As you may have noticed, I’ve been ending every video lately with the phrase: “Thank you for bringing your light to the world.” Have you ever wondered why I do that? In today’s video I explain why your light is so important, and what it takes to shine it brighter. And also, just, you know… thank you. You shiny, shiny puppy you!

And now watch the video.

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  • Gratitude from a place of joy, and a fun feeling of “me-ness”, seems to be my shining light right now. It’s not bursting out bright, but just a soft light and a great feeling.
    On another note, not having a Kindle device was what was stopping me from getting to take you up on that great Amazon offer of your Kindle version of Deliberate Receiving! But, I just remembered or discovered )I’m super forgetful when real tired so it could be either) that we can get Kindle on our cell phones, via a free app! I can also see that everybody but me seems to already know this! When I feel like I must be the only one who doesn’t know something, I find there’s someone else who could also benefit from the belated news, so there it is. Meanwhile, it’s happy shiny news for me!

  • Hi, Melody.

    I must be in a great place of reception because every video you’ve posted in your 30 day challenge makes something that I’ve heard “forever” seem so easy and ‘logical’ and I’m so enjoying your conversational teaching approach. Your delivery seems like it’s coming from such a relaxed place of calm and sureness and feels, um, well, as though we’re having a conversation! Even things I’ve listened to in your previous videos that I also loved at the time, now seem to resonate at a different level. Hooray for growth!

    Thank you for consistently shining and for the encouragement and reminder to me to shine regardless of whether others need to block the rays or would like to share the light.

  • When you first started this 30 day challenge , it was like I was annoyed by your positive happiness all the time. Now though I do understand it’s me I do shine my light now, but for a long time I did not. I realize thru working on myself that each of us has the ability to heal ourselves but we just need to believe in ourself. So thank you for your light and being so happy.

  • Sparkly Melody, thanks for this bubbly video. Often times, I really want to shine because of you, for you and for everything you’ve done for me. You’re the moon in the dark night sky, shining despite the darkness. Thank you. Bless you. XOXO

  • It’s happy shiny puppy start party time! 😀 And you just described what I love most about my energy work, being able to see the light in the people I co-create with, shining my awareness on it and seeing them rediscover it, get that new clarity and their power back. OH THE JOY! Jumping up and down type of joy!!!

    For me, shining my own light has been something I’ve been paying a lot more attention to lately. I’ve been really playing with the concept/reality of us being pure Consciousness, and seeing myself as pure energy. That removes SO MANY of the old limiting beliefs of “I can’t do it” or “I’ve never done it before, so, I can’t”, as well as the worthiness BS (belief system, of course!).

    And that is because with that image of me being a “sphere” of pure energy, I also got the deep knowing that I can trust energy. That there’s no “deserving” involved anywhere, no asking for something and hoping my request would be “heard”. I felt the deep knowing that whatever energy I put out, or broadcast, is the energy that is being responded to by the Consciousness around me, and it’s being FULLY responded to, so, everything I experience in my hologram is only dependent on what I broadcast.

    This is not new for me, but before it was only a rational understanding. Something clicked this month and it is starting to sink deeper and deeper into a feeling place, a true knowing. And I know what that means. Exciting times ahead! 🙂 On to keep the happy shiny puppy star party going! 😀

  • Wow, this was truly in synchronicity for me..yes, we are all shiny happy puppy stars..learning to be and live our purpose, which is to play, have fun, and let others learn that it’s OK to play and have fun, too! Siriusly! LOL! Thank you, Melody, for being and bringing your light out to play with all of us!

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