As we go through this work, and expand our perception more and more, there inevitably comes a time when we have to break free of what we thought was “real”. This often uncovers a fear that if we continue down this road, that we might go absolutely bat shit crazy.

And honestly, isn’t it possible that believing that you create your own damn reality is kind of delusional? Are insane asylums just filled with people who went a little too far down the rabbit hole and lost the plot?

I love subjects like this! And I had a lot of fun answering these questions and more in today’s video.

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  • Hi Melody,

    I love this video so much. I’ve felt the same way for years that our culture doesn’t know how to support people who perceive more of reality, and are instead put in institutions or on meds and given a label like schizophrenia, and how different our world will be when we can support them. I had a boyfriend and have a friend with the label of schizophrenia who I met on the “fifth floor”(psychiatric) when I was seventeen. They came into my reality to wake me up to my own abilities to perceive more but had to suppress in the environment I grew up in. My yoga aunt helped me wake up too, way up. All of my experiences gave me the awareness when my son as a toddler behaved in ways considered abnormal in our culture and was given the label of autism that it wasn’t a disability. (I love your blog post about disabilities too)! I’m not opposed to labels, because that’s where we’re at in this culture and we were able to use it to help him. When I asked him how he felt about it he said he doesn’t mind it. It doesn’t mean anything to him and he feels like everyone else. He said he doesn’t feel like it’s a disability. I explained it to him that he has some sensory differences and ways of perceiving the world that are similar to other people with the label of autism. I wanted to use Asperger but he doesn’t like it. He likes autism:). Most of what we did to support him and ourselves is considered unconventional or kooky in our culture (less so now maybe). Our families sure thought it was weird. We did different sound therapies for my sons painful hearing and energy/healing body work. Unschooling too for close to half of his school yrs., which freaked my in laws out more than anything. Your blog and my coaching sessions with you is one of the alternative supports that helped so much during his young adult years. The coaching session where you helped me change my perspective from fear for his safety and ability to be out in the world to trusting that he’s on his own journey and I’m not responsible for his journey (which I’m not explaining as clearly here as you did to me) made a huge difference. When I was worried and fearful about him (which was fear for my own inner child I) he would always find things to worry about, and I mean for hours sometimes all day long. As I aligned with the higher perspective everything got better. It’s rare for him to come over worried about something anymore (he lives in his own apartment next door). He’s was always pushing against limits too and when he was on a thing about changing his height, eye color, skin color, name and ethnicity, it’s not that I didn’t believe it was possible for people to do it (without surgery) but I was afraid to encourage him because I didn’t feel any support with this and he was so intense. He would obsess for hours. I told him it was possible but here could here the insecurity in my voice. Anyway in a coaching session with you supporting that it was absolutely possible and I had one other real person whom he respected that validated him. So thank you again! He doesn’t obsess about it at all anymore. We visited a psychologist about 7 years ago who also does shamanic work. It’s something he wanted to try but didn’t know anything about it. (He just knew I listened to a book called “The Horse Boy” about a man who has a son with autism who he brought to Mongolia to have healing work done by a shaman there.) The psycholoist/shaman did a singing journey with my son and afterward he described the different colors he saw around her during the journey and bright lights shining through the windows. She still works with me now as my therapist supporting me with my healing and we can do a shamanic journey when I like but I know I can practice that at home too. My son is now doing what he loves, traveling, hiking, visiting museums and more. I don’t know why I wrote all this. Your posts have a vision I rarely here other people talk about and I resonate so deeply with. This was hard to express and took me a few hour to write. Phew. I’m days late too.

    • Hey Jessica,

      This was BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing your story here, for others to read, too. You’ve come such a long way and your light shines brighter than ever!! I’m truly honored to be a part of your journey. 🙂

      Lots of love and smooshy hugs,


  • Here’s the key to all of this: if you could choose to be happy rather than not, and both sides are equally delulu, why not choose happiness?


    I don’t entirely agree though about the delusions, I seriously think we’re onto something (especially, if we’re gonna stick to the ‘normal’ way of perceiving the world, when our external reality mirrors it). Who can argue with that? I mean, it’s been confirmed that positive thinking results in more positive outcomes. I don’t care if you call it law of attraction, I don’t care if you call it god, none of that matters… you don’t have to jump that far even (for those who are skeptical). It’s all about the principle and our experience.

  • I liked this. I really liked this. I have a theory about schitzofrenics – I think the reason why they act the way they do is that they can’t just shut down the overload of cosmic data invisible to normal people. If someone goes into a short-term psychosis, it’s basically the same thing, except these people are able to come out of Wonderland.

    Schitzofrenics live there, permanently. I’ve been in a psychosis a few times, first a long time ago when I was battling my inner demons in an asylum (Yup. I’m officially crazy) and then when the Sky Channel snapped open during a quantum leap and it took me some time to stabilize myself. It was magical and mind-blowing and horrifying at the same time, it felt as if someone amped up the power and I could almost feel my brain frying. I haven’t needed my meds in years, I was able to ground myself with personal development stuff and sheer resilience. The thing is, living on heavy medication is a sort of half-life. They turn you into a shadow of what you are. But they also keep your inner spirit animals in check, so someone whose grip on reality is even weaker than mine might really need them. I have a friend who periodically decides he doesn’t need his meds, and normally that results in his friends finding him running around barefoot in -30C, believing that he’s Zeus. I can keep my own crazies at check as long as I eat and sleep properly and have people around me to ground me, and all substances that mess with my perception on reality are a strict no-no. I was born with the hallucinogene, lol.

  • When you said….”In an insane asylum somewhere strapped down somewhere going…you create your own reality” – needed that laugh”.

  • Dear Melody,

    I just wanted to say that this 30 day challange is such a treat 🙂 It is like getting a really precious gift for breakfast every morning. Thank you so much for doing this <3

    Big hugs

  • I certainly have fewer friends now since I became ‘weird’. Or maybe it’s me who’s moved away. I was trying this “Lead by example” instead of pushing, and while a lot of my friends envied how cool my life had become and how everything just magically goes right, they’re all still in their zone… complaining, worrying, angry, gossiping etc. Some listen to what I have to say, nod their heads and say “Hmmmm, yes, that makes sense” but go back to their chaotic life. I have no idea how to get through to them. So Melody, I think I’ll just live happily ever after ????
    Hugs ????

  • Thank you for acknowledging that doubt that can sometimes appear, especially at the beginning of conscious manifestations. I have made choices that weren’t the wisest at the time, when I first started to wake up to this truth. Not fully appreciating that I was creating what I wanted to see but not always what was really going on! Premonitions that are not always fully understood at the time. Now I’ve learnt to be wiser and check things out first before I act. I have tremendous guidance now that helps me a lot but I can still find myself in a pot hole. In a herbalist shop I go in, it’s a standing joke that my nose guides me to the right remedy either because I sneeze or it itches! Or sometimes when I need to pay attention to something it’s like my earlobes are being tugged! Lol It certainly helps me feel less alone with my truth. X

  • Well, I’m deliberately practicing “insanity” then, because seeing everything as pure energy, Consciousness, is what I’m moving towards. Playing the game more and more according to this awareness.

    In older traditions of shamanism, schizophrenics aren’t treated as “sick”, they are taken into the tradition and taught how to deliberately open and close, ie. regulate, the doors of perception, because they are considered individuals who have those doors wide open, and that’s why they usually can’t function in ordinary reality.

    We have the blessing of being able to go at it from the other side of the spectrum. Our doors of perception have been relatively closed, through socialization, and now we can start to gently open them and get in touch with our broader dimensions of Consciousness too. Stephen Buhner has a few very good books on opening the doors of perception so, for anyone interested, he’s also a good resource. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for talking about these harder topics Melody.
    I have an aunty who suffers from a mental illness and has for most of her life. But unlike your story about the lady in Arizona, my aunty is probably more perceptive of her lower frequencies. She’s been in and out of mental hospitals for most of her adult life and a lot of the time she has to go back in because she refuses to take her medication. Obviously it’s not my place to decide what’s best for her but how, as a family member, can I help? Other than seeing her for who she really is, and trusting that this path is perfect for her, is there anything else we can do for people who have a mental illness?

  • Kind of makes it sound like the rest of us could end up making ourselves crazy if we don’t do it right?!

  • You made some very interesting points there, Melody! I’ve been thinking one reason why we’re so willing to settle and keep ourselves small is the fear that we would be labeled as “crazy”, should we consciously start expanding our perspective. We probably wouldn’t be burned on stake in most parts of the world anymore, but we’d likely be ridiculed, shunned and even institutionalized in some cases. People still pretty much perceive anything “otherworldly” as threat, and that can include anything from alternative medicine to non-conforming and highly imaginative individuals.

    I’ve always been told I’m “weird” and that I should change myself in order to succeed in life. I’m not yet at that point in life where I want to be, and it was only recently I realized it’s because I actually believed all the BS I’ve been fed for my entire life. I’ve been playing according to the Old World rules, hoping for being rewarded for it but instead of that, I failed phenominally. The good news is that as I’ve been raising my vibration and slowly becoming comfortable with being authentic again, it immediatly shows in my reality. It has to. During the last two or three years, I’ve met many kind, inspiring and amazing people and have had some remarkable victories and insights regarding my life and myself as a person. That’s definitely the best signpost I’m traveling down the right track.

    So, I guess now it’s the time to let my freak flag fly more wildly than ever 😉 I want deeper insights! Continuously expanding perspectives! More magic! YAY!

    Lady R

  • I have what I like to think of as a facial recognition superpower. I often think someone I just met looks like someone else I know/used to know, and usually I can figure out what that is telling me about the person I’ve just met – because of what the other person represents to me. This could be character traits or things that have happened to someone. I’m still learning to trust this superpower (which is always eventually proven to be right) but I often don’t like what it’s telling me so I choose to ignore it (eg this lovely man i just met can’t possibly be like my controlling narcissistic ex… oops yes he is).

    Once, about 10 years ago, I was in the midst of a period of uber anxiety and panic attacks, and when I was interviewing someone as part of my job, her face actually turned into the face of an old friend for just a second. It terrified me and I was convinced I was going to get locked up and fed drugs for the rest of my life. It has never happened since, but my more recent experience with my superpower shows me that I was probably translating energy in the same way at that moment, fuelled by anxiety. And it also shows that what we mean by ‘insane’ is more on a spectrum than yes or no.

    I love the idea of integrating people with different perceptions into our daily lives, helping them when they need it and listening to their wisdom! It’s awesome you could get on that lady’s wavelength Melody, what a special thing for her to be heard, understood, respected and valued ??

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