I’ve written about Religion before, in particular about my own Catholic upbringing and how I made peace with that. But I haven’t really talked a lot about Atheism… I received a question about whether or not it was possible to be an atheist and still believe in LOA. Particularly, since atheists don’t believe in the afterlife, and yet, we talk a lot about a higher being, etc.

Is it possible to marry these two belief systems? What about religious and spiritual beliefs? How does LOA fit into any of these? Watch today’s video to get my take on this fascinating topic.

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  • Very interesting.

    I considered myself an atheist, and I don’t agree that it’s a belief system, it’s really just rejection of god(s)–the ones commonly accepted I’d like to think. But, you know what? I definitely can see how it can be considered a belief system, because there’s so many implications to that term alone. Which god(s)? Define god. Why put a label on it at all if it’s a ‘lack’ of something? Must be because it’s obviously linked to existing belief systems, and in that sense… yes, it comes with its own set of unspoken/unwritten beliefs personal to the individual that has chosen to identify with it. See, the official definition has nothing to do with the afterlife, but the way which people identify with it… it’s definitely implied (for many atheists).

    That said, after waking up my spiritual side, I’m so down with the idea that ‘god’ (whatever you want to call it) is in all of us. There’s no “something out there that has power over us”… but we have power of us and we are a part of it, and that’s, well, empowering! lol. It has also changed my life. It gives flavor to my days, everything is colorful and full of possibilities. However, even then, the simplest definition of atheism still stands and would therefore apply to me. Because I don’t believe in a some other being/deity.

    Note on science: it’s cool and all (and interesting) but if it relies largely on empirical evidence and ‘facts’ I consider it only PART of the truth (maybe a large part, maybe not such a large part). Being overly rational and ignoring the more implicit parts of life is like living with one eye open and missing the bigger spectrum of existence. Much like the opposite end, where people believe in something, adopt all its principles blindly or even cherry pick that which serves a narrow point of view, and/or reject science.

    So I don’t identify with the atheist label anymore, not like I used to at least and I won’t claim I am one outright, although I’d agree with someone who was under the impression that no God exists (that’s uppercase–the judgmental man-in-the-sky God that’s archaic, as you said).

  • I have to say I was raised Christian and labeled myself Atheist and as a Wanna-Be-Buddhist at 29, until this amazing light worker entered my life at 37, and that led me here and then to Abraham and I was overcome by the feeling of “finding god” I am a science minded person but my quest was to find something touching and I did, though I didn’t think I was looking, and now I will never be the same and I am so grateful!

  • Thanks Melody, yes doing one about ‘maybe I am imagining it all and am actually crazy’, is a really good idea as this comes up and bites me sometimes. Often as a distraction from actually manifesting what I want.
    Thank you

  • I’m blessed that the religion of people in my life never seemed to interfere in them listening to me and experimenting with the energy tools I share. Maybe that is because I also see energy work and energy tools as technologies to use, and my Engineer mind is also always looking for the why’s behind everything, so I don’t teach or present anything on faith. I give the why’s behind it, to the best of my knowledge at the time. That kind of scientific approach to energy healing feels much more approachable to me and, apparently, to everyone around me too. I love it and one day I may be teaching Spiritual Engineering to my peeps! 🙂 And I think you’d be the LOA Engineer on the same faculty! 😀

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