating around for a while, and it’s pretty pervasive. I keep hearing people say that you shouldn’t share your dreams with others. That it’s detrimental, dangerous, and will mess up all your manifestations. Basically, it’s like the “Bloody Mary” game of the Law of Attraction world. Well, I’ve got a few things to say about that.

Watch today’s video and find out what they are.

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  • I agree. When I was made redundant from my job and decided to finally follow my dream of running my own business, I was really careful only to tell people whom I knew would support me and believe in me 100%. I think at the time, that was only 3-4 people (one of them being you, Melody). I knew that I still had a lot of doubts and fears, and I didn’t want those to be magnified and mirrored back to me by others.

  • Yessss!!! Exactly Melody. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shared something with someone looking for validation. It always made me feel crappy and less motivated to achieve whatever goal (filling me with self-doubt).

    Then I did an experiment. For 2 weeks straight, I had minimal contact with people… like very VERY minimal (a grade above complete avoidance lol). During that period, I turned inwards and looked for answers. I meditated, I took myself out in nature, I listened to my heart, needs, and values. The self-doubt tape stopped playing. The inner critic shut down. Inevitably, once I released that junk all at once, if there was such a thing as “energy goggles” and you put them on while looking at me, you’d see rainbows, pixie dust, unicorns, and diamonds just shooting out of me from every direction at 5000 miles per minute. That’s how it felt.

    Motivation went up 100%. Outlook on life: more positive than positivity itself. Possibilities: ENDLESS.

  • Hi

    I’ve always had negative reactions to my dreams in my early life so I have learnt to keep to myself and stay positive .
    Mabye that will change

    Thanks Melody

  • I never heard it put like that. Makes perfect sense. Don’t share if I’m looking for validation, or asking for permission. Gonna keep that one in the back of my mind. I usually don’t share anything, so this may be a good measure to feel when it’s right to share my passions. Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi Melody, yes I read this somewhere, can’t recall where but sharing your dream with others is a big mistake. I’ve also stopped sharing my deepest desires and dreams with anyone else because of some of my personal experiences. I once shared my very big dream with an Indie publisher. I was dreaming big because when you aspire for the stars, you reach the roof and I wanted to reach the roof. I told her I wanted to get my book on Oprah’s book list and that I would work hard to get it there and needed her support and guidance. She told me my book would never become a best seller and so to stop acting like it was one. She was also yelling at me when she delivered this message! At that point I told her I couldn’t talk to her anymore as she had deeply hurt my feelings. After all my experiences, I’m certain I will never share my big dreams with anyone, except maybe my readers, people I trust, or other writers who understand me. I’m a fragile person it takes me several weeks (although I’m much better now, thanks to you and Tina) to recover from these kinds of comments. It was totally unecessary for her to say that and I hate her from the bottom of my heart for saying that to me. I love this video! Thank you so much for everything! Bless you. XOXO

  • Great points made here, thank you! I have stopped sharing my dreams indiscriminately because I realized some families members and “friends” who aren’t really friends just wind up stomping all over them. But I never really thought about the asking permission side of this issue, so I appreciate your bringing that to my attention. Even with people who are supportive of me, it’s best not to bring my goals to them without feeling more confident about achieving them. When I think back on times I’ve shared dreams prematurely, I can almost hear the doubt in my own voice. It makes me feel like a little kid again, which in this context, isn’t very self-empowering.

  • This video showed me many things I’m doing that I can do differently. Right now! And I can also see why some things have already gotten better so I can enhance them even more.

  • Very true, Melody! I’m not yet particularly stable in my vibration, so I choose to be picky about people with whom to share my dreams. Fellow Happy Shiny Puppies are always a safe bet, as well as other open-minded, easily excited free spirits. I tend to avoid very conventional, judgmental people who only see their life path as a valid choice. Ironically, these same people tend to complain why I’m always so “secretive”, why I never engage in personal conversations with them. I find it hilarious to be honest and have a hard time keeping a poker face when some of them starts their nagging. But yeah, I think it’s a type of setting boundaries: choosing what to share and with whom.

    Keep on dreamin’ 😉

    Lady R

  • I have found that some of my oldest friends are less and less excited about the things I dream, want or plan to do, and actually put me down. eg. I’m off to The Burning Man festival this summer, and i’ve been really saddened by some of the reactions. Negative, such as ‘Why would you want to do that? I’d hate it.. etc. etc.” Those that share my excitement are mainly newer friends, most of whom are on a path of discovery too. I am going to be careful who I tell, I think you’re right. I also think I need to maybe let go of some friendships. Those who challenge my actions most or act distainful, are leading very safe routine lives!

  • Hello Melody,

    I really have been enjoying the topics covered in your 30 day challenge. I also have a blog and am posting twice a month one video and one post. I am seriously considering the 30 days video challenge for myself.

    I appreciate your perspective about the displaying our dreams. I just have a rough time to not sharing though. I will keep the 30 days challenge underwraps until I am ready. 🙂 Listening and so thankful for the light you shine. God bless you. Vanessa

  • That’s an awesome explanation Melody, thanks. I was also thinking about how if the person you were sharing your dreams went like- yeah right- wouldn’t the negative energy affect your manifestation? Just wondering… I’ve heard other Spiritual teachers saying – Just keep it to yourself, until it manifests.

    • Hey Usha, their negative energy would not affect your manifestation. But… you might use their doubt as validation to doubt yourself, which then would affect your manifestation. So, it’s not THEM causing you to manifest. It’s YOU choosing to believe their negativity and affecting your own manifestation. Or, you can choose to support yourself by not sharing your dream with those that aren’t guaranteed to support you. It’s a bit of semantics, but it’s an important point. The power is always with you, never with them. 🙂

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