I received this question recently, which intrigued me: “Do you think when we are younger we are able to move though our negative manifestations easier? Does being older make it more difficult to see past our limiting beliefs?” Are young people more equipped to shift out of limiting beliefs? Are older people more set in their ways and therefore more “stuck”? Does being happy get harder as we get older?

Watch today’s video to find out.

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  • Just catching up with all your great videos! Thank you! What a challenge you’ve met so well :). Thank you. Yes the younger ones definitely don’t seem willing to play the game ;). Very much look forward to that! video.

  • Great video Melody! To me, age is just a number. I’ve met so many grouchy, grumpy, crotchety young ladies and stuffy gentlemen and I’ve also met really youthful, lighthearted, cheerful older people. To me, anyone over the age 25 is old. I’m in my thirties but I remember when I turned 25 I had felt a hundred years old. Ive always had the same personality though since I was a kid which leads me to believe that people and their inherent personalities don’t change. Yes, we get older and become more mature as we gain different experiences in different areas of our lives, but I believe our inherent personalities don’t change. For example, my school teachers always called me headstrong and stubborn, I think I’m still the same. I also still have the tendency to laugh a lot despite the shit that comes my way. I’m also extremely analytical as I used to be, even though I’ve had many experiences that led to analysis paralysis and mental exhaustion. I know for a fact now that no matter what I experience, it’s my inherent personality that won’t change. At the end of the day though, I believe that there’s a grouchy baby and a youthful grandma in each of us, from the moment we’re born till the time we die. We have bits and parts of every possible thing in us, what makes us different is what bit we allow to grow, what bit we feed, how we differ in our hobbies, interests, passions, and how we react to our circumstances. I believe we can observe our different personalities from the time we’re kids and I believe that inherent personality doesn’t change with age and no matter how many experiences we have. We could form and carve out different personalities with age and experience but that inherent one stays intact. I hope this made sense. Lots of love to you and thank you for your shiny thought provoking videos. XOXO

  • Day 25 already, wow! It’s been LOTS of fun to enjoy your videos daily. 🙂 And easier or harder, walking or flying, we’re all going in the same direction, releasing our old stuff and embodying more and more of our power, our uniqueness, who we truly are. And that’s a beautiful thing to keep in mind when we’re in the middle of our *fun* change roller coaster. 😀

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