Have you ever looked for a set of keys and found them where you KNEW you’d already looked? They weren’t there, but then… they were! Or has an opportunity revealed itself that you couldn’t see, until you could? What’s going on? Did the keys disappear? Did the Universe bring you a manifestation before you could perceive it because it knew you were going to be a match to it? Or… is it all much simpler than that?

That’s what I wanted to discuss in today’s video.

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  • Oh My God, I had one incident just yesterday.. I was getting all dolled up to go out and was looking for a particular pair of earrings in the box I usually keep them in along with some other pieces of jewellery. I couldn’t see them. I looked in other places, went back to the box another couple of times and just couldn’t see them. I closed the box ???? and put it away and started thinking of all the places I could’ve put them in, looked there with no luck. I don’t know why, but I thought of again taking one last look at the box, and there they were!! As big as life and for the life of me, I cannot explain why I didn’t see them the first, second, third time I looked. And that was an awesome simile Melody between that and the realities of life. Sometimes, we just cannot find the answer to something which is so obviously there but later find it in the same area and wonder how we missed seeing it! Oh boy!! Isn’t all this so simple that it’s really complicated???
    Hugs ????

  • Hi Melody, this is such a beautiful video! It reminds me of a book I really enjoyed reading-The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. In the book, this boy has a recurring dream about finding a hidden treasure near the Egyptian pyramids. He has this dream while sleeping under a tree next to an old church. He decides to follow his heart and go searching for the hidden treasure. During his journey he meets all kinds of people and has many adventures. When he finally reaches
    the pyramids, he starts digging the ground to find the treasure he had been dreaming of for so many nights. Unfortunately, he finds nothing and instead, gets robbed by two thieves. When the boy tells the thieves about his dream, one of the them mocks at him and tells him that he too had a recurring dream in which there was a hidden treasure under some tree next to an old church but he wasn’t a fool to go looking for it. The boy remembers his home, the tree under which he had always been sleeping and the old church. When he returns home, he goes to the tree and digs under it, and there it is–the treasure he had always been dreaming of was right where he had always been. I hope you liked this story, the moment I watched your video I thought of this book. The moral of the story is : sometimes you go searching the whole universe for a treasure only to find the treasure you were looking for was right in front of you the whole time. I feel like that about my husband now. I was never satisfied with who he was and was always trying to change him. When I knew I couldn’t change him, I went looking for other men. In those men,
    I found myself searching for my husband’s qualities (the way he eats, the tshirts he wears, the way he smiles, his eye crinkles, how he helps me locate my eyeglasses, his kindness, his height, weight, eye color, hair color, hair texture, the shape of his head and shockingly even the way he walks! I never thought I liked how he walked.) Then obviously, I couldn’t find all this in anyone else, so I went back to the person who had it all. Like the boy in Paul Coelho’s book, I always had what I wanted. However, I deeply appreciate and value what I have now more than ever before and especially because I followed my dreams and desires. Thank you for this video and for your question! I never thought this would be my answer. I hope it made sense and please forgive me for any typos etc. Goodnight and I can’t wait to watch the next video! You are the BEST. Kiiiiissseeeessss.

  • Speaking of things appearing… How about this one: I remember very clearly closing all of the windows in my car. Today, as it has been doing all Spring, it rained again. While it is nice that we have wet weather for things to grow, it kinda sucks when your car window mysteriously rolls itself down and the rain pours in and floods the fabric you sit on. My poor mother drove this car tonight. She has a similar car, nd didn’t want to drive my nicer car. I was following in my other one, yes appreciation moment for owning a different but nicer car, I’m always struck by how odd it is to follow your own car. Because of the apparent violation of my privacy, apparent to me as I cannot prove anything, I just think it’s odd that the police set up speed traps every other day when I just happen to drive by.

    Hmm, a wise friend told me the other day, “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you!”

    Then again, there are only a few days left in this month, so I should take it easy. Maybe I should learn about that anger release suggestion from another commenter. Is that a word? Anyway, thanks for the videos and maybe my filters will loosen up a bit as I keep comparing other women to one that I care about very much, but apparently is afraid to contact me. Oh well, have a great day/night yesterday, today, and tomorrow!


  • So I’ve also noticed this before, since I also like optical illusions and brain games. But something that continues to manifest for me seemingly easily is a home I am renting. The people that I currently live with are moving out, and everything from the utilities to even a reduction on the rent has manifested, without me really having to do anything except for realizing that this could be a manifestation of what I want. I’ve wanted a place to stay by myself for a long time, but was having trouble trying to find a place on my own. But one day, the people I live with decided that they instead wanted to move, and the option for me to stay here by myself become available. And the fact that I’m super excited about it and already having ideas on decoration, etc., feels like this is something that is right for me.

  • I love Brain Games!!! Do you follow Jason Silva (the host) on Facebook? If not, you should. He posts some fascinating stuff.
    The first thing that popped up for me involved men (imagine that lol). For whatever reason I used to think that there were no attractive men around me. All of the attractive men lived in Narnia or somewhere crazy and I would never be able to find one.
    I’ve noticed the last couple of months as I continue to shift my beliefs about men, dating, romance etc., the men I’m seeing are changing. I see AT LEAST one super attractive man every day. They’re usually married (something else to shift) but they’re here. I see them now. It’s very interesting and really cool.
    I love to notice how things change as I change. The whole thing is just super cool! It’s just awesome to see something happen and be like “Yeup, I manifested that”. I mean, I know everything is a manifestation, but it’s fun when something happens and you actually recognize it as something you deliberately manifested – or received. 🙂

  • I have many examples of stuff disappearing and then just re appearing the moment I stop to look for it ..”Missing things” appear sooo quick the moment I stop looking for them.. it is really like a magic formula! It is always with material stuff, like elastic bands , creams , make up , clothes ..the moment I stop looking for the hair grip and decide to use an elastic band instead, that very moment I feel I can do without the hair grip , it really just appears “out of nowhere” ..it is a feeling of deciding I can do without and I am totally and truly fine without it, like I truly forget about it the second I decide I can do without…because I have zero resistance and feel satisfied and truly good anyway with the alternative I guess

    I remember in my twenties I use to hate sport : I truly hated it. Today I am a qualified instructor …how crazy is that? I understand in order to manifest something you have to get into the vibe of it..”the vibe of something” is a very personal meaning , feeling or representation we attribute to that something. Sport used to feel uncomfortable and annoying to me , now I love it so much it must be because I see aspects of it I could not see before , it has different connotations, value and meaning..something big must have shifted through time, changing preferences , ideas around it , experiences, people I met, all escalating to a radical change to the right opposite of I used to think and feel..but why is the process sometimes so long winded? why this passion now and not younger , when I maybe would have got quicker and better results because much younger? could it be because I am willing to struggle and kind of resist things when they are too accessible and easy? may it be a fear of being truly fully happy and successful in the easiest possible way ? ..or I think about those people who never considered wanting a baby and just after meeting the man of their life and change their mind about it but maybe is too late…when the evolution of our desires leads to something that frustrating what is that happened? when all of a sudden we love something we would not have considered before at a stage that it is not accessible to us anymore … is there a way to avoid these kind of situations? I hope I made sense xx

  • Hi Melody,

    This is such an awesome post, you say your not a biologist but you are dead right on the whole perception and what we filter out. I’ve known and studied this a long time, an awesome article on the Huffington Post By “neuroscientist” Majorie Woollacott was written about this very topic.

    She got 2 teams of people to focus on throwing a ball back and forth. At the end of the session they were asked if they noticed anything unusual whilst throwing the ball back and forth. The answer was no all around, however when she played back a video of them, mid way through there was a man in a gorilla suit running between them and they had not notice!!

    There has been extensive research on how we filter things out from our reality, really glad you touched on this. Thank you so much for your light in the world.

    Love and hugs


  • I lost my tweezers. Spent a few days looking for them and then just gave up, filing it under “lost” and “oh well”. Bought a new one. Found the one I lost the next day. Now I have two tweezers. lol!

    But I wonder about something. How do we know that these lost items (or the things we want to happen) won’t be found or manifest either way? I think in one blog post Melody, when you were talking about suicide, you mentioned that “people who kill themselves were going to die anyway” (something along those lines) so there’s really no point in thinking “if only [this] had been different, they’d still be alive” and stuff like that. Which makes sense.

    So then I think… whether we’re frustrated or not (about a lost item, about not being where we want to be, etc), good things happen anyway.

    Because I recall many times I’ve manifested good things even while I was internally suffering about that exact thing. The point is, why suffer on the journey?

  • Hi Melody ,

    Some years ago before my journey on LOA etc , I was night driving at work listening to the radio and some guy was on talking about arc angels and stuff ,anyway to cut a long story , I had a dabble and asked for help , to just give my wife and I a break , financial respite and within weeks I got one but had to lose my job first and it was replaced with better . it didn’t last forever but I did get what I asked for and it was great to see my family having this break .
    I felt so grateful even when it had ended and still feel the same to this day. I don’t know what your view on angels are Melody , it could have been the level 1 guy that was listening but something definitely was going on because of the chain of events before I got there . you couldn’t make it up.

    That was first time but there is another.


  • Hi Melody,

    I was unemployed last year for about 6 months. That has never happened to me before and it was really stressful. I kinda knew it was going to happen so I was already interviewing. I had an interview with ABC company one week before my layoff. For the first month or so of unemployment, I felt good. I just knew that job was going to come through. Flash forward, ABC company actually had layoffs and the job vaporized. Then I spent a couple of dark months continuing to look. It looked bleaker and bleaker as it went. One day, I started to see things differently. I was still getting great interviews but had not found the right job. I discovered a new favorite past time – going to the movies during the day with a friend. This really helped me as I was really feeling low at that time. I love that no one is there and its quiet in the movies and no lines for popcorn. One day, I was buying my popcorn and I looked down to see what I thought was my napkin. I bent over to pick it up. It was 8 neatly folded $100 bills. After six months of unemployment, this was incredibly fortune for me. There was no one around. The guy at the counter said no one had reported it. I asked when I left the theatre and no one had come back for it. It really felt like a miracle – the Universe had gifted me a house payment at my lowest time financially and spiritually. The next day, ABC company called me back and offered me the job. They had some management changes from 6 months prior and had always wanted me. I am now in a period of more grateful feelings than I think I have ever felt before. It made me realize that the time that I thought was so full of rejection and financial scarcity was actually full of people who wanted me enough to interview me (circumstances weren’t right or I wasn’t meant for that job) and financial scarcity (I was fortunate to have credit and savings that supported me). I even learned how awesome and supportive my friends were at that time. All it took was changing my outlook. I hope I never have to be reminded to put some glasses on again!

  • Has anyone read Finders Keepers by Emily Rodda? It’s a sci-fi children’s book about a boy who travels to a parallel universe where he appears on a game show and wins by finding three lost items. The book explained lost items as not actually being lost but just not being visible at that point in time because they slipped through to the parallel universe. I remember reading it as a kid and that always stayed with me. So whenever I’d loose something I’d just relax and say to myself “oh it’s in the parallel universe and it’ll slip back when I need it”, and it always did.
    I love that once we start on this journey we can see how the clues have been all around us the whole time, we just needed to tune into them.

    • Gosh, I bought all of Rodda’s Fairy Realm books as a kid and devoured them. She has the sort of imagination that translates very well in her writing, and gave me so much life.

  • I’ve had things both “fade out” of existence and “fade in”. Some, like a little pack of pills, just plain disappeared, never to be seen again! LOL! Some other just seem to like to play peek-a-boo. 🙂

    I remember once going to a shop to return an item and I put the receipt on my handbag, because I’d need to for the return. After driving about 30km to reach the store (which is quite some distance to travel), I parked and went to my handbag to pick up the receipt and enter the store. I looked and looked and took everything off the bag, and the receipt was not there! I was pissed, to be hones, because I was pretty sure I’d brought it, but, after looking a few times, I decided it must have fallen somewhere. So I headed back home.

    After the 30km drive back, I went into my handbag to pick something up and guess what was there smiling at me? Yep, the receipt had re-materialized! 😀 Now, I’m not sure how I managed to not see it because I had looked into that place quite a few times, but the truth is that I didn’t see it, it wasn’t available to me at the time. And that was a fascinating experience! Ended up not returning the item. It wanted to stay with me apparently! 🙂

  • Dear Melody,

    I have experienced the phenomena that things I wanted suddenly show up quite a few times, mostly concerning furniture. The most recent example is my kitchen table, which showed up a couple of weeks ago. When I moved out from my ex husband, I left our kitchen table with him and had since been using some old desk that was too small and pretty ugly. I really wanted an antique gateleg table, but could not find one. The kitchen table issue then became more urgent when friends of mine, a family of four was comming for a visit. I resigned the whole antique table idea and decided to pop over to IKEA to just get a larger table. The day before my planned IKEA visit a friend called and asked me if I could help her to carry a bookshelf that she was buying from woman with a barn full of old furniture. I went with my friend and it turned out that this woman had around 10 different gateleg tables in different shapes. Only for me to pick and choose 🙂

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