Is it possible for you to have memories from a different reality? What about when a whole bunch of people, thousands and thousands of people remember an event that, well, didn’t? Like, when a ton of people remembered Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980’s, while he was still in prison. So, it came as a huge surprise to them when he died (again) on December 5th, 2013. What happened? Did a whole bunch of people create some kind of false memory? Or is it much, much cooler than that? (Hint: it’s so cool!)

Watch today’s video to find out what’s what:

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  • Hi 🙂 This is soooooo much fun!!! Lol What a great video and cool topic! Parallel Universes have always intrigued me and every few years I all of a sudden come across it or I randomly search it! Today was a surprise that it came into my awareness and such a blessing, so thank you, because I go to remember such a experience.

    Also I do remember the Sinbad movie and I didn’t catch that he did or didn’t do it?? I remember him doing it!

    My experience of the matrix is a bit different but interconnected to this topic. I got married Aug 2015 and found my wedding dress immediately, it was the first one I wanted to try on and I just knew it was the one 🙂 A few months after my wedding I was looking at my first iPhone pictures I had from maybe 2011ish and my gf wanted me to try on wedding dresses with her at the time bc she was getting married, so it was a fun girls day. As I was looking through the old pictures I was so confused because I saw me wearing my wedding dress? I then remembered going with her and I couldn’t believe it, the dress was near identical, even the add on belt ( and I remember thinking when I got married, weird I like the belt! Lol) and I have seen 11:11 almost daily for 13 years now and the sku was 1111 on that dress from 2011 and I had taken a picture of it 🙂

    Thanks for this post! It was awesome! This is the first time I have been to your site so I can’t wait to check out some more! Have a WONDERFUL Day!!! 🙂

  • This quote could be from another movie I’ve seen, but I could swear I heard someone asking Forrest Gump during the running scene, if he was for women’s rights and he responded with “women are always right”. I remember laughing, but I haven’t heard it again in the few times I’ve watched since then.

    Also, a weird reality shift that I had recently was when I picked up a can of flavored almonds in the grocery store. I distinctly remember looking at the label and seeing that it was the flavor I did not like, so I put it back on the shelf, picked up another can and made sure to check the label to make sure it was the flavor I did like. Lo and behold, two days later when I went into the cabinet to get them, I discovered that I somehow had the first can that I picked up with the flavor I did not like. It took me like 10 minutes to wrap my mind around how that happened. My daughter thought I was crazy, but I know I did not buy that flavor!

  • Wow!!!! I literally, JUST YESTERDAY, went looking for this purple summer dress I have to wear it to a BBQ. In the shower I was scanning my wardrobe in my head and decided I’d like to wear that. I even have a vague memory of wearing it and the makeup and jewelry I had in with it. I looked EVERYWHERE for the dress for like 20 minutes but could only find a black & white one I had along with a lime green one. I was so confused so I went to ask my mom if she remembered me having this purple summer dress and she had no clue what I was talking about! So I decided to look one more time because I know for a fact I have this purple dress and the dress is nowhere to be found!!! I know 100% for sure I couldn’t have lost it and that no one could have taken it. So I have a complete memory of me wearing a dress that doesn’t exist in this reality!!!! I thought I was just trippin! Haha this is so cool to know I’m aware of shifting realities and that I’m not going insane! Thanks for sharing this with us all! You are amazing and you’ve helped change my life in so many ways for the BETTER and have helped me on the path of becoming who I really am!!! I hope you never shift out of my reality!! Love you lots! Monica

  • I didn’t realize that I’d slipped into a universe where Billy Graham is still alive. No disrespect, but I’m really not looking forward to — at some point — YET ANOTHER week of Graham tributes by past presidents, cover stories in People, Time and Newsweek, a long NYT obit and media retrospectives of his life.

    OTOH, I’m sure I will enjoy the many convos of “Wait, didn’t he already pass a few years ago?! I distinctly remember Gerald Ford’s tribute about Graham’s spiritual leadership during our time of national crisis when Nixon resigned the presidency!”

    • LOL, sorry about that Deb. Seems I inadvertently made a lot of people aware of this… I didn’t realize it would be a big deal. I don’t really pay attention to stuff like that, so I only peripherally knew who he was/is. So… maybe come to the reality where you’ll never see those tributes? 🙂

  • Very interesting phenomenon! I’ve had an experience where I wondered if I were going crazy or loosing my memory. I’ve shifted to such a different version of a person that they tend to think we’re buddies when they literally were douchbags to me before. I let the person be the new version of themselves that corresponds to my newfound higher vibration, but I’ve also always wondered, is that memory still in there. If it is, what version is it that they would say. They are a completely different person that supportive. It took some time to trust that my vibration was causing this. I thought that they may have been crazy too lol. I’ve never heard of this Mandela effect, but it makes so much sense now. I don’t have to think I’m losing my mind as I shift and find people’s most favorite movies are no longer important to them and “never were” or my mother having a completely different version of my childhood. My brother also makes so much sense to me now!

  • Oh my. Not only have your videos been in synch with my own questions this week, but I’ve had two experiences today after watching your video that have seriously left me weirded out. First, my phone went missing for a few minutes. No big deal, I misplace it 20 times a day. But I finally found it in my purse with my keys. I distinctly remember putting the keys in my purse, but not the phone. I even checked the shower before my purse. I honestly don’t think I put it there since that’s not where I normally carry it. Second, did some Spring cleaning with my husband. Found an amethyst stone that I don’t remember, but still felt familiar. Put it in my pocket. Told myself not to forget it was there. Forgot it was there. Went out to dinner. Came home and found the same stone on the floor next to the coffee table, can’t figure out why. I’ve lived here 7 years and don’t know where it came from or that it was in my house and found it twice today.

      • Ha! I feel like that too. I put it by my bed last night, and talked to it this morning like it was a tiny purple person. I don’t know what kind of games stones like to play. But showing up the second time in a part of my house where it shouldn’t have been was a fun little surprise, and it is fitting into what I’ve asked the universe for now that I’ve been reading about the stones online. So cool.

        Btw, I have really enjoyed your video challenge. I’ve been a long time follower and have read your book, so I check your site frequently. I’m not usually a video watcher, but the clips have been short and fun and I’ve started looking forward to them every morning.

  • Ok, I saw the Sinbad genie movie. I had no idea it doesn’t exist. Tha is really weird! And yes, I still thought Billy Graham was dead, until you said he wasn’t! I remember his wife being interviewed or doing a video about him dying and what she was going to do, or something like that, and her crying!
    Fun stuff!

  • Wow this happened to me just over 2 weeks ago. I distinctly remember a story of an apple being teleported or something like that. You can’t find any information online about it but there are so many threads of people remembering something about it.

  • I am so excited to see this topic being covered!! 😀

    I have a really weird yet fitting example and I swear 100% that this is completely true (from the perspective of my reality anyway haha!)…

    Last week I received an email to let me know that your next video in your 30 day challenge was out and ready for viewing Melody (yay!). I was out and about and just had a quick glance at the topic, and was quite excited to see that it was something along the lines of ‘Where your car keys really go when you can’t find them’ – another ‘down the rabbit hole’ one, my favourite!

    Only, as you can probably gather, when I then went back the next day to watch the video, there was no such topic. I thought maybe I’d gotten confused with another one of my subscriptions – I even googled the what I thought the title was, and as nothing came up. So in some other reality, I guess you did cover that topic…and I’m sure it was wonderful! 😉

  • That’s amazing! Have just been reading a book about this exact subject (quantum jumps). Sorry Melody do not mean to plug other people’s books on your site, but what a coincidence. Love the whole subject, I keep wondering how many arguments between my husband and I could have been prevented. Times where either he or I swear what the other is saying never happened and I think I’m losing my marbles. Amazing video, thanks.

  • OKay so I totally remember Sinbad’s movie. And there have been other instances where someone will remember something I said or did and have no recollection of me experiencing that. I honestly thought I just had a poor or selective memory. But it could be that I’m just shifting realities all the time, especially as I shift beliefs and long-held resistance. That’s awesome there’s a possible explanation for this!

    Thanks Melody

  • I believe I have experienced the shift and remebered the exact moment. I was in 6th grade and we were going on an end of the school year field trip to watch the Lindsay Logan movie Parent Trap. So we are in class and I clearly remember the teacher telling us to go and line up in front of the first bus. I remember walking out of the school with my classmates and when I get outside there is no one there. I’m the only student, only person outside. I freaked out, walked around past all the buses looking for anyone. Finding no one I walk back inside and all the classrooms I pass are filled with students doing class work. Now I should mention I was the typical goody two shoes, I would never have left the classroom on my own without permission, so it’s not like I mis heard the teacher or left of my own accord. Plus I remember everyone getting up and getting ready leaving the class, and the other students leaving the rooms. I walk back into my class and my teacher looks up at me and asks when did I leave the classroom. She hadn’t even noticed I was gone. I told her that she told us to go and she said no we still have 30 mins before getting ready. I remember asking all my friends what had happened and no one remembered any of the events I did. At the time I was convinced I had been abducted by aliens and brought back in time. Then as I got older I thought maybe I made yo all this in my head. But as I’ve learned more , I believe I was aware of a shift in my reality that day.

  • Melody, could you please tell me what to do when we’ve been in physical pain for days or weeks, a strong pain, and the medicines aren’t working (or don’t seem to be working yet)? Maybe you could do a video about health, and its view from the energy perspective? I feel like the health topic is one kind of neglected in the LOA circles.

    I’ve been in a lot of pain, which has rendered me unable to do anything really, even sleep properly. I am suspecting what might be an energetic cause to this, it’s something that feels like a burden, but I can’t quit because there’s no visible alternative yet. Quitting now would bring a lot of negative consequences, including losing certain things that I love.

  • Literally lol ???????? What do you mean, Billy Graham isn’t dead?!?!
    Today’s Mandela moment brought to me by your video.

  • I love this kind of stuff Melody, I’m so glad you did a post on this. I’ve had weird stuff happen to me at certain points in my life but lately the thing that is weirding me out, among other things, is my memory.
    In the last two or so years my life has changed 180 degrees. My father died, I changed jobs, and I separated from my husband just in a 6 month period. The man I thought I had married turned out to be SO different than what I had thought, it’s hard to comprehend. There were a lot of unpleasant people in my former life and they have suddenly all but disappeared overnight, and the rest are on their way out. Old old friends I have known since we were kids, who I told about my impending divorce by email have not even mentioned it in their replies as though I never said anything, and I thought it was kind of big news. Odd coincidences have led me to people who have helped me. Money that I needed turned up at exactly the right time through the most unlikely source. But the strangest thing is my memory loss. I simply cannot remember things that happened before the current day. I used to have a very sharp memory, but now I can’t recall certain things that happened before yesterday. It’s not as though I can remember it if I think about it a bit, it’s just a blank. It’s as though my memory is being wiped as I go. However, old traumatic memories are coming up and being released rapidly. It’s like I am switching realities and it’s not a terribly seamless transition since I am noticing all this strange stuff.
    One final thing is that I am seeing 11:11 almost every day. It happens when I am having a bit of doubt and then I happen to look at the clock and it says 11:11 as though to say – you’re doing ok don’t worry.
    I feel as though I am being led somewhere, it’s very exciting but also the change has been overwhelming at times. This is all a part of what’s going on with the world right now I know it.

    • Spot on A. You’re going through a powerful transition, and you’re awake enough to be fully aware of it. How exciting!!! Remember that memories are manifestations. So if you can’t manifest memories from last week, it’s because your vibration has changed too much to be a match to that anymore. Don’t worry about it. Things are going to be weird and untethered for a while. Time will probably become weird, too, if it hasn’t already. I know it can be disorienting, but also… awesome. And it’s temporary. You will stabilize. At least until the next leveling up, lol.

      • Thanks Melody! Your reply means so much to me!!! (*squeal of excitement*) Can I just add that your blog and videos have been my lifeline through all of this transition. You have no idea. Really. I would have had myself committed by now otherwise. Thank God for you! 😀
        I forgot to mention disorientation – sometimes I just forget where I am! It takes me more than a few moments to figure it out. And some dizziness. Time is just flying by so fast, it’s crazy. Plus there are moments of pure ecstacy, like I am so happy I can barely stand it and I love everyone and I can see the beauty of the world so clearly. And I’ve been raw for a couple of years so I am ageing backwards, I forget how old I really am. So many exciting things. xxxxx

  • Hi Melody,

    I have had this happen quite a few times. One incident I remember was watching Mission Impossible in the theater with two friends. One of them said he really didn’t like the actress Emmanuelle Beart (the female lead). Years later when talking movies with one of my friends I brought it up that he said he didn’t like Ms Beart back then, and he totally denied having said that. He always liked her, it must have been the other friend who said that and so on. I was really confused since I have an excellent memory but decided not to get into an argument.

    A story about a lost item (fits the video of a few days ago): I always carry a stone in my right pocket, my girlfriend once gave it to me. One day after leaving the cinema I couldn’t find it, there was only a paper handkerchief. We looked everywhere and decided the sone must have fallen out while watching the movie (even though the pants were jeans with deep pockets and high, narrow openings), so we went back to look for it under the seats and in the foyer. I was conviced the stone was lost, only to find it later that day in the crumpled up handkerchief in my right pocket! But I checked the handkerchief, too, I am sure I did it several times!

    There you go!

    Thanks for your awesome work!

    Best regards,

  • Loooooooooooove your rabbit down the hole posts! More more mooooooore please! 😀 I’ve had many times when I didn’t know if a memory was of something real or something I experienced in dreams, because my dreams are getting more and more real (which causes me to wonder if I’m tapping into other probable Selves), but that story you shared about your conversation is quite amazing! Hadn’t crossed my mind also that if I changed to a new reality, people whom I now interact with might still be in the “old” reality. Thought the entire thing shifted and everyone around me would be that new version of themselves too, with memories to “match” it. Fascinating stuff! And it’s our reality! FUN! Getting giddy here! 😀

  • Aaaaaaaaa! What amazing timing!!!

    Ok so literally two weeks ago: I’m hanging out with a group of people. At one point one person mentioned the 90s movie Kazam starring Shaquille O’Neil. I thought about it and then asked out loud “wait, wasn’t there a movie with SinBad as a genie, called Shazam?” My other friend then responded saying “Yes! Yeah that’s what it is, wait I’m going to look this up.” He then looked at me seriously and said “Oh My God” and was gasping and laughing. He then told me that there are thousands of people on the internet who swear that they remember there being a movie with SinBad as a genie called Shazam, but that there was never such a movie. Chills went all through my body. I have such specific memories of being a kid and being in the video store and seeing that movie in the comedy section. I talked to someone else about it yesterday and it still gives me the chills. For some reason my initial reaction was fear. It uplifts me to see you so excited about it! I still feel some fear and uneasiness about it and would love to hear your advice for finding a better feeling perspective. Thank you for posting this!

  • I love this conversation. I have seen or rather awakened to more and more reality shifts from people acting comlpetely different, to items missing etc. Logos changing, song lyrics, movie dialogues. I do realize that I am the one that’s shiftinginto different realities.

    • I agree with the movies changing. I swear there is a deleted scene from Back to the Future where Marty reads a cigarette pack that has good health information on it. I’ve never been able to find that scene anywhere and I have the anniversary DVDS that’s supposed to have everything.

  • I haven’t had an experience like this necessarily, but I do remember a discussion I had with a friend about this a long time ago that really confused me initially. I told her I wanted to win money off of a scratch-off ticket, but I wasn’t sure if I could “remain aligned” with winning (I wouldn’t word it that way these days, but that’s how I did back then), so she said, when you buy the ticket, don’t scratch it yet: align with winning first. I responded, saying, but if the ticket I buy is a loser, how would I win anyway? She reiterated: the ticket is neither a winner or a loser initially… That depends on whether or not you’re lined up with winning. This makes 100% sense to me now, but back then it really boggled my mind that I wouldn’t be buying a winning OR a losing ticket necessarily, but that it could go either way… That I could line up with the reality where I have a winning ticket, even if I bought a losing ticket at first. Idk I understand it but it’s still strange. Lol, I remember asking her, “how can I change the ticket (physically)?”, like I was thoroughly confused.

    Really curious to know more about this and what it looks like.

  • Hi Melody,

    Very interesting topic!One example of this happening in my life was when I was living in Germany, teaching English. It could have been a lost in translation kind of thing, but I remember talking to this coordinator that I was eventually leaving Germany but that I wanted to do this course in the spring. When I went to the teacher meeting, my course was not in the catalog! When I asked the coordinator, she told me I had said I had cancelled the course! Her assistant confirmed this. I felt like I had gone crazy, but I was so excited about teaching the course and most certainly would NOT have canceled it!

  • This is awesome. It makes me wander if this has anything to do with deja vu? I remember a situation where it felt like a crossroads moment. Suddenly the feeling of deja vu overcame me and I instinctly knew that to do one thing would take me down one road. But I knew I didn’t want to take that route, so I made the other choice. It was very surreal. And I still credit that moment as the reason I’m with my fiance to this day.

  • Oh sure, this happens to me All. The. Time. Most recently about 3 weeks ago . . .

    I was driving on an empty gas tank and got caught in traffic on my way to my regular gas station. Worrying that I wasn’t going to make it the last mile, I decided to turn off and drive 2 blocks out of my way to a pricier gas station that I drive past regularly — I’d most recently driven past it earlier that week.

    When I arrived there was an EMPTY LOT, with grass and weeds that were about thigh-high, surrounded by a rusty old chain link fence. Whaaaaa??!!!

    So weird, but kinda cool, too.

  • I swear I remember the Berenstain Bears being spelled Berenstein – an EI, not AI. I’m obviously from the E universe. I remember having books when I was a kid and it was spelled with an E.

    Think Geek did an awesome April Fool joke where they put up VHS copies of Shazam and Sinbad did a joke where he made a clip of this movie he swears he didn’t make.

  • Oh my gosh! This happens to me ALL THE TIME! I used to think in was going crazy but now I just find it funny. I’ll have conversations with people and then when I mention something specific from that conversation at another time they’ll be shocked and ask how I knew that about them. Ummm you told me the last time we spoke?!

    Love how excited you were in this video, so much fun to watch!

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